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Review #1, by baletgir 

20th October 2016:
I am SO in love with this fic! I am beyond words as to describe it. I love the little tid bits you include (how Fred & George learned about the kitchen?! Genius!) And I love the whole idea of using spells like drugs, it's ingenious!

This is such an original idea and an extremely intelligent piece, I feel as if my review could never do it justice.

My only note is that it seems too many people are involved in drugs, spells for personal use, and drinking. I know it's going to happen, but they're only 15 and 16, more of them must be straight edge. I'd expect Cedric to be more in line, though the twins do not surprise me. Again, I love the whole idea of it and I 100% believe this happened at Hogwarts to some extent.

Thank you so much for writing this and for sharing it! I shall gush more in future chapters and hope that I leave more intelligent reviews.

Author's Response: Hello! You have no idea what a surprising and amazing delight these reviews are! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review!

About the pervasiveness of substance use - you're not wrong. There would probably be a lot more straight-edge-ness. I guess my thought was that this is the /one/ night of partying these secondary characters are gonna do all year. And for a lot of them, it might be their first wild rager. But is it /too/ big?


Here, I was sort of going on my own experience as a teenager, I guess? And honestly, I don't think my own demographic meets the probable demographic majorities at Hogwarts (many of whom are rural wizards :P). So you're probably entirely right about that.

Never EVER feel like your reviews aren't "enough"! This was such an amazing and heartening surprise, and I'm overjoyed that this story still has readers!

It really does mean so much to me!


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Review #2, by TreacleTart 

12th August 2015:
Hey Roisin!

Back for another Gryffindor Gold vs. Red review! Go team red!

Oh. Tristan's birthday! I really love that everyone went through all of this trouble to have a party for him. Since he's been moody and bummed out lately, it seems only fitting that they get him totally ripped and then play muggle music. If that doesn't make him feel better I don't know what will.

I also enjoyed that it's his 16th birthday they're celebrating. In cannon, they put a ton of emphasis on 17, where as 16 seems to be more of a muggle thing.

The little bit with Sir Cadogan was cute. I giggled when he offered to keep watch over them as they passed through the school so nothing unseemly could happen.

And it is fitting that Fred and George would get trashed. I don't know why, but they seem like the type to over indulge in the liquor. I chuckled when Fred puked right after George. That was clever.

And I knew Emily was using the House Elves to procure her food. I think it's pretty cool that the elves would take care of hungover students, but I suppose that's in their nature. And that explains how Fred and George knew where the kitchens were in cannon. Your brilliance amazes me.

As always, another solid chapter. This story really is wonderful.

Good job.


Author's Response: "If that doesn't make him feel better I don't know what will." Well put. Since you're further along in the story, you know that he isn't "in a bad mood" so much as /depressed/. I think with depression, no external stimulus can truly make someone happy, because the capacity for being happy is what's broken.

You know, I hadn't even thought of that, but it IS very fitting for Tristan that the emphasis here is 16 :) Good point!

I'm glad you liked the Sir Cadogan bit, because I know you were a lil disappointed that Tristan/Emily weren't totally platonic after all.

And I'm SO GLAD that the Twins getting trashed seemed fitting to you! I also think that Ron would have been a big drinker had there been time enough for that (and he wasn't distracted with Fighting Evil). I mean, he's the one who wants to try and get Firewhiskey in OotP when they visit the Hog's Head. And since we know the Twins to be "mischievous" and "rule breakers," I figured they had to be up to a bit of underaged partying that Harry didn't really know about.

But then they're also a bit young here to be drinking (almost 14, so not totally uncommon, but still young), so of course they get sick. Circumstance dictates.

And yes that's how they discovered the kitchens! Heeheehee. And I'm stoked you found the near-synchronized puking funny. I REALLY hoped that would work!


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Review #3, by wolfgirl17 

12th July 2015:
Hello again my dear Roisin,

Wolfgirl here once again with your requested review.

Let me just say that I'm so pleased you included the twins in this so much. I just love them. I especially loved the

"Extend the Hatchet!", "Bury the olive branch!"

quotes. Positively genius. You had me in giggle fits at work. It was just so Fred and George. Like, I can picture them sitting there shouting such things and McGonagall shooting them a chiding look from the staff table.

I did notice this little typo:
"“Well, aside from me and Fred now. And George, it he remembers.”

if you have the time to do a quick edit.

Honestly your stuff is so good that most of the time I feel like offering advice is just silly of me. You're clearly a fantastic author. How are things going at your publishing job??

As for you concern, the answer is yes. The story does keep my interest. It's a good read, and something different to the rot-your-teeth fluff I usually immerse myself in so it's a welcome change.

Keep up the great work, bud. You're doing awesome.


Author's Response: Hello!

Oh I'm SO glad to hear that you liked the twins and thought they worked! They are such beloved characters that I would hate to get them wrong, you know?

Thanks for pointing out that typo! Will get to it straight away :)

[publishing job: finished revision on the first book, which just got published, and waiting for the next manuscript to edit]

Thank you so much for this encouraging review :)


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Review #4, by Charlie Darwin's Favorite Finch 

19th May 2015:
Twitter tweet tweet!!

Despite what that stupid large tree finch might have you believe, I am truly Charlie's favorite finch. How could he not love my beautiful jet black feathers and my gorgeous beak, perfectly evolved to eat the tastiest of cacti? Also, I am the largest of his finches, so take that!

