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Review #1, by TidalDragon 

23rd August 2015:
Back again!

I enjoyed the interaction between Isobel and Emily's family. I've always wondered, what must it be like at home for muggleborns with siblings or even half-bloods and this is the first fic I've read that even attempted an honest insight into it. It was also nice to get a laid-back chapter after tense-Tristan and the drama that ended the term.

I also enjoyed how you touched on the concept of "muggles being magical in their own way." Though Arthur is obviously fascinated by them in canon - and some people must take them pretty seriously to have made Muggle Studies part of the curriculum - we don't see a lot about how wizards other than diabolical Death Eaters view them. It's refreshing that Isobel is so unpretentious about magic in her interactions with the family members and indeed that she's interested in aspects of the muggle world in the same way they are interested in aspects of the magical one.

I'm quite interested to see if they have success getting these brownies to Laurel and what the repercussions will be either way.

Onward to Chapter 12!

Author's Response: Yeah I definitely wanted to vary the tone in this story, and pull back out into some lighter stuff to give a little breather from all the Heavy.

We never really got to see positive interactions between magic and non-magic folk in canon, but I feel like MOST people wouldn't be so Dursley-ish, and would be pretty stoked about the concept of magic. I mean, I would be so down if I had a kid who turned out to be a wizard! I'd want to hear all about it!

Isobel definitely isn't some sort of Death Eater, but Tristan at least accuses her of having kind of a narrow perspective and being previously sort of ignorant about muggle things. So yeah, I wanted to show a non-extreme person, who maybe has some ignorance kind of learning that, hey, muggles know all sorts of things she knows nothing about!

We didn't get much of that in canon, but it seemed realistic to me so I really wanted to show that :)

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Review #2, by TreacleTart 

12th August 2015:
Hi Roisin!

Here for one final review for tonight's insane round of Gryffindor review battler! Go Team Red!

Finally, someone seems to be taking this whole drug thing seriously. Isobel's parents should be worried. Their daughter's best friend basically just overdosed on charms, so they have a legitimate reason to believe that she might be doing the same thing.

I'm really surprised that her family let her go visit Emily. I suppose it would be impossible for them to keep her inside forever.

Emily's family seems super low key. He brother has the pot connections and it would figure that he's growing in California. I'm surprised Emily's parents allowed them to bake special biscuits. It seems odd considering the kids are all 15 or 16. I know if I had asked my mom if I could make pot brownies at the age, she would flipped her lid.

Oh. The cabbage soup diet. That has come back into popularity several times in my lifetime and it is a dangerous fad that I wish would go away. It's so unhealthy.

Anyway, this was another good chapter and I'll be back for more as soon as I can. Thanks for the epic review battle. :D


Author's Response: Gonna answer your last review first! This is complete anarchy! AnArChY!

OK, so about Emily's parents: you might have noticed that this story doesn't do a huge amount of grandstanding. A lot of pretty questionable stuff is submitted somewhat without comment from the author, and any opinions are restricted to the necessarily limited voice and understanding of the various characters. Like here, I only show Isobel's frustration with her parents' protectiveness, because you-the-reader are wise enough to see their point.

So yeah, I'm not arguing in favor of the Madley's style of parenting, but I did know a lot of parents like them as a teenager. The Madleys don't really distinguish a joint from a few glasses of wine, and even think the former is better for having some spiritual and medical value. And again, that's just THEIR perspective. I also knew parents who would ply their 15-16 year old kid+friends with booze. My mom never thought that was appropriate, and I rather agree with her, but I wanted to show a lot of different types of parents here. (My mom actually best resembles Mary, though I do not resemble Tristan).

And you make a good point about Isobel's parents. Unlike the Madleys, they have a full understanding of Laurel's situation and are of course concerned about what their daughter might be up to (and honestly, they aren't wrong. She WAS messing around with Rec Magic, so her feeling of grave injustice isn't totally warranted). But yeah, they have no evidence of wrong-doing and they can hardly just keep her inside forever. A kid is gonna do what a kid is gonna do.

My main interest here was to show a lot of different types of families, where all have their strengths and weaknesses. More about the Madley's laxness will be examined in the future. (But I think they also have a lot of positive qualities, and did do the best job of raising their kids to have good self-esteem).

CABBAGE SOUP DIET IS SO TERRIBLE. It seems that the primary ingredient is Unhealthiness.

