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Review #1, by lee 

30th December 2015:


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Review #2, by MuggleMaybe 

9th September 2015:
Hi Tammi!

I told you I'd leave a longer review, and here I am!

This story is so much fun to read! Seriously, I am enjoying it so much!

I think your characterizations are spot on, particularly of Abigail and James. I can relate to Abigail very well, so I may be a little biased, but she is just so likable, and I truly prefer a likable protagonist in a longer piece. I love that you have made this a coming of age story, with her learning to stand up for herself and be confident and comfortable with who she is. And I love that she likes comics, because it's something I haven't seen in fic before.

Your James is such a dorky, lovable heartthrob. I often read portrayals of James II where he's a complete joker/prankster, and he can often seem like a jerk, an idiot, or both. But you've managed to make him silly and mischievous while also being kind and reasonably intelligent. That is an impressive feat - plus, it makes him 10 times more desirable in my eyes. (Seriously. *swoon*)

I haven't read a non-angsty romance for a while, and it is honestly such a nice change! You've done a fantastic job of maintaining the tension and making this a TOTAL page turner (er... clicker?).

Even though she isn't in this chapter, I wanted to mention Michelle, too. I am hoping for a little mote depth from her in upcoming chapters, but I still think she's an excellent OC. I think I said this in my first review, but friendships and the drama they carry is an often overlooked topic in fanfiction, and you've done a great job of capturing the stress that comes from that, and how trapped people (especially teens) can feel in their social web.

As far as any other comments go - your writing is overall very clean and easy to read, and I love how jam-packed it is with Abigail's unique storytelling voice. :D Your dialogue is also excellent - it all sounds exactly how I imagine the characters would speak.

Also, this story is quite funny!!
"If I dared act that way when I was that age, my mother would hex me into next week, and then my Grandmother would hex me into the week afterwards, then when I recovered from that my father would just look at me in disappointment and tell me that Iíve let him down.Ē
^^^I laughed out loud! That is Ginny and Harry to a tee!
Apart from the occasional typo here and there - and typos are little devils, aren't they? Always hiding! - I don't see much of anything for CC.

Last and, in this case, least: This story reminds me just the tiniest bit of my long-standing favorite on the archives, "How to Tame a Marauder" by Melian. If you haven't read that, you might enjoy reading it once you're finished with this story :)

Wonderful job, Tammi, dear! I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: HEY RENEE!

Yay! I'm excited to finally getting to responding to this :D

THank you, I was trying my hardest to make Abigail relatable to people, so to hear that I achieved that makes me so happy.

Oh James, he brings me so much dorky joy haha, he's by far one of my favourite characters to write. He is quite silly isn't he? Can I swoon with you? *swoons*

Thank you :D

Yes, you can mention Michelle, I wanted to show that not all friendships are brilliant and that some are so toxic that they have the power to destroy the people in it.

Thank you once again :D I can't stop smiling from your compliments.

Hahaha it felt like something that Harry and Ginny would do :P

Awww really? I ADORE THAT STORY! So to hear my story compared to that one just makes my whole life. Thank you thank you thank you!

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Review #3, by oldershouldknowbetter 

23rd January 2015:
Review#19: the review which has so many good feels.

She meets James in the park. If she had been more confident she would have put a hand on his shoulder, but she isnít and doesnít even think of doing it.

So Jamesí family sounds like the usual sort of fare for the Weasley clan: shenanigans; underage drinking; uncles and dads who wonít take everything too seriously; dads and uncles who will take everything too seriously.

Iím reading all the conversation and itís all good fluffy stuff and what Iím glad of is that itís staying away from pure flirty-ness which is good because a long conversation of only flirting would not have worked I think. I like the hangover too; I suddenly saw its purpose story wise Ė it prevents him from being too forward or taking their rendezvous to the level of assignation.

Ah, the shoulder squeeze does get a look in, now that sheís feeling comfortable and relaxed around him.

And then the Hammock. Yes, this is why he has a hangover so his teenaged-maleness doesnít overcome his propriety and turn a tender moment into one that both parties might regret. Them lying together is so sweet until, once again, romanticus interuptus occurs this time in the form of an outraged mother and her obnoxious child.

Quote: ďIf I dared act that way when I was that age, my mother would hex me into next week, and then my Grandmother would hex me into the week afterwards, then when I recovered from that my father would just look at me in disappointment and tell me that Iíve let him down.Ē

This was fantastic; a great piece of characterisation and an echo from the books of how Ron talked about how his mother would deal with any of his wrong doings.

Holding hands is a fantastic next step Ė though Abigail will probably tell herself that it was only because of the cold and nothing else. *sigh*
She is such a different girl away from Hogwarts and when she forgets to remember her insecurities. I like how you have reversed the usual trope around going out with James. Usually it is he who is wary of having girls only wanting to go out with him because of his famous father. I wonder if, when Abigailís father is revealed to be who he is, James will say he was wary of girls/her too for similar reasons.

Oh and such delicious flirtings about being in Abigailís bed Ė you nearly made me blush and Iím sitting alone at home typing this up on the spare computer while the kids are playing DOTA on the main one.

Author's Response: I wish that I was a Weasley, they sound like they have so much fun together!

I'm glad that you're liking the fluffy stuff, they can't flirt all the time bless them. I just want to squish them in hugs and tell them that they're being so adorable!

Yep, it's exactly why the hangover has happened! It gives him a reason to be close to her, because his brain is too busy trying to recover to worry about anything. Definitely romanticus interuptus! Silly woman and her child! So rude! The hammock swing was in use!

It's definitely the Weasley women who run the household! I would fear them, although I would fear the look of disappointment far more!

Poor Abigail, she needs to realise the hand holding is because James likes her!

She really is, and it's because she hasn't got Michelle around to put her down and make her see otherwise. Michelle isn't good for her at all. Poor Abigail.

I'm so glad that you like how I've changed that around, James will find out soon who Abigail's father is, so you can see soon. :D

Hahaha I had to include that! and it made me blush too whilst I was writing it!

Thank you so much for leaving me such wonderful and amazing reviews! *squishes you*

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Review #4, by potterfan310 

26th August 2014:

HA! siblings are the worst, trying to stick their nose in on your social life.

Bless James, I am SUPER glad he still went to see Abigail despite having a hangover. Serves him right :p The cutie, dressing up as super hero's, honestly can James get any cuter??♥

They SO need to elope to Vegas! ♥ LET THEM DO IT!!

HOLDING HANDS, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME! Seriously the two need to get together already! ♥♥

Chips and curry sauce is seriously the best food ever!!! Especially when drunk :p James made a fabulous food choice! Always thought it was a Welsh thing but apparently not. If it was a half and half with curry sauce it would have been even better :p

"Well, I've never heard the word 'unbelievable' whilst I've been in bed, but I will quite happily give it a try if you're willing?" - SERIOUSLY, JAMES IS SOO PERFECT. ABI JUST SAY YES! ♥♥

Off to the next one, you do spoil us with updates. Not that I'm complaining :D


Author's Response: Siblings are the worst! haha Darryl is going to have a lot of fun with James :D

I'm glad he went too, although he is adorable when hungover. He just wants to rest and he's willing to make himself feel terrible if it means seeing Abigail.


Hahaha I'm glad! It makes me happy too!

IT IS! It's my favourite go to food when I'm hungover. Maybe it's not just a Welsh thing? I'm not Welsh and I love it!

Haha oh she will say yes... one day she shall :D

THank you!!! I'm going to try and spoil you all with more updates soon I promise!

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