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Review #1, by Deets 

5th September 2016:
Wow. I can't believe this story has been around for so long and I just found it two days ago!

This fic felt so incredibly real: the way the characters developed, the descriptions of the lingering effects of the war, the QUIDDITCH (the length and depth of the sections on strategy and the League kept making me forget that the sport isn't actually real and that you brilliantly fleshed it all out)...It was a journey reading this and although I have mixed feelings about James retiring, I could see it coming and understood why it had to happen.

LOVE LOVE LOVED this and can't wait to read the sequel. You're a wondrous writer :))

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your lovely review, I'm so glad you enjoyed Rails and I hope to see you at the sequel! :)

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Review #2, by onestop_hpfan18 

6th August 2016:
I loved this. It was so fluffy and perfect. Now I'm off to start reading Derailed because I just need to know more... especially about this business proposition. !!!

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Review #3, by maddog99 

11th July 2016:
I loved the story up until chapter 63. I had a feeling that would be the end result but it was just so anticlimactic it made this story a bit frustrating to finish. But other than that, great job

Author's Response: I'm sorry you felt that way about the ending. :( A lot of people didn't like it, and I can understand why, it was a hard decision to make! Thanks for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed the fic :)

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Review #4, by Mildred Meadowlark 

1st June 2016:
So... I just finished reading today, and I'll probably have to go and reread it because I read so quickly I'm pretty sure I missed some stuff.

But what a great fanfic. One of the best I've read. You've not just sketched the characters of the HP world, you've made them real, believable and likeable. And not always likeable, if you know what I mean. Each and every one of your characters had depth, and grew and developed in a way that was totally organic, and not at all forced. Your characters drove the story. It is the best thing about your fantastic story, for me.

I also loved how well you were able to evoke the wizarding world with real feeling and originality. Every place, Diagon Alley, The Leaky Cauldron, they all felt real, and what's more, the places that were your own invention felt just as real, as much part of the wizarding world as Hogwarts.

And the Quidditch. So much Quidditch. The sheer volume of detail you used and created is amazing. It was absolutely brilliant to read. It made for really immersive and quick-paced reading. During the Quidditch World Cup... Well, let's just say I'm Irish and I was rooting for England.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I enjoyed it more than I can say. I'm really looking forward to reading Derailed - best of luck with it.

Millie :)

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Review #5, by CamThomas10 

22nd May 2016:
An amazing story, really loved it! Found it a couple of days ago and decided that I'd start reading and just fell in love and felt like I was almost part of the story. I went through almost every emotion possible whilst reading this and decided it was more important than exams!
Thank you for an amazing story and I was struggling to find a story about James but was overjoyed when I found it!
Truly Wonderful!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review! I always find myself prioritising fanfiction in exam time... whoops! Hope to see you over at Derailed :)

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Review #6, by CharmAurorG 

28th February 2016:
I can't believe this story was on my reading list for weeks, maybe even months, and I just started reading it 2 days ago! To my defense, once I started, I couldn't stop and finished in one go over the weekend... :) I LOVE IT! You are great writer! Great job on both James and Carla's characters, they just seem so realistic. I love your Harry and Ginny (my favorite characters ever and you did them justice, so thank you for that), also Brie, Ingrid, Lily... This is the first story I read with squib Lily (or any of the main characters for that matter) that I read and enjoyed. Same goes for Muggle in the main role. So I guess that is the best in this story - so original, unpredictable, exciting, refreshing... I watched Love and other drugs and like that movie, so I'm really glad it was the inspiration of the sorts and again you did it extraordinary good. I'm very excited to start reading the sequel! :) Keep it real.


Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review! Harry and Ginny in particular are characters I love writing in a Next Gen setting; I think in a lot of ways Harry would be a lot more laid back, and Ginny is a character who I think wasn't served justice in the books so I always love writing her! Thanks again for the review, I hope to see you over at Derailed :)

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Review #7, by sweaterweather21 

19th February 2016:
I know it's been a while since this story was completed, but I still wanted to leave a review singing your praises before moving on to the sequel. Although I've read (more than) my fair share of James/OC and other next gen romances, this fic blows most of them out of the water. Apart from it's novel-length status, the quality of your writing is superb. I enjoyed every last word of all 64 chapters! The way you balanced James's development as a character with his relationship with Carlotta, amidst the crazy setting of professional Quidditch and a insanely large cast of characters was absolutely brilliant. It was a remarkably ambitious task to take on, and you absolutely crushed it!

