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Review #1, by looneylizzie 

6th February 2016:

So. You posted a status about the fact that this story was really close to 300 reviews… and… well… you know me. That opportunity was just too good to pass up (especially since I left review #200 as well!) :D

Anyway, putting my ridiculous need to be the one to hit review #300 aside, I’m BACK! I can’t believe how much I missed this story! I haven’t read and reviewed this in SO long… it’s shameful.

Now, onto the chapter - Michelle! GAH! She’s such a jerkface! I mean, I can understand a friend getting annoyed at a friend who is constantly talking about a guy… but this is ABBIE we’re talking about. She’s not the kind of person who’s going to abandon Michelle all of the sudden because of some guy. She’s too loyal for that. Loyal to a fault, really.

Hehehe, I like that she sort of wants to thank Barry and Elijah, but doesn’t at the same time. It was a cruel trick, but something awesome really did come from it!


Oh, don’t feel guilty! You’re only giving Michelle a taste of her own medicine. And don’t you dare go back and apologize first. Michelle should be the one doing that, not you!

D’awe. She’s hiding the comic books from James! That’s adorable! I mean, I’d tell her that she shouldn’t be hiding it, but it’s cute nonetheless. Plus, I can understand her being worried about his reaction. Teenagers can be mean. Of course, James is too amazing for it to really matter to him, so she really shouldn’t be hiding them…

James is absolutely right. That’s one unhealthy relationship Abbie and Michelle have.


I mean, I knew this before I even started reviewing this chapter, since I’ve read it several times before, but still, this was my reaction the first time. Well, every time I’ve read this chapter really.

I LOVE Abbie’s reaction. It makes me SO happy that she thinks it’s a dream, because it means that this is basically a dream come true for her. WHICH IS ADORABLE.

HA! James fangirling. That’s a funny image. Kinda like me whenever I read this story! :D

Abbie, don’t worry, James has no idea who your dad is (which is funny, ‘cause James HAS met both Abbie and her dad before…*cough-Superheroes-cough*), and even then, it’s not going to change how he feels about you! :)

You know, the more I read this story, the more I REALLY want these comic books to be real. I’d love to read them. Maybe there’s an artist out there who’d be willing to do them? You could write the plot! It would be incredible!

I know, I know, the possibility of this dream of mine coming true is slim, but one can only hope, eh?

James actually *likes* Hagrid’s cakes? Uh, either Hagrid became and excellent chef, or James needs his tastebuds checked.

Subtle, James, subtle. Auditions? Overprotective boyfriend? Really?

”…that I plan on being good friends with you?” — I’m sorry, did you not catch that Abbie? ‘Cause I did. Forget auditions… the boy PLANS on being good friends with you! Of course, he’d probably rather snog you, but we’ll take things one step at a time. ;)

GAH. TAMMI! This story is so amazing!! I know I’ve said it a thousand times, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop saying how much I love, love, LOVE this story. And your writing in general. :D

Congrats on 300 reviews! And don’t worry, I still plan on reading and reviewing every chapter of this story! And I’ll probably do it sooner rather than later, since there’s a few that I haven’t read yet!

Keep writing my dear!

Author's Response: LIZZIE!!

I did! And I'm so glad that you posted review such milestone reviews :P

I know! I love to hate her! I want to put her in more mean situations, because she deserves it. It is Abbie, she's not going to abandon Michelle, you're right.



Awww I love that you fangirl too, I fangirl over you :D

:O I wish they were real too, so maybe I should start making them? :P

I know! The boy must have a stomach of steel!

Oh yeah, he'd rather snog Abigail!

Thank you so so much, hun! I can't wait to hear from you again.

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Review #2, by oldershouldknowbetter 

23rd January 2015:
Review#11: the review which compares fiction to reality.

Oh well, Michelle’s niceness was short lived.

Abigail finally has the guts to say something back to her – and she is not wrong either. Her bravery only goes so far and she has to say her piece only as she slams the door behind her, trying to prevent or at least forestall Michelle’s vengeful wrath.

I liked the whole comic thing with James and his late night is revealed. I liked the set up with Abigail’s disappointment at James grabbing the comic; then having it turn into surprise then happiness and finally connection. Yay!

Just on a personal note: this is how I actually met my wife, though swap ‘comics’ for ‘Doctor Who Magazine’. We attended University together and so I knew her for three years as someone in my class. She was always in the group just in front of mine for lab partners as her last name began with an F and mine with a G. I noticed one day, at the start of a Statistics lecture of all things, that she was reading a Doctor Who magazine. I bounded down the desks (in those days I usually went barefoot everywhere – ah, itinerant student that I was) and sat on the desk in front of her saying, “Do you like Doctor Who too do you?”. She couldn’t meet my eyes and could hardly talk to me. In my naivety I thought it was because she didn’t like me, but I found over time that the exact opposite was true.

It is a natural for James to like comics – it fits in with the character you have established for him. Just wait till he finds out it is her dad he is idolising. It is a fine piece of characterisation to not have Abigail reveal the information as well as a fine piece of storytelling – it would be a trump card to play and it should not be played until Abigail can recognise and reap the benefit of it. I will look forward to when and how James finally finds out the comic writer/artist he idolises is Abigail’s dad.

