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Review #1, by my_voice_rising 

19th November 2015:

Not only did I actually *read* this chapter, with the intention of reviewing it, I wrote you a PM on the forums telling you how excited I was to read/review and then got distracted by some internet thing or another and never actually wrote anything.

(For what it's worth, I just wrote a review and HPFF ate it and I'm rewriting it. Better? Maybe?)

Anyway, this is just some quality writing. Your character development is so strong, and we're only two (technically one) chapters in. Tristan and Isobel are both really interesting, as are their friends--I appreciate that we're not really supposed to "like" Laurel. The way they were all talking about Harry, and how they'd kind of forgotten about him, was interesting. In canon we only see people being like OMG UR HARRY WOT so this was a nice, fresh take. Their ties with Fred and George, and the twins' characterization, was really nice too. Even though *weep* Fred.

Even your graphics and banner are cohesive and fit the mood of the story well. Really nice job! I can't wait to read on and get to know the other characters.

Author's Response: AH I'm sorry it's taken me sososo long to reply! So yeah, no worries on your end about anything! (I really love responding to reviews, so I promised myself I'd hold off until I'd updated a few things, and that took FOREVER).

Hee, I really loved the idea of seeing how other people would objectively view Harry and his whole mythos. Like, you know how if you haven't seen a small child in a lot of years, you still imagine them being tiny and then are like "WOAH, WHEN DID YOU BECOME A BIG KID??" I figure that since Harry was this really famous Baby, a lot of people would kind of imagine him as eternally being a baby, and then be a little like "woah, he's a person."

As for the twins [sobs], I had a lot of fun playing with perspective here. In canon, they're always the cool older people. Here, they're a bit younger than the MCs. It was a lot of fun trying to keep them in line with canon, while also looking at them a slightly different way.

And devastatingly sad. [sobs again]

Yee I'm SO GLAD you like the graphics!

Thank you SO MUCH for this review!


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Review #2, by Penelope Inkwell 

11th September 2015:
So, I don't think I've ever thought about the use of Charms as corresponding to, shall we say, restricted substances (playin' it safe for the 12+ rule here). Anywho, that's quite clever, and Hex Heads is a good moniker for it all. =

The conversation with Fred and George--the parts about Percy, in particular--cracked me up.

Emily was so rarely mean that it was always something of a treat.
--we all have this friend. Actually, I think I've been this friend. Points for relatable lines!


Noticed one really tiny thing--

“Yeah." He winked. I’ll do you, Em.”
--there should be a set of quotation marks before "I'll".

Really good work, once again!


Author's Response: Hah! I've ALWAYS wondered about the existence of mind-altering spells. Like, they learn cheering charms when they're 13/14, and then we NEVER see them come up again! I had to assume that at least SOME people would figure out a way to abuse that. And I also felt like I needed to answer the question, if you CAN just make yourself cheerful all the time whenever you want, why DON'T people?

I had so much fun writing the twins! I'm really glad people dig them :)

And YEAH, the whole "it's funny when the nice friend says something mean" thing is SUCH a thing! I too have those friends, and have been that friend :P

Thank you for catching that typo, editing now!


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Review #3, by HeyMrsPotter 

11th September 2015:
OMG I adore your chapter image, Max is my hero :p

I'm glad you included the twins and mentioned Harry in this chapter, it gives a good indication of timeline. Also, how good are your twins?! You've captured them perfectly in just that brief moment.

I'm really enjoying this so far, your writing style is so funny and witty :D


Author's Response: Yas! Isobel is definitely very different from Max, but I thought Kat Dennings had the best overall look (and I really like her as an actress, so while I've never seen her do an English accent, I could imagine her playing the character in my head).

So stoked that you liked the twins! They're sort of scary to write because, like, they're SO GOOD in canon, but I ended up really enjoying writing them :)


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Review #4, by Unicorn_Charm 

13th August 2015:
And I'm back!

I don't even know if I can review properly. I don't know what I can say that you probably haven't already heard before, because this is just so brilliant. The detail, the nods to cannon, the nods to widely accepted head-cannon. I mean, wow! And on top of that, it's so, so well written, clever and just funny. I'm so sad I haven't read this sooner, because I've clearly been missing out.

So I'm guessing that these are more of the main characters that we're meeting now. I love them! Normally I find at least one character who I don't really like, or seems pretty cliche, but not these girls. Again, they're so real. And the idea of using charms like that! You're a pure genius! How did you think of that??

Oh my god, that line about Arthur Weasley! I literally laughed out loud! I thought I was going to wake my boyfriend up haha. And the twins! That makes perfect sense that they would indulge in such activities. ;)

Aww and they were friends with Tonks?! Another awesome little detail!

All I want to do is gush and tell you how amazing you are and hug you for creating such an amazing piece of art. I'm assuming that most of my reviews are going to be quite similar, too. :p

I'm super thrilled that I finally got to this. I love it. Just adore it already! *hugs* I cannot wait to read on! ♥

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: MEGuh! How do I even respond to this review right now?!?!?! All I can do is jump around and flap my hands and go FKSGVBSGKJGWBMDHKAL.

*deep breath*

I'm SO glad you didn't think any of them were cliche. I thought a lot about these characters as I was writing them and made sure, whenever they started to go too far in one direction, that I kind of threw something in to complicate that. But it's also sort of like they all demanded to be written this way. Like, I remember the very first draft I did of all these characters and them just all running off into these directions I hadn't planned. Like, "oh, okay, you're that way? If you say so."

I'M SUPER GLAD YOU DIG THE WEASLEY/TWINS THING. I was so worried that people would all, like "NOPE" about that and throw their laptops across the room in disgust. But... It fits, doesn't it?! Like, they SO would though. Arthur is just such a tokin' dad to me.

I was SUH STOKED when I realized they would have overlapped with Tonks and squealed in delight. Just HAD to weave her in wherever possible.

I see your gushing, and I raise you A THOUSAND TIMES MORE GUSHING.

Thank yououououou Meg!


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Review #5, by TreacleTart 

11th August 2015:
Hey Roisin!

Gryffindor Review Battle - Go Team Red!

Hex Heads? I'm dying. I absolutely love the idea of wizards getting high on cheering charms. That is sheer brilliance. And smuggling weed into Hogwarts as potions ingredients? That was good too.

I really like that you've added a sort of vibrancy to the magical world. In the HP series, there's a lot that sort of falls flat. There's no music, drugs, or really anything that teenagers appreciate, so it's nice to see you fill that all in a little bit.

Also, your use of HP characters is great. I love how Hermione pops her head in for a second and Fred and George are friends with the main characters. You mentioned Charlie and threw in a joke about Percy. Trevor the Toad is off on adventures. I can't believe how many references you threw out there.

Also, your characterization of Hufflepuffs as stoners seemed odd at first, but now I sort of get it. The only reason their so nice all the time is because they're always stoned. :D

Great work! I'm on to the next chapter right now.


Author's Response: OK YES. So, I understand the choices Rowling made. Aside from the fact that they were meant to be kids books at the start, I think Harry and co. were just too distracted Fighting Evil to get up to much teen shenanigans. And I think the books, which were already long and involved, would get a bit BUSY if all this stuff were included.

But hey, FANFICTION. Mind-altering spells are a FACT in canon, and they are taught to 13-14 year olds. This NEEDS to be addressed! Like, if you CAN just make yourself cheerful with a spell, why aren't people doing that all the time? As you know, I set out to answer this question.

And yeah, I just very much wanted to show how other kids, who aren't fighting evil, might have experienced the magical world. I really only wrote this story because I'd had the conversation "Well if WE were at Hogwarts..." so many times.

Hahahaha, Hufflepuff stoner jokes are a BIG thing among my friends, and I didn't invent "Huff le Puff" or "Huffle puff puff pass." There's a reasonably large section of the internet that agrees ;)

Yee! Thank you SO MUCH for this review battle and all of your amazing, helpful, thoughtful reviews!


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Review #6, by Shinicha 

28th July 2015:
Loved the second chapter as well!!! :)

It is always really interesting to think about what the side characters in the books are up to when we don't read about them. So i enjoyed the Percey and Penny interlude immensely, even more so the twins!!! But most of all I loved how you connected the far-away stories of the ministry and the order with Hogwarts by creating Tonk's past.

So far I enjoy the group's dynamic and all the potential future conflicts that are already implied; such as emely-tristan-(isobel?); laurel's inclination for charms etc.

The drugs are another thing I found hilarious and imaginative. (Speed-for stuying :'D ) I noticed that there are no psychedelic substances in play yet! (But would that fit better than whiskey?? Btw: why whiskey for gryffindor?? :o )

Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Yayay thank you!

Since Percy and Penny were in their year, I definitely wanted to include them, especially because I thought it would be funny to see what these kids thought of them. And the twins! That was fun too, since they were older than Harry, and seemed all big. But to Tristan and co, they're younger, which was cool to think about.

And Tonks! I was SO stoked when I realized they would have overlapped at school!

I'm very interested in the dynamic you named--I like how you're thinking right now. That's the suspicion I'd hoped readers would have ;)

As you know, psychedelics are yet to come! But yeah, so, whiskey: that has a lot to do with what /these/ kids think of Gryffindors. Loud, prone to aggression, etc. And think about it! There are tons of Gryffindors in canon, and the main booze they drink is whiskey!


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Review #7, by Pixileanin 

29th January 2015:
Oh, hey. I bet you were wondering where I ran off to. Ahem. Anyway.

Isobel. I love the way that there's this general atmosphere of "I don't care". It permeates the chapter. So. Much Attitude, and she hasn't even done anything yet.

