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Review #1, by oldershouldknowbetter 

25th February 2016:
Hi there, snagged you again for the BvB. From our brief convo' the other day, I know you're enjoying my reviews, so as I am enjoying writing and reviewing too, I shall just have to keep it up.

So I said, I think it was two chapters ago, that the story had left it's first phase and was entering the main body of the story now; what with Rose coming clean about some of the stuff that had happened to her and the ramifications of her admissions. So last chapter we saw what Scorpius, et al were up to in regards to the investigation. This chapter we see what Rose is on the cusp of doing and becoming.

The first thing we see is that she is finally in therapy - getting professional assistance to help her to come to terms with her traumatic past. I like Ruth, with her you have invented an engaging and certainly wise person. At this point in the story I am so reminded of Campbell's character archetypes - you really do have a knack of hitting all the marks that one should with a story of this type; if it's deliberate, I'm in awe, but if it's instinctual ... well, I'm also in awe. XP

The scars come up again, as too does the healing that she received at the hands of Scorpius. It reiterates the mystery behind it, and also you give a good explaination of just why Rose hasn't asked any of the professionals that she must have access to - questions might be asked that she doesn't want to have to deal with. Well done, and also it's such a good addition to this re-edit of the story. I simply cannot wait for the resolution of this plot thread.

"We're not that great at talking" HA!

Ruth gives Rose some sound opinion and we just might be instore for some sexy Rose/Scorpius times ahead - WOOOT!

An emergency is called and it serves to call Rose away from her session. A Spoiler for anyone who is actually reading this as a review: Not before we are given a tiny bit of plot - Ruth is off to travel in Bulgaria. When I first read this, I felt a somewhat ominous prickling of my fan-senses, but in the light of events to come ... Dum Dum Dah!

This whole next scene is just so good, well, it's actually awful, but what it shows us of Rose's character and the new leaf that she's turned, sets her up for the whole second act of your story.

There has been a magical accident which has claimed a lot of victims, as Rose finds out when she arrives in Emergency. You talk to me of the imaginitive way that I'm doing stuff with the framework of magic that JKR gave us to work with, but you are doing some impressive stuff yourself: the modification of the Crucio curse; Scorpius's healing abilities; and now this, the experiment of trying to combine portkeys and the Knight bus. So well thought out, you could have made it work, it seems like a logical extension of some of her rules for magic. But that didn't suit the exingencies of your story, instead it's a train wreck, or should I say Bus Crash to make it almost literal. The way you use McClaggen is well done too. It's just a little name to pop out of history, but it really fits. You could have used anyone, made up someone even, but we all know that McClaggen from the books was a person who acts without thinking (the doxy eggs incident) and thinks of his own importance without heeding the experience of others. So you using him as an adult who is responsible for this tradgey is perfectly matched.

And what it shows of Rose: how she responds to a crisis; the quick thinking that she is capable of on her feet; her caring; the loss of her first patient. This is the Rose that we knew she could become, here is all her potential coming to the fore and showing us what she is capable of.

Speaking of characters, you can make up beautiful ones of your own too. Astatine is a good fit for the position you have given her. The Chief Healer Lawrence is also a good invention. The way you have him being dissapointed at Rose's initial query of him and then the way he turns around and is really quite impressed at her abilities and diagnostic accumen is perfect. He is everything that a boss in his position should be. He sends her home early, as he should, to mentally recover from the strains of the day.

The aftermath of the events of the day are well handled. We really get to see that caring side of Rose and, though it is sad, you never drop into the maudilin with your writing. You handle everything as it should. I like your use of the 'hole' within Rose needing to be filled and then her made 'whole' with the presence of Scorpius. I am always impressed with your characterisation and plotting, but this reminds me that I am often impressed by your writing as well.

She seeks solace in his touch, in his presence and his closeness ...

Again, your use of the repeated 'closer' by Rose is such a good framework upon which to hang the escalation of events. And boy, do they escalate! Those sexy times that were possibly fast approaching are upon us now. You show us well, that in death must come some affirmation of life for those who are left.

They have an amazing time, I am grinning as I type this, and afterwards the Weasley appetite kicks in. But as Scorpius prepares a meal for her, Rose has other ideas - she wants to go out.

This is good, it shows that Rose is begining to come out of her self-imposed shell and begin to live. Yes there will be some tradgey, like the bus incident, but it can be dealt with as long as she has Scorpius by her side. SPOILER: will she still think so with the events of the chapter to come? I certainly hope so and that the strong Rose that has been buried for far too long will eventually come to the fore.

