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Reading Reviews for Year Five, Chapter 15: Torture
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Review #1, by moonbaby11 

28th August 2015:
Hello! I've been reading this story (in case you couldn't already tell) on mobile, and now that I'm back on a legitamate computer I figured I'd leave you reviews on the last few chapters as I read through them. I've really been loving this story so you'll probably get quite a few reviews from me over the next few days.

I love seeing this tension between the group, especially knowing that Emily has no clue that any of this is going on. It seems to be adding a whole nother layer to the relationships and the characters themselves and I love it! I have to say I'm really worried for Isobel, though -- her food problem seems to be getting out of hand and I'm afraid no one is going to mention it (although I figure they would have learned their lesson from not speaking up about Laurel's hexing problems, but maybe not???). I think she just needs someone to sit down and talk with her and tell her that everything is, really, going to be okay and that she doesn't need to try so hard to meet the same appearance level as her sister.

Ooh, more secret Tristan stuff! I've had a theory for a while that Tristan is the kid of Bellatrix and Rodolphus (hence the "R." middle name and his reaction to Neville) and I think this chapter only helps to further prove my theory (or delusions - whichever way you choose to look at it). It's clear that he's bothered by the thought of the Cruciatus Curse and I'm just dyyying waiting to find out about Tristan's past! It's been so shrouded in mystery this whole story and I just want to know! I'm so impatient!

I think this relationship between Quirrell and Isobel is really interesting. He hasn't been present in the story very much so it's nice to see him standing on his own and actually being portrayed as a competent character, rather than someone who just stutters all the time and is constantly frightened. I think it's really refreshing to see him portrayed in this way!

I noticed when teeny tiny grammar mistake in this chapter: " Iíd b-be interested to here m-more about some of the foreign m-magic" you've used the wrong version of 'hear' in this sentence. Something small, but definitely something that can be easily fixed!

I shall be moving onto the next chapter soon because I can't wait to see what happens! I'm getting close to the end and I'm pumped.

Author's Response: Yes finally here to reply to your amazing, fantastic reviews! So sorry it took me so long!

Oof, yes, so much tension at this point. I think part of the issue with everyone's silence around Isobel is that none of them have the Whole Picture. Like, we get to see all of their POVs (including her specific thoughts), but everyone else only has a few clues here and there. And they're all just so young and not sure what/how to say anything about it :(

Well you've read the whole thing now, so you know what's up ;)

We know from canon that a lot of Quirrel's stuttering was just an act, so it was really fun to play with that here. He's ultimately revealed as a lot shrewder than we originally thought, and so there's a cool dramatic irony to play with. Like, Isobel sees that shrewdness, a bit, but doesn't know what it means or how scary it might actually be.

Thanks for catching that! Will edit :)

Yee! All of these reviews really are so amazing, thank you so much!


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Review #2, by TidalDragon 

23rd August 2015:
The richest part of this chapter is unquestionably the beginning. There is so much delicious irony in the way Isobel judges Tristan while completely ignoring her own disorder (at least in terms of considering it a problem). It's interesting the way the group dynamic is developing as different issues come to a head for each character and I'm left to wonder whether and how they'll survive the culmination of these crises. The possibility exists for me that barring her finding out about Laurel and Tristan, Emily would prove the "linchpin personality" but I don't know. Then I just rush off to debating who's going to go over the edge next - Tristan or Isobel. It shows what a good job you're doing that I can't even decide. Last chapter I obviously would've said Tristan. This chapter, from a different perspective and I'm thinking Isobel - who's gotten to the point now where it seems like her body is quitting on her as demonstrated by the issue she has with attention, constantly wanting sleep, and the mistake in runes. While Tristan could break at a moment's notice perhaps (though he may be bolstered and held up in that by Isobel's brief softening), Isobel clearly can't keep this up much longer can she?

I'll get started on finding out next chapter...