Laurel seems to need charms. That, in itself is scary. I get the feeling that Emily accommodates a lot. She does things for Laurel. She does things for Tristan - isn't it great that there's no need to explain the mechanics of magic/technology? We're all on the same page. I love that about borrowed worlds and fanfiction.

Laurel's food comments put up a red flag for me right here. And Isobel with the charms... hmmm.

"He's a ratty looking bugger. His clothes look like charity shop rejects, hair's all askew. And I'm a Weasley!" Love the honest snark about Harry coming from the twins here.

Can I just say that the duality of the way Isobel thinks about Hufflepuff was lovely? Okay, there. I said it.

I see hints of things that bother me about the characters, hints of things that could go wrong, things that could get out of control, but within the veil of teen-dom, it doesn't come across as threatening or worrisome. Yet.

Off to the next chapter!

Author's Response: YES! I haven't allowed myself to reply to these reviews until I made good on our review pairing, but I'm able to come back to Rabbit Heart now so YAY.

These kids DEF have a 'too cool for school' attitude. Indeed, Tristan misses a lot of school :P

Your point about Emily being accommodating is a really good one. No one's pointed that out yet, but it's SUCH a thing with her, to the point that it actually is pretty major later.

Yes, many red flags in this chapter. ~~~ExPoSiTiOn~~~

Glad you liked her comments about Hufflepuff! And YES, a real duality! Sort of a condescending fondness.

And you're bang on about there being a lot of questionable going on, but from their perspectives ('veil of teenagedom' was nice!) it all seems hunky-dory. I definitely wanted this chapter to play they they're all having a great time and things are great, and for readers to pause and think "well... actually..."

YAYAY, so glad I can finally return to this age-old pairing we had!


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Review #8, by BellaLestrange87 

20th January 2015:
I really need to get better at the whole 'reading Chapter 2 more than a month after reading Chapter 1 and falling in love with the story' thing.

I love how you describe Laurel's hair as "dishwater blonde". I think a lot of people (myself included, probably) tend to romanticize things and make them seem better, and here you've done exactly the opposite, which I like. After all, it's just hair.

I wonder why Tristan is usually so depressed on the first day of school. This year it seems apparent that he's missing Sophie and regrets having to have her Obliviated. At least he did try to prevent that ever needed to happen (which isn't much consolation, since he failed.)

I completely sympathize with Tristan here. If I wasn't able to listen to music for a year (or four/five months, depending on whether or not he goes home for Christmas) I would listen to it every chance I got before the time came to stop. Besides, I couldn't imagine having to go without my favourite songs for that long. Sure, there probably is some way of getting music at Hogwarts - I think someone in the books said that radios are magic, not muggle technology - but there's no guarantee they'll play what you want and commercials.

When I read the third book, I remember reading, in the chapter when Harry and the rest of them did Cheering Charms in Charms, that they could get addicting if you used them too often. It's kind of sad to see them needing them here - they're fifteen, I think, and already using the wizard equivalent of drugs. At least Tristan has enough humour to make a joke about how depressed he is, though. (And yes, I'm fully aware that if I didn't want to read a story with drugs this is probably the wrong story.)

I wonder if Tristan and Emily have a thing? She saved a spot for him on her side of the compartment, and he basically just flirted with her. Of course, there's always the next paragraph to consider.

I always wondered what the Cheering Charm incantation would be, and it makes perfect sense that it would revolve around something, well, funny, whether it be a word that means funny or whatever.

SO THAT'S WHERE THE TOAD WENT! I'm having hilarious mental images of 11-year-old Hermione walking in on them, all charmed-out, and being really weirded out and wondering if this is what wizards are like. You, Roisin, just made me laugh for about five minutes straight and I'm very happy I'm alone right now.

I love your portrayal of Fred and George here! They probably wouldn't want to hang around with their little brother and all his friends, and we never really see who they hang out with in the books, besides the rest of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. And, yes, Harry probably did look like a lost little thing on the platform that day. Everybody that only knows him because of what he did as a baby - Voldemort - probably still, as Laurel says, pictures him as a baby.

I love how Tristan's music player starts to fail as they get closer to Hogsmeade. I never really thought about how that would work - I haven't written about muggle-born characters yet, aside from Hermione and minor OCs that spent all their time in-fic at Hogwarts - but it makes sense that it would work until it got close to a major magical location, such as Hogsmeade and Hogwarts.

You might want to edit this - “So do you know what happened to Tristan over holidays?” asked Emily, - to "So do you know what happened to Tristan over the holidays?"

Bahahahaha Hermione seems so out of her element here. As I said earlier, I had a laugh attack when imagining when Hermione would walk in them but this is probably the worst time for her to do so. Poor Hermione.

I think that was either an electricity joke or Mr. Weasley is so into Muggle technology that he's trying Muggle drugs. Hmm. I wonder what Mrs. Weasley would say. Probably nothing very approving.

Tonks! I never really thought much about what she was like was she was at Hogwarts - aside from the fact in OotP that she said she could never behave herself in-school - and I love how you've taken that fact and twisted it for your own purposes.

You might want to edit your Author's Note and change this - 1. According the Rowling, there are “about a thousand” students at Hogwarts. - to "According to Rowling".

And this - The bit about the aventures of Trevor the Toad was really funny in my head, so I hope that came off! Adventures, not aventures.

This was a great chapter!


Author's Response: Gah this review is so amazing, thank you!

Yeah, I definitely didn't want all my characters to be SUPER GORGEOUS SUPERMODELS ZOMG--but realistic teenagers. And one could argue that all the faceclaims are of pretty good-looking people (because famous people tend to be attractive)--but I at least tried to find quirky/unique people!

Right?!?! Living without music would be the WORST! And wizarding stereos are a good fix if you like wizarding music, but yeah, you still can't CONTROL what you listen to, and if you like muggle music then you're pretty screwed.

I wouldn't say here that they all NEED Cheering Charms, but they are certainly ABUSING them. Like, I wouldn't call Emily or Isobel addicts, but they are experimenting in a potentially problematic way.

But yeah, thinking about it, Mind Altering Spells seem like a pretty dangerous idea.

Haha, for the incantation I seriously just used google translate into latin, and boom, "hilaris."

TREVOR! So glad you liked that bit! That was my very first stab at visual comedy, and I was so anxious about whether or not it came across!

That's so how it is, though! Like, a famous child actor is really surprising to see as an adult and stuff! And I'm really glad you liked the Twins! It was really fun writing them in a different context than we saw in canon.

Heehee--Hermione was so 'bossy and in charge' in the books, and I loved the idea of seeing her from an older person's perspective! She still was, underneath it all, just a little girl.

Ha! Molly would probably be VERY cross!

Thank you for pointing out all my typos! Will scurry to edit!

And thank you SO MUCH for this review! GAH! LOVE!


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Review #9, by Maelody 

13th January 2015:
"Hex-Heads" I don't think I've ever heard this phrase before in our Potter-verse. I love it! Seriously, I see where this story is going, and it just works. The whole feel of the era has been grasped, and the story is strangely addicting already!

So charms do the work of some muggle drugs, eh? I think that's so cool. Maybe a little less dangerous than actual drug use in the muggle world, but I don't know. If it effect certain parts of speech and capability, I would guess it effects the brain somehow. So then again, maybe it's not all that safe.

I love the set-up of the characters. The fact that Tristan is the only boy of practically an all girl group sort of gives off another feel for him. Not that I'm saying he regrets it, but it gives off elements of his character. And to know that Sophie was his first makes it just a little more sad that she was obliviated into thinking otherwise of that night.

Emily is becoming one of my fast favorites. She seems sweet enough, and more aware of exactly how the others feel. Isobel I can tell thinks she has herself together, but if she truly did, I think she would have left a long time ago. Laurel is really cute though, in that rambunctious sort of way. She's definitely lost herself to a lot of that charm work, though, eh? I can see where to them it's more of a hassle than it is 'adorable'.

Anyway, I've read up to chapter three so I'm going to head over to the next chapter and review so I can actually get back to reading! This is great so far! Already one of those stories that naturally grabs you from the beginning!


Author's Response: :D I spent FOREVER thinking up the term 'Hex Head' and I'll admit I'm quite proud of it! I know Crestwood has adopted it, and I'm hoping it'll become a THING around here!

Haha, I'm glad the story is 'addicting'! FORM FOLLOWING CONTENT!

In a way, mind altering spells seem almost MORE dangerous to me. Just because, like, you can do them WHENEVER as MUCH as you want with your WAND which is practically like a body part. The more you think about it, the more you have to second guess the wisdom of teaching 13-14 year olds MIND ALTERING SPELLS. The nature of teenagers is such that some WILL abuse them!

All of my dude friends tend to be the kind who mostly hang around with girls, so it was a bit easier for me to write (I have no idea what guys get up to on their own!) Also, I liked how it was sort of the opposite of Harry/Ron/Hermione.

I'm glad you can see Laurel's cute/rambunctiousness! She definitely takes longer to get to know, which was an intentional decision, but there's a lot I really like about her (her issues notwithstanding)! But yeah, Emily is imminently loveable.

You have no idea how happy these reviews have made me! Thank you!


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Review #10, by pointless_proclamations 

31st December 2014:
Ahhh!!! Is my reaction to every new chapter of yours I am about to read.

Again with you and your descriptions! YOU HAVE SUCH A TALENT FOR THESE KINDS OF THINGS!! It seems so natural that it's so hard to believe that you ever wanted to avoid it at all! 'hectic length of the scarlet steam engine,' 'nearly fell over in their affection,' ooh, ooh and 'his feelings seemed to manifest physically, in his pallor and the dark circles ringing his eyes.'

