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Review #1, by BBHP 

25th August 2017:
Aside from the heartwarming fluff between everyone that's making me squeal like a teenaged girl, I just have to say how much I love Seamus and Dean! They are both just so perfect. You've put so much personality into their characters that we didn't get to see in the books and I. Just. Loved. It.

I'm also dying to know why Justin was Oliver's lawyer, and why Dean is sulky (although I have a few theories about that). And adding in poor, blubbering Peter-the-champ - perfection. I died.

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Review #2, by onestop_hpfan18 

20th August 2016:

Side note, I suspected that Oliver's intentions with Rose were to keep Edie from getting in trouble if it was found out that the girl in the picture was her, but I wasn't sure, especially with how much Rose was rubbing it in Edie's face. I still want to know if Rose knew of the reason Oliver was seeing her from the start, or if she had been as in the dark as Edie. But what Oliver did is redeemable because his heart had been in the right place, and he had wrote her a letter. It wasn't his fault that Edie had went all pyromanic on him, bursting his letter into flames. Anyway, awesome chapter and I'm looking forward to reading on.

Author's Response: Yes I literally made you wait 24 chapters for this moment. The slowest of the slow burns.

But I'm glad that it was worth the wait!

A-ha! You even called the reason why Oliver started dating Rose. (Well, that and, he and Edie weren't like in love or anything and you can date whoever you want and maybe it was a stupid choice to date Rose before Edie but anyway who can blame him, he's super adorable.) And yes, now you finally know what was written in the letter that she stupidly burned!

Thank you again! ♥

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Review #3, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

21st February 2015:
“Oh,” Peter says dejectedly, “You’ve already found your somebody. Well, congratulations I suppose. Looks like I’ll be leaving alone tonight. ‘Peter Finch-Fletchley, party of one.’”

I was trying to get through the entire chapter without pulling out quotes but I cannot. Between all the biblical references and Edie comparing herself to livestock and then this poor Peter. Oh man.

You just know how to make a crummy day better.

You ought to write jingles.

I turn his head towards me, lift my chin, and press my lips against his. This time, I kiss him.






If you pull them apart after this chapter I’m going to shake my fist at the computer screen angrily.

At you.

Naughty author.

Wow. I knew he had the hots for her and I didn’t realize that’s why he didn’t persue her. Her fake career. Oh Edie, you’ve dug yourself in quite the hole. I wonder what he will think when the truth comes out. I wonder how the truth will come out. For some reason I see Dean being a part of it.

And wait the children’s wing! How much shall I bet that Oliver DID give them some money but he did it under a different name or anonymously or something. Or maybe he didn’t because the money wouldn’t have actually gone to the children?

Oliver has so many layers and secrets but so does Edie. It's like they're meant for each other.

Author's Response: Ha! I do the same thing with pulling out quotes. It does really hinder/interrupt your reading (at least for me) but I like it because it forces me to acknowledge why I like something or found something troubling, because I have to explain it to somebody else, and in a way helps me to better understand the story. Either way, pointing out which parts did or didn't work for you is very helpful to me! So thanks :)

YEEEZZZ the kiss! Much like Edie's apology in the last chapter, it was important that this came from her. Oliver's been pursuing her mostly thus far, though in more subtle ways (and I hope his admitting that he was beginning to be pathetic was enough to not make this the Boy-Chase-Girl trope.) I was nervous about the line with her owing him because it could have been misconstrued for her owing him affection simply because he put time into her--NOT THE CASE, FRIENDS. (I'm sure you realize this, Deeds, but I like to throw in disclaimers where I can.)

Ohhh I wanted to do the dancing, romance, silly stuff you see in weddings because, let's be honest, I love it. But sadly I wanted to avoid this so there is actually no dancing! Especially none of the heated-sexual-tension-anger-tango scenes. But you can pretend that it happened. Imagine away! Write me a spinoff, in fact.