Thank you so much for this SUPRA EPIC BATTLE! I'ma try to respond to all your reviews now :)


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Review #3, by Shinicha 

29th July 2015:
Ahh okay, I hope I have kept everything in my mind that I wanted to comment on (not sure if I did).

1. Okay so when I said last chapter that locking their kid up to protect it is NOT the way to do it, now this is exactly what Isobel's parents are doing ... but admittedly, she's a different case to Tristan.

I really feel with her concerning the smoking-thing though. I never went as far as smoking in the shower (how obvious would THAT be?) but from eating bananas to hide the smell and washing my hands to carrying around perfume I did all kinds of things :D All in all, she is handling the pressure with much elegance and patience though. Maybe it is because she only has to spend her holiday's with them, but I admire her self-composure.

2. I immensely enjoyed the "muggle-wizard" interaction! First, it was nice to see how grown-ups get along so well and do not clash as it so often happens in stories and also real-life (slightly disapproving families, forced politeness...) It also feels scary that I almost can relate more to the parents than to the kids. Damnit, I'm only 23!

3. On the other hand you wrote about so many things I was wondering about when reading the books! I never did much research reading the Wiki, so I have to ask: Are the facts about hags being a different species, and about Arithmancy made up? Or true? In any case: interesting!

4. Nice way to mention Albus fist boyfriend btw :D

5. And the subtle critique of state meddling was also amusing. If the Unspeakables are anything close to our intelligence services or "constitution protection units" they're nothing but despicable. Úo

6. I laughed at the "hippie-ness" of Emily's parents. They seem very lovely.

7. Speaking of family: There is SO something gonna happen between Isobel and Lucas. RIGHT?

A few more things:

-Isobel's non-eating habits are worrying (I once read this book "air for breakfast" (was the roughly from German translated title), and felt shocked when I felt I could agree to almost every point up to the stage where the main cast grew these baby-hairs that the body produces when you hunger too much. ISOBEL DON'T GROW HAIR. EAT.

-Thanks for also introducing me to the word "stoked", I'll be careful to use it from now on :P

- I noticed a minor spelling error: "iare you certain you're getting enough protein?Ē "

- brownies are tricky, I hope they don't plan to eat all of them at once, otherwise they might have to extend their visit to the rehab clinic!

Author's Response: Ooh fancy, I'll reply in number form too :)

1. The interesting thing here is that I'm not sure whether or not this was even a good idea :P Like, I write it as though it isn't, but maybe it is?

Heh, I smoked in the shower, and it WAS obvious. Me and my friends would do it under the auspice of shaving our legs. Bloody ridiculous.

2. I wrote this when I was 23! And yes, I weirdly identified with the parents a lot too! I think it was the first time I properly looked at a parents' perspective and tried to consider why they do what they do in, like, a mature way.

3. The thing about Hags is from Fantastic Beasts (they're given the classification of 'Being,' which implied to me that they're a separate species). The Arithmancy thing was kinda made-up though. I looked into it, and it seemed way too simple to have an entire course on stretching multiple years (since it's basically just one kind of divination), so I messed around with it by including some numerology stuff and some other neat ideas I had :)

4. RIGHT! Elphias was TOTALLY Albus' boyfriend at some point! Like, COME ON. That eulogy?

5/6. Heh, yeah. The Unspeakables always struck me as shadowy and sketch, and some of their research reminds me of CIA tests back in the 50s and stuff. The Madleys DEF have a perspective I've seen before (a lot of my friends have hippie parents)


-OH MAN, I just looked up that book and HOW WEIRD. Ok, so one of my friends is recovering from anorexia nervosa right now and her name is Serafina! ~WoOoOoOoOo~

-Heh, 'stoked.' My California is showing :P

-Whoops! Thank you! Editing now!

-oof, yes. Edibles can be QUITE easy to overdo!

YEE! Thank you so much for another fantastic review!


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Review #4, by water_lily43175 

7th June 2015:
Oh, Isobel, cabbage soup really isn't the way to go. Sigh.

Ah YES Albus/Elphias totally happened at one point. At least from Elphias' perspective. Either that or they were just VERY close friends.

And I love love love Emily's family! Such cool hippie vibes. And, of course, my favourite thing about Isobel's visit is the Muggle/wizarding world comparisons which crop up. James Bond, yes.

Poor Laura, blowing things up. Embrace your skills, Laura!


Author's Response: Oh yeah, that cabbage soup diet is a WORLD of trouble!

