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Review #1, by puff-eyes 

30th May 2017:
Your writing is amazing.

Author's Response: Your review is amazing. Thank you so much for leaving this. You've really made my day. ♥

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Review #2, by TreacleTart 

18th September 2015:
Hey Tanya!

Back to check out chapter four!

Have I told you lately that I adore this story? If not, I ADORE THIS STORY!

At first, I was a little bit thrown by Josephine and her quiet, nervous behavior, but just as she's grown on Fred, she's also grown on me. I love how comfortable she is with Fred and how much she struggles with George. It's such an interesting idea and one that I've never seen anywhere else in fic. You've done such a lovely job of making the twins two unique, separate characters and that is possibly my favorite thing about this.

The idea of Fred making George this lovely intricate snow globe is so touching because unfortunately I know that Fred will die and that the snow globe will be something tangible for George to hold onto. It's funny that as he's showing it to Josephine I kept hoping that you were going to take a sudden turn into AU and keep Fred alive because I was dreading the moment that the snow globe became a thing of tragedy instead of a thing of beauty.

The scene with George in his utter desperation was really heartbreaking. You did a beautiful job of describing the utter desolation that he feels. All of his actions really illustrate how empty he is...and at the same time how much rage is in him as well.

I was really proud of Josephine for putting aside her inhibitions for a bit to help someone in need even though she was terrified. George is alone and there is a void in his life that seems insurmountable at the moment. All of the other employees seem to be tip toeing around him, unsure of exactly what to say or do. And I know in this type of situation there really isn't a right thing to say, but Jo did do the write thing by giving him some company. I think just the presence of another person when you're grieving can sometimes make you feel better and I really believe that Jo helped George a bit.

I hope that the voice on the snow globe isn't broken. While George is angry at it right now, I think that someday he'll be able to look at it fondly and be happy that he can still hear Fred tell jokes.

This story is really keeping me on my toes. A lot of the times I have the plot of a story figured out once I'm a few chapters in, but with this one, I really have no idea what's next. I'm curious to see if Jo will keep building up more courage in regards to George. She has a promise to keep and he needs some support to help himself heal. I see a lot of potential for them, but based on Jo's unusual behavior, I'm just not sure.

Really great job so far! I am thoroughly enjoying this read!


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Review #3, by CambAngst 

17th August 2015:
Taaahhhnnn---yyyaaa! I heard you were close to 200 reviews on this story AND I'm makig my way through GryCReMo. Such fortuitous timing! Please allow me to take a moment for my own scorekeeping:

GryCReMo (Review #18)

Fred is a special kind of annoying. And Josephine is a special kind of stubborn. I don't want either one of those statements to come off as cheap and flip. Fred is literally impossible to ignore if he's decided that he wants your attention. And Josephine has that special type of stubbornness born out of a paralyzing fear of doing or saying something if it might be the wrong thing. We're in "irresistible force vs. immovable object" territory here. It's nice to see that irresistible force won.

The snow globe was such a cool idea! Honestly, it was cool enough for me before it started talking. That was like extra decoration on a cake that was already iced.

Utter, utter git. -- But it works, because the git gets the girl. Ha! I slay me.

And then we move on to the sad half of the chapter. :-|

You did a really great job of writing it with an awkward, claustrophobic feel, like the world was collapsing around Josephine and George and -- at least from her point of view -- everyone else in the shop. It seemed painful for both of them. When George throws in the towel at closing time, it's pretty obvious that he's done enough "recovering" for one day.

Fred's voice in her mind, urging her on to try to help George recover, was a good plot device. It really doesn't matter whether it's real or just in her head. (Obligatory: why should that make it any less real?) The imperative is there to try to ease George's pain.

I really love the way you paced the scene in the back room of the store. I have to imagine that you're always tempted to have Josephine move a little faster, to have her step a bit out of character and rush to George's side. But you resist the urge and keep her true to form and I really appreciate that.

