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Review #1, by HebrideanBlack 

27th February 2016:
But it meant that Ted was worried. That he still cared about her, no matter how harsh or hardheaded hed been over the past few days.

Kills me to see the rut they're in right now. Ted and Dromeda are the loves of my life.

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Review #2, by water_lily43175 

11th May 2014:
Wah, I fell behind again! Ah well, I'm here now!

HA, I find it a little bit funny that Yaxley was right about the weather in the end. Poor Lilith, proven wrong.

I'm also now amused at the thought of Winifred and Reginald just sitting, gazing into one another's eyes for all eternity. Being a ghost must be a very boring existence, at least so if you keep yourself up in the Astronomy Tower! If I were a ghost I'd roam about the whole castle for gossip.

Andromeda should listen to Winifred. She knows what she's talking about. Making sweet sweet love to Ted indeed.

Oh, Reginald. Nice, helpful ghost. Totally shipping Winifred/Reginald now. ANYWAY, his information is just a little bit concerning. Attacks in Hogsmeade, oh my. It's difficult to see what Andromeda will do with this information. Confronting Rabastan won't get her anywhere. Obviously the sensible thing to do would be to go to Dumbledore, but she probably doesn't even see that as an option. HMM. And, of course, the more her peers sink themselves into darker Dark Arts, the more she wants out of it all...

Aaaand more Tedromeda interaction. Oh, they're so wonderfully awkward around each other now, aren't they? "I'm not having children." THAT'S WHAT YOU THINK. Just you wait, Dromeda, before long you'll be wanting all of Ted's babies! (Or at least, she'll be realising she does, because OBVIOUSLY she already wants his babies.) But this whole conversation was a SCREAM. "I don't want to talk about this." And yet she CARRIED ON. Oh bless her. Ted's reaction when she said there would only be sexy times once a month was ... well, it's so pureblood isn't it? And she doesn't realise just how barmy it all sounds to him. Because it IS barmy. She will learn, in time.

Oh, Ted. Oh, ANDROMEDA. Gah. I just want to bang their heads together! Wonderfully awkward chapter :)

Author's Response: Oh hi thurh.

Pfrsh. Falling behind is a way of life. Like how I've fallen behind my reading of OTR big time. D: But not much longer, I hope!

Anyway, these reviews made me so very happy (like the Blood, Sweat and Tears song! That much!).

Poor Lilith, indeed. I would totally be on her side, doubting silly boys for claiming they have the Sight. But whether it was due to the Sight or not, Yaxley was, indeed, right.

Bahaha. Winnie & Reg are kind of lame as far as ghosts go. Maybe they'll snap out of it in a few decades? There's only so much pillow talk out there, especially when you're both dead. Though Winnifred does, indeed, know what she's talking about. Call it spectral insight, if you will.

Snort. Writing awkward conversations is, like, one of my favorite things to do, so I had quite an enjoyable time with this chapter. Lolz. Andromeda still does have some seriously screwy ideas about sexy times and marriage in general. But she still has plenty of time to learn, and -cough- Ted to learn with. Eventually. Oh yesh.

Thanks for the lovely review! On to the next!

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Review #3, by Sanae (咲名枝) 

3rd May 2014:
Wow, this is getting intense! I like the ghost couple a lot- it seems like Reginald is the more rational one of the two (well, considering he didn't kill himself to be with a ghost girl that makes sense I guess). I hope Andromeda and Ted can stop the plans...

Also, a question- I had subscribed to this as an RSS feed while I was reading so I wouldn't lose my place, and it was showing up with a new chapter before I got to this one, but now it's gone. Will you continue the story?

(I am sorry if I made mistakes, I can read English much better than I can write it).

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks so much for taking the time to read & review. I'm glad you like Reggie & Winnie. They've been quite fun to write, and every story needs a little ghost in it, right?

And yes! I will most certainly continue the story. Chapter 27 is in the queue right now, so it should be posted in the next few days.

No worries, your English is wonderful. :) Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #4, by UnluckyStar57 

21st April 2014:
Aandd... I'm finally caught up! I can beg you to post a new chapter now. :)

Hahahahaha. It was lovely to see Winifred once more. And Reginald! Hah! If this ghostly couple was alive, they would be the super annoying couple that does everything together. Even coordinating outfits. Yuck! However, although Reginald is quite pompous and condescending, I must say that he gave Andie some useful and terrifying information, which is much more than Winifred did. The Knights of Walpurgis torturing innocent students in Hogsmeade?! How is she going to stop them while worrying about Ted at the same time?! It's very worrisome that the Knights would turn inward to find victims, but it's probably very realistic. Why would you go elsewhere to find chicken if you're raising chickens in your backyard? (Okay, weird comparison, but you get the idea...)

Blood transfusion time! Argggh, the first time I donated blood, I got dizzy and had to lay down for a very long time. I'm very glad that Andie didn't have to go through major blood loss--the replacement idea is awesome! It's too bad that Muggle blood donors can't have that, but if we did, what would be the point of donating blood...? Okay, never mind.