Oh and such a lovely connection you make between fame and its desirability and the two families trying to protect their children.

Quote: “Damn, I needed to get a hold of my feelings; they’re beginning to get out of control. There was nothing hidden in the meaning behind his words. He was being nice and was excited that I read comics like he did…”

*sigh* oh Abigail …

Author's Response: Definitely short lived, she can't be nice for long, it's not in her nature to be.

Abigail does have some guts, they don't last for long but they are there!

I'm so glad that you liked the whole comic thing with James and the set up with the grabbing of Abigails. They both share a big passion for them. :D

Awww did you? That's so adorable! Haha do you still go barefoot everywhere? Did you not hurt your feet? Aw you and your wife sound so adorable! I'm so glad that you can connect with this moment and thank you for sharing this piece of information with me! :D It's like you are James and Abigail in the future!

I can't wait for you all to read the scene where he finally finds out about her dad! I've been so excited about that part for so long! :D She's really worried that James is only interested in her because of that piece of information.

Thank you :D They're both trying to protect their families from fame.

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Review #3, by ReeBee 

12th December 2014:

First of all, again i really really want to slap Michelle in the face with a huge and preferably extremely heavy chair!!! But then it makes me question the logistics of the situation as i wouldn't be able to life an extremely heavy chair :P

AND JAMES! Like how he knows that Abigail and Michelle's friendship is uber unhealthy maybe he'll have a chat with Abigail or confront her!!! Ah!! okay I'm predicting too much whoops :P AND THE HOLDING HAND!!! I squealed so bad!!! Like actually!!! I feel so excited and stupid at the same time :P I'm shipping them so bad its not even funny okay :P

COMICS OMG! JAMES!!! I LOVE HIM!!! AND SO DOES ABIGAIL!!! But i cant compare with Abigail on this one!! i love how much he obviously likes her and its really obvious even though its first person Abigail's POV and thats really really cute how he's willing to show his affection for her!! ahhh!!!

And Abigail is really easily walked over I'm scared that someone's going to take advantage of her!! How happy i was when she made that sarcastic snip at Michelle I died :))) Like go her!! I hope to see many many more of those!!!

AND HOW HE GOES 'UNLESS…' I THOUGHT HE WAS GOING TO BE LIKE 'UNLESS YOU HAVE A POSITION FOR BOYFRIEND' OMG I DIED WITH ANTICIPATION!!! But the hint! the overprotective boyfriend hint was so good! and i love how confused Abigail is and how that confusion is mostly because she herself is sure that James can never like her BUT HE DOES HE DOES ABIGAIL. OMG. IM SO HAPPY FOR EHR AND THIS RELATIONSHIP OMG.

ANYWAY. On to the next chapter.

Stay über perfect,
Curie :)

Author's Response: *Prepares for the rant*

YES! She does need the biggest slap Haha and yes with the chair!! Mmmm maybe we could use two light chairs?

James should have a chat, but he feels that it's not his place to make Abigail pick and choose her friends, he'll just be there to help her.

Damn right they held hands! :P Hahaha

They're both so oblivious to the others feelings! Or too scared to act on them.

She is, poor her :( Awww she is confused haha, she needs to realise that James likes her!

Thank you!! :D Stay wonderful and amazing!

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Review #4, by marauderfan 

16th November 2014:
Hi Tammi :) I must admit I clicked on this fic because I liked the banner :p (and actually all the CI's are brilliant as well, in the comic book theme!) And I'm so glad I did, because this is such a fun story so far! I love your OC Abigail, she's shy but not horribly so - as in she'll still talk to people who talk to her - and mostly the fact that you've created a world of Wizarding comic books - that's so great! I was so happy for Abigail when James said that he liked them too :D

Abigail's antics also crack me up, how she stares at James every 5 seconds and gets lost in her head in daydreams. I cant deny that I was any different when I was a teenager :p So I can relate.

Abigail should be best friends with Isabella instead of Michelle. Michelle is such a bad influence on her. But I was SO PROUD of Abigail for saying her feelings to Michelle for once! I knew she could do it!

Also, I love the way you've written James in this - he's not super arrogant, just a little bit of a clown. I like that he's into sock puppet acting XD

Anyway, really enjoying this fic! I'm sure I'll be back to gush more about it later.

Author's Response: Heya!

I am so glad that you clicked on my story, that makes me happy and I'm glad that you like my banner and chapter images. I need to make more! Aww yay! I'm so happy that you're enjoying it. I wanted to try and make her as relatable as possible, so she may not really talk to James in the beginning but they know who the other is. And she's shy but can talk to people.

Oh Abigail! She's not hiding her crush very well, if only James noticed as well haha :P

She should be! I hate Michelle, she is a terrible influence and Isabella is so much better for her. She stood up to her though, which is a very big improvement with Abigail.

Thank you! I wanted to have James as a bit of a joker, not arrogant and egotistical. And he loves sock puppet acting a lot! haha

Thank you so much! I can't wait to hear more about what you think of the rest of the story :D

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Review #5, by icingonmycake 

17th August 2014:
Finally! We know what James was doing! That's so great that they have something lie that in common. I really don't have anything to say except that this was an epic chapter and I'm loving this story, but James and Abigail need to move faster! We need more moments!

