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Review #1, by HebrideanBlack 

27th February 2016:
((Because the name was Ted's))

loving it.

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Review #2, by Penelope Inkwell 

13th July 2015:
Okay, well, now you've not just broken my heart; you've shattered it.

Oh, Ted. He's so honorable. He knows more about honor than all the members of the House of Black combined, for all that they drone on about it.

Oh my gosh, that moment when Ted said he'd fight for her was so painful and beautiful, and when she told him not to I just--agh

And I get why she did what she did. I get why she chose her family, and why she did what she did with Rabastan. Both to try to find out what was going on with the Death Eaters, and because she wanted to try, to see if she could be happy, or just to distract herself. I get it, but it still hurts so much because she's still so in love with Ted.

The thing is, Rabastan is a jerk, or he has been. But he's not one dimensional. He can be kind, in a way, and I think he's sincere in his regard for Andromeda. He does value her, just not the way she deserves to be valued. He's terrible, but Andromeda used to be pretty terrible, too. I can't like him, or even forgive him, because really there's been no reason to. But I don't totally despise him, either.

Also I really kind of despise Madame Finley. What doctor treats a donor/patient so callously? I wonder if she has a thing against Purebloods.

And we all know they're gonna try to hurt Ted. We ALL know they're going to pick Ted. I can't watch. I can't not watch.

My heart is just in absolute pieces. I am so emotionally invested now. What have you done to me you monster?!!

Just kidding, of course. This is such good writing and that's what good writing does. As Ron would tell us readers, we're going to suffer, but we'll be happy about it.


Author's Response: I'M SORRY. I'M SORRYYY FOR ALL THE EMOTIONS. I am horrible monster, and I know it.

I think this definitely is Ted at his most honorable. AND, I think, the perfect example of a good Hufflepuff. But that didn't make it any less sad to write. D:

Rabastan. Ugh. Again, it's that how much do you blame upbringing/environment, and when do you start pinning blame on the individual for making these decisions? Which. . .I mean, I think there will be warranted blame pinning very soon. But the fact that he and Andromeda weren't so very different in a lot of ways up until recently. . . Welp.

Yeah, Madame Finley is kind of the worst. She's got a serious barb in her side. Should NOT have chosen healing as a profession.

Lololol, Ron's words of wisdom, ladies and gentleman. May they guide us all. I'm glad, at least, in the midst of the suffering, you're an eensy bit glad?

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #3, by UnluckyStar57 

5th October 2014:
I am back!! (From beyond the gravveee...)

Nah, just kidding. There have been a whole lot of distractions in RL keeping me from reviewing this story, but I promise you that I've read every single chapter as it has come out. Some of them (like this one) I've read several times over, just because I like it so much.

And this chapter is as super-charged with emotion and feelings as some of the others have been. God, I love Tedromeda, and I love the way you write them. They are so fiery, so passionate in the way that only teenagers can be, but there is so much more at stake. This is Romeo and Juliet, but not really, because this is better.

Ugh, Madame Finley is so... clinical. And how dare she give Andromeda the bill when Ted is watching! That's just mean. I would like to think that she's a Ravenclaw, but not a nice one--one of the ones who has completely shut out emotion in favor of research and knowledge. Boo. :/

I liked Ted's predictions about himself--so spot-on. But when he said that he wouldn't wish his future self on anyone, I was like, "Oh no, Ted. Stop that. You're too freaking adorable." Ugh, what are you doing to me?! I ship Tedromeda, but I kind of have this major crush on Ted... Whoops. Anyways, he is so realistic, but he still has that annoying habit of assuming that Andromeda doesn't want him, when she SO CLEARLY DOES. Argghh.

And that kissing scene!! ♥ ♥ ♥ THAT is how you write a kissing scene! I don't ever write kissing scenes because I am so afraid of getting it wrong, of putting in too much maudlin description, but you have written so many great kissing scenes in this novel so far that I'm inspired to try and write my own. I love the image of Andromeda grabbing Ted by the collar, the fatal moment when they succumb to their obvious desire to participate in the kiss... And then the fallout. There is ALWAYS going to be a fallout with these two, at least until they get married, and even then, there might still be fallout. They're dynamic. They're electric. And I love them so much, oh my gosh.

Ugh, no! Icky Rabastan and his grabby hands and Andie and the way she gives in to all of that. She's desperate, and that's a terrible way to be. And even in the midst of all this, it's Ted's name on her lips. Rabastan isn't good enough. He never ever was.

