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Review #1, by LightLeviosa5443 

18th August 2014:
AHH. I'M SO SLOW. HOW HAVE YOU UPDATED SO MUCH. AND I HAVEN'T REVIEWED?! Glad the review battle brought these chapters to my attention! (even if I got ninja'd because it takes me forever and a half to review)

I'll just review spam you now :)

Okay, so I'm like absolutely 100% in love with Fitz and his stubborn miserable firewhiskey-drinking self. Oh man, I'm afraid now. I don't like this. Fitz, drinking, in a bar, next to the guy who slept with his ex wife. Who he hates. (have I mentioned lately that I love that he hates her?)

Still wary. Terrified, actually. Oh. Good lord. I can't. I'm literally reading this between fingers because I'm covering my eyes because I can't. I can't. Ferris is a little thick, isn't he? Oh boy. Oh man. No. Don't take it outside. Outside is always a bad idea. Outside is like the worst of all ideas. Where is Molly. Molly needs to come running up and stop this. I don't know if I can scroll down and keep reading. stahp.

Uhm, I might be wrong but nearly ripping doors of their hinges and then kicking them shut is N E V E R good!! No shoving boys!! I'm afraid to keep reading. I'm just going to keep repeating no until this scene is over. No, don't do it. Oh stop insulting each other. OH NO. NO NO NO. NO NO NO. I can't. What? Wow. Um. Wow.

Oh no no no. I feel like this is 100 levels of not good. Like on a scale of 1-not good this is very bad. Like my description? yeah me too. I'm not even capitalizing correctly anymore. Only sporadically. It's for emphasis, I swear. Okay, wait, I'm going to go back to reading. LOL OMG IT WAS RON THAT'S PERFECT. I SHOULD'VE KNOWN. I can't.

Molly and Ron's relationship is perfect. You've written Ron perfectly. Molly is perf. It's all perf. Okay? Okay. Ooooh, she used his first name. I don't know if that actually has any significance, but I haven't noticed her doing it previously, so maybe it does. Wait, is she being formal with him? Ugh. Why'd you break them up?? I just want them to get back together again. #riorolly4ever ... fiteasley? Yeah, no, there's no good way to mash that up. I give up.

RON IS SO CUTE. I want to hug him. Ugh. ♥ can they just be a couple, molly and fitz? I'm gonna repeat it until it happens. Flirt flirt flirt flirt flirt flirt flirt! This review is totally senseless. UGH THEY'RE SO CUTE. I CAN'T HANDLE THIS. YOU'RE PLAYING WITH THEM AND ME AND I JUST CAN'T HANDLE IT. kiss kiss kiss kiss. YES. I wish it was a more substantial kiss.

LOL I love Duff and Sid. They're both perfect. You're one of us after all. That line is perfect times a million. Hugo is priceless. The team is priceless. I love that they whistle and catcall and encourage his bad behavior. and they don't even know what he did. And Hugo just goes with it.

Yes. Kick their butts. YAY THEY WON. WOO.

This chapter was like a million levels of perfection. I loved every second of it. Even if I read half of it with my hands over my eyes and saying no no no no over and over.

xoxo Sarah ♥

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Review #2, by UnluckyStar57 

14th August 2014:
Rakes really IS a troll. Grrr.

I think it's awful that he just had to do all of those things to Fitz: have an affair with Mariah, hex him on the pitch and keep quiet about it, and et cetera--and THEN he had to go and rub it all in Fitz's face. Fitz had every right to be angry, but their brawl could have caused a stir in the League if it weren't covered up so quickly!

Ron is AWESOME in this chapter. He seems to have gained a bit more sense than he had in his Hogwarts years (growing up does that to people, I've heard), but it's so nice to see his loyalty to the Chudley Cannons is still intact. And major props to him for not identifying Fitz for the records. :)

And Molly comes to Fitz's rescue again! I love that she is the one who keeps him in line most of the time--they balance each other out perfectly. And despite all of their awkwardness after Fitz's dramatics in the previous chapters, they are still willing to have a professional relationship as coach and captain.