A really great chapter.


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Review #2, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

21st September 2015:
I was so sad to hear what happened at the hospital, and I know it must have been SO hard on all of those healers and trainees to see and deal with such horrible things!

But on the other hand, YAY for more ScoRose amazing fluff! I loved it! And I'm so happy that Rose will finally go out!

And excuse me, I have to go continue binge-reading now. :P

Author's Response: Hello!

I imagine losing your first patient must be SO hard to a Healer (or a doctor). And I really liked writing the fluff too - hee hee.

♥ Beth

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Review #3, by Penelope Inkwell 

15th September 2015:
I'm certain I've mentioned this before, but you're really good at navigating the heavy scenes. You really connect us to the situation, and to the characters' emotions. But you're also good with the timing of pulling us out again, giving us some time to reflect, and then giving us a lighter moment to heal us up a bit. The way you handle these massive amounts of emotion and sadness and just...difficult, heavy stuff, is really impressive.

The emergency was very well-constructed. The premise made sense. I think the audience had enough information to catch on to internal splinching just before Rose did, so we were rooting for her to get there. But I also didn't get there miles before her, so I didn't get frustrated waiting for everyone to catch on. That's very good timing, on your part. And just the concept of a portkey-apparition experiment where internal splinching occurred made a lot of sense. Like I've said before, I really appreciate when people come up with new twists on old magic.

McClaggan, though--who would have thought it possible to want to bash him over the head more than in the books? I'm amazed that the hospital director had the wherewithal not to curse the self-absorbed, useless idiot on the spot!

I was really proud of Rose, that she solved the case. I was also really sad for her, to have to lose her first patient like that. But I think it was a good choice on your part, as a writer, because that is what she'd have to deal with as a Healer. It grows her further on the path of her career, and I'm hoping that she's learning to forgive herself, to learn when there is nothing more she could have done, as that seems to be her weak point, and she'll have to get past that to work in the medical field. But I think she can! I believe in Rose! It was well-done, how you connected the patient she lost to Victoire--I imagine that that's exactly the kind of thing you would do, when mourning a stranger like that.

Too bad Ruth's in Bulgaria for 4 months. She's missing out on all the steamy gossip, as well as a chance to say 'I told you so'.

And they're going out, too! So many enormous steps, here!


Author's Response: Hi there Penny!

I'm working through all of these amazing reviews and I just wanted to clarify: for the others that you've left me, I didn't want to respond just yet because I want to address the CC that you gave me. I sorta leave them unanswered until I can edit the chapter and I'm not allowed to do that while Dobby Voting is going on, so please don't think I've forgotten!

"The way you handle these massive amounts of emotion and sadness and just...difficult, heavy stuff, is really impressive."

Gah! Thanks - I really, really appreciate that comment. I fuddle around with these scenes for a while and I always look for reactions from the readers to know whether I've pulled it off or not. Either way, I'm so, so happy to know that my hard work has paid off with the key scenes of the story.

Oh! So happy you felt the magical accident was organized well. I'm impressed you figured it out! Another internal struggle I have is exactly HOW MUCH DETAIL I should reveal at each point. Since this is my first fic (nothing like plotting a deep seated mystery with multiple characters for your first fic...), I'm just guessing with a lot of the timing of things. More often than not, I know what I DON'T want to do with it, so what comes on the page is basically a process of elimination - haha!

Healer Lawrence as head of St. Mungo's has his own set of faults - that will come to light in later chapters. But yeah, MacLaggen seemed like the perfect character to cause this atrocity.

Ugh! Writing the scene where Rose lost her patient was so hard. I'm not in the medical field, but I imagine that is one of those things that you don't fully realize the implications of when you sign up for one of those careers. I also wanted to show that Rose was at a point in her recovery where she could deal with an emotionally staggering situation and come out alright on the other side. She needs to process the death, but can also put it into an appropriate perspective.

Thanks again! After I'm able to edit again, I'll fix up those things you pointed out and respond!

♥ Beth

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Review #4, by TreacleTart 

9th September 2015:
Hello my Dear!

I'm here for our review swap! I've been meaning to get back to reading this for awhile, but life has just gotten so crazy. I'm sorry. Please, forgive me.