Brilliant chapter, and I will try to finish reviewing all the other ones that you've written in the past few months! Please update soon so that I have an excuse to keep coming back and rereading. :)


Author's Response: WHY HELLO THERE.

It made me so happy to see not one but TWO of your marvelous reviews here! No worries whatsoever; RL has been slaying me, and I've had precious little time to write, let alone review!

Haha, personally I don't think it's too hard to beat Romeo & Juliet for a love story, because they were two really stupid teenagers who ended up getting a lot of people around them killed. See what a romantic I am? Hahaha. Ted and Andromeda may be stupid sometimes, but at least no one's died because of it.

Madame Finley is a mean, mean lady. I never thought of her Hogwarts House, but I think you're totally right. She WOULD be a Ravenclaw. Not that Ravenclaws are inherently mean--just, like you say, I think she has too much of a propensity for cold, hard logic and zero emotion.

Ahaha, well if I do end up going completely non-canon, you can totally have Ted! Jk, I'm staying canon. Except that in my head I pretend Ted doesn't die... D: He has this major problem with self-deprecation, especially around Andromeda. Silly boy. Silly, silly boy.

Aw, you make me blush! -BLUSH- I'm glad you thought the kissing scene was well handled. Like you, I'm always a little nervous about making them too melodramatic, but at the same time I want the reader to get some pay off for sticking with the couple in question for so long. It's a fiiine balance, and I feel like I don't always strike it. But yup, there is always going to be fallout between Ted and Andromeda. It's just the way they work.

Urgh. It made me angry to have to write the closing scene, but yes, Andromeda is quite desperate and would like very much to convince herself that she's happy with a pureblood life and not with Ted. Which obviously is a FAIL. :(

Thanks so much for the lovely, lovely review! I'm nearing completion of Chapter 34, and I really hope to put it in the queue today!

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Review #4, by water_lily43175 

11th May 2014:
Oh, that letter. Attentive. Giddy. DIVINE. So pureblood. (Definitely thinking that in Gretchen Wieners' voice. So fetch!) Pandering indeed. And the fact Andromeda knows and loathes that says a lot.

It's so sad to see Andromeda and Narcissa drifting apart. I knew it had to happen at some point, but I really have grown to adore this Narcissa and I don't want Andromeda to have to lose ALL her family. But sadly it has to happen...

Oh gosh, you REALLY need to stop doing this. First having Remus fancy Andromeda, and now Ted's speculating about his future pot-bellied self? CRYING. Andromeda will have pot-bellied Ted, and she will love him all the more so for it. It IS a nice thing to mention though, because this Ted is obviously in shape, and future Ted ... isn't. So this is clearly how he ends up more squishy round the edges.

But OH, Andromeda. Round two of blabbering on when she really should just stop talking. Face it, you want to be the Mrs Tonks with the pot-bellied husband.

Casually melted when Ted said he liked strong and independent and all-but said he meant her. OH, TED. You are too cute. I REALLY want one now. No, I want the WHOLE shop please. And actually, on that note - his reaction to Andromeda paying for the treatment is understandable. It's going to make him feel like a charity case, whether she sees it that way or not. But ... this is such a big thing for her to do, she's going about it totally behind her family's backs ... you want independent, Ted? Well at the moment this is about as good as you're going to get. Silly pureblood mania.

And - oh god he just basically told her he loved her WHAT IS THIS. Pahaha, picturing her as Bellatrix, amazing. But I just ... UGH. I CAN'T TAKE THIS. He WANTS you, Andromeda, and you want him, so WHY DO THIS? Sob. :(

Oh, no. Oh, Andromeda, what did you do? Ted's gonna go mad. Rabastan's gonna go mad. IT'S ALL HAPPENING. Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Bahaha, Gretchen Wiener. Omg. There should totally be a Mean Girls spoof out there with some pureblood Slytherin socialities in place of the Plastics. What am I saying, there probably already is one. Love it. But yes, Andromeda is very aware of just how gross her saccharine pureblood tone is. :( That, at least, is something she's been conscious of for a while, pre-Ted. Andromeda may have grown up believing certain ideals, but I like to think that she was always a little turned off by the language expected of her, because it's a little, well, demeaning.

Sometimes when I'm writing Andie and Cissa I feel like I'm orchestrating a train wreck in slow motion. Merp. Sad face.