Ohhh, I never even considered Dean to be a part of the truth coming out, honestly. I feel like I've taken enough liberties with his character already--I mean I assumed he was always a bit controlling or jealous because of the fights he always had with Ginny. But he's so wonderful and one of the better Gryffindor "extras" in my opinion, so I really didn't want to make him spiteful in this fic on top of everything else. So, sorry to ruin any surprises, but nope! Sweet, lonely Dean is not to blame here.

I like your ideas about the children's wing too. But that's all I will say for now!

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Review #4, by nott theodore 

16th September 2014:
Ah! Okay, so I finally got a few minutes to review the two latest chapters of this story (I don't have time to go back and review every chapter, but I can start from now, right?)

Edie's nervousness before the wedding was really cute. And she just can't concentrate on what she's meant to be doing, which is Seamus's hair (isn't Seamus old enough to do his own hair? It's not like he's the one getting married :P) and eventually her mum has to do it for her. At least she can now admit (to herself) why she's so nervous about going, and it's not really the fact that she's got a long journey via Portkey. That's a good sign!

And arriving right in the middle of a fight, that sounds so like something that would happen to Edie. The explanation of the fight made me laugh a lot, too - it's always those ridiculous sort of tensions that come along and cause a fight or something years later!

Dean! It's been a while since we saw him properly in this story and I have missed him, even though I've been preoccupied (like Edie) with all the other things that are going on in her life. He seemed to be acting a bit strange with her, so I'm intrigued about what's causing that... maybe just the fact that she's not been making time for him and he's annoyed about it? Or maybe there's something more to it...

Lisa ♥ I loved seeing the conversation between Edie and Lisa just before the wedding, and the way that even though she's meant to be helping her best friend with one of the biggest days in her life, Edie is still getting distracted by mentions of Oliver! It was nice to see the two of them though, before this massive moment in Lisa's life! Although I'm equally intrigued about why Oliver needed Justin to work as his lawyer...

The wedding seemed to fit Justin very well, although it wasn't quite as bad as I thought it was going to be, without some of the awful things (her Portkey was bad enough, honestly!). And Peter, breaking down and sobbing about how alone he was, made me laugh so much :P I can just imagine Justin's brother in tears about being single at the wedding!

Yayayay Edie and Oliver! I was so excited for this moment, because it was great, after 24 chapters, to see them having the conversation they've probably needed to have since the very beginning (although to be honest, if they'd had this conversation way back then, there wouldn't have been a story for us to read so I won't blame you for that :P). The explanation about Oliver and Rose makes sense, and I don't think worse of him for it, especially when Edie's thinking back to the relationship she had with Cormac (!) which basically paralleled what was happening with Oliver and Rose. And of course, the explanation brought Oliver's feelings about Edie into the open more, and I couldn't complain about that!

OLIVER AND EDIE FINALLY KISSED!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ That was such a cute moment and a really great end to this chapter - I can't wait to see what happens next! (I'm really hoping that Edie doesn't go and do something stupid and make things awkward again...)

Sian :)

Author's Response: Hi there! You most certainly can start reviewing from wherever you want. If you're suddenly like, "Oh, and by the way, in chapter two you mentioned something I didn't like..." I would a) be very impressed with your memory and b) be very thankful 'cause that chapter is about to get a major facelift this week. Right now it's oh so *Cringe-y* to me.

Haha, Seamus certainly is old enough to do his own hair! But that's him, I guess. A fun-loving and hyperactive little terrier, and also extremely lazy. Plus Edie probably felt bad about pretty much ignoring him for so long...

Ha! Yes, the fight! I posted a rather embarrassing status in the forums about it. I was picturing these two very bro-y guys, in American terms. Like the kind who visit their old colleges and reminisce during football games about how good it was ten years ago, and it's kind of funny but for some reason also made me a little sad? Anyway I couldn't think of a British word for "bro" and enlisted the help of some people on the forums... ha!

