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Review #1, by oldershouldknowbetter 

9th May 2016:
Back again for some BvB.

Again you show, that when Rose is in her element - as in the healing/comforting of Lily - then she is brave and resolute and confident. It is an almost 180 degree from where she was, panicking and holding onto Lily not four or five paragraphs before.

Her Aunt is an old hand at this waiting game and comforts them both, you spell as much out later, but it is obvious here in her actions. Rose might denigrate her aunt's offer of tea, but it is precisely the sort of normality that Lily requires.

On a completely different note, and it's a funny thing to be mentioning here, but it is funny that I should read this chapter again now, because I am just writing one of my own where Ron is offering Draco (who is sitting in his kitchen) a cup of tea; for much the same reason as Ginny is offering her daughter one. It's just funny, coincidences sometimes. I cannot wait for you to read the chapter, but unfortunately it is one that occurs in Rose's sixth year and as such will not be posted for quite some time.

Anyway, back to your story, enough of my chatting off topic.

Rose gets angry and this is good. Gone is the girl of the beginning of this story who would have retreated further into her shell. She is angry where she should be too: with the Death Eaters; with the unfairness of it all; but especially with herself. Your readers are really seeing a Rose who is turning a corner in her life. She wanted to go out in the previous chapter, away from her home comfort zone, and in this one she is furious at herself for her inaction in the face of danger.

It is not her forté, she shouldn't be that hard on herself, but she wants to break out of her chains of insecurity.

I like the training room that the Potters have in their cellar, I just might have to borrow that for my own story ... (if you don't mind that is). Though it does remind me of my own conceit, that Harry had his children and the cousins trained in defensive arts from a young age. I guess we see a certain thing about Harry - I don't think that he has ever forgotten the lesson of Constant Vigilance.

Ginny appears, after Rose has vented her frustrations. In the rest of this chapter we see a real bond that is developing between these two women. Rose and Ginny already had a strong Niece/Aunt relationship, but now it is morphing into a more adult one; especially with the shared burden of being in love with Aurors. And they both have double the worry: a son and husband for one, and a boyfriend and father for the other one.

Rose is clever. For all her faltering in the face of danger, which has it's legitimate origins, she is still highly intelligent and observant. The way she picks up upon the subtle hint her aunt drops - that Rose's mother may just understand her plight - is very well done.

Her mum coming along and hearing it all is a good storytelling technique. I am always impressed by your abilities with the tools of story construction. Her mum had to know, but to have it all told to her again would have been doubling up your writing. It's good stuff. As well, let me not trivialise it, as being good for the character of both Rose and her mum, as far as your story goes. It will bring the two of them closer together with the knowledge of the shared horrors that they each had to endure.

Rose finally acknowledges the efficacy of tea. Again, lovely story construction, as it is a turn around from earlier in the chapter.

Oh, one thing that I meant to mention earlier, is the little bits of spell work that you are creating in this story. It is a trap to start making lots of new spells and it's one you don't fall into. The way you add to the spells we already know, with advances/extras is a beautiful way around this pitfall. We already know the Reparo, but now you give us the Instar Reparo. And also with Rose having the miniaturised healer's bag. The other trick, which you also do, is to make any new spell something that doesn't stray too far from the unwritten rules of how JKR's magic works. All good stuff.

Scorpius reappears with a vicious wound, and 'Healer Rose' snaps into action again. And we also find out to our relief that everyone is OK, never minding a scrape or two. But Rose knows what to do, she will accompany Scorpius back to the Ministry and tend to the wounds of the Aurors - as she has done many times before. I know when she gets there, she will brook no argument as to her presence.

This is the aftermath of a chapter of action, but it doesn't feel any less dramatic for it. Probably because you choose not to reveal to us the fate of the Aurors left behind till the very end of the chapter. We are witnessing the birth of a new Rose, one who is breaking out of her shell, and ready to take on the world. I really like how this story is going and where it is headed.


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Review #2, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

21st September 2015:

Okay, everyone's somewhat okay. Breathe, Jayde, Breathe.

(Have I ever told you that you're very good with suspense and action?)

I'm so happy that Hermione knows now, and that she and Rose had their moment together. And Ginny's conversation with Rose was amazing, as well.

