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Review #1, by AlexFan 

2nd August 2014:
Movie day sounded like a lot of fun. I could just picture everyone lounging around and eating popcorn or throwing it at each other and giggling. Of course the mocking and the jokes and the talking would be inevitable but that's what makes movie day fun with friends.

I like Roxanne, she's a smart girl and she's also really funny. I love her relationship with Molly and the way that the two of them interact with each other is great. The thing that I love about the Weasley family in this fic is how close everyone is, even if not everyone gets along, like Dom and Roxy by the sounds of it, everyone is still close to each other.

I can see how the Beaters would enjoy the Rocky movie (I haven't met anyone who hasn't enjoyed the Rocky movies to be honest). And I couldn't help but smile when he made the comment about Beathan not liking the movie. It just shows that he's really beginning to understand the team and what everyone thinks like and the type of personality that they have and that's great.

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Review #2, by missdagane 

23rd July 2014:
Roxanne is pregnant :-) Another baby in the Weasley clan. Love, love, love the chapter, and the fic in general. Hope Molly will share her feelings very soon.

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Review #3, by Audrey 

22nd July 2014:
How is it that you get these chapters out so quickly? Simply brilliant! Love your work :)

Author's Response: Magic! Just kidding. I have on and off spurts of writing productivity. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #4, by Penelope Inkwell 

19th July 2014:
Yay! New chapter! Is it just me, or are updates picking up speed? It feels that way, at any rate, and I am LOVING it.

So, first, I enjoyed the exchange between Molly & Roxanne. Itís good for her to admit her feelings. Sheís started with her family, and now moved on to telling her closest friends, which seems like a positive step. Like, maybe sheís gearing up to tell the truth to Fitz. Baby steps and all that.

Of course, there IS the question of whoís going to admit that they love the other first?

One thing I like about this story, in general, is that the actions of both main characters make sense. Like, so much of the time when you get multiple POVs, even when I can see a characterís *reason* for doing something, Iím driven mad by how simple it would be for all the problems to be solved if both parties just looked beyond their nose. But that isnít the case here.

Fitz has had a really horrible experience with his romantic relationships. I mean, Mariah really hurt him. Cheating is always hard to forgive, but the way she did things? It was just awful. And now heís been a bit of a grouch, what with losing the sport he loved, his wife, and the head-splittingly painful shoulder injury, and for a while he was obviously bitter. He picked up on that, and now he believes himself to be unloveable. And really, his accusation that Molly just wanted to fix him? It wasnít true, but I could understand why he drew that conclusion.

As for Molly--oh, I feel her pain. Or the pain she doesnít know that she has? Ugh! What I mean is, she tries so hard to make sure it looks like she isnít hurt, but the problem is that it MAKES IT LOOK LIKE SHE ISNíT HURT, which makes Fitz think that she never cared. And I can totally be like that. My first urge is usually to hide how really strong emotions affect me, so I totally sympathize. But, as in this case, it can really be a problem.

The thing is, both of their responses make sense, and I canít blame either of them for it. So now I must just patiently wait, watching them snatch looks at each other--adorably--over popcorn and crazed teammates, until someone SAYS OR DOES SOMETHING, finally, and we can clear this all up.

In the meantime, the tension is very well executed. I am dying for them to work this out, but Iím not wanting to skip ahead. Itís not miserable, and you do a wonderful job of balancing the genuine pain of broken hearts with funny, upbeat moments. I enjoy every update, and it never gets to the point of, ďOh, this is all so depressing, I wish I could just fast forward to the good part,Ē because itís *full* of good parts. Thatís a really awesome skill! Iím so impressed, and I hope that, one day, I can pull off that balance as excellently as you do.

Also? I loved the Chariots of Fire, bit. I also like how the guys reacted to it the exact same way half my class did when we watched it in high school. It was charming. : )

Thanks for another great update!

Favorite Quote:

ďGive it a go, and if you don't like it, you never have to have a feeling again.Ē


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Review #5, by coolgf 

19th July 2014:
This is great, team unity and Fitz getting the team together for once finally. I like that we get to see Ginny and Harry in the future maybe. Molly will step up in the future with Fitz she is that type. :) can't wait for more.

Author's Response: I love showing a bit of Ginny/Harry and Ron/Hermione in the future ;) Especially Ron/Hermione, I love them. Molly is totally that type. Thanks for reviewing!

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