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Review #1, by HebrideanBlack 

27th February 2016:
Ted and Dromeda make my heart melt. I wish there were more amazing Tedromeda stories on HPFF. I suppose I have to go hunting. !

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Review #2, by Penelope Inkwell 

13th July 2015:
Whew! She did it! And man, dramatic grand gestures, much, Andromeda? But it was great!

I totally thought she was going to have to blackmail him with the example of the two who died within a day of each other--that if he died so might she. But I'm glad it didn't come to that. It would have just been another excuse for him to believe that her interest in them was self-centered. This way their relationship moves forward.

CC: At what point, Ted says,
“The perfect opportunity for what, exactly?

That phrase implies that Andromeda had previously mentioned that something was a perfect opportunity, but she never does.

Whew! These chapters take a lot out of me emotionally. This is like a binge-watch on Netflix! I just can't stop.


Author's Response: Heh. Andromeda is all about those grand gestures. It runs in the family, you know. But hey, fastest way to proving her point!

Erm, yep. That would be a total error on my part. Thank you so much for pointing it out.

I'M SORRY FOR ALL THE EMOTIONAL DRAINAGE. Comparing KYD to a Netflix binge is one of the highest compliments in my book. Hope it lived up to the usual binge standards!

Thank you, thank you!

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Review #3, by UnluckyStar57 

20th April 2014:
Oh my goodness, Madame Finley! Andie hands her the sass, so she hands it right back! "Which of us has a Healer's license, hmm?" Hahaha, priceless!!

With this chapter, it again seems that you are reading my mind. Ugh, it's ridiculous how periodically, one of your chapters will suddenly apply to my life. I love it and hate it at the same time. :) :(

For instance, this quote: "He'd been the coldest she'd ever seen him. He'd been angry with her. Andromeda knew that Ted had every right to think the worst of her; she'd treated him poorly from the very beginning of their acquaintance up until now. And until now, Ted had always treated her kindly in spite of everything. He'd given her the benefit of the doubt, turned the other cheek, returned her slaps with kindness. She realized now that she'd been right in her assumption: Ted did have a breaking point, and they were now well past it. For once, he was finally treating her how she deserved."

My goodness. Perhaps this is saying too much about myself, but darn, does that apply! It's funny how you can take people for granted and then push them past the breaking point. The only difference between a monster and a person is that a person feels remorse for what they've done. And Andie feels remorse now, oh yes. When will her wrongs be righted? Maybe soon, maybe never. But in this chapter, the terrible beauty of your writing really comes into the foreground.

Oh dear MERLIN, they're so stupid. Ted has fallen for Andie but he thinks that she thinks he's a "splinter." Gosh. It's mostly her fault, really; in a way, she's conditioned him to think that her opinion remains constant. But things have changed. EVERYTHING has changed. However, Ted doesn't care that it could mean the difference between life and death. Does he REALLY mean that he would rather die than receive Andie's help? That's so awful and so sad.

But then the funny part comes in. Hahaha, dreams. Dreams are so stupid, and yet so powerful! *raises eyebrows* Ted's dreams especially. And Andie, being all innocent and such... Despite the gravity of the chapter, there were some SERIOUS lols. I love how you combined all of the emotions--not too much humor, but enough to lighten the mood just a tad. :)

Oh. Well. The blood mixing... I recently watched the Johnny Depp version of Sweeney Todd and all I could picture was Helena Bonham Carter being all crazy. I mean, it's romantic in a creepy way... Or maybe it isn't romantic at all and it's just really gory and it proves a point. Or maybe both. The point is, I think that Andie scared Ted into agreeing with her. She is wholeheartedly set on helping him, and if she has to hurt him to help him, then darn it, she will!! It's like, what would you do for a Klondike bar? Apparently a whole lot, that's what!

...I am so sorry for being so strange in this review.

One thing that I forgot to mention in my last review: A few times in chapter 24, "Finley" was spelled "Finely." Sorry I neglected that point, but I felt that it was worth mentioning so that you could be aware of it when you edit! :)

There have been such angsty times lately! When will the light come back?

Also, I am SO in awe of you right now. Twenty-six chapters and it's only been four-ish months. That is SO amazing. I've never done that before. You're a superhero(ine)!!! :D


Author's Response: I liked putting some sass between Andromeda and the two healers. Normally, she gets on so well with adults because she always charms her professors. But in this case, Andromeda's forced to pull out the attitude.