I'm really curious as to what's going to happen next, and I also need to know if everyone's okay - see you in the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hello!

Rose and Hermione have another moment in a few chapters - I really love those Mother/Daughter speeches - haha!

And yeah, for the most part, everyone was okay. I'm so glad you like my suspense!

♥ Beth

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Review #3, by Tonks1247 

9th July 2015:

Seriously. This edge of your seat, what’s happening next, is everyone okay thing, after having already read through these chapters, is killing me! I mean, I do love quite dearly how easily I can get into these chapters and how once I get into it again, I don’t want to stop, but this anxiety…I really love your writing. We’ll leave it at that.

I think you pick quite believable emotions for Rose after getting to the Potter’s house. She’s bound to become angry because she is pretty well trained with all kinds of defensive spells and the fact that she tends to just freeze up (Though it is super understandable) when danger is around is quite alarming. I also love how you have her speak to Ginny a bit, only to find out that her mum underwent similar things while on the run during the war. I really think it brings a new understanding to Rose about her mother and why her mother is the way she is. I also feel it brings mother and daughter closer together, as she doesn’t seem to be the first person Rose turns to.

As for Scorpius showing up? Well, against protocol isn’t exactly when he should be seeing her, but he does help relieve a lot of the anxiety (And it fits his character so well, that it really helps shape his character and his relationship with Rose.) with having information about the other family members. I feel terrible for Dom and hope that she’s alright, and Al, being a bit of stubborn pain about getting himself looked at and healed up. Makes sense, given his parents, but at the same time…really?

As for favourite lines this chapter:

“I held onto her the way I’d done when I was a small child. The world was so much more frightening than I ever thought it could be. She gripped me with such ferocity that I couldn’t tell who was consoling whom.”

You really broke my heart there, in a sweet way (if that makes any sense). The fact that their bond as mother and daughter is so strong and that they have this new understanding about how difficult life is and that they both understand…it’s tragically beautiful!

Great chapter!

Author's Response: Okay Mikaela,

This review honestly broke MY heart in the same way that you mentioned. Gah - thanks so much.

I'm so happy you feel connected to the characters and their motivations are convincing. That is probably one of the things that I work the hardest to achieve. I really want it to be believable that they feel a certain way, and I'll rewrite a scene OR even let the story take a completely different turn just to keep in line with what a character would do or feel - so thanks a TON for that comment.

And this part of the story - along with a short bit in chapter 19, inspired my newest story, Hermione Granger. I decided to chronicle Hermione's struggles post war. (so SORRY for the shameless self-promotion - I was just trying to put it in context)

Scorpius was in a tough spot, but because he and Rose's relationship is on the newer side, he made the decision to go to her instead of following protocol. Maybe it wasn't the best decision, but the guy's in love - he doesn't always make the best decisions ;)

Thank you so, so, so much!

♥ Beth

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Review #4, by crestwood 

12th June 2015:
Hello again! Rose turning around just in time to send a curse at Aunt Ginny was perfectly timed and a great little moment of humor in an otherwise incredibly tense couple of scenes. I can't remember if the Auror summoning spell is canon, but if not, that's an awesome (and practical) idea! Learning to fight in a theoretical sense and learning how to do so in a life or death situation are definitely two different things.

I want to know how Stannous always seems to know where she is! It seems like he's just constantly a step ahead of the good guys. I'm a big fan of him as a villain because he always comes across as suitably powerful and menacing. In other words--an actual threat.

I do love seeing Rose go into Healer mode. You do such a good job with the little details. It must take so much research to write some of these scenes.

Amazing work on this chapter!

Slytherin - House Cup 2015 Review

Author's Response: Hi again Joey-the-awesomest-beta-in-the-world!

I don't *think* the Auror summoning charm is canon, but I'm sure I read about it in another fanfic - several actually - and they were on another site so I wasn't sure who to credit. It just made sense to me - they would need a quick way to communicate and I figured they'd have a wizarding way instead of a muggle way (like walkie-talkies or something).

Isn't it amazing how different Rose is when she's focused on healing? She needs to keep that in mind when she's getting down on herself that she has some amazing qualities.