I am SO glad you caught the pot-bellied bit. I thought I should address it at some point, since JKR clearly describes middle-aged Ted as a "big bellied" man. But the way I'd always envisioned Tedromeda's teenage romance, Andromeda was first attracted physically to a fit Ted (albeit unwillingly) before falling for the real Ted. As much as I love Andromeda, I've always thought of her as a little bit superficial when it comes to looks. It seems like a family trait, and since Andromeda takes such care in her own appearance, I thought she'd be picky about a man who wasn't in good shape. Let alone a -gaps- MUGGLEBORN. But of course, Ted gets quite out of shape and Andromeda doesn't even care because LURVE conquers all, even generations-old superficialities. :)

They're in a bit of a bind here, aren't they? Andromeda is trying her best to be independent, given all her complications, and Ted is trying to maintain his own autonomy by refusing her help. It's silly, but I'm glad you point out that they both have valid reasons to be silly.

Ted wuvs her. He wuvs her so much. He wants her. He wuhhh, can't think of another 'w' word for this sutation. Also, it is late.

Thanks for both of these wonderful reviews. As always, they brighten my day! :)

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Review #5, by moony 

10th May 2014:
Upload quickly please! You are a brilliant writer and this story is really amazing...which is why I need you to upload at super speed.Thanks for the great read :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm so glad that you're enjoying the story, and I promise that the next chapter is on its way. I'm putting it in the queue tonight! :) Thanks for the review. Hope you continue to enjoy the read!

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Review #6, by Sanae (咲名枝) 

6th May 2014:
Oh... that cannot be good, if she called out Ted's name...

I hope he will be okay!

Author's Response: Nooo, it's definitely not a good situation for Andromeda OR for Ted. D: Here's rooting for Team Ted to prevail!

Thanks so much for the review! :)

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Review #7, by Celestialbattlefield 

6th May 2014:
hi again... just read parts of this chapter again!?
I think I'm falling for rabastan hard really hard... we finally see a more softer beautiful side to him andhow he held Andromeda s speaks volumes... in some ways rabastan is like Ted he Isn'tperfect and substituting Ted stubbornness for the cause and his underlying hunger for power and success make him look like a jealous slightly dark Ted...
but one I love nonetheless because he is human and who has been indoctrinated to think and act a certain way.
I think rabastan will freak out but in a very subtle way... so andromeda won't no .. but what he might do to Ted I'm unsure... he's capable of many things and I think you'll really show his viciousness in the next chap

Author's Response: Let me guess: you've got a thing for bad boys? :D Because I think Rabastan totally fits that bill. You're really incisive in bringing up the fact that he DOES share some traits with Ted. He's stubborn, he's motivated, he has his own moral code, and he really does have feelings for Andromeda. And I'm really glad that you recognize that Rabastan has been indoctrinated just as much as Andie was. He's fallible and weak in the same way that all humans are. He just unfortunately doesn't have his own version of Ted Tonks to make him reevaluate the path he's on.

Thanks so much for both reviews!

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Review #8, by Celestialbattlefield 

6th May 2014:
I liked how tender rabastan was with Andie... but now I'm totally freaking out w hat is rabastan going to do to ted?

Author's Response: Yes, Rabastan definitely brought out his nicer side in this chapter. But his reaction remains to be seen! Durn durn durnnn. Hopefully it won't take too long for me to get that next chapter out. :) Thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by marauderfan 

6th May 2014:
Oh no! The "next chapter" button has disappeared :O I NEED MORE STORY, IT'S AN ADDICTION.

Okay. So first of all, sorry about those completely unintelligible reviews I left earlier :p But seriously. Where to begin! I love the way you have written all of the characters. The personalities are so strong and so real. Andromeda - her internal struggle is so well written, and I love seeing her change and think about everything. And goodness, I just want to shake that girl and tell her to OPEN HER EYES and see what is right in front of her, that she's not happy but that she can be! UGH she is so stubborn. And so is Ted. Gah, speaking of Ted I'm kind of in love with him. If Andromeda doesn't want him, I do. (Just kidding, because I SHIP TEDROMEDA SO HARD)

One of my favourite aspects of this story is Narcissa. I love how you've shown the different sides to her - the caring and devoted sister, and also how much she loves Lucius - and the side of her that shows in the books, where she thinks everyone is beneath her. I just love the characterisation of her because its so complex and real. I find myself hoping she'll accept Andromeda (if Andromeda were to tell the truth) but I know she outwardly won't, but inwardly she might - gah! so complicated. But that's good, because people are complicated.

I like Lilith too. She seems like a good friend, but at this point I can't tell what side she'd take, if she did indeed take a side.

Also, I love George. He's like, the least nice person ever, but he has a good heart and adds a lot of humour to the story. He's a great character.