This chapter was especially appropriate for me to peck away at, seeing as I have often experienced a heightened state of euphoria due to overripe cacti. However, after sailing away on the Eagle (not a bagel, as my idiotic counterpart suggested), I haven't been able to find any cacti in the Land of Angles. This chapter will have to sustain me, but fortunately, it was so succulent and delicious that I am satisfied.

I think it's lovely that Emily would throw a party for Tristan, even if it got a little out of hand for her. It's quite good that she was able to keep the secret until party time, especially because she isn't very good at being sneaky. :^) The party was very nice. I like that Oliver Wood and Tristan seemed to forgive each other for their differences, although that might end up being a one-time thing, aided by alcohol and general festive spirit.

Emily's rapport with the house-elves is very fitting for her Hufflepuff status. I love that she keeps that secret from her peers, though they badger (haha) her and she's naturally bad at secret-keeping. Despite having beady eyes, I did spot the irony in her statement that she would divulge her secrets in case of emergency, and then the twins were the ones who benefited from her knowledge. The origin story of their knowledge of the kitchens was really appropriate for the narrative, and I like the connections that you make to canon. You're making excellent parallels and adding to the things that are known from the books in a very cool way.

The use of the Alacratus Charm to aid studious Ravenclaws did concern me a little. And the copious amounts of alcohol that young people consumed also worries me. I certainly hope that those little chicks don't fall out of their nests because of one too many beers or charms. I think that the Alacratus sounds very dangerous. However, you did an excellent job of portraying the substance abuse as something that was not a very good idea. I have a feeling that something even worse than a hangover is going to happen to one of them, and I don't think my small birdy heart will be able to handle it.

An excellent chapter! Charlie is waking up from his nap now... He's spilled ink all over his research journals, the silly man. I tried to tell him that a computer would be more conducive to writing a manuscript, but the man just doesn't listen.

Large Cactus Finch
(Charlie Darwin's Real Favorite Finch)

Author's Response: Haha, you're definitely right that there was a lot of social lubrication that helped reduce the friction between Tristan and Oliver. They are just NOT cut from the same cloth--but even so, there's no reason they can't be civil and amicable :)

One of the critical things to me about House Elves is the idea of taking advantage. Like, if you think about how much Kreacher changed in DH, it's obvious that elves should be treated more like mothers than like servants. Like, they should have authority in their service. So yeah, not taking advantage of their cultural desire to nurture is the critical issue there, and I think Hufflepuffs are best equipped to treat Elves with dignity and respect (and then there's the proximity to the kitchens and my established headcanon that they're stoners). And yeah, making up some origin stories for the twins was SUPER fun for me!

Mind altering charms are definitely a DANGEROUS game. One thing I hoped to show in this chapter is how there's a lot of grey area among teenage experimental strategies. Like, it isn't just "straight edge" or "druggie"--some people are more or less responsible, and maybe go to a party and mess around with things every now and then. Some people go way too far and hurt themselves. Some people moralize substance use, and behave as though intention is more important than outcome ("if I'm doing it to get better grades then it isn't the same thing") Even among Tristan's friends, they aren't all the same. Emily and Laurel for example can hardly get painted with the same brush, even though they hang out all the time and get dubbed with the same "hex head" label.


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Review #5, by pointless_proclamations 

4th May 2015:
“Extend the hatchet!” cried George.

“Bury the olive branch!” agreed Fred.

ROISIN! I am laughing so much right now. The twins are a riot. I continue to love them. Your sense of humour is spectacular and that is the one of the many things I love about you. Oh my and the 'friendship' between the group and Sir Cadogan makes for quite hilarious dialogue.

Emily's use of the kitchens is brilliant. That was an excellent touch. :D

Aww! Emily and Tristan, maybe? That was so adorable. Was the awkwardness on Emily's part coming from the desire for a purely platonic relationship or from the part of her that may be more inclined for a bit of romance? [waggles eyebrows]

Ah the guest list. It interestingly reflects on what sort don't think too badly of Tristan. Or at least those who enjoy a seriously good party. Either way, there is a shed load of Hugglepuffs. (My phone did that. I think I'll keep it. :P )

'They didn’t think of it as Recreational Magic, though, since they weren't doing it for fun' :(

Oh and when Emily glanced over at Laurel when Stan mentioned self-spelling!! ROISIN WHY?

I remain unfazed by a smoking Cedric. It seems to fit.

Wow this is a mad party! Holy cow. There is so much going on here and so much that is wrong. I'm theorising the social impact of this. Is it for just this one night these partygoers are having fun or will the fun continue outside of the mirror?

ANOTHER FANTASTIC CHAPTER. HOW DO YOU DO IT? I am eager to continue reading on.


Author's Response: Em!

Hahahah, while writing I was constantly surprised by all the ridiculous things the twins say. It felt more like they were saying them than I was writing them, and it was never planned!

I think most of Emily's friends are pretty aware that she has a crush on Tristan. Or perhaps 'crush' isn't the right word. She doesn't pine for him, but she definitely likes him in a comfortable sort of way.

