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Review #1, by Penelope Inkwell 

11th September 2015:
Super Baby Harry Potter had ended up Gryffindor—to exactly no one’s surprise

I like that Emily is a considerate smoker. I had a roommate like that, and I can't tell you how much I appreciated it. Those are some lucky Hufflepuffs sharing her dorm.

I liked the little glimpses of the Hufflepuff dormitories. You don't spell it all out at once, but from the details you do add, I feel like the image gets stitched together slowly and naturally.

I heard their first record and I suspect they might have distilled you as a person in order to make it.

Whoa, well now I am incredibly curious about Tristan's middle name. That is one jealously guarded secret.

Okay, Laurel needs to chill a bit on the Charms. Is there cheering rehab? She looks like she might be headed that direction. That's just too much desperation. Don't be an enabler, Tristan!

Ugghhh! Look, people can say Snape is a hero, and okay, I'll concede that he did some important work and that it took plenty of guts. But as a teacher he is the WORST.


Perching herself on the sill circular sill
--I think that first "sill" should probably be deleted.

Good work!


Author's Response: Ah yes, I am very adamant about being a considerate smoker!

I'm glad you liked the unfurling description of the Hufflepuff Basement, because yeah, I wanted to avoid doing a big description info-dump at the beginning. But then since that's the one place we never visited in canon, I definitely wanted to take a neat opportunity to describe it :)

It's important to note that Tristan missed the whole conversation leading up to Laurel asking for a charm. That's something that happens a lot in this story--the reader gets to see everything from multiple POVs, so readers have more clues about what's going on, while the characters are restricted to their own narrow experiences.

So I love Snape. LoveloveLOVE Snape. Not in a shippy way, just as a character. Like, his flaws are part of why he's so interesting to me! And I can also remember how much I HATED him when I was a kid and read PS for the first time, so I definitely wanted to channel that here.

Thanks for the crit! Will fix straight away :)


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Review #2, by HeyMrsPotter 

11th September 2015:
Me again!

I absolutely adore that you have Emily and Tristan in two different houses. I think it's a testament to their friendship that they remain so close despite probably spending a lot of time away from each other. Is it bad that I'm totally shipping them already? Also, your Snape is totally perfect, I bet he clearly knew that Emily was the one that put the hard word into the potion! Grr.


Author's Response: Oh yeah he definitely knew Emily did all the work :P I was definitely channeling my nine-year-old-rage at Snape from when I first read PS.

It's not bad for you to ship them ;) They're very ship-able :P


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Review #3, by gigi 

3rd September 2015:
Bryce, so T is related to Riddles caretaker? And I wonder if R is Riddle, but more likely something like Rodolphus or Rabastan considering his reaction to Neville. Love your characters. I'm so glad I found this story on the Dobby noms, you're brilliant!

Author's Response: YEE! Thank you so much! That's a pretty cool line of reasoning--Bryce to R for Riddle--and very well reasoned. I actually haven't seen anyone else think that.

I've since edited this chapter so that the middle initial isn't explicitly given, so HAY you get an extra clue :P

Thank you so much for saying such nice things and taking the time to review! I hope you like the rest of the story :)


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Review #4, by Unicorn_Charm 

13th August 2015:
Back again! :D

Aww Emily and Tristan are adorable!

So I loved reading the Sorting from an outsiders perspective. That Harry ended up in Gryffindor to nobody's surprise. I wonder why Tristan got so weird when Neville was sorted? Just because of what happened to his parents, or was there more behind that?

Oh my goodness. That whole little wave to Dumbledore and the reason behind it! *melts* That was so sweet! I mean, the reason behind it kind of sucks, with that jerk being so mean to her and everything. But Tonks being so nice to her and Dumbledore giving her that little wave. My heart. It's swelling.

I loved the letters between Emily and Tristan. And I see what you mean about the "hey look! It's the 90's!" thing you told me about haha. But seriously, who doesn't love Nirvana? As a 90's kid myself, I'm sure I'm going to appreciate all the little references. I suspect they might have distilled you as a person in order to make it. - cracked me up. XD

So wow, Laurel really likes her Cheering Charm, doesn't she? It seems like Isobel is the "good" one of the group? Or as good as you can be in this group. ;) I loved that Tristan didn't even hesitate and just used the charm on her hahaha.

Again with how real this is! Them all sneaking off before class to do that. They are real teens. It's so cool to see what a realistic teenage life might be like at Hogwarts. Harry and then had too much on their plates, so we didn't really get too much of an accurate portrayal of what teen life at Hogwarts might be like, so this is just so wonderful to read. You make it feel like cannon, too, which is amazing.

One thing I'm really enjoying is how each chapter focuses on a different character. That was one of the main things that reminded me of Skins. The different POV's with each chapter, like how each episode was centered around a different character. I love stories where you get to experience things through different sets of eyes. And the way you're able to command a unique voice for each character so far is amazing. You're so freaking awesome!

*Let the gushing intensify*

It's 5am and I so should be in bed, but I don't want to stop reading. I'm totally addicted! It's my Cheering Charm! :p There may be one more review coming tonight (this morning), if I don't pass out first. ;) If not, definitely tomorrow (later)!

Love it! Love it, love it, love it!! *hugs*

Much love,
Meg ♥

Author's Response: Oh YEAY the letterz! There I was trying to channel the way emails/messages will end up stringing on forever and expanding, or basically how IM works, since owls within Hogwarts itself are about as close to IM as you can get. Glad you liked it!

Heeheehee, I wanted to be as META as possible in this fic while keeping it grounded, so I loved the idea that Harry would have so much anxiety about his Sorting while everyone else would be like "uh-DUH." Just... there is SO much room for dramatic irony in fanfic!

I also really liked the idea that Dumbledore might have a personal relationship with EACH of his students. Like obv Harry has a lot of really important stuff going on, but I thought it was so fitting that Dumbledore might also notice and care about a scared little muggleborn feeling awkward and weird and think that making her feel better mattered too.

Oh yes, 90s-ness should NEVER be understated ;)

I sort of imagine it, like, if you CAN just *zap* make yourself in a good mood, why not do it? Like, they make it seem so easy in canon to just do a cheering charm, yet we never saw it used again. I was really curious about that.

Oh man, so /I/ never smoked before class (because am Hermione), but absolutely every single person I hung out with did, so that HAD to be included. And OH MAN am I stoked that you think this is a convincing/canon-ish portrayal of Teen Life at Hogwarts! Also, totally agreed that the Trio just had too much on their plates. But yeah, for these kids, the war is over and Voldy is dead, as far as they know.

Yeah the changing POVs! That was a few things. 1) YEAH SKINS FO SHO. 2) HP always stayed with Harry's mostly, so I liked doing a really limited 3rd person but switching it up, to keep the narrative style the same. 3) JKR did a lot of POV shifts in Cas Vac, which was also a HUGE influence on this. Also, I just liked the idea of having the reader know more than the characters. Like, readers already know 7 books of canon that the characters don't, and then they also get to see so many POVs, while the characters are limited to only their own. I think it gives the readers wisdom to see things that the characters might not. (Like, think about the Tristan charming Laurel bit--Emily sees Isobel's frustration, and the little bicker they have about it. Tristan just shows up and gets asked for a charm. He missed the whole convo that came before).

Oh my gosh that you want to binge on this means the WORLD to me! But probably go to sleep!

There are not enough X's and O's in the world, but here's my best try:

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Review #5, by TreacleTart 

11th August 2015:
Hey Roisin!

Here for review tag 4.0

Ah. So we get to see a different character per each chapter and this chapter is Emily. It's really interesting to see her breaking all of the stereotypes of being a Puff. I mean she seems nice, but she's a lot different than I would imagine a Puff to be.

I adore the dynamic between her and Tristan. They seem to really care for each other and really are best friends. They have sort of a similar dynamic to me and my best friend...and it's refreshing to see a male/female friendship without their being romantic expectations on any end. (hope I didn't jinx that) The idea that they stay up all night shooting owls back and forth is just awesome. That's how best friends are.

I also loved the little bit about waving to Dumbledore. That was a nice story and really helped me to get to know Emily a little bit better. It gives a bit of insight into who she is and how she thinks.

The only small bit of cc I can offer for this is that I noticed an unusual amount of typos for you in this. That's not to say that there were a ton, but considering that your writing is normally so flawless, I was a little bit surprised. I'm sure once you go through and edit it will be fixed up though.

All in all, another good chapter! I'll be back as soon as I can to read more!


Author's Response: Oh it's interesting you think she's breaking the stereotype! I suppose in a way that was intentional. I mean, I definitely gave her a lot of traditional Puff qualities (kind, patient, loyal, values friendship, hard-working), but you're right that I DID want to kind of provide another picture (or a more fleshed-out one) of what those things might mean. And I def wanted to show an awesome Puff character :)

You know, I do think that, whatever romance aside, their platonic love is still the most important part of their relationship. I swear there is a reason for this (there's is a very Philia love, which I hope makes sense later, when all is revealed).

Oof, errors. So all my other stories have been beta'd, but since I wrote this before joining the site, it was sort of just me alone. I'm getting this all beta'd now, so this will be addressed. Part of the issue is that I'm dyslexic, and then when I go back to edit one typo or clunky phrase I end up making 12 more errors in the process. IT IS GETTING FIXED NOW I PROMISE.


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Review #6, by BellaLestrange87 

21st January 2015:
I guess I'm doing better at reading the next chapter right after. Let's ignore the fact that exams start tomorrow and I've barely studied. *whistles*

Cedric has acne! I love how you've described him that way. He came into the series as the world's cutest boy (apparently) and it's nice to see a description of him when he wasn't that cute.