And omg I love every time Sirius shows up, he's such an adorable 12 year old - how he keeps getting embarrassed by hugs, and only wants to hear the cool part of the story of Andromeda running away. Haha, every appearance he makes in this story just makes me smile. :D

Well, that's the characters. But I've only just begun the rest of this gush-a-thon review! :P Also, your writing style. It's descriptive, evocative, just beautiful really. And I love that you've threaded an element of mystery throughout the plot so far - the subplot about Ted's Metamorphmagus-ism was introduced really well and at first I had no idea how he was disappearing at that party and stuff, but you built on it really well. It is interesting how a Muggle-born would have such a rare magical talent so I think it's fits that you made it give him some sort of trouble, as I imagine that firstly finding out that you're a wizard is a shock enough, but that you're a special type of wizard - man, that must have been weird for him.

I'm also impressed how all these tiny details are so relevant to everything happening later (this is a skill I do not possess, as I just ramble about unimportant, unrelated things!) When you first mentioned Ted's tattoo I was just like "hm, that's hot" and never imagined that it would be important later, but then its connection to the dreams and his Metamorphing and the blood bond and everything, it's quite a lot you have managed to weave together into this amazing story.

Seriously, this fic is truly fantastic. I regret none of my obsessive binge of reading it. But omg not to sound as selfish as Andromeda but I really want the next chapter nowww. Or at least very soon ;) So I'll just sit here and hope that your magic fingers are typing away at it, while I ponder jealously about how amazing your writing is. Keep up the great work. I love this story too much!

Author's Response: AHHH! Another shiny, golden review. Me love it. Me love it lotsly. Also, I apparently type like a caveman when I eat too many sour gummies. I'm so sorry you have to deal with this version of me. Haha.

I am just tickled pink to have created an addiction. >:] Unintelligible reviews are totally welcome and appreciated. I like to think that they're a sign of high emotional impact? That's what I'm gonna go with, anyway.

Thank you so much for all the kind words about the characters and character-building. I tend to be more character-centric than plot-centric, so it means a bunch to hear that they're resonating with you and come across as distinct entities. I've had so much fun crafting them, and several--George and Cissa included--have surprised me!

Ted and Andromeda don't have a ton in common, but stubbornness? Oh yeah. They've both got it in spades. Andromeda is blinded by her family and situation right now, and even I want to shake her. She just can't see the forest for the trees. Not YET anyway. AND YAYYY, A TEDROMEDA SHIPPER. DING DING DING. It makes my Tedromeda OTP heart sing for joy to hear that. :] As I've told one of my other readers, I like to imagine that there's a little gift shop where you can get your own Ted right off the shelf. Teehee.

Like I mentioned, Narcissa really surprised me. When I first started writing KYD, I had a pretty bad opinion of her. But as the story progressed, and as I did more research, Narcissa's personality began to unfold in front of me, and it was so much stronger and more incisive than I'd banked on. I've loved writing her scenes with Andromeda, but the inevitable fallout--no matter what the degree--always tears me up inside.

I'm so glad you like Lilith, George, and Wee Bit Sirius, too! I have loved writing Sirius as a 12-year-old, free of romantic angst and snark fests and all the older Marauder drama. I always imagined that Andromeda's story directly affected him in some way, which is why I've especially loved developing their relationship as cousins.

Thank you, too, for the lovely comments about the writing! I'm SO close to the story at this point, that it's really hard for me to objectively evaluate the prose and the pacing. I'm sure I'll go back to edit and smack my head a hundred times. Haha. But I am so very glad it's proved to be an enjoyable read and that the mystery and unanswered questions played out a-okay!

When I first started writing fiction, I was ABYSMAL at connecting details, bringing them back into the story, and fleshing them out. I think because it's still one of my tender spots I give it an extra lot of attention. And even then, it's always a gamble about whether or not I'm going to manage to tie up all the loose ends by the story's conclusion. We shall see if I manage to pull it off! Haha.

I am so, so, so very glad that you enjoyed the read and that your time spent binge-reading was not in vain! Thank you for this absolutely marvelous review. If all goes according to plan, I should have the next chapter in the queue by the end of this week or beginning of next. I hope I won't keep you waiting too long!

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Review #10, by greenbirds 

6th May 2014:
Leaving an additional review on my account- please don't let Ted be hurt, or a victim. Oh my god, if he is a victim of the Death Eaters I PROMISE YOU I WILL KILL YOU. Well no, I won't- but please, let Adromeda cover it up, or the marriage be called off. All I want is Ted and Adromeda together. I have a feeling that Lilith could be quite supportive? I cannot remember her sprouting any blood supremists views. I'm Bea, by the way. A MASSIVE fan- obsessed with you! Obsessed with this!