I'm glad to see that Rose is getting some help with a therapist. Having someone objective to talk her issues over with is the best thing for her. It was kind of funny to think that Rose doesn't realize how badly Scorpius wants her. I think the therapist thought it was funny too! Some of her remarks really made me giggle.

The whole ministry tragedy sounded so awful. I can't believe McLaggen would be so stupid to think he could perform an experiment with sixty live people based only on theory. To me that seems absolutely absurd.

Rose was brilliant in healer mode. It's a shame that she didn't diagnose the inside out splinching a little sooner and save that woman, but her death wasn't in vain. Her death was what saved everyone else and I know Rose is having a hard time seeing that now, but in the end she did everything that she could.

Boy was that scene between Scorpius and Rose steamy. It didn't go into a ton of detail, but the lead up was pretty hot. I need to go take a cold shower now! And I'm of course happy that Scorpius and Rose finally connected on that level and that Rose feels happy with it. After the first time he saw her naked and she freaked out about her scars, I was glad to see that she was much more relaxed this time around. I think for her waiting for awhile was definitely the right thing.

All in all, another lovely chapter of your very lovely story. I'm really enjoying it and I'm so happy that it got some Dobby love!


Author's Response: Hey there Kaitlin,

I'm so excited that you keep coming back to this story (and thanks for the Dobby nom btw - eeep!)

That's exactly what I wanted for Rose - I felt like she needed to hear from someone outside her tight circle of family and friends that she's not to blame for what happened to her.

Yeah, McLaggen didn't lose any of his self-importance in adulthood. He's a first rate git for sure.

I don't work in the medical field, but I imagine losing your first patient is a major turning point for someone. All of a sudden, you go from theory to practice and everything seems so *real.*

Heh, heh - yeah, there's a little bit of ScoRose action in this chapter :D

Gah - thanks so much, Kaitlin!

♥ Beth

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Review #5, by Tonks1247 

3rd July 2015:
Heya! So, I have to get up in a couple hours, but have decided that another review wouldn’t hurt. Because, you know, I may regret it in the morning, especially when I get distracted in other things and am still only three sentences into this review after a half an hour.

So. Ruth. I do not like her. She seems like a suspicious character. Which is actually kind of funny. Because Ruth comes in after the majority of the Stannous stuff occurs and seems unrelated to the Stannous situation but I still don’t want to trust her. Rose says a lot to her and she just…she’s suspicious. I can’t even explain why. I just get that feel about her…

As for that whole hospital, bus, apparating thing…wow. Rose being put in charge for a bit and then figuring out what seemed to be going on...it’s intense. I feel a bit bad about it being her first loss of a patient (I work in the medical field and have lost residents in like, a nursing home setting, but they never passed away in front of me or while I was in at work or anything and I can only imagine what it will be like after I become a nurse and go through that…). I think you do a great job getting Rose’s thoughts and feelings into line with everything else that is happening in that scene.

As for Rose and Scorpius after that? Dear lord. I hope they realize if they talk to each other, things tend to work out between them better. The whole ‘let’s not talk about it curse’ really just makes life suck for the both of them and creates more problems that wouldn’t exist if they could just speak to each other.

Going right with that, Rose’s inability to speak made me roll my eyes (in a not as irritated of a way as that sounds): “I was sure the hospital staff would know about it, but if I asked them, it might lead to a discussion that I didn’t want to have.”

And, rather than ending on a favourite quote, I’d rather end with the phrase that definitely sounds like an end all situation that isn’t a bright idea (You know, the part of the horror movie where everyone screams don’t open the door, but the main character goes ahead and opens it anyways and then something pops out and everyone jumps and screams even though they knew it was going to happen? Yeah, one of those!)

“I want to go out.”


Great chapter! Quite enjoyed and I’m sure the next is going to be action packed! Hopefully I’ll be back soon to get to it! :D


Author's Response: Hi again Mikaela!

Every single one of these reviews are amazing. Thank you so much. It's so excited to see someone really get into the story, but you also read deeper into everything and I just love finding out what your reactions are to each part - *does a happy dance*

So I think I already mentioned that Ruth is truly meant to be just a therapist to Rose, but I can TOTALLY see what you're talking about - Rose *does* reveal quite a bit to her, and she is definitely one of the first people that Rose opens up to following her PTSD.

Haha - this chapter probably has the MOST significant highs and lows of any chapter in the story so far - it goes up,then down, then up, then down again, then up...

and then she wants to go out. Hee hee. Yeah, I admit, that's pretty ominous.

