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Review #1, by oldershouldknowbetter 

23rd January 2015:
Review#18: the review which has a lot of family in it.

The brother appears again and we have some good sibling banter.

We see her room – comicy and homey. I like how you have made her a comic book geek without making her out to be a freak.

She actually has a mum! (I was beginning to wonder) Her likes are such that she is far more a daddy’s girl – much like my own daughter. Then I read on and it is even more so. I like how confident and sure of herself you have made her once she is back in the bosom of her family. It makes a great counterpoint from the insecure Abigail at Hogwarts.

Then Hogwarts intrudes when she has to send out her last gift and it is back to all the old insecurities. *sigh* Sure-of-herself Abigail was so nice while she lasted.

The sister is a good addition to the mix. I must assume that you have siblings as you write the interactions between them all so well. Laughing and joking at each other when it doesn’t count; being supportive and loving when it does.

All the Christmas family stuff has a wonderful truthful air to it.

Prezzies, all good and then a tapping on the window – a letter from James; so no gift, boo; but an explanation and a promise of one to come, so yay. He still wants to keep to their arrangement of meeting over the Holidays, yes of course he does.

Self-doubt is replaced by elation and we are all the happier for it.

Author's Response: I do like writing Darryl and Abigail together, they are entertaining and I try to think of the kind of things that me and my brothers would argue about to include it. :P

I'm glad that you like it, I couldn't have her any other way with a dad like hers. If one of his children wasn't as obsessed as she was, he would have felt that he had failed as a parent.

She does have a mum! Haha she's just a massive daddy's girl, much like me too. Once she's home she's a different person entirely, at home she can be who she wants without worrying what others think.

Yep, the old insecurities come back, I wish she was more confident, but that is what Isabella and James are for, to make her more confident in herself and around others.

I do have siblings, two sisters and two brothers all older. I tried to draw on what me and my siblings have said/joked/fought about and include those moments in, so I'm glad that it seems realistic.

Sadly no gift, but he does have a gift on the way. :D

Thank you once again!

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Review #2, by potterfan310 

21st August 2014:

Ahh I love that we finally get to see Abigail's family! Exciting stuff.

Christmas in August :p I kind of feel Christmassy now. I'm with Abigail I LOVE decorating the tree, so much fun :)

Sibling love, haha all over protective. I love seeing Abigail at home, especially her family ♥

James is serious adorable and I love him ♥ Annnd he's sending Abigail a present and it makes me so happy :D His letter just asdfghjkl I want ten of him ♥

Ahh I can't wait for the next one now :D

Author's Response: You'll see more of them soon! I promise and soon enough James will meet the family!

Haha I feel really christmassy around now, I love decorating too, in fact I'm going to decorate mine in a minute.

Her family are very protective over her, god help James when he finally meets them.

The next chapter is up! :D

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