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Review #1, by Penelope Inkwell 

20th October 2014:
Always the tone of surprise."
--Nice reference. Made me smile

I will duel any teacher who thinks youd let them down.
--This was great. So Hermione.

Well, I'm not usually a vindictive person, especially when it comes to wishing damaging, long-term consequences on people, but Louis and Lucien deserved that, for sure. I mean, how awful! Besides, Hermione totally did the right thing. And if she'd done anything different, the opposition would have just accused her of burying the incident because he was family.

They're absolutely right, though. Fred would want them to go out with a bang!


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Review #2, by patronus_charm 

10th July 2014:
Wooh! (but wah, just realised forget to HC 2014 in my last review :( )

Woah, so much drama, I really liked seeing Rose running around and getting everyone as it was oddly funny for some reason. Im not entirely sure but it just made me crack up a lot even though it was a pretty serious situation. But yay she got her chance to teach and sort of survived it so wooh go Rose your future is looking bright. But Lisa Im not sure if Im meant to be supporting Albus and Scorpius anymore because if they are soulmates, like Lily said, they do seem to like destroying one another so yeah, the whole is it a good idea theyre together is currently running around my mind so I guess Ill just have to wait and see.

Yay for Hermione she made me laugh a lot that even though she was meant to be being all serious and stuff she still had time to go and be proud of Rose which was really cute and lovely and yeah I love this family! Aw, but poor Hermione getting into fuss over whether they deserved the punishment but as Rose said they were idiots to do that so they kinda do.

House Cup 2014 Review!

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Review #3, by Veritaserum27 

8th July 2014:
Back again - as if I could stay away! I love Pythagoras as a name, by the way. Inspired! Thank goodness justice is served. Boy, do Louis and Lucien deserve it. They are just horrid, horrid people. Of course, Hermione feels bad - it is her nephew and they are just foolish Hogwarts students. I am glad, however, that she managed to spin it the right way with the public. She needs to put on a good face in order to become minister. Lily's line: I just don't get how you can support them getting back together when you know what they're capable of doing to each other. gave me great pause. I think it was really important for you to put that in there. The group has a very warped dynamic when it comes to supporting each other. At times, it can border on unhealthy due to the fact that they are all so similar. Sometimes it takes an outsider's perspective to bring some glaring issues to light. Lily is great for that. I feel so bad for Holly. You did warn me, however, that she gets like that when it is close to exam time. Since Rose can't brew anything to help, the group must learn... (OH THE HORROR!)... to deal with the stresses of life like adults. As a side note - I LOVED the part about Rose teaching the second years. I think she needed that to bolster her confidence about her career choice!

House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #4, by jessicalorewrites 

8th July 2014:

I'm not entirely sure how, but somehow I missed the uploading of this chapter. Oh well, I'm here and reading now! As usual, the quality of writing in this chapter has blown me away. Even though it's dialogue heavy, and I don't usually set much in dialogue-driven fics, I'm constantly anticipating the next line in this story, eager to read on and find out more.

I can't believe Louis and Lucian were expelled. Maybe because I didn't realise it was quite so serious but, with more explanation here, I can see it's a perfectly reasonable sentence. I'm also super happy because it puts them out of the running for the scholarship!!

Pythagoras is the cutest pygmy puff name ever. Rose, you are a genius.

Much love, can't wait to read the next chapter!


{House Cup 2014 Review - Gryffindor}

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Review #5, by emmacweasley 

8th July 2014:
House Cup Review 2014

AH Oh, Lisa. This chapter was marvelous. I might be over-excited just because it's new material, but still. The Hermione/Rose interaction was so so so so SO good and just - ugh. Everything was so good. And then - poor Holly. Sweet girl. And good LORD I cannot believe that Louis and Lucian got expelled! Like, WOW. that's a big one. Completely on point, though.

I think my favorite bit during this chapter was when they were looking at Hermione up at the staff table and trying to figure out which role she was filling exactly. It was just so cute and funny and also Hermione is great, so. *shrugs*

I hope hope hope your eleven hours is up soon and you post the next before I go to bed. I don't quite remember when your eleven hours started.


