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Review #1, by kenpo 

18th December 2014:
Your characters are fantastic. I love that they find witty what they find witty.

I am your Virgil

Oh my god, and then Scorpius oversharing. I love him. I did miss HHOOH. Okay I loved when Scorpius is going through everything they know about who Lester kissed, and then he just says "Albus I think we've reached the same conclusion". I love them. I love these characters!!

And then I laughed when Rose said "Al look at your parents!"

Rose and Lorcan, huh? I'm guessing that we'll find more about that, yeah?

Aaksdfj this was another short review but like I've said about 100 times, I can't stop reading!!

Author's Response: i mean admittedly i found it witty too. i was dying laughing when i wrote it. tears in my eyes, the whole nine yards. it was a mess

i'm glad you're enjoying it so much and thank you for reviewing!

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Review #2, by Sue Clover 

10th December 2014:
I like what your characters find witty. I find it a bit witty. But they're not as witty as you are.

Author's Response: aw, thank you!

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Review #3, by Penelope Inkwell 

19th October 2014:
Wow, so Emily didn't double-cross her. Or apparently did not. Is it just me, or am I getting the vibe that we're meant to ship those two? I could see it.

I loved what Emily said about Louis and Lucy not knowing what it's like to have to bury your heritage. I think that's a very realistic problem to have as a Slytherin. She was a well-drawn character in only one chapter, and I think you did a great job with her.

Favorite quote:
I can't pick a favorite quote. I can't even pick a couple I'm picking a whole section.

“You snogged my little sister?” Albus roars.

“Snog is a terrible word,” Lester says delicately. “I’m sure there are better ones…”

“Raine, have I ever told you how appropriate your middle name is?” Albus asks.

“What, Dante? Why – ?”

“Because you’re about to be dragged through the nine circles of hell.”

“Do I at least get a Latin poet as my guide – ”

Albus grabs Lester by the tie, jerking him forward so their noses are almost touching. “I am your Virgil,” he growls.

“This may be really inappropriate and a complete overshare,” Scorpius whispers to me, eyes glued to the scene, “But I am so turned on right now.”

I shove him away.

Albus releases Lester and the latter is cowering behind me in two short strides. “Mediate,” he says in a small voice. “For the love of God, mediate.”

--Oh my gosh, I'm dying! Everything about this is INSPIRED. The Inferno references. 'I am your Virgil. I can't. Bah!

You are brilliant.


Author's Response: there is definitely a bit of chemistry between emily and rose but it's probably not a spoiler to say that nothing happens between them (in this story anyway)

i'm glad you enjoyed emily's backstory! i find her such a fascinating character to write

and that section god i reread this story every now and then and i just love that whole exchange so much it's my greatest moment as a writer

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Review #4, by sugarquill 

12th October 2014:
Just wanted to say: "I am your Virgil"? Brilliant. I legitimately laughed aloud. :)

Author's Response: i'm g;ad you enjoyed that line, thank you!

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Review #5, by BookDinosaur 

9th July 2014:
House Cup Review 2014!


Except this time it's with Emily and yeah she's turning out to be a really interesting character and aww if she's telling the truth about her little sister then that's so sweet and I totally get her ulterior motive! Although the boys are right, it's dangerous to trust anyone too quickly and so trailing an alliance with her is a good idea. And the whole thing about the Animagus and I don't know I'm not getting the most positive vibes from her right now I'm afraid.

Aw, Al is so protective of his little sister that's so sweet! Although I think threatening his friend with the nine circles is a little bit of overkill, I think. O.O Ah well, I love the comparisons between Harry and Ginny and Lester and Lily, it's so true and Al you just need to calm down, you should know your friend well enough to know that he wouldn't hurt Lily Ad I agree with Rose, that was a terrible overshare from Scorp's part.

I've never seen transgender Lorcan in stories before and it's a really interesting premise, actually, that's really original and something I've never seen before! I've seen Dominique as a guy before but never Lorcan as a transgendered person, so that was really interesting!

