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Review #1, by HebrideanBlack 

27th February 2016:
in which Andromeda reveals her love for Ted.


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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

3rd December 2015:
OH MY GOD LOOK it's that crazy reviewer who fell in love with Tedromeda and then just vanished a year and a half ago. Am I terrible or am I terrible? Although to be fair I did graduate and then go off to work abroad. But TEDROMEDA. Guh, I've been meaning to catch up on this beauty for a YEAR. And now there's a sequel! And you WON A DOBBY! Huge congratulations, I can't think of anyone who deserved it more. :)

And because I totally forgot where I got to, I've just read all the previous chapters again and I'd forgotten how much I loved Lilith and George. Anyway. ONWARDS.

Andromeda hugging Nelson. Awww so cute. Poor guy must be worried sick about his bro.

Oh gosh, and McGonagall's reaction to Andromeda's story is just hilarious. They must get such kicks out of their pupils' love lives. A penny dreadful, I'm giggling away. I can just hear the conversation in the staff room. But McG's a total romantic underneath, I bet she's secretly overjoyed at this forbidden love story.

AND DROMEDA'S FINALLY CHOSEN YAY. I'm scared of what's going to happen next...

GEORGE AND LILITH yas, you go kids.

Next chapter!


Author's Response: OH EM GEE ELLIE. HELLO. Pshaw, my friend, you are not terrible in the least! Life happens. If you hadn't noticed, I totally fell off the face of HPFF for about a year and *I* haven't come back to finish reviewing Off the Rails, so you are doing a much better job than I am.

I hope your graduating and working abroad were the best EVER. I went abroad to Spain right after I graduated college a few years back, and it was one of the best and toughest years of my life. So I hope you came away with lots of fab stories and good life experience!



ANYWAY. Thank you so much for the congrats! (And congrats to YOU, also-on-sequel-and-seasoned-Dobby-winner. It was such a treat to check in and find your awesomesauce reviews waiting for me. HURRAH.

Mm, George & Lilith. Those crazy kiddos. Little did I know when I first wrote them what shenanigans were destined to--where was I. OH YEAH.

Nelson really has got it tough, poor fellow. Dealing with all this drama, and yet he reaps none of the occasional benefits. So a hug was def in order.

Hahaha, poor McGonagall. Can you imagine the crazy things she heard and witnessed over the course of her teaching career? Madness, I tell you. But yeeeah, she's totally a romantic, and considering her own tragic backstory, I thought it appropriate she came into Andromeda's life about now.

Siiigh. You SHOULD be scared of what's gonna happened next. I got so--dramatic in these last few chapters. -cheese smile- Sorry not sorry?

Thank you for this beautiful review of beauty. I shall see you in the next chapter!

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Review #3, by Penelope Inkwell 

13th July 2015:
Oh man, I have never considered before, but Hogwarts teachers' experiences are so dramatic. They watch the most insane, convoluted relationships play out, because they teach you from age 11 to 18. The drama!

And you know this must be one of the craziest cases ever, because McGonagall--who is always composed--clearly thinks the world has gone completely topsy-turvy. I mean, I guess it has. Andromeda and Ted were, well, maybe not completely unprecedented, but probably pretty close!

I'm relieved that the stories match up. As much as I hate to see Rabastan get away with it, Ted was right--it was the only way.

Oh, and I've totally been shipping Georgith since I first knew they were going to come into contact with one another. It's great!

Highlight reel: "You know its bad when George Vanderpool has to be called upon to sober you up.


Author's Response: Hahaha, I honestly never considered the experience of Hogwarts professors either, before I wrote this chapter. It made me step back and be like dude, do I even know how much drama they had to endure? Not just during HP's era. Witches and wizards were always getting into crazy shenanigans at a volatile age. Sheesh.

Poor McGonagall. I think Andromeda and Ted's story strikes a particular chord because it reminds her of her own sad past. D: Ugh, McGonagall, the feelz that surround you.

I hated for Rabastan to get away with his wicked deeds, but as you and Ted say--it had to be. ALAS.

Teehee, YAY! A Georgith shipper! I couldn't resist. I didn't intend anything to happen there, but the more I looked at their personalities, the more I was like, eh, it's an inevitability. :)

Thanks for the lovely review! See you in the next chapter!