Author's Response: Response #2 for Review #2! :)

Uh oh. Hahaha. Omg, please don't kill me. TED MIGHT GET HURT. I MAKE NO PROMISES. Well. Actually, I can promise you that this story is canon, so Ted can't possibly die yet. So--so yeah! There's that!

Oooh, Lilith. I have plans for Lilith, though of course I can't quite say what they are. But she does still have a part to play in the story, for sure!

So nice to meet you, Bea! I'm Kat. :) And I just realized that you're the author of Fluorescent Adolescent, yes? It's been on my To Read list for months now!

Thanks again for the positively lovely reviews. Mayhaps I'll see you in the next chapter? And I will try to make that chapter appear as soon as possible!

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Review #11, by greenbirds (forgot to log in) 

6th May 2014:
Read this all from Chapter 1 to this most recent one. I'm speechless. This is the best thing I have ever read on this site, and one of the best things I've read this year. I am genuinely speechless. Oh my god. Oh my god. What do I do? Only just finished this and I'm suffering major withdrawal symptoms. Read it all through dinner and now it's 3 in the morning... Unbelievable. Oh my god. Please update soon- I need this!! I need a new chapter!! I need to know what happens with Adromeda and Ted! I now accept this as pure Harry Potter truth, not the "awh cute" canon I do with other stories on here. PLEASE UPDATE SOON. I am almost crying! This is so good! You've written Adromeda PERFECTLY AND I FANCY TED TONKS!!! George is hysterical, and Narcissa brings mixed emotions. I love the sister power but I hate how indifferent she is to the Death Eater activity- although I suppose that IS her character, and you've written her perfectly. You've also captured how truly disgusting Walburga (sp) is, and how horrific her parents are! Sirius is AMAZING. I love him as a twelve year old, not a seventeen year old hunk- you've written the prepubescent charisma and yet still sensitive nature of his perfectly!!! Oh my god- just remember Tes dies. I really am crying now. Tears are streaming down my face, this is SO GOOD PLEASE UPDATE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! How many chapters left? I am so so hooked- best Harry Potter fanfiction I'cw read, and will be recommending to all of my HP friends, no matter how embarrassing the "Please read this fanfiction story!" cry will be. Do I sound like Adromeda? Please update soon! Cannot stress enough how much I love this. I love this, I love you, thank you so much for writing this and bringing this into my life!

Author's Response: Bahaha, omg. This review made my day! So many kind words. So many happy caps! So many good vibes!! And I'm tickled pink that this was a binge read, because those are my very favorite kinds of reads. >:] I do hope you got some sleep, though. And didn't cry too much. Haha.

Pure Harry Potter Truth? Gahh, YAS. I don't think I will every be worthy of that status, but it makes me SO thrilled to hear that you are an officially hardcore shipper of Tedromeda. I fell in love with them from the moment JKR introduced their story, which may be weird because, all told, she didn't give a whole lot of detail. I just knew there had to be an EPIC story behind it all. I really, really hope that the KYD version does some kind of justice to it. :]

I don't even know how to respond to all these nice words except that yes, I remember that Ted dies like I would remember a huge, gaping wound in my heart. D: Of all the unfair deaths in Harry Potter, his hits home the worst for me. But that may be because, you know, I'm in the middle of writing this fic and in a VERY subjective place right now. Still. It makes my insides ache to think about it.

I'm not EXACTLY sure how many chapters are left, but I DO know exactly where I'm taking the plot and a general idea of how long it's going to take to get there. I'd estimate that the story is about 2/3 of the way over? So there's a decent amount of chapters to go. :) If all goes according to plan, I really hope to have the next update in the queue this week, or the very beginning of the next. So hopefullly you shouldn't have to wait too long! It's reviews like yours that totally make me write faster. Haha.

