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Review #1, by Ninja in Training 

2nd January 2016:
ugh no...no rebecca please make her go away...

Author's Response: *sends Rebecca far away*

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Review #2, by oldershouldknowbetter 

23rd January 2015:
Review#12: the review which contains a monster (and it’s not James as a dragon).

How telling is it, as to Abigail’s character, what her reasons are for enjoying her two favourite holidays. Christmas she enjoys because she is at home with her dad and can be who she is without fear of judgement. Halloween she enjoys because she can dress up and become who she wants to be, thinking that people won’t see the real Abigail underneath.

But people are not going with it and Abigail cannot stand to be the only one dressed up, that would defeat the result that Abigail desires.

Muggle Studies may once again provide the answer to her disappointments. James is so excited and I realise that this is one of the aspects of your characterisation of him – he has become a decent young man but he has not entirely forgotten or discarded the joys and passions of his youth.

He provides a needed counterpoint to Abigail’s concerns and fears – he won’t care what people think of him going around the castle as a dragon. Stuff them he’s having fun. Abigail needs to take some cues from him.

Oh some closeness ensues as one of the ‘love smells’ makes itself known – the coconut smell of James’ shampoo. They get close, but a paintbrush stands between them; that and the yawning chasm of Abigail’s self-doubt.

We are introduced to another … I’m tempted to say another biatch, but only time will tell. She is definitely jealous and possessive of James, even Abigail can see that, but again her insecurities make her wonder what the other girl could be jealous of.

Michelle apologises to Abigail. This is part of her roundedness as a character, she can learn she can be better than herself, but it may be too little too late and her true nature may only lie just below the surface. If you make someone too evil then they become a caricature and can drag the story down into … trying to phrase this right … badly written rubbish.

Michelle knows that Halloween is one of her friend’s favourites – so she has paid some attention to Abigail after all.

Rebecca is brought to our attention once again: we were correct she is going to be a biatch.

Author's Response: Yep, she loves them because she can pretend to be someone else, or be away from other people at her school's judgement.

Nope, people aren't going along with it, poor Abigail.

It may! and it does! James loves dressing up and being other people, and he kinda has no fear over what other people think of him. If he wants to dress up then he'll be dressing up! He is very excited, he's like a child and he could never forget that excitement... otherwise he wouldn't be the James I love to write.

Abigail does need to take some cues from him.

Oh yes! it certainly does make one of the love smells known! :D Coconut is on the list! I should make little reminders at the beginning of chapters, or give out bingo cards for you all to check off!

Oh yes! We are introduced to another! in the form of Rebecca who is not a nice person at all!

But do we believe her apology? Is she only saying it because she has noone else to be around? Pretty much! Even though she's not a terrible friend at all times, she does know that Abigail's favourite holiday is Halloween after all.

Thank you!!! :D

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Review #3, by ReeBee 

12th December 2014:
Okay fine i wasn't expecting Michelle's apology :P But I'm still suspicious… she isn't that nice and doesn't seem like the type to change herself that quickly… though I may be wrong! only the coming chapters can tell ;)

Oh my god though the felsss!!! I feel like a more upbeat version of an Ed Sheeran song! And I think the monster is Rebecca :P Abigail is too cute, even with the jealousy! And she didnt do anything about the jealousy unlike Rebecca and the stupid grin at the end.

AND THE DRAGON THING IS SO CUTE!!! Like his childish yet amazing self confidence is to die for!!! And Abigail obviously really really loves that kind of stuff especially since there are hints that she wishes that she could have confidence like that!!! And maybe she will after hanging out some more (sque) with James!!!

THAT SHAMPOO BIT KILLED ME!!! I could picture it so vividly and the close proximity of him and his SMELL!!! And his warm breath on her skin it was all too much to handle!!! Ah!!! Man do you know how to write to get all readers feelings all up and excited and dying :P Like honestly its amazing!!! As a side night, i really cant imagine coconut shampoo and how it would smell.. like idk why but my imagination does not reach those lengths…

Cant wait for the next one!!!

Stay perfect and fabulous,
Curie :)

Author's Response: Fun fact: Always be suspicious of Michelle! She normally does things for a reason.

Awww that is quite a lot of feels to be compared with an Ed Sheeran song! Oh yes, the monster is so Rebecca. Oh Abigail! She keeps her feelings inside.

Haha would James be any other way? James is really good for Abigail's confidence.

:P hehehehe thank you!! *squishes you with all the hugs* You can't imagine coconut shampoo? I love that stuff so much! Smells like holidays in the sun haha

Thank you so much you are so amazing and perfect!

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Review #4, by icingonmycake 

17th August 2014:
*Gasp!* The plot thickens. I loved the face painting and James telling Abigail that his shampoo is coconut. Rebecca needs to die. Yes. I am a freak. Sorry.
But anyway, the best moment had to be Michelle's apology, because WOW. I can just imagine James as a dragon, strutting about the halls, not in the least bothered by the stares he's getting from people.

Author's Response: *gasps* It does! :D hahaha you're not a freak! I feel the same way. :P

Oh yeah! Michelle apologised! I almost fainted. James is a special guy and he does love to dress up. He doesn't care what anyone else thinks of him.

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Review #5, by potterfan310 

29th June 2014:
Finally I'm able to read this!!!

I'm not a big fan of Halloween but the way you've described it makes it sound so much fun!! Plus I think any holiday at Hogwarts would be ten times better, because y'know it's at Hogwarts :D

I LOVE the concept for her dad's comic books! Plus the whole idea behind 'Minister of Deduction'.

James is such a big kid and I want one, he is adorable and fabulous and just yum. ♥

No idea how happy I am right now, slightly embarrassing he caught her smelling him but they share a love of coconut and James is loving every second of this, I swear! Not just the dragon costume but Abigail as well!

Oh my god no! Please, please do not let James date Rebecca in the slightest way. No, No, No...

What's this, Michelle apologising, am I dreaming?

Off to the next one now!


Author's Response: WOO!!

I'm alright with Halloween, I'm not a major fan of it, but I do like the idea of dressing up. :D Oh yes, anything is better at Hogwarts!

Me too! I had a lot of fun thinking up that, I wanted her dad to be pretty awesome and he is!

Oh yes, James is the biggest kid. I don't think he'll ever lose that. :P Haha I want one as well!

Aw, Oh yes, James loves every second of it, he's having a lot of fun, with both the Dragon costume and Abigail.

Oh Rebecca... that is all I'm going to say on that subject.

I know!! I felt like I was going to faint from shock when I wrote that part!

Thank you Soph!!! :D

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Review #6, by JKsarmy 

14th June 2014:
I just love James and Abigail! I adore the way you write James too, it's so sweet yet real and he just seems genuinely wonderful just like the son of Harry potter would be! Rebecca sounds like a bit of a cow to say the least! (Keeping it PG). Love this story, keep it up xx

Author's Response: And they love you! *squishes you* I'm so glad that so many people are loving my version of James, I couldn't see him any other way, then a lovable goofy boy. :D Oh yes, Rebecca is a nasty piece of work.

More is up! :D xx

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Review #7, by lightyoureyes 

13th June 2014:
I am absolutely in love with this story! You have developed your characters and the plot fantastically, and I can't wait to read more! Please never give up on this one, because I see a lot of abandoned stories. This is a gem!

Author's Response: And I am absolutely in love with you! You are so amazingly kind with your words! I will never give up on this, I'm actually in the library now writing more chapters (and to tell you a secret... this is the first part of a trilogy *coughs*) So I have absolutely no plans on abandoning this story, I love writing it too much.

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