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Reading Reviews for Year Five, Chapter 20: O.W.L.s
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Review #1, by water_lily43175 

3rd October 2015:
I have this perverse joy over exam chapters. I don't know what it is, I just really like reading them! Maybe it's because I'd love to be able to actually do the exams. IMAGINE being tested on changing the colour of a rabbit, living the dream.

Ah, the girls all revising together, it makes me very happy to see them being all friends again.

Ha, Laurel being quizzed on Cheering Charms, I like the similarity to HRH's Charms exam there. Also Emily not wanting to Vanish animals is just too adorable, BUT I was also totally thinking this same thing when I was re-reading... whichever book it is where they learn to Vanish things. What happens to the poor animals?!

Oh god. Oh TRISTAN. I can see how this bit wrote itself, all in all it's not an unsurprising series of events. I feel like I should be writing more on this - but there are further chapters to read, so I'm gonna go read them instead. And more words and feels will come once I establish whether or not Tristan lives (oh god he can't die!). SO MANY FEELS.

Author's Response: Ha, right?! Like, whenever in canon Harry's all like "ugh, HOMEWORK" I felt all like "DUDE YOUR HOMEWORK IS MAGIC STOP COMPLAINING!"

I tried, as much as I could, to kind of vary the tone in this story so that it wasn't just slogging through one giant bummer after another, which is a lot of why I wanted the exams part to all be really FUN to read. That of course is dependent on me succeeding on making it fun to read, so YAY I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

META CANON NODS. That was some of the most fun bits to do in this story :)

And then, yes. Major tone shift and blargh. I was like... devastated when I realized what was going to happen. It happened all at once while I was writing an earlier chapter and I was like "OH NO TRISTAN IS GOING TO JUMP INTO THE LAKE." Like, I'd subconsciously established all this foreshadowing and introduced things to come back. I seriously hadn't intended it!

It was like "the twins nick things from profs for Laurel's birthday--seems like something they'd do. Maybe a potion from Snape?" then, while Laurel was cataloging potions: "oh yeah! Doesn't she have a stolen one? That could come back now." Then: "OH NO TRISTAN HAS THE POTION! If he takes a bunch of it and jumps in the lake he'll DROWN!"

This story seriously wrote itself. Like, I had no control and I take zero responsibility.

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Review #2, by moonbaby11 

6th September 2015:
NO NO NO WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS! I mean, I'm relieved that Tristan is still alive and breathing, but this hurts me in so many ways. How is this all going to be resolved in two chapters? You must be some kind of wizard.

I think you captured the stress of OWLs really well. All of those scenes, including the breakdowns of various characters, reminded me a lot of Harry's own experience with his OWLs. It all just seemed so beautifully canon and I loved it. (Remember when I said you may very well be JKR? I still agree with that assessment).

I liked how you tied a practical exam into the Muggle Studies OWL because it just seemed so ridiculous? I suppose it's because I am a muggle and I'm accustomed to these things, but it just seems like such an easy mark for anyone who has any sort of muggle lineage. Everyone asides from purebloods should be able to identify a match, I'd think. I guess ti just further enforces Tristan's thoughts on how disconnected the wizarding and muggle worlds are and how little wizards think of their muggle counterparts.

Emily writing a note to Mary explaining everything better than the school could was almost beautiful, in a way. She knows that Tristan's mum will understand right away and she knows that Mary needs to be aware of what really happened. I'm a little upset that Sprout or someone didn't come forward and suggest that it wasn't an accident. I feel like Tristan definitely needs somebody by his side and someone willing to discuss his issues with him instead of just dismissing them as an accident and hoping for the best.


Author's Response: I'M SO SORRY! Again, this was NOT something I planned, but then realized was GONNA happen. It's like the characters were behaving of their own accord. I hadn't even realized that things were building up to this, and then I went back and saw that I'd done all this subconscious foreshadowing with the lake, and ugh. Like, even in the prologue, Mary is really relieved when Tristan comes home safely, and I later realized that without meaning to, I'd always written her as anxious that something like this might happen.

I'm sorry!

Hee, so for the O.W.L.s bit, I actually went back and re-read that part of OotP and tried to parallel the structure. It's probably the closest to canon language of any part of this story.

I had SO MUCH FUN with the muggle studies bit! I'm really glad you liked it :) "Like a quill, but less annoying" might be my favorite line of the whole story :P But yeah, Tristan spends SO MUCH of this story complaining about wizarding dismissal of muggle stuff, so I wanted to kind of validate him. And like, Arthur basically majored in Muggle Studies and still fails to understand really basic things, so I figure the course can't be all that great.

