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Review #1, by sapphosdaughter 

6th October 2016:
i love this!!! i love the characterization and the plot and everything about it! it's so great!! i'm looking forward to the rest of this fic!!

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Review #2, by ImaRavenclaw 

29th July 2016:
Hello! So I have decided to read this for the second time around, and since I'm a member this time around, I'm reviewing!

This, I'm pretty sure, is a HPFF classic. This is the first fan fiction I ever read on this site, and was my decision for starting to write REAL HP fan fiction.

This whole story is amazing. But I have to throw out all the past memories and look at this story with a fresh mind.

I absolutely love your OCs, Lester Raine, and Holly Holyoake. My favourite characters from this verse have always been Lester, Holly, and Scorpius. You introduce them with so much conviction, almost as if they were canon. It's powerful!

In the first chapter, you're not going right into sexualities or too much background. I love that about it! You're telling us enough to get us into the story, but leaving enough room for us to guess, make assumptions, and more importantly: Want to continue reading.

I of course know that Albus and Scorpius are dating in this one, and since they are kind of my OTP I love that, but this is only the first chapter so I don't want to focus on that. Another addition before really focusing on this chapter, is that I love Ace Holly, Pan Rose, and of course 'I'm the only straight one!' Lester.

I just love this idea. A fic completely dedicated to a scholarship erected in honour of THE Fred Weasley I.

I love how Holly's pretty clueless when it comes to Professor Umbridge! And I absolutely love the line “Picking on a doddering elderly man seems more cruel than funny.”

Excited to read the next chapter (for the second time)! And hoping you post another story/update soon, because I adore your work!

Yours sincerely,


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Review #3, by CassiePotter 

23rd August 2015:
Hello! And happy birthday!!!
So I've been meaning to read this story for a while now, so when I checked the birthday reviews thread and saw that it's your birthday today, I thought it would be the perfect time to start this story.
I absolutely loved this. I'm already completely in love with your main characters, and think the way you've characterized them all is fantastic. I've never read a story where Rose, Albus, and Scorpius are all in Ravenclaw, so as soon as I saw that, I got really excited because it was just such a fresh take on their characters.
The scholarship seems like such an awesome idea, and I love that when they have to think of ways to be rebellious and carry on Fred's legacy the first idea is just sleeping in. Clearly these are not students who are used to pulling pranks! Haha. But I'm really excited to see what they come up with as the stakes get higher and they keep fighting to win the money!
I love the chemistry between all five of your main characters, but Albus and Scorpius stuck out to me. They seem like they just have such a sweet, honest relationship, and genuinely love one another. It was really nice to read.
This was a really lovely opening chapter, and I can't wait to read more!
Happy birthday!
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Cassie thank you so much you're so sweet!

these are honestly my favourite kinds of reviews to receive (not necessarily the birthday reviews, though that was a bonus!) but the moment someone starts talking about my characters i just get this big dumb grin in my face because i just LOVE THEM SO MUCH and i love when other people love them too, you feel?

albus and scorpius will be the death of me i swear on dumbledore's grave

thank you so so much for reviewing!

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Review #4, by HufflePuffCrazyGirl 

5th August 2015:
really good! I love the first chapter! Keep writing this stuff its amazing!

Author's Response: haha will do! thank you for reviewing!

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Review #5, by jenny_bookworm 

4th June 2015:
i swear im hooked just by reading the first chapter.

Author's Response: that's great to hear, thank you!

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Review #6, by Bookmonkey 

20th May 2015:
I see why this is a staff pick. Your opening is great. Pacing and dialogue are spot on. You have captured the feeling of the characters about the scholarship and have really shown how much they really have to do to be the group of seventh years that emulate Fred Weasley. Great work!

Author's Response: thank you so much for the feedback!

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Review #7, by HermyLuna2 

22nd April 2015:
Oh, this is well-written, original and absolutely HILARIOUS! I simply love the idea and I'm really curious what the hell they are going to come up with.

Author's Response: thank you! glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #8, by toomanycurls 

2nd March 2015:
I'm *finally* giving this a proper read. I'm on my phone so I probably won't stop every chapter. I've never heard of a legit internship where someone has to pay. Training, sure, but people do work in an internship and are usually paid (or they're not but they typically don't pay for the pleasure of going grunt work). Love the intro and how you're writing everyone

Author's Response: the fact that you're reviewing on your phone means so much to me rose. that's the true struggle

i'm glad you're here and you're enjoying it

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Review #9, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

1st February 2015:
I'm finally here and I've never been more excited in my entire life. Dobby, recommendations, this story has been so hyped up I actually can't remember why I didn't reds it before now, but already I am not disappointed.

