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Review #1, by AlexFan 

2nd August 2014:
LOOK OUT RAKESY HARRY POTTER IS COMING FOR YOU! I am so excited to see Rakes get kicked out of the league thanks to Harry that I'm practically cackling at the thought. If Harry Potter can defeat Voldemort then he sure as heck get evidence to prove that Rakes was the one who injured Fitz. And honestly, I wouldn't have expected any less of the Weasley/Potter family.

I just love how Harry and Ginny immediately teamed up to bring down Rakes in their own way. Harry would investigate and once he and Ron found enough evidence, Ginny's probably going to talk smack about Rakes (and if she doesn't then I'll just hope that she will until you write the chapter in which she does not do this).

I absolutely love this story because it's not always cheerful, it does have its sad moments but they aren't too sad. It isn't make-me-sob kind of sadness and it's followed by this uplifting event that happens after like the Prides winning another game and I just really love that.

Onto your other stories now!

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Review #2, by Penelope Inkwell 

31st July 2014:
This story! It gives me so many emotions! How is that even possible?! Itís a sports story! I never get this excited about sports stories.

But of course, itís more than that, which is why I like it so much.

(For the record, I like sports stories fine, but this one is much more than fine. Itís great! I always look forward to reading the next chapter).

They beat the MAGPIES!!! Thatís, like, a legit team! Fitzís former team! Iím just so excited that they won. And yay for Jinks.

Also, the fact that someone was singing the Chariots of Fire song? Brilliant.

I love all the family interactions in this. Who would have ever thought that Percy could be so endearing? And the way they describe Fitz--always looking at her. With ďsad eyesĒ. Yikes! The feels!

I also loved when Molly was thinking that maybe she should just tell Fitz she loves him, but not right then, because they had a game. Finally, someone with some sense! There are so many times in stories Iíve read/movies Iíve seen where characters have this dramatic love confession right before something important that requires focus and Iím always thinking, That is so wonderful that you feel that way but is this really the time?! Iím not saying that it never works, but most times it just doesnít seem practical. I appreciate that the ever-sensible Molly recognizes an inappropriate time for amorous confessions when she sees one.

My favorite bit was when Molly described Percy being stubborn and pushy about what he thought his girls wanted or deserved, and how apparently heíd decided that what she wants is Fitz. I thought it was adorable, and it was the exact opposite of how I expected it to go. I figured heíd be angry at Fitz and hate him and want Molly far away from him, but his actual response makes sense. It wasnít the typical response, but that made it fresh. I loved it.

And now Harryís going to try to catch Rakes? Yes! Justice!

Now if these two can just work things out...

Thanks for the chapter! :D


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Review #3, by RupertsPheonix 

28th July 2014:
This story is fantastic. I just started reading this evening, and I am addicted. Such a good fanfiction--the best quidditch-centered fanfic I've read. I also LOVE this version of Molly II. I am anxiously awaiting another chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm so glad you like my Molly 2 and this story. I hope you got a chance to finish reading it now it's completed!

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Review #4, by stargirl100 

27th July 2014:
Question-who is Rose married to ? Cause you mentioned that Ron and Bill were competitive with the grandchildren near the beginning of this story. Also, Molly is so great. :)

Author's Response: Rose is not married. She's dating Scorpius and they have a child together and live together, but no marriage in sight. It's one of Rose's weird hangups. That's Ron's grandbaby. Bill has a lot more - Dominique has one child, and Victoire has four at this point. Thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you like Molly :)

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Review #5, by coolgf 

27th July 2014:
Great chapter. When do we see the whole family together ? At least throw in some James and Albus thanks.

Author's Response: Ah, whole family chapters are fun. Not in this story, but I've got a one-shot coming that'll be Weasleys en masse. :) Thanks!

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Review #6, by s.w 

26th July 2014:
I honestly love this story! I was sceptical reading it at first because the description said it didn't have any other characters other than Molly and OC but this story is truly well written, featuring heaps of known characters like Dominique, Roxanne, Ginny, Percy, Lucy, Harry, Audrey, Ron etc. I love this story so much, and it appears on the search page as a newly updated story which is good because I really don't want you to leave this story! Please keep writing xoxoxo Love the character developments too especially with Fitz! And Molly realises her feeings for him omg love it. Xx

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Review #7, by AdinaPuff 

26th July 2014:
Hello, hello!

So I stumbled upon this amazing novel you have going here by chance, and I have to say I am so happy that I did. It is absolutely amazing! I love your characters! Molly is just phenomenal. She's so real! And I love Fitz. What a unique character you've brought to life there. He's a real person to me. I feel as though I've met him myself. I just love him! And of course, I'm loving the team. Jinks especially though. He's just absolutely hilarious. You should make another story about him to tie into this world you have going. Or do you already have one? I have yet to stalk your authors page. But in one of your A/N's you said there was a Roxanne one? I cannot wait to read that one soon! I'm dying!

Well, update soon! I'm off to learn about Roxanne and Perry :D



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Review #8, by Leonore 

26th July 2014:
Hi! Dropping by with another classic Leo-review (nonsensical rambling and all)

I LOVE the superstitions bit in the middle, and the comparison to 'The Scottish Play'.

Ooh, awkward parents/Fitz stuff!

Poor Fitz. Practically the first thing anyone mentions to him is his shoulder. And he screwed up in front of Molly's family.

Yay, Prides! Haha, Jinks and "Chariots of Fire". Definitely a good move on Fitz's part, showing them those films. And they get on so amazingly, with their inside jokes and friendly insults.

Great press interview technique - "please don't print that" "don't print that" "or that". If it was anyone but Ginny...

Yes! Don't let Rakes get away with it. Though if he hadn't cursed Fitz then Fitz and Molly probably wouldn't have ended up as coach and captain...

Fitz + Molly = :D

I think you're the only author who's made me really care about the romantic side of the story. I guess this one works for me because their relationship is pretty complicated - injury, manager, temper, OCD, being coach and captain, worrying about the team, and of course the parents. It actually seems realistic, which is something I hardly ever feel.

By the way, I'm jealous of them getting to spend so much time on Skye. I went camping a few years ago, just for a couple of days, and it is the loveliest place. It may have helped that in out week going round Scotland, we had the best weather for those days, but even ignoring that it's lovely.

Yeah, it genuinely does rain a lot in Scotland. Not all the time, but a lot. And they get a lot of snow in winter. Though there are many days when it's beautifully sunny, there are also many with atrocious visibility due to light rain/mist.

And Brits do talk about the weather a lot. It's not just a cliche. I am living proof (and I'm not the only one obsessed with it, either) :)

~ Leo xx

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