Rose and Scorpius and the "not talking about it thing" is a theme with the two of them. They're learning how to communicate with each other, and how to tell each other things they haven't been able to say to anyone, so it takes a while to get to a point where talking is more comfortable.

Thank you, yet again, for another awesome review!

♥ Beth

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Review #6, by merlins beard 

6th May 2015:
I love Rose's therapist, she's really funny. I'm afraid you are ruining my trust in people. The therapist could be connected to Stannous. One of Rose's colleagues could be. One of the Auror trainees working the case could be. The shopkeeper where Rose buys her groceries could be connected somehow... I don't trust anyone exept Rose, Scorp, Albus, James and their girlfriends and Dom, Harry and Ginny. Everyone else could be after Rose... You're messing with my head.

That accident is terrible, how could the ministry try it on humans? they should have - I don't know - tried it on stuffed animals first.

Rose handles the situation really well - I'm proud of her.
I'm so glad she and Scorpius are closer than ever. I love how you described that scene. Scorpius slowing her down, pacing her just that little bit to make it even more special really feels right.

When I read the last sentence of the chapter I was yelling at my screen: "NO!! Don't do that! It's dangerous."

I think I'm slowly turning into Ron Weasley. I would love to stick Rose into an unburstable bubble so no one can harm her, just so I can stay sane instead of worrying about the danger lurking behind every corner.

I love this story.

*adds to Favourites*


Author's Response: Anja - this review!

Oh! I'm laughing and smiling and jumping around. It's just so adorable and I don't know if I can ever express how special it was that you read and commented on EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER!!!

Ha - yeah, I guess we should trust no one in this story. You're right to be a bit wary. And I know what you mean about wanting to keep Rose safe. I'm a bit in love with her, too.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #7, by crestwood 

13th March 2015:
Hey, here for review three out of three!

Have I mentioned how interested I am in the idea of there being therapists in this story? We never see any in canon, but I like to play with the idea in my fics. I'm sure that the wizarding world has them, or will eventually.

I'm surprised to see that Rose is okay with showing Ruth her scars. It seems as though she's slowly getting more and more relaxed about them. Very slowly, but still moving forward.

I'm so fascinated by Scorpius' family magic. It seems as though Ruth knows something that she's not letting on. I'm hoping that it's something that can only be activated by truly loving someone or something similar, rather than something that would be cause for concern.

I wish Ruth was my therapist honestly. I feel like she could have saved me from a lot of grief in my life. She gives Rose the best advice ever. I completely forgot who exactly she is until she mentioned her trip to Bulgaria and now I am so sad. They didn't even get a proper goodbye :(

I was really not expecting the second scene of this chapter. I wonder how you always have the EXACT right scene for everything you're trying to do. Like, I totally get this and what it does for the narrative and it all fits together so perfectly.

A large part of me is kind of chuckling at Cormac getting yelled at by Healer Lawrence because I just hate him so much and like to see him humiliated, I guess?? (I have serious anger toward this fictional character) Of course he is most concerned with not going down in history and not all of this pain he caused. *sigh*

I'm endlessly intrigued by this 'half portkey, half apparation.' I'm coming up with all sorts of theories about how this would work. In my head, it's like the Knight Bus, but it teleports, which would, admittedly, be really awesome.

Internal splinching?? Where do you get these ideas? That is genius and also, gruesome. I am so jealous that you thought of this before I did because, wow. It's so cool that Rose was the one to figure it out!

But her losing her patient was horrifying. This is one of the saddest chapters in a story full of some pretty acute sadness at times. All of Healer Lawrence's lines at the end of this scene are golden. Especially 'If it gets easy to lose someone, then you know you have been doing this too long…' I just can't deal with how GOOD.

Everything with Scorpius is amazing in this chapter as usual. Having their first time after a day like that has some kind of sad undertones, I think. You write bedroom scenes so, so well. There's this gentleness of the words you use in those scenes that just changes the entire mood. I don't know--I don't even know how you do this, honestly. I still can't believe that this is the first thing you've ever written because like, how??


Rose getting done up and wanting to go out was a super quick change in mood...should I be worried? Maybe not. We'll see.

This might be my new favorite chapter so far. Although, the standard is so high that it's safe to say every chapter could be my favorite. Amazing, mind-blowing work yet again. Thank you for the swap ♥

Author's Response: Hiya Joey!