Author's Response: Interesting thing: I've been accompanying my friend/roommate to her weekly ED support group, and the last topic was on dysfunctional family structures (though it isn't limited to a biological family--really any structure of people that is central to a person's life). So basically, when dysfunction is present (eating disorder, mental illness, substance abuse), the group will start to pivot towards certain roles, and these roles solidify. Or, the disorder is a result of roles being too solidified (it's kind of a positive feedback loop). What was CRAZY is that each one of these characters PERFECTLY represents each of the roles, with all of the strengths and deficits of each (AND the disorder associated with each). I didn't even know about this theory at the time, but I guess since it's A Thing, many people can probs pick up on the trend without knowing a specific theory.

So yeah, Emily is definitely the Placator, which does act a lot as the "linchpin."

Anyway, I thought that was really interesting!

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Review #3, by water_lily43175 

7th June 2015:
Wuh, there is TOO MUCH angst in this chapter. Isobel's internal thoughts on Tristan just sum the both of them up, I think, and it's nice to see that their little chat causes her to rethink it all. The poor guy's drowning in self-loathing. In fact all of them are, except perhaps Emily, and it can't be easy for her to have to watch everyone crumbling around her.

Cruciatus curse seems to be a trigger. HO HUM. Need to know things.

Creepy conversation with Quirrell at the end. Ewww go away you bad Voldemort man.


Author's Response: Your comment about her Tristan-angst summing "both of them up" is REALLY on point. No one else has mentioned that, and I hadn't really thought of it that way, but YES.

Yeah, the teenage experience is a LOT about defining oneself and self-reflection, which FAR too often results in self-loathing :( I think Emily is the most immune to it in part because she's had the most consistently supportive and lovely family, and in part because she's honestly just the smartest. They are ALL pretty clever, but I think Em's the most intelligent. She's really the philosopher of the bunch, and thinks about abstract ideas more, which is a better use of one's mind than constant self evaluating.

Ah yes, Voldemort mining ideas from teenage girls. He'd be so embarrassed if anyone found out!


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Review #4, by Slide 

6th June 2015:
I really like the CI for this one. A particularly haunting choice on quotes and image.

I hadn't picked up on Isobel not strictly being the smartest of the lot, though it makes a lot of sense now you mention it. While she tries very hard to come across as the hyper-bright one, something wasn't quite ringing true. I think it's because the others don't pick up on it, and neither does she herself. OR I'm not so attentive. :D Anyway, onward!

And immediately, OH NO, Isobel, you were so close in looking towards Laurel for some sort of lesson and you picked THE WRONG LESSON. Then again, Isobel in general is clearly not the right person to be supporting Laurel at the moment - for her own sake, if not Laurel's. Though at least she can give good guidance on the Tristan issue - and is rather right on why it's different to Emily's experiences. Not to mention that Laurel's invoking about six, seven months prior. Things change.

This situation with food needs to - unfortunately I'm feeling it may need to hit a crisis, because I'm not sure anything ELSE is going to precipitate change, and that's a depressing thought. The others have noticed but they're not doing much, and again, it's not their fault as they're hardly equipped to intervene.

While Isobel's internal lashing out at Tristan made me at first cringe, I realised I had to see some truth in it. It can be incredibly hard to support someone going through depression, especially if you have your own troubles AND you don't know what's going on with the person. Isobel's not in a great place to be sympathetic, so it's so easy to see Tristan as his illness; she's clearly capable of remembering who he really is, but it's been overshadowed now. Briefly I thought a little less of Isobel for the lashing out, but I must be more sympathetic. She is in the worst situation of any of them for thinking well of him.

Let's see if this ends up in an open lashing out.

I see Isobel favours my mastered classroom technique of getting an easy answer offered early to avoid engagement later. PENELOPE CLEARWATER, I have been SO forgiving of you in this story, but what kind of historical answer is 'the early middle ages'? That's perhaps a FIVE CENTURY WINDOW!

I keep having this deranged theory that Tristan is the son of the Lestranges. I'm not sure I've voiced it because it's the kind of theory which is either hella brilliant or hella WRONG.

The team label is brilliant. I must commend your research in British slang. :-D

...Percy, you little British Slang Word I'll decide on later.

Aww, the conversation between Isobel and Tristan was nice. And a good example of that kind of situation with a friend; there are times where the good parts shine through and you forget why they're so frustrating, or you understand the parts that were frustrating.