'Shed load,' ha! And yeah, I figure Puffs would be the most open-minded of anyone :)

I'm glad smoking Cedric fits for you. I kind of wanted to show that not ALL youthful experimentation is the same. Some people can have fun at a party and be a bit naughty, but it's not a black-and-white thing, and not everyone is as self-destructive as Tristan and Co. (even WITHIN Tristan and Co. there are varying levels).

Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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Review #6, by mymischiefmanaged 

28th December 2014:
Hi Roisin! So, I've left 99 reviews so far during 2014 and thought I'd like to hit 100 before the end of the year. I've been meaning to get back to reviewing your wonderful work for a long time now, and it seemed like a pretty worthy contender for review number 100 :)

Chapters in Emily's point of view are almost always my favourite in 'Year Five'. I find her such a compelling character, and generally feel she's a bit more likeable than the others, so I was happy to start this chapter through her eyes.

The main thing I want to say is that you write Fred and George SO WELL. You keep them absolutely in character, and we can see how they're the same people we see through Harry's eyes, but you also manage to present them in a slightly different light to acknowledge that they're hanging out with older students rather than their little brother and his friends. I don't know if I've said this to you before, but one of the things I find most impressive about this story is the way that you keep characters consistent with what Harry sees while demonstrating that people are different in different company. I think your characterisation of Fred and George is perhaps the best example of this, although you do it well with Oliver and Cedric as well.

Sir Cadogan is fab. I love the inclusion of the portrait characters in Rowling's work, and think they're often neglected in fanfiction. I like that you've chosen to include him, and all his dialogue is very true to canon (as everything in your story is).

The party is lovely. With your cast of characters you could have made it some absolutely insane, out of hand party full of drinks/drugs, but I think the chatty, relaxed atmosphere you wrote is more true to what this story is about. The fact Tristan's friends are so careful to invite people he'll feel happy and comfortable around says wonderful things about their relationships, and the party has a very inclusive vibe to it which I like a lot. Another of my favourite things about your four main characters is their willingness to be friends with people of different ages and in different houses. It says something nice about each of them that they choose to look beyond the way people are separated to decide who they want to be friends with.

Finally, I totally forgive your lapse from canon to include the Hufflepuff password being "Hufflepuff". It's fantastic, and I bet if Rowling had thought about it she would have done it herself. It fits in so well with this idea of Hufflepuffs being laid back and cheerful and friendly, and I like that they just don't feel the same need to be exclusive about their space as the other houses. I also love how well you write Emily as a part of this House, and fit the Hufflepuff traits into her complicated character.

Sorry about the somewhat rambly review. You know how much I love this story :)

Lots of love,

Emma xx

Author's Response: Emma! It means a weird amount to me that I get to be review 100!

I'm so glad you find Emily likable AND compelling! I almost worried, writing, that since I liked her TOO much she wouldn't be interesting enough. But then I was like OH WHATEVER HUFFLEPUFFS RULE AND ARE THE BEST.

*Squee* That is EXACTLY what I was trying to do with the Twins! Like, they would at once seem younger (because they are getting looked at by older people), but also older (because they aren't around their little brother). And just like, of COURSE they would have partied a little bit! In canon, Ron clearly /wants/ to, but is too busy fighting evil and all (he's all like, "OOH LET'S GET FIREWHISKEY" but Hermione's all like "SHHH WE'RE PLANNING A REVOLUTION AGAINST UMBRIDGE, SIT DOWN").

I read somewhere that Sir Cadogan was based on a real (legendary) Knight of the Round Table known for Chivalry! I was pretty deep in a research rabbit-hole at the time, though, so I could never find it again!

I'm so glad the party came off well! I thought it was more realistic that Tristan and co. aren't the ONLY people that might, like, drink and stuff. Like, Oliver would definitely be a drinker, but I'd see him being pretty moderate about it until he got a little older, and never developing a problem (maybe some binging in his late teens/twenties, but only in as much as is typical for his age).

Hufflepuffs definitely have an unfair reputation for being 'dumb'--so I loved that their password might SEEM dumb, but then actually be really clever (like, it's so obvious that no one would ever guess it).

Eee! This review made me so happy! And rambly reviews are my favorite, so no worries!


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Review #7, by Slide 

19th December 2014:
The Last Good Day - yeah, I was feeling like we've kind of finished our Ordinary World, now it's time to start ruining everything with all of the setup in place!

Fred and George, I love you. You write them well; sometimes it's so easy to get them being a bit too... creepily prescient in terms of finishing each others' sentences. But this feels like a natural banter and routine than anything else.

Laurel... you are absent for a reason. I HAVE MY EYE ON YOU. Spellotaping a note to her head sounds like what friends do. ...it's what I'd do. Okay, even though she shows up later, missing something as significant as the birthday cocktails is not irrelevant. And nobody really reacts to it; they should, but they're clearly too jaded by now. But her not using any charms at the party is WEIRD.

Transfiguring rocks for decoration and furniture... this makes sense. There are times Potterverse's magic makes the whole rest of the world, and economics, make no sense! Oliver Wood being a good dancer is pretty amazing. Having a great dance with Isobel is even more excellently fun.

I take back what I said about the twins and their weird synchronising - kidding. This is what happens when you give 13-14 year-olds booze, people! Let that be a lesson to you! And I can't fault the Hufflepuff password logic, which upsets me.