I'm slowly climbing through these reviews that I should've responded to ages ago :(

I did consciously put Ruth in as Rose's therapist. I really wanted to send the message that seeking help for issues that are overwhelming to you is alright. I'd only read about a therapist in fanfiction one time before writing this, and I've always found it really unbelievable that everyone's problems can be solved on their own, or with the "right" boyfriend or best friend. I know it's fiction, but that aspect of it always bothered me. So, what I'm really saying is that I'm so happy you noticed the therapist and commented on it! ♥

Cormac was an easy character to pick for everyone to hate. He's utterly detestable in the books and I imagined that he would be forever seeking the limelight - most likely though a cushy ministry job. Hehe - glad you like the internal splinching idea :)

Gah - thanks so much Joey. I actually am the MOST nervous about my bedroom scenes, so I really appreciate your vote of confidence. I actually intentionally put their first time together after Rose's emotional breakdown. I feel like the two of them were sort of stuck in a "comfortable place" with each other and needed a little push - like the realization of how short life can be - to get them moving - haha!

Eeep! Your new favorite chapter! Thanks so much! Love ya!

♥ Beth

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Review #8, by UnluckyStar57 

19th January 2015:
Whoa, holy cow this was such a LOADED chapter. Are you even allowed to do this to my sanity?!?!

(January BvB, btw.)

Ugh, hollly cooow. It's so insane how Rose just went from being in therapy patient mode to being in full force Healer in training mode. Insane, I tell you! And it was a completely believable transition, like, her fight-or-flight reflexes kicked in and she fought. Say what you like about her trauma and her inability to talk about her scars; she's still in recovery, but she's a fighter. Dang.

OH MY GOD HOW CRUEL ARE YOU?!?!? DO YOU READ THESE STORIES TO YOUR CHILDREN?!?! Because I would be so traumatized by seeing a person whose insides had been Splinched. Like, oh my god, no. That's the worst possible thing. Where in god's name did you come up with that from?!?!

Not to say that it wasn't BRILLIANT, but STILL. Dang. That's some twisted stuff right there.

And I'm so glad to see that Cormac McLaggen hasn't changed since Hogwarts. So full of it, really. People DIED and he was concerned with making the "greatest improvement to Wizarding transportation evaaar." Like, no, get over yourself, you slatternly crumpet. Ugh. So much hate for him, and I hope he rots in jail. WHY WEREN'T THERE REGULATIONS IN PLACE TO REQUIRE HIM TO TEST THIS STUFF OUT ON INANIMATE OBJECTS BEFORE HUMANS?!?!?! I could imagine that he used innocent puppies in the original prototypes, the sick rat. And what was he trying to accomplish, anyway? They've got the Knight Bus, they hardly need anything MORE traumatizing.

And it SUCKS for Rose that she lost her first patient. As much as I hate to think this about her, it seems like the pain of failure fueled some of her actions with Scorpius afterwards. I mean, the sexy times were inevitable at some point--they've got such a history, and it was about time they got down to it! But on such a sad time, and for Rose to go from "I wanna be close to you" to "I wanna go out and par-taayyy" is just a little too quick for me. She's got some serious issues, man. Seriously.

Sorry, sorry, I'm way too into your characters right now. Like, SO INVESTED. And I hate all the bad mistakes they're making, but I love you for writing them so realistically. You're so awesome. ♥

One complaint I have is that you mentioned the dead patients being "vanished" to the morgue... I felt that patients might be "Banished" instead, which is the opposite of the "Accio" charm and seems a little less gruesome... Unless you meant that the Healers do some tricky Transfig and make the patients vanish and turn up in the morgue. I pictured vanished patients all stacked up together in an invisible manner, and it gave me the creeps. But if that's what you meant, I'm sorry for digressing! :O

Anyway, marvelous marvelous, way-too-many-feels chapter. Excuse me while I go cry a little...

(P.S. I totally caught all of the periodic table names in this chapter. I'm sort of proud, hahaha.)


Author's Response: Mallory!


I'm so glad that you noticed how Rose really comes into her own when she is being a Healer. SHE doesn't even notice it. But she is in serious "I'm gonna fix all this" mode.

Haha - No, I don't read these to my kids. I haven't even considered the consequences if they found out the type of stuff that I write :)

Cormac is in it for the glory - typical.

Haha - Yeah, Rose did have a big change of heart - but I think it was more that she wanted to go and be with people who meant something to her (like her friends and family). She was feeling ALIVE for the first time in years - and wanted to celebrate that with those that she's close with.