I also really want to applaud you on all of your decisions regarding the plot line. For instance, making Lily a Squib and having James retire couldn't have been the easiest choices to make. (I know there's a part of me that just wanted the whole Potter family to be magical and for James to play Quidditch till he keels over, haha!) However, the way you had things play out aligns perfectly with the way you've developed the characters, and I whole-heartedly came to appreciate each choice you made. So props, because I know that can't be easy!

Congrats again on a phenomenal story - I'm looking forward to starting the sequel :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your lovely review! I'm still so fond of Rails and James so it's always so nice when people enjoy reading it. :) I can't remember why I decided to make Lily a Squib, but I'm really glad that I did it, because it's been really interesting to tackle all the complications that arise from all that. As for James retiring ... it felt like the right thing to me, so I'm glad you felt the same. It was hard, because he and I both loved his little Falcon family. But he needed to move on, and I love his and Carla's setup in Derailed, so it was all worth it (I think anyway)!

Thanks again for your review, hope to see you over at Derailed!

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Review #8, by Crescent Moon  

14th January 2016:
I have loved this story so much. You've had me laughing or crying and sometimes both the whole way through.
You're a fantastic writer. Your characters are superb, their personalities just seeped through words and became so real, I love them all. And your plot was so beautiful and original, I loved the whole premise and I'm really having to force myself to write this review rather than going straight to read the sequel. You've had me so addicted to this story, I was up till the early hours this morning reading and then only stopped due to the fact that my eyes refused to stay open for any longer.
I really can't wait to see how James and Carla's life progresses. I can't wait any longer, I'm off to read Derailed.
Words can not describe how amazing you, and this story, are.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your lovely review! Off the Rails is still my pride and joy, and James has a special place in my heart, so it really means a lot to know people have enjoyed reading his story as much as I've enjoyed writing it. :)

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Review #9, by ishi 

10th October 2015:
I LOVE it. Need to read derailed!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, I hope you check out Derailed! :)

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Review #10, by rosiful 

25th September 2015:
I just spent the last two days reading this entire story from the start. This was such an amazing story to read! I loved it!!
And the amount of detail you went into about Quidditch, their individual games and tactics was just incredible. I almost forgot that Quidditch is not actually a real sport... I really wish it was though!

I was a bit put out that James gave up Quidditch, but I saw it coming and totally understand your reasoning! He grew up so much in this fic, that I could clearly see that the lime light wasn't exactly for him and the Hogwart's position would be perfect... but I still want him to keep playing for the Falcons! Mainly because their group and team spirit is so amazing!
I really, really love how you also developed all you side characters. There were so many that at times I was a little confused, but you managed to make them all so unique and interesting! My favourite was probably Lily. She's just amazing!

I could probably blabber on forever about how much I really enjoyed this story, but I'm too excited to read the sequel!!

Thank you for such a wonderful story, I really loved reading it!


Author's Response: Wow, thanks for reading, I'm amazed you did it all in two days!

Ah, the Quidditch, I did end up getting incredibly absorbed in it all, to the point where I almost ended up sick of it! In my mind it is a very real sport. And I honestly found it heartbreaking to have James give it up - I like what he goes on to do, but it's a shame to not have him playing for England and the Falcons any more. It was definitely the right decision for him to make though.

Oh Lily. I absolutely adore her. I know so much of her backstory that I could probably write a separate fic just on her. Maybe I will... Who knows!

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by Sweetsandstoryz 

5th August 2015:
Hey, can i just say how much i enjoyed reading this fic - seriously i was crying with James when he was depressed and was genuinely happy when things went well for him. It was amazingly writtrn and the characters were PERFECTION!

Author's Response: So glad you enjoyed Rails! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #12, by DancingMooncalf 