Emily clearly doesn't know why Tristan isn't laughing at the name Longbottom. It seems to me that it's because he recognizes the name, from Frank and Alice. Of course, being Muggleborn, unless it was specifically mentioned she wouldn't know that.

I love Emily's tradition of waving at Dumbledore! And her description of how it started. I think I like Marcus Flint even less than I did in the books. That seems like a very Flinty thing to do (and something I could see Tonks doing).

YES MUGGLE BANDS. I keep forgetting that Philosopher's Stone is set in 1991-92. I think it must be the fact that the movies modernized the series? Either way, kudos to you for including it. (And it potentially means that I have can discover more music. Win-win!)

One thing here - "Tristan hadn't just seemed embarrassed by his middle name—the'd seemed offended by it." You don't need the T before "he'd seemed offended by it."

Man it seems Snape has justly earned his reputation for unfairness. Fred and George complained about him to Harry near the beginning of PS, and we all know how Harry's Potions classes went, but if you wanted to, you could argue that Gryffindor is the rival house, Fred and George (might've) goofed off in class and Harry is, well, Harry. I like how Emily and Tristan working together isn't well-appreciated by the rest of the class. I guess Hufflepuffs don't really have a good reputation with the Slytherins. And that's typical Snape, giving Slytherin points when clearly it was a Hufflepuff doing the work (or leadership role).

You have a grammar error in your Author's Note: Nirvana was significantly influenced by The Pixies (who Tristan misremember as The Doxies). It should be "who Tristan misremembers as The Doxies".

Another excellent chapter!


Author's Response: What did I ever do to deserve you?!?!?!

Teehee, 'ugly duckling' Cedric was just TOO fun an idea to pass up. Also, it tends to be HELLA true. The most handsomest boys are always super awkward-looking at 13-14.

With Dumbledore, I sort of wanted to suggest that he has a personal relationship with ALL of his students, and he cares about each of them, even if he doesn't invest quite so much time as he does with Harry--but only because Harry needs him more for prophesy reasons and chosen one-ness. Like, he's around for students in so much as they need him to be around, so Emily just needs a little encouraging wave from time to time :)

Hah, I had SO MUCH FUN with the 90s-ness! And I did try to keep the music from being gratuitous (like, not just a bunch of squeeing about bands I like, but stuff that actually works for the characters/story/era, so as not to isolate readers. Granted, I do like all these bands...)

GAH, thank you for pointing that typo out! Such an important line, too! Can't believe I missed it for so long!

Hah, Snape! Love writing Snape. Like, I do LOVE him, but I like him to be sort of maddening :p

Thank you sosososososososo much for this review :D


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Review #7, by Maelody 

13th January 2015:
I think what gives this story one of it's definite believability factors is that all of them are in different Houses, with the exception of the two that share a House. Oh, and the fact that Emily used to be friends with Tonks is so cool! It just makes you think how Harry just barely missed out on going to school with one of the most important people in his life.

Also, this is the first chapter that really gets it going to the parallel version of the books. With the exception of a little bit of Hermione in the last chapter. ;) Harry's sorting through another set of eyes. It's really cool to see how some people think of him, but even cooler to see a group of people who don't actually think he's 'all that'.

I sort of feel bad for Emily in her flashback of her own sorting though. But the owls must make up for it. Those were fun to see, and I'd like to know the answer to her question about how the owl gets down to Slytherin chambers!

OK, so I think I accidentally lied. I might have read the next couple chapters and just forgot to mark them as 'read'. So you've got a few more reviews coming before I actually get to pick reading back up! Lucky you! ;)


Author's Response: Yes! Harry JUST missed Tonks! I hadn't totally realized that until I was researching for this story, and got SO EXCITED to find out these OCs would have overlapped! Yay Tonks!

And yeah, Gryffindor got so much play in canon that I really wanted to examine the other Houses. And I just especially loved the idea of a reluctant Slytherin!

Hahaha, the owls and Slytherin. I basically realized it was a hole in the story, so rather than closing that hole, I just drew hella attention to it! I tried to make it a joke that it never gets explained :p

LUCKY LUCKY ME! Thank you Mae!


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Review #8, by wolfgirl17 

11th January 2015:
My dear Roisin you've done it again.

Wowed me with your ability of weaving such an exciting tale for me to enjoy. As always, I loved this chapter. I love your whole story. It's just so exciting and interesting and wonderful.

I must admit, I really didn't think I was going to enjoy it when you first requested, simply because the drug thing has never been me. I mean, I tried a puff of a cig at 14, coughed and choked on it and haven't touched anything stronger than booze since. As such I am very inexperienced with that scene and mildly disapproving of such addictive behaviors, and yet this story has opened my eyes to the possibilities surrounding such a scene and those who dwell in that life.

Not that I'm going to start up anything. I'm too chicken for that. But anyways, onto the review.

You've got a couple of typos in this chappie, just things like missing letters, but other than that it's pure genius. Your characters are growing by the chap and becoming more and more dear to me. I love that you had Tristan being Snape's fav. It made me giggle. I love the interaction between Tristan and Emily, and I loved your descriptions of her reactions to Harry being at Hogwarts.

I'm really enjoying this perspective on Hogwarts too. I've not really read anything like it before. Usually I gravitate to the Trio or next-gen or marauders so this is really opening my eyes to the possibilities.

I can't wait to read more from you, love.

Keep up the positively fantastic work =)


Author's Response: Ah! I'm VERY glad to here you made smarter choices than these characters! Having a personal affinity for drug use is not a pre-requisite for reading, indeed, I hope readers don't have one! I did want to present the issues rather without judgement, and not treat it like an afterschool special, but I think the 'drugs are bad' thing is pretty implicit throughout. Basically, I kind of trust my readers to be smarter than these characters :p

Thank you for mentioning typos! Will scurry to edit straight away!

And I'm so stoked you're enjoying the alt perspective! It was so so so fun to write--like, the nerdiest self indulgence EVER.

Thank you so much for this review, and so sorry for the late reply!


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Review #9, by shez 

7th January 2015:
Hey there! Just popping in to continue Y5. Sorry it’s taking me so long. I’m just so bad with leaving timely reviews (and break makes me inconsiderately lazy oops!).

FIRST—all the chapter images are SO GOOD. And Emily “Sunshine” is Cassie from Skins! kasdfghjl! PERFECT FIT. She’s definitely the nicest of the Hex Heads from what we’ve seen so far.

I love the homage to Tonks hehe.

It’s so weird to see the Sorting from an outside perspective. You do a fabulous job writing Emily’s voice—her comments on wizard families and prejudice and Weasleys (being an institution hehe) to being worried for Tristan (who I think she may just have feelings for…hmm…).

Really, your characters’ internal worlds are so amusing/relatable! They’re not over the top, or anything like that. I’m having trouble putting why I like it so much into words. All the self-consciousness, wanting-to-ditch-class, substance abuse galore! And Isobel definitely has a thing about food.

I like how you’ve woven strands of canon into this—from Tonks cheering (cheering, not Cheering) her up, waving to Dumbledore, Snape’s prejudice toward everyone except his own House.

Poor Neville. Kid gets teased just about everywhere. But with a name like that, who can really blame Tristan?

Oh, I love the inter-house spirit of Tristan and his friends! I just love all teenage-y they all are!

WHAT DOES THE R STAND FOR? Is it connected to canon? I want so badly to try to guess but have no clue where to start.

(hopefully) I’ll be back soon for chapter 4!

Author's Response: Yee hello!

So glad you liked the images! Culture and music of the era is super important to this story, so I really wanted to give the images a kind of fanziney quality (I came up with the whole idea for this story while reading the Phonomancer comics, which are all about that).

Bahahaha, I almost didn't use that actress, because this whole story is already so "Skins at Hogwarts" :p

The whole fun of writing this story was pairing SO MUCH CANON with things that NEVER showed up in canon (substance abuse, food things, ditching class for non quest-like reasons).

I am sure you'll figure R out--but hopefully you'll let me string on the mystery for a little while first!


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Review #10, by pointless_proclamations 

2nd January 2015:
Hello again, Roisin.

Here's that long overdue review. I apologise sincerely and profusely for my tardiness. :(

First off, I would despise you for building up as many plot threads as you have that will do nothing by torture me during my time away from this wonderful novel, but I find that I am unable to. Once again, ARGH!

'Super Baby Harry Potter had ended up Gryffindor—to exactly no one’s surprise.' I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS LINE! Your sense of humour is just one of the many, MANY reasons I enjoy reading your work. Other reasons include (but are certainly not limited to):
characterisation—your characters are so thoroughly thought-out, I am awed.
style of writing—your descriptions, again, are beautiful. Your words translate so easily into clear mental images that engage all my senses.
plot—this novel is so unique and different and refreshing and GAHH!

The way you wrote Emily's first year was enough to endear me completely and utterly to her. She seems like such a kind and lovely lass. The wonder with which she saw this completely new side of the world really came through.

And Tristan's parents! They very fact that they'd prefer Siouxsie to fly rather than travel in a cage speaks volumes about their character (and their parenting, I suspect).

Mystery surrounding mysterious 'R' begins!

Roisin, I'm now bashing my head on my desk. Do you want to know why? Because of how much I'm realising that your characters rely on extrinsic factors to make themselves happier. It's extremely frustrating and sad and ARGH! Must you do this to my feels, Roisin? Must you? I feel this raging urge to get inside your story and Tristain, Emily, Isobel, and Laurel a giant hug. You're completely wrecking me here and this is just the third chapter!