Your writing was beautiful in this. I couldn't see a thing wrong with it. In fact, from now on, if I don't say otherwise, just assume your writing was brilliant. ;)

Great job! I shall return soon, but probably not soon enough to keep someone else from scooping review #200. :-/

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Review #4, by nott theodore 

13th August 2015:
Oh hey, look at that! I told you that I'd be back with some more reviews and (hopefully) writing encouragement, didn't I? Also, this is my 1300th review and I thought that it deserved to go to someone lovely and amazing like you! ♥

This was such a brilliant chapter - maybe my favourite so far, because I feel like we're really getting into the novel now and finding out what happens a little more than the stage of limbo that Josephine was stuck in during the first few chapters (not that those weren't amazing too, of course!). Plus, you left the last chapter on a bit of a cliffhanger, and I was really intrigued to see what had happened and how you were going to continue with the story!

Ah, I seriously don't know how you manage to capture the twins so perfectly! I wish I could write like this, because it's just so brilliant - the twins, and particularly Fred, here, seem like they've just walked out of the books and are now starring in a novel of their very own (shared, of course, with the wonderful Josephine) and I'm jealous and loving it all at the same time :P

Also, I think that the two of us need to talk about this story, Tanya. Because you know what? Even though it's brilliant and I love it, I think you're having far too much fun being an evil author and toying with your readers' emotions completely. Do you think I haven't noticed the way that you start every chapter with something sweet and nostalgic and funny, just building the reader up and making them smile, and then you bring them crashing down with a glimpse at the period after Fred's death? Well, I have. You might think you're sneaky but you can't fool me - you are definitely having far too much fun with this one, even though I have to admit that I kind of love it, a little bit (a lot) ♥

Fred in the first scene was just so perfectly Fred! I loved the way that you wrote that scene, the way that his and Josephine's friendship had progressed into an easy, comfortable one and they were both so relaxed around each other. You showed that in just a couple of details, the way that they'd grown so close as time passed - and then I loved the way that you captured Fred. His impatience when he was waiting for Josephine to finish what she was doing (you know, the job that he pays her for :P) so he could show her something really made me laugh. The strategy for making her pay him attention was so childlike and funny but it fit so well with him - someone with a lot of siblings definitely knows how to annoy someone else into getting their attention, and he executed that one very well here.

It was so sweet that Fred wanted to show Josephine the present! I absolutely adored the idea behind it - that the two of them want to make presents for each other rather than buying something, so that they put thought and love into it. I feel like it's one of the only times that they'd really show each other how much they meant to each other, because it's something they probably left unspoken far too often - both of them knew it, so they felt like they didn't need to say it.

Anyway, I loved the snowglobe! It was such a perfect, thoughtful gift and such an amazing piece of magic! I really loved the fact that it was a bit more sentimental than what they'd normally give each other because it would come to have so much more significance later on, but also that Fred shared it with Josephine. I think that he partly wanted her approval and partly wanted to share it with her as a sort of gift of his own to her over George, in a way.

Then the second scene, when the shop reopened - do you enjoy breaking my heart? Actually, I know you do, so that's probably a redundant question. You did such a fantastic job of writing about the shop reopening, though! I can completely picture George in this stage of grief, when he tries to return his life to some semblance of normality - because that's what he should be doing, because that's what everyone expects of him - and he just isn't equipped to cope with it yet. How can it be normal in the joke shop when Fred isn't there at his side? They should be there together, laughing and cracking jokes and welcoming the customers back, helping to put a smile on their faces after the war has kept them miserable for so long. But he can't do that, because he can't be happy... gah, this is just so sad.

I loved the part where Josephine started hearing Fred's voice, almost, as if he was telling her what to do and how to help his brother. It really pushed her out of her comfort zone, but I feel like George really needs her right now - he needs someone there for him who misses Fred almost as much as he does - and she can be that person.

I can't believe that he broke the globe! The way that you described his reaction when he realised what he'd done was so heartbreaking! I know what that feels like - something that didn't seem important before suddenly takes on so much significance when you've lost the person who gave it to you, and breaking it feels like you've lost them again, and betrayed them... you captured his reaction to that perfectly. I really hope that the globe has been entirely fixed, and that Fred's voice still comes out of it! But I'm really glad that Josephine was forced outside of her comfort zone and pushed into going and checking on George, because he really needed someone there right then to help him, so that he wasn't completely alone in his grief.

