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Review #1, by UnluckyStar57 

5th August 2014:
Well played, Molly and Fitz. Well played. :)

I don't think that the team suspects anything yet, except for maybe Mariah, and who cares about her? She's kind of my least favorite character right now, and out of all the cool and funny characters you've written in this story, I'm glad that there's one I can sort of hate. :)

Petition for you to write a romance novel about Hugo Weasley finding his lurve after you finish this story. :) Hugo is COOL. He's so smart and pretty sarcastic, and the way he deals with the crap that Fitz gives him is just perfect. And he's so understanding of Molly and he knows when he should stop badgering her (unlike Roxanne). So I think that Hugo should find somebody permanent to luuurveee. :) Or you know, maybe not. Maybe he's the Uncle Charlie of the bunch. But I would still like a story about it. :D

Fitz is seriously stepping up his role as coach! I think it's brilliant that he took a day off of training to show them Ballycastle's weaknesses. That can only make the team stronger and more confident in their abilities, so it was a good move on his part. And it was wise of Molly to suggest that he look at the reels in the first place!

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! I really loved the scene in which Molly boosts Fitz's confidence before the match. He's obviously sort of a wreck, he has no idea how to be optimistic, and she basically fixes all of that. :D Yet another reason why they should be together. And that was one of the most rousing pre-match Quidditch speeches that I've ever read in fanfic. It made ME feel like I could beat Ballycastle, and I'm no athlete! It obviously made the team feel better about themselves, because they stormed out of the locker room, set to divide and conquer!

I'm so glad that they've finally won a match, but I don't doubt that they're going to lose a few more before this story ends. That's pretty realistic, but for now, they can party! :D

Another marvelous chapter! I really love rereading this story. :)


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Review #2, by AlexFan 

29th July 2014:
It's all good and nice having Molly and Fitz kiss now and again but I think my favourite parts are definitely the ones where they're just being cute together. I don't know but I like the fluff part where they just sit together and talk and watch old Quidditch games. It just sounds so normal and relaxed.

Fitz is definitely becoming a better coach, he knows what he's doing when he talks about all of the other teams and their tactics. I love seeing players showcase their knowledge about the things that they're passionate about. I feel like a proud parent, "You see, my baby knows what they're talking about."

Woohoo! The Prides won their first game! That's got to be really exciting for them, I mean, they didn't exactly beat a difficult team or anything, but still a win is a win and everyone is doing heaps better than before. The meshing is really beginning to happen with everyone now, I can all see it happening.

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Review #3, by nott theodore 

9th July 2014:
Hello again!

Yay for Molly and Fitz! They're so cute together and I think Fitz is really cute - he's giving away a lot more of his feelings than Molly does as far as this is concerned, I think. It's a nice change because I feel like a lot of stories that I read, the guy is always more reticent and so it's refreshing to read a story when the girl isn't giving quite so much away. I can understand why they'd think they have to hide it - especially with all the talk of being professional, and the fact that the team has only just started talking to each other again, but it's kind of frustrating :P

Aw, I loved seeing Hugo in this chapter again! It's great to see him and I liked the fact that he was being protective of Molly - not without reason, because while they're not properly together yet, Fitz seems to benefit more from Molly's presence at the moment than she does from his.

And yes, finally! The team retreat seems to have worked because they've finally won a match! :D

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #4, by Penelope Inkwell 

9th May 2014:
First, yay! for the Pridesí first win!

Second, a BIGGER yay! for Fitz and Molly!

I was really glad to see Fitz becoming a better coach in these last few chapters, and opening up a bit more. Theyíre alike in that way, he and Molly, both very to themselves, so thatíll be a bit of a challenge, I suppose.

Hugo does have a point. I know heís just being protective and caring about his cousin, but Fitz definitely has some anger issues, though he is much better when Mollyís around. Itís easy to see how being with her helps him, and Iím looking forward to seeing how being with him helps her. Molly may be Miss Perfect on the outside, but everyone has room to grow. And, of course, they arenít properly with each other yet. But I have hope!

Soo happy to see a new chapter so soon after the last one, and, of course, always looking forward to seeing whatís next :D

Thanks for the story!


Author's Response: They won! And they slept together! haha.

He's getting better at it. Molly's tip about studying the old coaching reels and records was a big help, even if he hasn't admitted it. And Hugo definitely has a point. And you make an excellent point about Molly which will be coming up soon ;) Hopefully you like how that one plays out.

I just posted chapter 12 and am starting on chapter 13. More to come soon! Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #5, by chocolateteacups 

9th May 2014:
This new turn for Fitz and Molly managed to be sufficiently adorable - though it's always a little tense.

Mariah's wishy washy attitude around Fitz is increasingly frustrating for Molly and for us - somehow it makes her seem more menacing. I can't quite tell how she feels about her ex husband and so I can't imagine how she reacts when Fitz and Molly's relationship comes to light. It worries me, and tension is always good!

Another thing I liked in this chapter, though it occurs across the whole story, is Fitz and Molly's increasing emotional attraction. Not only has he discovered her color codes and accepted her can-do-will-do attitude, but she's learnt more about him and why he's so angry all the time (but increasingly less so!). When all that's on top of him finding her extremely hot in leather, well, it's all the makings of a good relationship - if only they'd notice it.

I'm interested to see what a win will mean for the team dynamic. We've seen what losses and pressure have done, and what the camp has done, but this is something new. They've proved they can achieve a good result, now they have to do it again. I love seeing the different personalities and characters within the team - and celebratory drinks bring out the best of people. Great chapter as usual :)

Author's Response: It is tense, but then, when you run headlong into misbehavior, that's generally a given. But I'm glad it's adorable as well!