Albus/Elphias is SUCH major headcanon for me. Even if they didn't ever get together, I'm CERTAIN that Elphias is also gay and was totally in love with Dumbledore. I hope that they were actually boyfriends :) I mean, Dumbledore had to have had relationships, and Elphias is a strong candidate!

The only muggle family we ever really see interacting with magic is the Dursleys (the Grangers a BIT, but barely), and I liked the idea of seeing a very different kind of family. I feel like a LOT of people would be really into it (I WOULD)

Laura is only little, she'll get there eventually!


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Review #5, by Slide 

20th December 2014:
Sneaky Isobel, with all of her cooking for the family only to dodge it herself. I was wondering how she got away with it, but it seems hers are the domineering kind of parents, having a good old time trying to care and instead contributing to those body issues, sigh. They seem well meaning, but, well, parents. Her dad's job is AWESOME, though. Poor bugger, nasty Department of Mysteries.

HA, I bet Dumbledore and Doge were a thing at one point, too. Poor Doge, clearly way more into Dumbledore while Dumbledore was into Grindelwald.

And the Amazing Hippy Family of Emily's! Yipes, they really are dedicated hippies, aren't they? Oh noo, hot brother. Alert, Isobel. Don't go for the brother. It's rarely a good idea. Still, Lucas seems cool and SENSIBLE, checking up on them. Alas, he'd probably be able to be a much more useful tempering influence if he was physically capable of it, but, Hogwarts isolation. I'm glad Emily's clearly capable of being honest with him about her habits... even if I suspect she's pretty dang wrong about Tristan being 'off all that now.' Maybe not magic, but...

I suspect Isobel's not going to have as big a problem with food when it comes in Baked Form! Heh, fun chapter. It was nice to see the girls' family lives, explained an awful lot more about them. Everyone has such a rich and distinctive home life and family!

Author's Response: Oh yes, her parents definitely aren't EVIL or anything. I was really interested in showing different types of families and parenting strategies. Isobel's lucky in a lot of ways, but then there are very unique problems that come out of privelege :(

Oh Dumbledore and Doge SO had a thing! I mean, RIGHT?! My mom originally thought Doge was female, because the obituary was so CLEARLY written by a former lover. But then Dumbledore got confirmed gay, explaining EVERYTHING!

Ha, I snort-laughed at your 'alert Isobel' comment.

I definitely think there are some real problems associated with the concept of Boarding School--at least for SOME kids. Emily and Tristan would definitely benefit a lot from less isolation from their families.

Oh man, mind-altering foods are actually an EXCELLENT method of convincing anorexics to eat (assuming they're into that kind of thing). It's basically exploiting one problem (substance use) to combat another (eating disorders).

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Review #6, by Gabriella Hunter 

29th September 2014:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review and I got here a lot sooner than usual so what say you to that?! Hahahaha.

So we're back with Isobel now. I liked how this chapter started out with her cooking a meal for her family because I found it a bit ironic considering that she hardly eats herself. It was an interesting contrast and I'm hoping that her own issues will be taken care of at some point, it's really not healthy.

Isobel's family weren't what I was expecting on one hand but on the other, I could understand her own mind. I know exactly what it's like to have a family that's only there for you when it's convenient while offering up nothing but criticism so I couldn't really blame her for some of her attitude. I do wonder though if they'll ever find out about what really happened with Laurel and all the nastier details.

I really liked the interactions between Isobel's father and Emily's family. I think that Emily's family is pretty interesting, they've got a really great hippy vibe going on but there's a lot about the magical world that they didn't understand. I thought it was a little strange that Emily had never told them much but perhaps there's something else going on? Hm...

OMG, Lucas!


I was kind of disappointed in the girls though while they were smoking. I feel like they're not really learning about what could happen if they're pushed too far and I'm curious to know how the visit with Laurel will go. Apparently she's not having a very easy time and I'm kind of feeling uneasy about that, I hope the visit doesn't go as badly as I think it might.

Anyway, what I really liked the most about this chapter though was the differences you showed between a magical family versus a Muggle one. The thought of living without magic was too much for Isobel to understand but I thought that her father's interests in solar panels was a good contrast. They each have something the other lacks in some way and I'm wondering if that theme will play a larger part in the rest of the story.

Hm..I could find nothing wrong with this chapter at all but that ending kind of left me a bit antsy. I might just hop on over to it soon just to see what happens next!

I shall return!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hello! Wow, that was so quick! You rule!