"The only difference between a monster and a person is that a person feels remorse for what they've done." Truth! You are so right. I've found that this has totally applied in my own life, as well. It's so easy to take generally good-hearted people for granted. Everyone has a breaking point, and Andromeda has found Ted's. And it's tragically a little late for her too feel remorse. . . . OR IS IT.

Ted's being a stupid face, for sure. He's not exactly a character whose faults parade themselves around, but they're definitely there, and two major ones are stubbornness and pride. Ted may have let Madame Finley run some tests, but he would've done everything in his power to find an alternative to accepting Andromeda's help--even if that made him deathly ill. The stupid face. Also, he may forgive wrongs up until a certain point, but he certainly doesn't forget them. Which Andromeda is learning the hard way. :(

Haha. Oh dreams. That little nougat wasn't even planned until I was in the middle of writing and decided that it was too great of a temptation to not use that particular lolz-worthy moment. I'm glad that you found the tone a good balance of serious and humorous. There was a lot of heavy stuff in this chapter, and I didn't want it to read as too bleak or melodramatic.

Ahhh! Oh dear. I haven't seen Sweeney Todd in ages, but I can see what you're saying. It's kind of a creepy, morbid moment. Still, it was the only way Andromeda could think to show Ted that, even though she was still afraid and struggling with residual bigotry, she cared enough about him to work past that. And you're right: she totally scared him into saying yes. I think Ted had a moment where he thought, "This girl is straight up crazy." Lolz.

Whoops. Grrr, thanks for pointing out that Finley/Finely typos! That goes on the list of revisions once I finallly finish this story. Much appreciated!

You're right. These past few chapters have definitely been on the angsty side. And while things will continue to be somewhat dark, I'm hoping to bring in some happier/lighter touches along the way.

Thank youuu! Though you shouldn't be in THAT much awe. Like I mentioned before, I freelance write for a living, so I have quite a bit of downtime to write on my own creative projects. I still have to be disciplined about it, but I don't have a crazy school schedule or typical 9-5 to work around, so that makes the writing process a bunch easier. I'm taking advantage of it while I still can!

Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by water_lily43175 

16th April 2014:
I absolutely LOVE the way you write. More specifically, I love your narration. This sentence in particular - "She was crying, and she'd given way to that inconvenient practice of not breathing properly." The way you write it all in Andromeda's voice, and such a spot-on voice it is too, is just superb.

Ted. Oh, Ted. He can't stop thinking about her. UNGH. And of COURSE he still thinks she thinks she's superior to him. After all, she left him for her family, if she wants to convince him she cares about him and doesn't care that he's a muggleborn, she's going to have to do more than that.

TED'S DREAMS. Oh gosh, my "aww" at him having dreams about her quickly turned into a childish snicker as he elaborated on exactly what kind of dreams they are. No dying linnets here!

Wait. WAIT. I think I've just had an epiphany. So, Andromeda's dreams are about Ted dying ... because she can save his life? And HIS dreams are about sexy times ... because he'll be the one to free her from her family and her obligations as a pureblood and provide her with a happy marital relationship? (And sexy times?) I may be barking up the wrong tree here, but I do like this theory of mine.

Stupidly fallen for. Can't get over. UNGH.

Still loving the Andromeda/George.

And the end ... oh, it's so lovely. Andromeda, so brave! So DARING! Ooh, I love it. And he gives in. He's going to live, yay!

Last sentence makes me sad. :( Epic chapters! Looking forward to more - and hopefully I'll be able to read them when they go up in future!

Author's Response: Hiii. Last of the tasty review smorgasbord extravaganza! Also, may I say that I'm inordinately proud of myself for spelling smorgasbord right ON THE FIRST TRY. Small victories, small victories.

Thank you for the kind words on the prose! What with several writing projects going on in my work and free time, I get in and out of grooves for each project, and I sometimes worry about consistency in narrative voice. So those words really mean a bunch to me!

Baha. I couldn't help myself with Ted and his dreams. I originally started out making them purely "awww"-inducing, vision-like, completely innocuous dreams. And then I was like, "Pfrsh. That's stupid and too gushy." Then I had a long hard look at the plot and the part I wanted dreams to really play in it. And then I was like, "Get real, Writing Self. What kind of dreams would adolescent Ted REALLY be having?" And then I snickered childishly and wrote accordingly.

BUT. This theory of you is a verrry intriguing one. Hmmm. Of course I can't address it just yet, but very interesting indeed. Insert enigmatic air here.

How could Ted possibly get over Andromeda? She's unlike any other girl he's ever met, and, to top it all off, she told him that he shouldn't have been born! WINNER.