Rakes really ought to pay for what he did. It's good that Mariah didn't know about the hexing thing, though. That would just give me another reason to despise her...

Ouch. The match sounded positively brutal. I know that I wouldn't want to be a professional Quidditch player if I had to go through that sort of roughhousing on a regular basis! But I'm glad they won--that gives the Prides a victory in the midst of their attempts to regain a good reputation as players, and it gives Fitz a bit of a victory over the insidious Rakes as well. :)

One question: When Fitz kissed Molly, did she get blood on her lips? (His lip was cut, right?) Or... I guess the blood had dried by then. But seriously, Fitz. That had to hurt, at least a little. He obviously doesn't care about slight pain if it means he gets to kiss Molly. ;)

Great chapter, as always! I hope they find a way to convict Rakes of his crime and get him out of the League.


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Review #3, by AlexFan 

2nd August 2014:

I love how passive aggressive Fitz was when Rakes was insulting him because Rakes could throw all of the insults that he wanted at Fitz but the fact of the matter is that Fitz still won. I can't believe that he just admitted to being the one who hexed Fitz! I had an inkling that it was him last chapter but I never expected to be proven right. Rakes should not be playing in the league, he goes too far even for a Falmouth. He needs to be arrested (and then there should be people throwing vegetables at him but that's debatable).

When Rose showed up covered in slime I thought to myself "Now I want to read about Rose, I wish there was stories about Rose —oh wait, there is." The slime caught my attention so now I want to read about what she does.

Fitz should stop being so surprised that Molly has connections everywhere, he should just accept it at this point (and now that I think about it, the Weasley's could make up the ministry).

But hey, at least Portree won the game against Falmoth so the Falcons can take that and stick it in their juice box. RAKES CAN BEAT UP FITZ ALL HE WANTS BUT HIS TEAM STILL SUCKS (I'm sorry that I'm taking this way too personally but Fitz is my baby).

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Review #4, by missdagane 

23rd July 2014:
First of all, I'm very sorry because I didn't review in a while. Your fic is amazing. I can't believe Rake was the responsible for Fitz's injury and because of Mariah... And thank you for Ron and Ropse's cameo, it totally makes my day!!!

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Review #5, by Penelope Inkwell 

14th July 2014:

I can’t believe that it was Mariah’s ex-lover who Cursed Fitz.

...actually, I take that back. I can totally believe it.

Honestly, I’m just so glad to get that mystery solved. And while I usually don’t approve of bar brawls, I’m really just happy Fitz got in a few good punches. I mean, the man ruined his life. He got off lucky, all things considered. Fitz never has a great hold on his temper, and he’s been twice as grouchy since breaking things off with Molly. And then this guy comes along and brags about having slept with his wife and ended his career? He’s lucky the wands weren’t brought out, the way I see it. I mean, I don’t know that I see Fitz as the world’s best dueler, but he’d certainly have a great amount of righteous anger to fuel his fight.

Ron cameo! And Rose. Why *was* Rose covered in treacle, for that matter? Anyway, good to see them, and good of Ron to keep quiet about Fitz’s predicament. The Perks of being a Weasley--clearly it’s not a bad gig if you can get it.

Ack! Fitz...Molly. Uuugh! Something has gotta give here. This is just painful.

Favorite Quotes:

“What happened to you?”

“Shaving accident?” Fitz suggested.

“I thought we were going with 'ambushed by pirates',” Jinks stage-whispered.

“He was fighting off a troll,” Zara volunteered.

Fitz nodded judiciously at that. “Somewhat accurate,” he admitted.


