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Review #1, by BBHP 

25th August 2017:
You're totally right. The idea of a barely-adult Oliver having to step up and raise his baby sister is absolutely adorable. I'm binge-reading this story, and laughing the whole time. It's so good.

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Review #2, by onestop_hpfan18 

20th August 2016:
This was a very fluffy chapter, but it was a long time coming. Things are finally starting to come to a head for Ediver.

Author's Response: THE FLUFFIEST. Seriously. Edie meeting Ada and seeing how Oliver chooses to live a quiet life, and isn't the person she thought he was, was a pretty important scene. So I figured "Good job Sarah, you got to one of the Big Reveals, now you can fill the entire chapter with fluff as a reward."

Like sometimes I come back just to read/squee at this chapter.


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Review #3, by MalfoyMannor 

25th June 2015:
best line ever :P :

"I think my ovaries are about to explode, so I quickly stand."

Author's Response: Hah! You know me--I can't write sexual tension comfortably so I make it nice and awkward with mention of exploding reproductive organs.

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Review #4, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

21st February 2015:
Oliver was so uneasy at the mentioning of her name. I had thought he was hiding a secret girlfriend. But it was his much younger sister he was protecting.

I forgot all about that. Youíre so sneaky!

But when I donít, he positively beams at me.

Uh. Iím jelly. I feel like the witch in what is it, the wizard of oz? I AM MELTING.

That chapter was fluff city but Iím not mad about it. Awesome really. I loved his sister. She was so cute and spunky. Iím guessing this is why good old Ginger is important to the story?

Oh you know Edie and Oliver are going to get it on at that wedding since Rose wonít be there. The champagne will be flowing and the clothes will be coming OFF.


It blew my mind she apologized to him and gave him a compliment. Sweet. Almost makes me think maybe just maybe our Edie is growing up and going in the right direction but you always throw a curveball my way so I wonít get my hopes too high.

Author's Response: ~~Sneaky sneaky meee~~ Yes, it's true. I love sneaking around in my fics... Sometimes I wonder if I actually compromise the plot for the sake of an a-HA moment with readers.

Fluff city, yes! There are a few of those chapters coming your way, but don't worry, things will all go horribly wrong again. Probably.

I honestly keep forgetting to make Edie show her good side--I almost really messed up this scene and didn't make her give him a clear apology. Like, I know in my head where this story is going and that Edie is a decent person, somewhere under all of that. But readers don't necessarily know that, and in fact I'm sure a lot of you find her pretty irritating! So yeah, I'm glad I had that sincere apology in there after all. Hehe.

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Review #5, by nott theodore 

12th July 2014:
Hello there! So I should probably start by saying I found this story just after the Dobby awards started last year and read it all through then, and I've been reading most of your updates without actually reviewing *blushes* So I thought I'd rectify that now with a review!

I really love this story! I've read a fair few different Oliver Wood/OC stories but I think that this one is probably my favourite on the site at the moment, and it's definitely worth waiting for the updates. Your cast of characters is so great, and I love the way that you've slotted Edie into the world of Harry Potter by making her friends with Dean and Seamus and Lisa and Justin (well, sort of). And you write the relationship (of sorts) between Edie and Oliver really well - I love the set up of Edie working at Witch Weekly and at the bar and the way that everything's developed from there.

So onto this chapter... I wasn't expecting Oliver to have a younger sister! That makes the idea of 'Miss Ada' much more pleasant and I loved the way she was so blunt with Edie, to the point that Edie didn't know how to react. And it was lovely to see Edie going to Oliver's house and spending time with them here - I'm really hopeful for them now and I hope that they manage to get things worked out soon!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hello! Of course, I remember you Sian! And while reviews are always lovely, it's nice just to see the "Reads" count on this story. Makes my heart go pitter-pat.

I agree about minor characters! JKR is so amazing and wonderful and even the tiniest, most insignificant of her characters deserves lovin' and story time. Some readers have pointed out that this story almost feels non-HP because I am not using common characters and locations, so that's been a bit of a struggle. But I love the sprawling Magical world thank-you-JKR, so I really wanted to take advantage of it. Giggling at "sort of" friendship with Justin and relationship "of sorts" with Oliver. All very true!