Ohhh gosh, writing an Edie and Lisa scene is just like... detoxing from the rest of this story. They just come so naturally (not at all trying to be boastful, I hope it doesn't sound that way) just because they're such good friends and their time spent together feels so natural and easy. I really liked writing the scene of Edie helping her to get ready. Even though Edie was being a bit selfish, as per the usual, and wanting to know more about Justin being Oliver's lawyer...

Ha! That Portkey! I was rather pleased with that one, to be honest. Justin. Oh, Justin. And Peter! I imagine him to be like the older, shorter, not as attractive, not as successful brother who's like, a door-to-door salesman for hair loss potions or something. Poor lil feller.

Wow, yeah, I guess 24 chapters is a long time to wait. Phew. A long time coming, I'd say, and hopefully it felt pretty natural. One thing I am terrified of--yes, TERRIFIED--is building a relationship too quickly. So I think I overcompensate by dragging it out for as long as possible? And ew, Cormac. Paha. What was Edie thinking, eh?

Thank you Sian! On to the next wonderful review you've so kindly left! ♥

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Review #5, by JT4HP 

9th August 2014:
I love this story! It is so great, really. Oliver and Edie are just fab. I'm glad they're getting there and I can't wait to find out why he needed Justin as his lawyer! Ah.

Can't wait for the next one.

Author's Response: Hey there! Thanks so much. Oooh, yes, much intrigue with the lawyer stuff. It'll all come together very soon, promise. The end is nigh! ♥

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Review #6, by ValWitch21 

17th July 2014:
(This review is going to be a rambly catastrophe especially considering it's the first I type since Christmas.)


FINALLY, FINALLYYY, IT ONLY TOOK TWENTY FOUR CHAPTERS! Please do not make it go downhill from here or I will scream blue murder.

My happy flailing aside, I'm kind of sad because this is starting to look too much like the end for my liking. Can we please get at least one more Edie/Dean/Seamus scene? Plus cameos from Ada, Hypatia, and Lisa? I NEVER WANT TO SEE THIS STORY END, YOU SHOULD WRITE EDIVER UNTIL THEY'RE OLD AND WRINKLY AND SURROUNDED BY GRAND CHILDREN.

There are a few stories on this site where I think, 'oh, I wish there was fanfiction of this fanfiction'. This is one of those.

Please take as long as possible to update, so the story will last longer!

Author's Response: Val!! Hello!!!

I FELT A LOT LIKE SHOUTING WHILE WRITING THIS SO IT'S OKAY. I know, twenty-four chapters. AHHH. This is definitely the lengthiest thing I have ever written (other than the awful, never revised, rambling, 130-page stories I wrote as a ten year-old.) And I'm glad that somebody else is feeling a little queasy about getting to the end. This story is full of little bits that aren't necessary to the plot, and which could certainly stand to be removed. But I love writing this so much that I just keep adding and adding things so I can keep writing. Maybe that's a good thing?

Edie with children (and grandchildren!) Can you even imagine? She's had more than her share of motherhood with raising her brothers, I'm sure. But I see what you're saying and thank you, I would love to write twenty sequels to this, each one telling every completely menial thing in the daily lives of Edie, Oliver, Seamus, Dean, Hypatia, Rose, Justin, Lisa and I AM GOING TO MISS MY FAKE FRIENDS

Fanfiction for this fanfiction! You stop it. That is so sweet. Seriously, that's like the nicest thing ♥

Thank you so much Val! I'm so glad to see you back around HPFF!

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Review #7, by AlexFan 

16th July 2014:

first of all yay you updated! Second of all, again, I absolutely love Edie. There's just something about her sense of humour that is absolutely hilarious, maybe it's the way that she very blunt about things or maybe it's the dry way in which she sometimes says things but she's absolutely hilarious and I love her.

