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Review #1, by Arabellay 

18th April 2015:
Oh shaiza oh shizaki oh kentucky fried chicken oh flippity flappity flop
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Review #2, by Sue Clover 

10th December 2014:
But - but, but! They seemed so in love, just hours previously, what happened? I know Albus was upset, but what the heck happened!

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Review #3, by Penelope Inkwell 

20th October 2014:

OH, MY...

I did not see that coming even a little. Poor Scorpius. Hopefully they'll patch things up. But wow.

Favorite quote:

"Alfieís so deep in the closet heís eating Turkish Delight with the White Witch of Narnia."

Also, Rose's prank idea is terribly clever. No, like it's terrible--the idea of your almost-finished essay self-destructing?--but clever.


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Review #4, by BookDinosaur 

22nd August 2014:
LISA DON'T EVEN TRY TO APOLOGISE, OKAY? JUST NO. *cries* I can't. I won't. This is the second time I've read this story and I'm still so upset over this. You can't do this to me

Okay, even though I know what's going to happen I'm still so upset. :( Stop ripping my feels apart.

And Holly! I can so understand her actually, I get really sarcastic and short-tempered around exam time. But way, she and Lester and Al and Acorp and Lisa you're making them all upset and breaking my heart right now. :( At least Rose has a level head. At least Rose isn't upset. It's a good thing that she's right, and at least one person in the group is stable because if they weren't then the whole group might split apart and I DON'T THINK I COULD HANDLE THAT.

I never even considered that some subjects might be considered as better or more academic that another and poor Al is so insecure and just wah don't feel so bad about yourself it's not right. :(

I have nothing much more than this to say Lisa because you have broken my feels and I need to move on to the next chapter to make myself feel better.

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Review #5, by patronus_charm 

9th July 2014:
Hi again!

Ok, I thought the teachers at my school were only cool enough to prank us (and yes they actually did prank us) so when I saw them doing it here I got a little too excited because whoo pranking, and yay theyíre in the know for all the pranks this will be interesting and I canít wait to see whatís going to happen next from this. I especially love the pranks against the other houses and itís true about the Gryffie/Claw rivalry as seen from this HC. :P Ooh tension and drama between Albus and Holly but I can imagine being a drama queen all the time as he just fits that image so I can totally roll with this. No, no, no you canít apologise, donít even try as I may throw things at you, why break them up, why? Just why? I have no words right now.

House Cup 2014 Review!

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Review #6, by emmacweasley 

8th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

1. It's ridiculous, really, how I still got angry at the end even on the second read-through. I KNOW what happens, and I was still upset! I guess it's just a testament to how well that scene was set up. :)

2. The row that they have earlier in the chapter, it was such good timing. They haven't had anything like that all story, and now that N.E.W.Ts are approaching and the prank war is nearing its end and LIFE is about to start in all capital letters, their anxieties and frustrations and tempers have GOT to be at an all time high, and the row just fit in so perfectly there. Honestly, without something like that happening, it would have felt a little odd.

3. Lester :(

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Review #7, by Veritaserum27 

7th July 2014:
Oh. My. Merlin.


You've broken my heart. I'm broken. I can't. This was so, so, sad. Albus! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!! YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR THIS TIME!! I don't know how this is going to get fixed. Please fix it. Fix Albus and Scorpius. Fix my heart. How could Al break up with him. I just was right THERE with Rose and trying to hold Scorpius and take some of his pain away and you just can't take it away. Oh, oh, oh. And then we have poor Lester. What is the matter with his parents? He is wonderful and awesome and brilliant and they just LET HIM LEAVE?? How can you throw away your son like that. This is such a heavy load for Rose to bear right now - with her trying to get through her NEWTs and BOY did these Ravenclaws really just fall apart or WHAT? They totally need each other now and the whole group is going to be broken up because of Albus and Scorpius - they will probably have to pick sides and that is never going to end well. Oh, Lisa, how is this going to get better?

House Cup 2014 Review


i mean, if it's any consolation i did this to myself as well as to you? i didn't see this coming either, it just happened, so i guess we can all join forces and blame Albus for the whole situation. how dare you, Albus Potter. you're out of control.

