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Review #1, by looneylizzie 

27th August 2015:
Okay Tammi, this is the last one before I must sleep. But I’m going to do some more tomorrow. PROMISE. I must read more and see what happens, ‘cause I haven’t read this far yet. It’s getting exciting!!

I like this whole talent show thing, but I totally get Abbie’s (I’m calling her Abbie now, instead of Abigail, FYI. I can’t help it, it just feels better to type…) aversion to it. But what was she gonna do? You don’t say, and I’m curious…

But James is so sweet for understanding and letting her take a step back because she’s uncomfortable. I like that, while he’s pretty awkward, he’s got a lot of self-confidence, at least, in regard to his talents and performing in front of others.

I wonder what these many talents are. They must be circus related, considering the stories he’s told her.

HE’S ON A UNICYCLE! I WANT A UNICYCLE! THAT’S SO COOL! AND HE’S JUGGLING! He should totally be a circus performer when he grows up. I found his job. If I were him, I’d have no other plans than to run off and join the circus after school is over.

But James is probably smarter than that.

“Joe Muggle” — I DIED. Wow, that’s SO creative Abbie.

Wow, James is excellent at improv. Maybe he should be a stand up comedian instead of a circus performer.

I love Mr. Sock. If I could have one request for future chapters, it’s that you should bring Mr. Sock back. *puppy dog eyes* Pleaaassse?

No pressure or anything. ;)

Okay, he should definitely be a circus performer. Between the unicycle, the juggling, the handstand and walking on his hands, it MUST be his calling in life.

Ha! Even he wanted it as a kid! He’s just denying it now because it’s “unrealistic” or something like that that parents might say…


Second request. Tell us her talent.

Yes, I’m with James. Abbie, you should get drunk and sing for him. This is an excellent plan. This will inevitably end up with you two having a drunken one-night stand, a teenage pregnancy, a shotgun wedding and a lifetime of bliss.

On second thought. Save yourself the heartache of a teen pregnancy and do the wedding first. Either way, you’ll still get the lifetime of bliss. I’m sure of it!

Hmmm, William. The better friend to James than those other jerks we met before. Even though we’ve only really met him once or twice, I like him. A lot. I’d love to know a bit more about him…

He kinda reminds me of Isabella.

Wait a second…maybe…no…but…hmmm…

Opinions will not be shared yet. I dare not get my hopes up. For I know that you know how to toss everything out of the window and take things in a totally different direction *cough* I’ll Love Her Enough for the Both Of Us *cough*

Hehehehehe. Does James realize he’s still got the ink mustache on?

William has smirked and snorted and coughed and given far too many pointed looks at James whenever Abbie is around. He knows something.

James flips. YES. Okay, even if he doesn’t end up working for the circus for the rest of his life, he should totally spend a summer doing it. It’d be hilarious.

Flip! Flip! Flip! Flip! FLIP!

Oh, so NOW James is embarrassed. As opposed to earlier when he was performing in front of a whole classroom. Now it’s just William and Abbie. How could he be embarrassed? - ‘Cause he likes Abbie. OBVIOUSLY. - Geez internal monologuing Lizzie, you should know better by now!

Yes Abbie. You’ve missed something. You’ve missed the obvious. Something that EVERYONE already knows. Kinda like everyone knowing about Michelle’s crush on what’s his face - Ethan? - Except WAAY cuter.

Even Isabella knows!

William is the best wingman in the world. Look at him, bragging to her about everything James has done… James should be grateful, not embarrassed! Abbie is clearly impressed!

William DEFINITELY knows something. Probably about the fact that James is in love with Abbie. I wonder how long it’s been. I bet William is getting tired of it and wants to do something about it. It’s the only explanation.

You’ve just got to SEE it Abbie! It’s right in front of you!

I like the fact that her dad keeps things separate. It makes sense. It also means that Abbie isn’t known as the daughter of a famous comic book writer, which can make a huge impact on a teenager (as I’m sure James knows all too well).

Wow. I’d expected something to go down between Michelle and Isabella, but it went pretty smoothly. Except for that part when James waved at her.

That was actually just hilarious. All of his friends know that he likes her, and her friends know that she likes him… and they’re all like, “JUST GO OUT ALREADY!”

That’s SO typical high school.

ZOMG!! LOUIS! HORATIO! FREYA! EEEKKK! I love it when characters cross over from story to story! Now I want to reread ILHEFTBOU - is there a better way to shorten that? Probably not.

Anyway, I want to go reread that now! ‘Cause this takes place, what, a year before that does?