Yeah, Tristan definitely gets a little shafted by Harry getting the stone the same day, which distracts everyone :(


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Review #3, by TidalDragon 

23rd August 2015:
It appears I was right in my fear for Tristan. There's only so much an individual can take, but I have to say that it's incredibly disappointing to me that even amidst all their problems, even amidst their division and his self-imposed post-suspension isolation, none of these friends did anything for him. I suppose in reality that's how suicide can be. People can see pain or frustration or self-criticism, they can see abuse and yearning, but in the end few ever suspect that someone will go so far as to take their own life, no matter how frequently it happens. Though I've long suspected we'd reach this point, in truth, I somehow knew it was coming when Tristan stood up to the other members of his house. A bold act preceding his departure - something to be remembered by (in his own mind) or something to give him the courage to carry it out later? He'd obviously planned it quite fully given that he timed it for exams, and the last one, the one he was always expected (at least in part) to skip/miss even by those closest to him. How long, I wonder had he been planning?

Now, I await what happens next. Hopefully help. Hopefully some measure of happiness. And because I can't resist a good ship, in ANY story, even when it's about SO MUCH MORE - hopefully with Emily.

Author's Response: You HAVE to believe me when I say that I never PLANNED to write about suicide. In fact, when I first realized this would happen (and recognized all the weird lead-ups and Lake Symbolism and the weird canon parallel of missing the HoM exam that I'd ALREADY accidentally foreshadowed), I didn't want to do it. I thought of ANY WAY to not do it. But that would have been something of a lie.

There's a bit in the very first chapter that has survived every revision--something from the first ever draft--about Mary being relieved when Tristan came home safely. And when she gets the owl about his suspension, there's a relief that it's only suspension. Somehow, even before I was conscious of it, there was a worry there. And then it all made so much more sense.

How long has he been planning. That's a really good question, and I don't think I know the answer. It's kind of a scary question, really, but then I remember he is fictional. But to try to answer it: given all the clues we have, that's /always/ been there.

But maybe the planning, on his (fictional) part, was the same as mine writing this; unconscious. Maybe he realized it was "perfect" when I realized it was perfectly inevitable, and chose that moment for the same reasons I did.

And I suppose I could just take authorship ownership and say, yes, that's it--but I won't pretend to understand everything I've written about here. I hope I've been nuanced, and accurate, and sensitive, but these are things far too big to be given simple answers. And every perspective is of equal value, because there's no one right answer.

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Review #4, by CambAngst 

13th August 2015:
Roisin! I've embarked on my GryCReMo campaign and I decided to start with stories from the other participants. So here's my little bit of scorekeeping to start off:

GryCReMo (Review #10)

How long has it been since I first read this? Months? Where the heck does time go? Anyway, I was able to lose myself in it like I'd never put it down. I really, really love these characters you've created. I've been over and over this point, but I don't know if I can repeat it often enough. They're so real. So balanced. So perfectly flawed and fallible and human. Someday I think I'd like to see you try to write something with characters that are one-dimensional and cliched, just to see whether you're capable of it. On second thought, don't do that. It would be a waste. ;)

Sigh. I don't like seeing the four of them apart like this. Especially Tristan. I don't think he realizes how much damage he's doing to his own psyche here.

The studying and exam scenes are some of my favorite parts of this chapter. I love the amount of detail and creativity you put into little things like plants and spells and runes. You never get lazy and take a mulligan on the details; you make every one count. To me, that's one of the hallmarks of your writing. Did you hear that? You have hallmarks!

"I can't help it," Emily moaned. "Where do the vanished objects go? What if they make me vanish an animal? It's cruel!" -- She is so adorable! Hufflepuffs are such special people.

"Ballpoint pen," he scribbled on his test paper to demonstrate. "Like a quill, but less annoying."

"Casette tape," he jammed it into the portable stereo and pressed play. "Would play music under different circumstances."
-- OK, maybe I like this a little bit better than the studying. ;)

I absolutely adored Tristan putting Malfoy and his thugs in their place. Moments like that, you realize there might be a little Gryffindor in him after all.

The general consensus was that heíd fallen in.

Emily knew better.
-- Yeah, I think we all do. The small array of personal comforts that Emily found at his spot at the wall sealed the deal. I love the way you wrote that. You didn't say too much. You just left it to the bare minimum needed to tell the story. There's no joy or life in a moment like that.