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Review #4, by marauderfan 

9th July 2014:
I'm sorry I've been neglecting this story - I've been in the middle of nowhere without internet for a month. But it did mean that I had TWO chapters to read when I got back which was really exciting :D

I loved the scene with Andromeda and Nelson at Ted's bedside. Hugs! Another confession that Andie loves Ted! And Nelson being super nice. Andromeda has finally realised that she's got a choice, AND SHE CHOOSES TED. I just want to hug this scene.

The scene where she's interviewed was so uncomfortable. (I don't mean that your writing is uncomfortable, just that scene - I cant imagine how awkward and strange it must have been for Andromeda to confess her love for Ted in front of professors and George - and I loved McGonagall's assessment of that, haha. Gah, I hate that Rabastan got off without any punishment, but Ted was right, mutually assured destruction if Andromeda has mentioned anything about Rabastan's dark magic.

SHE CHOSE TED AT THE END ♥ Aw, George and Lilith!! Love that line at the end there. ♥ Gah, I love this story.

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Oh, YAY! I was so excited to see that you'd left two reviews here. In the middle of nowhere without internet? That actually sounds pretty awesome right about now. Hope you had a fantastic time!

Um, I officially give you and the Andromeda/Nelson scene permission to hug. The scene greatly appreciates this affection. :)

I'm glad that the scene with the professors came across as uncomforatable, because that's what I intended! Not that I'm trying to be sadistic (I hope), but Andromeda really needed to be rammed quite soundly against the confession that she loves Ted. And I was very excited to fit McGonagall in there because a) she is wonderful, and I love her and b) because of her own backstory.

SHE CHOSE TED, INDEED. Glad you appreciated the George & Lilith bit at the end. Tee hee.

Thanks so much for such a lovely review. Now on to the next one!

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Review #5, by MarieBlack 

20th June 2014:
Ah, I never tire of this story! It's crazy that you are 30 chapters in! Bravo, congratulations!

The bit between Nelson and Dromeda is so dang endearing. Like ahh. I'm so ready for them to be truly brother and sister! Plus I think Andie's reactions are spot on, like she thinks about how much she has changed actively and also her reactions to finding that Ted had told his brother about her. I'm guessing she isn't used to that openness within her own family, it may be a bit shocking. It's cool to also hear a little snippet on the Tonks' parents. I hope to hear more on them!

You write McGonagall well! I always envision her the way she comes across from the books and even the movies. The stories checking out set me on edge, I was a bit sure that something would go amiss. But Andie is handling herself so calmly and well in all of the crazy chaos of the situation. I feel like after her decision to take on Rabastan some side of her that is very Slytherin like has taken over, even for the good of protecting herself and her friends from punishment. McGonagall knowing what it means for her to stay and have her family informed it the kicker, Andie really is making the choice to be with Ted! I think that's the BEST THING EVER. LIKE DANG FINALLY GIRL. We all knew Ted was the one from day one, wow.

I am so excited about this unexpected couple and it makes me so happy! I have shipped since I saw the first connection. AH.

I think it's good to see the moment between Andie and Lillith too. It kind of gives you insight into the fact that Andie is giving up her whole world, and everyone knows it.

Excited for more chapters! Happy writing!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the sweet words! I honestly can't believe that I'm 30 chapter in. o.o It doesn't even compute. Haha.

I really like it when I get the chance to do some Nelson/Andromeda interaction. Like you say, it's very different from any type of familial relationship that Andromeda is used to--even with Cissa. I think that Nelson gets Andromeda in ways that even Ted can't because, ahem, Ted is currently blinded by LURVE. But yes, one day they will be in-laws and be able to have all sorts of sibling interactions. :)

Aw, thanks! I'm really glad that McGonagall reads okay to you. I love her character, and I know she's so revered, so I was nervous about taking her on but really wanted to bring her into the story for some reasons that are yet to be revealed.

Bahaha, it's true! After all the madness, Andromeda is finally making a bold decision with her eyes wide open. It took her long enough, yeah?

Heh heh heh. More George & Lilith to come, I promise!

But yes, Andie and Lilith are both becoming painfully aware of just what Andromeda's actions are leading to. It's a bit like a slo mo train wreck. D:

Thanks so much for the lovely, lovely review! Can't wait to read more about Claire's adventures, too. :)

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Review #6, by GJ 

20th June 2014:
Amazing update! Can't wait for Ted to wake up... oh the anticipation! Plus her family's reaction to all this... damn. Keep up the brilliant work :)

Author's Response: Awww, thank you! Ted will be up and at 'em in the next chapter, and the train wreck that is the Black Family Showdown is clacking down those tracks, for sure. Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #7, by G 

18th June 2014:
Yay an update! As great as ever I might add.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! So glad you're enjoying it. :)

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Review #8, by Sanae (咲名枝) 

17th June 2014:
I hope Andromeda knows what she's getting herself into. I recently read the English version of the Harry Potter books and it's more clear than I remember that Andromeda knew she was going to be fighting her family when she married Ted, but in this case, I hope she knows what she's doing. (The versions I read in my language as a child aren't always as clear since there are words in English we don't really have translations for, and ways characters talk in English that would make no sense if you translated directly- Sirius especially isn't easily translate-able well so I missed some things about the Black family until I read the English versions).