This was a really wonderful chapter, Tanya, and I'll be onto the next one very soon - thank you for breaking my heart about the twins all over again *sobs*

Sian :)

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Review #5, by Penelope Inkwell 

20th July 2015:
For the House Cup 2015, Slytherin

I think this is my favorite chapter so far. I think it so perfectly captures the "trying to move on" stage of grieving--those baby steps where you're bound to fall. I think I've read some one-shots of George immediately after Fred's death, but I've never come across anything from the period right after, where he's got to try to pick up the pieces and figure out what to do now. I like how you had them open Wheezes--I could totally see that scenario happening. George would be operating at half his ability, so I don't think they'd be adequately prepared. I could see him just trying to go through the motions, assuming that the "Grand Reopening" couldn't possibly be that big or grand because without Fred how could it be? But of course Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes was once one of the most popular destinations in Diagon Alley, and lots of people who have just survived a war are looking for a bright spot in there day, so they'd want to go have a laugh. It was the perfect storm, and it was very realistic.

I'm glad that Fred's death is at least forcing Josephine to step out of her comfort zone to honor what she knows his wishes would be. Hopefully it will be good for her.

CC: I didn't see anything this time! It was a wonderful chapter. They all are.


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Review #6, by 1917farmgirl 

27th April 2015:
How on earth did I never review this chapter? That's just not right. Not right at all.

Tanya, I'm seriously at a loss as to how to review this. I wanted to give you one of those massive detailed reviews that you seem to excel at so well when you review my stuff, but as I read, I found myself unable to stop and make mental notes about all the parts I wanted to mention to you. I was way, way too caught up in what was playing out on the page before me to do that.

I've read this before, many times, actually, as you worked it over (and over, and over, LOL.) But that doesn't matter. I don't know how you do it, but when you take those thoughts and ideas and emotions you have and let them pour out onto paper, something magical happens.

This story is literally one of the best I have ever written. Your Fred, your George...they are all I could ever hope and dream my beloved twins to be. And Josephine is SO AMAZINGLING REAL! How can you not love her?

The genius of this set up, making me laugh and love Fred in the first part - because he is just so FRED! So perfect. And then ripping my heart out in the next part.

Just so you know, I don't care how long it takes you to finish this story, I will be right here, waiting and begging for more, because this is THE ultimate Fred and George fic and nothing else I read can ever compare.

Now excuse me while I go have a good cry.

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Review #7, by LadyL8 

28th March 2015:
Hi again, Tanya. Iím back with the 4th and final review for now, but I like the story so Iíll probably keep an eye on it and come back later on when things have quieted down a little :)

OMG. This was so tragically beautiful. Itís very beautifully written, but tragic because it always tragic when you lose someone important in your life. And since Iím coming straight from the last chapter, I canít help but notice the contrast to it. There everyone was joking around and simply having fun. In some way that made this chapter even more tragic, because I had just seen them all happy and lively. And you write sad chapters so well that Iím actually wondering if I should be worried for you, Tanya (I should not, should I?)

Anyway, Iím feeling so sorry for George now. In this chapter you can really see him struggling, as is to be expected of someone whoís just lost their twin. Heís putting on a brave face, but heís definitely having hard time. And it canít be easy going back to the shop after having gone through something like that. He built the shop with Fred, so everything there must remind him of his twin. And it probably doesnít help that itís a place of laughter, and heís feeling the very opposite of what the place is suppose to represent.

I really liked (or not liked, depending on how you see it) the similarities between the broken globe and how they Ė especially George Ė feel after having lost Fred. It was really clever to have a flashback showing why the globe was so important to them, and then have George destroy it in present day. It definitely added to the sad feeling thatís all over this chapter, and I just wanted to give George a long and warm hug. Poor guy :(

And I loved that Fredís voice was guiding Josephine in a way - that she was trying to act like she thought heíd want her to act if he was there. And I think Josephine made great progress in this chapter. Sheís gone from not being able to be around George without hiding, to now comforting him (a little awkwardly one may say, but itís not exactly easy to find words in this kind of situation) and even talking to him. So yeah, Josephine is on the right track :)

So Iíve already said this many times, but Iíve fallen in love with the story. I think you have your unique way of telling it, and I love the jumping in time. It really adds contrast to the story as well, because the flashbacks often are from a joyful time and the present daysí are from a sad and grieving time. I also really like Josephineís voice, and I find here to be a very likable and relatable character. And I canít wait to see where this is going, so Iíve favorited the story and Iíll be keeping an eye on it and coming back when I have the time.