The ending of this chapter was a beautiful kick in the gut. Succinct and perfectly matched to the moment.

I saw one little typo as I read:

Their friendship with Emily rekindled, the three spent most of their evenings on the seventh floor near the portrait of the little night, reviewing thick stacks of notes, and chain-smoking. -- little knight

I'm so sorry that it's been so long. I always tell myself I'm going to come back and finish reviewing this story and... yeah, stuff. Anyway, I have motive and opportunity now, so I will be back before GryCReMo is through. Lovely job as always!

Author's Response: WAIT WHAaAaAaAT?!?!?!


Oh man! Dan! I LOVED getting your reviews on this and I'd COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN that there were more reviews coming! What a brilliant and fantastic surprise!

Now, sad face, because /this goddamn chapter/

I'm so, so sorry. Still. Just... My apologies. Back when I was first writing the first draft of this I had this like OH NO moment, where I just realized that Tristan was going to jump in the lake at some point around the History exam. I didn't plan it, I just realized he was GOING to do it as if it weren't up to me. It was totally unplanned, but the lake had become this weird loaded symbol, and kept coming up in these odd ominous ways. Like, it took on a life as a sort of character of its own.

And then Harry missed his History exam because of his Sirius vision, and I'd established early on about Tristan skiving off from that class, and the parallel and unintentional building just became a /thing./ So yeah, I didn't plan it. And at least I saved him (via squid).

But all that didn't make writing it any easier. It was a huge struggle to figure out what to say, how much to say, and how to say it. Restraint seemed to me the best option, because the tragedy sort of spoke for itself and didn't need explaining. I'm glad you liked that.

So now the fun stuff: oof, I positively /scoured/ the internet for every bit of fifth-year cirricula (and even threw in a bit of sixth year, since Umbridge's rules probably cut out a lot they would have learned), in order to get all the details right. And this chapter was the only one where I consulted canon. I reread the OWLs chapter of OotP and kind of diagrammed it, even doing plays on some of JKR's phrasing.

I think the "ballpoint pen" line might be my very favorite of the entire story :D Well actually, I'm revising right now and there's a new line in "Hex Head Express" I quite like too ("Isobel thought she best resembled a bowl of custard that had been left out overnight and developed a skin.") [I'm proud of that one because zomg I think Isobel's FC is the prettiest thing that ever prettied, and so I really struggled for an apt-yet-critical thing to say about her]


Thankyouthankyouthankyou for this amazing surprise!


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Review #5, by Gabriella Hunter 

29th July 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums dropping by with you review! I was a tad bit late this time but I've moved and it's been crazy! This adulting thing is annoying, man.

On to this!

So, the dreaded OWLs have arrived. I thought that I could practically feel the group cringing through some of them. There's nothing worse than knowing that you have this huge life altering test coming up but what I liked was that each member of the group was going through something completely different. I'm not sure if this was on purpose or not but I think that you showed each of their lives well here, the tests that they took reflected on their lives and how far they had come.

Perhaps I'm reading a little too much into metaphors here but I thought that was a great way to tie them all together. It's great to see that some of their issues have slowed down somewhat (Emily not smoking anymore) while others still need to be resolved. I thought that you wrote the passage of time really well though, you didn't dwell too long on one particular subject--the span of days went by quickly as they were met with more and more challenges.

I also enjoyed that you didn't just have all of the group miraculously getting through their OWLs without making mistakes. That would have been completely unrealistic, I think but what I gathered was that if this group, with so many issues can actually try for a better future, anyone could. They worried for each other, encouraged themselves and kept on going (Except for Tristan, who gave the middle finger to History of Magic like a boss. Hahahaha)

Now, onto Tristan...



I know that it wasn't some kind of accident and I had a feeling that something would go wrong after that little thing with Malfoy. Ugh, what a little snot, eh? I also like the canon that you added into this too, what with him bragging about that Nimbus his Dad was going to get him and all that. But...but...Tristan! Ugh, I can't believe that you've done this to me!

I'll be back, darn you.

Much love,


Author's Response: Yay Gabbie!

I'm so glad you thought there was, yeah, like a reflection of where they were at. I think for a lot a couple of them (like Emily and Laurel), the exams kind of shook them out of their more personal worries and gave them something else to focus their energies on. (I think a big problem for these kids is that they're sort of under-stimulated. Very clever, each of them, but with not enough outlets for their energies. They would probs have all benefited a lot from more extra-curricular activities).