The first time I read this, I was all 'OH MY GOSH, WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS CHARM?!' and then I was all, 'oh, it makes people happy, how bad can it be,' THEN in the following chapters--'WHAT IN THE WORLD HAVE YOU DONE?' You're absolutely genius, by the way. I love the concept of Hex Heads. Ahh, then I went on a mental tangent about the effect of this charm on neurotransmitters. It appears the more you use the charm the higher the reliance you have on it because your body's like 'oh, happy hormones are being produced. Well, then I don't need to do very much of that anymore. Folks, let's slow down the production of happy hormones.' And then when you come down from that high, your deprived of happy hormones. So then you aren't as capable of being naturally happy anymore. And then you want to cheer even more--it's a downward spiral. ALTHOUGH, please correct me if I'm totally off, by the way.

There is something so fascinating about the way you write about the effects of the cheering charm. They appear to be high. This subtle way of comparing the use of the cheering charm this way to drug abuse--I need to hug you.

I squealed intrinsically when Fred and George appeared. You wrote them so well! And the toad! I am super impressed with how canon you're making this. The way you weave YF into PS: absolutely genius.

I really admire the way you just start dropping house names and associating them to your characters, NEGLECTING to associate Tristan to any house. It was remarkably casual, the way you did it.

Your writing gives off vibes that translate into urges and emotions. You're a super effective writer. So, despite how happy they all seem at this point and how it seems that nothing wrong is going on, I'm really uncomfortable (in a good way). Tristan, Emily, Isobel, and Laurel. Despite my being completely against their spell abuse and drug abuse and my feeling utterly enraged by what their doing, I care a whole lot for them.

Happy New Year's Eve,

Author's Response: Hello!

A lot of the descriptions got added later, because I kind of got the hang of writing after I finished the whole thing (and since it was prewritten, I was able to do lots of editing before I uploaded).

Ahaaa, I'm so glad you're thinking of neurotransmitters! Yes, I was sort of imagining that Hilaris works on serotonin and dopamine receptors, and by inhibiting GABA (not unlike chemicals that do the same thing, except the charm stimulates instead of simulates. Since dopamine is involved, addiction is a serious concern!). And then 'tranquilus' would work by releasing endogenous opioids.

But yeah, 'cheering charms' are a canon thing--but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that mind altering charms seem like a VERY dangerous idea!

Teeheehee, I'm glad you like how I played Tristan's house!

And yay, one of my goals was definitely to play with the difference between what the characters think and feel, and what the readers think and feel. Partially because this is fanfiction, so readers already have SEVEN LONG books of backstory--and then the idea snowballed, and I got into writing this weirdly ambivalent/ambiguous story, where all meaning and interpretation is specific to the reader.


Happy New Years!

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Review #11, by wolfgirl17 

28th December 2014:
Hey Love,

Wolfgirl here (finally) with your requested review. I'm so sorry it took me so long. I've been such a slacker. But anyway, let's jump right in.

Have I mentioned that i love the quality of your writing? There is just something about it that make me feel like it's so much more valuable because of the amount of effort you invest in maintaining this brilliant level of quality quality. Whenever i read your work I feel like it's not just a fan-written piece but the same high standard I would expect to find from the likes of bestsellling authors like Jo and Wilbur Smith and Bryce Courtney.

It's just mesmerizing to read. Admittedly when I reviewed your first chapter I mentioned that I was unsure I wanted to keep reading, however that was based on a limited interest that you inspired from me in the characters. I'm so glad you requested to have chapter 2 reviewed because they are growing on me, and obviously you've hooked me with your writing style alone.

I absolutely love your descriptions like "her garlic-clove shaped nose". Where did you come up with this and can I steal it? It's fantastic. I immediately have an image in my head of the type of nose on her face, far more so than simply writing that it's hooked or pert or prone to wrinkling.

And "grumbled to life" as a description for the train starting up. "Nourished by his friends" as a way to describe that feeling of therapeutic motivation that comes from being with friends! Where do you come up with this stuff? It's solid gold!

And Merlin I love the way you had Fred and George describe Ron "probable embarrassment to Gryffindor" indeed. Haha.

Seriously. I'm in love. I'm growing more and more intrigued by Isobel, Emily, Laurel and Tristan by the second. You really must continue to request, lest I make a stalkerish fool of myself by gushing over every chapter like a ninny without any kind of structure or useful direction whatsoever!


Author's Response: There is no possible way I can express how happy this review made me! CAPS LOCK IS NOT LARGE ENOUGH FOR MY SQUEEING!1!1!1!1

I definitely owe a LOT to the excellent feedback I've gotten from reviewers. That specific description of Laurel wasn't even in the chapter until someone pointed out that I should describe her more (that was like, a MONTH ago--that description is NEW). So yeah, this story definitely didn't look like this on the first draft!

And since the whole thing was pre-written, that meant I got to go over the completed story over and over again and make tweaks. BUT, there was a downside to pre-writing: basically, the whole issue with the intro chapter you pointed out. I think writing piece-by-piece makes things a lot more satisfying to read piece-by-piece. Writing all together means the chapters go together, rather than standing alone :( I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO FIX IT NOW! (Needless to say, I'm REALLY relieved that this chapter got your interest!)

As for 'garlic nose,' my friend described her nose that way when I was a teenager and it stuck with me! So really, all credit goes to her :) And if I'm being totally honest about how I got to 'grumbling,' I make sound effects while I write! I also say thing out loud, make faces adopting the mood I want to convey, move my arms around a lot, and do weird gestures with my hands when I'm trying to think of a word or analogy (basically, I look like a TOTAL weirdo when I write!)

I really can't say how much encouragement I've gotten out of this review! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


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Review #12, by shez 

25th December 2014:
First of all I just wanted apologize for the tardiness of this review. The last couple days have been a whirlwind of relatives and shopping and general chaos. But I’m here now—onto Y5!

“dishwater blonde hair” I really like your word choice here as it lends realism (which is obviously what you’re going for) Too often in fanfic authors romanticize their characters, aka, describe the way their curls fall down their back, or make them Barbie lookalikes. Also I appreciate the minimalism.

Bahaha Tristan ‘educating her’ about (muggle) music. I wanted to chuckle because this is SUCH a teen thing.

Also, I wanted to say I REALLY like the way you write conversation in a group. I know its a challenge for some writers (myself included), but you make it feel seamless and organic. And although this is mostly intro chapter to the characters—it never feels dull or like some big info dump. You never have to explicitly tell us that Emily’s a muggle born (or half blood) while Laurel and Isobel are most likely purebloods—we can figure it by the dialogue (Also, Tristan’s brooding made me chuckle. It’s actually sort of cute!). Oh, oh, and it’s refreshing to read about a friend group of primarily girls and one guy (Usually it’s the other way around). I expect there are romantic feelings floating about hehe (From the Cheering ‘do me’ comment, I’m going to guess Emily fancies Tristian).

And because I haven’t read the books in years and my canon knowledge is shaky at best, I googled Cheering to see if it’s a real spell (Duh, it is). I think it’s really cool you were able to incorporate canon details like these. This story definitely deserved those dobby nominations!

“And then a toad hopped right into Emily’s lap” OH MY GOSH NEVILLE!! *fangirls*

Also, WEASLEYS. I love that whole exchange, the wit and banter (those comments about Ron and Percy) was so entertaining!

I can’t wait until they have a run in with Harry or more of other the canon kids. OR SNAPE. OH MY GOD SNAPE. TRISTAN AND SNAPE. PLEASE, CAN YOU TELL ME IF THIS HAPPENS??

This really does feel like an extension of the books. I can actually SEE these characters existing in the peripheral of the first book.
Pertaining to your end note—I vaguely recall Rowling, in some interview, saying that she’s bad at math and she doesn’t really know how many kids are in Hogwarts. But it’s still impressive that you’ve done such thorough research. I find canon to be constraining at times, for me personally, but the fact you manage to make it for you is awesome!

So, I’m really enjoying this even though it’s so far from what I usually read. I’m pretty picky about my hp fanfic, probably ridiculously so, but I LOVE what you've added to my beloved canon world. Reading this was a treat. I’m excited to see where it goes! And I intend to drop in (though probably pretty sporadically) and leave more reviews!

Author's Response: This review is so much better for being ON CHRISTMAS! Thank you!

I straight up stared at photos of my Laurel faceclaim (young Chloe Sevigny) trying to think of critical things to say about her (I mean, Sevigny is definitely a beauty, but I like that she isn't traditionally pretty, and has done a lot of films and photoshoots where she isn't dolled up).

Haha, connecting Music Snobbery with Wizard/Muggle cultural difference was super fun for me ;)

All of the conversing in this chapter went through a WEIRD amount of rewrites and revision--like, I wouldn't be able to count. 30 complete re-edits at least. I'm really glad you think the final result worked, and felt organic and all. This is a really expository chapter--in fact, the first several chapters are all setting things up and exposition. I think the introductory phase is so long partially because I wanted to avoid info dumps. And since this is a character driven story, I really needed to give the characters shape for everything that comes later to work.

Oh man--CHEERING CHARMS. Like, the more you think about it, the more you MUST assume that if you teach 13/14-year-olds mind-altering spells, they WILL abuse them!

The Twins were super fun for me, because there's just a slightly different perspective. I really wanted them to seem in-line and consistent with the books, but then see them in a different way by offering a new POV and different contexts.