I'm glad some people hadn't read the first version of "The Hanging Moon" when Oliver straight up tells Edie who Ada is. Haha. I get into these coffee-induced excitement attacks and speed write a chapter and put it into the queue without really thinking about it... that was a good example. Later I realized I wanted to have the big reveal be later, mostly because that chapter was such an information dump anyway. We already learned about his shoulder injury, and his relationship with Katie Bell, and Deverill's replacement...


Thank you so very much for the kind words. I'm glad you have stuck with this story for oh-so-long. ♥

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Review #6, by ASDFGHJKL1234 

11th July 2014:


Author's Response: Breathe, breathe! Thank you, dear wheezy reviewer ♥

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Review #7, by marauderfan 

25th April 2014:
So fluffy but also so amazing! I loved it! Aww, I love the idea of Oliver with a little sister, and that whole exchange between Ada and Edie was just too cute. I felt badly for Edie not knowing how to talk to kids, especially one who talks about her parents' death, I don't know how I'd have reacted in that situation either! But Ada seems to have liked her so it can't have been that bad.

I'm really intrigued about the rally too. Hoping that Edie goes to it, it seems like just her sort of thing and should be interesting! And it will give her something great to write about. I love that you've included such a cool topic in your story.

THE SCENE WITH EDIE AND OLIVER AT HIS HOUSE ♥ And they're on good terms again and talking and he wants to see her again and ahsdfja they are so cute. I'm so glad Edie admitted she was wrong and that they're starting to move past all the drama of before. Though... there still are those articles she published about him showing him in a bad light, which he's said he will not read, but I have a feeling he'll find out about it one way or the other :-/

I'm excited for the wedding :) And Oliver is going to be there! Something tells me Edie will end up embarrassing either herself and/or Lisa and/or Justin and/or Oliver at the wedding though :P I'm curious how Oliver knows Justin, too.

Also, congrats on your Keckers awards this year!! This story is amazing and hilarious and totally deserves the recognition :) Another fantastic chapter, loved it!

Author's Response: Hey there! Thanks for reviewing ♥

I am falling more and more in love with Oliver and Ada, to the point that I almost wish the story wasn't written in Edie's POV so that I could write him trying to do her hair and talking about her "time of the month." But alas. Ohh, Edie not knowing how to deal with kids was definitely written from the heart. Yeah, I think Ada likes Edie, in a mildly disinterested way.

Oh, don't you worry--Edie is going to the rally. Yay! The FGC and Grimma Longfinger have been a super fun, last-minute addition that I wasn't actually planning on having as a plot point. I think I just wanted a headline for the first mentioning of The Oracle Underground, and it took off from there. I had probably drank a lot of coffee that day.

EDIVERRR OVERLOAD yes! I think I am glad that Edie admitted her wrongdoings, too. It was funny; I was actually reluctant to have her admitting she was wrong. Even though she clearly was! It took me a few minutes of sitting there to make myself write it. Maybe her obnoxious stubbornness is from the heart, too?

Hahaha, yes, there is a good chance that Edie will end up embarrassing lit-rally everyone she comes into contact with. It's pretty much a guarantee at any social event. And Oliver and Justin's relationship will indeed come to light, later on! (There really are only like four more chapters coming, I swear, I'm going to end this story if it kills me which it probably will!)

Awww, thank you. I'm so proud of my Keckers :) And thanks again for taking the time to review. I appreciate your patience with this story--I know it's taking me forever to update these days ♥

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Review #8, by AlexFan 

22nd April 2014:
Do not worry about the fluff, it was so perfect and sweet and I don't even know how to explain it because it was really lovely. If you were to take two years to update this story, I wouldn't even care, I'd come back and read the new chapter because this is so good.

This is by far one of the best romances that I've read, in both published and fanfiction worlds. I don't know how you do it but you're amazing at writing romance. You develop the relationship between Oliver and Eddie so smoothly. Usually with other stories you can tell that the author is doing everything on purpose but not in this. I feel like everything I'm reading is actually happening, it's so natural. The way that Edie and Oliver get to know about each other is really great and nothing screams plot device.

I'm a very big fan of this story as you can clearly tell. If you were to turn this into an original novel once you were done with it and send it to a publishing company, I would buy this book in a heartbeat (and if I was a publisher, I'd publish it in a heartbeat as well.)

This is one of the best Oliver Wood stories that I've ever read and keep up the absolutely amazing work!