If there's one thing Ted wasn't expecting Andromeda to do, it was to mix his filthy mudblood with hers. I've had that scene planned out for a while, and it was so satisfying to FINALLY show Ted that Andromeda is getting over her purist complex and that she cares about him more than an ideology. At last.

Wheee, these reviews were such fun to read through. Thanks so much for keeping up with the story! Reading these reminded me of how much I miss James & Co. from OTR, and I'm going to have to pay a visit to those kiddos soon. >:] Until next time!

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Review #5, by celestialbattlefield 

9th April 2014:
bloody hell,
ted get a life
stick your pride up your.
and fall for dromeda
i mean how much does she need to do to persuade you!! then again u r having wet dreams so maybe it isnt necessary
but as i said again
your stubborness is killing me

beautiful chapter, beautiful people, and beautiful blood

Author's Response: Haha. Aww, maybe Ted will get over himself soon. Just maybe... >:]

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #6, by MarieBlack 

7th April 2014:

I am coming to love this more daring version of Andie, honestly. As much as I hate her giving in to Lestrange and her family, I think it has brought out this bold person in her that we haven't seen yet. And I am so enthralled by it.

Ted's anger is justified, but he's still being stupid to me. I suppose I know Andie's side better than his own so I think he's being silly but looking at Andie's actions I see why he's so angry. And feels so rejected. But the thing about Ted is that there is hardly a selfish bone in his body, which makes it hard for him to truly hate or dislike someone. Not truly.

I love all of the detailed information on the blood bonds, it makes it so believable. Honestly, I think it's one of the best magic additions outside of what J.K. Rowling made in her books. Incredibly believable, I also rather enjoyed the slipping in of last names of old pureblood families. It just adds in that these families have been around for ages.

Andie's convincing of Ted is literally the best thing to happen. I love it, like up and down and all over haha. At the beginning of this story that Andie would have never even done this, but this Andie, this Andie has to prove that she is not superior to Ted and that she does not consider herself to be anymore. She sees so much good in Ted, I just hope Ted can see the good in Andie once more. His heart won't let him give her up anyway. And Ted's dreams, hahaha. Oh man, that's the best because it's so boyish.


I have a feeling he'll come around. ;) Ted is a wonderful man, after all.

I'm looking forward to more chapters, dear! I wish this story would go on forever, I have loved it so dearly!

I'm jumping back into my own writing soon as this semester is winding down, so hopefully I'll have a new chapter up on this weekend, hold me to that!

Author's Response: Heh heh heh. Oh, there is major revving going on. For sure. >:]

You're right: this is a version of herself that Andie hasn't tapped before. It's in her nature to be stubborn and determined, but all this nasty family business has brought out a side of Andromeda that pushes the limits. I'm having so much fun with her development.

Haha, yes, from Andie's perspective, Ted's being an absolute idiot. Despite all of her mistreatment and purism nonsense that Andie spouted off before, it still makes sense for Ted to choose the option that might save his life. He's got an unhealthy amount of stubborn pride, but, as you say, he's an incredibly selfless person. So it really boils down to which part of him is stronger--the selflessness or the stubbornness. Let the battle begin!

Good! It's a relief to hear that you've found blood bonds to be believable. I was nervous about introducing the concept, and I'm still trying to skirt away from making it too hokey. But I really like where I've been able to take the plot with it.

I've had Andie's convincing scene in my mind almost since day one, so it was very rewarding to finally reach this point. She's come a long way from the Andromeda at the start of the school year. And bahaha, Ted and his dreams. Lest well all forget that he's just a teenage guy. :]

SIGH. Ted knows that Andromeda secretly likes being called Dromeda. He's withholding satisfaction because he's silly. But, ahem, maybe he'll get over it.

Thanks for such a lovely review! And YAY. I hope you can get that new chapter up this weekend. Can't wait to read more!

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Review #7, by siestamarauder 

7th April 2014:
YAY another update
reli interesting wat andromeda did
looking forward 2 more chapters keep up the good work

Author's Response: YEAH. I'm glad that you're continuing to enjoy the read! Thanks so much for the review. :]

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Review #8, by chocolateteacups 

7th April 2014:
I absolutely adore this story, and this chapter was great. I loved how Andy was taking no hostages - she was right and she was going to get her way! Normally, she's determined, this time she was unstoppable. And it's about time she told Ted what's what. He needed to hear it.
And he's fallen for her! Eeek :)

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so glad that you're enjoying the story. Andie is definitely taking her determination to whole new levels. It was about time that she cleared up things for Ted, and of course she had to choose the most dramatic way to do it. >:]

Thanks so much for the review!

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