I know it's only the start, but I love these people. I just do. You already get a sense of who they are as people just by the different ways they come into Rose's. I can't wait to know more about them.

I love the beginning. Ron is just awesome. I kind of got the feeling Hermione would want him to shut up for a reason, given the name of the scholarship, but it just go so. Much better as I read on.


I'll be back! :)


Author's Response: heya! thanks so much for the review and i hope this lives up to your expectations! the more popular and well-known it gets the more i worry it will stop living up to its reputation, but so far so good it seems (knock on wood).

these characters jumped into my mind almost fully-formed and sometimes it surprises even me that i had such a clear sense of who they were right from the word go. i can't even claim credit for that, i just got really lucky.

i hope you keep enjoying it!

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Review #10, by BellaLestrange87 

26th January 2015:

I saw your status about answering all your unanswered reviews. Because I'm a horrible person, I immediately decided to come to this story and leave more reviews. When I should be sleeping. Yeah, I definitely need to sort out my priorities. :p

I'm going to say first off that I LOVE the idea of George setting up a scholarship in Fred's name. Considering how close they were, he would probably want some way to remember his brother without bringing stabs of pain every time he thought of Fred, and helping future troublemakers find their way in the world is an excellent way to do so. And I love how Hermione is trying to keep her daughter on the mature approach by urging her to tune out Ron.

A teaching course run by the Ministry? It makes me happy to hear that, and also a bit hopeful that it's a recent establishment and not one that was around when Harry was in school. (If it was, look at part of its distinguished list of graduates: Gilderoy Lockhart and Dolores Umbridge. I should probably hope.)

I love how the scholarship seems to be taboo in the house! (And the fact that Rose is feigning innocence of it makes me laugh.) It's sort of similar to how the Dursleys won't let anyone say the word magic in their house, thinking that it's horrible.

Everyone's enthusiasm for the scholarship was a lot of fun to read - especially considering they seemed to have automatically assumed they would get it, without even stopping to think. Then, of course, they read the terms and conditions - which made me laugh; I don't think I've seen a better descriptor of what Fred and George did at Hogwarts - and realized just what they had to do to get that money.

And the fact that they want to use the money for normal things was, for me, nice. I've heard too many stories of people who win the lottery or something and blow it in a few months. I love how Albus and Scorpius would like to move in together, using some of the prize Galleons, even though their houses are "literally made of money". (That is an awesome line, by the way.) I think it's a great depiction of teenagers: they want to be independent, and independent means not having to owl Mom and Dad for money.

I honestly don't know how they didn't realize just what they'll have to do. It's the Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship. By the sound of it, these characters would be more suited to the Percy Weasley Scholarship: for respectable students who have a spotless record and have no idea how to prank.

Yesyesyes I think I love these guys even more! They're so much like me I can sympathize with them. Those hedonistic Gryffindors can laugh all they want, but at the end of the day we achieve things. Between the five of us we only got two Exceeds Expectations in OWL year – Lester for Herbology and Holly for Astronomy – with everything else Outstanding. Revenge is sweet. And Scorpius's line: "Life is not a coming-of-age novel.” Is it just me, or does this seem to be a coming-of-age novel? Did you do this intentionally?

Love the Game of Thrones references. And the fact that they don't know who Umbridge is. I'm sure they could ask one of the Trio for details. Long story short, I loved this chapter, and I'll be back for more reviews tomorrow, since it's 12:30 AM here, I need to sleep, and I have an exam tomorrow.