Stannous does seem to be rather... *informed*, doesn't he...?

Thanks again, Joey!

♥ Beth

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Review #5, by merlins beard 

6th May 2015:
OF COURSE they were after her! I never doubted that for a second. Oh, she should have stayed at home.

I'm so glad Hermione now knows about most things. Rose could really use a parent to help her through everything. The moment Rose has with Ginny is one of the sweetest yet.

I'm so glad everyone (well, almost) is ok, though they sound like they got beaten up pretty badly.

Rose doesn't keep calm in the actual fighting - not that I blame her after everything that happened - but she's the one who manages to keep calm after the fight and take care of everyone. I love how strict she gets when she knows Scorpius needs help. It's great that you came up with so many different methods of healing and medications made from so many different ingredients.

So you got a price for the characterization of Rose Weasley, right? (I'm too lazy to check)
I agree that I haven't seen her characterized better than in your story yet.

However, I want to point out that you hit someone else's personality pretty spot-on in only one sentence:

Aunt Ginny continued, her voice gaining strength. “I think that is why Harry became an auror. He knew – and still knows – that there will always be people out there, seeking power and pushing the dark arts. He feels a duty to the Wizarding world to do the best he can.”

That describes Harry so well!

I love this story so much!


Author's Response: Hiya!

This chapter is where Rose really starts to become herself. She *does* have a tendency to panic in a duel/attack situation, but she really keeps her stuff together when she's in "Healer Mode."

Thanks! I had a great time writing the healing methods.

I did win an award for Rose's characterization. There are nominations and awards for that each month in our common room :)

Yay! Some people do not agree with my characterization of Harry, but I don't think he would ever lose that heavy responsibility he feels to keep the wizarding world safe.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #6, by LightLeviosa5443 

20th August 2014:
Okay so this time I actually was so wrapped up in the story I hit next chapter and didn't review. BUT I'M BACK. TO REVIEW. SO DON'T WORRY.

This whole chapter was just one hug heartbreaking thing. Like the fact that Rose made a connection that it could be Lily, and Ginny's conversation with her. And then Hermione walked in. I was literally a big huge puddle of feels and it wasn't the happy feels I had a couple chapters ago.

I really liked the way you handled this chapter though. I liked how Rose's emotions ran the whole length of shock and reaction and how towards the end she realized the good idea of tea. It was a nice way to tie it in.

I also loved how she immediately only thought of Scorpius and then kicked herself for not thinking of anyone else. It's understandable and nice to see. It shows she's human.

You're doing an amazing job with these chapters. You're so creative and I'm so involved with the chapter. Like I literally don't want to stop reading. I'm actually so upset that I'm catching up because it means I have to stop. I haven't read through an entire story like this in so long.

I'm glad I'm doing it for yours!

xoxo Sarah ♥

Author's Response: Hey Sweetie,

I think this is my favorite review. I'm tearing up with it. I feel like you hit on everything I was trying to portray and it just feels so good that it came across when you were reading it. Gah - this was a tough one for Rose. She went from feeling completely inadequate to anger to having a bomb dropped in her lap to calmness and finally ends up in her Healer (safe) mode.

I just can't say enough how much it means to me that you like this story - thanks so much for taking the time to read and review EVERYTHING ♥

Love ya,


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Review #7, by kenpo 

4th August 2014:

You need to only update like... once a month because after every chapter I need time to recover oh my god whatatahwhattt???

Okay so I love that Rose still had the instinct to want to protect and comfort Lily. That's really good for her character, and it shows that she IS strong. I mean... we already saw that she's strong from when she handled the whole travel accident thing at St Mungos, but this was another way to show that.

Another thing I LOVED was how you kept reinforcing that Ginny has had a rough time being the wife, sister, and mother of an Auror. That can't be easy, and I really liked seeing that. The conversation between Rose and Ginny was also really nice, and I'm glad that Ginny encouraged Rose to tell her Mother. We know that Ginny and Hermione didn't always get a long splendidly, so I could see them becoming sort of competitive, you know, who's the best mother. That doesn't seem to be the case here, and I liked that. Ginny telling Rose about what happened in Malfoy Manor was probably a good move, too! Maybe it'll help to open up a dialogue between Rose and Hermione.