It is a bit ironic, isn't it?! I did a bunch of research into eating disorders for this story, and it seems like obsessing over food/making elaborate meals for others is a REALLY common symptom of anorexia.

Isobel's family were weirdly really interesting for me to write. I kind of really enjoyed writing Ahmad. He's rather like, charming, and a nice sort of man, but also a little pompous and careless to a fault. I really wanted to show a few different kinds of families in this story, and have strengths and weaknesses for all of them. The Doge-Mostafa's definitely exemplify the best and worst of an affluent middle-class (in the English sense) family.

Emily's family are DEFINITELY first-wave hippies! And as for Emily not mentioning certain things (fairies, dragons) I suppose I should work on that. I guess that, with limited time spent home, she just couldn't fit in an entire and exhaustive account of everything about the wizarding world. But really, I only did that because I wanted to show muggles reacting to that stuff, and a pureblood experiencing the other end.

Hah, no, they definitely aren't learning. But, well, KIDS. My friends never stopped smoking for ANYTHING. The teenage delusion of indestructibility is pretty tough to shake. And these characters definitely make a lot of bad choices that I don't agree with. I hope I'm striking a good balance! Because I wanted to go for as much realism as possible [in my story about wizards]--but I also recognize that realism can get FRUSTRATING and ANNOYING.

Ah, the antsyness. I wrote this whole story out before uploading to HPFF, so it wasn't originally designed to be episodic, but rather to have certain sequences kind of work together in chunks. So yeah, this chapter is designed to lead into the next, like a 2-parter thing. Maybe I should indicate that?

Thank you so much for this review! Not only was it AMAZINGLY fast, it also gave me a few ideas for things I could tweak once I'm allowed to edit again :)


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Review #7, by AlexFan 

8th September 2014:
I liked how Isobel wondered whether Dumbledore was gay, it just goes to show that even though Harry didnít wonder about Dumbledoreís sexuality, it didnít mean that no one else had. I thought it was interesting that you made Elphais gay but it brings a whole other meaning to his devotion and praise of Albus when you really think about it. Oh, if she only knew who Albus really had a thing for.

This was something really small but I liked your title for the article about Myron Wagtail (and I also thought that it was really awesome how you named what I gather to be his girlfriend Circe because of the role she played in Greek Mythology. Sorry, back to the review).

Oh my God, I canít believe that Isobelís parents actually suggested that she tone up. She was so young when they started on her case as well. What kind of parent tells their child, indirectly, that theyíre gaining too much weight. As long as your kid is healthy, nothing else should matter. I am just so angry right now, if you cannot accept and love your child for who they are, then you shouldnít be having children. Breeder does not always equal parent.

I donít know how Emily kept quiet about so much magical stuff to her family. If I was in her place, I would never shut up about everything that Iíd learned and knew existed. How are people so chill about magic, like come on, ITíS MAGIC. But I guess you donít notice privilege when you grow up with it.

I was so sure that something would happen between Isobel and Lucas in this chapter and I was fully prepared to begin rolling my eyes so you have no idea how relieved I am that nothing but friendship came from the two of them.

Author's Response: Yay, I'm glad you liked that! Dumbledore/Elphias is total headcanon for me :)

And yee, I was really proud of that title myself and Circe myself! I looked into canon, and aside from the mythology, there was no one else named Circe. It was just too perfect for a first-name-only popstar, so I nabbed it!

Ugh, I definitely seen parents treat their children like that, and it's just awful. It always makes me really angry. And way too often, girls who develop early get quite a complex about it :(

You make a really good point about magic stuff! The fact that IT'S MAGIC was what I sort of wanted to play up here, through Isobel talking about it with them.

And OH NO. Well... I hope you don't get really bummed out by the next chapter!

It's taking me a minute to get to your review, because I want to read all the chapters, and not just the fourth, but I'm making my way through!


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Review #8, by crestwood 

7th September 2014:
You know you've found a good story when you legitimately miss the characters during your day. Coming back to 'Nothing compares to soup!' was probably the most endearing thing that could have happened. I had forgotten that Isobel was related to Elphias Doge. It's interesting that you've written him as gay and had Isobel contemplate if he ever had something with Dumbledore. I've always pictured him as having a strong unrequited love towards him myself, so it's funny seeing someone else was the same or similar headcanon.

This cabbage soup diet doesn't sound even reasonably healthy and the taste MUST get old after a while. I'm not entirely shocked that some of her issues with her weight started with some small disparaging comments. I'm just a little surprised that they came from her parents. That definitely would hurt a bit more.