I really enjoy this chapter, there's just not a huge amount to say about it! The party's well-written - parties can be a pain to get the atmosphere of, young characters doing silly dancing and drinking and all that flows naturally, when it can be hard to get such an essentially physical kind of environment down in prose without it being clunky. Tristan and Emily are clearly getting closer, though it's hard to gauge what's 'progress' and what's just how it's always been, when we're coming to these characters several years into their relationships. Perhaps she's always been this overt. Perhaps he's always been this clueless. BOYS.

Ah well, Onward, to Torment and Angst, I'm sure!

Author's Response: Oh yes--there's only so long they can keep going as they are.

I was so intimidated to write the Twins! Luckily, because I love them so much, it's like KNOWING someone--they very much wrote themselves!

Your reviews make me giggle out loud a LOT :D So all has been revealed to you already about Laurel, but I'm really happy to see that you had those reactions at this point! (And liked the spellotaping bit--I was particularly proud of that, though it hadn't gotten any comments before)

Bahahaha--I so nearly didn't write that dance-off, and then felt like, SCREW IT I AM WRITING A MICHAEL JACKSON DANCE OFF. (Plus, I wanted to redeem Wood a little. Like, 'sorry I made you such an aggressive prat before. Here's some sweet dance moves to make up for it!')

Synchronised puking, bahahahaha. SORRYNOTSORRY. Gosh this is a self-indulgent chapter... Like keeping the Hufflepuff password joke even though it broke pottermore canon.

I don't usually listen to music when I write, but ended up making a playlist to get into the mood of this chapter. I'm so glad you think the whole tone and writing and all came off!

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Review #8, by teh tarik 

18th September 2014:

I can't get Billie Jean outta my head now.

Whatever the booze clue was, I didn't notice it. Or anything strange. Except perhaps, it kept multiplying before the party started. But I thought that was because more and more uninvited guests with seemingly unlimited access to booze were turning up and adding to the party. And everything being drunk to the last drop at the end.

You know, I read that last sentence in a funny way: Every last drop of alcohol had been drunk.

I somehow mistakenly attributed the definition of 'drunk' to 'intoxicated', rather than 'imbibed'. So imagine how weird it is thinking about alcohol being intoxicated. (If you didn't intend this, I just might cram this as an offhand reference into Background noise. :P But if you did, then don't worry.)

So, this is the most detailed party I've ever read in a fic on this site. My god, I just wish I was there. SERIOUSLY. And most parties I've seen take place in the Room of Requirement, but since your story follows canon very strictly, I don't think most people would have known about the room during Harry's first year. So using one of those caved-in passages then Fred and George know about fromt he Marauders' Map was a brilliant touch.

Emily is just, honestly, the best. And Tristan seems oblivious. Or unresponsive. But one of the scenes I absolutely adored and giggled over was the whole chaperone thing with Sir Cadogan. Good lord, Cadogan's characterisation was completely amazing: his old-fashioned speech, his offer to be their chaperone, etc.

And Laurel being relatively happy without any Cheering seems suspicious, I dunno? Maybe I'm reading too much into this. Maybe this has something to do with the mysterious self-spelling as mentioned by Stan Perkins?

So THAT is how F&G discover the entrance to the kitchens. Emily showed them! While they were both rip-roaringly drunk! Well, the Hufflepuff Wisdom has been spread. There can't have been a better way in which they discover the secret of the kitchens, seriously.



Author's Response: BILLIE JEAN HAS BEEN STUCK IN MY HEAD SINCE I WROTE THIS! I seriously listened to it on repeat while writing!

Oh man, the last drops being drunk! I hadn't thought of that, but I kind of like it! (And, ps, that was the clue! Basically, when Emily left the party room, there was a lot of booze left, and the next morning, it was gone. WHERE DID IT GO?)

I considered the RoR, but it shows up later, and YES, since it doesn't show up on the map, the Twins didn't know about it yet. Plus, it just seems too *easy.* I mean, it would have responded with way too much awesome stuff, and then that would have taken focus over the *human* fun at the party. Plus, if such a big party had been there, Harry/the school would have probably found out about it sooner.

I read somewhere while researching that Sir Cadogan is a reference to a mythological Knight from Arthurian legend, who was known for Chivalry. Could never find it again, though! He might have been one of my favorite people(?) to write!

YEE! I'm so glad you like how I did the kitchen reveal! And RIGHT?!?! Harry might not have known about it, but the Twins MUST HAVE been drunk during some of their discoveries because *of course they were.*


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Review #9, by Midnight spark 

11th September 2014:
Hey, Review swap!

Ooh... I noticed that subtle hint about Oliver! ;)

So many people were introduced! Siobhan, Stan, Lee, Angelina (and Cedric too!) and of course, Oliver. I loved reading about the party, it seemed very realistic to me.

Hufflepuff's password is 'Hufflepuff'? Genius, really. No one will guess it. That was my favorite scene.

Thanks for the swap!


Author's Response: Before I reply, I'M SO SORRY I'M TAKING SO LONG WITH OUR SWAP! I am the worst! Forgive me! I promise I haven't forgot, I just haven't had the time to sit down and write it out!

Yay, glad you noticed about Oliver! No one else has mentioned it!

I enjoyed writing that party scene *way too much.* And I had to come up with TONS of OCs, since there were so few canon characters named above Year Three.