I can totally see Harry having a dueling lab in his basement. Hah! Oh man. When he was 15 he was all "Oh, me, a teacher? No way!" but now he's like "Teach all of the spells!!"


It was really good for Rose's characterisation for her to react like that, and to go practice the spells over and over and over. I can see her doing that, and I think it again shows that she's strong.

Then BOOM she goes into Healer-Mode and HELLO ROSE YOU'RE OBVIOUSLY NOT A WEAKLING. Gosh, Rose.

I really just loved the progression of this chapter!! It was great! I can't tell you enough how much I loved Ginny in this. You can sort of see how Rose will end up more like Ginny. Rose was getting irritated that Ginny was so calm, but we know that Ginny wasn't always like that. Her calmness probably grew from going through the same thing many many times, and eventually Rose will probably react more like Ginny.

I really really want Hermione and Rose to sit down and talk about everything! It would probably do both of them so good!

I loved this chapter!! I'm looking forward to getting all caught up :D

(I'm also dreading it a little, though...)


Author's Response: Geogia!

OMG! Thank you for this fantabulous, ginormous, magnifiramicus review! I'm still squeeing!

Rose totally is strong - she just can't see it. She thinks that being strong means you fight all the bad guys like her parents and uncle. But, I *hope* it's coming through that she is slowly starting to realize she has her own strength and her own place in the family.

You notice all the little things I put into each chapter about all the characters and I ♥ that!

Yeah - I've been sort of on a rant lately about Ginny's bad rap. I'm so passionate about it that I might write something from her POV. I did my three entries for The House Cup about her and, with each one, I was like "Hey! She is seriously an underappreciated character." I think that I might have to disagree with you about Ginny and Hermione, however. I think they got on fairly well, with the exception of Hermione just not understanding the importance of Quidditch. But I think that they found a place where they could respect and love each other for their own unique qualities. I also think (and this is firmly planted in my head canon), that Hermione was a working Mum. She had a powerful brain, that needed to be used on a regular basis and changing nappies and wiping up baby food just wasn't going to cut it. Ginny did stay at home - after Albus was born. I think she still flew between James and Albus, but retired with the second child. I also think she watched Rose and Hugo quite often. That's my reasoning as to why Rose is so close to Ginny and Harry. Sorry for the side bar about my crazy theories.

Yeah - I imagine that Harry wanted to re-create his DA days with his kids, so he put a dueling range in his cellar. Rose practicing the spells was a good way to work off steam, but she has come to the realization that she just isn't good in the heat of battle. She just needs to realize that is OK. We can't all be Aurors.

I know, right! She isn't a weakling at ALL. She just has her own path.

You're right about Ginny and her calmness. Definitely a learned trait. But there is no way she and Harry would've survived if she lost it every time he was off in a dangerous situation.

Thanks again, Georgia - LOVED this review!


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Review #8, by MargaretLane 

3rd August 2014:
*continues catching up on this story*

Must say I do like the chapter title.

And aw, I like the way Rose tries to console Lily, despite being pretty shocked herself. It seems to fit really well with the character you've developed for her.

One thing I've noticed here is that your characters seem not to be using many contractions. "We're all right. We're home," would seem more natural dialogue than "We are all right. We are home."

*laughs* I'd say it's quite possible the Ministry may not have known Harry was teaching them. After all, they can't tell who is doing magic if there is an adult wizard around. And of course, they probably would make an exception for him anyway.

Poor Rose. It's understandable she feels guilty, but she has no reason to. The whole point of having Aurors around is to protect the public. Sh may have an E in Defence Against the Dark Arts, but I'm sure Auror training teaches defensive spells WAY beyond what would be learnt at Hogwarts.

And even apart from her traumatic experiences, there is a huge difference between using defensive spells in the classroom or with Harry and using them in a really dangerous situation. As Harry said at one point, in a really dangerous situation, you just have to react. The Aurors have been in those situations before and are used to dealing with them or as used to it as you can possibly get, whereas she has probably never had to deal with such a situation before. And then she's dealing with a level of trauma they're not as well.