I love that Emily's parents are hippies. I love their entire backstory; Deadheads who settled down and had children only to find that one (two now, it seems) is a witch. How very extraordinary. Their applause for Isobel and her father's Apparition was adorable. Jim's comment about government tyranny gave me quite a laugh. I can just picture him saying that with a chuckle.

When Ahmad mentioned the potion, Emily once again displayed her inability to sneak things and/or lie. I can understand the weirdness though since she's already tested something apparently wholly unapproved. For all she knows, it could have been dangerous and we've already seen the effects of messing around with magic.

I enjoy Lucas' presence in this chapter and I share his enthusiasm for numbers being magic. I am so here for Isobel realizing the magic of Muggles and for Emily's family finding out that dragons and unicorns are real. I wonder if Tristan will end up coming to deliver some medicinal biscuits with these two after all.

I really did enjoy this little excursion into Emily's home life. Her family seems really cool and they'd be ones to be incredibly proud of a witch in the family. I like that you can take us away from the character that we started the story from and take us away from the main setting of the story and have it still feel indisputably like the same story. Another astounding chapter!

Author's Response: Yee! Thank you!

I may or may not have actually sang that while cooking soup!

But yeah, I heard about the "Cabbage Soup Diet" a few years back--definitely bad news. It was a huge trend in the late 80s, when people used to chain-fax things (kind of like viral content now). And ugh, I have very unfortunately known of parents who disparaged their children in precisely the way Isobel's did, and it's just such a horrible thing to do. What's weird is that they weren't really evil parents otherwise, just so very insensitive to how hurtful it might be! And I've known many a girl to develop early, and feel a lot of self-consciousness for it :(

As for Elphias/Dumbledore--I suspect that might be real canon! I BET JK Rowling thought the same thing! Either way, I'm convinced! (A would LOVE to read a young Dumbledore/Elphias story)

As for Emily's parents, they are definitely the reason why she is generally the most chipper of the bunch. And I think living in such an open/supportive/liberal family, Emily would never have really developed much skill at lying ;)

Heehee! Lucas and Isobel sharing information was very much a fun way for me to show cultural acceptance. And since the Dursleys were so anti-magic, we never really got to see how a more accepting family might be interested, or adapt to the situation.

Thank you for what you said about this chapter still feeling like the same story! I think, in a lot of ways, Tristan is sort of the main character. But I still really think of it as an "ensemble."

Yee! I find myself so looking forward to your reviews! Thank you so much!


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Review #9, by CambAngst 

28th July 2014:
Hello, again! So you've reviewed about a zillion of my chapters today and I'd feel bad about tagging you again. Hopefully another new reader will tag you and discover this awesome story!

Gah, poor Isobel! I don't know if you've read the book Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, but Isobel makes me think of it. In the book, Famine -- one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse -- is forced to reinvent himself after modern agriculture limits his opportunities. So he becomes a fad diet guru and essentially convinces vain people to starve themselves. Isobel's problems obviously run deeper than vanity, but the cabbage soup diet brought me right back to the concept. Unrelated tangential note: In the book, Pestilence is forced into retirement after the discovery of Penicillin, and is replaced by Pollution.

Isobel is hiding so many things from her family, I don't know how she keeps it all straight. I have even more respect for her intelligence after reading this chapter, although that intelligence is being applied to frightfully self-destructive purposes.

Wow, Doge and Dumbledore as a couple. It's not impossible to wrap my head around, but tricky. I think maybe a one-shot on the topic could help. ;)

I'm feeling... something for Isobel's parents. My knee-jerk reaction is to say "dislike", because a lot of her body image issues seem to arise from the way they're treated her in the past. It's horribly ironic that they would have noticed the issues when she was nearer to the heavy end of the spectrum and they seem oblivious to it now that she's inching toward the dangerously thin end of the spectrum. Except that they aren't completely oblivious. Her mother seems to have half a clue, she just isn't doing much with it. Maybe "disappointing" is a better word?

Ha! Emily's parents seem like the best kind of muggles. They're fascinated by magic, they live off the grid, they have a son who works at a growery... I love all of the back story that goes along with them. It's easy to see how Emily ended up the way she did. A smart, loving, carefree girl who's also a bit on the sensitive side because she was likely sheltered from some of life's crueler realities as a child.

At least Isobel's dad didn't come off like a complete jerk during the conversation. He's a little self-important, but not at all in the Lucius Malfoy sense.

