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Review #1, by Teddy1993 

24th September 2014:
A lot sure has changed in a year! Demetria back at Hogwarts... That can only mean trouble. Although it was to be expected now that Snape and the Carrows are in charge. Great chapter!

Author's Response: It has! It was fun for me going back to the beginning and looking at Tor and how much she and Hogwarts have developed. This is a year for the Slytherins but Tor is going to struggle a little.

Thanks!!! :D

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Review #2, by nott theodore 

16th August 2014:
Hello, lovely!

I loved the way that you described the Dursleys' house at the beginning of this chapter - it's just deteriorated so much already from the state it was left in and I bet if Petunia saw it now she'd hate it (although I'm sure she'd also object to dark wizards in her home, ready to kill her, so I'm sure it's the lesser of two evils in the grand scheme of things).

I could imagine the scenes in Diagon Alley so vividly in this chapter. Of course the Yaxley-Greengrasses and the Notts would be completely at ease when there are people worried for their lives rushing about them. It's so typical of the Death Eaters and even though I've said that Tor seems to understand the implications of what's going on more than Pyxis does, I thinks she's still been very sheltered from what the Death Eaters are doing. They're so young and really they have no idea about what's going on at this point in the world around them, and Tor's hope that Terry's going to be okay seems quite naive, in a way.

Oh dear, I'm really worried that Tor's starting to make her father suspect things about her loyalties, although he hasn't said anything all summer and I'd have thought he would do if he knew something about her. I'm not sure, but I think it's just the tension of reading this story and knowing that two of the people that Tor loves will die in the next year and that nobody is likely to get through this war without being damaged by it.

When I started reading the scene on the station, I suddenly realised that Demetria Avery might have been the one to come back and be made Slytherin prefect, and when she did come back and Tor saw her at the end of the chapter, I knew it couldn't be good. Demetria knows things about Tor, and I think with all the pressure that's piling on them it could just be a matter of time before she cracks.

The Ravenclaws were so nice to her! Well, except for Padma but I can understand that in a way because it must be nice to have some form of retaliation against the people who represent the Death Eaters, although it's not going to help the cause of house unity in the future. When they explained what had been happening to the Muggle-borns I felt so sorry for Tor because she's so sheltered at home and clearly had no idea of the sort of danger that Terry was in, but I think the worry about him, especially if he doesn't reply to her messages in the notebook, is going to contribute even more to her stress.

I'm so proud of Michael for standing up to Daphne straight away! I really liked that scene, because it showed that it's not just Ginny and Neville who plant the seeds of resistance and bring all the others in to join them, but that they're also determined to rebel and not stand for that sort of treatment. I can understand Daphne's point of view as well though and why she was trying to be so strong in front of Christian Haynes. I suspect that with that start, Slytherin will be the only house with positive house points this year...

Also this is a bit of a tangent but seeing Christian Haynes here and being reminded of who he is has made me extremely suspicious of him in Magpie and I'm worried now about the person that he's put Verity in touch with too...

Tor's right though, I've always wondered if the driver of the Hogwarts Express does something other than drive for the students!

It was great of Pyxis to cover for Tor when they were talking about Taurus, although I thought I'd definitely see him back since I thought this year it was compulsory for all students to attend Hogwarts. Phin was there, though, and a lot of the Slytherins did seem far too happy about the presence of Snape and the Carrows on the teaching staff.

I honestly feel like there's so much pressure on Tor at this point that she isn't far from breaking, especially with the reappearance of Demetria in her dormitory. Pyxis was there to cover for her at dinner, but he's under a lot of stress too and I'm getting really worried about what might happen!

Sian :)

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Review #3, by marauderfan 

4th May 2014:
The garden at the Dursleys' is overgrown after they haven't been there for 3 weeks? Ugh, I bet Petunia would be horrified. :P

When Tor and Pyxis were discussing whether Malfoy would be back after fleeing with the Death Eaters, it's so apparent how naive she still is at this point, or at least how much is going on that she doesn't know of. It's going to be quite a shock to her, to see how much Hogwarts has changed since last year, what with the new books and professors and new leadership.

You know, that's a good point about the Hogwarts Express. Where does it go?!

Wow, that scene on the Hogwarts Express was really intense though. The other Ravenclaws are so sweet, and I love how much they genuinely care about Tor, or at least are nice to her. Gah why did Daphne and Christian have to come in and destroy everything!? And who was that person Tor saw on the train station if it wasn't Terry? O_O

PS There was one point in that scene (where Tor is watching cows out the window) where you said "methodologically" and I think you meant "methodically".

Anyway. I loved Ginny and Neville's cameo as they sit at the table planning to restart the DA. They're about the only good thing about that last scene. (Meaning that a lot of unpleasant changes have happened in the story, not that the writing is bad haha.) Oh dear, Demetria Avery is back. And I have a suspicion that she knew something about Tor when she left, too - so this is really not good.

I wonder how Tor's first class with the Carrows will be, since I know that's coming up. How much more of this can Tor take? because right now she's doing all right at lying and convincing some people (but not Pyxis), but I don't think that will last long, she's about to crack. :( Also speaking of Pyxis, I love that he covered for her there when she was asking about Taurus.

Another great chapter Jenna!

Author's Response: Hi Kristin! :D

Petunia would probably have a scandalous fainting fit if she could see it! :P Honestly Vernon probably would too as he's quite attached to his lawn.

You understand Tor so well! She is still sort of in denial and being ignorant, even if it's for the case of making herself feel better. I'm working on the next few chapters now and it's so dark and really full of angst, I'm excited/feel a little bad for putting Tor through all of this...

Right?! And who drives it and takes care of it?! Maybe it's kind of like the Knight Bus and is used for other wizards during the year or something.

I'm glad you liked that scene and found jt intense! The other Ravenclaws are quite nice, but Tor's friendship with them and the Terry connection are bound to lead to trouble. Hmm, can't quite say about the person on the train platform yet. :P But I'm glad you intrigued about it!

Ah ha, a typo! I shall hunt it down once I finish this response! :D

Haha, I agree! The whole scene at Hogwarts is just bad news bears for Tor and most other people. Demetria definitely had some information, and she's not Tor's biggest fan at the moment - not that anybody is. Tor really has a lot of random enemies. :P

It is coming up, I'm quite excited to post it! :) You're right, Tor is on the verge of cracking and some more events might push her over the edge. Pyxis has her back for now, but like Tor he's under a lot of stress and pressure. These poor kids, nobody is really getting out of this story unscathed I'm sad to say.

Thanks so much for the amazing review, my dear! :D And for following this story for so long, often your reviews have been the only ones on recent chapters and it means so much that you take the time to leave some thoughts and feedback, it really does! ♥ Thank you!

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