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Review #1, by MalfoysAngel 

4th April 2017:
James retired?! Talk about a plot twist! And he asked Carla to move in!? What are you doing to me? This was a great chapter full of drama from beginning to end and it fit really well with the aftermath of winning a World Cup and realizing that all your goals are met for your life. You wrote James's what now moment well and I remember feeling like that after graduation. I could empathize with him and understood what hat his thought process was and his rationale for making the choice that he did.

Having him visit Godric's Hollow with Carla was sweet and I enjoyed reading the moment you gave him at his grandparents' graves. In a way, it brought everything full circle and brought him closure. I'm also glad to see that Carla has adapted to the magical world well and has accepted the oddities of that world without passing judgement. Again I'm coming to this chapter randomly so if I'm wrong, then I apologize. I have to come back as soon as my life slows down and I get rid of this nasty head cold that is acting as a dementor and sucking tthe life right out of me. Hopefully that doesn't take me too long.


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Review #2, by adluvshp 

4th April 2017:
Here for Slytherin.

I like the light, relaxed tone of this chapter. You can see it's creeping towards happy times and that's always good. The beginning segment brought a smile on my face. When James made his medal do somersaults, I giggled - true that phrase is wasted on magical people. Things seem to be going good though I get the whole thing of "what next". It's weird how after you achieve something you've wanted for so long, you suddenly find yourself out of things to do!

But omg, he is retiring from quidditch? now that's something i did not see coming - Just like his friends! But his decision makes sense, and then what you wrote about having everything yet the amount of scrutiny and pressure being enough to make a person crack - it made sense. James Potter can definitely be in such a situation. And the bond between him and his agent Brie is really very sweet, friendships like that are amazing and am glad things worked out between them despite his retirement.

The visit to Godric's hollow was really sweet and kinda made me tear up too. And the way he made Carla see it was beautiful. He is being very cheeky about his new Job though - I wonder if he is going to take up teaching at hogwarts or something. it definitely should have something to do with quidditch that's for sure. And yay Carla and James are moving in together, that's awesome too.

All in all, a suitable happy ending! I loved reading this =)


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Review #3, by onestop_hpfan18 

6th August 2016:
Well, this plot twist came out of nowhere. Loved it though. I just makes sense. James hated all the attention he received as a professional Quidditch player. It only makes sense that he would retire now that he's played, and won, a World Cup for England and has won a few League titles for the Falcons. Not to mention his Player of the Match titles for the Peru and final matches. It also makes sense that he would gravitate toward the Flying Instructor position since he enjoyed teaching those kids at St Mungo's and Dora how to fly properly on a broomstick. Loved it. Now I see why this novel won a Dobby for Best Plot Twist; its well earned. And his relationship with Carlotta is moving forward, double yay there.

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Review #4, by madhatter36 

18th March 2016:
I'm actually kind of glad he retired because i really want him to take that hogwarts quidditch coach job...which i think is going to happen

Author's Response: It would be perfect for him, wouldn't it! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #5, by twitchy_piigeons 

9th October 2015:
I don't think it's the retiring that got me this chapter, but rather Fiona. He took her out of the closet, so does this mean she was already dead?? Because otherwise that's just messed up.

Author's Response: No need to worry, Fiona is James' Firebolt! Although I won't deny that it is a little bit heartbreaking that he burns his broomstick. But hopefully not quite so messed up. :)

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Review #6, by nott theodore 

3rd June 2014:

I've just finished my exams and now I finally have time to come and leave a review for this chapter! (And having taken a sneak peek at the other reviews, I've just realised I'm a month late... wow. Stupid exams.) I'm just going to say - how could you put that in your chapter summary? Seriously, I was so worried and nervous when I saw it because I was sensing bad things going to happen with James and Carlotta, even though I couldn't see them actually breaking up... but that was mean, and I do not approve of you trying to give me a heart attack with the chapter summary! :P

Mmm, all that food is making me hungry. I love how Carlotta loves baking - it's like a guarantee she'll fit in with the Weasleys.

So I'd already started suspecting a few chapters ago, and especially at the end of the last chapter, that this was coming. And I didn't want it to happen really but I had time to reconcile myself to it, so that when I realised James was going to see Sinead and Brie, I didn't feel that bad at all about him quitting.