Lester kills me. my child. i just want to give him a giant hug and never let him go, but he'd probably get fidgety and awkward.

they really did just fall apart. they've been under so much pressure and there's so much they're all going through, and it's really a case of the straw that breaks the camel's back here.

thank you so much for your review, lovely!

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Review #8, by dracodarlingxx 

16th June 2014:
oh my god i didn't realise chapter 17 was up! i got to read two new chapters at once! honey, you just made my day xxx :D :D
but back to this chapter:
i goddamn nearly cried at the ending
the chapter title just sums it all up
their friendship is falling apart when they're so codependent on each other, so who will they call when they get their panic attacks? :'( :'(
loving the prank talk again, you always keep to the main subject of the story plus all the stuff going on in the side, part of the reason why i love this fic :*
but then Holly was a bit mean to Al, and he was kinda sensitive 'cos he's a frikkin' genius and he should know it, but I do sympathise after Rose explained how he always gets made fun of for preferring the humanities.
this chapter made me think about my own friendships, you know?
and then Holly's sad about her dad and the chemistry course and NEWTs, and Lester's moved out of his house.
and Scorpius
that was just plain mean -_-
god, i'm going to cry again.

please update soon, i need Scor to be happy again D: D:

Author's Response: I'm glad I could make your day! (and then possibly break it again - I'm sorry!)

I have no words in my defence, except YES I KNOW I'M SORRY I LOVE THEM TOO MY BABIES and this came out of nowhere for me as well, especially Albus and Scorpius - though Holly also blindsided me a bit with her comment to Albus and Albus blindsided me with his reaction and it was just a very surprising chapter all round.

I'm normally terrible with plot, so I'm kind of impressed that I've managed to keep a plot going throughout this whole thing, to be honest. There will be more prank stuff - it's not just all angst from here on out, though obviously everyone's got their issues that they need to be working out and the whole structure of the group has really been dealt quite a blow from this.

Scorpius is my baby too. I mean, I don't like to pick favourites, but I also made him a linguist who reads Greek and Latin so I couldn't really help it. I hope he's happy again too. I don't really have any control over these characters anymore. Fingers crossed.

Update should be coming this weekend, unless I blatantly ignore my exam this week and get it up earlier. Hope to see you back for it!

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Review #9, by DancingMooncalf 

15th June 2014:
It's horrible to stop a chapter at a point like this: i mean... how am i supposed to sleep tonight with this lingering in my head?
All drama aside this does give me a moment to write another review... something you definitly deserve. Your writing is so engaging it's been nearly imposdible for me to stop reading!
I love all the greek mythology reverences by the way... i have a basic knowlegde of them and enjoy the hints towards the different stories.
Just had to let you know how much I like the story and hiw aweful I find you for comming with such an incredible cliffhanger.
Please give me the hope to find a new chapter very soon.
Thanks for the great read!!

Author's Response: I'M SO SORRY I REALLY AM

I really do appreciate these reviews so much, and the fact that you've been so caught up in my story to leave many others is a perfectly legitimate excuse and I totally forgive you! I'm a Classics major, so every Classical reference is pure self-indulgence - but I'm glad I'm not the only one appreciating them!

I am awful, I know. When the next chapter comes out depends on how determined I am to fail my Latin exam this week and how terrible my priorities are. (They are pretty terrible, so the next chapter should definitely be out this weekend) Thanks again for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #10, by DracosGirl012 

14th June 2014:
What?! No!! Albus you rotter!! Why why why?
Awesome chapter by the way!

Damn you Albus!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed the rest of it even with that bombshell at the end! Albus is having some issues himself, as you'll see in the next chapter, but he really could have handled things better than he has. Thanks for reading!

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Review #11, by miluv 

14th June 2014:
oh my god what you should be everything is falling apart can it please go back to how it was thanks omg am freaking outtt what is this bs. buutt other than minor panic attacks bc of this story, great chapter and story in general! i read the whole thing in 3 hours and it was SO good wow, ily update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so flattered that you read this all in one go, and I'm sorry again for the last chapter! Update should be about a week away, I hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #12, by Anon 

13th June 2014:
I knew a scorbus breakup was bound to happen in this fic, I just was not expecting it then! Update soon please! I need resolution!