Cedric and Tristan WOULD make a beautiful couple.

Haha, Isobel manages to inadvertently NOT arm Voldemort with new forms of torture. Brilliant. And your author's note again demonstrates your creepy levels of research. Respect.

Author's Response: Oh the CI text for this chapter. The story is set a few years too early for Fiona Apple, but uh... ShHhH!

Isobel's relative intelligence isn't an important point--just a subtle character nuance. Not anything super important to pick up on, and it doesn't really matter. It's just one element of the difference between who She is and who her Persona is.

Yeah, there totally WAS a lesson there, and she missed it. But she's really bad at recognizing things right now, often believing the opposite. She thinks her anorexia is a way of gaining control and maintaining something even, when really it makes her more out of control and uneven :( She doesn't realize it, but the starvation has affected her mental state, making her erratic and emotionally unstable.

Ugh, that's the thing with anorexia though--it's very slow. It doesn't really have crises until after a lot of time has passed. Lasting damage might be happening, but the body adapts to keep someone functional (which often has grave consequences of its own--physical and psychological.) And this is rough to say but... Isobel's ED is pretty 'garden variety.' That does NOT mean that it isn't terrible, but... Well, I just deleted several rambling paragraphs about some RL stuff with my friend, but that's neither here not there, and much too big a bummer.

Very well said. I wanted Isobel's feelings to be SOMEWHAT valid, and her criticisms to seem at least a bit convincing, but you're VERY right to recognize that she's missing the issue of depression. I think that's in part because she is not equipped to handle it; she's only fifteen, she's got her own illness to contend with, and she's a pureblood (doesn't know a great deal about psychology).

Ah yes, a very clever technique. I should really follow it, but I'm much more of the Hermione school of thought (raise hand at the beginning, and then also every single time after that.) HAH! Yeah, Penelope's answer was pretty lame :P Being a Ravenclaw doesn't necessarily mean that you're smart, only that you care about school and grades (I go to an Ivy League school and while there ARE a lot of geniuses, there's even more 'I just care a lot' types. Most of my highschool-drop-out friends actually possess more raw intelligence).

The Lestrange theory isn't bad! But you've already read the next chapter, so you know what's up.

Glad you dug the name! My dad lived in London when I was a teen and I have a British stepmother, so I know some tricks ;) I do worry though that the voice in this story isn't always convincing. I TRIED to use English actors as faceclaims to better get a handle on the dialog, but gave up and used Americans for Isobel and Laurel. If you EVER have britpicking suggestions I'd really appreciate it!

Indeed, it's much easier for Isobel to hate Tristan in the abstract. There's just too much history and affection there, and Tristan is already so self-loathing it was easy for him to pick up what Isobel was angry about.

Teehee--I kept trying to introduce as many doomed ships as possible just to see if readers would bite! (Crestwood totally ships Trisdric. No biters for Isover/Ollibel yet)

"Creepy levels of research"--the most apt word choice yet.

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Review #5, by Gabriella Hunter 

24th May 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums with your review, I've really missed you and junk. It's been ages since the last time I left a review for this story but here I am!

I think that it's strange that so much time has passed and I can remember nearly everything about our gang. I didn't have to skim any of the previous chapters to get a grasp of what had happened because it had lingered in the back of my mind all this time. How weird is that? Of course, this is one of my favorite stories on the archive so I may be biased and I did check up on it when I had the time. I couldn't leave any reviews though until now so this is just going to be an awesome day for both of us!

I'm getting really worried about Isobel. I think that she's beginning to spiral even more out of control with her eating disorder, a subject that I think you've handled splendidly well. This is an issue that I don't think a lot of people would be willing to write about but I like that you've made this a very real problem. I think that Isobel's POV is one of my favorites, though I feel like her resentment towards Tristan is somewhat justified (Even though Emily had been with quite a few boys, which was a point that I was glad she realized) I feel like it's stemming from how she feels about herself as well. I'm curious to know what happens later on though and when she'll get some help for her disorder, surely everyone has noticed by now.

