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Review #1, by AbraxanUnicorn 

8th November 2016:
Puffnip!!! Just bloody brilliant!!!

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Review #2, by Ava 

29th August 2015:
This is HILARIOUS! I'm actually laughing out loud. I can't wait to read the rest of this :)))

Author's Response: thank you! glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #3, by May 

26th July 2015:
Good story I'm enjoying it

Author's Response: good to hear, thanks!

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Review #4, by Jayna 

23rd July 2015:
Lisa this is just HILARIOUS!!! I'm seriously on the ground laughing right now. So jealous of your mad writing skills...:p


Author's Response: i'm glad you're enjoying it, thank you!

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Review #5, by Bookmonkey 

20th May 2015:
Great! The prank was hilarious, and the group dynamic is getting more fleshed out. Also the relationship with 'the enemy' has gotten off to a good start.

Author's Response: glad you're enjoying it, thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by RavenclawDove 

27th April 2015:
From what I have read so far this is a very interesting story, the plot, though there is not much of it, is quite good for a fanfiction. Most fanfiction are filled with mary sues yet I seem to find this one of the best fanfictions I have read.

Author's Response: this is something of a backhanded compliment, but thanks anyway

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Review #7, by HermyLuna2 

22nd April 2015:
“Nobody in this room has any friends outside this room.”
" Hahaha, that was hilarious. I like how you made George appear in this chapter. I wonder why Rose started pranking on her own, but I'm curious how this will end. I like that you introduced Louis and Sophie as 'enemies' here, it creates another conflict. I also really like how you included homosexuality in a casual way.

Author's Response: glad you enjoyed the chapter, thanks for the comments!

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Review #8, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

21st March 2015:

(Its like a cannonball in a swimming pool, got actions and everything.)

I digress. Five thousand galleons. For that amount of money, I'd disregard my whole set of principles... work/school-wise anyway. People would revere my pranking as much as people will no doubt revere this group's. Because they're Ravenclaws, I imagine they'll be smart enough to not only be creative but step things up a notch. Once they get over the whole rule breaking part. :P

"Five thousand galleon," we echo. We sound like a cult. - But a cool one, with Game of Thrones references and weird names and Scorpius Malfoy (because he's a whole other league of awesome).

Throwing Ron under the bus. For shame. :P

Haha! I love how George sounds so serious about the scholarship and pranking. I wouldn't expect it any other way.

Ooh, what's her plan?

Okay. I won't lie. Louis is one of my favorite characters in the Next-Gen world and in my headcanon, so making him the bad guy really got me in the feels the first time I read this. I'm hoping I'm better prepared this second time around. But he's just come into it and I'm already making sad faces. BUT he's an interesting bad guy, I even want to hurt him for the first time ever.

HAHA! Pygmy puffs. Such an awesome prank.


First strike from the Order of the Raven. Good luck, guys! :D


P.S. My reviews are bound to get weirder from here. I apologize in advance. :)

Author's Response: i'm picturing this review-bomb-cannonball perfectly and i support it

lemme tell you, for five thousand Galleons or its equivalent in NZD i wouldn't have a moral compass to speak of. that could put a serious dent in my student loan. imagine

scorpius malfoy is a whole other league of awesome i'm glad we agree

i'm sorry for ruining louis for you in this 'verse i really am i hope you can forgive me

thank you for the review. bombs away

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Review #9, by BellaLestrange87 

29th January 2015:
Hi Lisa! I'm back for the next of the reviews I promised three days ago! I took too long to return, and I'm currently in between semesters so I can't even use schoolwork as an excuse. Ummm. I was procrastinating on finishing my chapter?

I love this idea of pranking, first of all. And yes, I'm fully aware that pranking was probably going to be part of the story (Fred Weasley Memorial makes it sort of obvious). I love how they know that if they start pranking their cousins, they'll have to be on the watch. And the fact that they realize they wouldn't be safe anywhere, but still want to try. (Besides, since McGonagall was able to enter the Ravenclaw common room in Deathly Hallows, anybody who can solve riddles could get in. On another note, guess which Claw hates riddles and would end up camping outside the knocker? Yeah. Me.) Five thousand Galleons is a personality-altering amount of money, it seems.

Love their bantering about names. I have to agree, wizard names suck. But Rose Nymphadora! YES TONKS GOT ACKNOWLEDGED. That makes me happy. I can see her, hair turning red, snarling "Don't call me Nymphadora". So... Rose Tonks Weasley? I can also see Ron and Hermione laughing as they named Rose, remembering Tonks and how she hated her first name.