Author's Response: You did? You knew more than me, then - this came out of nowhere for me, and I'm writing it! Update should be about a week or so away because I have exams :)

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Review #13, by corruptedlungs 

13th June 2014:




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Review #14, by UnluckyStar57 

13th June 2014:

So... I reviewed chapter one of TFWMS a while back for the Ravenclaw Review Battle, but I always read the new chapters when you update, and I just couldn't let this one pass by without reviewing...


. I'm going to leave that paragraph^^ up as a testament to what's going on in my head right now, but the rest of this review will attempt to sound rational.


First of all: Why I like this story so much, an essay

Your characters. They are so believable and so likable--even when they do awful things like Holly did to Albus. They all come with their own problems and anxieties, and they all have their own special niches. When someone said that Albus is a humanities guy and he feels like he isn't as smart as the science-y members of the group, I thought, "YES, THAT IS ME. I AM AN ENGLISH/MUSIC MAJOR. I FEEL YOU, BUDDY."

So on some level, all of these characters are so easy to relate to, while also being ten times more brilliant than I will ever be, and that's a fact! Their dialogue... Gosh, I don't even know what to say. It's snarky. It's intellectual. It's perfect. When Albus made that Narnia reference, I nearly died of mirth. When Scorpius was reminiscing about when he told the Sorting Hat where to get off, I lost it. These characters say all the things that I wish I could say, but my brain isn't quick enough to come up with them until after the fact. And I guess that's all down to you--because behind brilliant characters are the brilliant authors who created them. :)

And the "rainbow" that is Ravenclaw House? Well, on that level, I can only identify with Lester, but you write all of the varying sexualities so honestly and realistically. There are a myriad of examples in fanfiction of gay characters, but the bulk of what I've seen are the typical "fabulous" guys who carry purses and act as the "sassy gay friend" that the Burnseys are looking for. That's all fine and good, but your characters are not like that. They aren't painted with the same colors, or even the same brush. They have a variety of preferences and quirks--and that assortment is unrivaled, at least as far as I can see. So for doing that, for writing people (albeit, really smart GENIUSES) the way they were meant to be written, thank you.

Wow, I ramble a lot. Sorry, but I just wanted to chime in with more praise for your wonderful writing.

And the last thing I wanted to comment on was that ending... JUST WHY?! I forgive you for writing it because it made the story that much more compelling and intriguing--after all, happily ever after doesn't always happen--but I really want everything to turn out okay. WHY did Albus break up with Scorpius? What did they say to each other up there in the dorm? Will Scorpius tell Rose about it? (I hope so... I'm curious!)

I suppose while I'm commenting on that, I should comment on the catalyst--Holly's insult. This is really important to me because THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I DO SOMETIMES. It's like I don't even know I'm being mean until someone gets offended. And I saw myself in Holly in that particular moment. It was all there--the snarking that was taken just a bit too far, the anger, the instant remorse... It's pretty narcissistic for me to say, "Oh, that's me!" all the time, but seriously, I feel like you're holding up a mirror and showing me who I am. (That's so darn cheesy... Sorry, it's the truth...) So that hit pretty close to home, and it was marvelously executed to boot.

So yeah. That's what I think. Sorry that this review is pretty rambling and annoying, but I had to say it in some way/shape/form.

And I hope that things go back to pleasant sailing very soon, because this chapter is just full of sadness and thorns. :)


Author's Response: Firstly, I apologise for taking so long to respond to this review - I normally respond as soon as I get them, but you left me speechless for about twelve hours and I've been trying to think of ways to articulate how much this review means to me, and I don't think I've quite been successful but here goes anyway.

These characters mean so much to me personally and I'm so, so glad that so many people are identifying with them and appreciating them - especially for the reasons you've pointed out. I do draw on a lot of personal experience - it's self-indulgence, in a way, because I have Very Strong Feelings about representation and the importance of seeing characters in any media - even fluffy Next Gen fanfic - that reflect people in the real world (having said that, though, my experience is of course limited and I can't write the full range of human experience) but yeah, Albus's strengths lying in the humanities definitely falls into the 'personal experience' category - I'm a Classics major at a university that's famed for Engineering, so I feel your pain (and Albus's.)