Now, I am always fascinated by Tristan and I am really curious to know about his past. Isobel noticed his reaction to the Cruciatus curse and later even mocks him for it a little but I know that there's a deeper story behind that. You've already hinted at that more than once in the previous chapters and I'll keep my eyes wide open for the answer.

I'm wondering how the Tristan/Emily/Laurel triangle will conclude as well. I have a feeling it's going to get nasty...

Now, I like that you've included that Isobel is a good student. She's not just seeking information for the sake of it, she actually enjoys what she's doing. Looking for different angles and other solutions shows that she's far more dedicated to her schoolwork than people would readily believe.

The ending to this chapter was a little ominous and I'm really eager to hop onto the next chapter so I hope you re-request soon!

Much love,


Author's Response: Gabbie! I have missed you so! Disclaimer: your review is making me flail with joy so I might get rambly and incoherent. I'LL TRY'N STAY COGENT.

It's like, amazingly flattering and SQUEE inducing that you were able to jump right back into this story! That has absolutely made my day :)

I seriously went back and forth SO much about whether or not to write about eating disorders--it hadn't been planned, and just sort of started HAPPENING in the first Isobel chapter (C2). But, it IS a woefully common struggle for teenagers, and I felt like it was something that had to be included. I've known a lot of people who've survived anorexia nervosa, so I worked really hard to portray it as sensitively and accurately as possible (and NEVER glamorize it). As far as the others' perspectives, I can recall that when I was a teenager, it often took people a REALLY long time to figure out that a friend was sick even when it really should have been obvious. It seems almost absurd looking back at how much people just let slip. So yeah, Isobel's friends' slowness to react and general ineptitude at dealing with it is something that is, unfortunately, kinda realistic :(

I'm so glad that Tristan is properly compelling, and also that Isobel's frustration seems justified. I wanted her perspective to seem legitimate, but still not necessarily /convince/ readers to turn on him. Like, I wanted people to feel like they saw both sides, or at least sympathize with where everyone is coming from. Because yeah, Tristan wasn't actually going out with Emily, and she dated loads of boys the previous year. But he's also being a butthead. Everyone's just really messed up and not making the best decisions--that's mostly what's going on.

Hah, I'm just such a huge nerd and had a ton of fun theorizing about magic and their schoolwork and SUPER enjoyed throwing all that stuff in :D

You are such a STAR reviewer Gabbie, thank you so so much for making my day with this wonderful review!


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Review #6, by AlexFan 

31st October 2014:
Wow, sorry for taking so long but I was on a school trip and then I came back and had to catch up on four days worth of homework and lessons and itís just been crazy.

Oh no, poor Isobel. Sometimes I wonder why I like reading because I get attached to characters and then they start hurting and it just rips my heart out because my babies are not happy and I just gah! Reading your story is just a constant reminder of the fact that not all kids grow up in a family where their parents are supportive and encourage their kid to do their best. Not every child grows up in a family where theyíre told that they are enough and that they donít have to change and you can see it in Isobel and Tristan. You can really see how even the smallest things can affect someone and what it can lead to.

I am going to smack Isobelís parents, swear to God, I hope they eventually come to realise how harmful their words have been.

I think labeling Tristan as a womanizer seems to be a bit of a stretch to be honest. I can see where all of this frustration is coming from, and for the most part, Isobel is right about Tristan, he is definitely a bit a of music snob, but a womanizer is a stretch. I get that sheís upset that heís messing about with her two friends but come on now, be reasonable here. I can see everyone slowly drifting apart as they spend more and more times together. It doesnít even seem like they all share anything in common anymore, theyíre just around each other because itís all that theyíve ever known and they have no one else to hang out with.

Tristanís reaction the mention of the Cruciatus Curse was interesting. Maybe you mentioned this in the past and I just missed it or forgot about it, but if you havenít mentioned it then Iím curious to see as what went on to cause Tristan to have such a violent reaction to the spell. But hey, at least he and Isobel talked some stuff out and theyíre kind of okay now, she doesnít seem to want to kill him nearly as much as she did before.

Author's Response: No problem! I'm just super stoked you've gone back to your thread!