Author's Response: I have to say this tripped me up a bit because I'm answering everything from most recent so it's a little less daunting and i refreshed the page and went "wait what i haven't seen this one before" but congratulations you're going to get the fastest review response in my author history

also there's literally nothing wrong with your priorities your priorities are perfect and i have ulterior motives.

i honestly don't even know what sparked the idea for a fred weasley memorial scholarship because it sort of jumped fully-formed into my head but yeah george weasley in my mind is the ultimate benevolent uncle who insists on corrupting other people's children while also helping them, and this is the only kind of scholarship that he'd want to put fred's name to

the teaching course is definitely a recent establishment (i reckon mcgonagall pushed for it) and also definitely in response to the string of awful teachers Hogwarts had seen in its recent history

They're very financially motivated, that bunch - and they're at the right age where they want independence - not just to move out of home but to also not rely on help from their parents. and of course they're used to excelling at everything they do, so they saw "scholarship" and went "yep that's us"

they'd win a percy weasley scholarship hands down, but that wouldn't make for a very fun story.

yeah. yeah that was a very deliberate line. this is definitely a coming-of-age novel. meta jokes are just the tip of the terrible-joke iceberg in this story

Go to bed. and good luck on your exam, and thanks so much for the detailed review!

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Review #11, by crestwood 

10th January 2015:
Here I am, approaching the daunting task of reviewing this beautiful, beautiful story. I am almost afraid to sully it with what I have to say. But, I've been putting it off for far too long and now is definitely the time to start. (although I have my eye on a few other things on your Author's Page as well)

Can I just say--if we ever got a Next-Gen film, this is what I want. I will accept nothing less than a Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship movie.

Now that I know you agree with me about the importance of faceclaims I have to say that your Rose is spot on for this story and I can't see that person ever again without thinking of this story.

The beginning of this in which Ron is telling Rose about the scholarship is such an amazing set up. Especially when he mouths Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship at her. I remember when I first read this and I was jumping up and down because I already knew I had found a new favorite.

Scorpius says something haughtily here in the first chapter, how fitting.

And of course Holly is the only one to read the fine print. It's amazing coming back and seeing how much of their character is present here.

Honestly though--I am obviously a Slytherclaw for life because research, discovery, mastery of skills, massive superiority complexes?? Also known as Joseph.

Their reaction to this revelation that they'll have to prank is so great. It's like it's really not something they'd do, but then again TONS OF MONEY.

How did I miss how meta this is?? Scorpius talking about character development and coming of age novels is kind of the funniest thing ever considering that their lives are pretty much literally a coming of age novel.

I live my LIFE for anecdotes. I am all for eternal shenanigan glory. Also, the way they keep repeating each others words is so hilarious for some reason.

Game of Thrones references thrown in for good measure ♥

The Order of the Raven is perfect on a number of different levels.

This just made me realize that I've never written an Umbridge teacher before. I kind of want to write a Really Mean Teacher fic now.

The end of the chapter on that note of like 'we’re totally the most hated at this school, who are we even supposed to prank??' is perfect and this is like, one of the most flawless chapters of anything I've ever read.

You're so great at writing seriously what does one even say about this. Like--thank you for sharing this with the world I guess?? You're incredibly talented and I want to be you. Okay, I'm done - you're awesome.

Author's Response: jospeh it was so easy to answer your other reviews with a couple of lines and some witticisms but you've left me this behemoth that i actually have to respond to properly because you know i'm a sucker for just. talking about this story. all the time

can you imagine a tfwms movie?? if i had money i would legit hire you to produce a tfwms movie because i am a GIANT NARCISSIST

rose leslie is my rose forever and always. well except that i can't use her ever again because she's tfwms rose weasley but you feel me. yes you do

you knew you had found a new favourite that early?? wow i'm flattered and amazed

i'm kind of amazed at how these characters managed to etablish themselves even from the very beginning when i had NO IDEA WHO THEY WERE

we are both slytherclaw extraordinaires tbh

literally HOW DID YOU MISS THE META if there's anything i can count on you for it's picking up on the meta, jospeh

aw shucks

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Review #12, by Dumdum 

2nd January 2015:
Amazing first chapter.
I'm exoecting lots of fun and action in thee later ones considering the great storyline.
Good work :)

Author's Response: thank you, glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #13, by kenpo 

18th December 2014:
I have no idea have I've gone this long without reading this... I feel so... behind... and embarrassed. But I'm here now, and I'm in love.

Ah! This is brilliant, as I knew it would be. I might just read all of this in one sitting. I don't think I can do that. I'll probably be reading a good chunk of this tonight!

What I really like so far is that your writing is very conversational and easy to read, but it's also elegant and you can tell that you're a good writer. That's something I really struggle with, so I admire that a lot here already.

I can't wait to read more! I can't believe I haven't read this yet.


