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Review #1, by Hufflepuff_girl 

11th October 2015:
I KNEW I heard about Freya and Horatio before! You are a genius! The moment i realized my mind just blow up! Genius.
Ps. I loved that story too. The Luis/Horatio sex part not so much tough..

Author's Response: Yes! Freya and Horatio are in this too! :D

Awww I'm sorry that you didn't like the Loratio. Maybe one day I'll write an alternate one without Loratio in it?

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Review #2, by oldershouldknowbetter 

23rd January 2015:
Review#14: the review which has miscommunication about miscommunication.

Michelle takes a break from being nasty only to have someone worse take her place. I say worse, but thinking about it which is worse physical abuse or psychological abuse? The physical hurts worse at the time, but its effects don’t leave as many unseen scars as the other can. I sometimes think that Abigail’s psyche is one big mass of scar tissue.

Abigail keeping up the pretence of walking normally (even though it hurts) around Rebecca is good – shows us that she does have some moxie.

Quote: “Michelle regarded me with a stern look. “Abigail, if you need to go get some pain relief potion then don’t let what others think stop you. It’s what those bitches want.”

This is why we cannot automatically dismiss Michelle – good on you for making all your characters three dimensional.

A letter from James – this is where it starts being something more than class partners or even just friends. A boy doesn’t write to a girl – even something as innocuous as this note for an innocent library assignation – unless he likes that girl, and I mean like likes.

One of the things that I like about this whole work is the lack of blatant miscommunication. There is some small stuff, but usually you have your characters talk if someone says something wrong or snappy (as in this case) or like James laughing over Abigail having the comic. They don’t go immediately off in a huff, they might assume the worse – as people do – but then you have your characters talk and correct the misstep.

There is talking and then there is talking though. Abigail will not tell James the direct cause of her misfortune. Again this is something about your storytelling I like – I cannot decide if she should or she shouldn’t. I can see reasons for doing either – she should try to find a solution herself on one hand, but on the other it would further her cause with James. I think upon reflection she might have chosen the best course and I think it is actually from the start of some emotional bravery (the very start) and not just her old stick-her-head-in-the-sand persona. But again, it is you putting your characters in believable situations and having them have to make real decisions.

What was that I was saying about miscommunication? The direct put-your-foot-in-it, I-said-something-wrong type of miscommunication you don’t have but the deep down one …

*sigh* miscommunication and wrong supposition – the twin elements of thwarted romance.

William comes along; I am enjoying him as a character. I have had hints throughout your author’s notes that you have a fair few of your stories linked together. This is intriguing and makes me want to read more of your stuff and makes it feel like a big shared universe. Well, have to get past this lot of reviews first.

James has a secret.

Another secret.

This time seemingly more important than just staying up all night reading comics.

I wonder what that can be (this reviewer says sarcastically).

Author's Response: I'm still loving how your review titles are like my story titles :D Love love love it!

Poor Abigail is just getting it from everyone! Poor her, can't people just leave her and James alone? I think it is as well! Poor Abigail, I'm so mean to her.

Yeah, she doesn't want to make a big deal of it and bring more of their attention upon herself.

See, Michelle does have some good qualities, she just hides them very very well.

Oh yeah, those two are becoming more than just class partners. This is a friendship, possibly (definitely) more!

I didn't want them to just throw huffs when it doesn't go their way (except for Michelle, but that's just Michelle haha)

Awww thank you! :D


I'm so glad that you're enjoying William, I do have quite a few of my stories connected together, I've put a list on my profile page on the forums, if you wanted to take a peek and see what's connected. There's quite a lot and it's fun to include bits and pieces here and there. :D I hope that you do read more of my stuff, if you wanted to of course!

Hahah what could it be indeed?! :P

THank you so so much for reviewing and being so awesome! :D

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Review #3, by icingonmycake 

8th September 2014:
Yaay! Such nice people in Hogwarts, dislocating each others arms and tripping people up! But seriously, I NEED to know the secret James is keeping. Why must you do this to me?

Author's Response: Hahaha they're such awesome friends to each other! Ahh the secret is coming up! don't you worry. :D I'm sorry I'm leaving you on such cliffhangers. :P

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Review #4, by potterfan310 

13th August 2014:

Three updates, man you spoil us :p

Michelle being nice :O Have aliens abducted the real her? Well I know whose going on my dislike list, Rebecca for sure. Oh she's got it in for Abigail, me thinks that she believes Abi has her eyes on James but now Rebecca wants him? Hmm...

Poor Abigail but I agree with the cold legs thing, lol. I used to wear leggings under my trousers I used to be that cold :p I can't imagine what it'd be like in the castle with just fires for warmth.

Snowball just sounds adorable!!

HE SENT HER A LETTER, HE LIKES HER FOR SURE! Even if it was just to help him study. And he cares about her enough to offer to carry! her to the Hospital Wing. Love is in the air, I swear.

"Besides, there’s someone else that’s caught my eye." - YESSS, It's Abigail for sure!

They are so awkwardly cute together and just asdfghjkl.

Ahh sibling love.

James' secret is Abigail!!! IT HAS TO BE!

Off to the next one :D

Sophie x

Author's Response: I do spoil you! It's because I love you all so much! :D

I think they must have! it's the only explanation I have for her being nice. Rebecca's on my list too, she needs to leave James and Abigail alone!

I do that too! It would be so cold in that castle.

I love Snowball haha, he's such a fluffy lovable cat.

HE DID! HE LIKES HER! Love is definitely in the air!

Haha James is giving so many hints.

They are! I just want to hug them all the time.

Haha James' secret will come out soon.

Thank you Sophie!

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Review #5, by santosh 

9th August 2014:
Could you write some more. I love this story!

Author's Response: Aaww I'm so glad that you love this story! The next chapter is up! :D

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