This was another really great chapter, Lisa, looking forward to more!


nobody trusts emily and i love going through and seeing all the reviews about her

thank you for the review as per

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Review #6, by patronus_charm 

8th July 2014:
Yay for Quidditch and yay for the fact that Ron still hasn’t gotten over the fact that Malfoy was a Seeker, that line about him talking about it was so good! Can’t quote it directly because 12+ and all that jazz, but it was just so good! Ok, there is something up with Emily, not sure what aside from the animagus thing, but I’m not feeling her right now like she’s evil or something, unless she’s a lesbian and fancies and is acting strangely because of that as she did ask about whether Rose was asexual and stuff, so maybe it’s that? Haha, it’s Harry and Ginny all over again! Wah, such a great chapter :D

House Cup 2014 Review & Educational Decree #3

Author's Response: yes there was a lot going on in this chapter and i'm glad you enjoyed it! emily is so good at acting shady tbh i love how nobody trusts her

thank you for the review!

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Review #7, by StarlightAsteria 

7th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Yay! More Emily! She's shaping up to be a really interesting character. And more references! (I am going to keep jumping up and down for joy! - considering JK Rowling was a classicist and all the spells are in latin there are surprisingly few references in most stories on the archive :) And Lester/Lily was well handled. Very funny. :)

Author's Response: i am insatiable when it comes to Classics references in my stories. it's one of the reasons i always write characters who are super-pretentious Slytherins or Ravenclaws, because then i can sort of get away with it.

thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Veritaserum27 

22nd June 2014:
You should take complete responsibility for what your characters find witty, because it's brilliant. I am loving this story so much! It is so different than other stories I've read on this site.

I am really, really suspicious of Emily. I mean , her story sounds plausible, but I don't think she would sell out her mates like that - willingly going to the other side and offering an alliance. I think she wants to gain Rose's trust and hold onto it for the ultimate prank.

Interesting that you made Lorcan a girl. I've seen some writers make Dominique a boy, but this is new to me. I like your version of Rose, she is loyal, academic and very private.

I can't wait to read more!


Author's Response: Okay, yes, I admit it. I take full responsibility for what they find witty. I find it infinitely witty myself, actually. I'm a giant dork, but it's nice to know I have company.

Lorcan in this story is transgender, so I'm technically not diverging from canon so much as exploring possibilities that I don't think I've ever seen in fic before (merely an observation, I'm not tooting my own horn about originality or anything) and I love my Rose too - she constantly surprises me and I really admire her in a lot of ways, especially when it comes to her loyalty to her friends.

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Review #9, by MaddieMoody 

25th May 2014:
I just started reading this story and it's absolutely brilliant!!!
It always makes me smile but this chapter for some reason is my favorite so far.
The whole Dante's Inferno thing had me in tears almost.
But I was slightly confused at one part...is Lorcan a girl or a boy?

Author's Response: Thank you, and I'm glad you're enjoying it! The reception to the Dante joke is actually much better than I thought - I was cackling away as I wrote because I'm a total dweeb when it comes to literature jokes, but I didn't know how it would come across to people who aren't me, so I'm really glad it works!
Lorcan (at least in this story anyway) is transgender, meaning although she was born male, she identifies as female and is transitioning to become female - hence Emily's surprise that she's still going by a masculine name as it doesn't fit with the rest of her gender identity. Hope that clears it up a bit!
Thanks again for the review and I hope you keep enjoying the story!

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Review #10, by LoopyLiesey 

6th May 2014:
I actually really like the idea of Lester and Lily. Ooh, and I wonder if they can really trust Emily? I suppose I'll just have to wait and see with that one.
And Scorpius oversharing is wonderful. He should always overshare.

Author's Response: I really like the idea as well, which surprised me because it came out of nowhere. Emily's an enigma, definitely - only time will tell! And I agree, Scorpius oversharing is great. He's sort of set a precedent for himself now - awkwardly inappropriate Scorpius is here to stay. Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by Chazzie 

4th May 2014:
I think it's bad when I'm laughing hysterically at the whole situation, especially the link with Dante. I apologise.
An alliance, huh? That could be interesting. I wonder how Lucy and Lewis would like that their friend has been talking to the enemy. I get the feeling it would be on par or worse than Albus. Or maybe he's right and she is tricking them all. She's a Slytherin, and Slytherins are inherently cunning. I do like that Emily is an animagus. Is that going to come up later?
Anyway, I loved it and am eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

Author's Response: It's not bad at all! (especially because I'm guilty of the exact same thing. my characters may be lame, but they are products of my own imagination. I try not to think too hard on that)
The alliance is indeed an interesting development, and only time will tell how Lucy and Louis will react (if they ever find out. Depends if Emily's as good a turncloak as she thinks she is.)
Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to her being an Animagus - you'll just have to keep reading to find out! Chapter 9 isn't too far away, and I hope to see you back for it!

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