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Review #1, by HebrideanBlack 

27th February 2016:
In which Ted tells Dromeda he loves her.

And I love it.

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Review #2, by Penelope Inkwell 

13th July 2015:
Ohmygosh finally. Finally.

And he called her Dromeda. My heart!

That was just so overwhelming. I can't even find the words right now, but it was an extraordinary chapter. So gripping. Excellently written. Just excellent.

(and for the record, I do try to be generally positive in my reviews, but I'm not always this much of a blubbering mess who can just type "excellent" and "wonderful". It's that you really do deserve the accolades. I haven't read a fic this good in ages. Maybe ever. It'll definitely always be one of my favorites.)


Author's Response: -cheesy smile- Hehehehee. Andromeda said the words. WAHEY.

Omg, this is pretty much my favorite review ever. You're too nice to me. I'm so glad this chapter met your expectations! Seriously, I was so nervous about writing this scene, so it means a bunch to me that you found it compelling. Thank you for all the kind words!! You can't see it, but I'm totally blushing and cooing over here.


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Review #3, by sorcha 

17th June 2014:
Please update! I'm dying to know what happens next! It's such a great story! Kudos!

Author's Response: Your wish is my command! Haha. Chapter 30 just came through the queue. :) Thanks for the kinds words, and I hope you continue to enjoy the read!

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Review #4, by Celestialbattlefield 

16th June 2014:
Oh no i just realised something... Andromeda doesnt care .. And that means really bad repurcussions from her family. :(

Author's Response: It's truuue. Some extremely unpleasant repercussions are in the making. D:

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Review #5, by elder231 

11th June 2014:
just like to say, a friend introduced me to this story and i am obsessed. i literally read 20 chapters in one day and am so excited when you post another! you have such a nice writing style and your characters are believable whilst still being faithful to the history of the series. i really like how you've taken two characters who don't have such a huge role in the series and shown them to have such an interesting backstory! amazing story, amazing writing, keep going!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm tickled pink to hear that you liked the story enough to binge read. Haha. :) I really appreciate all the kind words. I've had so much fun with Tedromeda's story. One of the MANY things I love about JKR's writing is that she opens so many doors for stories involving lesser characters. I had just enough solid canon foundation for Ted and Andromeda and yet had the chance to flesh out their characters on my own. :) Thanks again for the review, and I hope you continue to enjoy the read!

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Review #6, by Sanae (咲名枝) 

4th June 2014:
Ahh, I wanted to read this so much sooner but I fell very ill and it hurt to look at computer for too long, so I had to wait. I wish I had just fought through though, this chapter was wonderful. And Andromeda telling everyone the wedding ring was Ted's... ahh, cute! I hope things become better for them in the future and Rabastan will not cause problems. But like Ted said, he has to worry about Andromeda reporting him for using the illegal magic. If she doesn't say anything, he won't say anything, right?

Author's Response: Oh goodness! I'm so sorry to hear that you were ill, but glad that you're better now. :) Yes! That's Ted's logic, anyway. He knows that both he and Rabastan have some upper-hand knowledge, so that if both of them stay quiet, no one will get hurt... That's the theory, anyway! Thanks so much for the lovely review.

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Review #7, by water_lily43175 

3rd June 2014:
Okay, so I know I said the last chapter was the best one yet ... but now this one is. Do you sense a theme here?

This honestly feels like THE turning point. And I've thought that before - when Andromeda kissed Ted, when she first realised how she felt about him, even last chapter when she confessed it all to Lilith - but really, none of it ever was a turning point, because she still wasn't prepared to give up her family for him. But now, we have this almighty collision of the Dark magic that she's come to hate so much, and Ted being threatened by it, and BAM she chooses Ted in a heartbeat. And this time, I can't see her going back.