I definitely agree! My college has a lot of students who *mostly* had easy lives, and appear very privileged and all that. BUT, a lot of their parents just really weren't nice enough or supportive enough. And while they were never outright cruel, withholding praise and affection can really hurt a kid :(

I also definitely agree that Isobel calling him a 'womanizer' is a stretch. But she's also not in the best place right now, mentally (I mean, going without food to that degree for so long really messes with someone's cognition and emotions).

Your analysis about how they've drifted is super spot on. They're all just really self absorbed at this point.

Muahahaha - yes, I have mentioned something about that, and you did notice it at the time... VERY glad that that this pacing is working :D

And yeah, I think it was a lot easier to hate him when she didn't have to feel sympathy for him. She definitely has lasting affection for the boy.

Thank you sososo much for this review!!!


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Review #7, by crestwood 

15th September 2014:
It's been a while since I've had time to come and visit this story and oh, how I have missed it. I will say, I went to go nominate this for all of the Dobby awards I possibly could and as it turns out, you seem to be the most frequently nominated person across all of the topics. We all seem to be in agreement about your skill level around here. Once this story wins all of the Dobbys it looks as though it's going to, I'm sure they'll be a ton of new readers and I'm going to be so proud of being one of the original reviewers!

So, Isobel is making the comparison between her disorder and Laurel's addiction that I've been making in my head. For some reason, I don't think she is really picturing it as a disorder quite yet though. I think she has yet to realize how harmful what she's doing is.

Even just in the beginning there is so many incredible lines. "About how every second involved the active decision not to take her pain away with her wand." and "as if it were somehow inconsiderate that Penelope even existed at all" especially. You just have such interesting dialogue and characters that sometimes I forget how beautiful your prose is.

Isobel is as concerned as ever with keeping the group together. It seems as though everything she says or does is for the greater good of the group dynamic. I wasn't surprised when she decided that she didn't like Tristan anymore at all. I had seen it coming - he was threatening the group by sleeping with Laurel. In Isobel's mind there is no greater offence. It seems as though she is just now taking the time to really examine his character from a viewpoint that doesn't feel forced to be overpoweringly positive about him, as she's decided she doesn't like him. She has certainly picked out a great number of his flaws and I can definitely understand where she is coming from about kicking him out of their circle, although I myself would try to be a bit more understanding about him. You have really gotten inside of her head though, I'll tell you that.
I love that you've written in real runes into this story because, of course you have. You've thought of everything. Percy is just the most annoying of people, but it's hilarious from your characters' point of views.

I wish Laurel would realize that Isobel is struggling with a major problem here, but she is just very absorbed in her own issues. Which, of course, is understandable because they're really serious, but I just wish she'd take a second to pay attention to the fact that her best friend rarely eats.

Isobel has noticed that Tristan flinches at the use of the word Crucio and she dislikes him enough to do it seemingly for fun. She really seems to be a vengeful kind of person. But then, all of these characters have their flaws. I still love her, even though she's massively overprotective of everyone. She means well...I think.

Of course Tristan would know that she's mad. He does seem to know a lot about other people. He's the observant type. I wish he didn't truly think that he's stupid, weak or an all around bad person, but he really thinks that lowly of himself. The only reason he acts like a bad person sometimes is because he thinks he's a bad person. I wish I could speak some sense into him or something, but he's fictional and I'm probably too invested in his mental health.

Tristan's joke about Cedric was the cause of an excited gasp from me.. like a literal audible gasp. I really got my hopes up the second I read that, but alas, it was just him with his deadpan humor.

I love Isobel's interest in non-western magic and all of her knowledge that she has on the subject, even though Quirrel is likely only asking on behalf of Voldemort. She may even be giving him really valuable stuff that he uses in the future. Such as these alternate methods of torture.. I thought that the idea of psychological torture by way of putting ideas or images into people's heads sounded somewhat like when Voldemort convinced Harry that he had Sirius at the Ministry. It might not actually be exactly that, but that's what it reminded me of. And clearly that caused a lot of pain for everyone involved. Another spectacular chapter!

Author's Response: ERMGERD! I am so overwhelmed and AH! THANK YOU! Waking up to Dobby nominations might be the best feeling EVER!