YES SNAPE! I'm glad you see it! THAT DEFINITELY HAPPENS! Snape is also a really fun character, because WE know so much about him that Tristan and co. don't (dramatic irony was basically the most FUN thing about writing this story!)

Which brings me to the periphery thing--I'm so glad you think it fits! I wrote this before I really knew what fanfiction was, so it is rather a different interpretation of the genre. This story is very kind of aware that it is fanfiction, and plays a lot with meta references and the like.

I'll also say that the tone of the story doesn't stay this light. It's funny, because I originally conceived of this as such a fun/wacky/silly idea (HOGWARTS STONERS). I combined all these various elements and ideas I wanted to examine, and then ended up with a much grittier story than I'd thought. Also, you know, TEENAGERS. MUCH ANGST FOLLOWS.

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Review #13, by maryhead 

20th December 2014:
Hi! It's maryhead here for an incredibly late requested review! Seriously, I am a horrible person. But I think this has already been established months ago.

Sooo... this chapter. Wow. I mean, it is the first chapter set on the Hogwarts train that I've actually, truly, absolutely enjoyed reading. It begins more or less like any other "1st of September" kind of chapter, with the train and the main character dragging a heavy trunk and looking for a fellow student or a free compartment, but then... It changes. It becomes different and original, sad and sinister, a curious thing considering that the protagonists of this update laugh most of the time, chatting and joking like any normal teenager would do. But that's the point, isn't it? The allure of normalcy draped around the issue of drug addiction. It is an incredibly interesting issue to discuss in a Harry Potter fanfic, actually refreshening in its originality. There are so many elements I would love to point out and so many emotions I would like to convey with this review that I don't know where to begin. Trying not to ramble as I usually do, I will divide this comment into the main aspects I would like to cover:

.Characters: Although this chapter still appears more like an introduction of sorts rather than the actual story, you managed to introduce a great deal of characters without appearing too rushed or exceeding in overly-detailed description. You are depicting each protagonist gradually, shade by shade, careful not to forget any detail, but at the same time still focused on the difficult goal of intrigue and attract readers. Isobel, Emily and Laurel seem highly interesting characters, with a good deal of flaws and a more or less evident presence of metaphorical demons in their past or minds. They are estranged, rebellious in their own way, but also slightly childish which is good, considering they are all teenagers. I have to say none of them struck me more than Tristan, though. His darkish mixture of brooding "muggle" teenager and magical background is interesting and enjoyable. I loved the element of the headphones and the fact that he tries to listen to as much music as he can before entering the school territory... To tell the truth I really felt bad for him in those scenes, because I wouldn't know how to survive without my music for nine months! I also liked the way he looks clearly depressed, but still tries not to behave like a complete spoilsport, playing along and joking about his own bad mood.

General structure: focusing solely on this chapter I wouldn't have much to say. The style is impeccable, elegant and smooth. I have just a tiny observation, made solely because of my obsession with symmetry and equilibrium throughout a story. You see, in the previous chapter you gave us a good, solid background regarding Tristan's home life and personality, and here we are faced with a chapter that smoothly follows those premises, portraying the way in which the boy has reacted to the unfortunate happening with the muggle girl. With the other members of the group, however, this doesn't happen: Laurel, Emily and even Isobel are included in a scene that could have already been an active component of the plot, without a background to support their behaviour or feelings. I am not "complaining" about the lack of details regarding the three girls, because I am the first one to appreciate gradual introductions, as I mentioned before. However, it would have been nice to create single chapters, or sections of a single chapter, dedicated to the task of building up some sort of background for Tristan's friends too, maybe describing the visit to Diagon Alley or other events that lead up to the 1st of September. I am not sure if I've explained my idea well enough... It's just... there is a jump from a chapter to another, not only chronologically (which would not be a problem), but also in the shift from a point of view to another. As if you zoomed in on Tristan in the first chapter, and then you zoomed out suddenly, giving us a bigger picture without having let us take a closer look to the other three characters of the story. Probably you wrote this chapter in this way because Emily, Isobel and Laurel will not be the main OC of the story, so they don't need a detailed background, but still, the sole fact that the POV was Isobel's and not Tristan's led me to believe she would have had the same importance in the story. As I said, however, this is only a personal observation, caused by an obsession of mine, so I will certainly be wrong in my assumption.

Research: As I wrote in my first review, this work shows an impressive dedication to JK's original work, even though the plot in itself has little to do with the adventures of little Harry (for now). I loved the way you included the twins, giving structure to their characters, and I also appreciated the way in which you briefly mentioned Harry himself, pointing out the way magical people see him as the baby who had survived the Killing Curse rather than a normal teenager. Oh, and the toad scene was amazing! :)

I would have so much more to say, but I am running out of characters, so I will have to stop my ramble ;). Again, I want to apologise for my delay. It was disrespectful of me, and I am ashamed of my lack of organisation. Anyway, great job with this story, and don't hesitate to re-request if you want to!

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, THANK YOU! This review is amazing!

I'm really glad you liked my version of the 'hectic Hogwarts Express' trope. And yes! The reader is meant to have a somewhat different perspective than the characters. Like, they're all just carrying on and having a great time, but then the reader should have some cause for pause. (The more you think about it, the more it becomes obvious that teaching mind altering spells IN THIRD YEAR is a VERY BAD IDEA). Substance use and abuse definitely didn't get MUCH mention in the Potter series, though is does kind of creep around the periphery. And really, EVERY school has its delinquent clique--even Hogwarts!

Guh! I know right! Living without music for that long, especially as a teenager, must be absolute TORTURE.

I definitely see what you mean about the stylistic incongruity of this chapter vs the last. SO, the thing is that every chapter rotates POV, and each of the characters think differently, and engage with the world differently. So Tristan's chapter involves a lot of reflection, while Isobel's involves a lot of observation. She's much more attuned to the people around her, which is reflected in how the chapter gets written. I wonder, after you've seen other chapters, if you think this tonal rotation justifies the change in style here. Either way, I think you made a really good and useful point. The other girls' family stories get presented at different points and in different ways (which reflects plotty reasons--like, Tristan starts with family info because his straddling of both the magical and muggle world informs a lot of his character). That said, there is absolutely no reason I can't introduce Isobel's parents in this chapter, before she gets off the Hogwarts Express. I hadn't thought to do that, but I may absolutely give it a shot now!

I'm really glad you dug the way I wrote their perspective of Harry--kind of disconnected, because he's more a symbol and celebrity than a person to them. Like, in canon, we HEAR that people think of him that way, but everything is his POV.

Don't even worry about being 'late' on this review! This was so thorough and analytical and HELPFUL--and I too take forever responding to reviews.

Thank you again!

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Review #14, by casual_chaos 

15th November 2014:
Hello! It's been a while since my review on the first chapter but I said I'd leave more reviews and here I am!

To start with the POV: I like Isobel - she sounds emotionally detached and cynical, always a good combination for an interesting narrator.

I like the part about Tristan 'educating' Isobel with Velvet Underground, that's exactly what I tried to do with my brother. Like, it's my responsibility for him to end up as a cultured human being. As an VU fan, I must ask: did you imagine him listening to a particular song for this scene? :)

I bet wizards and witches use the Cheering Charm all the time! It's just so simple and easy! I bet some of them even become addicted. Seriously, I love this concept of a group of friends using spells to cheer themselves up - like magical junkies.

Thirteen year old Weasley twins! They are hilarious and perfectly in character! Loved the whole conversation about Harry, the wizarding celebrity. And the bit when Hermione barges into the compartment, that was such a nice ' PS missing moment'. :)

Oh god, Arthur smoking hash with Fred and George, hahah. This is too good to be true. And all of the word plays with Hufflepuffs, aaah, such a fun read! Huff le Puff, seriously! And I love the 'each House has their own drug' bit!

But I feel so bad for Tristan. It's just a sad thing to happen to a teenage boy, no wonder he was so depressed.

You have created such an interesting world inside this universe that we know. And you incorporated so many canon details that everything sounds completely believable.

I know I'm the worst reviewer but I assure you that this is one of the most exciting and authentic stories that I have come across on this site. Your writing is great, the characters are intriguing and the humour is excellent!


Author's Response: Ee, hello!

The analysis 'emotionally detached and cynical' seems like a good one to me! I definitely wanted each character to have a different way of entering the world and observing/interpreting it, to give the reader different perspectives of the same situations :)

Ah yes, 'musical education' is SUCH a thing! I imagined that the bit where Isobel recognized the music would be the opening to Venus in Furs (because it's such a recognizable intro).

I know, right?! If you teach thirteen/fourteen-year-olds mind altering spells, at least SOME of them will figure out how to abuse them! It's just too easy!

I'm so glad you liked the twins! I was so intimidated writing them, but then they always seemed to kind of write themselves :) And I wanted this story to really fit in the background of PS without conflicting with canon, but to still really FEEL like its in PS - so the Hermione cameo was really fun for me!

Arthur just SO would. And it's funny to me to imagine that he thinks of it as this little muggle curio, rather than realizing the implications ;)

And yeah, oof, Tristan. That's definitely a really rough thing to go through :(

I'm so happy you're liking this story! I definitely spent a WEIRD amount of time on details and canon compliance, so I'm glad you appreciate it.

Thank you so much for this surprise review! I'm having a SERIOUS confidence issue with NaNo, so this has been really encouraging!

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Review #15, by Slide 

23rd October 2014:
Huzzah, more protagonists! I have read so many depictions of the departure of the Hogwarts Express, but it must always be *chaotic* and this captures such deliciously so. Poor prefects.