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Review #6, by grednforge217 

7th July 2014:
Yes! Finally an update! I've been checking and I was so excited to be able to read this chapter finally! Ugh, yes, okay. Onto the actual review. First of all, YAY FOR HERMIONE FOR PUTTING THOSE BOYS IN THEIR PLACE. I hate how kids like this just get off on the 'boys will be boys excuse'. No, I am so done with that. I'm glad that you didn't cart those boys off the Azkaban, because as horrible as it was what they did, I don't think that they deserve that. Well, I do and I don't. But storywise, I think it would sort of kill the mood of one of the Weasley's went off to jail. I also think that Louis just sort of needs a wakeup call of some kind. Some big shake. So that's good for him, I guess. Also, super glad that Albus and Scorpius got back together officially this time! And poor Holly! I know how hard it gets to measure up to your own expectations. I love the mother/daughter interactions that are going on here with Rose and Hermione. I can totally see Hermione as a mom like this. I can't wait for your next update, and wonderful job!!!

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Review #7, by DancingMooncalf 

7th July 2014:
Aw thank you thank you thank you. I really needed a chapter like this where everything seem to be alright again for a bit. I've been waiting for that you know (you do know I even wrote you a PM about it).
Anyway, yeah a bang is definitely appropriate when honoring the memory of Fred Weasley. I'm very curious what they'll do...
I was sooo happy to see that there was a new chapter though. Like I didn't even care that is was already half past eleven. An I have to get up at 7 tomorrow. I read it anyway and it was a really nice, putting my nerves at ease, kind of chapter.

thank you for all the good reads you give me and thank you for being awesome and answering all my jibber jabber!!

x Maya

Author's Response: thank YOU for reading and reviewing, and for being so invested in my story to message me about it! i'm glad you enjoyed this chapter and it helped put your mind at ease - they're definitely on the home stretch now.

thanks again for the review!

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Review #8, by Chazzie 

7th July 2014:
That was again, an amazing chapter. I'm glad Louis and Lucian were expelled, it was horrible what they did to Lester. Especially because they knew about his anxiety and experience with the MLE. Hermione was amazing in this chapter, and really is a lot like Rose. She appears to be doing well in the run up to the Elections, an impressive feat. I hope Rose manages to do the same with her exams. And the rest of the group too, obviously. I feel quite respectful of Lily because she wants what's best for the people she cares about, although she doesn't always look at the whole picture. I'm glad Rose managed to get through a lesson teaching without any problems. The fact that Llodewick has faith in her, coupled with the experience of successfully teaching that lesson, will probably give a big boost to her confidence.
Incase you haven't guessed by now, I love reading this story.

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: thank you so much Lottie!

Hermione is my hero tbh. she has some really important moments in this verse, and i'm glad that i get to write her in that role rather than just sidelined as a mum for the whole story, you feel?

that's one of the best one-sentence summaries of Lily i've ever seen and it's so true. she's very impulsive and reactionary, i guess, and she needs to work on stepping back. but you can't doubt her devotion to the people she loves.

thank you again for the review!

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Review #9, by DoctorUnderwood 

7th July 2014:
Ah good! Everything is settling down. Indeed the calm before the storm! It's a perfect title. I can't wait to see what crazy things happen next chapter!

Author's Response: thank you! this was definitely a bit of a calmer chapter, but i hope you enjoyed further shenanigans!

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Review #10, by UnluckyStar57 

7th July 2014:
Argh, why do you do this to me?!?!

I just clicked on the chapter, thinking I would read it now and write a review sometime in the (probably far, far off future), but everything in this chapter kind of forced me to stop and review now. So you're going to get another jumbly mess of a review because I don't have much time right now, but oh well...

The "Boys will be held responsible for their actions" thing. Oh my gosh. That's the first thing that I wanted to comment on because it's so important. Really. Hermione and Justin Finch-Fletchley are on the two opposing sides that one sees here and there on the Internet (I think), and I'm sorry, but Hermione just OWNED Justin right there. No one can be excused for criminal actions because of their gender or race or sexual preference or anything like that. And maybe it's not as big a deal in this story as I'm making it out to be, but seriously, thank you for pointing out all of these ridiculous things about life/society/whatever and basically smashing them all to pieces.

I am in awe of the way you write dialogue. You are able to convey the character of someone in a hurry with only dashes and interrupted sentences. It reads in a fast-paced manner, so I get the idea that the characters are rushing without ever needing "she said," "he said," etc.