Ah, Sinead's so sweet about it all. I think her explanation of the parts not really fitting together to make a professional Quidditch player really made sense, and they helped me to think that it was the right thing to do even more, since his own coach can see that for him. And it feels like the right time - although I normally hate sports players retiring at their best, he's only 21 and he's just won the world cup - there's nothing that's going to match that feeling in professional Quidditch for him in the future, and a lot of potential for disappointment if the teams he played for didn't do as well as they had in the past. So I can understand it, and it'll be good for him to get out of the limelight as well, because that really didn't suit him. And a new and different challenge will do him good, I think.

I love Brigid, really. She's alawys been such a good friend for James and he hasn't always realised the extent of what she's done for him, but that makes me like her even more; she doesn't feel the need to demand James's attention and do it so that he likes her better, she just does what is right for her friend. Their little talk was so cute and I was just smiling all the way through - you write the friendships in this story so well, and I love the fact that while it's a James/OC story, the romance is just an element of the rest of the plot. They've definitely helped each other out! And aw, Freddie and Brigid! ♥ It's nice to see that he finally got his act together and did something...

Teehee. I couldn't help laughing when I read about all of James's aunts and uncles suffering from a hangover, and James just manages to get through it all with no problems, lucky guy. And it's lovely to see Carlotta spending more time with his family and fitting in - she clearly feels a lot more comfortable around them now, especially if she's been hearing Harry's stories when James isn't even with them!

Ah, and the bombshell. Their reactions are pretty realistic - if it was someone in my family that was excelling at a sport like that, and then decided to give it up, I'd be pretty incredulous. But I think they'll come to understand eventually, and the fact that James is able to be happy for the opportunity this gives Roxanne is great, really in character. So is all of the Weasleys piling on her when they realise she's now the first choice Chaser! Harry and James scenes are some of my favourites now that they get on with each other, and seeing just that brief moment of acceptance and understaning from Harry was brilliant. He understands what it's like to be forced into the limelight for something you'd rather not be known for, and Ginny, like James said, will understand as well. He's got great parents and a great family, and it's brilliant that he now realises that and is starting to accept it, too.

The mysterious job, I'm assuming, is the Hogwarts Quidditch teacher? I've wondered for a while if he'd do that, and while I didn't want him to, your wonderful writing has, as ever, made me come round to the idea.

Ah, of course Carlotta realised. They're getting so close to each other but I like the fact that you haven't laboured that point; their relationship is developing naturally alongside everything else. N'aww, James was so cute rambling and getting nervous when he asked her to move in! Of course she said yes - I can't wait to see what they'll be like living together in Derailed, although I suspect that it'll still be a while before either of them say the L word...

The ending was really sweet, too. It just seemed to fit really well and it's clear how important Carlotta is to James, that he'd share something like his grandparents' with her. Although *twitches* I can't believe he burnt the broom! I understand the sentiment behind it, and new beginnings and everything, but... it's like burning a book or something!

Eep, I'm off to read the Epilogue now and then cheer myself up with the fact that the sequel has already started so I don't have to be sad about this ending for long!

Sian :)

Author's Response: SIAN! Well I'm the worst person ever at answering reviews ... whoops :p

Haha, I put that line in the chapter with the plan of making it the summary ... yep, I'm evil! But come on, was I really going to break them up? ;)

All in all, I don't think James' retirement was unexpected, given all the clues I dropped, but I imagine it was something that people still didn't think would happen. I'm the same as you when it comes to sports players retiring before their time, but it really was the right thing for James to do. And it also gives me the option to do something truly awesome with Derailed - which you already know, of course. :) But I'm glad it all seemed to make sense in the end.

Brigid IS an absolute gem, and I have to say I really enjoy writing a strong friendship. I think that sort of dynamic can be overlooked sometimes, so I like making those relationships just as important as romantic or familial ones. The Brigid/Carlotta dynamic in Derailed will be so adorable to write. :)

Thanks for your lovely review! Onto the next one... :)

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Review #7, by a rollerball 

7th May 2014:
amazing chapter, i can completely understand why he would of done it. cant wait for the next one!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you understood, I was worried people might not like it! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #8, by miluv 

5th May 2014:

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked this - and I'm proud of James too. :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Penelope Inkwell 

5th May 2014:
Someone, now, unleash the ninjas!

Just kidding. I actually sort of saw this coming. i wasn’t certain, but that loose plot thread about the Hogwarts position had been bugging me. For a while, I was like, “No, surely not.” But then I began to wonder.

That said, it still surprised me a little bit. Like they say, James’ Quidditch career is on top of the world. I was actually kind of sad.