I'm glad you pointed out about Isobel drawing a comparison to Laurel's problem. The funny (well, not funny at all) thing is that Isobel equates food with charms; one thing nourishes while the other destroys. She is very mixed up right now :(

"In Isobel's mind there is no greater offense." YES! I definitely love my Tristan, so I really wanted to convincingly get into Isobel's head here to show her side of things. I think of it as her being so exhausted by dealing with her own issues, as well as Laurel's, that she just has limited emotional space left to show Tristan appropriate compassion. And Laurel is definitely TOTALLY self-absorbed right now.

You're right, I think, about Isobel meaning well. It's just none of these kids are really qualified to be the entire emotional support that their friends need--which I think is an interesting consequence of boarding school that went unexamined in canon. I definitely have my criticisms of Laurel and Isobel's parents, but not SO MUCH that I think their kids are actually better off without them.

"The only reason he acts like a bad person sometimes is because he thinks he's a bad person." That was such a great analysis! Tristan's behaviors and motivations in this story were so interesting to develop--and they weren't something I'd totally planned out from the get go. I'm so happy with how it all came out, and really enjoyed writing about the emotional space he occupies (even when it was FRUSTRATING or HARD). And I AM DEFINITELY TOO INVESTED IN HIS MENTAL HEALTH!

Isobel is pretty straight up cruel here, because I wanted to kind of show how much she's deteriorated (starvation necessarily messes with the head) from her own perspective. She might not see how bad she's gotten, but that her feelings are wilder and more erratic, I hoped, would help convey the point.

Heehee! Tristan/Cedric! This story is rather a shipper's nightmare, as Romance is really kind of a back-burner "well, they're kids so that's around--BUT IT'S SUPER MESSY" thing. I had fun dropping in a few doomed little nuggets hoping they might develop into ships! :D (I might privately nurse some really doomed ships for my own characters ;))

Non-western magic was just SUCH FUN to develop!!! I'm so glad you appreciate! And since WE ALL know about Quirrel's second face, I couldn't just let that little gem of dramatic irony go unexamined. I DEFINITELY wanted to suggest that Voldemort got some of his ideas from Isobel!

The Ministry/Sirius thing wasn't exactly torture, though--but I imagine Voldemort still got the basic idea there, and applied it towards manipulation rather than torture. I just REALLY wanted to introduce the concept that having images in your mind could be a kind of psychological torture. This chapter very indirectly tried to give gravity to a lot of the anguish that Tristan is in.

EE! Writing a story where the points are buried in the spaces between what the characters consciously realize was SO MUCH FUN! I also wasn't at ALL sure if it would work (since it takes the reader putting it together for the concepts to emerge)--so seeing your reviews and analysis is WONDERFUL!


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Review #8, by CambAngst 

7th August 2014:
Hello, again!

It's been a while since we've dipped into Isobel's difficulties and I see that they've gotten worse with the stress of her friends' problems. She doesn't seem to comprehend the messages that her body is trying to send to her. I guess that's a big component of any self-harming psychological condition. Also, the way that she projects a lot of her difficulties onto Laurel is telling. Her brain has nearly as many defensive mechanisms as Tristan's. Say what you want about Laurel, at least she's honest about what she's done to herself. It's sad that, in a way, that makes her the least poorly adjusted of the three of them.

Isobel tries so hard to hold the group together while she's personally falling apart. That makes the situation even sadder. Then we reach a point where her mental state seems to go downhill in a hurry. She's flipping on a dime about how she feels towards her best friends. The way she turns on Tristan was a really nice piece of character development. I feel like you're setting her up to receive some very difficult messages in the not too distant future.

Ha! Percy is a jerk. Didn't see that coming. ;)

Snape... hair-growth potion... bwahahahaa! I love it. Poor Madam Pomfrey!

It was nice to see Isobel come back around on Tristan relatively quickly, but also symptomatic of how emotionally volatile she's getting. Tristan was on point in this chapter, letting his self-loathing shine through. It was so sad and so genuine, the way that he doesn't even try to argue with Isobel's harsh critique. And true to her own "den mother" character, Isobel changes her point of view to try to be supportive. The whole conversation epitomized what I feel like Isobel's life has become: she's living for everyone else while slowly killing herself.

