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Review #1, by ak 

26th March 2017:
MY GUESS WAS correct! i hope mrs. granger survives tho!

Author's Response: Well done, you! Not a lot of people guessed it. Thank you, as always, for reading and reviewing! Xx

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Review #2, by Callie 

4th September 2016:
WHEN DOES RON PROPOSE?!?! I'M DYING HERE! Oh, by the way, I wrote a review earlier today about how mad I was about Harry and Ginny breaking up, but I forgive you now. I can't stop reading this!!! Sometimes I forget that this isn't really J. K. Rowling writing, it's so good. Keep it up!!! Chapter rating: 8/10. Book rating: 10/10. Thanks for this!!! ;)

Author's Response: I am glad that I am forgiven! And so thrilled that you are still enjoying the story that much. Thank you so much for all of your kind words. As for Ron, he might just surprise you! Xx

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Review #3, by Sreshtha 

9th April 2016:
I thought Cho marries Dudley?!

Author's Response: Cho actually marries a Muggle, presumably someone we don't know as JKR never gave us a name. But hey, I guess it could be Dudley.. not in my universe though, it would be too weird for me! Xx

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Review #4, by Dinthemidwest 

5th March 2016:
I'm good with Ron's surprise; not a fan of the cheating issues... Fun to see Cho in the pic with her man & medical intervention !

Author's Response: I am so happy you liked it! I couldn't see Ron as a cheater, he's the most loyal character in the series in my opinion! I'm glad you liked getting to see a bit of Cho as well. Thank you, as always, for reading and reviewing!! Xx

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Review #5, by Maya 

23rd November 2015:
Well what Ron was up to exceeded expectations :) youre jusy getting better and better! Keep it up :)

Author's Response: I am so happy to hear that! Thank you so much for your kind words, for sticking with the story this far, and for your lovely reviews!! Xx

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Review #6, by Aaron 

29th September 2015:
Great job! I'm so glad the secret wasn't bad. Yet another great chapter. Thank you

Author's Response: I am so happy you liked it! Thank you so much for still reading and reviewing!! Xx

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Review #7, by Xray 

20th July 2015:
I knew it had something to do with Hermione's Mother. Your story is amazing and I can't seem to put it down. I dread reaching the last posted chapter as I know I will have to wait for the next. I pray you don't lose faith, or interest. I would like to see how you finish it all up. Faithfully yours, Xray

Author's Response: I'm so, so glad you're enjoying the story that much! It means a lot to me :) I know the wait can be annoying but just know that I update as often as I can. And I'm planning on sticking with this story until the end, so don't worry about that xxx

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Review #8, by Siriuslover177 

27th June 2015:
I really want Mrs. Granger to be okay :/ I think it is amazing that Ron has been working with Cho in order to find a cure for her. I can't believe that that is what he has been doing over the last couple of months. I feel bad that his intentions were questioned now.

I feel bad for Ginny. Always worrying about Harry. People trying to kill him. People trying to break them up, etc. It must be so hard to have to deal with. And not being able to express these feelings... even worse.


Author's Response: I think it's understandable that Ron was questioned because he was being very secretive... but for a good reason. I understand your feelings about Mrs Granger though...

Yes, Ginny doesn't have it easy... but I think she will learn to live with over time. As hard as it is going to be.

Thank you for reading and reviewing xx

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Review #9, by Liana 

3rd October 2014:
I figured Ron was up to something really nice for Hermione but I had no idea what it was. I know what it's like to be really sick but I can't imagine being as close to death as Mrs. Granger. I hope they find something that works for her.

Author's Response: I'm glad it was a bit of a surprise then :) And yeah, I'm lucky enough not to have been as sick as Mrs Granger either, it's hard to imagine what it would be like...