Passage of time here was something a thought about a lot, so I'm glad you think it was well done. I worried about rushing in this story, but here, I think a kind of rushed pace made the frantic mood come through better.

And yeah, they def COULD have done better on their exams if they'd worked put more energy into their classes before.

About Tristan. I'M SO SORRY! I swear I didn't plan this, but then all of a sudden I realized it HAD to happen, and that I'd sort of subconsciously been building to it (and that the Lake had come to take on this weird sort of significance).

Sorry sorry sorry!

And AH! Only two chapters left! EeEeEeEe!


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Review #6, by Slide 

7th June 2015:
This chapter will apparently be from the POV of OWLs, based on formatting history. ;)

I want some Honking Daffodils in my yard. But it's nice to see the girls patching things up. Tristan is obviously going to be a harder one to sort things out with.

I think I'm now more anxious about these guys' exams than I was about MY last exams. HA YES quiz Laurel on Cheering Charms. Beautiful.

Yeah, Emily. Where DO vanished objects go? Which is a good question, but perhaps more important: ARE YOU DESTROYING MATTER? Bloody wizards.

Tristan, saviour of the giant squid! On the one hand, it's kind of satisfying, mostly because Malfoy & co try to stand up for themselves. But, as is apt for this story, it's still a sixteen year-old threatening some twelve year-olds.

You're right, Emily, if the animals didn't die, you're probably okay.

Oh, Christ. Oh, the giant squid might have saved him. Yeah, this was upsettingly not surprising, even if I didn't see it coming. I'm very interested to learn it wasn't planned! I mean, characters DO stuff, and I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been similarly blindsided as a writer, but it's all come together most believably. Also, we were kind of due a crisis of a climax, after Laurel's Ordeal (I will find my Campbellian monomyth in ANY story, I promise you). But now I also MUST press on, of course.

Author's Response: BAH. Yeah, that would seem to be what's being indicated ;)

I was so worried about getting the tension of the exam bits right. I was worried I was rushing, but then maybe rushing is GOOD because it has the frantic pace, and then I think my own worry just made it all a mess of nerves. So that worked out.

"Are wizards destroying matter?"--a question that needs to get asked a lot more often. Like, always.

HAH, seeing Malfoy as a tiny was infinitely satisfying to me.

And, the terrible thing... Sorry... I realized while writing that it WOULD happen and AT THIS POINT (Harry also missed his History exam), and I'd accidentally built up all this perfect foreshadowing for it. The Lake had kind of become its own character, and then there's the whole thing with CV and the river. I was SO upset when I realized what Tristan was going to do--which is stupid, because I was theoretically in charge of this story. So then I fretted, and considered how to save him (hence the squid scene). After MUCH deliberation, I decided that saving him wasn't just the sentimental thing to do, and that him dying would be too much. A RELIEF. I NEVER would have INTENTIONALLY planned for a story to feature suicide--but then once that decided to happen, I made sure to plan for it and build to it accordingly (the great benefit of pre-writing)--which is why the whole first bits of this chapter are actually pretty light. NEVER TRUST LIGHT IN THIS STORY. Well, I guess that advice is a bit late, now you've read it all.

Again, SORRY.

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Review #7, by AlexFan 

6th December 2014:
Oh my goodness, their studying sounds absolutely terrible, I canít imagine how much pressure it must be to be tested on everything that youíve learned since you started Hogwarts. Can you just imagine how hardcore Ravenclaws wouldíve gone on studying for the OWLs, Iím not sure if they wouldíve been more hardcore than Hermione or equally as hardcore.

Iím happy to see that Tristan has at least put his time to good use and is studying. I was wondering when he was going to put his time to good use really, but Iím actually proud of him that heís managed to pull himself out of his despair long enough to focus on his school work. I canít imagine how difficult that mustíve been for him to do. I hope he does well on his exams at least.

What are the chances that the very first question on Laurelís test would be the one that sheís the most familiar with, itís almost as if the universe is laughing at her and the joke that theyíve just made. I definitely think Laurel will do well on her OWLs, I mean, sheís been studying just as hard as the rest of her friends so Iím sure sheíll pass them. And besides, Iím sure that thereís something that Laurel could do with in the wizarding world even if she didnít get as many OWLs as she hoped.

You know, when you really think about it, Hogwarts is really stressful because itís almost like, you do well on all of your exams and youíre able to get a good job, or you fail them and essentially end up with something that might not pay you all that well, and you canít go into the muggle world because you have no muggle education so you wouldnít get hired because you wouldnít have any muggle qualifications. But thereís also the option of starting your own company and that can work out really well, like in the case of Fred and George.