Youíre very talented, Tanya. 10/10 and never stop writing! :)

- Lotte
(And while I may not have liked the last riddle very much at the time, I promise I'm not trying to kill you with kindness)

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Review #8, by alicia and anne 

5th March 2015:
Fred is going to be so hilarious with this crush Josephine has on George! Especially mentioning George asleep and drooling! Haha do Fred and George expect anyone to work? :D

Fred is such a child at times! He's brilliant!

Awww it's so adorable that Fred and George get each other home made gifts. I love that fact and I am now going to make it into my headcanon. :D

OH MY GOD THAT GIFT IS SO ADORABLE!!! And those jokes are terribly awesome that they're so funny!

Oh George! He's changed so much, I want Josephine to be there for him, to help heal him. Even say a few of Fred's terrible jokes. :(

Oh no! he broke it! :( And she's there and she's hearing Fred's voice in her head egging her on!

Gah!!! She held his hand and he's staring at her and he's noticed her more and they had a moment and she helped him! And I want more!!! :D

I want so much more!!! I absolutely love this so much! I know I say it in every review, but I seriously do! It's so amazing! Just oh my god!!! I feel so many emotions and it's because you're such a fantastic author!

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Review #9, by likeness_of_a_seabird 

22nd January 2015:
Hufflepuff Hot Seat Review, round three!

Poor George! Canít catch a break, can he? First he is swarmed by overeager customers, then he breaks the globe Fred gave him. Honestly, the moment when he stands there, frozen, and realises what he just did broke my heart.

I get that people are happy that Weasleysí Wizard Wheezes is open again but donít they realise George just lost his brother? The least they could do was to respect that and leave when the shop closes without too much of a fuss. How very rude of them to complain over a closing time and leave a mess behind.

I loved how Jo was relying on Fredís voice to guide her and seeking the courage she needed from the memory of him. I think that by doing this, sheís not only honouring the promise she made to Fred but also keeping his memory alive.

Speaking of Fred, I had to smile when he resulted to tormenting Jo because she didnít come to see what he had to show for her immediately. The whole poking and tickling and generally acting like a five-year-old was so typically Fred. I also liked how he was worried that George might like the Christmas present. It shows how much they care about each other (not that there was ever any doubt about it but it is good to show it once in a while). And that globe was simply phenomenal! If this doesnít prove that Fred and George are gifted with magic, nothing will!

Another great chapter! Iím looking forward to seeing what weíll see next in the ďpast-sectionĒ. I love the whole story, but if I had to name a part of a chapter that I liked the most, it would be those parts.

- Emmi

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Review #10, by MrsJaydeMalfoy 

14th January 2015:
Aw, so sweet, but sad at the same time. It was really heartbreaking to see how excited Fred was about giving the snow globe to George, and then turn around and see how much pain it's causing George to hear Fred's voice now that he's gone. It was really genius the way you featured the snow globe in both parts of the chapter dear, really!

Fred's annoying Jo in the first part was really hilarious, and I loved how, even though he's gone now, Jo can practically hear his voice, telling her to go help George... and his voice is ultimately what finally gives her the strength to talk to George, and even touch him for the first time.

And I would leave a longer review... but I need to go read chapter 5 now. :P Well done!

Author's Response: "Aw, so sweet, but sad at the same time."

LOL Yeah... that's sort of this whole story wrapped up in one sentence, isn't it? IT'S BECAUSE I'M EVIL AND ENJOY TOYING WITH PEOPLE'S EMOTIONS! MUAHAHA! :-P

No, but seriously, I'm so happy you enjoyed this chapter as well - especially the snow globe and the way it played a big part in both sections, but in such drastically different ways. (And I know, I know! Poor, poor George... :()

I'm thrilled you're liking Fred's influence on Josephine, even in death, because he plays a big part in that way pretty often throughout this entire story.

And pffft. Jayde, these reviews are amazing - don't even worry for a second about length! You're the best. ♥

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Review #11, by Freda_and_Georgina 

3rd January 2015:
Hello, Georgina is back.

I am at a loss for words right now. (yes, that is an exaggeration because what's a review without words?) I love Fred, I love George, I love Josephine and their relationships with each other. I love the globe, I love Fred's voice in Josephine's head, and I love the store closure. I don't know what I think of Josephine just allowing George to be broken like that, my heart wants to run over and snap him out of it! But, at the same time I understand why she just runs. Ew, did you have to put in a description of the glass in George's gyaaa. (not a Healer, can you tell?)