I'm super stoked you liked the Hufflepuff password thing! That's tricky, because there's actually disagreement in the canon as to how one gets in. Before Pottermore, it was suggested to be a "pass rhyme", but then Pottermore says it's sort of a tapping thing. Since the canon was inconsistent (and I liked the joke!) I decided it was okay to do my own thing!



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Review #10, by Gabriella Hunter 

6th September 2014:

This is Gabbie from the forums once again leaving you a review and I'm here a lot sooner than usual so that just makes me feel fantastic!

Ah, I see you are taking a bit of a break from our groups drama with this chapter and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. A change of pace is never a bad thing and I thought that this was a great little bit before we delve back into the story and I'm curious to see what might happen next, considering that all of the booze mysteriously disappeared. Or perhaps was drunk? I'm not sure but there's something about that that's got me thinking that things aren't going to go as simply as I think. Hm...

Anyway, I was glad to see that the gang had such a good time and I really loved the idea of the party for Tristan. The idea was really touching and I think that you're really good at adding in the slightest bits of canon from the actual books in the story--I noticed everything from that caved in secret passageway to the Weasley twins sudden knowledge of the kitchens--and it really makes your story come alive. I've always liked that you never put so much emphasis on those little details and they never take away from your plot, which is something that's very hard to do so great job as usual! :D

I really thought that, since this was generally fluff and awesomeness that there was going to be a moment between Emily and Tristan. They really did seem to get a bit closer and he seemed to appreciate all the work that she put into organizing the party and her gifts (I counted all of those tight hugs) so I'm wondering if anything is going to come from that? Perhaps that's just the flicker of a romantic heart that's getting excited but I'm going to keep my fingers crossed.

Also, I approve of using Blondie's "Atomic" but that's just because I am a music lover.

Now, I really enjoyed the last little scenes before the chapter ended with the Weasley twins. They're always a delight and I've never said this before I don't think but you write them so wonderfully! They feel very fluid and real, I can tell when some authors (Such as myself) have trouble keeping them in synch while also giving them life of their own so its just fantastic what you've done there. Also, they can't hold their booze. Hahaha.

I was happy to see the gang all together again and having a good time but Laurel's behavior is starting to worry me. I have a slight hunch on what might be troubling her and it might be a bit far out but I'll just keep that to myself right now! Hehehehe.

Well, I adored this chapter as you can see and everything was flawless as always! I hope to see you again soon! I, of course will leave a much gushier review for the next chapter.

Much love,


Author's Response: Yay, Gabbie!

I definitely tried to write at least one pleasant/fun/fluffy chapter per act in this story, to keep the story dynamic. And so I really indulged with the fun here. Hence: DANCE OFF!

I'll reference Occam's Razor/the principle of parsimony here: the simplest answer is usually the right answer :) So glad you noticed the booze got drunk! I introduced all these different boozes and bottles over the course of the chapter, and was hoping readers would keep an eye on what went where.

And YEE! I'm so glad you liked how I did canon here! I basically figured that I didn't need to make too much stuff up, since there was already so much to go on in canon. Need a place for a party? Go look through the wiki and find the most suitable secret room! And since the Twins didn't know about the RoR yet, that was out.

I'm SO happy that the reaction to the Twins has been good! They are SUCH great characters, and it's quite a challenge to rise to Rowling levels of humor. I decided since they are younger than the others, that I could give a slightly different, and also more personal perspective on them (plus: dramatic irony. Fred kind of emerges as the more responsible one, a little). And yeah, since they are only 13(!), I figured that if they *were* drinking, they would hardly be perfectly graceful and mature about it.

You have a hunch about Laurel??? What is it?? I wanna know!


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Review #11, by crestwood 

5th September 2014:
Okay, continuing my reviewing from last night. I wish I had more time so I could binge read this, but real life is too busy existing!! Nonetheless, I am here now, so I'll give you at least one tonight.

I really enjoyed this little piece of fluff here in the middle of a pretty angsty story. I liked to see the main group being a bit more social outside of themselves. The scene with Sir Cadogan was great, especially because we got some more Emily and Tristan time.

This is the most musically inclined fic I have ever read on this site. The party was one of my favorite party scenes ever. It's not that you didn't write that everyone was drinking and doing drugs/spells, but it didn't feel like it was all about that. It felt genuinely *fun* even without all of the substances. The music requests and their dancing and everyone getting along was a perfect birthday party for Tristan. Also, speaking of people getting along, I now ship Oliver/Tristan. I know that it isn't going to happen in this story, but I'm telling myself that in the future it might.

I love that Fred and George know all of this stuff about the castle thanks to the map, but they still had something to learn with the kitchens. It gives us a bit of what you where getting at in the summary about them teaching the twins everything they know.

Oh, and the gifts suited him so well. I mean, A Brief History of Time is like one of the most Muggle things there is (and actually showed up in the films) and I wish I could go back in time and listen to Nevermind for the first time again.

The study spells were a bit of genius. I didn't consider other reasons for abusing spells, but that's a great one. Also, the 'self-spelling' line reminded me of the stigma against drinking alone since that is also supposed to be the point at which you have stopped doing it for fun and begun a dependence. It's so interesting seeing all of these parallels to real life in this story. I'm so glad I skipped to this story in my review thread because I have been in desperate need of a long story to get obsessed with lately. I just love everything about this and I don't know if I'll ever have any CC for you because so far I'm afraid I am just admiring this amazing piece of work.

