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Review #1, by Kirsty 

13th May 2015:
“Ooh, are we shaming women for choosing to have safe, consensual sex?” Holly asks eagerly. “I just want to know where you guys got the Time Turners, because apparently we’re back in the Dark Ages. Let’s burn some witches while we’re at it! Oh, and don’t forget the gays. I hope there’s enough hellfire for all of us!”

I love you. That is all.

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Review #2, by Penelope Inkwell 

20th October 2014:
Whew. This was a big chapter, too.

So, all my questions of Rose's unresolved introspection were solved here. She was quite introspect-y.

I liked the thought that "good" isn't always the exact equivalent of "well behaved" and vice versa, especially since your behavior being in line with what an institution expects may not actually have anything to do with how moral said behavior is or isn't...if that makes sense. It's late, and my brain's a bit addled.

I like that we're getting a sense of the teachers being real people. It makes it easier to picture Rose and Holly being part of that crowd.

Aww, poor Lester. I really feel for him.

Interested to see how this last big prank turns out, and how Louis' turns out, as well. How can you combat Felix Felicis?


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Review #3, by BookDinosaur 

22nd August 2014:
So after a lengthy, healthy, and pelthy break from reviewing, I'm back to raise your Unanswered Review count. *waves* HI LISA!

Oh gosh, Alfie and Rose are really kind of sweet. Even if there aren't really any feelings in their relationship, it's mutual and just yeah pretty much the perfect casual relationship.

Lisa, you are a clever clever author. All that self-inspection/introspection by Rose in the Prefect's bathroom really helped us to see a different, more vulnerable side of her but at the same time it was really natural and not as though you were shoving it at us just for the sake of developing her character.

Ahhh, and now the gang is back together and I love reading them together. I missed Al and Scorp and their witty banter. I missed your witty banter in general because nobody does witty banter quite like you and I promise that's a compliment. :P "You love my beanstalk physique" "Someone has to" Hahaha, laughing so hard at that one.

Wah though, I feel so bad for poor Lester! I mean, I suppose that having a younger brother who has special needs does mean that Max gets more attention, but his parents are full-on ignoring Lester for his younger brother, and that's not right. I really hope Ginny can get over whatever she has against him, because Lester really does need someone to take care of him. It's good he has Lily and his gang. I'm glad for that. :)

Another brill chapter, Lisa! And the Eels have just beaten the Sea Eagles, which basically makes me a happy chappie. :D

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Review #4, by patronus_charm 

9th July 2014:
What time is it? Time for another review!

Aw, I really liked the moment in the bathroom with Rose as I feel as if I really got a new insight into her mind and how she thinks things through and it was just really interesting. I think it was because we saw something fragile of her with the mention of the reputation which was really good addition to include. She and Alfie are actually really cute together and have some really lovely banter going on, so I just love reading them together so much!

Yay the gang’s back together again! I just love reading them all together so much as it just makes me laugh and yeah they’re just so fab together. I think I’ve finally decided on my favourite character and it’s Albus and Scorpius because as they’re soulmates they count as one in my mind, and yeah they just make me crack up so much and are just so fab so yeah gotta love them!

‘“They’ve attempted to claim me,” Albus says distastefully, “As their gay best friend.”’ – dying, dying, dying.

House Cup 2014 Review!

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Review #5, by emmacweasley 

8th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

1. Whew, this was a LONG one!

2. When they said "Professor Holyoake and Professor Weasley" I pictured basically Pomona and Minerva as old bffs and loved it.

3. I noticed that some of the lines of dialogue sound a bit stilted in this chapter, meaning more that they sound a little less realistic than they usually do. I find that reading the chapter out loud usually helps me with that kind of stuff.

4. Albus just started to feel so GROWN UP at the end of this chapter! It was like he literaly grew two feet and a moustache in my head. I know that sounds ridiculous, but still! He was just a sudden adult to me, and I thought it was entirely appropriate since they're about to graduate and all.

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Review #6, by Veritaserum27 

7th July 2014:

Here for another chapter. I love how you manage to weave the serious topics in with the quick wit and sarcastic humor. I think my favorite for this chapter was Holly. This is a relatively new side for us to see of her. She is so sweet and giddy all the time, I was so thrilled to see that she can be fiercely loyal and use her clever wit to battle with the rest of the crew. Go Holly! You stand up for your best friend! I guess that Rose isn't ready for a serious relationship right now. She does't seem interested. I'm wondering if she told Alfie that she didn't want it to be more than just a fling because she is protecting her heart OR if she really feels that way.