OH MY GOD WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS YOU CANíT JUST KILL TRISTAN LIKE THAT OH MY GOD WHY WOULD YOU HURT ME IN THIS WAY I JUST CANíT RIGHT NOW I DONíT KNOW WHAT TO DO. I mean sure, Tristan has his problems and his flaws but heís a good person underneath all of that. But at least they got to Tristan in time, I just really hope that he makes it through this. Poor, poor Tristan.

I did not know that I would be going on a feel trip when I first started reading this story.

Author's Response: First off, I KNOW! I'M SO SORRY!

Gah, I just... I realized it was going to happen, and I couldn't keep it from happening! I mean, Ian Curtis was the FIRST musical reference, and then all the Kurt Cobain stuff. And the Lake kept absorbing all this weird symbolism, and the idea of jumping into a dark unknown became a common theme.

The story and characters just really took on lives of their own! The original concept was this really funny, wacky little idea of writing about Hogwarts stoners. But then I realized I didn't want to glamourize substance use, so I had to put in its realistic consequences. And then, substance abuse is usually a symptom of other problems, so then THAT happened. And then the story exploded out from there.

As for the other stuff, I'm so glad that the study stress came off! I really wanted to capture that mania, and give it feeling, so yay! And hah, Laurel's charms exam was almost word-for-word how Harry's first exam went in the books (only his question was about Wingardium Levoisa). He smiled though, whereas she rolled her eyes. That reference and counter-point is basically this whole story in a nutshell ;)

I hope you feel this story comes to a satisfying conclusion!


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Review #8, by crestwood 

10th October 2014:
Hi Roisin! I've been saving this review so that I could make sure that my 500th review is given to this story. I've been a bit afraid to continue on because I REALLY don't want to be done reviewing this story. I want it to go on forever and I want to be immersed in this world along the way. But, things are finite, so here I am with three chapters left.

The way you write the revision process actually makes me anxious. I'm one of those people who has to leave the room if someone on a television show is embarrassing themselves because I get massive cases of secondhand embarrassment. I'm clearly living way too vicariously through these characters because I feel like I have exams coming up right now?? And I definitely do not have anything of the sort.. but, that's a really good thing because it means that I am feeling tons and tons of empathy for these characters, which I think is probably the point.

And also, worried about Tristan right now. 'exquisitely alone' (beautiful phrase, by the way) and he's listening to Rock N Roll Suicide and I just have a gut feeling and it's so bad.

You made Laurel's first question in her exam about Cheering. I really appreciate the humor in that.

Ah, Penelope broke down into tears and I'm feeling so terrible for her. I'm getting a lot more emotional about everything the longer this story goes on.

I love that Tristan overwrote his Muggle Studies essays. That's literally me in any politics classes, going into detail about Second Wave feminism in essays about the current demographics of Congress.

The Muggle Studies exam is really hilarious to me because of the fact that I obviously understand how all of those things work, but I'm just imagining all of these Wizards' wonder about Tristan's immense knowledge of it all.

Tristan arguing with Draco, Crabbe and Goyle is one of my favorite things ever. I love seeing them in a different light in which they aren't intimidating in the least.

OH NO. You didn't.. I mean I knew it was coming and I was unconsciously preparing myself this entire time for this, but I still was not ready. Right when he didn't show up for the History of Magic exam I knew. At first I thought he was not going to, um, make it. I don't even want to imagine how I would have felt had that been the case. Luckily, he's okay, physically at least.

And the song he attempted to go out to was all too perfect. The symbolism of runs as deep as it possibly could. I mean, the song itself was the symbolic death of Ziggy Stardust. I knew you'd use it for this scene. You have used music better than any other story on this site, by far. This isn't even a songfic, but it all comes back to the music. It all makes so much sense. I actually have a playlist titled "Songs from Year Five" and it's excellent and I can always listen to it when I want to revisit this story, but don't have time to read through it all.

What Emily said to Mary was too much for me. I don't know.. this may be a record the most emotional breakdowns caused by one chapter of anything, ever? That's including the Fault In Our Stars and that gave me my far share. Like, I saw the signs and I knew that you wouldn't be able to avoid writing this. Realism is too important to you. And I'm so glad you did. But, just.. feelings all around. Wow, I love this. Thank you for this.