Andromeda overpowering Rabastan was incredible. And, while I hated seeing (?) her use the Cruciatus, at the same time it felt right - there IS that little bit of Bella in her, that she just can't suppress when Ted's been hurt. And right there is the difference between her and Bella, as well - Andromeda wasn't torturing Rabastan just because she could, but because of her love for Ted. Naw.

And then Ted called her Dromeda. AND HE WUVS HER, HE WANTS HER, HE - woos her, there's another w word. :)

"She saved Ted. She's always saving Ted." Oh George, you cutie pie. And I'm gonna need some George/Lilith pretty pronto, I'm just about in love with the notion by now.

And ANDROMEDA SAID SHE WAS ENGAGED TO TED. Bahahaha exploding with incoherent happiness. Even though Ted's dying again, but there we go.

The moment when Andromeda remembered she'd cast the Cruciatus was so sad. The poor girl, she's done the exact thing she proclaims to hate, and now she worries she's turning into Bella. Ted's words were spot on, and he is so Hufflepuffy to tell her the difference between her and the Death Eaters.

I like the analogy with the Cold War. It's nice to be reminded that this Muggle stuff did still happen, and that sometimes the wizarding world even noticed it.

And then. AND THEN she makes her move. Chooses Ted over her family. Even if she's not done it explicitly, the symbolism is enough. She doesn't care if they find her by a muggleborn's bedside, and that's as good as choosing him. And finally, FINALLY, he stops pushing her away. UNGH. Love it!

Author's Response: Hahaha. Dawr. That's a very nice theme to point out. Though I feel under a lot of pressure now! o.o Maybe that's part of why this next chapter has been so hard to write. That and summer vacation. :)

You might-maybe-may be very correct about this being the turning point for Andromeda. Like you point out, she's never before been in a position where she has to make an irrecoverable decision concerning Ted and her family. In the past, she's been able to weasel her way in and out of circumstances. But here there is no weasleling. Zilch.

I really wanted to give Andromeda agency in this chapter--show both her and the readers that she isn't weak or less than her Slytherin male counterparts, which is what she's been taught to believe. And though Andromeda never bought into that lie, she needed to prove her worth to herself. And, you know, save Ted's life. Because in order to act so vicious, Andromeda most certainly needs an impetus. Unlike Bella, she isn't glibly sadistic just for the sake of it.

HE WUVS HER. ALL the applicable "w" words, Ted feels them toward Dromeda. Teehee.

Oh. OH. There will most definitely be some more George/Lilith scenes/action/extravaganza going down in coming chapters.

Hahaha. Maybe it was cliche of me to write that in, but HEY, the opportunity presented itself! Obvz Andromeda claiming to be Ted's beloved betrothed was the only way she could get to him, so YEAH. No shame. And, ahem, maybe it also gives Andromeda the chance to realize that she rather likes the idea of wearing Ted's ring.

Ted is very Hufflepuffy to explain to Andromeda the difference between her and her psycho older sister. Sure, he has a vested interest in doing so, but it's clear to him that Andromeda is nowhere near like Bella. Even though what he saw at the train station may have freaked him out a bit... But that's material to be unpacked at a later date. :)

Yeah! Cold War, indeed. One of many reasons that I love the Marauder-and-thereabouts era is because it coincides with one of my favorite Muggle periods of time. So I couldn't resist throwing in an applicable reference. And one that, yes, I think the wizard community would've had to have taken note of. Doomsday, end of the world, nuclear apocalypse--these things are bound to catch someone's attention.

YASSS. Yes, Andromeda finally makes a bleeping big decision. It was so satisfying to write that ending because, for once, both Andromeda and Ted make a decision knowing exactly what the consequences are. And that decision is based on their WUV.

Thanks so much for the marvelous review! These always make me infinitely happy. :)

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Review #8, by Celestialbattlefield 

27th May 2014:
thats how i feel after this chapter frickin amazing

Author's Response: :D

That's how I feel after this review. Thank you!!