Oh Tammi. Keep up the amazing writing! I absolutely adore this story and I’m going to be back with some more reviews tomorrow! I’m determined to R&R every chapter of this story.


Because I can. ;)

P.S. I had to cut stuff out 'cause I hit the character limit. This is the longest review I've ever written. Oops.

Author's Response: Aw yes, get some sleep! I can't wait to see what you think of the other chapters, I'm so excited about reading your thoughts!

That is cool, she likes Abbie :P I have no idea what she was going to do, I feel like it needs to be the most epic of talents because it's got all this build up. I feel like I need to come up with a spin off to explain a talent for her to have.

Oh, James is full of self-confidence, it's how he does half the things he does. :P

YES! A UNICYCLE! He basically went to a clown school haha I have big plans for James' career, don't you worry. :P

Of course! A Mr. Sock chapter shall be on its way!

Hahaha she is so creative haha :P

Hahaha I really need to think of a talent! :P

YES! SHE SHOULD! THIS CAN BE ANOTHER CHAPTER! POSSIBLY IN THE SEQUEL! Hahahaha I like that plan, that's a good plan!

William is the best! as is Isabella. :P

Of course he knows he still has it :P

Oh yes, William totally knows and James needs to admit to it, but for all of his confidence he doesn't have any for this. haha.

YES! LOUIS AND HORATIO AND FREYA ARE IN THIS STORY! Hahaha just call it Loratio 1 haha and the sequel is Loratio2, yep it takes place a year before Louis.

Aw thank you so so much Lizzie! You're so wonderful and brilliant and this review has brought me so much joy, as do you!

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Review #2, by oldershouldknowbetter 

23rd January 2015:
Review #10: the review which shines with talent.

Good we have skipped forward to after they have decided/finished their project. Unless there was something significant to impart in that process it would have dragged the story too much if it were delineated.

She is so nervous, so very unsure of herself and James is being a decent human being; with many talents apparently so let us see.

And yes he comes through, talented indeed is Master Potter. I couldn’t help reading the entirety of the ‘performance’ with a smile upon my face. I’d hoped from before that the show might bring Abigail out of her shell as well as letting James shine. It doesn’t, instead letting James shine for the both of them – proving how much of a mensch he really is.

Abigail hugs her books to herself and not whom she wants to. All she can do is give him a shoulder nudge of thanks.

William is not only a good friend, but an enjoyable character too – I love it every time he steps across the page.

It is pleasing to see James getting embarrassed for a change and not just Abigail. James is apparently not brave enough to do something it seems – could it be that he cannot express his true feelings to the girl he secretly admires?

Hogsmeade doesn’t reveal much except a couple of things:-
Michelle is relatively nice, is this because the presence of another potential friend for Abigail has Michelle on the defensive?
And also Michelle not only doesn’t like comics but actively denigrates them. Comics are the one thing that Abigail is truly and genuinely proud of especially that it is her dear old dad who makes them.

Tell me why they are friends again?

But the day ends well enough. Michelle is not truly bad, as such we have to have some sympathy for the character. It is obviously her choices which must concern us because she can be nice when she wants to so that can mean that she is also nasty because she wants to be.

Author's Response: I'm glad that you liked it enough to have a smile on your face throughout it all :D James is a man of a lot of hidden talents, I should make a list of them, he's quite talented. He once spent an entire summer learning how to do circus tricks! That's a bit of my headcanon for you, that I haven't shared with anyone else! :D

James would never force her to do something she wasn't ready too, and poor Abigail, although has gained more confidence is still worried about what other people will think.

Of course William embarasses him :P He's one of the only people that know how and James is brave but not all that brave over one thing. :P We can all guess what!

Michelle and Abigail are friends because sadly Abigail is scared that no one else would want to be her friend and she'll be alone.

There is a tiny bit of sympathy for Michelle... not much, but a small part. :P

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Review #3, by ReeBee 

12th December 2014:

okay i forgot how good this was??? like after reading so many stories (even mine) about ideal characters with flaws that happen to ideal too, its so nice!!! ABIGAIL. AND MAIN PART OK JAMES. OMG. I FORGOT HOW AMAZING HE WAS. HE CAN FLIP!!! FLIP!!! THATS SO CUTE!!! And the way he treats Abigail is like death you had me fangirling through the WHOLE CHAPTER!!!LIKE IM NOT KIDDING. The way he treats her icanthandle.

And I'm still doubtful about Michelle… because she was sort of nice to Abigail when it comes to activities and stuff before too. but then she's really really witchy…

okay can we get back to James? I'm sorry this must be really really repetitive for you but I like really really cant deal because he is literally perfect!!! how he didnt force her to do the talent show!!! he's so considerate and i want them to get together so bad but i want you to drag it out so there are many more Jabigail moments!! Like seriously I'm so conflicted!!!

