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Review #1, by TidalDragon 

6th May 2014:
Hello again! Dropping by from the review thread in the CR!

So I had to get re-adjusted to the story a bit after so much time away, but this chapter was a nice interlude that built on your strength with characterizations to do a little more delving into Wren's relationships with other characters at Hogwarts. I think this is important and hopefully now that she's getting serious about drinking Smeed's tea, we'll get a bit more into her life, relationships, and magic. I'd like to see her primed and ready to kick some tail when the Lord of the Rabbits arrives.

Things that saddened me:

Wren continuing to think she blew it with Albus/Wren and Albus's continued awkwardness this year - when will these crazy kids finally snog?

Things I enjoyed:

It's nice to see Rose finally expressing some concern for Wren! I'm also liking the mischief that Albus, Scorpius and Wren seem to have on their minds toward James. Is a colossal bit of humble pie in his future?

Things I relished:

Wren blasting Ian in the face with the flash!

Keep on keeping on with this bad boy...I may be lured back yet (despite the vampire bunnies and epically creepy little kid)!

Author's Response: Oh, hey!

Yes, Wren should get serious about the tea. It definitely helps with things, if she's not so brain fogged all the time.

"Lord of Rabbits"... wish I'd thought of that! It's so fitting. I can see Dillon sitting around with a crown of clover flowers on his head.

I have no idea when Wren and Albus will get it together.

Mischief indeed! I liked that too, and it lightens the mood when things get too bizarre.

Flashes are good for many things. *nods* Go Wren!!

Thanks for coming back to the story, in spite of vampire bunnies and epically creepy little kids. Hahaha! Those are the two main things in the story, too!

As always, thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #2, by Infinityx 

16th April 2014:
Wow. So Wren gets thralled by the bunny, and then drinks the tea given to her by Smeed in order to feel better. That's messed up! :o

Yay! A chapter without evil bunnies! I love how this part of the plot is moving forward. You're not just focusing on the weirder occurrences, but also the normal life of the characters, which is great!

I'm so glad Wren's keeping the wristband on! Maybe it'll protect her from the bunny's influence. I really hope it does. I like the unthralled Wren.

Hahaha, girl gossip time! Rose is such an interesting character as well! I hate Ian, such a sleazy git. But that bit about him putting in some effort for Rose made me look at him in a different light. Then bam! He becomes a git again.

Aww, Wren and Albus. I love them. They have the best relationship ever. I have a guy best friend, and it's the best thing in the world when there's no awkwardness. :D Poor Wren, thinking that Albus doesn't like her that way. *sigh* Oh the joys of reading about seemingly unrequited love! :D

Hmm, I wonder if Ian's been affected by the drink in some way. He did drink a lot of it, and unlike Mr. Summers, he doesn't have access to a rabbit to thrall him and make him feel better. I wonder what was in that drink...

He totally deserves that camera flash.

~ Erin

'Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza'

Author's Response:

Yay for crazy tea that keeps Wren sane! Well, I had to get rid of those headaches somehow.

I'm trying to give these characters some kind of normalcy, even if it's also messed up. But I guess with teenagers, everything's messed up anyway. It's tough being a teen.

Yeah, Ian. *shakes head*

Yes, it is the best thing in the world when there's no awkwardness. But the awkwardness happens and you deal with it. Or you pretend not to, in this case. Wren's going to get a clue soon, I suppose. Either that, or people are going to have to hit her over the head with something blunt.

That drink...

... is bad.

Thanks for another great review! I feel so spoiled with the Eggstravaganza going on! You don't even know!

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Review #3, by MargaretLane 

14th April 2014:
Looking back, Smeed said "be careful around your new friend", not "friends", so maybe he doesn't know about the rabbit; maybe he's assuming she's befriended a vampire, which she sort of has, without knowing it.

I'm glad you entered this story in my challenge. It's not something I'd ever have chosen to read; I'm not a big horror person. And I probably wouldn't have read on if I'd just read a chapter or two, because the start was sort of confusing, but it just gets more interesting as it goes on.

*cheers for her drinking the tea* Keep doing so, Wren and ignore Dillon. But I guess if she did that, we wouldn't have another 15 chapters or whatever it is.

With the mention of the thrall thing, I am beginning to think all the more than the stresses in her life might be a contributory factor. Perhaps you need to be in a vulnerable state in order for the vampire to overpower you emotionally. Not that I'd think of Madame Pince as in a vulnerable state, but she doesn't exactly strike me as a happy person, so perhaps that's relevant.

And their assumption that James did something amuses me, because in my next gen, that's pretty much my characters' first reaction too when things go wrong. "JAMES, WHAT DID YOU DO?"

Rose being impressed that the guy who complimented her had read the source material is so Hermione-like. It's like she's attracted to people who take their studies seriously.

I've also started wondering if there might be a specific reason Nate started school when he did. It does seem like sort of a weird time - the final year of his O.W.L. course. I mean of course, he might just have to be in school to take the exam or more likely, you might just have needed him to start then for plot reasons (*laughs*), but it's occurred to me there might also be a specific reason he could no longer be homeschooled. Like maybe his parents died or he'd some other family problem. I don't see how that could be relevant to your story, but you never know. I suppose it's more likely his being new is relevant because of something he learnt in his rather unorthodox previous education or something.