I love your story and the way you're weaving it together.

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Review #12, by maraudertimes 

22nd December 2014:
Ugh I'm so late. :( So sorry!

OMG this chapter was a heart break wrapped in a blanket of sorrow accompanied by a triple chocolate sundae of utter sadness and depression. Although TBH, I would like the sundae right about now... Nothing like chocolate to soothe the aching soul that you have made me because of your impeccable writing and sad plot. Darn you!

Okay, so it was so sad, this entire thing, and I'm going to try and keep my cool, calm collected self about while I - HOW COULD YOU? Why would people deliberately steal merchandise after the war and everything George has been through. Out of everything in this chapter that's the thing I hated the most. To steal from a man who's mourning the loss of his twin brother? I'm not saying, I'm just saying, Death Eater practices would be totally cool on them, me thinks!

The fact that word got out didn't surprise me because Weasley's Wizard Wheezes was really popular before the war and after everything, people need a laugh. The only thing is, I wish people hadn't stormed the store. :( Obviously the employees were having a hard time. Couldn't they wait?

And of course at closing time, the whole George not wanting to stay late made me so sad considering that he would always keep it open. But it makes sense, as does the he not caring about the mess (also super rude! how can people do that? do they not have consciouses? or is it consciouseese? I don't know...). When he went to his office and Fred's voice was in Jo's head? Oops I'm bawling. And then she went to go see him!!! Darn you!

Okay, the whole sadness, mourning thing - right on the nose. It's spectacular how you write your characters and the grief and other emotions they deal with. Everything is spot on and simply amazing. The fact that George reacted that way to Fred's snow globe (amazing gift by the way - I loved the jokes! :P), while it made me sad, it did scream realistic. And then Jo stayed and cleaned his wounds - literally and figuratively - and that whole exchange just made my heart hurt and OMG WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME???

All in all, amazing chapter! I'm so sorry I was late, I got really crazy sick this weekend and I'm better now so hopefully next review up soon but work and I'm so sorry, but I do love this story and I'm so excited to read the next chapter - YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW GOOD THIS IS I LOVE IT.

You are an amazing writer and this story is stunning. After the next chapter I might have to favourite it. :P But truly - this was absolutely incredible!
Lo :)

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Review #13, by Moonyxluna 

15th December 2014:
Hey Tanya! Happy hot seat day!

I have to start out by saying how sad I am that I haven't read this sooner! I really have enjoyed reading up to here so far. Fred and Josephine's developing friendship in the previous chapters has been so fun to read. I love how their conversations are seemingly so one-sided, but at the same time they retain this balance in their friendship where Fred can basically argue himself in circles with Josephine's facial expressions. It gives her such a neat characterization, because where she's really quiet, she has such a prominent voice through the chapters I've read so far, that even when she's not speaking she's still being brilliantly characterized.

Another thing I have particularly loved have been a lot of your one-liners in this story so far. There have been a few times where the truth in some of your sentences has been very awe-inspiring, and they stay with you as you keep reading.

The formatting of each of the chapters has been really neat, how you start each one of them off with a little happy part from the past, where we see the two happy and bonding, and then the second half is the 'present day' of the story where we see Josephine out on her own and trying to cope with things. I am so curious on how things are going to play out in the upcoming chapters!

Anyway! On to this chapter!

Their friendship is absolutley fantastic. I love how Fred can read her expressions so well, and all of the snark she manages to give him through her eyebrows is fabulous. That gift was so adorable! I feel like you captured a side of Fred that authors rarely do, just through the gift; the large part of his personality is the laughter, but that's not the only part of him, and it was sweet to see some of those emotions poking through in that part.

That, and the 'poke poke poke' was hilarious.

I am SO looking forward to some interactions - in the 'past' part of the story, or the 'present' - between Josephine and George. That one little moment during her interview was NOT enough!

The one sentence George says over the microphone, I think the word 'weary' just perfectly describes how he has to be feeling. That day itself has got to be so overwhelming, emotions wise, to George, and to have it be that busy probably doesn't help.

Yay, she's a Hufflepuff!

Well, just rip my heart out with the Christmas gift against the wall.

That whole scene was so emotional, and I feel like it set the dynamic between the two of them into motion. It was so well written and definitely left me needing more! I've become very attached to this in a short amount of time, and I can't wait to read more of it!