Nobody in this room has any friends outside this room. Hehehe I feel kind of bad for laughing.

Scorpius as Head Boy? I have to admit, that's not something I've seen before, but my reading list is limited (despite the fact it has like 250 fics on it, waiting to be read. It's still limited.) to either one-shots, romances, nextgens where they've graduated, and AUs.

I think you have a typo here - whingeing - which I think should be whining.

Love their banter in general. And yes, Albus being mistaken for Scorpius would be saying something, since (assuming they both look like their fathers) Harry and Draco are something like complete physical opposites. Sort of.

Uncle George sounds shocked that Rose of all people is in the store. But also knowing. And I love how she says the default defence seems to be "blame Dad".

Ugh I hate Louis already. From the sound of him, he seems to have picked up Fleur's worst traits. Bleurgh. (Whatever that sound is. It's supposed to be one of disgust. Homophobia is not tolerated.)

On another note, I'm glad you waited to announce that Albus and Scorpius were together, and didn't give it a whole lot of fanfare, just mentioning it in passing. I have to admit that I'm a complete noob with writing LGBTQA characters (which I'd like to change at some point) but I'm happy that you didn't start the novel by saying "This is Albus and this is Scorpius. They're both gay and dating each other." (That imaginary opening made me cringe.)

And that prank was awesome. I'm sitting here giggling nonstop and I'm very happy I'm not at school right now because if I was everyone would think I was crazy. I wonder if Scorpius used it as an excuse to get ahead in the House Cup? Winning the scholarship AND the House Cup would make for a wonderful year, I think.

Even at this point it's readily apparent why you have that Dobby award ribbon on your banner. Hopefully by the time I finish reading (and reviewing) this there'll be more chapters of Pending Further Investigation for me to catch up on? *is hopeful*


Author's Response: hey olivia! it's great to see you back, and it's absolutely fine that it took you longer than expected - this review was definitely worth the wait!

this story was always going to be about pranking, but the realities of getting a bunch of overachieving claws to actually do said pranking is where the fun happens. five thousand galleons is definitely a personality-altering amount of money (i spent a lot of time on wizarding currency converters thanks to the hp lexicon and it is. it's a lot of money. i'd alter my personality for five thousand galleons). and i'd be joining you camped outside the knocker because i'm terrible at riddles too. we'd have snacks. it'd be a party

YES it seemed like rose and hugo escaped the whole 'we turned our children into walking memorials to the war dead' fate of most of their peers but i reckon they'd probably have a middle name commemorating someone and i couldn't let tonks go unrecognised because she's the best

you shouldn't feel bad for laughing. these guys are my babies and i laugh every time i think about it because they DON'T

for some reason i always make scorpius a head boy (well, i use 'always' loosely, but i definitely make him a high achiever of some description in every story i've written).but he definitely fits the role in this story

i did typo that word, it should be whinging though, not whining (i looked it up and its use is mostly restricted to australia/new zealand/britain, so that might explain why you don't recognise it? it just means obnoxious complaining. picture small children)

i had to pay homage to the weasleys' endlessly ripping on each other because george and ron are still brothers even if they're meant to be responsible adults, and rose knows how to take advantage of that

louis is the worst. he starts out as the worst and then somehow he gets even worse. it's almost impressive

that would be an awful opening. lgbtqa representation is a major part of this story and very important to me, but it's not a major plot point at any time, because it's important to me to normalise other sexual identities as much as possible. this is a story about dorks who happen to be queer trying to prank people, not dorks being queer. and you should definitely give writing lgbtqa characters a go because you have at least one reader right here with a vested interest in the subject

i'm glad you enjoy the pranks as well! that was by far the most challenging part of writing this story - i'm about as familiar with the art of pranking as the order of the raven, so their struggles with coming up with ideas (and their pride when they do) are entirely authentic.

thank you so much for this review, and i eagerly await hearing from you again! (and hopefully i'll have a new chapter of PFI up for you in the next few days!)

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Review #10, by Dumdum 

2nd January 2015:
Loved the chapter.
Sorry for the typo in the last review. I was impatient to continue reading.
Albus and Scorpius are a thing! Aww

Author's Response: thank you so much! and yes, albus and scorpius are my precious wee babies and i love them so much :)

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Review #11, by kenpo 

18th December 2014:

I have a feeling that I'll be starting a lot of reviews that way...