Poor Rose. She really needs to stop blaming herself and feeling guilty.

I hadn't thought that this is probably how Ginny felt when Harry, Ron and Hermione were on their mission. Her brother, the boy she loved and a girl she was becoming close friends with were all in severe danger, as were a number of her other brothers and her father, who was steering a really risky course by working in the Ministry under Thickness, while remaining involved with the Order of the Phoenix.

And that information about Hermione might help Rose understand why her father is overprotective and so inclined to be judgemental of Scorpius.

Author's Response: Hi again,

Rose does really well when she is caring for someone else - that way she doesn't have to think about her own problems.

I know what you're talking about with the dialogue. I'm pretty sure I need a beta for this. There are a few pitfalls that I just seem to fall into with the technical aspects of writing and it seems that it doesn't matter how many times I edit the chapter myself!

I had a good time with the dueling room scene. I imagined Harry tried to re-live his DA days with that room - haha! Yeah, the ministry probably never found out about it - and if they did, they would turn a blind eye to it - he's HARRY POTTER!

Rose has been in such an abyss the past few years, and she is such a good person that she didn't want to bring anyone down with her. She doesn't see it that way, because we all know that Harry and Ron WOULD have given all their gold to bring her back. (Stealing one of my own lines!)

Rose just doesn't have that think-on-your-feet innate quality when it comes to battle. Maybe part of it is from her past experiences, but I think part of it is just her personality. When she is in a situation as a Healer, however - watch out. That much we saw at the end of this chapter.

I've really come to understand Ginny a bit - from this story and from the series of one-shots I wrote for the House Cup. From the books we know that she is incredibly brave, just like a true Gryffindor. She is also an extremely powerful witch - I think it may have something to do with being the seventh child. She really fought well in the Department of Mysteries during OoP and she was only a fourth year at the time. Not to mention she held her own during the Death Eater infiltration at the end of HBP and, of course the Battle of Hogwarts. But I think her bravery extends to being the strong one and holding her family together while Harry is off saving the Wizarding world, one bad guy at a time. He gets all the glory, but must come home and need someone to give him comfort and support. Not to mention that she has to basically have blind faith that each time he leaves it won't be the last she sees of him. Ok. I've ranted enough about how I feel about Ginny - sorry!

To sum up - there are different kinds of bravery represented in Rose's family and Ginny is one of those.

Yes! I was so glad that you saw what I was trying to do to connect why Ron hates Scorpius and that Hermione might just be another source for Rose to use as a comfort.

Thanks again!


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Review #9, by dracodarlingxx 

18th July 2014:
oh dear god that was riveting. so frikking dramatic.
you just seem to know the right reactions for each character, like when Rose goes down to the basement and starts practising all her spells, so angry at herself like a Gryffindor, yet learning the spells like a Ravenclaw.
SUCH a good chapter ., definetely my favourite :D glad we got to see Ginny's POV, and just a bit unsure about whether Hermione knows about what happened to Rose now?
please update soon xx

Author's Response: Hi Hi!

So glad to see you back! I was really proud of this chapter - both in the emotion that was portrayed and Rose's progress. She experienced some frustration, but made some breakthroughs with her Mum and focusing on what she is good at: healing instead of fighting. I'm glad you picked up on Ginny's POV. Many people don't like Ginny and claim that she is the typical "girl next door who marries the hero." But there comes a lot a baggage with that - and I didn't want to gloss over the fact that being brave sometimes means you have to be strong for everyone else instead of being in the thick of battle.

To answer your question: Yes, Hermione knows about Rose's torture during her abduction. Now Rose also knows about Hemione being tortured at Malfoy Manor during the war. Both of those facts play an important role in the next few chapters.

The next chapter is in the queue - so YAY! I can't wait to hear what you think about it!


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Review #10, by luciusobsessed 

15th July 2014:
Wowowowow I'm so sad this is the last chapter so far :( This was so intense, mostly because we're waiting to find out what happened. I'm so glad Rose found out the truth and was okay with Hermione finding out. I'm just nervous about Ron now. Please hurry up and update! You're amazing!!