My eyes bulge just reading your author's note. You've put so much work into this story and it really, really shows!

Happy New Year!

Author's Response: *Squee* Thank you so much! I am grinning like a fool reading this!

Heehee--I was very pleased with that line, I'm so glad you appreciated it! It was funny to me that Harry might stress so much about his own Sorting, but it would seem really anticlimactic to everyone else :D

I definitely fretted a LOT about transmitting visual info with this chapter (all the non-verbal communication between Emily and Tristan, the comic timing of him getting whacked in the head). I'm sososososo relieved that you had clear mental images!

You make an EXCELLENT point about his parents and Siouxsie! Well spotted! I hadn't totally consciously realized that, it just seemed like something they would do--and you're right! It does speak to their parenting and perspective!

Oh man, these characters definitely DEMAND hugs--or a good shake/slap in the face. I think a lot of people assume that fanfiction is people writing their fantasies (although I don't think that's the case)--but this DEFINITELY isn't anyone's fantasy! I got so frustrated and angry writing this, because it doesn't go how I /wish/ it would go at times. But then that wouldn't make a very interesting story, would it ;)

Thank you so much for this review!


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Review #11, by casual_chaos 

17th November 2014:
Hello again!

Reviewing as I go! The intro was filled with so many great details, each of them very successful in portraying Emily. She is obviously the most willing to express kindness of the four and instantly I can't help but like her. Tristan being in Slytherin is indeed strange, taking his heritage into account but it suits him somehow. Isobel and Emily also seem to be in suitable Houses, and Laurel... I don't have a good feeling of Laurel yet. I'm very intrigued to find out, though. :)

The bit with Tonks helping Emily out and Dumbledore waving at her were such nice details. And Emily gazing up at the ceiling... it's really something a Muggleborn would do. Personally, I found that ceiling to be one of the best things about Hogwarts. While some other things (like the moving staircases) appeared illogical and extremely counterproductive, the ceiling was such a nice way to use magic. AND it served the purpose of a quite literal weather forecast. So, that detail really resonated with me. :)

Backing up a little - Tristan's fascination with Neville is REALLY intriguing! And I have to appreciate the fact that both Emily and Tristan were completely uninterested in Harry's sorting. :)

The letter exchange was a nice way to shed some light on Tristan and Emily's relationship. There is some sort of gentleness between them, which I haven't noticed about the rest of the group. I'm suspecting it is because they are both from the Muggle world and seem to share the same taste in books and music - but whatever the reason, I'm finding their interactions quite enjoyable. I think it serves as a nice opposing force to the lack of such connection that I noticed with Isobel, and even more so with Laurel. I may be reading this wrong but I'm sensing some deeper issues with these two and again, I'm very interested in learning more about them.

I loved the music/books references! Not necessarily because of what you referenced to but simply because you did. Gah, why doesn't anyone in the wizarding world ever read actual books? Hermione may have read Hogwarts: A History an unhealthy number of times but I'd never seen her read anything, well, interesting. :P And music! Are The Weird Sisters the only magical band that ever existed? Everyone was constantly going on and on about Quidditch but what about art?! Anyway, THANK YOU for including those things in this story. Actually, thank you for making it part of the plot! :D

Gah, what does R. stand for?! Whenever there's something like that in any story, I instantly start obsessing over it, constantly looking for signs that might point me in the direction of finding out. But it's a great way to 'force' the reader to read on. Not that I'd need it for such a marvellous story! :)

A-ha! So they do get addicted on Cheering. I'm now even more curious about Laurel, you've created quite a mystery around her! It's funny how, even with the R. thing and the bit with Neville, I am equally curious about Tristan AND Laurel. And she said but a few sentences so far! And most of them when she was under a cheering charm, so it doesn't even count. Gah, can't wait for a Laurel chapter! :D

Oh, Isobel seems to be really careful with her food. And in the last chapter, she didn't buy crap food like the rest of them, and was sort of envious of Emily's figure... Wait, I think I've seen you comment in someone's Novel Nest, it was a novel about a girl with an eating disorder, and you said you had written about it... I think. So I suppose that would be Isobel's issue. It's such a sad thing to happen to a young girl and I'm already anxious about it. But I'm looking forward to her POV as well!

That's what I love most about this chapter, it has the air of a filler chapter but it's packed with these really important details that really bring your characters to life. Also, while the humour is still present, there are signs of some serious issues hiding underneath and I think that's a great way to really draw the reader into the story.

Oh and not to forget - Snape is such an idiot!! I mean, he's one of my favourites from HP but seriously, she prepared the potion and Tristan gets the credit for it? And for what? Stirring - and stirring badly! But why would Tristan be Snape's pet? Maybe because of his heritage? The black hair? Does Snape sees himself in young Tristan? Is it connected with the R., perhaps?! See, this R. haunts me! :P

All in all, this was a brilliant chapter. I am really looking forward to the next one! Also, I'm loving the end notes, especially the details about the wand and the hundreds-thousands paradox!

Last but not least, I wish you lots of success with NaNo, your novel idea sounds great! With this much talent you seem to have, I do hope your confidence issues will quickly disappear! ;)

Author's Response: Ah! Thankyouthankyouthankyou for this review!

Emily is definitely the sweetheart of the group. Hufflepuffs are so often written off as dumb, or uninteresting, so I wanted to have a main character who really exemplified 'Puff qualities :) And for Tristan being a Slytherin--that was one of the first ideas I had for this story: a reluctant and rebellious Slytherin. His Slytherin qualities show up as the story progresses, but they manifest in really different ways than we typically see (more of a music snob than blood-purity snob).

Ha, I definitely agree with the thing about staircases! And yeah, since Emily is muggleborn, she takes a lot less for granted.

And yee, the Neville Sorting. So yes, there are plot reasons for that, but also, this story is very, like, aware that it's a fanfiction. That Neville's Sorting got more attention than Harry's is for sure a meta reference thing!

Which brings me to the point about books and music: RIGHT?!?! No one like, EVER, reads a NOVEL in canon!!! The Potter series already had so much going on, and I think it would have gotten really busy to introduce too many other elements, but I wanted to focus on what was conspicuously absent in canon: drugs, sex, and rock n' roll! These kids are definitely the not sporty type, and would all be much happier in an art class than on a broom :)

Laurel's POV very intentionally doesn't turn up until the second act, but I hope you like how I play that out and pace it! I'm glad you're wanting one, though, as that's very much what I was going for!

Oh whoops! Didn't mean to put in spoilers for this story in the NaNo comments! But yes, you are correct in your assessment of Isobel :(

Aha, yes, Snape! He's one of my favorites too! It was really interesting for me to write him as *frustrating,* but I really wanted to write him that way, since he SO was earlier in the series. As for your analysis, I think you make a lot of interesting points about why Snape might feel some affinity with Tristan :)

Thank you so much for this review! Definitely a great confidence boost, and one I desperately needed!


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Review #12, by Slide 

26th October 2014:
Right, here for more. And this story is so far proving just as much fun as the hype has led me to believe, so this is an absolute pleasure of a review exchange! If I'm being slow, it's because... well, I could plough through reading, but stories like this I want to sit down and Properly Review. If my incoherent 'thoughts as I read' ramblings count as Proper.

Ooh, wand lore. I've got way more into that since I found the Pottermore info.

It's got to be hard, having friends across Houses. There's not much indication of social spaces outside of common rooms, and not much (if any) indication of mingling at mealtimes. I'm guessing at this stage that Emily, for all her being alone, has an easier time than Tristan of having friendly acquaintances in her house and roommates.

OH he's a Slytherin. For some reason I didn't see that coming, I don't know why. A half-blood in Slytherin? I have all the more affection for him now.

Weasleys being an institution at Hogwarts, generation by generation, must be so true. You can just imagine the teachers' faces, at least between canon generation and Next Gen, of, 'It's that time again. I bellow "Weasley" down the corridor and ten students turn their heads, each of them equally guilty of SOMETHING.'

Curiosity on Tristan having some clue about Neville, but now I'm too busy melting over the story of Emily's first evening. I can totally see Tonks being that kind of superb protector of Hufflepuffs, the assertive kind of loyal - the woman was an Auror, after all - but we know she loved making people laugh. And the Dumbledore bit is heartening; I love deconstructing Dumbledore but for all his flaws, he clearly cared so very deeply for the students, and little gestures like that are so perfectly in-character. I have all the squee for this tale.

There's something ridiculously apt about introducing us readers to Emily smoking by having her break her own rule about never smoking alone. Limited access to cigarettes would really only stop kids from smoking so much at Hogwarts anyway.

I can see people using owls even in school. E-mail before e-mail. Huzzah for Muggle literature on top of Muggle music (and trolling uptight Slytherins)! Though... Emily asks a good question with regards to the Slytherin common room and owls.

...I should not have snort-laughed at Laurel's guess of Tristan's middle name. Oh, you irreverent, horrid teenagers.

Okay, Hufflepuffs being more open with their seats in casual dinners makes the most sense. I couldn't see the other Houses being as open to it; even Gryffindors are kind of proudly territorial. I just realised there are NO Gryffindors in your protagonist line-up - I approve! The other Houses need love, too (especially non-evil, differently-angsty Slytherins).

I sense long-term problems with Laurel and Cheering Charms.