Nelson and Ted are good people, I think, being so able to forgive so quickly. It is sad to know what ultimately happens in the end. Maybe Nelson survives the wizard wars? Since he wasn't directly involved. But then again with insane people like Bellatrix on the other side. I hope he makes it. I want them to have a good end!

Author's Response: This is so fascinating to hear about the difference in translations! I had no idea that things like Andromeda's story and Sirius' dialogue could be lost in translation. So interesting! Andromeda THINKS she knows what she's getting into. She knows, ostensibly, the type of reaction her family will have. But on the other hand, I don't think she's really grasped the extent and the intensity of that reaction. :(

I've really enjoyed working Nelson into the story and using him as both a foil/complement to his younger brother. I'd like to think that YES, he did survive the wizarding war if for no other reason that I think it's gravely unjust how many people DIDN'T survive them. D:

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Review #9, by DoctorUnderwood 

17th June 2014:
It makes me way too happy that George and Lilith holding hands...

Author's Response: Hahaha. YAY. I'm glad they're providing satisfaction. Thanks for the review!

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Review #10, by sorcha 

17th June 2014:
Haha this is great! As soon as I ask for it, it arrives! Loving life right now!
I'm hooked, that's all I can say! The drama! Whew! I am just in love with Andromedra and Ted. And George and Lilith. And Nelson. I think it's safe to say I love them all! Your portrayal of the relationships is so great and clear and complex at the same time!
Sorry, I'm rambling, I'm just overly excited!
Andromedra is so brave and I love how you've portrayed her as a strong independent woman (who don't need no man!) The family issues she has have clearly shaped her and your beautiful writing style shows this brilliantly. (Sorry, I'm in the middle of exams and had English like, two weeks ago so all my nice, fancy vocab has left me so we're stuck with words like 'loved' and 'brilliant"!)
Ok. Rant over. Thank you. Have a nice summer. I apologize for my ramblings and spelling mistakes (if there are any, spelling is not my forte (woo, rhetoric!)!) And my overly excitedness. I'm just in love your story.
Much happy. So love. Such wow.
Ok. Ok. Ok. Rant over. Ok

Author's Response: Haha, seriously, though! You've got some good karma in your camp, it would seem.

I like rambling, over-excited reviews, so thank you oddles for this one. :D It makes me so happy to hear that you're hooked and enjoying the story. It was very important to me to make Andromeda strong-willed and independent. I'd read too many fanfictions before where she drops everything simply because she loves a boy, and I've always liked to think that her story was way more complicated than that and that, ultimately, she left her family for her own, independent-minded reasons.

...and for Ted. Heh. :)

Omg, I don't think I've received a doge review before. Bahaha. That was wonderful. Thanks for all the kind words (and your English/spelling is marvelous!). Hope you continue to enjoy the read!

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Review #11, by greenbirds 

17th June 2014:
This was so aggravatingly short!! Argh!! What can I say? Obsessed with this as always- gutted that chapter uploads will be slower in pace over the summer. I couldn't be happier that Andromeda's pulling herself together, and I love love LOVE Nelson. Now she's out in the open about Ted and her disloyalty towards her family, I'm really quite scared about her future. If she's of age, surely she owns money now? So her and Ted can just happily skip off into the sunset with George and Lilith bickering/holding fingers?
Love love love this, you're amazing! So excited for the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Haha, oops. I didn't meant for it to be too short! Though I hope to make up for that fact by putting a new chapter in the queue today. :)

I'm glad that you like Nelson. I'm rather fond of him myself, though I have a clear and overwhelming bias. Andromeda's future is, well, very precarious at this point. The financial matters and nitty gritty awfuls of it will be coming out of the woodwork soon, but suffice to say that it won't be an easy road for her. :( Not that this road doesn't EVENTUALLY lead off into a happy sunset. Heh.

Thank you so much for your review and the sweet encouragement. New chapter SOON.

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