Okay, so I don't know why, but I really loved the line about the optimistic bullet points... wait lemme actually go find it...
He scrawls The Enemy in big, spidery boy handwriting at the top of the parchment, makes an optimistic row of bullet points, and looks up expectantly.

There's so much going on in that line that I'm in love with. First, the way you sort of bluntly describe the handwriting. I love it. It was unexpected, but it worked so well because I can visualize it so well. And then the bullet points... I just really liked that. I'm not sure why, exactly...

I knew before reading this that you address sexuality, and I'm already loving the way that you're doing that. When you said "he thinks gay jokes are funny" or something, it just... did so much. You effectively made the fact that Al and Scorp are in a relationship (side-note: Scorbus yay!) the "normal" and the making fun of it the "not normal". And I'm pretty sure that they aren't the only characters who identify as something other than straight, but we don't know that yet, so you're also probably going to be challenging heteronormativity in the HP series which makes me happy! (I mean come on are we really supposed to believe that Luna doesn't believe in sexuality as a spectrum?)


I love love love the interaction between everyone in The Order of the Raven. They're amazing. AND THE NAMES. I laughed. Actual laughter, not just breathing out your nose slightly heavier.

I'm cutting myself off of this review now because I'm so anxious to keep reading!!

Author's Response: georgia i love your reviews so much. have i mentioned that recently? i love your reviews. they're incredible

i'm actually SO HAPPY you pointed out that line because it always stands out to me as a kind of...memorable one, i guess? i'm not really sure why (that makes two of us) but it's one of the scenes that i pictured so perfectly in my head as i was writing and i'm just really proud of it

and thank you so much for the comments about sexuality - i've read so many fics that sort of "normalise" homophobia and intolerance, in a way - that it's such an overused device in any story featuring lgbtqa+ characters that it's almost presented as a normal or unavoidable response, and it was really important to me writing this story that homophobia is marginalised and unacceptable behaviour.

challenging heteronormativity is my ultimate Gay Agenda so that's a very safe assumption to make. luna lovegood is about as straight as i am tbh

i'm so glad that you're enjoying this so much and thank you for such lovely detailed reviews you're the best

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Review #12, by HEG 

14th December 2014:
Hey there! I'm here for Molly Weasley's Mad Christmas Dash :)

First, I like how you write, and the plot seems very intriguing. I like the fact that you have taken a few characters, sensible, hard working-never-break-a-rule nerds and set them a challenge of basically completely going against their nature. You would think that a Gryffindor would win, or may a Slytherin - even a Hufflepuff, to be honest, as they are a lot less up tight than Ravenclaw. I think they will win though because I know for a fact that Ravenclaws are very determined people when they set their mind to something. I also have a feeling that they may hit a few problems on the way. I like how you have written this in Albus/Scorpius because I haven't really read much if these, though it seems like the story kind of hides it a bit. You have used a lot of dialogue in this and sometimes I lost track of who was speaking but that is OK because there was a clear plot throughout. And I just adore how they all echo "five thousand galleons". The "five thousand galleons" really seem to drive them on :)

Great so far!


Author's Response: Hi! I'm not sure what the mad Christmas dash is but thanks anyway for the review!

I'm glad you appreciate the idea of this story and thank you for the other lovely comments, but I have to admit I'm stuck on what you said about Albus/Scorpius. This is only chapter two, and the depiction of them here reflects not only that, but the fact that the story is told from Rose's perspective and that the boys themselves are still very much in the closet. I hope, if you chose to read on, that you would see them and their relationship become much more prominent in the story. Queer representation and the visibility of queer characters and queer narratives is of utmost importance to me and is indeed a central theme of this story as a whole, and the thought that a queer relationship could come across as "hidden," even for two chapters, is concerning at best. I will definitely be going over these first two chapters again, because although the story is meant to be read as a whole, I would hate for any part of this story to leave the impression that it hides a queer relationship.

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Review #13, by Penelope Inkwell 

19th October 2014:
Hello again! This is great. 'My father didn't raise me properly'--Hah!

Also, good to see that Rose has already begun with a successful prank. And Louis really is hateful. I hope he loses his entire House's points (not for language. I'm actually rather terrible about cursing, mostly because people don't expect someone with my personality to do so, and it cracks me up). But the gay slurs--nuh uh. No sir. I say take 'em down!

Also, points for representation!

Favorite quotes:

-"'Does anyone have friends in either of those houses?'
-'Nobody in this room has any friends outside this room.'”

"'Five thousand Galleons,' we echo. We sound like a cult."