Author's Response: Hello again!!

Looking back at the way this story unfolds, it definitely has a three act structure--so there's at least one fluffier chapter per act to break up the angst. AND OH MAN, they were all so fun to write! I definitely debated with myself whether or not to go super self-indulgent here, and then said screw it and wrote an honest-to-god dance off :D (definitely listened to Billie Jean on repeat while I did that scene)

The music was all really fun here too, because I didn't want to just throw in a bunch of stuff I personally like. Instead, I focused on what worked best with the story, what was era appropriate, and tried to use it like an exposition device. That said, I feel like Tristan would probably be the kind of guy to go through a NIN phase at some point, and I just don't know that band super well, so they didn't make the cut.

YAY! I am SO STOKED that you are shipping Oliver/Tristan!!! It is, indeed, doomed--but it makes me SO happy anyway!

Haha, I put a WEIRD amount of thought into birthday presents in this story--and I totally forgot that Brief History of Time showed up in the films! And as a GREAT cameo, no less!

And yeah, "study spells"--definitely some real world parallels there. And you are super bang on about self-spelling! I sort of pictured is as holding similar stigma as drinking alone and shooting up, and having similar implications.

Your amazing kind words leave me at such a loss for what to say! THANK YOU!


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Review #12, by TidalDragon 

31st August 2014:
I enjoyed this chapter with the increased interaction between the core group and other individuals. It hearkened back to the idea of house unity that you brought up as one of their goals, and I thought having that be addressed the context of Tristan's birthday party with everyone contributing (even Oliver, who buried the hatchet) and dancing to Muggle music was a nice touch.

Still, you managed to sprinkle in some nice clues about Laurel's ongoing issues and demonstrate some of what you mentioned in the summary about the group teaching Fred and George things about Hogwarts. I missed the booze clue personally, but perhaps it will pop into my head later if it's going to become a thing.

My only bone to pick was how quickly Fred sobered up. I suppose strictly speaking he wasn't as drunk as George, but he was still drunk enough to throw up, which makes his return to relative sobriety a little hurried to me, but oh well.

See you next chapter (though I don't think I'll make it all the way through by the end of the day, I've added this to my reading list to finish up and follow as much as I'm able. It's very unique and enjoyable so far)!

Author's Response: Yay, thank you! I'm really happy that themes that got introduced earlier, and later get further examined or resolved, is coming through! I'd never written long-form fiction like this before, and the distance between "have idea in head, put down words, words make idea in other people's heads"--while BASIC, is fascinating to me! That it's working is amazing!

The booze clue isn't a huge deal--the answer is: compare the amount of booze left when Emily leaves the room for the kitchens, with the amount left when she returns the next day. But the story will get there anyway :)

Good point about Fred--I guess he puked out of solidarity, and sometimes people sober up rapidly after vomiting, but overall I think you're right. I'll try to clarify that when I revise.

Thank you so much for reviewing! Because of you, this story is creeping up to 100 reviews, which is a MAJOR milestone for me :)

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Review #13, by AlexFan 

26th August 2014:
Sorry I took so long with this but weekends are never good times for reviewing apparently so I'm here today!

I'm so glad that I haven't been totally useless with my reviews, I feel quite proud of myself right now actually.

I liked the more light-hearted feel of this chapter as opposed to what seemed to be brooding from all of the characters in the previous chapters.

I liked how you showed that not everyone was as into house rivalry as Harry and his friends seemed to be. The party showed that whatever problems the houses had with each other everyone was capable of getting over them and getting along and having fun together. It was kind of sad that Tristan was the only Slytherin there because it's kind of like no matter what everyone seems to still have problems with Slytherins but at the same time, it doesn't seem as if Tristan actually likes any of the people from his house, so it was best that no one from Slytherin was there.

I especially loved how Tristan and Oliver seemed to be getting along. Not everyone would be able to just forgive and forget something that Oliver did but he and Tristan seemed to have moved on from that little spit of theirs. Then again, they could've just been drunk so who knows.

I also liked how you showed what different spells were used for by different people. Tristan and his friends do recreational spells because it's fun and for other reasons whereas people like Siobhan do it to help keep them going during crunch time and to keep themselves focussed.

I was so happy to see the discovery of the kitchens because it adds some background to how Fred and George learned about the place (although you'd think they would've figured out what with the map and all). But I was very excited to see that.

Again, sorry for the delay with this!

Author's Response: Hello again! Thank you so much for the reviewww!!!

Yeah, I ended up adding a LOT of fluff to this chapter last minute (DANCE OFF?!?!?!), because I try to inject a little light-heartedness into all the angst as much as I can :)

I feel like ALL the Slytherins aren't bad--but Tristan just kind of writes them all off because of the bad apples. Then of course, no one would bother to invite any :(

And yeah, after seeing parties get blown up and become ragers when I was this age--I figured tons of people from different houses would end up just showing up.

I am definitely FAR from disliking Wood; their little conflict was a lot to do with prejudices and misunderstandings, so I wanted to give them both the opportunity to work past it. And yeah, it helped that he was drunk!