Author's Response: oh gosh Georgia this is so kind

also it's okay because a) i'm so behind on my responses and b) i still get new reviews on this story once a week-ish a year later so you're definitely not the last person to discover this story

i hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #14, by Penelope Inkwell 

19th October 2014:
Hello, hello! First of all, huge congratulations on your Dobby! I didn't get to read all the entries, so I hadn't gotten to this one yet, but I'm already seeing why it won. This is very well written, and your concept is brilliant! Absolutely brilliant. I am so curious to see what these crazy overachievers get up to :D

Favorite quote:

"'Anecdotes,' Albus says dreamily. 'No longer will I live in the storied shadow of James Sirius *flipping* Potter. We’ll be legends. We’ll eclipse him. We’ll eclipse his namesakes. We’ll come out of nowhere to take the prize of eternal shenanigan glory.'

'Eternal shenanigan glory,' Scorpius echoes."


Author's Response: hey Penny! thank you so much! i was so stunned to have won for this story and i'm so glad you think it deserves it!

glad you appreciated that line!

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Review #15, by Forever_More 

28th September 2014:
Let me start off by saying I wasn't too sure about this story when I first found it (Going through the Dobby nominations because I actually want to vote this year, seeing as i only voted once since 2007) anyywaysss - Its flipping awesome! Great job!

Author's Response: thank you! glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #16, by kassandra466 

30th August 2014:
That was stunning. I loved it. I was laughing my pants off. I adore your characters they have so much personality. Youre doing a flawless job and its only chapter one

Author's Response: thank you so much! that's such a huge compliment and i'm glad you're enjoying it :)

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Review #17, by BookDinosaur 

9th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review!


Okay, first off, the idea is perfect. Five stuck-up Ravenclaws who need to create chaos and embody the spirit of the late Fred Weasley? Setting them up is so something that George would do, and it just seems like the perfect idea for a story. As Scorpius said in such a disparaging tone, CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!!

Hahaha of course Hermione wouldn't want Ron to tell Rose about the scholarship, tsk tsk, bad Ron. What on earth was he thinking? And I love love love all the lovely characters and characterization you've done here, I can just imagine them all and AHH LESTER HAS READ ASOIAF I LOVE IT. ROSE, SHUT UP. Your team name needs to have some sort of Game of Thrones reference in it!

Ooh, looking forward to see how the plan to take on the Fred Weasley memorial Scholarship and how they're going to plan their pranks - somehow I get the feeling their pranks are going to be as intellectual as they are reckless - htye are a group of Ravenclaws, after all. :P

Looking forward to reading/rereading more of this, Lisa!

Author's Response: EMILY WE MEET AGAIN. this feels like a historical moment for some reason?? your first ever review on tfwms. let's take a moment to bask

now that that's over: "htye are a group of Ravenclaws, after all"


ily never change. i'm going to immortalise that typo forever

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Review #18, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing 

8th July 2014:
Hi there,

I thought the idea that George would leave a scholarship find for students who live their final year in a way that would make Fred proud really funny. I could definitely see it happening.

Your characterisation was good, although we had 5 characters to get on board with you gave us a good general gist of all of them to keep us interested. I look forward to seeing them in more depth though and seeing their different personalities come through.

I thought Rose was very narrow minded in the way she regards the other houses and the people in them. They as a group probably are the cleverest in the school or whatever but here they're also very judge-y. I know there's always competition between houses but she perhaps wt a bit far considering what house most of her family are in and what they did in their life. I hope they learn to be a little more open minded.

I'm interested to see what plan they come up with to get themselves in a prank or whatever they're going to do.

Good first chapter though :) I look forward to reading more :)

House Cup 2014 Review
Educational Decree #3

Author's Response: heya! thanks for reviewing and i'm glad you like the premise for the story!

i'm a sucker for ensemble casts and i tend to throw all my characters into the first chapter in a big mess but hopefully you'll find them emerging from the chaos over the next few chapters and you'll get to know them a bit better

the whole group is quite narrow minded here - they're very isolated and elitist, and they don't bother to socialise with anyone outside their house, really, or even beyond their immediate friend group. it makes sense given the dogged determination they all have to do well at school but there's definitely room for some character development in there as well

thanks for reading!

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Review #19, by Elenia 

8th July 2014:

Oh my such a lovely first chapter! And the idea is absolutely wonderful! I can't wait to read all those pranks you come up with! I always struggle with those! (bad Gryffindor (x )

I love it how it was Ron who told Rose about the scholarship and how Hermione was all against it! d:

So there are five main characters. They all seemed interesting and it'll be fun to get to know them all better. Holly Holyoake - I love that name!