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Review #9, by greenbirds 

26th May 2014:
I realised in the last review I left, I called you Kate, not Kat- ahh, sorry! Probably autocorrect, as I wrote it on my phone.
OH MY GOD! Ted! Andromeda! "Dromeda" feels! George! Lilith! Rabastan! Where do I begin? I could NOT be happier that Ted's alright (but of course he is) and I could not be more proud of Andromeda for standing up to Rabastan and defying him like that. It's so annoying what Ted said, about not being able to accuse Rabastan of performing Unforgivables when Andromeda, herself, did so too. I actually liked how she did it, it showed a ruthless, brazen streak within her personality that I really admire, knowing that she did something like that to a man who tried to kill Ted.
And then... Ted and Andromeda feels! WHEN do they end up together? As in, together together? Can this please be the catalyst for Andromeda to leave her pureblood society and join Ted? I'm so excited for the next chapter, oh my god, when will it be uploaded do you think? Ahh, sorry for being so annoying *iphone emoji monkey hiding face* - I'm just obsessed with this! You're SUCH a talented writer!
Obviously, her parents are going to be livid, and I can't even begin to imagine the reaction Walburga Black will have. I doubt they'll send a Howler- like, what would you say? "How dare you use the Cruciatus curse against your fiancee whom we're forcing you to marry even though this is like, the 60s, for attempting to kill your mudblood crush? We're so ashamed, Andromeda, and we didn't raise you to be like this-" ?? Ahh! I'm so excited to read what you have coming up! You're honestly one of the most talented writers on here, you have suuuch a gift. Do you write professionally?
George and Lilith are sooo jokes, they reflect each other in their sarcastic, dramatic personas and their flair for doing the write thing in a really comical fashion. I don't really see them together though, even though I feel they will? I have an image of the two of them arguing at Ted and Andromeda's wedding, George being the Best Man and Lilith being a bridesmaid. Would Narcissa be a bridesmaid, let alone turn up? Are you going to cover the wedding? Can you please?
Please, please, PLEASE more Ted & Andromeda (Tedromeda???) scenes! They're honestly one of the only reasons I'm on this site so much. They are my HPFF romance muse- I look towards them when I've been hit with writer's block- but I suppose it's difficult to compare Ted and Andromeda to a flimsy James/OC shipping.
What can I say? I'm obsessed with this, with a capital O. I imagine Rabastan and his friends to get off lightly, but I can also imagine Dumbledore knowing JUST how evil Rabastan and his group are. Would Dumbledore hold a meeting with Andromeda? Would she go to him for advice when her family disown her? Why am I rambling on, when you probably have the perfect plot in your head?
This is incredible. I've said it a million times, and I'll say it again. PLEASE update soon! PLEASE update as soon as possible! When do you think the next update will be? Sorry for being so annoying about this, hahahaha ahh wow so excited for the next chapter! Tedromeda 4 lyfffizzle!

Author's Response: Oh gosh, no worries about the name thing! I've been called every variant of Katherine out there, and I like them all equally. :)

Anyway, review! WHOO! Haha, yes, but of course Ted is all right. There is a certain amount of suspense that you just can't create in a Marauders Era fic because everyone knows who dies and who lives. I think I've brought poor Ted to the brink of death enough times, though.

Ted's reasoning about the unforgivable matter is infuriatingly annoying to Andromeda, too, but he really does see it as the best way to protect her. And also I had to keep Rabastan out of Azkaban for canon's sake, since he later goes on to torture the Longbottoms. D: But yes, Andromeda most definitely tapped into the Bellatrix side of her blood, and that kind of passion isn't always bad! Just maybe when it's, you know, sadistic.

Gawrrh, you're making me blush! You're too sweet, and I promise that the next chapter is in the works, though vacation season is officially upon me, so it may be an eensy bit longer wait between this chapter and the next. And to answer your question, yes, I do write professionally! My first novel is going to be published a year from now! It's a novel for the 12/13-yr-old age range. :)

Hahahaha, exactly. There is no howler apt for the situation. But Andromeda is most definitely in some deep *bleep* with the relatives for her actions. How dare she save a boy's life!