Author's Response: Yep, we all finally know, and they have comic books in common with each other, they're so meant to be. Awww thank you so much! I'm in love with your reviews! They make my day! :D

There's more moments with them soon, don't worry!

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Review #6, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing 

13th August 2014:
Hey again!

Really hoping this gets you to review 80 ;)

And here we are. Michelle is a total cow again. This is why I don't like her and never will! You write her well though, otherwise I wouldn't feel so strongly. I'm glad Abigail did at least give her an answer back and a slammed door. Much deserved!

But James &hearts he makes it all better! His mention of Michelle... I get the feeling he doesn't like her... I hope he intervenes at some point. Or helps Abigail stand up to her at least.

Yay! I knew James would love comic books too but it wasn't what I was thinking he was doing that night!! I agree with Abigail that he's so cute when he's excited. It puts a massive smile on my face! The bit about Ron getting him into it was cool, I like that you gave a bit of background.

He asked about a boyfriend! Checking out the competition methinks? He totally likes her! I'm almost positive!

Amazing chapter again, I honestly love this story so much!!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Hello!!

Awww thank you! I'm sure it did!

She really is, she couldn't have been nice for long, it's not in her nature. Good! I don't like her either, we should start a group! Abigail is beginning to stand up to her, I like to think that James is helping her with that.

He does make it better! He's good for Abigail, helps her stand up for herself.

Haha he does! And that was what he was doing that night :D

Awww I'm glad that you enjoyed that, I liked having a special bond between Ron and James, comic books are only something that they have between the both of them that noone else is a part of.

Haha he totally does :P

Thank you so much Lauren! You're awesome!

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Review #7, by JKsarmy 

28th May 2014:
I love this story! The horrible best friend is actually very relatable to many and I've never read a story like this before. I love finding unique stories! I can't wait for you to update more Abigail is so lovely! Xx

Author's Response: I'm so glad that this is relatable, I've based Michelle off of a best friend I used to have and I didn't realise how many people have been in that situation as well until I started hearing about it in reviews.

I'm so glad that you're enjoying this so much, and I hope that you continue to do so :D


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Review #8, by potterfan310 

15th May 2014:

Urgh, Michelle. Way to ruin Abigail's happiness. Me thinks she's a little (more like a lot!) jealous of Abigail and James' blossoming friendship.

Yes! I feel the need to whoop on behalf of Abigail because she stuck up to Michelle!! :D

I can't help but wonder whether James found her by chance or whether he had a bit of help from a certain magical Map :P

Aw, seriously the cuteness between him and Abi is just asdfghjkl. They both like the same comic. ♥

For whatever reason my brain kept reading 'Minister of Deduction' and all I could think was Sherlock :P Probably shows I should read less and sleep more. Either that or go to sleep at a decent time :p

James is adorable and I want one ♥ He is fangirling and I love it! In fact I just love his characterisation because he is so different to other James' I've read. It's so nice seeing his softer, geekier side :D It's so great when you find another person to fangirl over stuff with, Iagree with Abi in so many ways right now.

Is her partly asking her out or at least sussing her out because ohmygod! I feel like singing he likes her, he loves her, he wants her :p I don't think I can wait to see when/how they actually get together, I'm so excited already.

Can't wait for the next one!

Sophie xx

Author's Response: HEY SOPHIE!!

I know, right?! Michelle is not a nice person at all, there are times when I really want to hurt her. She is definitely jealous of James and Abigail.

Yes! We shall all whoop! She is finally beginning to stick up to Michelle.

Ahh, I reckon it might have been a certain map helping him. :P

I know!! I just want to squish them so much whenever I write them. They're so adorable!

Hahaha that would have been awesome! That's what we shall now call Sherlock from now on! :D

You can have one! *hands out James'* he is such a fangirl at times, I reckon if he could he would have a tumblr! I'm so glad that he's different, I imagine him as either a gormless guy (like how I portray him in A Long Summer) or geeky and nerdy with hints of awkwardnes added on.

He may be... :P I shall join you in singing! *James loves Abigail!!!* Awww they will be getting closer soon! :D

Thank you so much!

I love you!!

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Review #9, by TheGoldenGirl 

13th May 2014:
yay i am really happy for abigail :) please keep updating x

Author's Response: I'm happy for her too! More updates are on the way :D

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Review #10, by kristyhes 

13th May 2014:
Hey there! I just started reading your story and I really like it. Abigail is my favorite character so far. James is funny and you wrote about him in a way that I haven't read before. It's really refreshing. And um about Michelle, maybe she's jealous that Abigail hot a boy's attention, a boy who's THE James Potter.

Well anyways, I'll be waiting for your update :)
Toodles ^_^

Author's Response: Hello!! Thank you for taking the time to read my story, I'm so glad that you're enjoying it, I hope you continue to do so. :D

Yes! Michelle is not a nice best friend, she does redeem herself at some points, but it is all mainly down to jealousy.

Thank you so much for the awesome review! :D I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

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