The image of the blood spiraling through the air was very pretty to me. Of course, it was pretty in a rather gruesome way because it's blood and all. (However, I'm the girl who exclaimed, "I can feel my life draining out of me!" when the nurse put the needle in my arm. Needless to say, she was not amused.) I pictured a sort of spiraling path for the blood, almost like those animations of DNA strands. Very pretty, indeed. :)

Ah, but the conversation!! It started out so normally, with Ted being concerned for Andie's well-being and then trying to cheer her up, which only worried him more when she screamed in pain. But then awkwardness had to ensue, as Ted is angry and jealous about Andie's engagement to Rabastan. I am DEFINITELY with Andie in the "I'm not having children" camp, but gosh, her discussion with Ted was SO AWKWARD. He knows that she's forcing herself to marry Rabastan, but he just wants her to stop pretending and be with him. And yet, he doesn't want that at all because he's just so angry... Perhaps I'm seeing this all wrong, but that's what I'm seeing. It's true, then, that every conversation between them will turn into arguments. :p

One thing about the conversation about children and matrimony that I really liked was how they both kept saying that they didn't want to have that conversation, and yet they CONTINUED to have it. Clearly, they were both lying. Andie wants Ted to know how much she DOESN'T want to do those things with Rabastan, and Ted wants to confirm that Andie is just playacting like a good little pureblood. Lots of lies and half-truths going on. I like it!

Arghhh, I really want you to post another chapter soon!! Is the story winding down or is it only just beginning? I hope that it's far from over!!


Author's Response: I couldn't introduce Winnie and Reggie only to let them make only a wee cameo appearance. They had to show up at least once more! And they made such a good plot device. -cough, cough- Hahaha, you're so right: if they were living, W&R would totally be that annoying couple who were basically joined at the hip and engaged in way too much PDA. Mmm. I like that chicken comparison. Lol. The Knights of Walpurgis plan to get some chickens out of their own coop, for sure. Lately, Andromeda's been given a lot to worry about, hasn't she? Just true love and dark arts and an impending marriage, that's all, nbd.

I'm not allowed to give blood because I'm apparently too small and I get faint even when they draw, like, a couple test tubes for a blood sample. I can't even imagine what LEGIT giving blood must be like. I would probably just be passed out cold by the time it was all over. So yes, Madame Finley has found a way to be very resourceful and prevent Andromeda from getting all woozy-like. Bahahaha, you really said that when you gave blood? That's fantastic. Clearly that nurse had no sense of humor. BUT YAY GOOD. A swirly blood like a DNA double helix was exactly how I picture the transfusion, so I'm glad that imagery came across.

Hehh. Yeah, there was some major awk time for Andromeda and Ted this time around. I think Andromeda is just realizing that holding a conversation with Ted is harder than she thought it would be, and a lot of that is due to the fact that a) she doesn't know him as well as she thinks she does and b) she's not being honest with herself. It's very convoluted for both of them right now. Sigh. Isn't it funny how the conversations we claim we don't want to have are often the very conversations that we SHOULD have? Despite the awkwardness and the fighting, I think Ted and Andromeda both learned some valuable pieces of info.

The next chapter is in the works! I wouldn't say the story is winding down super soon, but it's probably at our past the halfway mark. I've still got some important plans in store for these kiddos. >:] Thank you SO MUCH for all of these wonderful reviews. It means a bunch to me that you've continued to keep up with the story! Hope to have a new chapter in your hands soon.

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Review #5, by MarieBlack 

17th April 2014:

Man Andie is so brazen or cheeky I guess in this one and it is fabulous. She's just hitting that teetering edge of crazy. I'm loving this change in her.

The ghost's are so mysteriously helpful. I like Reginald's character and I'm glad to see him included. Their love story is so tragically portrayed and perfect to compare to Ted and Andie. I mean, Winnie threw herself off a building to be with the love of her life and Andie won't even risk her messed up family for the change to be with Ted.

The Knights of Walspurgis pact is becoming more interesting, I hadn't even noticed until I was recently doing research for my next chapter that they had once been called that. I love seeing the inner workings of the first Death Eaters, I think it keeps the reader in the mindset of the time that this took place.

The transfusion scene is so INTERESTING. Because they go from being civil to biting to decent to just quiet. They both have a lot of hurt to get over to be with one another, but underneath is all you can see the care they have for one another. I like the shift in Ted too, it makes him seem all the more human. He could come off as this perfect nice guy, but he's not. He's human. I love that quality here.

As always I look forward to more, I nearly check everyday for more of this story, I'm a tad bit obsessed!

And I have failed at not posting my own chapter but I'm simply not in love with anything I'm writing currently. But I'm making some sort of headway.

Author's Response: HI. REVIEW. YAY. LOVE.

Yeah, Andromeda is definitely getting more brazen with every chapter. A stifled pureblood existence and limited options does that to a gal.

Oh, Winnie and Reggie. I have fun with those silly ghosts. I thought that I should follow in the tradition of JKR making ghosts important plot points. Winifred was definitely committed to the cause of Love more than Andromeda is. But that may have something to do with Andromeda not being in love yet... Or not REALIZING it yet. >:]

I think it was a good move, changing the name to Death Eaters. Knights of Walpurgis is lame, yo. Lolz. It's been fascinating to do research on the whole evolution of the following, though. JKR leaves a lot of open dates, so I'm just trying to fill them in realistically. We'll see if I end up being successful!

So much hurt. So much unspoken. These kiddos. Sigh. But yes, Ted is very human, and the irony is that Andromeda, who once thought of him as filth, has now put him on a pedestal.

Daww, I'm so glad that you're obsessed. Hope to have a new update soon! AND I just saw that you posted a new Sunshine chapter! YEAH. I plan on reading it within the next few days! :]

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