The same way I thought of magic being abused recreationally, I realized people might use it for studying. Definitely a common occurrence at my college, unfortunately. (I mean, not MAGIC, obviously, but medication).

And AH! The map! You raise a GREAT point! Although, I might be able to explain it away: once when Harry used the map, it sort of gave him the password. But for the kitchens, you have to tickle the pear--and since (in canon), people are labeled dots, then there's no way to indicate "TICKLE PEAR".

Thank you so much for the review, and no worries about delays!


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Review #14, by marauderfan 

11th July 2014:
Hi! Very sorry with how long it's taken me to get to your request! I was in the middle of nowhere for a month with no internet. Please forgive me - here's some cake as a bribe.

Also, HOW did you get 11 new chapters up while I was gone?! ELEVEN? Actually I'm kind of excited to have so much to read now :D

Ok but now your review. Sir Cadogan escorting Emily and Tristan was funny. Actually, everything Sir Cadogan ever does is funny, both in the books and in this fic. :D And I definitely noticed all sorts of hints at a future Tristan/Emily relationship, although probably very far in the future, since I think Tristan is pretty oblivious to his friend's feelings.

This was a great chapter - sounds like a blast of a party! I love that Tristan invited Oliver. And that he was the only one calling in requests on Muggle Music Hour. And a dance party! That sounds like the best dance party ever.

The chapter may have been primarily fluff/filler, but this is where the Weasley twins learn about the Hogwarts kitchen, and that's a huge event! Hahaah, poor twins though, that's a rough night. What I really love about this chapter though, is that it shows how much the misfit Hex Head group shares with the twins and vice versa, how mutualistic their friendship is. The twins let them in on their secret passageway, Emily shares her secret of the kitchens. I thought it was sweet.

Potential discrepancies I noticed: Emily predicts that the caved-in hallway could comfortably host only ten people, but there are far more than ten people at that party. Magic (a la GoF tents at the world cup that are bigger on the inside)? Is the party in the TARDIS? Now that I read that paragraph over, I think you meant that she was expecting only ten people - but the way it's worded it sounds like there's room for only ten people, so you might want to just tweak the wording there.

And also, as much as I adored the fact that the Hufflepuff password is Hufflepuff, and the resulting teasing conversation between the twins and Emily, on Pottermore JKR reveals that the password to the Puff common room is actually a series of tapping on one of the barrels across the corridor (to the rhythm of "Helga Hufflepuff" - so yep :P) Anyway, I thought I'd let you know because I know you're really set on this story being 100% canon, so something to consider (if you consider Pottermore info as canon). If you want, I'm a Hufflepuff on Pottermore and I can PM you the whole spiel about the barrels that JKR provides. (Does this make me a traitor to my house for telling our password all over the internet? :P )

Anyway, the story is absolutely still keeping my interest and I'm excited that I have 10 more chapters to read before I have to wait for another one.

I love your endnotes, by the way. I'm a sucker for all things trivia, and this is like Year Five Trivia, hooray! :D I'll definitely be back!

Author's Response: Oh yay! Hello again!

Yeah, the queue was insanely short for a week, it was a beautiful time.

Ah! The hufflepuff password. I heard about the Pottermore thing, but the HP wiki said it was a 'pass-rhyme.' Because there was conflict, and I liked the joke, I dissented. I would very much like to know the details from Pottermore, though, and may change it. Let me know if you ever catch more canon discrepancies!

And you are the second person to get thrown off by the "ten people" thing, so I will definitely edit that. I did mean that she was only expecting ten, and that the space was overlarge. The confusion in the wording probably came from my going back last minute and deciding to underline the "parties get blown up very quickly" thing. Thanks for pointing it out!

I'm glad you liked Fred and George finding out about the kitchens! I liked the idea that the twins didn't discover everything on their own, and that even if Harry never knew Tristan and co., their influence was around.

While doing research, I found something saying that Sir Cadogan was a Knight of the Round table known for chivalry--but I could never find it again!

And I'm very glad that you like the end notes! I can't really resist writing them :)

Thanks so much for another review!


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Review #15, by CambAngst 

10th July 2014:
Party! Party! Seriously, that sounded like a fun party. OK, quick formality:

House Cup 2014 Review

I read this chapter last night, but once again it seemed prudent to wait until I was a little less brain-dead before reviewing.

Ah, the Weasley Twins. Purveyors of fine mischief and mischief-related services to the Hogwarts community for just shy of seven years. I wonder whether they found the room behind the mirror on the Marauder's Map or whether it was genuinely their own discovery?

Interesting. When I read this last night, I missed the fact that it was Tristan's idea to invite Wood. Wow, that boy is complicated. Smart, too. I love Fred and George's reaction to being told.

This seems like a good spot to stop and compliment you on the way that you've sought out canon surnames to create original characters. Given the relatively small size of the British magical community, I think that approach makes a lot of sense.

Laurel didn’t come at all. -- Is it just me, or do I sense a major crash coming up in her near-term future. Either a crash or an intervention, I would think. Possibly both.

Ha! Sir Cadogan is totally onto them! In fact, maybe he understands more than they do. I guess when you live in a school for a few centuries, watching generation after generation of teenagers pass by, you get to be a pretty good judge of these things.

"June," he improvised, throwing his arm around her shoulder. "And our chaperone only just stepped out." To Emily, he whispered, "play along, it'll make him happy." Hmmmnnn... Tristan, you sly devil!