You somehow won me over. I don’t quite know how you did it. I was like, “If he does this, I’m not gonna like it...”, and then I was like, “He has done this, and I do not like it...”. I had determined that this was not the way I would have wanted things to go.

And somehow you went and changed my mind. All in one chapter! I don’t even know where it happened, exactly, but the way you set it up is brilliant. James really *does* hate the media circus. It *will* only get worse, which won’t be healthy for him. He *has* sort of reached the top of what he can accomplish there, and, while it’s sad to think of the Falcons without him, given how loyal they all are to each other. It still works. And Roxy finally gets her chance. And this job does seem like it’ll fit James. Oh, and of course now he won’t be pushed to have a job that requires him to leave the country, so that he can be there for Carlotta.

And it’s...it’s really sweet. *sniffle*

Plus, I know that Harry turned out to be an Auror, and he wanted that, and that’s great. But there was always a part of me who’d hoped he’d have gone back and taught D.A.D.A. And this is the next best thing. Harry was always an excellent teacher for Dumbledore’s Army, and it makes sense that that ability, and the passion to pursue it, would have been passed down to his son, right along with his (and Ginny’s) love for Quidditch.

All to say, you’ve thoroughly convinced a recalcitrant reader, which is quite an impressive writerly achievement, in my book. Good twist, good chapter. :D


Author's Response: Trust me, I found it sad to write this. Because James could play for England for years! Most people would do anything for that opportunity. But it IS the right thing for him to do. Had he not won the World Cup, he might well have stuck it out for another chance, but when you're a World Cup winner at 21, that's surely going to make you rethink things.

And also, as you mention, he can be around more for Carlotta. That was originally going to be one of the main reasons for James retiring - that he could spend more time with her, and she wouldn't have to feel like she was holding him back - but then I tweaked things slightly. It still would be there in the back of James' mind though.

I think my favourite part of OotP is the DA. I love every single DA session in the book, and I almost wish the film had included MORE of it. So yes, I agree with you that I would have loved to see Harry teach. So it's nice that James can do that (spoiler alert - you might JUST be right with your oh-so-educated guess).

I am, naturally, chuffed to have managed to have changed your mind on this, even within the space of the chapter. Like I said, I always knew this was going to happen, and I knew that there may be people who won't necessarily agree with it, which is totally fine. But all the same it's good to know that I've managed to convince you. :) Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #10, by Your FAN 

4th May 2014:
another wonderful chapter. Well Done!!

for me it was the most emotional chapter yet in this story..

I know that this meant to be a bit sad but a happy one.. or celebratory one.. BUT MY EYES KEPT PRODUCING TEARS!!

i stopped bothering myself to wipe my face before finishing reading the chapter..

Again THANK YOU for this wonderful chapter and ultimately this awesome STORY!!

Author's Response: You're right; this is an emotional chapter, and I got a bit teary when writing it so don't worry! James is doing what's right for him, and he does WANT to do it, but of course there's that element of sadness that he's leaving the Falcons. Although as Sinead says, he'll always be a Falcon. Thank you for the review! :)

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Review #11, by Spyci 

4th May 2014:

Author's Response: YOU'LL FIND OUT IN THE EPILOGUE. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #12, by oldershouldknowbetter 

4th May 2014:
Don't be sorry, this is perfect.

At the risk of spoilers (though who hasn't guessed by now), I wondered how he would be able to continue his professional career once he became the new Quidditch/flying coach of Hogwarts.

And it is just such a perfect fit with the character you have built up for him. He went off the rails once but the likely hood is that he may very well do so again. Never as badly as he did the first time because the utter insecurity he possessed is now gone. He's made peace with his father and being his father's son.

And he can never do anything better than he has now - at best it can only stay the same. He's done it all, the league win, playing for his country, the world cup win. He absolutely cannot top it. You have brought his character to such a point that the young, very-selfish boy of the beginning of the story has matured (so believably) into a competent adult. He has had a moment of clarity and knows he has to leave it behind. The media will always be a threat to him and may even cause him to slip off the rails once more.

It is truly a great chapter, one of your best. I didn't see the retirement coming, but I think we all saw what is to come after, and the retirement is probably the best way to achieve it.

The character progression of James throughout this story has been wonderful and so well done. You've taken him from the height of his career down to the depths of despair and back up again to even greater heights. And we have believed it every step of the way.

The reactions of everyone to his news were just spot on. He's so happy to pass on the torch to Roxanne especially if she has the potential to be even greater than himself; because that's one thing he's never been, precious. Having his dads reaction confirm his decision was perfect.