'Had a charm'. Ah, we're getting into our magical abuse early, I see! Nothing good could come of teaching young kids Cheering Charms, really, could it. And it makes sense you couldn't cast such a spell on youself. I sense Isobel may be more of the straight man of this group, not to mention seeming more insightful than the others so far. I always have sympathy for such figures.

A short, sharp, but distinct description on Laurel. Effective.

I forgot to mention in the previous review (this is what happens when I don't review as I read, but I got a bit sucked in), but I'm liking the references to our 90s Muggle bands. Potter's becoming more of a period piece, huh? I enjoy it when characters like Tristan are used as links to Muggle culture, it helps stories feel more grounded in reality. Y'know, alongside all that -magic-. Poor Muggle music-lovers, stranded at Hogwarts without the chance to listen.

Laughs for Isobel trying to be introspective and clever but being too stoned to succeed. 'Hex Head' is a good and apt name! And now I feel sorry for Percy, having to contend with this Cheerful Band, but it's always good to see the twins and they're spot on. Good-hearted, but I can see them wanting to burst around with the news about Harry.

Hooray for cross-House friendships, not enough of those around. And an effective exposition of character appearance and mentality by contrasting their behaviour when it comes to getting changed.

D'aw, poor Tristan. I forgot to say last chapter that I really liked the gut-stab of, 'Does it count if she doesn't remember it.' The woes and perils of a teenaged boy, amplified by the woes and perils of, well, mixing magic and Muggles. And this scene of them talking is doing good work in further defining the group dynamics.

Oh God, little Hermione. Oh, the Toad was Trevor - I did not twig that. *facepalm* How long did she spend on that hunt? Girly gossip against Penelope has oddly pleased me. It's fun to see the petty side of teenagers, especially amongst the protagonists.

...the twins got Arthur high. *dusts off hands* I'm done. Nothing will ever top that.

...alright, I'm back again. Eyyy, Hufflepuff stoner jokes. And now I'm sad because of Tonks. It's still always cool to be reminded of her life outside of canon; of all such characters, she's the one I envision having had a full, vivacious life.

Ah, JK and maths. I feel you. I tend to just hand-wave it myself; I only ever develop around 40 students per year ('develop' can just include 'name') and assume the rest are all background filler. They're there, they're just silent extras. Though it would change the dynamic; 150 students a year means there'd be people in your own year you'd only know by name and sight, while with 40 you'd probably have a pretty good idea who everyone was. I admit, things like the '1000 students' leads me personally to believe the magical world is bigger than JK presents it to be.

Loved the adventures on Trevor the Toad. But then I'm a real sucker for works which go alongside canon and address tiny things like that in passing. It's fun, and it makes everything feel connected. I'm really enjoying this story! The characters are starting to come together as a collective, I'm liking the obvious fun and flaws of them, and I adore good OC-centric Hogwarts fics. Honestly, this is making me want to go back and edit and spruce up a lot of my old work because you're really hitting the nail on the head in making Hogwarts feel inhabited by *teenagers*. I shall trot on with this in time! Good work.

Author's Response: Hello!

Yes, the CAN OF WORMS that is cheering charms gets more pronounced the more you think about it! And Harry learned them in third year! DO NOT TEACH 13-14 YEAR OLDS MIND ALTERING SPELLS!

My faceclaim for Laurel is a young Chloe Sevigny (confirmed beautiful), but young people can be judgmental. I definitely stared at photos of her trying to think of critical things to say.

YEE! Underlining the era was something I really wanted to do here, because the films were set in ambiguously 'present day.' I think that was a mistake, because casual movie-goers ended up calling plot holes on things that aren't (how can they keep all this stuff secret with twitter and camera phones around???)

And yes! Having to spend months on end without your favorite music, AS A TEENAGER, must be excruciating!

I'm especially proud of the term Hex Head :D

And the twins TOTALLY WOULD, amiright?!?! That idea was particularly delicious to me, as I'd imagine Arthur thinking of it as some muggle curio, not really understanding the implications ;)

GUH, I know what you mean about Tonks D: When I realized they would have overlapped with her at Hogwarts, I definitely wanted to give her a presence!

Based on actual canon, Hogwarts would have just under 300 students. I'm basically working with that number (or less). But whatever, magic. I kind of liked thinking of the magic population as being SUPER TINY. That's why I gave every single OC in this story some sort of connection to a canon character.

That you think this fits alongside canon, and feels properly Teenagerly, is huge praise! Those were basically my goals in this story! I figure that every school has its 'smoking under the bleachers' clique - even Hogwarts!!!

Thank you so much for the reviews! I am SO HAPPY about this pairing :) I ended up staying up WAY too late last night reading Ignite, but will definitely go back and review all the chapters!


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Review #16, by UnluckyStar57 

15th September 2014:

WHY didn't I come back to this story sooner?! I feel really bad about the delay, but you know, life got in the way. :/

BUT I'm back! And oh my gosh, the first chapter might have been fueled by Tristan's angst and whatnot, but this chapter was plumb HILARIOUS. I can't offer you any sort of constructive criticism about the plot/grammar/spelling/dialogue/et cetera because you've absolutely perfected it all. Gosh.

To preface the rest of my review: I am comparatively innocent in comparison to your fifteen-year-old characters, and I don't really condone the use of mid-altering substances (because I'm that sort of old-maid-librarian-cat-lady type). But in the context of this story, I definitely approve because there were so many silly things that happened that would not have been possible had the characters not been so into substance use. :)

First of all: Cheering Charms=drugs?! You know, that makes far too much sense, and you're totally brilliant for using such a charm in the context of this story. After all, they DO alter your mood, and if no one feels like partying, using magic to cheer them up is a simple and fun fix. :D I loved the mention of Trevor the Toad after the four cast their charms--because I definitely knew exactly whose toad it was, and I knew that the firsties would be looking for him later.

FRED AND GEORGE ARE TOO MUCH I CANNOT HANDLE THEM BOTH AT ONCE. They are completely adorable despite their mischievousness and hijinks. All those jokes about Percy... And Harry's clothes!... And Ron! I laughed all the way through that scene--your sense of humor is obviously incredible, and I'm in love with this story already.

I love how you've taken the House stereotypes and twisted them a little bit. The most obvious example is Emily the Hufflepuff, who is a nice girl with a taste for partying and mind-altering substances. I'm super happy to see that she's not being labeled as a "scarlet woman" or any synonym that would degrade her, because that's such a common label in fanfic and it needs to stop. So yeah, I really loved your characterizations of all of the girls!

Just to get this straight: Emily is a Hufflepuff. Tristan is a Gryffindor. Isobel is...? Laurel is...? I don't know if I missed an important detail, but I wasn't quite sure what Houses the other two girls were in. Maybe that information is divulged in the next chapter if it isn't in this one. Sorry if I just accidentally missed the memo!

One question: When you wrote "Slytherines" in the sentence "If Slytherines weren't so categorically opposed to muggle drugs...", did you mean to write "Slytherins?" Because here's the thing--if you meant "SlytherinEs" (with the E on the end), then I am 100% okay with that. It made me think of Snape from A Very Potter Musical, and that is ALWAYS a good thing. If you actually meant "Slytherins," well, that's okay, too. :)

Okay, after revisiting this story and reading the hilarious and superb second chapter, I can totally see why this story keeps popping up in the Dobby noms. You definitely deserve at least one or two awards for all of your brilliance. :D


Author's Response: Hello again!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is really the first piece of prose fiction I've ever done, and I just had NO IDEA whether or not the comedy would even work! I'm sososososo glad you found it funny!

You know, I'd be interested to get your opinion going forward, because I'd HOPED that this story would still be readable even if people have very little tolerance for substance use. I really wanted to kind of submit a lot of this story *without comment*--to leave the readers their own room for interpretation. And I NEVER wanted to glamorize or condone (but also didn't want to preach). Anyway, I'm very interested in your honest opinions!

Heehee--Trevor! I just couldn't get over the childhood-destroying idea that while Harry was having his magical first journey to Hogwarts, some kids a few departments down were experimenting with recreational magic!

The Twins were SO MUCH FUN to write! I really feel like I *know* them, you know? So writing their manners and dialog seemed so, I dunno, *spontaneous!*

THANK YOU SO MUCH about your comments on Emily! In this story I wanted to both use common teen dramedy tropes, but then still sort of subvert the stereotypes (because real life *rarely* conforms to such narrow characters). I also feel like Hufflepuffs don't get enough love, so I really wanted to write a Puff and do them JUSTICE!

AhaAaAa, so all their Houses are revealed in the next chapter--super glad you're thinking about it! (Here it's mentioned that Emily is a Puff, and Isobel/Laurel are Claws--but it gets reinforced soon).

GAH! THANK YOU for the note on "SlytherinEs"--definitely a typo (I ALWAYS want to spell it like that!) Will fix it in my next edit!

Yee! Thank you SO MUCH for the kind words! I'm in what I think I could best describe as a state of shock! I am not exaggerating when I say I'm about 30% convinced that I'm still dreaming, and 70% JUST WHAT?!?!?!

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Review #17, by Yoshi_Kitten 

15th September 2014:
Im back again for chapter 2! I have a feeling the character-limit is gonna cut me off here cuz there is SO MUCH I wanna comment on, but I'll try to cover everything...

OMG, THESE ARE MY PEOPLE!!! No really, I swear I know people just like this in RL, lol. In fact, Tristan reminds me a LOT of my little brother; especially when it comes to the music thing. Ever since the invention of portable music devices, Cody can pretty much ALWAYS be seen with a pair of headphones around his neck - no joke! My little bro is a drummer in 3 different bands, and he has always been pretty BIG into music. Most of my family members are musicians of some sort; myself included, so I must say that the musical aspect of this is one of my most favorite things thus far. Cant say that I blame Tristan for wanting to listen to his music before not being able to play it anymore for the duration of the school year. After all, he's got the whole year to hang with his friends, so I probly would have made the same call there.