Well written and engaging as always! Thanks for the chapter : D


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Review #6, by ThestralPrincess 

13th July 2014:
Aw, such a fantastic chapter. Loved the family interactions. Loved Fitz and Molly as I always do. :) Love the Rose appearance with treacle. Looking forward to next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #7, by coolgf 

13th July 2014:
Sweet ! Ron and Rose in this chapter. So cool and I so love Molly. She is so cool.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #8, by evil little devil 

13th July 2014:
Oh my gosh, Rose! I am so happy you gave her a cameo, I was laughing so much imagining what how she managed to get herself into this particularly crazy scenario.
Poor Fitz. I can't believe that guy hexed him! All because Mariah wouldn't leave him quick enough. I would tell you more of my thoughts on him, but I'm not entirely sure how to compress them into a 12+ review :P
I am incredibly jealous of your ability to write quidditch matches. You do it so well! With just enough detail to make it interesting and draw me in, but not so much that it reads like a sports commentary. I'm very happy they beat the Falcons, a team that violent doesn't deserve to win.
This was such an action packed chapter, so much happened! It was very exciting to read :D

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Review #9, by Leonore 

12th July 2014:
I thought I'd finally let you know that I'm reading and loving this story. I found it during diadem voting, then a few days later opened about ten tabs with different chapters to read while stuck waiting in a place with no internet. It definitely kept me from getting bored!

OK, I read this chapter and went to watch a bit of the World Cup third-place play-offs before reviewing and found myself just sitting there watching and thinking "Falcons" every time the Brazilians fouled (which was a lot, even in just half an hour). Although unlike the Prides, the Dutch seem to be pretty good at keeping their play clean (I may be biased, being 1/4 Dutch...). Anyway, going off on a slight tangent. I like tangents. *Insert dumb mathematical ramble here*

Yay, Molly and Fitz! Ignore managers and ex-wives and all of that. This fic has the perfect balance of romance and other stuff. Just romance really isn't my thing, but there's so much backstory and other factors and complications and their relationship is more than just "she is so beautiful and I gaze into her eyes and feel something stir inside me and we are soulmates" but all of the arguments and her kind of looking after him and worrying about him and then feeling guilty because the manager says no relationships in the team and trying to keep it secret and... *list gets out of hand* And then all the training and match details, not blow-by-blow accounts because that would get boring but all of the key events and bits of information like drills and archive footage and fouls and seeker search patterns and stuff. But yeah, action and drama and angst and Molly's OCD as well as well as the romance. And technical details! I LOVE technical details! (Like all of the medical stuff.)

Just like any muggle professional sports team, with the management and coaching and the healer team. And the ice baths and painkillers and everything. I love the way they've got the team drinking culture, going to the pub and having too much and all that. They're not perfect, they don't sacrifice everything to play on the team, they're people who happen to love Quidditch, be amazing at it, and do it for a career.

Urgh, I hate Rakes. It's one thing for it to be some random member of the public... OK, that would be horrendous too, to attack just because their team was being beaten. But he was already in the wrong being with Fitz's wife and then he convinces himself he's being wronged in some way - or just curses Fitz because he's used to getting his own way, or just wants an excuse. Whatever, it's horrible.

Good old Ron. He scared Fitz a bit talking about the Cannons, but he doesn't really hold a grudge. (To be honest if he held a grudge against every player who played against and beat the Cannons he'd have a lot of grudges). And he lets Molly know about the fight so she can come pick him up, knowing it's not worth a scandal.

Now I want to know why Rose and the random guy are covered in treacle. There has to be a story in that...

Yay, the Prides won! *doesn't actually dance round room celebrating because that would be a bit weird and my family might notice, especially as it's past 11pm* I like Hugo. That's all I'm going to say about him. All your characters are amazing. OK a couple are amazingly unpleasant, but they're all nice and complicated and like real people.

I hope you like long inane rambly reviews with lots of tangents. I am in that mood. And I'm making it long because this review partly covers my love of the whole story so far not just this chapter.

OK, I have no idea how much of that consists of my random comments and how much is actually relevant to, well, anything. Shall I stop talking (typing) now? ;)

~ Leo xx

House Cup 2014 Review

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