That small print on the paper made me chuckle (x

I liked your writing and the chapter kept me smiling whole way through. So I'd say that was great work! And for a first chapter this was very good!


Gryffindor - House Cup 2014 Review
Educational Decree #3

Author's Response: heya! thanks so much for stopping by to review!

i always struggle with pranks as well so coming up with a novel based entirely around pranks was not my finest moment in terms of logic?? there's a reason i migrated from ravenclaw

i love holly's name too. i love everything about holly tbh

i'm glad you enjoyed it and that it made you smile!

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Review #20, by randomwriter 

8th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review: Educational Decree Number Three

Hello Lisa :) So this has been on my review bomb list for the longest while. I was swamped with assignments till yesterday and this story was supposed to be a celebratory gift to myself. I'd decided that even before this task. But then this task came along, and ah! Perfect! Reviewing!

I supposed you're going to get tired of seeing me here by then end of it :p

Anyway, I loved the idea behind this story! Put together a scholarship, five pretentious, but extra ambitious Ravenclaws and a competition... HOW can you not have a winner on your hands?! And I love that they have to prank people to get the scholarship.

As usual, your dialogue really stands out. It's witty, funny, snappy and everything it should be in a story like this one. I can tell that it's going to be one of favourites already!

I love the characterisation. Next gen is tied for my favourite era and I've read tonnes and tonnes of Nextgen fics, but your stories always seem to stand out in terms of characterisation because your characters are so different. They really are unique. OH, and I harbour a not-so-secret love for Scorpius Malfoy and I love stories that feature him so this is a bonus.

Overall, this was a fun read. Kind of exactly what the doctor ordered for me. I'm glad i got here, albeit slightly earlier than planned (I was going to review-bomb this after I finished another fic). It made me laugh so much, and that ending was amazing! I'm sorry this is so short, and probably not upto standard, but I'm up against the clock! So. :/

Good work, and I cannot wait to read on! What an amazing start to a great idea :) Keep it up!

Author's Response: the fact that you left me this incredible review even when you were up against the clock for the HC is amazing i'm in awe of you and thank you so much

gosh it was a celebratory gift to yourself?? i hope it lives up to expectation i really do

i harbour a not-so-secret love of scorpius malfoy as well and the version of him in this story is my all-time favourite. i'm probably a little biased

i'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for coming here during the HC!

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Review #21, by patronus_charm 

8th July 2014:
Aw, I love the idea of the memorial scholarship as it’s just so cute and a lovely way of remembering Fred as he got one too, so it just links in so nicely and yeah I’m gushing so much right now. I like the fact that Scorpius got so excited too as it just made me laugh so much and how everyone wants to have some independence no matter who you are. The small print made me laugh way too much because it just seemed to be so Fred like and so perfect and yes I am little in love. Lisa, you are a fab person throwing in Game of Thrones references, another squeeing moment right there. Lol, you managed Umbridge, way too funny considering what the task is for!

House Cup 2014 Review & Educational Decree #3

Author's Response: ahh kiana thank you so much

i'm glad you appreciate the premise of this story and honestly what better way to honour the memory of fred weasley than to run a pranking scholarship amirite

thanks for the review!

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Review #22, by emmacweasley 

7th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review


Alright, so for this review-through, I'm going to try my best and remember every single thing I thought during my first read through so that my reviews are HONEST and AUTHENTIC. ;) HERE WE GO.

I do remember there were three small things that bugged me about this chapter in particular - Ron seemed a bit out of character (though, really, NOBODY knows what Ron would have grown up to be like, after spending so much time with Hermione, so that point is kind of always moot), I found it strange that people were able to floo into Ron and Hermione's house all willy-nilly whenever they wanted to, and finally, I didn't exactly understand why, at the end, they were the ones everyone wanted to see their comeuppance. From what I gathered, they were possibly annoying know-it-alls, but they weren't really abhorable, were they? I don't know, maybe I got the wrong vibe from them.

Also, if you didn't know, abhorable is apparently not a word.

Anyway, what I DID love about this chapter was literally everything else. I immediately fell in love with Rose, especially, and the fact that every single group member was like "obviously this is meant for us" was such an important detail. It really cemented their friendship bonds for the reader, I suppose.


Author's Response: Emma!