29th May 2015:
I'm terribly sorry to be one of those readers that can't wait the tome to type a review before contineuing the next chapter, but i am and thats why you only hear from me now. In all honesty i lost a lot of good sleeping hours this week because i couldn't quit reading. I was impressed in every way by thus story. The plot blew my mind. I thought it was predictable but than it wasn't and than i picked up on it again thinking it could see a few chapters ahead and things change again. I did however predict very shortly after the big breakdown that james was going to retire to start teaching. i was gkad to know at least one think that was right.
Something else that blew my mind was the incredible insight in quidditch. How do you know those thinks about set up en point and matches and stuff? You must have done sone really good research!! Quite impressive indeed.
but the most mindblowing aspect of the story is the fact that it made my belief in magic as a real thing again for a bit. Much like when i was younger and reading harry potter for the first time. Those thoughts of 'Maybe its bit even that strange a thing to assume a hidden society exsist around us'. Not many fanfics have managed to get me to think in that way again. like i said the feeling i got when i first read harry potter. The feeling of a new an hidden world opening its doors, it being more than just a story. Maybe thats just the euphoria of the last few chapters speaking, but i really did feel it throughout the story.
i want to say thank you for giving me so many enjoyable hours of reading. I laughed a lot, the sarcasm, the sass, the ridiculous situation here and there. I was lovely. I got slightly depressed reading James' breakdown bit. I just wanted to be able tp hug him you know. I think said out loud that yelling at him wouldn't help because my mom looked really weird at me after that. I couldn't put my phone(my mobile fanfic reading device, more like) down to make dinner or eat it... peole must think me a social media junky woth all the time i spend with my phone this week. How wrong they are.
anyway... i'm a huge fan of james an carloota now and will definitely read the sequel to!!
Thanks again for this awsome piece of literature and you'll probably hear from me again some time!
Xxx Maya

Author's Response: No need to apologise! I know the feeling of needing to read the next chapter, and besides I'm terrible at REPLYING to reviews, which is definitely a far bigger sin. :)

I think I signposted James taking the teaching job, not necessarily VERY blatantly, but certainly enough so that when it happened, people weren't TOO surprised. The only deterrent from that idea was that to take the teaching job he had to retire from Quidditch completely, which was a pretty big call for James to make. I still think it was the right move for him though, and you'll see in Derailed that he's happy with his life.

Oh, the Quidditch. I won't lie, I totally immersed myself into Quidditch to the point where I was determined it was a real sport and I can't stand to think about having to write another match now. I've well and truly put myself off, ha.

Hey, magic is totally real ;) On a serious note, this review has made me so happy, I'm so glad that Rails has made you feel that way, it's the best kind of compliment.

Thank you so much for this wonderful review, I hope you go on to check out the sequel!

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Review #13, by LittleMissAutumn 

30th April 2015:
Oh my gosh, I just sat back and read your entire story! It took all day but it was worth every minute of it. It's so creative, original, and I was on an emotional roller coaster the whole time. From James' s**t show to his glory win at the World Cup, I was knawing my fingers!

You are an incredible writer and I really hope you consider writing (perhaps outside of fanfiction if you have not already) as a personal career choice because you are fantastic.

Bravo. Solid 10/10.

Author's Response: Ha, s**t show is one way to describe James' troubles! Thanks so much for reading, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! And thanks for reviewing. :)

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Review #14, by Flying mandarin 

5th April 2015:
Phiew, I've been reading this story nonstop for the past 48 hours, and now I've reached the end. I don't really have words for this story except that I'm very impressed. It might be because of the late hour or the fact that I've been reading with virtually no pause but I find it hard to find the words to describe the way I feel about this story. Deep love would be most accurate I think! It was so well put together, with as much humor as character depth and intrigue. I really like that all the characters were real, they all had flaws and insecurities and they made sense.
The fact that teaching is such an important factor in this story is really really cool and I thank you for making James a teacher and not just a big-headed young man.

Congratulations on the Dobby, it was well deserved

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks so much for reading, especially in such a short time span! I really enjoyed writing this fic so I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it. :) Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #15, by JilyBlack 

5th March 2015:
I love your Story.

Author's Response: Really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #16, by Deanie 

23rd February 2015:
I don't think I've ever seen such detailed quidditch but I loved it. Thank you for this amazing story I think you made me cry at some point. The way you wrote Lily was my favourite portrayal I've read of her and I loved James and Cordelia the pygmy puff:)

Author's Response: I developed the Quidditch far more than I anticipated, but I was pleased with it in the end. I'm glad you liked Lily, she's one of my favourites! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #17, by larry 

15th February 2015:
Thank you for a wonderful story. Well done. I think you channeled Ginny with everything Quidditch.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed! The Quidditch kind of took over, I didn't expect it to feature as much as it did in the end, but I really enjoyed writing it so I'm glad you liked it. :) thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by Lauri 

3rd February 2015:
I just read this entire story and wow!! The plot was amazing and the way you described quidditch in so much detail kept making me forget it's not a real sport. So excited to read the sequel!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! I got so immersed in the Quidditch side of things when writing this that sometimes I forgot it wasn't a real sport as well... And I think I'm now sick of it completely, whoops! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #19, by Matthea 