Oh SNAPE. You typical, horrid, hilariously predictable man. I'm curious as to why he's protective of Tristan - protective of a fellow Half-Blood? - but being horrendous to Hufflepuffs and then Emily being safe *presumably* because she helps Tristan do well tickles me in that way wot it shouldn't.

Yipes, Blur were around back in 1991? Nirvana are pretty much essential for canon-era Potter stories which have any consideration for music, especially with, as you say, angsty teenagers. I thought it added colour (even though I'm no expert on the errata of early-90s rock), though it helps that I at least recognised all the names, even if I couldn't necessarily name a song from any of them.

Avoidance of paradox by contradicting yourself as much as JK is a pretty much genius way of dealing with the problem, though I entirely get the stance of recycling extant minor characters in the wizarding world wherever possible.

I'm really enjoying taking each of your protagonists at a time; it's doing a good job of fleshing them all out. Of course we learn more about the POV character at the time, but seeing the other characters through someone else's eyes also helps a great deal. I'm looking forward to the due Laurel chapter, partly because she's the one I've got the least grasp of yet, but this chapter did a very good job of solidifying Emily. Excellently fun chapter, loving how the introduction of extant characters and dynamics is being weaved together. It's blasted hard to do versus just writing all of your characters meeting. I like, very much!

Author's Response: I was SOOO stoked to find all these wand types for my characters!!! They work SO WELL! And crazily, my first instinct for everyone tended to be the exact right one (because obv Rowling was going on the same associations I was). I checked out other types just to check, but then my first choices fit best :)

Yes this story was VERY much about examining all the things conspicuously absent in Potter, cross house fraternization being one.

YEE, I'm so glad the Slytherin reveal came as I surprise! I really wanted it to be a shock moment with impact, but then also make sense :)

Oh my gosh, that quote you just wrote about Weasleys is BRILLIANT! I sort of want to write a NextGen now from the perspective of McGonnagall!

Heehee, curiosity overwhelmed by melting was the definite goal there :D Also, I liked the idea that Neville's Sorting was more of a significant moment than Harry's (META).

Hufflepuffs definitely don't get enough love, and Hufflepuff is my FAVORITE house, so I really wanted to show its awesomeness (and Tonks was an excellent way to do that!) And then, Dumbledore had this really important relationship with Harry, and is also nearly an omniscient person (which we can explain through magic). I wanted to suggest that he has important and meaningful relationships with ALL his students, to varying degrees, and cares about their well being also.

Yeah, everyone has cigarette rules when they start, and EVERYONE breaks them eventually :(

Haha - getting owls at Slytherin. Basically, since it's under the lake, I realized it was a hole in the story. Instead of closing said hole, I just drew attention to it, and then it's sort of a joke that I never explain HOW. *Waves hands* MAGIC!

Oh yes, the middle name thing. I wrote that at a time when I'd been having Important Conversations with my friends about whether or not it was ever possible to make a rape joke that was OK. This was my attempt.

Yeah, I didn't include any Gryffindors because I thought they got enough play in canon, and really wanted to examine the other houses :)

So, I LOVE Snape. From a literary perspective, he's my FAVORITE character. BUT, I remember when I was 9, and I first read HP, and how much he DROVE ME CRAZY. So I really tried to channel that angst here, and write Frustrating!Snape.

Oh yeah! The books thing. So like, no one in Potter ever read a NOVEL. Literature never even got MENTIONED. Had to fix that!

I definitely wanted to write music in such a way that people didn't really have to know the bands for the point to come across. I definitely didn't want to do a self-indulgent LOOK AT THE MUSIC I LIKE thing, and so I tried to focus on what was era appropriate, and suited the characters. (Although, for those that are familiar, sometimes there is FORESHADOWING in the music! But it's just a nice extra, and not important to know) (Also, researching 90s music, DUDE, Pulp is SO OLD. They've been around since FOREVER). OH, and I got the idea for this around the time I was reading the Phonomancer comics, which are about the 90s music scene in England, and also music being magic.

Laurel's POV is very intentionally excluded until the second act, because I really wanted to kind of build up everyone else's perspectives on her. And yee! I'm so glad your liking how I develop things through different POVs! There's like, THEMES about that that emerge later. (I started writing this after reading the Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein, and got all stoked on the idea of Literary Cubism :D) [MY FANFIC IS VERY PRETENTIOUS]

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Review #13, by UnluckyStar57 

11th October 2014:
You certainly have done your research for this story! I admire your end notes. :)

Okay, so there were quite a few surprises in this chapter. I was really surprised that poor Tristan is in Slytherin--and I understand now why you kept that a secret for the first two chapters. He seems to have been Sorted there against his will, which majorly sucks, but his attack on the pureblood mania that his dorm mates share is just priceless. I like that he reads Vonnegut and listens to Muggle bands--because what better way is there to be subversive in 90s Wizarding culture than to listen to Nirvana? :)

Hmmm, things of significance seem to be popping up all over the place. "Longbottom" obviously bothers Tristan, as does his middle name. I'm guessing that the middle name will come into the story later, but for now, I can't even think of what it might be. Maybe it's "Rain," to match with "Emily Sunshine." Hahaha.

As for the excessive use of Cheering Charms... Ooh, I think that Isobel needs to slow down on those. I can see her overdosing in the future. That will be painful to read. :/

"Super Baby Harry Potter." Heeheehee. I love it! Tristan and his friends are so sarcastic and absolutely brilliant. And while I'm thinking about it--I like that Cedric Diggory was not always an Adonis, as evidenced by his fading acne. :) Ooh, and also "Dumbledore's absurd remarks." Oh yes. Not everyone is as entranced by him as Harry is at first. :D

One of the things that I really liked about this chapter was that you showed Dumbledore in relation to a student that was NOT Harry. That seems to happen very rarely in the books, giving me the impression that he didn't really care enough to look after the other students' well-being, but his annual wave to Emily sort of debunks that impression.

AND TONKS! So glad that she showed up to help Emily out in her first year. Arrgggh, you just weave these OCs into the well-known fabric of JK Rowling's version of Hogwarts so well! I can't get over it. :)

And hahaha, I wouldn't have noticed the "discrepancy" between the numbers of students if you hadn't pointed it out. *Spooky magic* That's awesome that you pay such close attention to details like that, though. It makes me think that this would be what Hogwarts was actually like in the 90s, without all of the wonder and mystery that colors Harry's perspective of it.

I know that this review says stuff without really saying anything at all, but I wanted to come back and read more (when I should be writing an essay...). So you get all of my jumbly random thoughts. :D

Can't wait to read the next one!


Author's Response: Eee, thank you so much for this review.

So I was SUPER trying for a big "SURPRISE, SLYTHERIN" reveal there. My goal was for a big AHA moment, but also for readers to not really realize I hadn't mentioned a House, and kind of autocorrect (introducing so many OCs at once, I hoped that omission would get lost in the shuffle). But so long as I got my AHA moment!

And yes, being a story set in 1991-92, I realized I shouldn't underplay the significance of Nirvana ;)

Rain! I sort of love that!

Yes, Cedric's awkward duckling phase is total headcanon for me :)

I definitely wanted this story to imply that Dumbledore has a relationship with ALL of his students, to varying degrees, and watches over each of them. Which is quite the task with 500/1000 kids - but he's super magical and wise-old-wizardly.

Weaving them into JKR's fabric was definitely what I was trying to do here! So glad you like! This story is so heavily researched, because I wanted to get *everything* right, and sort of convincingly write something that could have been going on in the background.

Do not worry at all, I was delighted by this review!

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Review #14, by Yoshi_Kitten 

22nd September 2014:
Hello, I'm back again!! Sorry it took me so long to get back here. I'm such a slow reader sometimes, lol! But I was SO happy to see that you enjoyed my reviews as much as I have been enjoying this story so far! And at least now I know why Tristan's face-claim looks so familiar: I LOVE Being Human!!! Ugh, I miss that show SO MUCH!!! I watched the US version, but once it got canceled here I looked up the UK version, and that was where I had seen Craig Roberts before, lol! =P

So Tristan IS a Slytherin then! I kinda thought so, but I wasn't too sure. You definitely had be guessing for a minute there, lol! That is a very interesting revelation, considering his heritage and all that. Though I am beginning to feel like there is more than meets the eye on his mother's side of the family here. How else would you explain his unusual interest in Harry Potter (last chapter) and then in Neville Longbottom (this chapter) huh? Does he, or perhaps someone else in his family, actually know about the prophecy somehow? Are they involved with any Dark Wizards? Tristan's last name sounds SOO familiar, but I just can't seem to place where I have heard it before. And what is up with this mysterious 'R' middle-name?? The only R's that I can think of right now are Regulus Black, and Rudolphus & Rabastan Lestrange; all of whom are also Slytherins... Could Tristan's family have any connections to those wizards?? I wonder, I wonder. Guess I shall just have to read on to find out!