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #10, by FriendofMolly 

12th September 2014:
I was curious as to what Ron was doing, but knowing him, I knew it was something for Hermione. I was afraid that Hermione was going to be losing her Mum. When treatment takes out more than it helps, it's time to use the time left to be with those you love. This chapter was so well done. I really enjoyed it
Thank you,

Author's Response: I agree with you - better to get some quality with the people you love than to just fade away in a hospital bed. As sad as it is. I'm so happy that you liked this chapter. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, and thank you for sticking with the story for this long!


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Review #11, by Izabel 

27th August 2014:
Wow! That chapter made and destroyed my day at the same time. please update soon, I can't wait to read it.

Author's Response: I'm very happy it touched you like that. Thank you so much for reading, and for this review!


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Review #12, by Corey 

24th August 2014:
It might not be a bad idea to just focus on writing the chapters and respond to the reviews when you're finished. That way you can get the chapters written quicker and everyone is happy. Also, you wouldn't be breaking your promise of replying eventually. Just a thought, can't wait for the story to progress more, there's a long 14 years worth of chapters by the looks of things with the current process. Great story.

Author's Response: That's not a bad idea at all! I like to reply to reviews when I'm unable to write though - like at the moment, I'm on holiday without my computer, so I wouldn't be able to write even if I wanted to! And a lot of the time, it's not that I don't have fifteen minutes every day to write a page or two, but I have to be in the right mindset if I want it to come out good. Thank you so much for your encouragement though! I'm hoping to be able to pick up the speed again when this year is over. I'm very glad your enjoying the story. Thank you for reading and reviewing!!


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Review #13, by Darcey 

18th August 2014:
First things first, I'm very sorry! I really hate that I'm only just reviewing these last two chapters now but as you know I now have a baby! James Ambrose was born on June 6th 2014 weighing 7lb 3oz. Look, I even managed to get a Harry Potter related name in there! Being a mum is the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me and I've never been more happy but at the same time, I've never been more tired! Even with my boyfriend's help, having a baby means I never have as much time as I'd like to do things I usually do, but I can't find it in myself to care all that much because James is worth it!
Back to the actual reason I'm here, I'm sure you don't want to hear more of my ramblings, I feel extremely satisfied with this chapter! Once again you amaze me with both your writing talent and your dedication and commitment. You deserve every single bit of your praise and you should know I often read bits of this story to people to show then how well written fanfiction can be. This story is so much better than a great number of the books I've read, if you don't get published one day then something has gone incredibly wrong!
Anyway I'm satisfied with the chapter because I now understand what Ron was doing, which was worrying me a great deal I have to admit! I honestly didn't see that coming and now feel very stupid as I pride myself on predicting storylines correctly. That's the mark of an amazingly talented writer right there! Ron's such a sweetheart, I had to give him an "awww" when I realised why he'd been so distant with Hermione.
As for Hermione's mum, well, what can I say? It's so sad and I'm fortunate enough to not know what she's feeling but you portray every complex emotion so vividly yet sensitively that once again I'm astounded and have no fitting words to describe how good you are at writing.
I'm so happy for you that your life is so exciting and adventurous and (maybe more than anyone right now) I can understand how hard it is to fit writing into such a busy life, no matter how much you love it! Even so, I hope you find the time sometime soon as I'm far too excited about this "big thing" that you've promised...
Thank you for another great chapter and your congratulations in your previous response! I hope you're having a great time, whatever it is that you're doing!

Author's Response: Let me start by saying you have nothing to apologize for - especially given my very, very late response to this review. I've fallen way behind but I'm on holiday at the moment and have a couple of hours to try and catch up (at least a little bit). Knowing that you're still reading and still enjoying the story is all I could ask for. besides, you've got the most valid excuse in the world not to hang around here all day.