Author's Response: Hey there! I've missed reading your reviews (as in I should update more--not anything on you, of course.) I can't tell you how much it means that you've stuck with this story for as long as you have. Especially since you're prepared to wait the full two years. It's definitely a possibility.

Wow, thank you. It's difficult responding to such lovely compliments without sounding like a prat writer but here we go. One of my biggest goals in writing this, was focusing on Edie trying struggling to find out who she is (and maybe failing, and maybe accepting that it's okay to not know.) The rest of the story, including Oliver, therefore just fell into place. Most of the Ediver scenes weren't pre-written, so it was easy for them to mesh into the story. It was a total accident, but it worked. ;)

I've definitely been toying with the idea of turning this into OF. But I'm horrified by the thought of somebody recognizing it as fanfiction, haha. Thank you for saying that! Maybe it's the motivation I need.

Thank you thank you thank you. I'm working on the next chapter but SO MANY THINGS happen, I'm walking on eggshells. Hopefully it'll be up soon. ♥

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Review #9, by teh tarik 

21st April 2014:

Sooo...after ten centuries of not reviewing the last few chapters, I'm BACK, or sort of, in reviewing mode. I've actually been following your story all this while, all your updates. And I'm very sure that this story is one that I've been following for the longest period of time EVER. Since ohmygoodness 2012. I LOVE IT. And I love Edie and cringe-y things she does and says and her less-than-wonderful life which makes me want to give her a good pat on the back, sit her down and make her a cuppa. Maybe Hypatia would do that, I dunno?

And wow! It's nearly the end of her story now, is it? I suppose it's starting to feel this way too...the way things are kind of winding down, like now Edie's got a better job, and she's beginning to go somewhere with Oliver, and Lisa and Justin are slowly becoming that so-happy-together couple, and Hypatia and Edie have some sort of close moment of understanding/confiding etc...SIGH. Or maybe you've got one last plot twist or something where Edie suddenly discoveres she has a sister she never knew about lol. I really wish you could write this forever too.

Your fluff pains probs give your readers great pleasure. Aww, that Ediver scene was THE LURVE. ♥ And of course I absolutely loved how That was dreadful just about equated to That was brilliant!. Fab.

I'm kinda interested about a few things here: like the history between Oliver and Justin...I can't remember if you mentioned this in earlier chapters, but yeah, sounds interesting. And whatever on earth is going on with Rose. And finally the Grimma Longfinger thing. It's like some kind of subplot that's been hovering in the background ever since the start of the story, and I'm very curious to see how that will play out. I get the feeling Edie's going to attend the rally?



Author's Response: YOOOUUU!!! Hi, hi, hi, hi! How have you been? I'm so glad you've been lurking on this story still--you are seriously such an inspiration in your writing and I am humbled that you have stuck with KC&CO for almost two years. ♥

Things certainly are beginning to wind down. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve, but really it should just be a few more chapters... maybe four, maybe five. I want to keep writing forever and ever but I've already written so many scenes and lengthy Edie-logues irrelevent to the plot. It's so fun to write this story, but it's so lengthy now... I need to cut myself off! *Whispers* especially if I'm considering publishing this as OF.

In my head, and all my plot notes, this Ediver scene was way less fluffy. But when I started writing it all came out in fluff-overload. The "your hair looks nice pulled back" bit actually made me cringe a little. But there was so much pent-up fluff aggression. It was beyond my control, hehe.

Yes! Oliver and Justin's relationship will be revealed in due time, which probably means at the eleventh hour. I've mentioned it briefly but then this story is riddled with so many (TOO MANY???) side-plots that it's probably been forgotten by all. Grimma will certainly come to light as well... later. (Not sure if great at withholding plot twists until the appropriate time, or a serious procrastinator.)

Thank you so much for reviewing! I've missed chatting with you. Maybe-just-maybe I will be sending you a very lenghty PM today to see how you're doing ;)

Thanks again, lovely ♥

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Review #10, by meowcowpow 

20th April 2014:
Woohoo! FINALLY! Edie admits that she's in the wrong! She's progressing as a person! I have a feeling that something important is going to happen at this wedding. And I hope it is what I think it is.

Author's Response: Hello there! Yes, she is finally starting to be a little less insufferable. I think. Ohh, I hope that it is what you think it is, too! We shall see. Thanks for reading ♥

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