Thanks so much for just so much story - 63 chapters! - it has been an amazing journey.

Author's Response: Firstly, thank you SO much. I never once thought this wasn't right for James, but I did worry that other people might not like it. So for you to say that it's perfect means so so much. :)

You're right; a lot of James' insecurities have gone. But he's still this person who despises attention on him for the wrong reasons, and because of that he's become someone who shies away from the attention regardless of what reason it's for. If he hadn't won the World Cup, he'd carry on. But this is a combination of him achieving everything he set out to do, being tired of having to deal with the attention, and learning that he can realise his passion of playing Quidditch and helping others elsewhere, away from the professional arena (your guess might just be right).

I've surprised MYSELF to see how far James has come throughout this fic, and it's lovely to know you've enjoyed following his progress as much as I've enjoyed writing it. THANK YOU for such a wonderful review, and I hope you stick around for the epilogue and the sequel to follow. :)

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Review #13, by Court 

3rd May 2014:
Well, I'm glad that James is finding new direction in his life. I figure he's going to be the new teachers at Hogwarts? I wonder if he'll have to live at the castle or in Hogsmeade as that may be weird for his relationship with Carlotta. It's nice she's seeming to fit in so fine with everybody and I wonder if her not having magic will become an issue ever? And I'm glad that Freddie really apologized and is trying to work things out. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Direction is something James always lacked before, so yes, it's good that he's finally reassessing his life and realising he can take a different path to the one he always thought he had to take. His new job will be revealed in the epilogue. Thanks for reviewing. :)

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Review #14, by HorseMad99 

3rd May 2014:
I can't believe after all the sad/not so great things that have happened the burning of fiona is what makes me almost cry. Poor Fiona, anyway this chapter was really good and I'm glad that James is happy and realised it rather than moping about the fact that he has fulfilled his dream and what now etc. but anyway it was a very good chapter.
Beth :)

Author's Response: I got a little bit emotional when he burned Fiona too! :( For James, it's about bringing a period of his life to an end, and also giving something back to James and Lily. I'm glad he's happy too. :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by whykay 

3rd May 2014:
Great way to finish! :) It really is a great idea.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #16, by Slide 

3rd May 2014:
D'aww, baking. It's pretty adorable and also delicious. And I love watching the products of the Weasely family having such a fixation with food. Molly would have made sure they were fed well. They will be accustomed to feasts!

I see James may have a little ennui after what could be considered the 'peak' of his career. I doubt it will be (he could Captain England to the World Cup, after all!) but he'd be forgiven for coming down into something of a slump. Ah, good, he has a plan.

I see. Actually, this makes sense. Considering he HAS, yes, like I just said... 'peaked'. Arguably. But moving on to something DIFFERENT (I'm assuming the Hogwarts teacher) seems apt. And like something that would make him happy! I'm not sure why this didn't occur to me sooner. I thought, "No way will he quit," but now he's quitting it makes sense!

That's actually very sad that the attention is killing his love of the game. Not outright, but I imagine a lot of players DO, while loving the game, enjoy some of the attention. It's only natural to enjoy the adulation on some level. But by now James DOESN'T really, with the lifetime of all the fuss. What a shame. At least he's "happy".

*flails at Brie* She really is a sweetheart. And has sorted out Freddie. Or, more importantly, he sorted himself out, with help, and all is going well! *snerk* The Dangerous L Word.

"After all, we had all the time in the world to talk." *twitches* I have a creeping Bad Feeling. Oh God, she's moving in, they're too happy. Something bad's going to -


Good chapter, bro.

Author's Response: I like to think that as time goes on, James becomes a better cook himself, especially when it comes to cake matters. We'll see whether or not this happens. And I'm pretty certain that one of the requirements of being a Weasley is to like food. Four square meals indeed.

We've already discussed this, but as I said before I'm RIDICULOUSLY relieved that this makes sense. Because it's been hinted at for a while, and the general consensus has been "but I don't think he will, and I don't want him to". But I always knew this was going to happen. James isn't good at being a public figure. And yes, as we will see in Derailed he'll be happy.

Freddie pulled through in the end, bless him. I adored the James/Brigid chat, they haven't had enough cute friendly moments. This must be rectified!

Oh, you and your Bad Feelings! You're supposed to say "oh that's cute, this is James saying they're going to be able to spend lots of time with each other etc. etc.", NOT "ONE OF THEM WILL DIE" level stuff. Tsk tsk. Cheers for the review!

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