But anyway, I was glad to see that Tristan is, in fact, in Slytherin; as now there really are people from ALL the houses represented in their little group. Way cool how you did that, btw. Gotta love that house unity!! I am even more curious to see how the 4 (or 6 if you count the twins) of them met tho. Will that information be revealed in a later chapter, perhaps? If not, have you ever considered writing a prequel or something to show how they all originally became such good friends? I'm sure there are a lot of people who would be interested in seeing how "The Hex Heads" were formed, haha!! I've also seen that this story is completed now as well. (You got done posting all of this SO FAST, btw!!) And I was happy when I saw that, cuz it means that I won't have to wait for updates between chapters now. But at the same time, I feel like I really don't want this story to ever end, haha!! Have you given much thought to writing a sequel to this?? I think it would be way cool to see a "Year Six" story, as I would very much like to see how all of these characters respond to the whole Chamber of Secrets ordeal, lol!! ;)

Can I just say that I love Emily!?! I think that she is my personal favorite of their group. I know we haven't really seen much of Laurel yet, so I really shouldn't be picking favorites already; but I can't help it!! Speaking of Laurel tho; she really does seem to have a bot of an addiction to Cheering going on here, doesn't she? I hope that she realizes this is becoming a problem and gets help at some point, but I'm sure that I will have an opportunity to share my thoughts on all of that in a future chapter. For now I shall just stay focused on EMILY, as I do not wanna run up my word-count, lol! I just love her personality, and I like how much closer she is with Tristan than the other two are. Their note-passing scene was so cute! Not sure what direction you're gonna go with their relationship here, but it would be really cool if those two got together, I think... I love how quirky she is to. You really don't see too many stories that feature Hufflepuff characters, so this is such a refreshing thing to read.

I think that you handled the Sorting Ceremony brilliantly, and I love the little backstory that you created between her and Dumbledore. Also, I absolutely adored the fact that Tonks kind of took her in from the beginning. She really is so open and accepting of everybody, and I love how you brought that into her character here. And look; you even managed to bring Cedric Diggory into this as well, which was awesome by the way!! Tho thinking of Cedric just made me realize that the Hex Heads won't be at Hogwarts for the Tri-Wizard tournament. Which is sad, because I feel like Emily would have been really proud to see a fellow Hufflepuff as the Hogwarts Champion... I really enjoyed reading this whole chapter in Emily's POV. She really does have SUCH a great sense of humor! This line was probly my favorite line in the story so far tho: "Super Baby Harry Potter ended up Gryffindor - to exactly no one's surprise"

I was happy to see that Emily and Tristan had potions class together, and I loved the little entrance that they made. Good for them for choosing to defy the social norms and sit together, haha! The ending of the chapter was great too. Your characterization of Snape was spot-on. It's so typical of him to give all the credit to a Slytherin, even if it is for someone else's work. I hope that Emily doesn't take this too personally though, as Snape just cannot help himself sometimes, lol.. Honestly though, you just write everything SO perfectly!! Even your end-notes are AWESOME!! You have clearly put so much time and effort into this Novel, and it has truly paid off so beautifully!! I just cannot put into words how much I freaking LOVE this story right now, haha!! Thank you so much for writing it, Roisin!! This is truly spectacular work, and you deserve every single Dobby Award that you are about to win for this, lol!! Idk how soon It'll be before I can get to the next chapter, but this is definitely NOT the last time you will be hearing from me, lol. I cannot wait to read this entire story and see how everything plays out here!! =D


Author's Response: Hello!

You should TOTALLY check out the other things he's been in! Sumbarine is pretty brilliant! And Skins:Fire got pretty universally bad reviews, but I ADORED IT (and slightly fell in love with his character). (By slightly I mean a lot).

So the Slytherin reveal: YAY! I was hoping for that to have some impact, but also not to be totally unexpected. AND YOU ARE RIGHT, you DO recognize his last name! As for R names, don't forget about Rookwood, Riddle, Remus, Rosier, and Rowle (to name a few) ;)

And yes! There is a bit of a flashback to how they all met! Glad you were hoping for that!

I may have posted all of this quickly, but I didn't WRITE it quickly! I spent over a year working on this, and only started uploading once I'd finished (but then I invariably ended up editing EVEN MORE).

I'm SO GLAD that people like Emily! I sort of wanted her to be the favorite, because Hufflepuff definitely doesn't get nearly enough love. But if you think about it, they have some of the BEST qualities!

Heheheh, Cedric went through an awkward phase! It was SOSOSO sad for me to write him, knowing that he died D:

SO GLAD you liked Snape, too! I'm sort of obsessed with him, and I LOVE HIM TO DEATH, but it was really fun for me to write him being (as he traditionally was) just super duper maddening!

SQUEE! Thank you SO much for all your kind words! I'm going to do a joyful little jig now! I so appreciate your taking the time to leave so much detailed feedback!


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Review #15, by mymischiefmanaged 

9th September 2014:
Hello! Chapter Three :)

And this time we have Emily's point of view, which I maybe love even more than I loved Isobel's.

So Tristan's in Slytherin? Interesting, especially given that his Dad's a muggle. Hmm. Not sure what to make of that for now but knowing you it'll have huge relevance later, and I kind of love the idea of him with his love for muggle music being stuck sharing a dorm with stereotypical slytherins.

It made me laugh that you included Cedric and mentioned his acne. It's a nice little reminder that all these characters still have lots of growing up to do.

And Tristan looking worried about Neville Longbottom? Ahh I just want to know what's going on with him already! I'm kind of thinking he must have some link death eaters maybe? But that doesn't fit in very well with his being half blood, so I'm undecided.

'Super baby Harry Potter' made me laugh as a line. Love love love Emily being so casual about his sorting when it was such a huge deal to him.

That's so sweet and such a Dumbledore thing to do to wave at worried students, and it's lovely how Emily's just accepted it as a tradition.

And Tonks! I'm so glad you brought her up again. It's amazing to get these little insights into who she was before the Order, and I love how through Emily's eyes you can show how big an effect Tonks had. I'm sure it just came naturally to her to be kind but she really made a huge difference and that's a quality in Tonks that's still present when Harry meets her.

You're very good at writing very visual passages. Emily leaning out her dorm window to smoke so she doesn't wake up her dorm mates is a wonderful image that really gets across the idea that she doesn't fully fit in there and would rather be elsewhere.

The letters to Tristan are great. I laughed at her asking how the owl can possibly deliver to the Slytherin dorm, and then his total evasion of the question was perfect (but HOW does the owl do it?!). I'm thinking there's a little more going on between Emily and Tristan than either of them realises at the moment, and I hope that develops later on.

Ooo 'R'. Well, my current guess is that (sticking to the being involved with death eaters theme) perhaps Tristan's related to the Lestranges? So 'R' could stand for Rodolphus or Rabastan, and that would also explain his interest in Neville? Haven't quite worked out how that would all fit together but if it's right I'm sure all will be revealed :)

If that's not the case then I'm completely stumped, but I love Emily comparing it to 'Sunshine' and being at a total loss to why Tristan would hide it.

And then the whole discussion of muggle music is fab. The idea of teenagers staying up till dawn to discuss music they're not even listening to is so accurate and says so much about their friendship.

I am LOVING this story. Going to go straight to chapter four :)

Much love,

Emma x

Author's Response: Yay! Hello!

I was really hoping for SURPRISE, SLYTHERIN! So I hope that worked! I was so drawn to the idea of writing a reluctant Slytherin, who rebelled against the idea. Tristan is meant to be a kind of anti-Potter, and I hope that theme is interesting as it develops. (This is a very fanficky kind of fic, and so I play a lot with some meta-theme stuff, and basically revel in the fandom).

Cedric had an awkward duckling phase! I just loved that idea ;)

There's more to the Neville thing than this, but PARTIALLY, it was kind of one of those meta-theme statements (Neville's Sorting getting more attention than Harry's).

Tonks would have been wonderful, wouldn't she? She's one of the only badbutt Puff characters in canon, and her being a Hufflepuff, I liked the idea that she would be awesome and welcoming and inspirational!

THANK YOU SO MUCH about what you said about visual passages! This was really my first stab at writing any kind of fiction prose thing, and I had NO IDEA if it was going to work out. (I'm taking my first ever Creative Writing class now, and MAN, HPFF is SO not a waste of time! I've learned SO MUCH doing this!) Just like "have picture in head-->put words together-->readers see picture in head" is still so exciting to me! I'm a big reader, and definitely sort of see movies when I do, so reverse engineering that is just MAD!

Hahaha, ok, so owls delivering mail: I really wanted this correspondence to happen, but I'm SUPER sensitive to canon and wary of plot holes. So, I decided if I just addressed it straight off, PROBLEM SOLVED. And I have no idea how they deliver post to the Slytherin dorm. Magic, I guess? I considered suggesting a reason at some point in the story, but thought it was funnier to leave it unexamined :D

Yay, thank you so much for the review!!!

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Review #16, by crestwood 

4th September 2014:
I had to take notes while reading this because I don't want to miss something when I am explaining just how much I loved about this. This story feels like it was written for me. Tristan and I officially have ridiculous amounts of things in common. I mean he is reading Slaughterhouse 5 and hanging a poster of The Smiths. I didn't think I'd ever say that on this site. I also really loved the references to pre-Nevermind Nirvana and Tristan forgetting the Pixies' name!

I am going to fall more and more in love with this because Tristan truly reminds me of myself. We are certainly both fans of the subversive. It's so cool to read about a Slytherin in this time period who isn't terrible. That kind of character usually isn't written about until the Next-Gen. Also, I endlessly wonder what his middle name is and why he wants to hide it. It must be terrible.

Emily is definitely a Hufflepuff. I loved the peak into her past, especially since Tonks was there being amazing! Emily seems to be the closest to Tristan out of the group. And speaking of him again, I wonder what was up with his reaction to Neville being sorted.

We're seeing a bit more of the addictive side of cheering in this chapter. I wasn't sure if you would explore that aspect, but clearly you're headed there, which is great and could lead to some really interesting storylines. Your Snape was perfectly in character, as was Dumbledore. I can tell you've done a ridiculous amount of research before writing this. This is shaping up to be getting more and more mindblowing each chapter, really.