Haha - I'm LOVING that you are into my characters. Thanks :)

I didn't mean for the patients to seem like they were vanished completely - just vanished from the triage ward to the morgue. I'm not sure I agree with you on the word "banished." It sounds like a punishment more than a replacement.

Eeep - glad you found the element names! I've been really sneaky with them - a lot of the ones I use are the Latin names :)

Thanks again Mallory - your reviews are always so amazing!

♥ Beth

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Review #9, by lindslo2012 

15th October 2014:
This was such an amazing and intense chapter, Beth! I loved how you first started with her therapy session. Everything she says is so... well, real to what relationships are like in the beginning stage! I really liked her therapist. She seemed very understanding and knowing, unlike someone would be who thought this young girl talking about sex was absurd. But that's a real thing girls worry about. Am I good enough? Does he not really want me? I have been with my husband since we were fourteen (we are still young but have been together quite awhile now) but I know girls go through this time. And I did too. Lol. The way you called the trauma stuff was awesome. I myself am in the healthcare field as an aid and I was reading all that very carefully. You wrote exactly how I would expect a hospital like St. Mungo's would act in a situation such as this. Good job girl! And go Rose, she's the bomb... she learned how to find out if the patient's insides were splinched and she solved it. And... she made love to Scorpius! Beth, you wrote this whole chapter well, and I can't wait to read more! Come back and re-request because I bet it only gets better from here!!!


Author's Response: Hi Lindsey.

Wow - this review was so awesome - thank so much. I have also been with my husband for a really long time, so I'm glad that it came off alright as being realistic.

And I'm really, really glad that the trauma scene worked. I take that as a huge compliment, coming from someone who works in the field. Whew, that is a huge weight off my chest.

I'm just so excited that you like this story so much! I'm going to re-request right now!

Thanks Lindsey - ♥


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Review #10, by LightLeviosa5443 

20th August 2014:


First of all, I love seeing Rose in therapy and opening up and just seeing that she wants to take those steps and that she's getting help and imrpoving. It's so heartwarming after everything she's been through.

Second, I loved the way that she ran down, and then the hic gave her such a big role to play. I can only imagine how tough losing a patient is, but with her being so new, it was incredibly impressive how she managed to figure out exactly what was wrong. She really did save all of those people! I just wanted to hug her when she fell apart.

Third. Ugh, the scenes with Scorpius. I literally was melting. Like just melting. Those were perfect and you reduced me down to a big pool of butterflies and it was all just asldmfimkdlfd. Yup. Just like that.

Can I also mention that I laughed SO hard at 'Malfoys Marevelous Meatloaf'. Like that was just hilarity on it's own. Rose is fabulous, the way she wanted to surprise Scorp. Though I won't lie when he went downstairs that she would get taken, or she'd go down and he would've been taken or hurt or something. So glad that wasn't the case!!

This was a wonderful wonderful chapter, hon!

xoxo Sarah ♥

Author's Response: Hi!

I just need to say that I haven't responded to this series of reviews because they were so amazing and I wanted to do them justice and I also wanted to remember them, so I kept them in my unanswered pile and I didn't want you to think that I don't COMPLETELY, TOTALLY APPRECIATE AND JUST SADFJIOA;P OVER EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

Ok. Done with my over-the-top spazzing.

This was a tough one for Rose. She has such a big heart. I just imagined that she took a rather naive view of being a Healer and then BAM - the reality of death hits you right in the face and you realize that this is actually a big part of what you signed up for - yeah, it's gotta be an eye opener. I also wanted to show that she really *shines* when she is acting as a Healer. This is her calling. She can actually put everything else aside an focus on the most important job.

I'm glad you liked the little love scene at the end ♥ . Those two are just so into each other it's heart-melting...

Malfoy's Marvelous Meatloaf. Hey, if you cant' be totally dorky in front of your girlfriend, then when can you be?

Ooo! I didn't even think of having something happen to them at this point - but don't worry, it will soon enough!

♥ Beth

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Review #11, by MargaretLane 

26th July 2014:
OK, I'm FINALLY getting back to this. As this is such a long chapter, and it's such a gorgeous day, it's likely I'll only get one chapter read now, but I WILL catch up. I promise.

Hmm, now I'm intrigued about the type of magic Scorpius used. Ruth seems to be implying there's something mysterious about it, but not in a bad way.