(Look, I'm responding to reviews. I'm totally responding. Look at me go. At last)

Ron is a difficult person to characterise, especially in his super-brief cameo in this chapter, and for that reason he probably is a bit out of character. He serves a narrative purpose here - maybe at the expense of characterisation, but as you pointed out I think there's a bit of creative licence for the way he turned out as an adult.

There's an element of unreliable narration here - they are a pretty arrogant bunch, especially at this point, and quite exclusive too. They like to imagine themselves as Notorious For All the Right Reasons, like they /have/ to be at the forefront of student consciousness, even if it is for a bad reason, if that makes sense.

Abhorrent, dearest.

This chapter cemented their friendship for me as well - you know when you start a new story and you throw some characters together and hope? This was the point where I was like "Yeah. I don't know anything about these kids but this is gonna work out."

Thank you for the review!

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Review #23, by Abacus 

13th June 2014:
I really love the idea for this story, it sounds so intriguing.

Author's Response: Thanks, hope you enjoy the rest of it!

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Review #24, by GingeredTea 

23rd May 2014:
This is very far from what I normally read. I'm usually dark, angsty, etc. etc.

That said, this was brilliant. You characterized the next gen crew so very differently (especially Albus and Scorpius). That, in itself, added something amazing to the story. This had me laughing, smiling and all around making my boyfriend give me odd looks over the top of his book!

The introduction was perfect. Ron and Hermione - just how I would imagine them arguing, especially from different rooms. The way you entered your other characters into the story - also a great job. Scorpius differentiated himself from his father the moment he smudged his face with ash, letting me know, without anything else necessary, that is is not a traditional Malfoy. Albus - not flying? You also made me know he's going to be VERY different than I would expect. Rose is about the only one who is portrayed at all typically - like her mother, at least so far.

Your ending was just brilliant and had me in stitches.

Can't wait to read more! Please swap with me again soon! :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed this, despite it not being what you normally read! (and prompting laughing, smiling and odd looks is definitely a good sign)

Ron and Hermione's relationship is built on a solid foundation of bickering, and I had to include that somehow. I do make a point of going against the established Next Gen stereotypes - putting them all in Ravenclaw, Scorpius being a bit undignified, Albus not able to fly. Rose is quite similar to her mother, but I've tried to steer away from the "crazy Rose has a temper problem" trope I see a lot of in Next Gen.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and yes, we should definitely swap again!

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Review #25, by UnluckyStar57 

20th May 2014:
Happy BvB Review Battle! :D

Okay, so I have a confession to make: I started reading this story when you first posted it. When I saw that I could have a good excuse to start over again and read it from the beginning, I jumped at the chance. The first chapter really grabbed my attention with the quick dialogue and Ravenclaw-esque wit, and I can definitely see how each of the individual characters will begin to develop over the coming chapters.

As Scorpius said, "Life is not a coming-of-age novel," but I really think that in some ways, it is. But maybe without manic pixie dream girls and stuff like that...

So. Ravenclaws getting their prank on? What could be more exciting?! The naming of their little group was pretty funny--Lester is awfully stuck on GoT!

One of my favorite parts of this chapter is when the gang reads "the fine print." It's so legal-sounding and pompous, but then the real instructions are SO TOTALLY worthy of Gred and Forge. Brilliant.

You've got a real work of comedic and pompous intellectual genius here. If you don't get a Diadem, I'll eat my hat. (Well, if I had a hat, that is...) :D


Author's Response: I'm really glad you decided to have a reread of this! I love writing all their banter and Ravenclaw wit, so I'm glad that other people are appreciating it as much as I am (honestly, half the time I finish writing a bit of dialogue laughing to myself, so it's good to know others appreciate this specific brand of Ravenclaw wit)

Life is a bit of a coming of age novel. Especially if you're a character in a coming-of-age-esque fluffy humour fanfic novel, like Scorpius is. Meta.

Ravenclaws getting their prank on is the best thing ever. I love what they come up with so much I have no idea how I came up with it.

I may have just siphoned off my own GoT obsession into Lester, but he rocks it. It works.

I read this review half an hour ago and the whole time I've been stuck on "pompous intellectual genius." It's the perfect summary of this story, and the characters, and it's the highest praise I could possibly recieve, so thank you! (Ah, the elusive Diadem. I've been nominated, and the voting process is nerve-wracking - fingers crossed, I suppose!)

Thank you so much for this review!

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