Author's Response: THIS WAS MY 100th REVIEW! Thank you SO MUCH!

Haha, being stoked on muggle music and culture seemed precisely the right way for a reluctant Slytherin to rebel ;) I am so very very relieved that you actually liked all these references! I don't think readers really have to already know the books or bands intimately to enjoy the story, but I do think that if you do, the story has a bit more depth (there is even some foreshadowing done entirely through music!)

Yay! I'm so glad that you like Tristan, and feel like he resonates! He definitely has a number of really great qualities, but I worry that some readers get really frustrated with him, because he gets very angsty as the story progresses. Hopefully, by feeling some kinship with him, it'll help you power through all the bummery bits with sympathy :)

Spoiler: "R" stands for "Rumpelstiltskin." Okay, not really :P (but another reader did jokingly guess that!)

I am a HUGE Hufflepuff fan, and I definitely wanted to write an awesome Puff character, since the whole House tends to get kind of overshadowed or written off. Same way I wanted to write a Hogwarts era Slytherin who wasn't evil :)

As for cheering--they learn that in their third year, but it never showed up again in canon. Seems like if you CAN make yourself cheerful whenever, people would do it a lot. But then again, like anything mind-altering, it must have its downsides, or some level of social stigma. I wanted my story about wizards to be realistic, after all ;)

Thank you so much for the amazing kind words, I am so flattered and giddy right now! Ah! Your reviews absolutely made my day, thank you sososo much for taking the time!


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Review #17, by magnolia_magic 

31st August 2014:
I swear the people who post in my thread must have the patience of saints. But to make up for the wait, I have a feeling this review is going to consist of nothing but gushing compliments :) You're doing an awesome job with this story, Roisin!

This chapter is my favorite so far by a mile, but that may just be because Emily is my favorite character so far. She seems so kind and approachable, exactly the kind of person I would like to meet. I like that you took a little time to explore her past (in fact, I find myself wishing you had done a little more of that with Isobel in the last chapter. But there's a lot of story left for me to look forward to!) I can see the influence that Tonks must have had on Emily; she seems to share that spirit of inclusiveness and fun, even if Emily is quite a bit more reserved.

Speaking of, I LOVED the references to Tonks! If Helga is the queen of Hufflepuff, then Tonks is our princess, and I was thrilled to see your take on what she must have been like at Hogwarts. I can definitely see her being a sort of hero to the misfits of the school, and it's got to be sad for them to lose her. Also, I can relate to the surreal feeling of taking the reins after an older class of people has graduated. Definitely a weird place to be.

I feel like I know Tristan a little better now. Seeing him from Emily's perspective probably helps with that, as he seems to be more open with her than the other girls. His interest in Muggle music and books is intriguing, especially now that we know he's in Slytherin. To me, it seems like a way of rebelling against his pureblood heritage. I've already been suspecting that his home life is not ideal, and now the evidence mounts to support that. This kid has some layers, for sure, and I cannot wait to uncover some of them. And my head is spinning from the ominous hints you dropped about him in this chapter! Okay, so there is some sort of deal with Neville Longbottom. And something with his middle name. R. Riddle maybe? Regulus? Rumplestiltskin?

Okay. Guessing is clearly not my strongest suit. OR IS IT? Haha, I really want spoilers now!

Laurel worries me a lot. I really want a Laurel chapter to happen, just so I can get inside her head a bit more. And like I said earlier, I'm looking forward to more Isobel soon! I feel like she is sort of fading into the background so far, but that's natural. With several main characters to balance, they can't all take up equal space at all times. But I couldn't help but feel the difference between this chapter (in which Emily reveals quite a bit about herself) and the previous (in which Isobel focuses almost entirely on the people around her.) Maybe Emily is just a more open person than Isobel? In any case, I hope that more will be revealed about both her and Laurel in the coming chapters.

The story is definitely hitting its stride now! I loved everything you did with this chapter. The pacing is comfortable, the characters are super compelling, and you've got the Hogwarts vibe absolutely note-perfect. I'm officially hooked! Fantastic job, Roisin!


Author's Response: Hello! Thank you for this wonderful, encouraging, lovely review!

Emily is probably my favorite too :) I love Hufflepuff, and I think a lot of people write it off/don't celebrate it enough, so I wanted to write a very Hufflepuffy Puff to show how awesome it is.

Helga's the queen and Tonks is the princess--I loved that! In fact, can I borrow that line when I revise???

And yes! I loved the idea of a reluctant Slytherin who's obsessed with muggle culture :D He's definitely verrry rebellious.


It's going to be a while before we get into Laurel's head, which was an intentional decision. I really wanted to build up the perspectives other people had of her first. I really loved the way JK withheld and revealed information in Casual Vacancy, and how she gave simple details a lot of weight by how she introduced them. I SUPER tried to emulate that here :)

And AH! I'm so glad you thought the "Hogwarts vibe" was on point! That was a BIG thing for me writing this!

Thank you thank you thank you for all of the kind words!


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Review #18, by Gabriella Hunter 

30th August 2014:

This is Gabbie here with your review and I'm getting to you a lot quicker than usual and that's just super amazing fantastic of me. I'm glad to be back in this story too, I was just waiting for another re-request from you! :D

Ooh, we switched POVs again! Emily might just be my favorite out of the group just now. I think that there's something really unapologetic about her and I really enjoyed the little flasbacks of her first year at Hogwarts too. Flint was a nasty little bully of course but I liked that she had a moment with Tonks during the Feast--she's an awesome girl too for cheering her up like that--and I liked the little tradition that she had with Dumbledore. I think that each of your characters have a great amount of depth to them and the reasons for their behavior might not make sense to outsiders but I think that it makes them unique. The fact that you're writing about angsty "burn out" students is just really nice to read, its a breath of fresh air from all the typical stories about teens in Hogwarts. Must they be perfect? Its a bit annoying but your characters feel like real students and during this time, I'm able to picture them clearly in my mind. (As a side note, I was born in 1991 but listened to Nirvana in middle school so I was pretty happy about the reference to them in this) Their world seems a bit broader to me and I liked all the differences you showed between them and the other students. There was no awed or amazed dialogue about Harry either and I think Emily's thoughts on that matter were simply hilarious. It really wasn't a surprise to anyone that he would wind up in Gryffindor and the little bit of sarcasm there just made my day. Hahahha.

I do want to know more about Tristan though, I hope we get back to his POV soon. I'm wondering why he was so unsettled to see Neville earlier and why he doesn't like his middle name, he's an enigma that I'd love to know more about. Also, that last little bit at the very end was great, I can only imagine how awful it is to be a student in Snape's potions class but he sure does like dishing out points to this own House even if they've had a little help. Hahah.

I didn't spot any major CCs or any at all really, I just thought that your transitions could have been a bit smoother but other than that, it was a smooth ride as always. :D

As a side note, I enjoyed Tristan and Emily's bantering through their letter, that was a nice moment for me and one of my favorites.

Much love,


Author's Response: Hello again! Ah! Thank you so much!

I lovelovelove Emily--partially because I wanted to write a really AWESOME Hufflepuff character. I think it's a shame that Hufflepuff is often seen as dopey or foolish. They have so many really wonderful qualities--the BEST qualities, really (fierce friends, loyal, hardworking, kind).

I was so excited to realize that they would have overlapped with Tonks, and really liked being able to weave her into the story! And the Dumbledore wave--we all know how close Dumbledore was with Harry, and what a mentor he was. I liked the idea that he has a personal relationship with ALL of his students, to varying degrees.

And haha--that's the trouble with trying to write authentic/dimensional characters; sometimes they are just ANNOYING. They do or think stupid things, or behave badly, and you just want to SLAP them! UGH. Anyway, I'm really glad that you appreciate their flaws and imperfections, and I really wanted to capture the experience of that age. In so doing, I remembered how MADDENING it is!

Tristan's POV is up next chapter!

And oh, Snape--I actually LOVE him (when I first read "Albus Severus," I bawled like a baby). But, I remember how frustrated I was when I first read PS (and I super identified with Hermione at that age), so I tried to really channel that here :)

Thank you so much for the review!


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Review #19, by TidalDragon 

30th August 2014:
Well, per your note there were a lot of musical references dropped. I take it you're an audiophile? Or an extremely diligent researcher?

At any rate, I thought the quality characterization continued in this chapter. I think it's been a good choice to switch POVs with the diverse group of friends you've created in the story. I always admire authors who can create these very well-developed supporting characters in first-person or third-person limited, but sometimes it makes more sense to go omniscient and I think that's true of this story. It's given the group more depth and underscored their differentiation despite their friendships.

I also thought it was good to include the bit about Laurel seeming in "need" of Cheering Charms. I'm assuming this may be something that gets developed more as the story goes on, which I think would be realistic if she ends up having more pronounced problems with addiction.

Carrying on to Chapter 4!

Author's Response: Both! I'm a musician, and this story was a really fun opportunity to go through music that was popular at this times to these sorts of people :D (also, music was almost completely ignored in canon so I really wanted to do it up in this story, since it's so very important to a lot of teenagers).

The changing POVs were inspired, in part, but how Rowling shifted her focalizations in Casual Vacancy. Additionally, the show Skins (UK) was a major influence on this story, and every episode of that show switches which person it focuses on (while continuing to examine the overall story of the friend group).

Aha--yes, I insisted that my story about wizards be realistic! If cheering charms exist, some people are going to abuse them--and everything MUST have a downside. Otherwise, people would be doing that all the time!