We finally get to find out why Oliver is dating Rose. It always bugged me because I couldn't understand why someone like him would date someone like Rose but everything makes sense now. I am so excited to see what happens after this! Are Edie and Oliver going to start dating or is it it going to be private or what is going to happen? IS THERE GOING TO BE MORE EDIE AND OLIVER MOMENTS PREFERABLY ONES WHERE THEIR FACES ARE ATTACHED?

But the point is that I really loved this chapter.

Author's Response: Hello you!! I know, FINALLY an update. Jeez. I'm about to have a super boring two month stint in my hometown, so you can expect a lot of updates in the future. Maybe I'll be finish this story before the fall? Who knows.

Anyway, thank you thank you! Edie and Oliver do seem to finally have their ducks in a row. And you can certainly look forward to one face-attached scene in particular. Ahem.

So yes, look for updates ;)

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Review #8, by marauderfan 

16th July 2014:
So happy to see a new chapter of this up!

LOL at Edie insisting she was not just drooling all over the magazine. She totally was. I love how she's actually doing Seamus's hair but there are only about two mentions of Seamus's hair in the whole paragraph because she's really not thinking about that. And when Edie's mum does his hair instead, fabulous. Hahaha

Wow, yeah there hadn't been much of Dean lately! It's nice for him to show up again, I love the way you write both Dean and Seamus in this story. Aw, I'm glad Edie and Dean are back to making goofy bets/jokes again, although there is still that kind of weirdness because she's been too busy for him and he kind of likes her. Um. Also I can't say I'd have been able to avoid the cheese table either. Mmm.

And this scene made me laugh so much:

“I have a job now. I’m a fully-functioning adult!”
Lisa returns to her mirror, “You’ve got cheese on you.”

I'm still really curious about why Justin was Oliver's lawyer. You gave just enough information for it to be really intriguing and just little enough that it's frustrating to not know. Haha, I'm right with Edie there in wanting to ask loads of questions :P

I love that Justin was the one to overdo it on wedding themes and planning, it's refreshing to see that role go to the guy rather than the girl once in a while!


I can't say I'm too surprised with the stuff about Rose. I don't think Oliver was a jerk for that - they were really in the same boat there. Rose did seem like the type of person who's in love with fame. Eh, she'll find another famous Quidditch player ;)


Gah, I think I've worn out the capslock button on my keyboard with this review. But I have no regrets. Awesome, fantastic, fabulous, splendiferous chapter. Love this story.

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you so much for another review, it means a lot that you've decided to stick around.

That's a very funny point about only mentioning Seamus's hair twice in that paragraph. Yes, she definitely was not paying the most attention to him... I've always wanted to have an interaction between Edie, Seamus, Dean and Hypatia. But a Dean-less one will have to do!

Speaking of him, he is a bit moody huh? The next chapter will get more into this, but I've always seen him as brooding and controlling. Among his many other good qualities, of course! He is a great book character, and I've always thought he had a good sense of humor and his artsy side is fun. But the way he treats Ginny in OotP is a bit controlling... which does not bode well with Edie.

Haha, yes, a little frustrating indeed! I very much wanted to explain why Justin was his lawyer, but I also was about to dump all of the Rose information on readers... which, to be fair, a lot of you probably saw coming. But it felt like both, erm, "reveals" would have been a bit much.

GAH Justin. He's one of my favorites, because he's just so... JUSTIN. I love writing about him because he embodies so many things that frustrate me, but he's also such a sop. Much like his brother, Peter.

Yes kiss, kiss, kiss! I always struggle with those scenes, because half of me is melting and gooey and my heart going pitter-patter... and the other half is me trying not to vomit. But hopefully it was still slightly weird enough... Hence there were other people standing around, and I didn't really describe the scenery of the flower garden, or what Oliver was wearing, and LOOK I'M TRYING HERE.

Thank you again, dearie. I've been waiting to write this chapter forever, and I'm glad you've enjoyed the read ♥

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