Speaking of... CONGRATULATIONS! I was so happy when I first read you had had your baby, and that you're both doing well. As if things could actually get more awesome, you also named him James! That is such a cute name and I'm strangely overexcited about, haha. You seem to be settling into motherhood well, which makes me so happy! I remember how you quite nervously told me way back that you were pregnant. I can't believe how long it's been and I'm so happy for you :)

As for this chapter, I am thrilled that you like it! Wow, I don't feel like I deserve all those kind words but they almost made me cry! Knowing that there is even one person who feels that way about my witting.. Thank you so much! if I ever do get published (which is a lifelong dream) look for your name in the dedications!!!

I'm glad Ron's secret wasn't too predictable, hehe :) honestly, though - how do I respond to all your kind words? You have been such a support since you started reading this story and I appreciate more than you know! I couldn't ask for a better reader or nicer reviews and I hope you realize how happy you've made me with this one! Thanks for the private well wishes as well. There's lots of travelling and turning worlds upside down going on for me, but boy have I loved it! And it's almost over now, which is going to be so weird. But I feel ready to come home soon.

Hope you and James are still well! Remember, it's never too early to start reading Harry Potter to him. Haha, just kidding. Maybe wait 7-8 years or so. ;)

Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart!


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Review #14, by StarBright 

18th August 2014:
Yay! I'm glad we finally know what Ron was up to! It was a surprise, but I knew it had to be something for Hermione. Great chapter!

Author's Response: I'm glad it wasn't too predictable! And I'm very happy that you enjoyed the chapter. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #15, by Debvfr 

16th August 2014:
Same as sidrocks as long as you keep writing I will keep reading and enjoying.
Next chapter please.

Author's Response: Thank you!! Hearing that makes me feel so very happy!


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Review #16, by Teddy1993 

16th August 2014:
Great chapter again. I think it was great that Ron thought about asking Cho and Patrick's help and it made sense he tried to keep it from Hermione. I didn't really expect him to pop the question yet, but still I didn't expect this.

I love how every aspect in your story follows cannon. Even the tiniest details, like Cho marrying a Muggle. I'm really enjoying the story. Your writing is amazing. I'm already looking forward to your next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much- I am so happy to hear that you liked it!! I'm also glad that Ron's secret made sense, and that tit came as a bit of a surprise. I wouldn't want to be too predictable, hehe!

Yes, as you seem to have noticed, I'm a bit of a canon freak! I often have a hard time reading non/canon stuff, so I try to include as many details as possible. I'm glad you like it. And thank you so, so much for your kind words; it really does mean a lot!


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Review #17, by ATG 

11th August 2014:
pls update fast. i check every alternate day and i was so excited wen i saw it today. the stry is gr8 but pls update fast

Author's Response: I'm very happy that you're enjoying the story! As I'm sure you understand, I can't put writing this story first a lot of the time (as much as I'd love to). I do update as often as I can though and I appreciate your patience!


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Review #18, by sidrocks123  

9th August 2014:
I have to literally consult a dictionary for expressing my feelings into words. Because let me tell you, it is extremely damn hard to say anything which has not been written before. This chapter, and the whole story in general is one of the best on this site and beyond. This story is like a fantasy game - it has tons of replay value. There is so much to glean from every read. I cannot thank you enough for staying on this site, and write some fantastically addictive stories. And yes, I was surprised about Ron's secret. Damn fine twist, by the way. And I am glad to hear about your concern - I am on the (slow) road to recovery. As long as you don't abandon your story, I will not abandon you. Thank You.

Author's Response: I should get a dictionary as well; perhaps it would help me express my gratitude! You shower me in the nicest compliments and I'm not quite sure how to explain how happy they make me. I'm beyond thrilled that you are still enjoying the story so much and I appreciate your support more than you. Also, I'm very glad that you're starting to feel a bit better. Hopefully the recovery has come even further by now!

Thank you so much!!!


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Review #19, by Livy05 

7th August 2014:
Great stuff. It was nice to read and fun to follow

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed it!