George & Lilith have a--complicated storyline ahead of them. Which of course I can't give away, but I think I CAN safely say that they will both be at the wedding. :) At this point, I haven't decided if I'll include the wedding in KYD or in the sequel of short stories I have planned... But I would really love to write it; after all the drama, I want to write some happiness for Tedromeda--even if that happiness is a little bittersweet.

Awww, I'm so glad that Tedromeda in general are your muse. I just love their story to pieces, in all its myriad tellings. Tedromeda fics are my favorite, hands down, even over Scorose (!!!). OTP forevz & always.

Haha, I like your rambles! I do have a plan for sure, but I always like hearing theories. :) The next chapter MIGHT be another week or two in the making...but it is on its way, have no fear!

Thank you for yet another epic and lovely review!

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Review #10, by MEW 

26th May 2014:
ow! pleawse come with the next chapter soon!

Author's Response: Haha. I will, I will! It may be a few weeks in the making, but I promise it's being made. :) Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by marauderfan 

26th May 2014:
Most intense chapter ever! So many feelings. Rabastan is just ugh. In previous chapters he didn't seem like the most horrific person ever, just kind of bad, but here he was just awful. I can't believe the extent he carried out that torture on Ted :( Poor Ted! I'm so glad Andie was able to intervene in time!

Also I love the different sides of people that this chapter showed. As different as Andie is from Bellatrix, here it was evident that they are sisters, as much as she wants to deny it. But it shows that even though she is capable of the power and in this case the desire to hurt others, like Bella is, Andie doesn't want to do that, and that's where they differ. Ted brings out the best in Andie, whereas Rabastan brings out the worst. I think she's starting to see that too.

Ted said he loves her :D I mean, not the best of circumstances by any means... but he said it, and he called her Dromeda ♥ jbsdjhigjk so cute. And he doesn't want her to leave, and at the moment she doesn't care at all about her reputation. Eee I love them.

Also, omg Lilith and George. I ship it.

Fantastic chapter!

Author's Response: I was seriously on an adrenaline high when I wrote this chapter, no joke. It, like, kept me up most of the night when I first started writing. My main concern was that it might read a little soap-opera-ish because of just how dramatic it is? Whoopsies. But hey. Dramatic stuff had to go down.

I think Rabastan has a malleable mind, and it's being molded by the wrong people (aka Voldemort and the Death Eaters). This probably sounds weird, but it was kind of hard making him take this step, because I can empathize with his character up to a certain (read: very limited) point. Like Andie, he grew up being spoonfed purist nonsense, and the way he's behaving is, unfortunately, its logical conclusion. But no doubt, he made his own decisions, and he's awful. Boo, Rabastan, boo.

Yes! You've hit the nail right on the head about Andromeda and her resemblance to Bella. She's beginning to realize that she has the capacity to be a person like Bella or to be a person like Ted. And at the moment, I think that realization is terrifying to her for multiple reasons.

Tee hee. He did. He said it. He said he wuvs Dromeda.

Lilith & George will most definitely be having more scenes/plottage in future chapters!

Thanks so much for the wonderful review. Hope you continue to enjoy the read!

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Review #12, by S 

26th May 2014:
Oh my gosh ted is calling her dromeda again! *Squeals*

Author's Response: Tee hee hee. He is indeed. >:] Thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by MarieBlack 

25th May 2014:
OH MY GREAT GOLLY GOODNESS OH MERLIN OH DEAR. I am just freaking out because there is so much plot LIFE in this chapter! Where to comment first.

