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Review #1, by Historyrepeats 

17th October 2017:
Awww Hilarion and Lucy so sweet

Author's Response: Yeah those two are adorable ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by Penelope Inkwell 

10th August 2014:
Finally, he knows! I suppose we rarely like our parents getting involved in this sort of thing, but in this case, meddling for the win! It would drive me positively crazy if my father did such a thing, admittedly, but I appreciate Percy and what he’s trying to do. It’s very him--he always was a bit nosy and certain he knew the best way, but all the Weasleys were so family-centric, Percy included, in the end. I can totally see him having a talk with his daughter’s...well, whatever Fitz is, to try to straighten things out. And now Fitz knows how she feels! Hooray!

Aw, and Lucy and Hilarion are so sweet and adorable. And baby Flora, pitching in as well! Yay for familial support, all around. :D


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Review #3, by Leonore 

6th August 2014:
Hmm, has Mariah given up or is she planning something? So she was shocked to find out that Fitz and Molly were actually serious... but I'd almost say jealousy is more likely than acceptance in that situation. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

Ooh, Fitz does care about Mariah. If he'd really moved on, he wouldn't be wanting revenge or being keen to not look at her. It's that it's revenge for the affairs - not just for being the cause of his injury. I guess it might be a pride thing, that he's embarrassed that she wasn't happy with him but felt the need to have those affairs. *shrugs* Well, something tells me there's going to be some Mariah trouble later.

Good ol' Percy. Getting thing sorted out. And making Fitz actually think about Molly's feelings rather than just making assumptions. I love the way he hints at his own experience of coming back into the family for the battle.

Love the cottage pie thing - it's just so normal and relatable.

Molly and Fitz, just friends? Mmm, not sure about that. No, Molly, you're more than friends, as everyone except you can tell...

I'm half surprised that nobody made a sarcastic comment about Hilarion "watching" the game on the wireless. I guess it's not my family, and they aren't really in the mood for picking up on technicalities like that.

Hilarion's so sweet.

Hold the baby. The cure for everything :)

Love it, as always.

~ Leo xx

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Review #4, by happyanon 

4th August 2014:
First of all Hi! *waves*
Next, Id like to say I read all of this in one go!! So yey!!! Haha it's quite lovely! And I love this Molly! Usually in fanfics I read, Molly is written as a perfect snobby stick in the mud know it all OR a really punk snarky rebel. I like how she's a bit of both in your story. Its entertaining but at the same time her character has that feel of someone (as a female) i can empathize with and someone I totally know I can get along with as a person and as a reader. I also love how you incorporate her cousins and family! Its so entertaining when Fitz meets the Weasley's in very odd situations! I also want to guve you props on how you wrote percy and audrey. :) very well done! Ive also read story of Lucy/Roxanne/Hilarion btw haha and despite his faults, i like Fitz and all his cussing! Haha but if im being honest, Jinks is my super duper favorite!!! Hahaha good job! Pls update soon!

Author's Response: I've seen a lot of snobby-stick Molly too, not as many rebellious versions. She manages both here, it's true - stickler for the rules, with a mohawk and leather wardrobe. ;) I'm really glad you like my version of her! I really loved writing her in this story, and all the associated Weasley relatives of course. Fitz and his blue-streaks were fun to write, and I adore Jinks. I picture him winding up godfather to one of Molly's sons. He's adorably dorky and cool at the same time. Thanks so much for reviewing! I hope you got a chance to finish the story now it's complete.

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Review #5, by ThestralPrincess 

3rd August 2014:
Aw, this story really is disgustingly adorable in the very best way. I absolutely LOVE your portrayal of Percy in this chapter. My favourite part was when he said, “With respect, young man, she's my daughter. She's been my business since she was born. So now you are too.” Loved it to pieces! Hopefully fitz pulls himself together soon! Looking forward to the next update. :)

Author's Response: Percy's nosy and in charge ;) I really like writing him, actually, which surprised me a little. I haven't written Percy a lot. He's a bit pedantic but he does mean well and he cares about his daughters a great deal.

Disgustingly adorable is fun :p haha. Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #6, by coolgf 

2nd August 2014:
So nice. Hold the baby to feel better, lol. Nice. Can't wait to find out what Fitz is going to do.

Author's Response: Hey, it works! haha. She's a cute baby. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by AlexFan 

2nd August 2014:
BABY FLORA TO THE RESCUE! This has just become a thing now apparently, if you're unhappy, just hold the baby. Baby makes it all better.

Percy really is nosy, he takes so much interest in his daughters lives and it's kind of sweet. I liked that he went and had a talk with Fitz about what Molly was feeling and just told him (although I get the distinct impression than she wouldn't be too happy about Fitz knowing that she had cried on her dad's shoulder for half an hour).

I find it kind of funny that this entire time it never occurred to Molly that she was being really reserved about her feelings for Fitz. It's like she forgot that not everyone is able to read her mood changes and feelings simply based on looking at her.

I love all of the characters in this story because you can tell that the Weasley's are related. From the way that they talk to each other and treat each other, you can see a little bit of someone in all of them.

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