Author's Response: GAH SHLARBAGLUHLOVE. Also, GUH, I exceeded the character limit! Gotta truncate this to death! (Rambling paragraphs replaced with "blah blah blah")


You saved your 500th review for me! That is such an amazing honor and compliment! Ah!

I'm so glad the revision stress worked! Blah
blah blah, I worried I didn't spend enough time on something important but condensing it into a shorter space also made it more immediate/stressful/reflects the sensation of time passing quickly etc, I was very vexed, thankyouthankyou.

BAH, you recognized the song! So I knew not everyone would recognize every song in this from just a few lyrics, and it's not necessary to recognize it for the story, but if you DO - yes, much foreshadowing (not a single song in this fic DOESN'T foreshadow. Even the Michael Jackson.)

And I'm SUPER glad you liked "exquisitely alone." Like, one should be sparing with adverbs, I know that, and I TRY, but I just thought that was a really good place for a spare adverb. I went back and forth about changing the language, but I just liked it so much.

Laurel's thing with the test was almost word-perfect what happened in the book with Harry (his first question was about Wingardium Leviosa, and then he was all like YEAH, TROLL, I KNOW). But in OotP, Harry smiled before answering. Here, Laurel rolls her eyes. But that kind of summarizes what YF is all about.

And RIGHT?! Ending up getting way too excited about essay questions and throwing in tons of weird stuff. That's me all over.

"Ballpoint pen: like a quill but less annoying" is my favorite quote from this whole story :)

It's funny to me how so many people on this site conceive of Draco as a "badboy." To me, he was always just kind of petty, pathetic, and at best, tragic. I mean, I love me some Draco, but he's not *cool.* He's really kind of a wimp, if you think about it. Which isn't a bad thing - his wimpiest moments are also his best (crying with Moaning Myrtle).

And AHAAA, parallels to Potter: Harry also missed his History of Magic exam (he had the Sirius vision part way through, and stormed out).

I'm SO GLAD you liked the music stuff! I really REALLY didn't want to be gratuitous, or just include stuff because I happen to like it, but I wanted it to be an important thematic thing in the story. (I actually started writing YF shortly after reading the Phonomancer comics - which are all about British music, and the first is very 90s centric. And because I'm obsessed with Potter, I couldn't help but be interested in applying music to that).

YEE! I have a YF playlist too! And one of my RL friends made one after reading this! If you wanna know, my YF playlist also includes a TON of music not included in the story. Critically: the song "Tristan" by Patrick Wolf. If you don't know it, go listen to it right now! I'll wait.

The very first short story I ever wrote was called "Charlie Never Fell," about someone I knew who committed suicide by jumping. It wasn't good, and definitely needlessly maudlin and I-was-14-y, and the only part I liked was the title, so I kind of reappropriated it there.

GUH I JUST SAW TFIOS. I tend to cry at stuff - any stuff. Like, when Neville got those ten points at the end of PS, SO MANY TEARS. I cry when things are happy, sad, poignant, stirring in the least. TFIOS destroyed me. I'm so glad I didn't see it in theaters, because I would have suffered from lack of tissues and ended up blowing my nose on my skirt.

I can't really explain how wonderful it is to communicate with someone who JUST GETS this story. Like, nothing I intended gets past you. Thank you so, so, so much for taking the time to read this crazy thing, and leave such consistently beautiful reviews. It's the actual most encouraging thing in the world.


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Review #9, by marauderfan 

27th August 2014:
Omg. There are so many things I want to say right now, most of which are non 12+, so I won't say them. I had a vague suspicion that something like this was coming, I saw the signs, but at the same time I wasn't expecting it at all. Ugh. My heart stopped at that part when they found him in the lake. I just... asjdfkjakwnrflkj WHY :(

Author's Response: I AM SO SORRY, I KNOW!

I really didn't plan on this happening, but then I realized it was always going to. He was showing ALL the warning signs, and I'd subconsciously added foreshadowing. (In Ch1, he goes "out," and even though Mary and Eddie never "gave voice to their worries," they "sigh in relief" when he comes home several hours later. When Mary's secretary tells her that Hogwarts wrote about Tristan, "a thousand familiar anxieties" plague her, and she's ultimately relieved that it's just suspension. So on).

Weirdly, even though this is a short review--it might be my favorite. It means so much to me that you care about these characters, and that this story affected you.

If you have any not-12+-friendly comments to make, and are down to take the time, definitely feel free to PM me because I would love to hear them!

Thank you so much for sticking with this story, and reviewing it--it really means the world to me.

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