Mariah's a big frustration, especially for Fitz. Things might be easier with starting up a new relationship if he didn't have his ex-wife looking on the whole time. Does she still want him, or does she merely still feel possessive? Hmm. ;)

Ah I'm glad you picked that out - they know each other's not-so-appealing qualities and are still attracted. He sees the OCD and control freak tendencies and is okay with it, and she sees the anger management issues and is okay with it. He is less angry the more he's around her. Happiness will do that for you ;)

A win will be good for them. They needed some confidence. The next team they go up against is in the top of the league, though. Not easily beaten. The Prides do love their celebratory drinks. They're a bunch of boozers haha. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #6, by RedHairGinny 

8th May 2014:
Wonderful chapter, as usual!
I'm waiting eagerly for the next one!
I hope Pride of Portree get a winning season!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #7, by fangirlfanatic 

7th May 2014:
Wow. More Molly and Fitz. I can't get enough of them! I'm so excited to read more! Go Pride of Portree

Author's Response: Thank you! Lots of Molly and Fitz is good ;)

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Review #8, by LightLeviosa5443 

7th May 2014:
Hi!! Yay Chapter 11!!!

What's funny is yesterday I was poking around your author's page to see if Ch. 11 was up yet. :P Okay 1. I think I'm the first review and that's exciting. 2. I HAVEN'T SQUEE'D THIS LOUD AT THE FIRST FEW SENTENCES OF A CHAPTER EVER.

So, I want to be mad at Molly for being practical, but I can't, because she's really just being herself. I love Fitz. I love that he is so strong-willed and fierce about everything. Who knew Jinks' laziness would come in handy. Awe!! Awe awe awe!!! That was so cute, I want to squish Fitz and force him to tell Molly right now, but I guess that wouldn't make for a good story... Poor Fitz. I love that he's the one who's pining more than she is right now. I just love this.

I love how familiar and comfortable Roxanne is in Molly's apartment. I think it's a great display of cousinly love and the conversation they're having is fantastic. Especially when Molly asked if she was supposed to go. Priceless. HAHAHAHAHA. Oh my god. "Your 'I'm Head Girl' halo looks like it slipped." I'm literally crying laughing that was so fantastic. I love that Roxanne was badgering her, and then they just switch gears and start talking about the retreat. Ooh, I wonder if she'll put two and two together!

Roxanne is hilarious. She might be one of my new favourites. I think I need to go read that story about her next. Oh my gosh. Hugo is priceless. Are you a wizard or not? I think that's tied with Roxannes Head Girl comment for best line in the chapter. Maybe even the story. Oh no. Well, now Roxanne knows, she's going to bring it up at Lunch.

Hahaha, at least she's predictable. This whole interaction is fabulous. I love the way you write, it's so believable and fun, I feel like I'm watching a movie in my head, and I love love love that about it. Roxy going on about her husband sounds like one of my cousinly gatherings. Someone goes on for ages, someone eats continuously and pretends to listen and someone responds occassionally while dosing off. I love Hugo. He's so great.

I love that Jinks is ALWAYS the buffer. I mean, has he ever not been the buffer so far? Yay for Fitz finally realizing they should strategize, I hope they win this game. They have to. I love cute scenes like this between Molly and Fitz. They're so wonderful. So genuine. They feel coupley right now, if only they were. Ahhh. They're like a couple. Can they please just be a couple? (i'm going to shamelessly beg until it actually happens, because I've decided it has to happen).

I'm so nervous for this game, I have butterflies. I don't want to say Awe again, but AWE. That kiss, her peptalk, his peptalk. Seriously this story is so perfect. Yay! Phew they won!!! What a relief. And Fitz watching Molly during the game? There's so many things I want to comment on but I don't know how to do it without being just a squeeing mess of no sense. I'd have to say this is probably the best fanfiction I've ever read. I'm in love with your characterization, with the tone you write the story in, with the way that you make me feel everything the characters feel. It's just all extremely well done and I'm in absolute love with this story and your writing! I hope you update soon!

xoxo Sarah ♥

p.s. thanks for the nomination ♥

Author's Response: Woohoo! I love your reviews. :D

She is a practical sort. Fitz is too, when he's able to think straight. He is a fierce sort, but anyone who can be with Molly long-term would need to be ;) Jinks is super-lazy, and everyone expects it, so it's nice when it can come in handy.

You can tell Roxanne is Molly's BFF as well as her cousin. And it was good to catch up on Weasley family gossip. They all try to dodge Dominique and her parties haha. I'm glad you liked the "Head Girl halo" line, it was one of my later additions to the chapter shortly before posting it. I thought it was funny.

Hugo is one of the more responsible, grown-up Weasley Next Genners. lol poor guy, with Rose as his sibling and this group all around him - he and Albus are the sane and mature ones out of the guys. James, Fred, and Louis, not so much ;) I was happy to find a way to include more Weasley cousins, and having made Hugo a Healer specializing in magical injuries and spell damage before, he fit perfectly with getting a job in sports medicine. I love having Weasley cameos. I'm still trying to find a spot where Rose can appear. haha. But I'm really enjoying writing Hugo's scenes, so I'm glad you like him.

Jinks is the buffer! Well, mainly he was the only one who would still talk to either Molly or Fitz when the team was all mad at them, so she naturally gravitated toward him. But I like that dynamic there, because Molly and Jinks are very different, but at the same time, because of her cousins, he's a personality type she's used to. He's a lot how I've written James and Fred.

Fitz is finally getting his coaching act together, which is very good. Maybe McCormack won't have to fire him after all. They are totally like a couple, aren't they? ;)

Aw thank you so much! You're so sweet :D I really appreciate your reviews, they make my day. Thank you for reading! Next chapter is up, new one coming soon, I promise.

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