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Review #20, by Aurorofthelight 

7th August 2014:
This is another one that had to have registered on the Richter scale when the gong whacked the top of the brilliance meter! Looks like Ron has moved his emotional range from a teaspoon to at least a soup ladle! Hermionie couldn't have been more surprised if Ron had given up mashed potatoes! Very nice of Cho and Pat to be willing to help! These chapters about Mrs. Grainger touch close to home, having personally dealt with loved ones with cancer - the ugly beast. So glad to see this from you! Keep them coming! :D:D:D

Author's Response: Aw, I'm so happy that you liked this chapter; hopefully no one got hurt in that earth quake. Ron's emotional range has definitely grown! A soup ladle might be quite accurate :) I realize that's the subject if cancer hits close to home for some people - myself included, although the one person close to me who suffered from it died when I was still a bit too young to fully grasp it.its a difficult subject and I always appreciate hearing peoples opinions! Thank you so much for still reading and reviewing! It means so much to me!


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Review #21, by Liz 

7th August 2014:
That chapter was amazing, actually no scratch that your whole story is amazing! I would never have guessed that was Ron's secret and I think it was so sweet. I was also really sad when I read the last paragraph :(

Please keep writing this story I've tried to find other fanfiction as good as this but it hasn't turd out very successful.

Author's Response: Aaw, thank you so much! I'm thrilled to hear that you like the story, as well as Ron's secret. And yes, that was probably some of the saddest news Hermione ever received.

I will most definitely keep writing! Thank you so much for your support and kind words, and for taking the time to write this review!


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Review #22, by Celeste 

6th August 2014:
His secret was not what I thought if would be. I so thought he was going to propose to her. But still such a good story and chapter. I love this story. :)

Author's Response: I have to admit I'm kind of happy it wasn't obvious though :) it makes me so happy that you like the story so much!

Thank you for reading it, and for reviewing.


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Review #23, by ann 

5th August 2014:
That was an outstanding chapter. Very well written. Had me on the verge of crying.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am thrilled to hear that you liked the chapter so much!

And thank you for reading and reviewing!


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Review #24, by ShieldPatronus 

5th August 2014:
I love this story so much, it's unbelievable. The way you write and your ideas flow together is astounding. You have such a talent.

First off, I always thought is was extremely sad that Mrs. Granger has cancer. But you have such a skill of making the emotions feel so real and I love how you still show how there was still pain and loss after the war.

Second, I AM SO HAPPY THAT THAT WAS RON'S SECRET. I was seriously worried about them for ages, especially after that J.K. Rowling interview where she said Harry and Hermione should have ended up together. And I was so surprised about the secret too, it was an amazing idea.

I can't wait for the next chapter whenever it is published! Your story is amazing and please please never stop writing it.

Author's Response: I wish I could explain how happy that makes me! It means so much to me that you like the story so much, as well as my writing. Thank you, so very much!!

Mrs Granger's sickness is indeed very sad, and I Sometimes find it difficult to write a subject as serious as cancer. So to hear you say that it feels real.. That is amazing! Thank you so much for that.

And I'm so glad you liked Ron's secret too!! I love JKR, but never in my life could I see Harry and Hermione end up together. Actually, I could never see Ron and Hermione NOT end up together. So, as brilliant as she is. I'm going to have to disagree with Rowling on that one.

Thank you so much for your continued support, kind words and encouragement! You are an amazing reader and I appreciate your reviews so much!


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Review #25, by Camryn💋 

5th August 2014:
I literally almost peed myself when I saw this new chapter I haven't read it yet! but I am so excited! since you haven't posted in a while I tried to find some Fanfic like yours but nothing felt right! I am such a huge fan of your Harry Potter Fanfiction you have done J.K. Rowlings' characters justice! I have this page bookmarked and literally check it every time I get on the internet! Thank you for making the Harry Potter series live on through your words! I love you! 😘

Author's Response: Wow, that is so cool that you get that excited! I can't believe it!! Honestly, your kind words and encouragement mean so much to me. Thank you so very much for taking the time to write this review, and for being so nice to me! You're awesome.


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