Honestly, the vast majority of the time the dialogue between this lot writes itself - I don't know whether to give credit to the Muses or some kind of benevolent writing deity, but I swear there must be divine intervention happening on some level. (Though I will take credit for the Narnia reference - I use it all the time to describe my high school experience. People in real life never seem to find it as funny as I do. Alas)

I've always been quite careful about avoiding any potential stereotypes when it comes to these characters and their sexualities in particular - I guess I'm quite aware that there is so little lgbtqa representation on the archives and I feel a certain ~responsibility~ as a writer to portray everything as accurately as possible. Personal experience comes into it, again - I don't think I've ever really come across any super-camp purse-toting gay boys (though I'm sure they exist because the stereotype must have come from somewhere) and I tend to take my cues from real life more than other fanfic with regard to treatment and characterisation of my queer characters (not a difficult thing to do when the queer-to-straight ratio in your group is about the same as the Claws in this story) There are far more identities and orientations than just gay or straight, and I've tried my best to explore a few of them in as realistic a way as possible, while not making their sexualities the be all and end all of their personalities, if that makes sense. It's an important part of each character's identity, but it's also only one facet of it. (I could talk about this till the cows come home, I really could, but I'll spare you the essay and just say thank you so much for your comments on that in particular because this is something very close to my heart)

When I was writing that scene, I managed to sort of build it up in my mind a lot more, and when I went back and reread it I was surprised at how the whole thing seemed to come out of nowhere - I considered rewriting it before I realised that's exactly what happens in situations like those - one hurtful comment that wasn't intended to be hurtful and then everything blows up. I think everyone's been there, and I really felt for Holly in this whole bit - especially because her whole "thing" is being a lovely and compassionate person, and she suddenly finds herself in a situation where she's really hurt someone she cares about. (and that's not cheesy at all - it's honestly the highest praise I can receive that you see yourself in my characters, and I'm so honoured and flattered)

This review is hands down the best I've ever received on the archive, and I've been here nearly four years. Thank you so, so much for this - I don't think I've even begun to articulate how grateful I am, but I hope you get some idea anyway.

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Review #15, by jessicalorewrites 

13th June 2014:
As I'm sure all the other reviews started, I'm going to begin with my own question: WHY.

But alas, what is fanfiction without a little drama? Al and Scorp are soulmates and I have every faith they'll find their ways back to each other

Author's Response: Unfortunately I can't answer the WHY without spoiling the next chapter, but trust me - there will be answers, and this isn't the be all and end all of their story. Thank you for reading and I hope chapter 18 will answer those questions when it's up!

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Review #16, by AAAHHHH 

13th June 2014:
I did like the rest of the chapter though. This story is my favorite ( ESPECIALLY ALBUS AND SCORP AAAH).

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the rest of the chapter, and I'M SORRY! This pained me as much as it pained you, I guarantee. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #17, by ihate coming up with usernames 

13th June 2014:

By the way nice chapter deart even if it does make me want to cry, and i sincerely hope that you feel extremely guilty. You should. They were my favorite character of all time.

Author's Response: I do, I feel so guilty about EVERYTHING these characters are going through right now and especially Albus and Scorpius. Thank you for reviewing and I'm sorry!

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Review #18, by grednforge217 

13th June 2014:
Petition to get Albus and Scorpius back together right now.

Other than that soul crushing development, this chapter was fantastic.

Author's Response: Honestly, even I don't know how this whole thing will work out, and it seems set to get a lot messier from here - but don't give up hope either! I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter (if 'enjoy' is the right word here) and thank you for the review!

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Review #19, by DoctorUnderwood 

13th June 2014:
This chapter was quite full and all over the place (in a good way)!

What a bombshell at the end... Oh well, I have faith everything works out in the end!

Keep them coming!

Author's Response: I know, this chapter was a really full on one - the pressure's hitting hard for everyone right now, with NEWTs and Lester's family issues and of course Albus and Scorpius...

Thanks for reading and reviewing, as always, and I hope to have another chapter out in about a week or so (slightly longer break than usual because I have exams this week) but I hope to see you back for it when it is up!

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