Well. I OFFICIALLY THINK RABASTAN IS THE SCUM OF THE EARTH FOREVER AND EVER. He sucks, he's no greater than his brother. But seriously his thoughts and words on the Dark Lord seem so accurate. Voldemort always does that, he empowers his followers in a way to kill and be purely evil, and in a way his followers are just a bunch of insecure people who need someone to believe in them and stand behind as well. I want to rip hit guts out for what he did to Ted, and even though unforgivables are unforgivable I get why Andie enjoyed performing them on him so much. He has caused her so much pain, so much agony in all honesty.

I would just like to say that I am TOTALLY noticing these bits of chemistry between George and Lillith, ah I ship them so dearly. I truly hope it takes off and if not they're fabulous friends for the pair!

Ah, Dromeda and Ted. I am so excited to see the steps Andie takes of getting away from her family and the steps she takes toward Ted. Just the fact that she is forsaking her reputation and family in these moments to be with him! I'm not totally sure it will last, that she won't waver with Cissa but I'm hoping her heart and love for Ted take the stage.

I'm excited for what is to come, happy writing!

Author's Response: Now, come on. Tell me how you REALLY feel about Rabastan. Hahaha. I had such a hard time not writing Rabastan as some evil, cackling villain but still demonstrating the fact that he can act in ways that are quite--well, evil. And I think it's a bit terrifying for Andie to see that when she's grown up with Rabastan and, until recently, held his same views. It's frightening to see what a corrupt leader (aka Voldie) can incite in his followers.

Haha. I've been getting so many comments about G&L. I've got a plan for them for suresies, and it's a'hatching. :)

Thank you so much for you ever-lovely and faithful reviews. They always put a smile on my face!

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Review #14, by chocolateteacups 

25th May 2014:
Oh my goodness. Gracious. Me.
So many feelings in this chapter.

More than anything we got to see Andromeda and the many different sides of her. Andy has always known that she can be a little like her sister but today we got to see that in action. Likewise, Rabastan has shed his "soft-core" shell. As for Andy, I really don't blame her though she is understandly terrified of her own actions. We also got to see Andy in her stubborn and in love "Let me at Ted" persona which I honestly love to see because it invariably makes me happy. She lied about the engagement and just urgh, feelings. The best thing about her is that she so determined, it's her most admirable characteristic and it drives the plot continuously. And when Ted gets involved it just makes me happy (even if this chapter was incredibly sad and scary).

Also I have to commend you on the inclusion of the rib - the imagery was a lot stronger with that single gruesome detail, it was a lot stronger than blood alone.
I also like how you took the situation away from danger in Hogsmeade and into the safety of St Mungos and yet managed to maintain tension -
Andy was still terrified about Ted and in shock herself. I liked Ted's analogy about the muggle wars and how they were at a standstill - it just shows how he's still willing to sacrifice things for Andy after everything. Eeek, I'm just happy.

Small snippets of Lilith dialogue offered tiny amounts of comic relief, and George was his usual self for 0.2 seconds, which lightened the mood.

And Ted is back to calling her Dromeda! Just, ahhh. No proper words, just ahhh. Thank-you :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you could see all of those aspects of Andromeda shining through in this chapter. That was definitely my intention, but I never quite know if it's coming through. I wanted to show Andromeda at her simultaneous best AND worst. :)

Oof. Thant rib description. It still makes me wince when I read back over it. But like you say, there's only so much imagery that "bloodied" and its variants can convey, and I wanted to push that just a bit further to show how much Rabastan had hurt Ted.

Ted is totally willing to sacrifice for Andie. So much so that he brings in Cold War analogies. Haha. But no. Really. :] And that's what I wanted to bring to the forefront in this relationship: a mutually sacrificial basis that's more than just romantic love but TOUGH love.

Haha, I love writing Lilith and George, and especially Lilith and George together. They kind of remind me of Statler and Waldorf from The Muppets--always in the background making snide and snarky remarks.

Yesh. The Dromeda Drought has is officially over. :D

Thanks so much for this lovely review. It means a bunch to me that you're enjoying the story!

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