So what happened in the last chapter was his first time them? Oh no, the poor dear. I hope he is okay. Again, I just wanna reach in and give him a hug! I hope he doesnt stay depressed for too long tho, now that he is around all of his friends and back at school again. Speaking of which; I think you did an excellent job, yet again, at giving us such a detailed description of Tristan through his friends. I feel like I really got to know him a lot better in this chapter, even though he didnt really say much. I cant help but wonder why he seemed so interested in Harry. Even though Harry is so much younger than Tristan, it would be cool to see the two of them bump into each at some point in this, I think.

Tristan really did need some "cheering up" after the way his summer ended, I'd say. (You see what I just did there? Haha!) Honestly, I still CANNOT believe that Ive never seen this done before... I mean, come on! I remember what it was like to be a teenager, and this is exactly how it pretty much went, lol! And for someone to bring something so REAL like this into the HP universe is just AMAZING!! I mean, using Cheering Charms as recreational magic to get buzzed? Thats just plain BRILLIANT! And the concept is just SO believable too. Like, seriously, I can relate to this type of thing on a very personal level. I have always been a bit of a misfit myself, so I know what its like to be on the outside/non-popular group in school. My friends and I kind of had our own nerd-gang back in the day as well; though we werent nearly as cool as the "Hex-Heads" seem to be tho, lol. Love that name for their group too, btw! (:

I am enjoying ALL of your OC's in this so far, and I cannot wait to get to know them more. Idk if Isobel is into guys or girls, but I feel like there could be something there between her and Emily. Maybe. Or I at least got the sense that Isobel might have a small crush on her. Perhaps. There was just something about the attention to detail that was paid to Emily's character (by Isobel) all throughout this chapter that suggested she may like her as more than just a friend. I could be way off here tho, and if I am then feel free to just ignore this comment, lol! ^_^'

OMG, I absolutely LOVE ALL the little bits of Cannon that you have included in this chapter. I recognized the toad as Trevor immediately, lol, and was especially happy when I seen Hermione make an appearance in their compartment as she was trying to help Neville find him. I enjoyed their conversation about Harry too, especially when the twins began to explain how their mom had helped him onto the platform. And what they said about Ron being a "Probable embarrassment to the House of Gryffindor" was just hilarious!! Their comments about Percy were hysterical too, lol. Honestly, the twins were just PERFECT in this - in every possible way!! =D

I love how you made mention of Charlie and Tonks hee too! I've always seen Tonks as kind of a Rebel, so it was nice to see that she had her own group similar to this while in school, lol. Were her and Charlie in the same group together, perhaps? I could totally see the two of them being friends, so I sure hope that they were. Plus, Charlie definitely seems like the type of guy who would like to smoke - I have always thought this - so it's good to see that someone out there is finally writing it this way, lol! Oh, and the image of a stoned Arthur Weasley gave me quite a good laugh too! As obsessed with Muggles as Arthur is, the idea that Fred and George would use this to get their father to partake with them is extremely believable. Albeit, unexpected out of Mr. Weasley, but believable nonetheless. I can only imagine what Molly would say if she ever found out about this, lol! =P

I liked the mention of Penelope Clearwater in this too, and cant help but wonder how much of her we'll see in this since she shares a room with 2 of the girls... Another thing I like is the fact that not all of these friends are from the same house. You have Isobel & Laurel in Ravenclaw, Emily in Hufflepuff, Fred & George in Gryffindor, and -wait- what house is Tristan in? He strikes me as a Slytherin, but I dont think it was directly stated in this chapter which house he was in for sure. It'd be cool if he was a Slytherin tho, because then they would have someone from all 4 of the houses represented in their group. & Speaking of the houses, that part where they were assigning each house a corresponding drug at the end really cracked me up! They were all pretty accurate pairings too, lol!! But I especially enjoyed all the "puff" jokes about Hufflepuff, and the implication that Mrs. Sprout secretly grows weed in her restricted greenhouse, haha!! ALL of this stuff is just SO GENIUS!!!

Well, Im all outta room now, lol. See ya in the next chapter!

100/10 =)

Author's Response: !!YEE THANK YOU!!!

I am SO GLAD you find the characters relatable and like, RESONANT. These are the kinds of kids we didn't really see much of in canon (or if they were this way, we didn't hear about it)--so I SUPER wanted to see how they would interact with the wizarding world. And just, GAH, I can't even imagine not being able to listen to music for months on end! And being 15/16 to boot!

I'm sososo glad that you felt like you got to know Tristan better in this chapter! Rotating POVs was really fun for me because I got to look at everyone from so many different angles, and play with how I revealed information. (I pretty much stole that whole idea from Rowling's Casual Vacancy, actually, where that method was just MASTERFUL!)

I had no idea when I wrote this whether or not recreational magic was a thing that ever came up, but it just seemed so OBVIOUS to me! I mean: TEENAGERS. This story was pretty much inspired by the conversation, "well, if *I* was at Hogwarts..."

Definitely the most fun thing about writing a non-AU Hogwarts era story was being able to weave in so much canon! I also understand why people tend to avoid this genre, because OH MY GOD THE RESEARCH IT REQUIRED! But I am a nerd, and it was researching POTTER, so I was actually pretty into doing it!

Yay, Tonks! I was sososo happy to realize she would have overlapped with my OCs! And my headcanon dictates that Tonks and Charlie were definitely besties :D And RIGHT! I completely agree about Charlie smoking! (And actually, more-so Bill. I am forever angry at how the films cast him. He was supposed to have long hair, combat boots, and an earring!)

And Arthur! Hehehee. It was really funny to me to imagine him not really understanding what it was, and thinking of it as some quaint muggle novelty ;) Molly would probably be worlds-destroyingly furious if she found out--but she would have to understand the implications of it. I've noticed that different cultures in the world have different attitudes about different substances, and certain widespread things elsewhere aren't widely used in the western world. So I thought it would be fun to suggest different attitudes/levels of knowledge about common muggle things.

And yee, I had SO MUCH FUN with the substances+houses assignments! That was some of my favorite stuff to write :D

Seriously, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your reviews! They are AMAZING! Once RL lets up a little bit in the next weeks I will be inhaling your story!


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Review #18, by rosiful 

9th September 2014:
I love their group dynamic!
I really, really like Isobel, but I don't know if that's just because it's in her POV or not, so I can't wait to find out more about the other girls.
And a cheering charm as their drug is great xD

It's very interesting to see this different side to Fred and George, it's good to see them as something other than the 'older brothers causing trouble'!

I really do like this story so far and will continue reading!
(Probably not reviewing every chapter though.. unless I feel like I actually have something other than 'Wow this is so good!' to say!)


Author's Response: What did I ever do to deserve you, Rosiful?!?! Thank you SO MUCH!

Recreational Magic! I was really surprised that that doesn't turn up in more stories--because, like, !1!! At least SOME kids would try it!

The positive reaction to the twins is such a HUGE relief! They're some of the most charismatic canon characters, and I really wanted to get them right, while still offering another perspective on them.

You rule! Thank you so much for these reviews! I really hope you like the rest of the story :D


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Review #19, by mymischiefmanaged 

8th September 2014:
Back for chapter two :)

Love the switch in POV, and LOVE Isobel! More than I like Tristan so far I think, although admittedly I haven't yet seen enough of either of them to make that judgement.

The idea of drug charms is a really interesting one, and raises some fascinating morality questions. Doing a charm for someone else is like dealing I guess? But it kind of seems a lot worse. I'm interested to see what Laurel's like when she's sober.

You include such wonderful details, like Tristan listening to muggle music for the last time before Hogwarts makes it impossible. I love that extra level of thought you put into meeting canon, and it gives extra depth to Tristan's character as well.

I was shocked that Isobel suggested charming each other again, but then it makes so much sense that it's cheering charms. I was originally thinking it must be something more serious. Hmm I don't know what the policy would be about casual use of cheering charms? I guess I'll find out later? Again, SUCH a clever and original idea.

I LOVE FRED AND GEORGE OHMYGOSH YOU WRITE THEM SO PERFECTLY AND THEY'RE AMAZING AND YOU'RE AMAZING. Them describing Ron as 'probable embarrassment' to Gryffindor is fantastic, and the whole discussion about prefect Percy is spot on. Also I love how Fred and George are combining their rudeness about Ron with the absolute assumption that he'll be a Gryffindor, showing they do think a lot of him despite their comments. It's the kind of thing that would probably mean a lot to Ron. It's so interesting seeing them through the eyes of people that are older than Harry.

And then the introduction to Harry! I don't know if he's going to feature much in this story but I loved hearing absolute strangers discussing him. And Tristan's interested? I'm thinking Harry somehow links into his story? Oo, I don't know, but you've got me very excited about it.

Isobel talks a lot about Emily's looks, which I'm trying to figure out. I'm wondering if she has a crush on her? Or maybe just admires her and aspires to be like her? I"m unsure, but either way you've set it up to be an interesting storyline.

And the toad! I just love that you've included the toad. It's wonderful seeing all these little moments from canon through different eyes.

The idea of Arthur Weasley smoking hash with his thirteen year old sons is a fabulous one. I'm so glad you wrote it in. And you can so imagine Molly's outrage if she ever found out.

And the reference to Tonks made me smile. It's utterly believable that she'd be a little idolised by younger Hufflepuffs. I hope Charlie was part of her group.