Author's Response: I don't know if Rose would have ever been comfortable coming right out and telling Hermione. Finding out her Mum had a similar experience is both a relief and a burden. I don't think Rose sees her parents as super heroes - it's hard to do that when you only think of them as "Mum and Dad."

There are two more Chapters posted as of this response and another one in the queue. Ron is in both of them!

Thanks again for all these amazing reviews. It is so great to know what others think of the story. You are awesome!

♥ Beth

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Review #11, by CambAngst 

14th July 2014:
Hi, Beth! I just eat these chapters up as soon as they're posted!

Whew! I was worried at the end of the last one that Rose and Lily wouldn't make it. Once you land them safely on terra firma, I really liked the progression of this chapter. Rose went from being a shaking, blubbering mess -- granted, one that was able to apparate two people to safety without losing any parts -- to seizing control of the situation by the end of it. As is always the case with your writing, the transition was paced beautifully. There were steps forward and small setbacks along the way, which adds to the realism. Things aren't linear in real life.

I really liked the way you wrote Ginny in this. She's not dismissive or blasé about the situation, but she behaves like she's been there before. Because I'm sure she has. Many times. She understands how she can best help her husband: by staying calm and not rushing into the middle of an already dangerous scene. She was fantastic at reassuring Rose and helping her to focus on the thing that she can control: herself.

I loved Rose's inner monologue in this chapter. I pretty much love it in all of your chapters, but this one was even better. You could feel the frenetic energy pouring out of her, punctuated by the moments of total exhaustion. It was a huge roller coaster ride, which I'm sure was exactly what Rose was feeling in the moment.

When you're tweaked to the point of coming unglued, there's nothing quite like unleashing your frustrations on a dueling dummy to calm those frazzled nerves! Awesome scene.

Wow. So now Rose knows the whole truth about her mother. The mother-daughter circle comes complete, in a way. I hope this will be a big step toward Rose accepting her experience and being able to talk about it with the people closest to her.

Who could have known I was at the pub?

-- Are you intentionally having a laugh on me here? :p

The end of the chapter was just awesome! Rose, in total control! No, you silly boy, you will not go to that stupid briefing right now. Lay your delectable booty down on this couch while I throw down some healing on you! Aunt Ginny! Don't just stand there, go get the snake fangs!

Honestly, if you take "typical" Harry Potter scenarios out of context, they're hilarious.

I saw one typo as I was reading:

My fingers pulled the unruly curls tights and twisted it back into a ponytail without thinking. - "... pulled the unruly curls tight and twisted them..."

Awesome, awesome chapter! It so much fun to see Rose coming along like this. Can't wait for the next!

Author's Response: Honestly Dan, it isn't fair when the review is more entertaining than the chapter!!

I'm glad you appreciate the realistic measure of her recovery. I hope it's coming through that she's getting better, but I can't ignore the fact that there will be small setbacks.

Ginny. I've been on a bit of a crusade to bring to light some of her struggles. Both in this story and in few others that I've written. She is often portrayed as the sickeningly sweet "girl next door," the helpless damsel in distress, or the bitter woman who was only after Harry's fame or money. This all falls short of the mark for her. She is a powerful witch in her own right, but chooses professional Quidditch as a career and to top it all off, has to kiss her husband goodbye every morning and not know if he will actually come home that night. I don't think Harry would be content ever doing anything other than fighting dark wizards, but he needs someone to balance him. Ginny is perfect for that. I don't think this role came easy to her, but I think they learned together how to support each other so that they found a rhythm to their relationship. This is the Ginny we see here.

**Beth ends her daily Ginny rant.**

The dueling scene came to me because I thought Harry would want to, in some way, relive the days of the DA. Some people have a punching bag in their cellar, Harry Potter has a dueling range.

Yeah. I thought about the way that the Hogwarts generation would deal with telling their kids about the war. And I think that they would probably answer any questions their kids had, but not offer any of the gory details. Especially concerning Hermione's torture.

Haha - not having a laugh, but I knew you would pick up on that line!

"... lay your delectable booty down on this couch while I throw down some healing on you.." THIS is what I'm talking about. Too funny!

I'll fix that typo! I'm actually considering a beta for this story. It seems that no matter how many times I look at the chapter myself, little things still slip through.

Thanks again!


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