Lucas seems like an all-around solid older brother. One thing I noticed that might or might not be a continuity error was the following in the author's note: Levinia was disowned by her family shortly after becoming pregnant with Emily, and moved to the Highlandís with Jim to set up a small, sustainable, organic farm--mirroring the American 'back to the land' movement of that era. If Lucas is the older sibling, did Levinia's parents approve of her husband and ideals for the first child but not the second? Just seems a bit odd. Not a big deal, though. I like the fact that Lucas asks the girls about recreational magic and what happened to Laurel. He probably sees enough "drug people" in his job that he's hip to some of the dangers.

I really liked the conversation between Lucas and Isobel. Might there be just a hint of a romantic interest there? I felt a little something...

Another awesome chapter! I'm looking forward to the reunion at St. Mungo's, even though it might not be so much fun to read.

Author's Response: No, I've never read it, but sounds super interesting, and I generally like Gaiman.

As for Doge and Dumbledore as a couple: reread Deathly Hallows with that in mind--totally implied! Or not. But enough for Isobel to get the same idea :)

Yeah, Isobel's parents are pretty imperfect--partially because of their desire to be perfect. They aren't bad people, but I've seen parents like these, who don't realize how much they're hurting their children in subtle ways. I had a friend who pulled an Isobel in her late junior-early senior year because of the stress of applying to college. Her mom was actually proud of her, and only realized later that her daughter's weight loss was a bad thing.

And for some reason, I really enjoyed writing Ahmad. He's a fun combination of intelligent, kind, arrogant, and oblivious. I imagined him as looking like the Hedge-Fund guy from Skins:Fire.

"A smart, loving, carefree girl who's also a bit on the sensitive side because she was likely sheltered from some of life's crueler realities as a child." Yeah! Exactly! Well, mostly! You'll see!

Ah, it should have said 'Lucas', not 'Emily.' Indeed a continuity error. Thanks for catching it! I don't edit my end notes nearly as thoroughly as my chapters!

Thank youuu for another review!


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Review #10, by marauderfan 

12th July 2014:
Wow, the scene with Isobel's parents sheds a lot of light on Isobel's problems. They aren't exactly the most understanding, even if they are concerned about her. I don't think they realise just how serious the problem is, and a simple "I'm fine" sets them at ease. :-/

I kind of love Emily's family, though. They seem like the coolest people! And living on a farm in the Scottish Highlands is so my kind of jam. Her siblings are pretty amusing too.

What a great place for Isobel to spend some time, too, because Emily's family seem like a supportive type. And Isobel is actually eating (even if only just to not appear rude, but still)

So uhh... they're planning to bring special biscuits to someone in the hospital who just overdosed on recreational magic? Heh.. Well, if it helps. I suppose it could be worse. I am curious to know how Laurel is doing, though.

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Yeah, writing Isobel's parents in that scene was rather heartbreaking. I knew kids with parents like that, and it made me really angry. They're mostly nice people, and I weirdly liked writing Ahmad, but they're very harsh on their daughter's fragile self esteem. I imagined Isobel as having gone through a chubby phase, because her model (Kat Dennings) is REALLY curvy. They couldn't tell that their daughter was just developing early, because the rest of the family is so willowy.

Emily's family is definitely the reason she is the most stable. Writing about them was fun too, because it was another little era-appropriate thing I got to research!

Ah! So pleased you said what you did, Emily thinks EXACTLY the same thing in the next chapter--sneaking those cookies into rehab: good idea? But from what I recall from my teen years, that's the way kids think.

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Review #11, by emmacweasley 

6th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

I'd completely forgotten about Isobel and Lucas! And how much I ship them! I don't know why - he seems so kind and so much like Emily, it's just such a good match. *sigh* I do wish he'd pop back up into the story soon! (It'd also be interesting to see more of the families in general, especially Isobel's dad. He's so interesting!)

I believe *this* one's competing for spot as favorite chapter as well.


Author's Response: Ahaaa thank youuu!

Yeah, for some reason I really liked writing Ahmad, even though he's a minor character. His dialogue just comes really easily--I imagine him as very kind, but a little bit arrogant. Also, I personally find the idea of Comparative Magic really interesting!

I'm so happy to hear you like this chapter so much! I really love where it is and how it goes, a little lighthearted respite from all the darker and angstier chapters around it :)

Ah! The fact that anyone is shipping anyone is really humbling!


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