Thank you so much for such a nice review! Hope you continue to enjoy the read. :D

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Review #12, by chocolateteacups 

5th May 2014:
Okay, so if Rabastan hurts Ted I think I may die. Now that's out of the way, on to the actual review.
One thing I must commend you on in throughout this whole story is your command of each characters voice. As a result, it makes any dynamic of characters fun to read. Seeing Narcissa be wary and suspicious of Andy whilst Lilith was completely clueless was hillarious. Cissy may be content to ignore reality if it suits her (Death Eaters much?), I have this funny feeling that Andy's deception doesn't suit her.
And ahhh, Ted. The whole time Andy was sitting in the chair next to him he was almost clueless as to why she wasn't responding and then when he figures it out - Stop! Everyone must make sure that Andy is okay. He needs to figure out that doing this for him is Andy's was of rebelling against her future and actually showing him her feelings. It's all well and good for him to have dramatic rants about his feelings - Andy's a little more restricted in that respect.
And that ending. As if there wasn't as enough trouble as is! Now you have us all on the edge of our seats. I'm praying Rabastan didn't hear and so won't hurt Ted. Or maybe he'll just call off the marriage? Urgh, if only conveniently perfect events made for a good plotline.

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks so much for the kind words about character voice. That's something I try to pay close attention to, and sometimes I'm not entirely sure if I'm nailing it! So it's great to hear that the characters are coming off the page in the right way.

Oh, Ted. He can be a little dense where Andromeda is concerned. I don't think the full import of what Andie is doing for him has really hit home yet. Just as you say, the transfusions are the only way Andromeda knows how to rebel and show Ted her feelings--some of which she isn't even fully cognizant of yet!

I made a promise a while back that I'd lay off on the cliffhangers for a while. But now I'm bringing them back with a vengeance! >:] As you say, a good plotline doesn't always entail things panning out perfectly, but I can promise you this: there will be no shortage of drama!

Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #13, by MarieBlack 

5th May 2014:
Another chapter, I am so delighted!

Things are just chugging along so crazily.

Andie's guilt about lying seems to be getting heavier and I'm intrigued to find out when it all breaks down and she is found out or even comes clean. I have a small inkling that Narcissa might have some clue that things aren't right because she hardly asks Andie to stay or questions her for leaving like Lillith does. I'm curious to see how Andie and Narcissa play out in the end.

Ted and Andie. oh man. Just so much love for their dynamic because the harder they fight to be rid of one another the harder they fall for one another. Andie admitting Ted is a marriable man and would make a good husband is enough to send me over the moon. And then the kiss, SO GREAT. I just want them to up and run away together at this point. I think it'll be really interesting to see how their relationship seriously pans out though, because Ted has these huge leaps of thought that he is next to nothing compared to Andie's life that she is choosing and feelings like that tend to cause problems in future relationships. I sincerely hope Ted doesn't stop fighting, even though Andie says for him too. It's too much!

And Rabastan, ugh. At times it's hard to dislike him because he's not totally all disagreeable, he can be a right decent guy like he was with Andie here. But he's simply not the one in her heart, I don't think she's realized that she'll never be able to shake Ted from her heart. Man, I'm pumped for more!

Happy writing!

Author's Response: Why hellooo! "Chugging along crazily" is a very excellent summary, I think. Haha. I've been writing such madness recently!

Yes, Andie's guilt is definitely beginning to weigh on her. She's beginning to realize just what a hard bind it is to be stuck between Ted and her friends/family, both of whom she cares for very deeply. She's slowly becoming aware of the fact that she is never going to please everyone. That's always a tough lesson to learn!

I hadn't thought of it that way, but I think you're right! Ted and Andromeda seem to only get more entrapped in love the harder they fight against it. Kind of like an insect stuck in one of those creepy venus flytraps. Okay, that was actually a horrible image. Lol. Ted is self-respecting, but he's also very insecure where Andromeda is concerned. She doesn't have a great track record, after all. But yes, his feelings about her opinions and priorities are definitely in need of some rearranging!

I'm actually really glad to hear that Rabastan can be hard to dislike. That's just the way I want him! I didn't want him to be in-your-face evil like his brother or Bella. I think there's something in him that Andromeda first found attractive and still does. But as you say, he's not the one in her heart, is he? >:]

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #14, by Pattalack 

5th May 2014:
Sorry I haven't reviewed for this story so far, but I absolutely am obsessed with it! It is so so good, and I can't wait for the next update :)

Author's Response: Oh, no worries! I always love to see a new reader/reviewer pop in. I'm so happy to hear that you're enjoying the story. If my schedule pans out, there should be a new update in the works soon. :)

Thanks so much for reading & reviewing!

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Review #15, by MEW 

5th May 2014:
that's the worst thing ever! DX Rabastan is going to kill Ted!

Author's Response: Heh heh... D: If it's of any comfort, at least you know from JKR that Ted isn't killed at Hogwarts? I actually don't know if that's a comforting thought at all. Haha.

Thanks so much for the R&R!

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