"That was big of him," replied Oliver, unsarcastically. -- It really was. I'm glad to see that you made Oliver basically a decent guy in the end.

So I feel compelled to stop and ask at this point: How do these students smuggle so much booze into the castle? Bottles of liquor are one thing -- compact, easily hidden -- but entire cases of beer? Filch is slacking!

Every Hufflepuff years five through seven had turned up, as well as most of the upper level Ravenclaws and Gryffindors. Tristan was still the only Slytherin. -- I'll nit-pick you a smidge on that passage, because earlier you mentioned that the collapsed passage could hold around ten people. You might want to tweak that description a bit, because I do like the idea of a large party.

It seems that even some of the castle's "A students" have a bit of a recreational magic habit. I remember kids like that from college, using everything from caffeine to asthma inhalers to stay up and study just those few extra hours.

And then the Weasley twins start puking. Ah, the novice drinkers at their first big party. There's a story that transcends the muggle and magical worlds effortlessly.

The House Elves are so nice to the students. I love that throughout six books set at Hogwarts, nobody was ever once turned in by a House Elf for breaking the rules. Because there's little doubt that the House Elves knew everything that was going on.

I didn't see a single typo as I was reading this chapter, so kudos on your editing! It was a fun read, even if it was a bit fluffy. I think it definitely added to the story. Great job!

Author's Response: First off, your reviews are really thorough and insightful, and I super appreciate that you take the time to leave such good ones!

The collapsed passage behind the mirror crops up in canon, and is listed on the Marauder's Map, so they could easily have found it there.

And yes, canon surnames. With only 35-50 students graduating Hogwarts a year, it must be a tiny population! Also, it was fun finding a character for someone to be related to, and helped a lot with coming up with names (if someone had a brother or sister named, I looked up common sibling names--I also looked up most common English baby names in the mid seventies for naming the muggle teens).

Ah yes, their encounter with Cagogan--my attempt at shipping. Romance isn't my strong suit, so playing it as awkwardness and subtle comedy was easiest for me. Also, it let me bury yet another very big hint!

Yes, I definitely like the idea of seeing a basically good person from another POV (Tristan and Wood the first time round), but Wood is hardly a bad guy in the books. A bit of a jock, and passionate to the point of obnoxiousness, which I could play with--but ultimately a nice guy.

Ah, the excess booze. I figure the older students who are of age have an easier time sneaking things in, maybe? They know magic way beyond what Filch could detect, and they have practice.

Size of party: I will rewrite that bit, didn't mean for it to be confusing. I'd tried to suggest that the space was over-large for a party of ten, because that's all Emily thought it would be. But from my experience as a teen, word of parties tends to spread fast, and become ragers rather quickly.

And yeah, "study spells"--figured there had to be a magical equivalent to what kids at my college called "study drugs."

You make an excellent point about the elves never turning students in. The concept of House Elves was one of my favorites in the books--another statement about power and corruption, and how power is only ok when used to serve others. Also, the tricky issues of exploitation, but also Hermione's cultural insensitivity. Now I'm rambling, but yes, House Elves are potent!


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Review #16, by water_lily43175 

19th June 2014:
"Extend the hatchet! Bury the olive branch!" BAHAHA.

Fluff, as you say, but a very enjoyable chapter nevertheless. The story of how Fred and George discovered the kitchens is revealed! I also liked Tristan and Oliver Wood sorting out their issues, bless them. :)

Inspired music choices, too! Love the thought that Tristan was the only person requesting songs in Muggle Hour, haha.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time for these reviews! It's really encouraging to see where things have worked, and that little jokes or little analysis are resonating.

To say, as I did in the story summary, that Tristan and his friends taught the Weasley's *everything* they know is a little exaggerated--but they definitely taught them about the kitchens!

Thanks again so-so-so much (: The next chapter ("Troll in the Dungeons") has been validated, and the following one is in the queue!


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Review #17, by emmacweasley 

17th June 2014:
Hello again. I'm absolutely loving this story. I think that the characterization is really great, and even the OC's are very believable. I really do appreciate the research thats gone into this. I also really love the term 'hex heads.' I think it's cute (even though it's basically a term for wizard drug addicts.) To be honest, I don't usually like fics that bring so much muggle stuff in, like substance abuse and pop culture and all that, but for some reason it's not bothering me here. I also appreciate having a character like tristan that's kind of leaning towards his muggle side. I like that he's kind of upset that he's expected to, well, WANT to be a wizard.

I'm quite ready for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to review! I really did spend so very much time on research, so I'm glad that you appreciate it (I figure, Rowling created such a big world, it isn't up to me to make more, unless I've exhausted her supply of canon).

It's also really encouraging to read your review--because I figured certain elements wouldn't be to everyone's taste (I dunno if you know the show "skins", but this was designed as "skins set at Hogwarts").

As for Tristan, and I feel like I'm "telling over showing" by saying this straight out, but he was supposed to be a sort of 'anti-Potter.' The mirror image, which is to say, reversed. Two sides, one coin, kinda thing.

The whole story is fully written and edited, so the wait-time between chapters is exactly as long as the queue. I'm really interested to hear your thoughts moving forward!

Thanks again for taking the time to leave an insightful review,

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