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Review #20, by simplelullaby 

22nd August 2014:
Hey roisin! Finally here with your review. Can I just say before that I saw your post in "Author Responses that Made Your Day," so thank you. That made my day!

Enough about me though, let's get onto your review. This was a good chapter, I really like how you've got that whole GoT style switching POVs per chapter thing going on, it's really giving us a chance to get to know all of your main characters. Though I did like this chapter least (though that's only because of how amazing your last two chapters were), I think I like Emily best. I'm constantly amazed by how you manage to change your "voice" so completely as your switch whose head you're in. You've got some talent there girl!


Couldn't find anything, but I'm really not the ruling authority on such matters. I always get a beta because I'm so rubbish at noticing the little things, so you might not want to take my word for it!


Again this is where you are excelling. You did well to go in the GoT style I think - because you have introduced us to so many completely original characters and by taking a chapter to focus on each one you're really letting us get to know them all. I hope Laurel's the next one, because she's the only one who still seems a bit misty to me.

Emily is fantastic. I'm going to say that I really didn't pay much attention to her in the last chapter (though I do think it is by your design to have the reader focus on whoever has the POV-reins, so so speak), so it was delightful to be introduced to her properly. I love that you've made her a Hufflepuff - so many fics just write the House off completely when there are so many angles! It's really great to see that you're utilising all of the Houses actually, and staying away from Gryffindor. It's really helping to promote this "Alternative POV" thing you've got going on. Fantastic.

I've said it before and now I'm going to say it again, I really would've liked to see more description of Emily. You did really well to describe Isobel in the last chapter (the moment they were getting changed and she compared herself to the other girls was brilliant to establish what she looked like). You said before that you rely quite heavily on chapter images to do that for you, is that the case here? Of course it's nearly all made up by how much you flesh her out on the inside, I really like her!


Alternative POVs do seem to be your expertise, because you've hooked me onto a story with OC mains, and the canon characters in the background. I really love that you're using the canons in order to provide some comedy over anything real. It's really made me open up to the fact that no, not everyone cared about "baby Harry Potter" as much as he thought they did. I really can't wait to see how your OCs react to other significant events in PS and beyond!

As for the flow, I thought you did pretty well, though the section with the letters between Emily and Tristin did seem to go on a little TOO long, and it seemed like you were trying to cram every relevant band of the era into one short conversation. I suggest taking a couple of them out, maybe expand upon Nirvana, or Blur, but don't add them all in. I'm sure there will be a lot of points later where he can fit those in, knowing what I do of Tristan!

As a chapter, I did mention above that I liked it the least of all the chapters, but to be honest it's only because your last two were amazing and this one seemed a little fillery compared to them. Saying that, I really did like this chapter (mostly because you put it in Emily's POV, she may have a new fan...), but also because of the way you managed to fit your characters seamlessly within the HP world. I think that's what makes your Alternative POV world work so well, the fact that you've obviously researched your bum off in order to make it so. It also makes the maybe more "out-there" aspects of your fic (i.e. things that the Golden Trio didn't do, like smoke spliffs) just seem like something Harry didn't do because he was too busy fighting off Lord Voldemort and researching in the library. To be honest, if JK had been writing for adults, I would like to think it'd be a lot like this.

Setting and Description:

Okay this is definitely your weak area, I think. This chapter did seem a little rushed, and I think it has to do in part with the fact that you don't describe your characters' surroundings enough. I personally love whenever the Hufflepuff common room is included in a fic, because there's something like a little LotR Hobbity-type reference in there somewhere. When you do describe the world around them, you do it really well (having Emily promise herself to never forget the ceiling). So maybe a little more in this aspect, and it'll go from brilliant to supercalifragilisticexpealidocious!


A really great chapter. I love Emily, I love that you're being sooo canon while at the same time offering the reader something so unique and different. A little more description here and there and it'll be brilliant!

Favourite Moment:

Emily traditionally waving to Dumbledore every year. Fantastic, could totally see Dumbeldore waiting in anticipation throughout the whole feast so that he could get his little wave. Brilliant!

Your AoC: So yeah, you're writing style and your sentence structure is brilliant, don't change it a bit!

So there it is! Hope I was helpful, and thanks for rerequesting. Of course feel free to do so again.

Keep Writing


Author's Response: This review was so helpful, thank you!

I never thought of the GoT thing! The alternating POV was largely inspired by Skins and Casual Vacancy--but now that I think of it, the SOIAF books do the capitalization thing too! (I actually didn't start watching/reading GoT until after I finished this though).

This chapter really does only cover a pretty short span, and I think I relied on Emily a LOT for some exposition, just because she's my favorite--so I think you're right, and I could improve this during revision.

Ah, Laurel--it's going to be a while before we get into her head. I really want to build up everyone else's perspectives on her before delving into her own mind, as a devicey thing. She remains rather intentionally unexamined until after Christmas.

And yee--Hufflepuff is my FAVORITE house, and I think it gets written off as being 'the dumb kids'--when it totally isn't! I definitely wanted to write an awesome, and SMART, Puff character :)

You're totally right--I didn't offer any physical description of Emily. Partially because I think she's not that concerned with her appearance, so it'll be a challenge to weave in, but one I absolutely should rise to. Thank you!

Haha--all the canon events definitely exist here as comic relief. Mostly just because we already KNOW them so well, so it's fun to play with the dramatic irony ;)

Oh man, you're right about the bands too. I was so interested in setting this in 1991-92, since the movies were set ambiguously in the present. I think I went too far with the "hey look, the 90s!" thing.

"Harry didn't do because he was too busy fighting off Lord Voldemort and researching in the library." Exactly!

And this: "If JK had been writing for adults, I would like to think it'd be a lot like this." You basically nailed the idea behind this story! And I think I mentioned, but this was definitely influenced as much by Casual Vacancy as it was by HP. Year Five is basically Potter for older teens and adults, weaving in all of the elements that were conspicuously avoided in canon. (Also, some people have made criticisms, or argued plot holes in Rowling's work, that are actually easily explained if you pay attention. So I kind of subtley justify certain things here. To come: how everyone knew Quirrell already, if it was his first year).

Again, THANK YOU for your setting/description notes. I actually have a pretty cool opportunity to describe the Puff basement, and I will definitely take it when I go back to revise.

This was a really wonderful, and incredibly useful review! COOKIES TO YOU!


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Review #21, by AlexFan 

19th August 2014:

But anyway, quickly gonna type up what I had before. I think Emily and Tristan are a lot closer than the rest of their friends since they stayed up talking to each other for so long. I always wondered whether students used their owls as a form of instant messaging so I was glad to see that someone else had the same thought as me.

Emily does make a very good point though, if the Slytherins are under the lake then how on earth is Tristan's owl getting out of his dormitory? Or would the dorms be above water since there would need to be some sunlight coming into the room (and the more I think about this the more it makes sense that it would be this way).

Isobel is definitely the smarter one out of the lot of them. She seems to have more control over the drugs that she intakes and when as opposed to Laurel who is in desperate need of them (I KNEW THAT CHEER CHARM WAS GOING TO LEAD TO AN ADDICTION).

Oh, and just something that I thought I'd point out (and I'm aware that I'm being nitpicky about this but I'm a canon stickler for about 99.9% of things) but students got their time tables the day after the Opening Feast or Ceremony or whatever you want it to call it.

Also, I read all of your endnotes which was quite a feat for me because I don't always read author notes or any form of notes at the end of chapters but I'm glad I did this time because it provided me with a lot of information.

Author's Response: I hate when that happens! I used to spend so much time writing and responding to reviews that my session would time out and they'd all get lost!

I feel like, before I had text messaging (I was like 18 before my phone finally caught up--I'm a luddite), sometimes emails would turn into sort of rapid back-and-forth thing. I wanted to recreate how that comes to be.

Haha, the owl-and-the-lake. So I knew Slytherin lair was there, so I HAD to mention it (because: canon), but it's also kind of a joke, because I never DO explain how it happens (MAGIC). Perhaps the dorm windows are above the water-line?

As the story progresses, you'll learn that they're each actually quite clever, but Isobel is the most Ravenclaw-y (right now). She's definitely the most disciplined. And yeah, I figure if you have wands around all the time, and wands can make you happy, at least a FEW people will start doing that a lot, but then everything must have a downside. TEEN ANGST+WANDS=TROUBLE.

AND THANK YOU for the note about timetables! I will definitely revise that!!

I have the terrible habit of writing long and rambling end notes, it's just I did SO MUCH research, and not all of it ended up in the story (I have really detailed backstories and family histories for all the characters, plus a WEIRD amount of research into muggle technologies of the early nineties/late eighties).

Thank you for the review! So sorry for the troubles!

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Review #22, by teh tarik 

18th August 2014:
Hello again, Roisin!


And thus begins the POV of Emily Sunshine Madley! I love her name! So cheery and rather Hufflepuff-y. If I remember correctly, Madley is also the surname of one Laura Madley, a girl who was sorted into Hufflepuff during Harry's fourth year or so. And speaking of surnames, Tristan's is Bryce?! Is he perchance related to one Frank Bryce, an old Muggle who was tending the garden of the Riddle Estate? And he's a Slytherin as well. Also, I love all the abundance of references to Muggle music and Vonnegut and whatnot! Tristan's definitely very different from how the usual SLytherin is portrayed (which is mostly contemptuous of all things Muggle). And why on earth is Tristan so nervous when he hear's Neville's name? SOMETHING is going on! :P

And what on earth is that 'R' in Tristan's name? Now I must really know.