I'd be inclined to put the inverted comma before the word "curse" when you wrote about the "let's not talk about it" curse.

It must be particularly hard for Rose to speak to a therapist when she's training to be a medical professional herself. Obviously, medical professionals do need to attend medical practitioners just as anybody else does, but I'd imagine it would be easy to feel embarrassed about receiving help when you're usually the one who gives it.

Poor, poor Rose. Losing a patient, particularly for the first time, must be traumatic enough and particularly when she's so anxious to prove herself, let along having it happen after everything else she's been through. I hope it doesn't set back her recovery.

Yeah, it's down to Rose that so many people were saved, but I imagine the whole event was still pretty traumatic.

Author's Response: Hello!

I've set a goal for myself to get to all my unanswered reviews by the end of this weekend (I've still got about 18 hours). Admittedly, I've been saving yours because you send such lovely reviews that I want to take my time with the responses.

Thank you so much for all of the cc! I will get to each chapter, in turn, but I'm seriously considering getting a beta for this story and I thought it would be more efficient to wait.

I think it is more difficult for Rose to speak to a therapist because of her past - more so than the fact that she is also a medical professional. It might make it a bit easier since Rose isn't a full-blown Healer just yet. Added to that is the fact the Ruth has helped her immensely thus far.

This was a pretty intense chapter - Rose's admission to her therapist and then losing her patient and then discovering the cause of the accident. And lastly, her time with Scorpius.

Thanks again for the review - and all your help!


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Review #12, by luciusobsessed 

15th July 2014:
Ah you did again, another amazing chapter!! It was perfect!! It really is hard losing a patient. It's one thing learning about it and another experiencing it. I could never deal with that kind of responsibility. I'm glad Rose can be so close to Scorp now without freezing up. I still feel like something bad is going to happen soon though. We shall see I suppose. Right now I'm just ridiculously excited over how cute they are.

Author's Response: I'm excited over how cute they are too! I just can't help it with those two. They are so adorable.

Writing about losing her patient was hard, but I thought I would paint a little picture of the less romantic side of being a Healer. There are definitely tough days and the responsibility of someone else's life weighs heavily on Rose. I think she is up for it. Everyone should have a hard time when they lose someone.

Thank you again - this review was awesome!

♥ Beth

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Review #13, by kenpo 

12th July 2014:

Okay so the first part with the therapist was just generally awesome and gave us some nice character insight.

And then the second part... WHAT? Okay am I remembering right, was that Cormac McLaggen? I can totally see him going into that type of career, and being that ambitious, but also irresponsible.

You wrote out that scene so well. I couldn't stop reading. I was nervous and right there with the action. I'm so proud of how Rose handled herself!

It's gotta be really rough for her to lose her first patient :(. That can't be good for her overall recovery.

The her and Scorpius. YAAS. I'm so excited for them. All I can do/say is just freak out all over the place.

I'm getting way too into this fic. I need to stop... after the next chapter...


-House Cup 2014 Review-

Author's Response: OK NOW I'M FREAKING OUT OVER THIS REVIEW!!! Seriously, I can't tell you how much these mean to me. This chapter was pretty all over the place. I included the therapist because I wanted to be a little more realistic about recovery. There is no shame in seeking professional help - an objective observer is not easy to find within your friends and family and can be a real aid to getting better. *End PSA.*

Yeah, Cormack McLaggen is still the same old obnoxious, glory seeking jerk he always has been. He doesn't even care about the injured, only his own reputation.

I figured that losing your first patient would be a significant moment for a Healer and I wanted to capitalize on it. It became a natural progression for her and Scorp to get together by the end of this.

Thanks for freaking out all over the place - I really appreciate it!


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Review #14, by Paddlewaddle 

6th July 2014:
oh my god I realised I missed out reviewing the chapter. I really have not much to say. Just that EHEH this story is so good and the moment those walls between them just broke down was amazing. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT TWO CHAPTERS (before your revision started) CAUSE NOW ITS DOWN TO THE NITTY GRITTY STUFF! and I continue to look forward to Scorpius and Rose's relationship progression!

Author's Response: Hi Paddlewaddle! So glad to see you back - and it looks like you've made an account! My job has eased up a bit for the next few months, so chapter updates should be coming much quicker. Things are moving along in the story, eh? Rose is slowly getting better but she has little setbacks along the way. I'm happy with her progression with Scorpius as well! They are too cute sometimes. Thanks again for the wonderful review. I apologize for the lateness of this response - appreciate every SINGLE REVIEW that you leave me, I've just gotten a bit caught up in some of the activities in the forums!