Author's Response: hey again Penny! glad you're still enjoying this story!

louis is terrible. he's one of the most hateful characters i've ever written and he doesn't redeem himself either

"nobody in this room has any friend outside this room" is in my humble opinion one of the most underrated lines in this chapter and i love that you picked it out

thank you for the review!

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Review #14, by kassandra466 

30th August 2014:
Another brilliant chapter. I like the fact that Rose and Scorpius did not get head boy and girl. It makes things unique and realistic

Author's Response: thanks! i admit i'm usually a fan of putting them as the head prefects, but it's always nice to mix things up a bit - and i think there would probably be rules in place to stop head prefects coming from the same house all the time.

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Review #15, by BookDinosaur 

9th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review!



They are indeed almost as cultish as we Claws are. CELSA SUB CONVENIANT AQUILA SAPIENTES MENTES.

Loving the family hatred (well, not loving loving it) but it's still nice to see that sometimes family members just don't get along at all, and it's nice to see that so realistically portrayed, and also that the Weasleys aren't always one huge happy happy happy family because I've always found that image to be slightly unrealistic. Also, I love the name dudebro, so props to you there!

And of course, family rags on each other all the time so I've found that blaming my parents for my failings works wonders as well, except perhaps on my grandma because she doesn't like ragging. :P But I digress.

Ohmy GOSH I loved Rose's prank on Louis. I feel sorry for the Pygmy Puffs though, how are they ever going to get their invisible Puffnip? :( And I love concerned Rose was with claiming the prank. Oh dear no, Rose, it's okay if you don't claim it, you don't want Louis and his gang down on your back now do you? DO YOU?

LESTER HAS OFFICIALLY BECOME AWESOME. ASOIAF is such an awesome series and so your littering of mentions and references of it is just perfect for a fangirl like me. xD

And of course Scorpius would forget the small fact he'd Head Boy and then later use that fact to slightly abuse his power. Tsk tsk Scorpius, I'm wondering whether the teachers really did make the right choice with you. But poor him, it can't be nice to have to hide that you're gay all the time just because some people would bully you for it. :( I feel so sorry for him and Al right now.

This was a great chapter, Lisa!

Author's Response: EMILYLYY

idk what i did with your name there but i think we have an inderstanding that all the typing mistakes i will ever make in my review-blitz haze will be in response to you

i just remembered you reviewed every single chapter of hwsb as well and lemme tell you this is going to be an adventure for both of us

CELSA SUB CONVENIANT AQUILA SAPIENTES MENTES. we were definitely a cult. i can safely say slytherin is nowhere near as cult-like. not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing

dudebro is such an excellent descriptor and it says so much about the young man in question u feel

lester has always been awesome, excuse u

thank u emily

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Review #16, by Elenia 

8th July 2014:
Aahaha, I think I love Scorpius. He's absolutely hilarious in this chapter!

"I forgot," he says. "Got distracted by this five thousand Galleons." Seriously, who forgets that (x

Not that Rose didn't deliver any good lines: "Blame Dad. He didn't raise me properly." That was just perfect!

This was a great chapter too! Made me laugh many times, especially the ending with them docking points from Louis! Rose's prank was awesome!

Can't wait to see what happens next!

Great work!


Gryffindor - House Cup 2014 Review
Educational Decree #3

Author's Response: thanks so much for reviewing again!

Scorpius is lowkey hilarious and he's my favourite. he has some of the best lines in the entire story tbh. keep an eye on him

glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #17, by patronus_charm 

8th July 2014:
Hahah, they’re having a prank war with one another that is definitely Fred Weasley like and I actually feel oddly proud of them right now for having that idea. Omg, Raine is the best character ever with the GoT obsession and she is most definitely obsessed, I’ve got your back girl as it’s such a cool series. Another thing I really loved was Rose’s middle name was Nymphadora, it’s just all these little things which make such a good story really. Also, General Malfoy (dies of laughing….) Yay for a George cameo so cool! Another thing I liked is their whole group of friends and how we’re really getting to know all of them as it’s really cool. Order of the Raven?? Wah, I love you too much for that Lisa, but the poor Puffs, I can’t wait to see how this turns out!

House Cup 2014 Review & Educational Decree #3

Author's Response: hello again Kiana thank you for stopping by

i'm glad you enjoyed this chapter and all the gratuitous references. rose's middle name being nymphadora is a headcanon i use quite a lot (it's either nymphadora or minerva) and i'm glad you like that detail! i hope you keep reading and enjoying the story!