Author's Response:

Nah, Smeed's not completely aware of what's going on with Wren. I'm glad you're finding the story interesting! Otherwise, I wouldn't be getting all these sweet reviews! Thanks so much! The story's kind of on the edge of horror, I suppose. There wasn't a genre for "sort of scary". Hahah!

Yes, the tea is helping Wren. At least it's giving her a clear enough head to be more aware of things. Sorry about all the confusion... okay, maybe I'm not sorry. I just like complicated story mechanics. Silly me!

That's pretty funny about James II! He's probably not blameless in your story either.

I almost had Nate start his first year this year, but I needed him to be more comfortable with Hogwarts than that. Otherwise there would be some things later that wouldn't work out as well. So yeah, he's important.

I am so grateful that you have stuck with all these chapters!

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Review #4, by CambAngst 

12th April 2014:
Hello, pix! I confess that I read this chapter a few days ago and I'm only now getting around to writing this up. Such are the perils of gainful employment.

Wow. Wren seems to be caught in a bad loop, where she's getting enthralled by Vampire Bunny, then bouncing back on Smeed's herbal tea. It doesn't sound like a healthy cycle at all. I hope she soon realizes what's really happening. At least she seems pretty sure that James wasn't at fault. That's a good start.

Rose turned around, scrunching up her face so the freckles lined up straight across her nose. -- I don't know what it is about that description, but I instantly knew the look you were going for. Brilliant!

OK, on the one hand, I want to really dislike Ian and I want to be annoyed at Rose for being so foolish, but the line, "... impressed that he'd taken the time to read the source material from the chapter, because not everybody does that sort of thing, you know?" really took the edge off of my annoyance. You write a really amazing Rose. She has her mother's inclinations combined with her father's deadpan, humor-that-wasn't-actually-meant-to-be-funny humor.

Ha! There Wren's roommates go, bringing the awkward right back into Wren's relationship with Albus. On the one hand I want to applaud them for trying to make her look reality in the face. On the other, I want to smack them for not keeping quiet and just letting things play out naturally. You can be pretty sure that two people are going to end up in love with one another, but you don't have to be a know-it-all about it! By the way, I really like the way that Trudy seems to communicate mostly by finishing other people's sentences with slightly coarser language. Reminds me just a hair of Fred and George.

"That angly scratter thinks he's so... hold on. You had Wren in our room? Where was I when all the fun was going on?"

"Off somewhere with Platt, I guess. You completely missed all the fun of me cleaning the sick off my shoes... and you should have the house elves double wash your socks. Wren says she's sorry, by the way."
-- I think this just became my favorite back-and-forth dialog in the story so far. By the way, kudos on digging up "angly scratter". I had to look that one up to make sure I was allowed to quote it here.

And... somebody blows up a table during charms class. I feel like this should be known as The Seamus Finnegan Memorial Moment in all Next Gen fics. Nice to see it was that annoying jerk Ian. That should take him down a peg or two.

What the heck is wrong with Rose? Does she want to inventory the doorknobs in Ravenclaw Tower or something? Because she seems awfully intent on ending up there. Teenage girls...

Poor Wren! I really don't like this complex she's developing about Albus. Yeah, sure, she puked on his shoes. It happens. In college, that made a girl strong dating material. ;) At least she gets to take a bit of her frustration out on Ian.

This was a really good chapter for moving the non-Vampire Bunny-related plot lines forward. Not every chapter can be filled with demonically possessed leporidae that have an insatiable lust for blood. That said, I'm looking forward to getting back to that. Hopefully Wren and Albus can crack the code...

Author's Response: Hello, Dan! You know I don't mind if you take a while to come around here. Blood sucking rabbits are secondary to gainful employment. Definitely.

You know, this horrible loop she's in is really bugging me too. Those pesky story mechanics are really... pesky. Smeed's tea is great for some things, but doesn't "cure" the ailment. Which is bad for Wren, but it's good for the story. At least I think it's good.

Aww, thanks! Freckles.

Yeah, I guess I mentioned earlier that Ian's not really that BAD, but he acts badly under certain circumstances, and he doesn't know how to treat a girl, which is too bad for Rose. I'm glad you think Rose is amazing. Rose needs people to think she's amazing. She has this ego thing that needs feeding every once in a while or she starts feeling down about herself. I can only imagine what it was like, growing up with Ron as her father.

Yes, applaud then AND smack them. *shrug* What are you going to do? They're acting like... err... them. Trudy appreciates your compliment, by the way.

"angly scratter"... I'm not sure if that's an actual phrase. One of my betas suggested that it was a typo, and another one accused Scorpius of talking nonsense. But you know me. The more "out there" it is, the more I like it. :P

"Does she want to inventory the doorknobs in the Ravenclaw Tower or something?"

Bahahaha! Of course she does. Either that, or she's convinced she got sorted into the wrong House and just needs an excuse to hang out over there. Or maybe Gryffindor Tower doesn't have enough stairs for her?

You're right. Not every chapter can be filled with blood-lust rabbits. But don't worry. There's more of that to come! And yes, Albus and Wren will be a little wiser next time.

*crosses fingers*

Thanks for the wonderful review!

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