Thanks again, Paddlewaddle!

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Review #15, by dracodarlingxx 

5th July 2014:
lol at the end. Scor is just so perfectly adorable. and it looks like Rose is getting happier again so yay :D
and about Rose's patient that she lost. that was so sad :'( especially how she kept comparing her to Victoire.
but great chapter overall
please update soon :)

Author's Response: Hi!

I was so excited to see this review! Thanks for taking the time to write it. Rose does deserve to be happy, huh?

Good news - I just put the next chapter in the queue so it shouldn't be long!

Thanks again,


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Review #16, by CambAngst 

2nd July 2014:
Hi, Beth! I hope you didn't expect me to take my time getting to this, because I've been checking every few hours since you said that it was in the queue. ;)

I really love the way that your chapters always seem to have sharply contrasting highs and lows. This was a pretty extreme one even by your standards. Rose starts off with something that feels distinctly like gradual progress, dips into the depths of shock and despair, then ends on one of the highest notes of the story so far. It was quite the ride!

I really, really like her therapist. Ruth is obviously very sharp and very experienced. She sees things in Rose's life that Rose can't see for herself and because her words carry the weight of an impartial, professional opinion, Rose actually listens to her!

"It… is very powerful and can only be done under certain - er - circumstances." -- Well, I obviously have my own guess, but we shall see whether I'm correct.

It's funny how quickly Rose gives herself away with her preemptive statement about where her relationship with Scorpius hasn't gone yet. You don't just blurt something like that out unless the thought was pretty close to the forefront of your mind.

And then things go south in a hurry. I'm kind of impressed by the way you pulled Cormac McLaggen -- psst, there's no "a" in the "Mc", I checked my copy of HBP -- off of the dust heap and made him the face of irresponsible stupidity in pursuit of glory. Even more so when you recall his history with Rose's mum. It's a small thing, but I liked it.

Even within this one scene, you served up some highs and lows to play havoc with Rose's emotions. From the Head Healer's vote of confidence in her to the horrible loss of her first patient to her discovery of the true nature of the injuries to the Ministry workers, poor Rose was being pulled in every direction. It was no surprise at all to see her succumb to all that emotion when it was over.

Yes, her knight in shining... um, shiny blond hair arrives! You couldn't have set up their big moment any better, I think. Well, their latest big moment, at any rate. And it was a big one. Rose opens herself up so unconditionally to him, relying on him emotionally in a way that definitely wouldn't have been possible a few chapters back. And he's finally up to the challenge! I think back to Dominique's warning right after the attack in the girls' flat. He's definitely acquitted himself of his past behavior, I think.

Now what's this about going out? On the one hand, I feel good for Rose. This seems like another huge step for her, getting back into what most folks her age would call a "normal" existence. On the other, I'm worried for both of them. Stannous is still out there.

Brilliant chapter, and I'm sort of holding my breath for the next!

Author's Response: Hi Dan,

So I must apologize for the lateness of this response. This is my oldest review sitting in my "unanswered reviews" pile for a reason. I really like to take my time in responding to you because you take so much time to write them.

I am very flattered that you check regularly for updates. It really motivates me - and makes me nervous at the same time. I always click that submit button with "What will Dan think?" buzzing through my head.

This chapter really did run the gamut, huh? I think it kind of needed to, for this point in the story. Warning: more dramatics ahead!

Yeah - the circumstances for the healing power are... very interesting. Even for this case.

As usual, Rose is too much inside her own head to have an actual discussion with Scorpius about such an important step. To be honest I completely HATE the name of this story. It is really cliched and over the top cheesy. BUT, I have to admit, as the story moves on, the title does ring true for the main characters. Ugh!

Cormac was always going to be the power hungry ministry executive. He probably hates it that Hermione (and Ron and Harry) are higher up than he is in the government organization. I will fix the spelling of his last name. Thanks for finding that!

Rose is ready. Ready to take the proverbial next step with Scorpius and ready to move on with her life. She just wants to be normal. Yeah... Stannous is still out there. I was pretty obvious with the "I want to go out." line. Everyone picks up on that. (All two of you who read the story and review).

Uh-oh. Something is definitely going to happen when they "go out."

Thanks so much for this review. They ALL make my day!

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