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Review #1, by bethanex 

31st July 2015:
Very very very cute. I love this

Author's Response: Thank you so much :D

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Review #2, by oldershouldknowbetter 

23rd January 2015:
Review #17: the review where our expectations are toyed with.

Coming into this chapter after the last one, I was dismayed to say the least upon reading the chapter title. James being a Loser after what had apparently happened between him and Rebecca could only mean that it happened and he now regretted it and comes to beg forgiveness of Abigail. We all hope not but that is what the title implies – let us see.

The cold weather has driven her inside, but from her past behaviour we wouldn’t expect Abigail to be outside with Michelle and the Quidditch people.

Along comes James and the dread settles in.
We get distracted by something bright and shiny and so does Abigail – a new comic by a new author. This is the parchment smell! One of their shared ‘love smells’ from the love potion (was that really fourteen chapters ago?). I had assumed it was something to do with books and lessons and studying, but of course it would be comics. I feel foolish for not making the connection beforehand.

It serves to distract her for only a moment before she remembers Rebecca … but wait a sec James isn’t happy … about a certain rumour … THAT’S NOT TRUE!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

What’s more he directly spells out his interest in Rebecca plainly and clearly to Abigail– it is none. She and we have nothing to fear from her ever. Well romantically that is, we know that the attack upon Abigail that came from when Rebecca thought she had a chance means that Rebecca will be capable of worse now that she has been scorned.

Those are problems for the future, let us just revel in the attentions of James in the present.
But he’s talking about the future: what is she doing for Christmas; is she going to Hogsmeade. And every time Abigail, unwittingly, deflects him *sigh* She doesn’t realise that what he is doing is trying subtly (too subtle for her) to ascertain what she is doing so that he can be with her.

Finally after talk of family, Abigail almost by accident agrees to meet up with James in the holidays. All of his careful pointed questioning came to naught and then by a miracle Abigail brings it up and they will meet up.

A bit of flirting over the hot chocolate and then the eponymous ‘James is a loser’.

Well that chapter could have gone a lot worse – thank you very much, I say (write) sarcastically, for playing with my expectations and emotions so much!

Author's Response: Haha I see what you mean about being worried about the chapter title, I would have been too. :P

Oh no, Abigail doesn't really care for Quidditch, and Michelle would only end up ignoring her if she went along.

Haha I love getting distracted by new and shiny things! Oh yes! one of the smells is in there! Was it fourteen chapters ago? Wow! That is quite some time ago. Haha of course it's comics :P

WOOO! Definitely not what happened. It was just rumours!

Rebecca is capable of far worse and I wish that we won't see more of her, but sadly we shall do. But you're right, they are problems for future us! Present us is only basking in the present James! She doesn't realise at all, oh Abigail!

Haha yep, we find out why James is a loser.

I'm sorry I played with your expectations and emotions so much! But it is entertaining! :D

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Review #3, by potterfan310 

21st August 2014:

We're ignoring my 'calculations' in my last review since I wrote it the day before I posted as I was busy :p

I currently feel like it's December not August because it's freezing!!! Hot chocolate with marshmallows sounds sooo good right now :p

James has been looking for her all day!! He so loves her, it's meant to be :D Sneaky James with the Marauders Map, I want one of him. He's like a little lovable puppy ♥ Sharing Comic books, I honestly love these two so much. I feel like their dates would be watching Marvel films or just reading Comics :p

The smell of new books ♥

It's bye bye Rebecca, thank god!


Soph ♥

Author's Response: Haha :D

It is December! (I'm totally writing this response super late and for that I'm sorry!) Oooo hot chocolate and marsmallows are yummy! I want one now :D

Oh yes! He so does! He can't deny it. Haha he is like a lovable puppy!

They both give me such fluffy feels! I love them so much too! haha their dates so should be!

Hahaha thank you so much Sophie!!

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Review #4, by Flow 

18th August 2014:
You know if you wanna skip the whole upload every three days amd upload every day thatd be pretty cool

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, due to other commitments, three is all I'm able to do and I think that's quite generous.

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Review #5, by Flow 

18th August 2014:
You know if you wanna skip the whole upload every three days amd upload every day thatd be pretty cool

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, due to other commitments, three is all I'm able to do and I think that's quite generous.

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Review #6, by courtneygravesl 

17th August 2014:
Just sat and read all 17 chapters in one go I'm so obsessed with this story, your writing is really good ah excited for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Awww thank you so much! I'm so glad that you enjoy my story so much! The next chapter should be up tomorrow, not sure what time as I'll be at the zoo.

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Review #7, by Super Mega Foxy Awesome Hot 

17th August 2014:
Hey so I just found your story and its pretty good.. I love the storyline and the fact that the character have so much room to grow, specially abigail.. However I do feel your story has some problems.. Firstly, you have a few issues, spell check problems that your beta probably should've corrected but might have missed. There were quite a few in the first could of chapters but I feel it got better now.. Secondly, your expression needs a bit of improvement, in the sense that you need to show, not tell. Use more commas and make your sentences longer, like instead of saying, "I was eating an apple. I walked into the room.", say, "I walked into the room while munching on my apple." The more vivid your story is, the better.. You want your readers to be able to picture everything. I have read your other stories and as far as I remember, the others have much better expression than this one, so perhaps you're trying a different style? Lastly, make your chapters longer; as a fanficion-reader, I can assure you most of us prefer longer chapters.. I hope I didn't seem too pushy/critical.. Anyway, great story and can't wait for the next chapter.. Hoping to see abigail and James together soon

Author's Response: I'm glad that you love the storyline and that you like the characters. I believe that my beta does a wonderful job, but thank you for your opinion. I personally like the length of the chapters I write, and in fact the next chapter is a lot longer, so I shall be continuing to write the length I feel it needs to be. But thank you so much for your review and for reading and enjoying my story. :D

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Review #8, by BlueElephant 

17th August 2014:
Awww that was super cute! Really loving these fast updates, i can't wait for James and Abigail to get together already!

Author's Response: Awww thank you! I'm hoping to get writing some more so I have more chapters to get out for you all.

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Review #9, by macpp 

17th August 2014:
loving this story and the fast updates are sooo good

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D

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Review #10, by newbeatle 

16th August 2014:
I don't know what but something was putting me of on the first part of the chapter. It was good as always but... maybe it's just me.
But it was forgotten as I read the rest of it. SO much FLUFF! I am squealing like a little girl inside. Maybe too much even. :D
Generally I liked the chapter very much and I was smiling almost all the way through it. :)
Oh, and I really liked the comic book talk in this chapter (comic book theme was what pulled me in this story, when I browsed for new ones to read). And at the ending I almost melted, it was so good.

Author's Response: Awww I'm sorry you felt like that *hugs* I'm glad you continued though! The fluff will entice you in! and give you feels! :D Hahahaa you can squeal it's fine. :D
Awww I'm glad that you liked the talk of the comic books, it will get brought up more I promise.

THank you so much! :D

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