And the actual talent show sounds like heaps of fun!! Like i loved the Mr Sock and the muggle and ah. and i hope we see James' talent soon? More flips in the following chapters maybe?? Omg I'm excited!!!

I cant wait to get back into this story!!! So expect more reviews soon and sorry for being a terrible friend!! missed you heaps Tammi xx


Author's Response: Of course I forgive you! *hugs* I understand and you're here now! :D

Aw thank you! Haha how could you forget all about James? Oh yes, James has many skills and hidden talents. Aw fangirling is good! :D

Oh Michelle... there are times I want to hurt her... which is all of the time. She is being very witchy!

We can get back to James :D It's never repetitive, I love hearing it! James really cares for Abigail, bless him. I just want to hug them both so tightly!

James' talents will have to make more of an appearance definitely!

Aww you could never be a terrible friend! *squishes yo uever so tightly*

Thank you so much Curie!

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Review #4, by icingonmycake 

17th August 2014:
YAAY! This was a nice happy chapter and it's great to see that Michelle is not all bad. The talent show was great, bit I CANNOT figure out what happened in the corridor. But anyway, I hope we get to see James' flip next chapter!

Author's Response: Yep, sometimes Michelle can be nice... it's very rare but it happens! :D Ahhh, I shall have another look over that and see if I can rewrite it so it's less confusing.
Thank you so much!

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Review #5, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing 

13th August 2014:
Hey Tammi!

Aww, I was really excited to read about the talent show. I thought it was a great idea of James so I looked forward to it. I felt for Abigail... it's such a big scary thing! James though. He's so lovely. Taking the attention off her that way was so lovely. Gah can I hug him please? He's so lovely and cute!!

Oh and his talents! Hehe, he was brilliant! I love his energy with everything. He's so enthusiastic, it makes a great character to read.

I really like William. He's a great friend for James. There was a little bit of teasing there which was fun to read. I was a bit gutted about not seeing the flip but still, it was a lovely little extra.

Michelle. Huh? Who knew she could be so... nice. It scared me a little! I still think Abigail should hang around with Isabella more though.

Great chapter though Tammi!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad. James is good for Abigail, he could tell that she was nervous and he doesn't mind having all of the attention on him. You can hug him! Hug away!!

He has many talents, and you're right, he has so much energy and so enthusiastic.

I love William, he's a good friend for James definitely. Haha I'm gutted about it too, but James got embarassed, which he never does.

I know! I'm scared of her niceness too, she's up to something, I don't trust her at all. Abigail needs Isabella more.

Thank you so much Lauren! :D

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Review #6, by potterfan310 

10th May 2014:
I am in agreement with Abigail and I swear every now and again she reminds me of myself :p Public speaking is the worst!

I love the ideas James wanted to be as he was growing up their super original and cute! Maybe not so much the clown.

Awww James is super sweet for not forcing Abigail to do it. ♥

They're bonding and asdfghjkl I love it!! ♥

Mention of Louis and Freya!!! And of course Horatio ♥

James is just perfect and I can't wait for more Abigail/James action!!!

Looking forward to the next one!

Sophie x

Author's Response: I absolutely love that so many people can relate to Abigail, that's what I wanted, I wanted people to see themselves in her. :D I hate public speaking as well.

Thank you :D James has many plans for his future, and his future career is something he's actually wanted to do for a while. :P

Yes! They're bonding! :D There shall be more bonding in the future as well as more Louis, Freya and Horatio! :D

More shall be soon, thank you so much for the amazing review Sophie! :D

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Review #7, by newbeatle 

7th May 2014:
Great chapter! I loved that James didn't force Abigail to perform her talent. That makes him a very considerate person. I know how hard is to be in front of an audience if you are not confident about what you are doing. It can mean a lot, if someone with more knowledge or confidence can make the whole thing easier. And there aren't a lot of people who do that.

And I imagine Harry's face taking his son to some gymnast classes :D

Good luck with writing the next chapter. Can't wait to read what happens next. ;)

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm so glad that you liked it so much. :D

I wanted to have James as a genuinely nice guy, he would never forced Abigail to perform if she wasn't ready.

Haha, I like to imagine poor Harry waiting around in a gymnastics class for James. :D

Thank you so much! The next chapter is out now! :D

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Review #8, by anna smith 

6th May 2014:
when is the next update pleaaassse

Author's Response: I've only just updated this one :P The next one is half written at the moment, so I'm hoping soon. :D

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