Gah, I know I already said in my past two reviews that I love your characters...well, I love them even more here. They're such a wacky bunch - getting high behind the greenhouse bahaha! And all that hugging going on, and Emily looking into the enchanted ceiling and being so amazed and awed and sounding as high as those very stars she was looking upon. :P I LOVE her little moments with Dumbledore; they're such brilliant details, and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy toward Emily. I think she's one of my favourite characters so far!

Fab chapter, my dear! I shall be back! ♥


Author's Response: Yay!

And GOOD ON YOU! You are the absolute first person to guess the names before reading the end-notes on them!

I figured that since Hogwarts only has about 35 grads per year, and even if HALF of magical Britain homeschooled (which seems high), then you still half less than 100 people entering society every year. Therefore, since wizards are such a TINY population, I figured I didn't want to make anyone up entirely. Any OCs in this story are somehow related to someone that was named. (I got the name 'Emily' because it was a common sibling name to 'Laura.') The Bryce thing isn't really supposed to be a secret (I figured some readers would pick it up off the bat), but there is sort of an "OH SNAP" moment in the penultimate chapter.

The point of this story was definitely that I liked the idea of a reluctant Slytherin. Also, since the movies were set in ambiguously the present day, I really wanted this story to be IN THE 90S. I did truly shameful amounts of research to get the era right.

Thank you again for reviewing! I really didn't know what people would think of this story, and it means crazy much to me that you like it!


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Review #23, by CambAngst 

6th July 2014:
Hi, there! Back for another chapter! Also, it's House Cup time and this is the one event I actually have some time to partake in, so:

House Cup 2014 Review

With the pleasantries and formalities out of the way, I do like the way that you continue to deliver the key plot points of your story. I would not have guessed that Tristan was a Slytherin. That puts a very different spin on the character as well as his apparent feelings of alienation and his mood swings. Coming from a mixed family and all.. awkward... No wonder he has such mixed feelings.

Ha! Although it's brief, I liked what you did with Cedric. We only ever see him through Harry's eyes when he's much older, already in the prime of his lady-killing sparkly vampiric godliness. Here he's just breaking out of that ungainly adolescent phase and we're seeing him through the eyes of someone two years older.

Emily's "tradition" with Dumbledore was a really nice touch. All of these kids are the sort of teenagers who almost go out of their way to be disaffected rebels. I don't want to go quite so far as to slap the "rich, suburban white kid problems" label on them -- Tristan's problems are obviously real -- but it's not like they're suffering in the same manner as Harry or Neville. In spite of all that, there's this connection between Emily and Dumbledore. Something the two of them share that transcends age, blood status, academic aptitude and studiousness. Then again, I always imagined that Dumbledore had a bit of a rebellious streak. He probably just didn't express it by engaging in "recreational magic" and other such diversions with his friends.

Grrr.. Marcus Flint. Reading this makes me feel even better about having Draco curse him in Detox and then killing him off in Conspiracy of Blood. He didn't fare well in my stories. ;)

I love Tristan's plan for getting revenge on his roommates. In spite of the enjoyment he'll derive from it, living with that bunch of pureblood supremacist jerks has to be awful for him. At least he has his friends and his literature to keep him company. Slaughterhouse 5 was a favorite of mine when I was younger. I'm now curious whether those themes of predetermination and absurdity will find their way into your story at all.

Funny and completely unrelated side story: When I was in college, one of the dorms on campus used to have a big weekend party every year after the end of second semester classes and before the start of final exams. My freshman year, they hired a band from Seattle that not many people had heard of to play on Saturday night. The year was 1991 and I'm assuming you can guess who the band was...

Ooh, another mystery surrounding Tristan. I'm curious whether his middle name could relate in any way to his interest in Harry Potter. Or maybe I'm just grabbing at straws. The boy has secrets, and I like that about him!

Laurel's kind of a junkie for those Cheering Charms, isn't she?

OK, so there's really only one thing I found in this chapter that I can nit-pick you on and it's this: “Tristan. Cheer me. For the love of Merlin,” commanded Laurel, finally lifting her head. You keep everything in this story so marvelously canon, but in the books, Merlin was never treated like some deity whose name could be invoked or taken in vain. People would refer to his beard or his pants, but I don't recall it ever being implied that he was any sort of god. So there, my one possibly useful bit of constructive criticism.

Wow. I guess they've survived four years at Hogwarts already so they know what they're doing, but I'm not sure I could handle Snape in that mental state. Also, why does Snape love Tristan so much? Does he feel some responsibility for looking after his House's one half-blood? That doesn't sound much like Snape, but I guess stranger things have happened. The plot thickens further...

Another great chapter! I shall return!

Author's Response: Oh yay, so glad to have another review from you!

I'm so very, very pleased you didn't see the Slytherin thing coming! "Reluctant Slytherin" was the original central theme for Tristan's character, and then I worried that that was a pretty common trope around here and people would see it coming straight off!

"lady-killing sparkly vampiric godliness," hahahahahaha. Oh yes, couldn't resist giving Cedric an ugly-duckling phase ;) Alternate POV of canon characters is a LOT of fun!

The Dumbledore wave: I really liked the idea that Dumbledore has a personal relationship with ALL of his students.

Now I wish I HAD woven in Slaughterhouse 5 themes! I chose that book just because it was appropriate to the era, and Tristan's age (and I like it (; )

Aha, you lucky thing. My thought process: "hm, PhilStone look place in 1991-92. Lots of Nirvana is going to have to be involved."

Ohmanohmanohman, I wanna say something about Tristan's suspicious interest... but the spoilers.

Thank you for the Merlin comment, I hadn't thought of that! I will indeed think very carefully about how to revise that line.

Thank you for taking the time to leave such a detailed review! You rock!

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Review #24, by newgenerationlover 

27th June 2014:
Wow, you sure have done your homework for this chapter. *round of applause* Seriously though, I could not have done that much research, if I am in the mood to add to any of my stories, all I want to do is write. The only research I do is a quick google search for little things like names of canon characters so kudos to you!

Great chapter! Despite changing POV's each chapter, each of your character have such a distinct, real, and unique voice. All of them are just so real and it is so nice to read a story where real people are living their lives at Hogwarts rather than a bunch of Mary Sues. I have also yet to read such a riveting story that does really have anything big going on. There isn't some dark wizard they have to conquer, there aren't any huge childhood trauma they have to overcome, there aren't any soul mates that need to get together in a storm of drama. Its just a group of friends going to school, but I am as much intrigued while reading this as while reading all those other types of stories.

So I am glad in your authors note that you said that they brought all the weed they needed for the semester because I was just thinking about how they would get it. Either they would have their neighborhood drug dealer tie it to an owl which would come with its own complications and then I was thinking that there were some super sketchy first year (don't ask me why they would be the younger students, it was just that way in my head when I imagined it) half covered by the shadows in the transfiguration hallway as the deal went down. Neither of those seem very plausible haha

Anyway, great chapter!


Author's Response: Thank you Mary!
Yeah I did all the research and developed all the background work before I started writing, and then I wrote the whole shebang out and did a lot of rewriting before I started uploading--so I was also able to also go back and weave in the research as I went.

I'm really happy to hear you found the voices distinct! I had a set of rules for each character, and I hope that their individual voices stay distinct throughout the piece, so let me know!

Since this is a story about teenagers, and there is magic to boot, drama definitely makes an appearance. But the first third of the story is mostly exposition, creating a rhythm, and introducing various points, etc. I was really concerned that, since I wrote this all out before finding HPFF, it doesn't really function as a serialized piece (and I rarely end chapters with cliff-hangers). So I'm really happy to hear that I'm holding your interest through the long exposition.

Haha, yes, their clandestine "potions supplies." They have a few little tricks that crop up throughout the story--and now I'm worried that you'll scrunch up your nose when I introduce the sketchy first year stalking the shadows of the transfig hallway! (Haha, ok, not really--that doesn't happen I promise).

Ye, thanks so much for leaving a reviewww!

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Review #25, by water_lily43175 

19th June 2014:
Oho, I like what you did here. Last chapter we learned the girls' houses, but you kept Tristan's nicely quiet. I'll confess, I assumed he'd be in Ravenclaw, or maybe Gryffindor. But, no, he's a Slytherin! And I hate myself for being so taken aback by that because there is nothing wrong with Slytherin. I really like that he's there though. I like reading about non-purity-nutter Slyths. :)

Tristan's reaction to Neville's name is interesting. VERY interesting...

"Super Baby Harry Potter", tee hee.

I loved the little insight into Emily's Hogwarts background here. Her friendship with Tonks is so adorable! OotP-Tonks is one of my favourite Potter characters. And the Dumbledore wave exchange ... that man is a legend. AGAIN, more development that fleshes the characters and the fic out so well. :)

And more mystery! Tristan's middle name. HMM.

HA, so typical Snape - Tristan follows Emily's instructions, but it's HIS potion that's best of the class and Emily's isn't worth mentioning. Tsk, you prejudiced bat, you.

Emily and Tristan's friendship is lovely. As is what we've seen of Isobel and Laurel's. I particularly enjoyed all the music discussion. THE DOXIES. Love it. :)

Next chapter!


Also I'm glad that my little "SURPRISE, HE'S A SLYTHERIN" reveal worked. The idea of a reluctant Slytherin was really delightful for me.

Writing canon characters is amazingly fun, yet stressful because people can be really protective (I, for one, feel protective over Hermione--don't get me started on Emma Watson's hair in the movies being so terribly off-mark). Anyway, I'm really pleased when the response is "that's so Snape" rather than "YOU FAIL!"


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