Oh, wow. I seriously did not see this coming. Isobel is unintentionally becoming Voldemort's research department. Her research topic is horribly dark, definitely an unintended consequence of her father's work. This is a really clever plot thread. I've never seen the like of it in an HPFF story before.

Great chapter! On to the next...

Author's Response: Hello!

Yes! I introduced Laurel's character at a time in her life when she was least like herself, and only now is she starting to slowly go back to normal. I thought it'd be an interesting way to mess with character development--sort of reverse engineer her. That's why there were no POVs for her during the first half. But yeah, Laurel has, I think, a great many wonderful qualities. And I think some of her strengths are also her weaknesses. But overall, yeah--she's not necessarily the worst adjusted.

After that whole thing in OOTP with Percy telling Ron to stop hanging around Harry, my feelings have chilled significantly toward Percy. I bet he'd be a jerk sometimes to his peers. Hurrumph.

It's weird how much fun I have making these kids bash Snape, considering how much I LOVE THE SNAPE.

"She's living for everyone else while slowly killing herself"--perfect way to put it!

I really wanted Isobel's feelings about Tristan seem realistic, even when they switch, so I'm glad that worked! And I definitely wanted the chaoticness of what her brain is turning into to bleed into her POV, so thank you for pointing that out!

And Quirrel! Voldemort research! I think I was drawn to writing a Hogwarts era for the same reason so many people avoid it: there's an established plot and direction, and it's very detailed. I liked the idea of writing something within those confines, where the possibilities for dramatic irony ABOUND. WE know what's under Quirrel's turban--I couldn't let that fact lie!

Thank you so much for taking the time to review these chapters! Your feedback is really encouraging!

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Review #9, by marauderfan 

12th July 2014:
And the cracks are already appearing in the group. Isobel had some pretty unkind things to say about Tristan... but really, they're true. He is being rather miserable company. I'm glad Isobel talked to him about Emily though. I think Tristan's heart is in the right place as he really cares for Emily, but he's just confused and doesn't fully think about the consequences of his actions. I wish he'd tell Emily the truth though. I think in the end she'd much rather hear it from him than through the grapevine.

No wonder Isobel is tired all the time - it's because she never eats anything. I'm now as worried about her as I was worried about Laurel prior to Laurel's over-hex. Please don't tell me she's about to collapse or something. One of her selfish friends HAS to get their heads out of their @@@ in order to see what's going on around them. They are all four of them SO selfish. Well, they're teenagers - weren't we all?

The Crucio thing... hm. His parents had something to do with the Longbottoms. I'm sticking with my Rookwood theory and STILL WAITING for you to divulge the secret, you sneaky writer. :P Anyway, this was another excellent chapter. Your writing is fantastic and really draws me in.

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: You know, after reading what you said, I think Tristan's heart is always in the right place. It's the location of his head that's the problem.

And yeah, I'm sure Emily would prefer to hear it from Tristan, but he's really not very brave.

Both "Torture" and "Self-Spelling" were chapter titles I was unnecessarily pleased with--because they related to Isobel as well as other people. Isobel self-spells (evomere), then Laurel's hex out. Isobel's hunger pains are torture, then she discovers Tristan's weird reaction to hearing about Crucio. THAT IS ALL I WILL SAY ON THAT FOR NOW!


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Review #10, by emmacweasley 

2nd July 2014:
Hi again! this chapter was rather exceptional. There was something about the tone, or the pace, that really bumped up the quality. The description was great and the perspective was great (the characterization of isobel really seemed to solidify, here.)
And when Isobel starting realizing how much she didn't like Tristan, I was like, wow, that's spot on. I'm really looking forward to the possibility that Tristan finds these things out about himself as well.

I do hope we get to see something else from Emily's perspective soon!

Looking forward to the next, as always.

Author's Response: Ah thank you!

Yeah, I had a lot of feelings about this chapter as well. I think you're dead on about the pacing shift. We're at about the halfway point now, so I'm so very glad to hear that you like how the intensity is picking up.

Emily is up next!

Thanks so much for another encouraging review, I'm really excited to see what you think of the next part :)

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