You've set up such interesting characters. I love the House crossover and the inclusion of the Weasley twins and just everything. I'll definitely be back for chapter three in the near future :)

Much love,

Emma xx

Author's Response: AH, Emma! You picked up on ALL OF THE THINGS!

This story definitely does a LOT of examining recreational magic. Implications, risks, culture, stigma, and a lot of it has RL parallels. I'm SO excited to see what you make of it!

Music was so conspicuously absent in canon--which I understand, because it opens up all sorts of other things. But, for that reason, I really wanted to focus on it. Gah! It would be so terrible to be 15/16, and not be able to listen to your favorite music for months on end!

And thankyouthankyouthankyou re: the twins! You are the first person to point out the "probable embarrassment" line (one of my prouder moments), and YES! The implication is actually a little sweet! (daw)

I couldn't really bring Harry in too much without breaking canon--but he's the subject of so many widespread rumours, that he definitely runs around in the background (you know, battling evil while Tristan and his mates get blazed).

Oh thank MERLIN Trevor was funny! I thought the idea was hilarious, but it was a very *visual* kind of comedy, and I really struggled while writing it!

Ah! I knew that writing about Arthur's little hobby might be a risk, but HE JUST SO WOULD. The especially funny thing to me is how he really doesn't know what it means in the muggle world, or what the implications are, and just thinks of it like this quaint muggle novelty. And of COURSE the twins would prey on that, and would love getting their dad stoned. And I'm certain Molly would have the world's most epic strop if she ever found out!

I was SO STOKED while researching this that they would have overlapped with Tonks, so I was super excited to bring in as much of her life as a student as I could!

Ah! Thank you SO much for this review! I'm SO glad all this stuff came across!


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Review #20, by crestwood 

4th September 2014:
Tristan's group is really amazingly introduced here. We get this perfect feel for each of their personalities within this one chapter. It's really rare to read about a group of friends with three girls and one guy, but for some reason I just really love it. These kids are just kind of awesome. The Skins comparison is making a whole lot of sense to me now. Tristan doesn't seem to be very much like Tony though. In a way, he seems more like Sid so far. He doesn't seem to be a terribly outgoing person, although that could just be the result of his current mindstate after the Sophie incident.

You have really separated all of the characters so quickly. They're all friends and have their points at which they are similar, but each still has a very distinct personality of their own. It was awesome to see Fred and George before they became friends with Harry. They seem like they enjoy the main group and find them cool, but don't necessarily take part in everything they do. They just exist on the outskirts almost.

I love your rotating point of views. It'll give us a good idea of the events of the story from multiple different viewpoints and the narration will certainly stay fresh. The Muggle references were so great, especially the Velvet Underground!! I'm starting to think Tristan and I have the exact same taste.

The humor in this was just so funny. It was just enough that I could laugh, but not so much that I'd call this a comedy fic. You just slipped hilarious moments into an awesome teen drama. Hufflepuff being Ganja house and Isobel's happy intense look stood out to me as especially funny. Your use of canon is incredible. Little passing remarks and references that ground this in the Harry Potter universe. They're all perfect. I have a feeling this story is going to get really incredibly good as it continues. I am already in love with the characters, I have to say. Another great chapter!

Author's Response: Haha--I definitely always hang out with the kinds of guys who mostly hang out with girls (good people, them). But you're right, friend-groups in fiction are usually equally mixed, or one girl/more guys. I hadn't really thought of that before! I guess since I know this kind of group so well, it was easiest for me to write. And I feel like Tristan is the kind of Dude who wouldn't get along with other guys super well (he'd feel easily intimidated, or uncomfortable).

Oh no, Tristan is no Tony. I used Cassie as a faceclaim for Emily, but mostly just because she fit the best and had the right kinds of photos. Emily is definitely more psychologically stable. None of them were really directly inspired by the Skins characters, BUT AS A FUN THOUGHT EXPERIMENT: Tristan might be Sid mixed with a little bit of Freddie and Effy; Isobel is sort of Jal+Naomi; Laurel is Chris+Michelle; and Emily is Maxxie, with just a dollop of Cassie and, hah, EMILY (Fitch) :)

And yeah, the Twins definitely don't take part in everything they do. While they might be trouble makers, I think they are a little more solid than Tristan and his friends :)

I'm glad you're ok with the musical references, I know some people might feel like it's too much, but music was so conspicuously absent in canon that I wanted to do it up here. Imagine being 15/16 and not being able to listen to your favorite music for months on end! Terrible! And it was especially fun to really play with the era, and think of what sorts of music someone like them in 1991/92 would listen to!

You are absolutely right, and comedy isn't the main focus of this story, but I wanted it to have moments anyway (to break up all the ANGST). I'm so glad you thought it was funny, and that all the little jokes came off!!

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Review #21, by TidalDragon 

29th August 2014:
Hello again!

Well! It's definitely interesting to see use of magic (especially something as seemingly simple as a Cheering Charm) as a recreational drug of sorts. It's a very creative take on one of the MANY what-ifs associated with magic in canon.

Toward the top, I did notice what appeared to be some rogue capitalization ("Summer" and "Holidays"), but it wasn't really distracting. Just thought I'd mention it in case you return to edit (I don't as a general rule, but I know some people do).

It was also interesting to see Fred and George's reactions to Harry in their own right. They obviously become friends with Harry later, but I thought it was a nice touch to give them their own "pre-friendship" perspective on the arrival (and state) of the Wizarding World celebrity. Peppering in a bit of canon with the search for Trevor was funny too.

As far as the drug use/references go, I recall you mentioning they'd be prevalent and I definitely don't think it's entirely out of the question that magical folk would indulge in either their own and/or Muggle drugs. However, FWIW I thought the injection of Arthur, Tonks, and the Hufflepuffs being stoners (while the latter was humorous to a point, especially re: their name) was a tad gratuitous, given that it seems we're going to get plenty of that from this core lot (as well as Fred and George). Shrug. Just a thought.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the different perspective on this time in canon and the characterizations you're developing. See you next chapter!

Author's Response: Cheering Charms! They get mentioned all of once in PoA, and then NEVER again! The abuse potential is MASSIVE.

And thank you for noting rogue capitalization! I'm definitely going back and polishing based on review feedback, so it's a big help. Don't hesitate to point out anything you see that needs fixing!

As for stoner gratuity--I wouldn't go so far as to say that Tonks/Arthur/the Twins/Hufflepuff-in-general are ALL stoners. As with any substance, use abuse and addiction exist on a spectrum (someone can drink without drinking too much, someone can drink too much sometimes without being an alcoholic). It's also interesting to me how cultural attitudes about substance use differs (from categorical moral absolutes, to class or regional differences). These ideas come up again in the story, and the wizarding world has rather a different attitude about pot than American muggles (it's more like a little understood foreign novelty--like kava-kava or something).

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Review #22, by Gabriella Hunter 

26th August 2014:

This is Gabbie from the forums dropping by with your review. I'm a bit late but I thought that I'd get some reading done and kind of got caught up in boring real life issues. Lame!

Anyway, on to this! I'm really happy to be getting back to this story, I think that you've really got something unique going on. I liked the introduction to the new characters, starting with Isobel and so forth and I think that they're all very entertaining. I see in a lot of stories that the friends of the main character are usually pretty straight laced and without many quirks but I love what you've done here. The girls and Tristan seem like the sort of kids that were constantly in trouble or sneaking around to get a smoke. This actually makes Hogwarts seems more realistic to me, it feels more like a school with students like this. I know that some people might not like the idea, especially with Fred and GEorge dabbling in a bit of pot but I honestly don't find it off putting. With the two of them, I sot of expected something like this and I think that you're really brave for writing it! I've never dared to even do something like that with either character (George is my bias) so this is really great to read. I also like that this POV didn't stray to Tristan, even though we get to meet him first, I was able to get a lot more information about him as a person through Isobel's eyes. Its very intriguing I think! I wonder if he'll ever want to talk about how his summer actually went? It was obvious that it was really bothering him and my goodness, his first time? I'm not sure if he'll want to really talk about it for sure now!

What I really enjoyed more than your characters (But not by much, I think your Fred and George were spot on) was your canon. You mentioned Harry in such an offhand way that it didn't feel like it was the center of the chapter and I really liked that you went in that direction instead of having the group fawning all over the news that he was at Hogwarts. Also, references to Tonks, Percy, Charlie and Penelope were great too, it made your world seem bigger and it merged seamlessly with canon. I'm able to believe in your characters and really picture them where they need to be, they're not just floating around in space, not taking root of the scene. Or something? Hahahah. I can't wait for more!

I didn't spot any CC's or anything and I hope you continue to request!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hello again!

Thank you so much for the review!

Yeah I definitely think of Tristan as being the main, or each least *central* character, but they're all given pretty equal weight throughout the story. Kind of like an *ensemble,* if I may be so bold!

"This actually makes Hogwarts seems more realistic to me," THANK YOU for that! HP started as kids books, and the Trio were super busy fighting Voldemort--but I always thought some more adult/late teen themes lurked around the periphery of the story (implications that Snape's dad was abusive, or that Dung Fletcher was a homeless alcoholic). I figure that EVERY school has it's burnout clique, and there are certain experiences that are common for teenagers, so I wanted to examine those in the context of Hogwarts!

And hahaha, the Twins. My friends definitely think they at least went through a stoner *phase* at some point, so I didn't think it was TOO OOC for them ;)

Weaving in canon was one of the most fun things about this story :D I'm really glad you liked it! It's where a lot of the comedy comes from--since we know the story so well, it was fun for me to write how Tristan and his friends get mixed up rumors :P

I definitely wanted to enrich canon, but never break it! So I'm so glad you feel like it's working out!