I think you've done a fabulous job portraying a close-knit group of friends on the verge of panic because the real world is about to hit them in the face. They know it, but don't know how to feel about it.

At the end of the day I'm a walking ego, a handful of academic successes piled onto a crumbling foundation of self-doubt and tied up with a big anxiety ribbon.

Poor Rose. I'm really fretting over this codependency issue. Is there something else that happened for her to be so worried about it - other than fifth year OWLs and brewing the Calming Potion? Hmmm.

Lester. Oh dear. He is a right mess. I hope Lily can straighten him out - or at least be a refuge for him. Why is Ginny acting so weird? Is she just protecting her little girl? I can see how she is a bit nervous - Lester is two years older than Lily.

I also need to comment on the portrayal of Lester's parents. Usually muggle parents are conveyed as very interested in the magical world, but awkward and they pretty much stay out of their kids' lives. That - or they view their children as freaks and stay out of their kids' lives. For Lester, his parents try to use him and his powers to their advantage. It really irritates me and I hope he gets some peace.

Thanks again!

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Holly is a total babe, and an amazing friend as well - you see her caring/nurturing side a lot in this story, but this is the first time she goes into mama-bear mode when it comes to defending her friends. She doesn't have much call to do that very often, but when she does she pulls no punches. I love Holly. She's precious.

It's a bit of both with Rose really - she's certainly not interested in anything serious after her heartbreak in sixth year, but she's also genuinely only interested in a "friends with benefits" arrangement with Alfie, because their dynamic is definitely more that they're good friends and get along really well who happen to be attracted to each other - there's a genuine lack of romantic interest on both sides here.

This is, ultimately, a coming-of-age sort of story, and all five of them are under a lot of pressure from a range of different sources. They are leaning on each other a lot as they always do, but they're also self-aware enough to recognise that's what they're doing, and that they're sort of going their separate ways soon and those support networks are going to crumble.

Ginny, I think, just isn't sure how to respond to Lester now he's Lily's boyfriend - she's known him for years and years as a friend of Albus's, of course, but she's seeing him through completely different eyes now, and it is sort of understandable given the age difference.

I have a lot of problems with Lester's parents. While their position is understandable to a certain extent - having a younger son with special needs means Lester tends to get forgotten or ignored - but they've more or less given up trying, and he certainly doesn't deserve that kind of isolation or deliberate distancing from his parents. He does find his refuge, though - with his friends and certainly with Lily, and it certainly goes some way in easing that situation for him.

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Review #7, by dracodarlingxx 

16th June 2014:
so cute i cry :'( :')
i love how in any other fanfic all of Rose's realisations and reflections on herself and her friends would be boring but you somehow make it sound good :D And so damn intelligent you are o.O
lol about Scor and Al's conversation regarding the Burnsey sisters :)
Alfie's cool, and i'm still so pleased for Rose and happy that she's still helping with the fred weasley memorial scholarship.
basically, great chapter, please update soon xx

Author's Response: Thank you! This chapter was a very introspective one, and I worried about whether it would be interesting to anyone but myself - so I'm really glad you enjoyed it, even if wouldn't with any other story - that's high praise indeed!
Thanks for reading, again, and I'm glad you're enjoying the story!

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Review #8, by grednforge217 

9th June 2014:
Sorry I haven't been reviewing! I've just been so caught up in this story! This is so perfect. You write Ravenclaws. And I ship the heck out of Albus and Scorpius. Update soon please!!

Author's Response: That's high praise indeed, thank you for reviewing this chapter! I love these Claws so much (and Albus and Scorpius! Cuties!) The next update shouldn't be far away at all and I hope to see you back for it! Thanks for reading!

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Review #9, by ravenclaw14 

8th June 2014:
just found this story and read all the way through it yesterday! Love it, eager to read more :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it, thank you! This was, alas, my last prewritten chapter so I can't make any guarantees for a speedy update - having said that, though, the muse may surprise me yet. Either way, I hope to see you back for chapter seventeen and thanks for reading!

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Review #10, by DoctorUnderwood 

7th June 2014:
Oh good everything's ok. I was worried that Rose would have to split from the others, but everything worked out!

As always, great chap!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it!

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