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Review #18, by emmacweasley 

7th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

“Our common room is protected by a bronze knocker that accepts the most ridiculous circular reasoning the world has ever seen,” Scorpius says flatly. “We will never be safe again.”

This line was absolute gold, because its just so absolutely true. And it just doesn't make sense for that to be what's protecting the Ravenclaw Common Room, you know? It's basically saying that they let in anyone who's clever enough to trick the most easily-stumped doorknocker in the history of doorknockers, and that's saying something as even muggle doors can be harder to get through than Ravenclaw's. And Scorpius is super clever with the points thing, I just love it so much. A+, Lisa. A+.


Anyways. In this chapter you did a great job of setting up the rivalry, and there was SUCH a clear image of the difference between the cousin groups. Plus, the first prank played on Louis was brilliant.

Author's Response: Ravenclaw is not the most secure of common rooms. I think it's very reflective of Ravenclaw as a whole though - the valuing of intellect over anything else, and a certain brand of exclusivity that comes with it that is entirely different to the exlusivity found in other houses. It's super elitist when it comes to ability, or at least it likes to think it is, but anyone who knows the right way to answer the questions can get in. I could wax lyrical about how the knocker is in fact incredibly reflective of Ravenclaw as a whole for hours, but you spend enough time with Claws to get where I'm going with this. Misguided intellectual elitism, in a nutshell. Celsa sub conveniant aquila sapientes mentes.

You rock for the reviews A+ you're fab

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Review #19, by newgenerationlover 

6th July 2014:
'Ello Lisa!! Thought I would give your story some love as well as giving The Cult (aka the claws) some points :P

Ok, so I've been meaning to get to this story every time I see it pop up in the humor feed, and boy am I sorry I haven't so far. From the GoT jokes to the original characteristics of the characters to the great writing, this sure is one amazing fic!

Ok, so is their idea to do little pranks The Others (sorry, like the GoT reference better than just The Enemy :P) so they get retaliated with bigger pranks to get the student body happy and then reveal that that was their plan the whole time?

Ok, well off to read the next chapter!

-Mary (leviOsa_not_leviosA on the forums :P)
House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Heya Mary! I'm glad you picked this story for some House Cup points for our glorious cult (oops, did I say cult? I meant 'our glorious and noble House of Ravenclaw')

I'm glad you're enjoying it! I love me some Game of Thrones, so I had to throw some references in there - and I really love these characters as well. Their actual plan is a bit up in the air at this stage - they have a lot of ideas/plans for pranking glory and notoriety, but they're not one hundred percent sure how they're going to get there yet.

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Review #20, by Veritaserum27 

22nd June 2014:

I read and reviewed chapter 1 ages ago and I keep seeing you status updates for this story, so I thought I would read up a few chapters.

This is great! You have a knack for dialogue and I love your humor. I really like that Albus, Scorpius and Rose are in Ravenclaw together. I also really enjoyed your version of Scorpius. So many people write him like a mini version of Draco. Here he is witty, clever, and apparently seeing Albus.

Great story so far!


Author's Response: Heya! It was amazing coming on here and seeing all the reviews you've left - but I'm compulsive and have to respond to them in order, even though I know you're up to chapter ten already - so bear with me!

Thank you so much! These characters are incredibly fun and rewarding to write - and I had to put them in Ravenclaw. House pride and all that. I am so attached to this version of Scorpius, you have no idea.


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Review #21, by The_Crookshanks_Saga 

17th May 2014:
My god I saw the chapter image and I was like- perfect!!! Sometimes, when looking for CIs authors forget that not every character in their story can be a supermodel but this one fits your Albus almost uncannily!

I love your take on Rose. When fanfic authors can't decide on what to make her, they out her as a) a sweet, nice little girl b) badass or c) practically a copy of Hermione. Yours is a mixture of brains and a rather sensible, creative personality. I'm so jealous.

They've all got sucky names, eh? I can relate (not a single person can even begin to pronounce my full name). Holly Helen Holyoake- how she didn't get some mental issues from that, I will never know. Authors can be so cruel. But that's okay!!!

RETURN OF THE BANTER! ORDER OF THE RAVENS HELLS YEAH! And yes, the allcaps were necessary.

I love George and Roses dynamic. It is perfect. “Blame Dad. He didn’t raise me properly.” Hilarious!

And finally- Scorpius and his Head Boy Power, fighting evil like Louis the Foul-mouthed! I love the way he's always taking points, even from a guy plagued with Pygmy puffs.

So basically: love love love love love LOVE. Onwards into this delightful story!