I will definitely rerequest! This review was MARVELOUS and thank you SO MUCH for taking the time!


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Review #23, by Ribbons 

22nd August 2014:
Wow, another great chapter!

I know this wasn't the chapter you probably wanted me to review but I'll do it anyway. It's time for the truth: the reason your chapters always take the longest to review is that I need more time to read/absorb/think about them. Sophisticated, yes, but your writing style is also very fast paced and intense. Sometimes I just have trouble keeping up.

Now, that's not to say I don't LOVE reading them, but that I need at least half and hour dedicated to them. So, if that explains why your's always seem to be the last I get around to leaving (you may not have noticed or known, but I have), that's why.

Now for the story. I'm loving what you're doing with the characters, weakening them in places, strengthening them in others, and adding passing remarks about other characters from the books (Charlie, Penelope Clearwater, Harry, Tonks). You've also obviously put a lot of thought into your story, because you've come up with clever rhymes like Huff le Puff - which I thoroughly enjoyed.

All this makes me feel very connected to the characters. You're slowly revealing every side of them, very Skinsesque if you don't mind me saying (why would you? That show's brilliant!). However, if there was one incredibly nitpicky thing I could say, it's that at times you might want to think more about flow and subtlety. I haven't spotted anything even CLOSE to glaring in terms of 'telling not showing' characterization, but there may be rough times ahead. You never know.

My favorite part was perhaps when the twins came into the compartment and called the Hex Heads (clever, very clever), but I can't be sure. I actually liked so many different parts I can't really choose. I also liked hearing about Harry and Tonks. Will there be more of them in future? Hopefully.

Anyway, I know this wasn't the review for the chapter you wanted, so I'm sorry about that. You've written another INCREDIBLE chapter that I absolutely loved, so keep it up. Please. I'll be reading the next few chapters soon so heads up for another review coming in your direction (especially for the fourth chapter).

Tons of love,


Author's Response: Hello!

And, AH! I totally meant to request for this chapter! If I requested a different chapter, it was some sort of crazy mistake (I would never request chapters out of order, because HUMAN DECENCY does not allow!)

Hahaha, I can't take ALL the credit for "Huff le Puff"--now that it's been such a long time, and the Potter generation has grown up, there are MANY an internet joke that ended up in this story ;)

Flow and subtlety is DEFINITELY something I wanted to do well here, so pleasepleaseplease don't hesitate to mention it if you think something could be improved!

Hahaha, Harry definitely comes back, because his first year is just brimming with noteworthy events, and he's the subject of many rumors! Tonks shows up as much as I could humanly justify!

Thank you for the review! And NO WORRIES--this was definitely the chapter I *meant* to request!


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Review #24, by magnolia_magic 

21st August 2014:
Hey, I'm finally back for chapter 2! Thanks for the re-request, and for your patience with my molasses-slow reviewing...

Obviously, the first thing I noticed about this chapter is that you're using different characters' points of view to tell the story. I think the technique can have its benefits and drawbacks. This chapter and the first felt a bit disconnected to me, but then again I also really enjoyed this chapter from Isobel's point of view. I can't imagine Tristan being as perceptive a narrator, because he had headphones in the whole time. And you included the part with the girls talking about Tristan's misadventures over the summer, which was a good way of tying the chapters together. Verdict: I think the POV switch allows us to see the story from different angles, which is all kinds of interesting. And I approve :) Haha, I had to work out my feelings about it, and I thought you should see all that was going on in my brain. Hopefully it was somewhat helpful :)

It's pretty jarring for me to think of students using mood-altering charms on the Hogwarts Express. It sort of shatters my wholesome image of the train rides in the books, and it's hard to wrap my head around. But even so, I had fun getting acquainted with all your OCs. I think Emily is my favorite of the new ones; she seems like she'd be a really good friend, and since she's a Puff, I find myself identifying with her :) And like I said, I really liked reading this chapter from Isobel's point of view. She has a very reliable narrative voice and seems like a very trustworthy person. She seems to prefer being on the edge of the action rather than right in the middle of it (compared to Laurel, anyway.) You did a really good job of giving everyone distinct personalities and mannerisms, which can be difficult to do with just one introduction. Great job with them!

Fred and George are SO Fred and George in this! You really have their dialogue down to an art. I find them really hard to write, personally, so I'm always impressed with a good portrayal of them! They seem older than thirteen, but maybe that's just because they hang out with an older crowd. I can tell that it's going to be fascinating to see the Hex Heads' influence on the twins as the story goes on.

I loved that this chapter was so dialogue-heavy, because I think you're really, really good at writing natural dialogue. You convey more expression with just one line than many authors do with a whole paragraph of description. The slang, the caps lock...things like that really paint a great picture of what it would be like to be there in the room with these characters. And it makes for a great flow and lively pace.

Loved this chapter! I had fun with the new characters and the references to the Sorcerer's Stone (Fred and George telling their friends about poor lost little Harry...so cute and nostalgic!) I'm excited to see the plot take shape, and I'll look forward to reading on! Re-request any time you want!


Author's Response: Hello!

I'm really glad you think the shifting focalizations is ok! And yes, hearing your reasoning is helpful indeed!

I worked really hard to keep a consistent format (new POVs are ALWAYS indicated by capitalizing the characters name), and every chapter shifts POVs between the characters at a regular rhythm during the first half.

Haha, yes, suggesting there was a shady teenage element going on behind the scenes was a VERY fun idea for me indeed! I realize it might not be to everyone's taste, so I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter regardless!

And I'm so glad you found them distinct! I know I sort of overload the reader with three brand-new girls all at once, so I'm really pleased you got unique senses from each of them! (Emily is probably my favorite, too! Hufflepuff is my favorite house, so I wanted to write a really wonderful-and also smart-puff character).

AH! Writing the twins was so daunting, so I'm SOSOSO glad that the reaction has been good, and you think I did them justice! In a way, even though it's scary, writing canon character was almost easier for me, because I felt like I knew them all so well already. It took me writing this whole thing out to really get to know my OCs, so then I went back and made a lot of tweaks before uploading this story :)

I agree the twins seem a little old for their age--I think it's because they seemed old to me when I first read HP (I was like 9). I've definitely justified it to myself by thinking how there are definitely some precocious thirteen-year-olds who hang around older crowds.

Ah, the dialog, THANK YOU! I think having faceclaims in mind for the characters helped a lot. They're all good actors, so I tried to write lines that I could realistically imagine them saying.

Oh man, there are SO MANY nods to Sorceror's Stone here--well, since this is happening in the background. I had a LOT of fun with those, and I think they are among the funniest moments :)

Definitely will be re-requesting! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such an awesome review!


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Review #25, by AlexFan 

18th August 2014:
Coming back for chapter 2! Sorry for taking so long but I had no idea my weekends would be so busy this month. Anyway!

I'm usually not a fan of alternating point of views in a story because more often than not, I can never tell which voice it is from the cast of characters. That being said, I have a feeling that this might not be one of those stories because Isobel sounds a little bit different than Tristan.

I was a little confused when you said that Laurel had cheered up, I wasn't sure if it was some kind of wizard drug so I was glad that you clarified that it was a Cheering Charm that they were using. Honestly, Cheering Charms seem to be the least dangerous thing that Tristan (and the rest of his friends as well) have probably done. I can see where the danger of using the Cheering Charm one too many times would be though, you'd end up becoming entirely dependent on a spell to keep you happy. It's never occurred to me how some spells could end up being turned into a kind of drug for some people.

(I love how Fred and George made puns about it though, that was pretty funny). I've always enjoyed reading fics where students give their opinions about Harry Potter because you never really got to see that in the books so I always love reading about what other students besides Gryffindor's might have thought of Harry (DON'T YOU GO INSULTING RON FRED!)

It's so weird to think that the Weasley twins might have done drugs while at Hogwarts (it's really weird to imagine anyone doing drugs at Hogwarts considering the amount of stuff that happened during Harry's time but then again, not everyone came close to dying every year . . . )

I like Isobel a lot more than I like Tristan, she's a lot more reserved than him, I can see that but I think that's what I like about her, I find her more relatable. I don't know, I just really like Isobel from what I've read so far.

And I loved that part where you added in Hermione, I love the little bits and pieces that you slip into the story to remind the reader that this is in fact taking place at the same time that Harry is attending Hogwarts, or going to at least.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! And no worries!

Yes, I wanted my rotating POVs to be VERY clear, so I always capitalize their names when introducing their perspectives. And I'm glad you found the voices distinct, because I worked SUPER hard on that (Tristan's has a lot of long blocks of text, Isobel uses a lot of parentheses, and so on).

Ah! Recreational Magic! An idea I find *very* interesting and *very* plausible. And yes, there is most definitely a downside to it ;) I figure that a lot of teenagers go through an experimental phase, so at least a few of them would mess around with magic as a mild-altering experience.

The Weasley's smoking was paying service to some areas of the fandom that INSIST that they seem like stoners. I think that's going a bit far, but certainly I can imagine them indulging a bit when they were young. (Again: teenagers).

And yeah, examining how other students feel about the famous Harry Potter was a really fun thing for me. Harry's wild adventures are something of a running gag in this story :)

I'm glad you like Isobel! Each of them is very different, and yes, Tristan just begs to get slapped on several occasions. But hopefully you'll develop some sympathy for him.

Aha, yes, there is definitely LOTS of canon nods--and the story will continue to reference events in PS!

Thank you for the review!


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