Also, Rose's conversation with Hermione was IMPORTANT. I get that way sometimes--feeling like I need to live up to my grades because over the years, I have come to rely on the almighty "A+" to validate the work I do in school. I think Rose is lying to herself when she says that she doesn't let her grades define her--they do, to some extent. It's a problem that anyone who really cares about school and their future career will face every now and again. But it is SO INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT for Hermione to tell her daughter that "grades are not as important as mental health" because Hermione herself has been caught in that academic mouse-trap. Argggh. What can I say? You're amazing at this whole writing thing.

I personally am very glad that Albus and Scorpius have made up, but I expect that there will be some awkwardness every now and again. I mean, Scorpius saw other guys while he and Albus were apart. That's going to cause some tension, and maybe it'll show up in the ensuing chapters? Either way, I can definitely tell that they're not as lovey-dovey as they were before, so I'm glad that you don't have them picking right up where they left off on all of that stuff.

Oh my gosh, this was supposed to be a shorter review... Whoops.

NEWTs are on the horizon and none of the members of the Order of the Raven are taking it very well. Somebody NEEDS to snap Holly out of her funk--well, maybe that's not possible, but they need to get AWAY from the studying for a little while. It'll probably help with all of the insanity that's been going on lately... But I expect that "going out with a bang" will help with that. :)

Again, and as always, brilliant chapter. You know, every week I have a tendency to think about whether or not this story has a new chapter out. And usually it does. So keep doing what you're doing. :D

House Cup 2014 Review


Author's Response: mallory i am so very sorry for not responding to this for SO LONG because this is such a cracker of a review, it really is, and it's making me smile all over again eighteen months later

honestly that's like, the highest praise i could ever receive, that you were planning to Get Round To Reviewing at some point in the distant future but this chapter actually compelled you to review immediately - also, wasn't the 2014 HC the time you topped Ravenclaw for the number of reviews left?? how did you have time to leave me this essay?? i'm in awe of you tbh

"And maybe it's not as big a deal in this story as I'm making it out to be, but seriously, thank you for pointing out all of these ridiculous things about life/society/whatever and basically smashing them all to pieces." you uncovered my agenda. literally. that's all this story is about. well, that and pranks and gratuitous classical references. god there is a lot going on

and Rose's conversation with Hermione IS so important because i'm exactly the same and i think a lot of people can relate to that mentality. i'm pretty sure every second conversation i had with my mother in my final years of high school was her telling me not to put so much pressure on myself, and me promptly ignoring her

"Either way, I can definitely tell that they're not as lovey-dovey as they were before, so I'm glad that you don't have them picking right up where they left off on all of that stuff." i mean, i'm sure you've read far enough with the 'verse to know that they never quite recover from that, and it's something that's going to continue affecting their relationship well into their adult lives. i'm glad you could see that even in the make-up stages of this story, though, because it would be remiss if they were perfectly happy and went back to where they used to be.

thank you so so much for this review and im sorry again for taking SO INCREDIBLY LONG to get back to you

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Review #11, by awesomepotter 

7th July 2014:
Hi, this is a House Cup 2014 review!

I've been meaning to review for ages, honestl,y becuase I love this story. Each character is so well defined, and they all have their own place in the group, which really helps to make this story not only humourous and entertaining, but believable (even if it does involve magic!). The group works well together, but also has enough flaws to give way to plot problems, so it helps to add to believability.
The plot is also really well constructed - there's enough problems and hiccups to keep the story interesting without just making it seem like you're just trying to make stuff up to keep the story going. The issiues are also believable - it's much better that if you wrote four chapters on the fact that Holly got turned into a flobberworm or something (and, trust me, I have read a few things like that in my time ;D)
Your spelling and grammar is, as far as I can see, impeccable - I've only noticed a very few minor typos (I think), if that, through the whole story, so well done on that!
Again, I really love this story, so keep on going and well done!

awesomepotter xxx

Author's Response: I'm really glad you're enjoying it! I love these characters, and they've become very real to me as I write them - their uniqueness and the way each of them slots into the group in particular is really rewarding to write.

Normally plot is not my strong point, so it's a source of constant surprise to me that I've managed to keep this one as coherent as it is. Is Flobberworm transformation a staple of the genre? Alas. I had no idea.

Thanks for the review!

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