Author's Response: Firstly, thanks for the comments on the chapter image! The face of this particular Albus belongs to Alexander Vlahos, who's been my headcanon Albus for a while :)

Rose is so precious to me, you have no idea. She has so much potential as a character and I'm very attached to this interpretation of her - I've written her before but she's taken on a real life of her own in this story, so I'm glad you like her as much as I do!

Poor Holly indeed. I'm not sure if she's better or worse off than dear Albus Severus or Scorpius Hyperion, but they've all got a claim to the throne of the awfully-named.

I love their banter. Banter abounds. There is so much banter. Never a shortage of it. Enjoy!

I like to think of George as a profoundly corrupting influence on his nieces and nephews. Good role model? They have plenty of other uncles for that.

Head Boy Scorpius is great. A true bastion of authority. Upstanding student if ever there was one.

I'm so glad you're enjoying this story, and I hope you continue to enjoy it! Thanks for the review and I hope to hear from you again :)

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Review #22, by navyfail 

7th May 2014:
Hi! I'm here from the BvB Battle.

Oh, so they have done their first prank and picked their targets! This is going to interesting since it is in a way going to be Louis and Lucy vs. Albus and Rose. I'm totally rooting for Albus and Rose! And Scorpius and Albus have a thing? I'm a huge Scorpius/Rose shipper so this is new but I have an open mind about it. I wonder where it will go.

And oh gosh... their names. Now I feel bad for all of them. I think Rose got the best one!

And we got to see George! He's very nice to Rose as he should since he's her uncle and all. I absolutely love this line: "Blame Dad. He didn't raise me properly."

Something I noticed:
"Stop whingeing or I'll take the badge off you," Albus says. "Nobody will even notice."

Overall, the story is coming along! I think some more description could be helpful but I love your use of dialogue!


Author's Response: Thank you! There is definitely an element of Louis and Lucy vs Albus and Rose, so it is a pretty personal prank war. And yes, Albus/Scorpius is a thing! I was a Scorose shipper too, but this relationship just kind of evolved out of nowhere and now I ship it more than life. I'm interested to see whether you'll warm to it as well :)

I was pretty horrible with the naming of my OCs - Holly Helen Holyoake in particular. Poor girl...

I do like George, and I hope I've characterised him accurately - he's a difficult guy to write, so I hope I did him justice!

I do agree - multi-chapter fics are absolute death to my description skills for some reason, probably because everything just becomes about characterisation and witty banter, and everything else unfortunately goes out the window. But I'll keep an eye on that in future chapters. Thanks for the feedback!

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Review #23, by Leonore 

3rd May 2014:
This. Is. Awesome! Especially when Scorpius is docking points for language. I've tried to come up with prank ideas and failed a bit, so I'm doubly impressed that you managed to come up with one as original as this.
The Order of the Raven - because Ravenclaws aren't boring, even if we do enjoy studying. In fact I reckon Ravenclaws have an advantage which is demonstrated nicely at the end - advanced practical magic comes in handy!

- Leonore

Author's Response: Thank you! I don't know why Scorpius docking points for language is awesome, but for some reason I totally agree?

I'm honestly impressing myself with these pranks - I'm the kind of person who avoids April Fools for lack of inspiration, so any surprise the characters have at their own/each other's pranks is probably my voice coming through.

I love writing about Ravenclaws - maybe a slightly narcissistic indulgence, but let's face it - we're awesome, and there's infinite possibilities for witty banter and headcanons and destroying stereotypes. And exactly - they have skills and abilities that this scholarship really makes shine, and it's an invaluable opportunity for them to have some fun with their magic and let go a bit. Glad you're enjoying it and thank you for the review!

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Review #24, by Fonzzx 

21st April 2014:
YAY ALBIUS!!! I love that pairing :) Did you make up that Rose's middle name is Nymphadora or did you find it somewhere? I like this story :D

Author's Response: YES ME TOO (I've never written it before, and I don't know WHY) and I'm not actually too sure? I've had Rose's middle name as Nymphadora since I first started writing her in 2010, and I think it makes sense - though as far as I know it's not actually canon. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you back for future chapters!

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Review #25, by Anon 

21st April 2014:
I love this story! It is so interesting and unique! As a real life Ravenclaw myself I always have wondered what it would be like to do a complete 180 on my personality. Please keep writing! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I often wonder exactly the same thing, and I'm having a lot of fun exploring that through these characters. The next chapter should only be a day or two away, and I hope to see you back for it! Thanks for reviewing!

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