18th January 2015:
This story was great! You gotten it done to tell multiple stories in one. It was not just a story about quidditch, or about falling in love with a muggle, it was more than that. It had many details and background without making it boring, they were original and had emotion.
You also had many plot twists, they made mistakes or had trouble and some twist I didn´t like in the beginning, but in the end made your story better. You definitely deserve the Dobby Award you´ve won for that.
So thank you, I´m sure gonna read the sequel!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your lovely review, I'm really glad you enjoyed reading this! Hope you enjoy the sequel, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by Syd 

12th January 2015:
This was an absolute fav of mine. I wanted to post reviews on every chapter but curiosity got the better of me. I was going to go straight to Derailed but then I decided that such a wonderful story diserved a review.
I really really love this sttory. You got all the characters right.
Though it was quite hard to get used to lily being a squib I reallly loved her and Her character was lovely.
James is portrayed wonderfully. I absolutely love him.
Every one else is as Perfect as can be.
Whenever I read a fanfic I always pick up negetive aspects and edit them in my own head but this was a really delighting and wonderful story and every part was perfect.
You are an amazing writer and I will read all of the stories you have posted or will post in the future.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your lovely review! :) I'm glad you liked Lily's plotline, it was a big thing to make her a Squib but I thought it would be an interesting way to explore what it's like for Squibs in the wizarding world. Although it's now become my headcanon and I get confused in other stories when Lily's at Hogwarts.

Hope you enjoy the sequel, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by everBlazin_ 

10th January 2015:
I absolutely loved this story. It's the first NextGen story I actually read. I usually keep to Marauders/PreHogwarts stories, but somehow I ended up reading your story. :)

The plot was amazing. I didn't expect it to go that way, thinking other stuff would happen. I did get the feeling that James would become the new professor.. He seemed to enjoy teaching those kids without really realising it at that point.

You're a really good writer. Your characters show a lot of depth. Your plot is really well thought out.

Can't wait to start on the sequel!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading, I'm honoured that Rails was the first Next Gen you read! And I'm very glad you enjoyed it. :) Hope you enjoy the sequel too, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #22, by Rainyday 

26th October 2014:
I cannot explain the way in which this story has touched my heart. This story is absolutely beautiful, in the way it's written and in the way the plot had been so thoughtfully produced. It doesn't feel like an online fan fiction, but like an award winning published book. The characters that you've made up seen like close friends because of the understanding I've gotten from your writing. It's allowed us readers to connect to the characters in a way that requires a talented author. I can't explain to you how much I adored this story. Thank you so much for taking the time to pen this art, it's actually the best story I've probably read on the Internet. x

Author's Response: Thank you so so much for your lovely words! I can't explain to YOU how much it means to pop along to find a review like this. :) I'm so glad you enjoyed reading Rails, I certainly enjoyed writing it and it's a story with characters which are very close to my heart. I hope you pop back for the sequel! Thanks again :)

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Review #23, by madness 

16th August 2014:
This. Was. Amazing.


Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Hope to see you at the sequel :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #24, by Bijn 

7th August 2014:
I really, really loved this story (although it deprived me of a lot of sleep, hehe). The thing I really liked was the fact you made the characters very credible; their relationship towards others, their personalities, it all fits. I enjoyed reading from James’ POV because his reactions and thoughts were in line with the personality you gave him.
I also liked the Quidditch-part of the story. It is evident you have put a lot of effort in it and it pays off. Although all the names, positions and so on were a bit confusing in the beginning (well, for me) I really liked the individual roles they had to play. It is nice to read a story in which you come to learn more and more about the people in it whilst reading it; a lot of things became clear in stages, a thing I love about stories. For instance, Lily being a squib was quite a revelation but once I knew, a lot of things fell into place.
I am looking forward to reading the sequel and keep up the good work, because your writing style certainly makes the lack of sleep worth it!

Author's Response: I take no responsibility for sleep deprivation, ha. :) I'm glad you liked the characters, I do try to put a lot of effort into developing them all as people. James' POV was very interesting to write; I'd never written in first person before and it's definitely very different to third person narrative. But James' head was a fun one to get into, I do miss writing him.

I ended up developing the Quidditch side of things much more than I imagined I would, but it was enjoyable and I'm pleased with how it turned out, although I can't bring myself to write any more Quidditch now. I'm done with it!

The squib revelation was fun to write, but very tricky not to give away before time. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #25, by Evans5 

29th July 2014:
So good! I couldnt put it down! Can totally see this as a movie! :D

Author's Response: Wow, that really IS a compliment! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, thanks for reviewing!

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