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Review #14, by Cal585 

2nd December 2014:
It's ridiculous how proud I feel of her for actually speaking to George and being there for him. Loved the first part of the chapter with Fred's present. Such a lovely idea, and his nerves covered up with humour. I thought you described that really well, and I definitely feel fond of him. I was so pleased he asked Jo for her opinion. It makes me really happy that he values her. And the end! I was sort of heart in mouth the entire time, but it all worked out fine. More than fine! Though I'm really hoping the snow globe is alright...

I have to say that you're doing a wonderful job of conveying all the feelings. I often see loss written in a meh fashion. It's either too brief, then ignored in favour of the storyline, or too overdone. It does help that you're writing an emotive story, but I just wanted to say I think you've done a really good job at balancing out the emotions and having some lightness and brevity in there. Your chapters seem long I think, at least when I open them up. But I can honestly say that's the only time I notice. It just flows so well and your build up is really smooth. So despite initial misgivings, I think the size is absolutely perfect and allows me to really immerse myself in the chapter.

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Review #15, by SkyEcho 

10th July 2014:

I was so happy to see that another chapter had been posted :) This is easily one of my favourite stories! I absolutely love the interactions between Jo and Fred. It's so clear how they simply just 'get' one another.
Your description of the gift Fred made for George is wonderful. It's revealed slowly, almost like how I'd imagine Jo to be taking it all in. I love the idea of a snow globe coming to life when you shake it - and the jokes add that much anticipated Fred-ness haha.

The description of George in the crowded shop really tugged at my heart! And Jo's constant uncertainty about going after him and checking on him is so endearing. You've done a great job of showing the reasons why she's acting so out of her comfort zone, yet still having her remain true to her character.

Aww it is heartbreaking to read just how lost they are with their grief. This chapter was so good! I can't wait to find out what happens next!!

*House Cup 2014 Review*

Author's Response: Hi SkyEcho!!! I'm SO sorry for how long it's taken me to reply to this incredible review, but I hope you know that my tardiness is in no way a reflection upon how grateful I am for your comment! *hugs*

Yay! I love hearing that! :-D Ugh, you're too sweet, I could die happy right now. :-p I am just beyond thrilled that you love the story so much, and especially that the relationship between Fred and Jo is seen by you exactly as I meant for it to be! Phew! haha

The snow globe! That was so much fun coming up with, I'm so stoked that you enjoyed it, and even more excited that it felt very Fred-esque! hehehe That's just great!

Ah, part two was so sad to write, but I'm glad that it translated to the readers! I love that you called Jo endearing, as I think that's such an accurate description of her actions here. Ah, your compliments are just so phenomenal to hear, I can't thank you enough for your kind words! I feel like you really understand the story as it was intended to be perceived, which is so exciting for me to see! You're the lovliest. ^.^

I cannot thank you enough for this truly fantastic review. If you could see the smile this has put on my face... hahaha Seriously, I truly appreciate this review and am endlessly grateful for the time and care you put into leaving it for me! Yay! :-D

Tanya ^.^

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Review #16, by JJtheNerdfightingStarkid 

7th July 2014:
It's been so long since I've logged into HPFF and when I do, I find that one of my all time favourite stories is back! I am so, so, SO excited and I absolutely cannot wait for more!

Author's Response: Omg, that is such an incredibly wonderful thing to hear! Thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoy this story so much! Chapter five is about complete, so hopefully the edits won't take much longer! I hope I'll see you again in the next chapter! Thank you for the lovely review, you're far too kind! *squee*

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Review #17, by Lumos Flareum 

10th June 2014:
Awesome stuff! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you're enjoying it and I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to review! Hopefully chapter five will be up within the next week or two! ^.^

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Review #18, by MileyMalfoy 

30th April 2014:
Oh my goodness. I love this story already! I wasn't too sure how it would work with a main character that clearly doesn't talk too much but it's a really really interesting perspective which I'm thoroughly enjoying. I love that Fred's personality is still allowed to develop through her memories of the earlier times, and then comes through in her actions after his death, and I was really moved by her interactions with George in this chapter. I can't wait to see where this goes next just because it's so different and... well addicting really :p

Seriously I think you're doing a great job with it! The only hint of something other than gushing compliments in this review is this: there was one tiny little error where you had "with no end in site" and it should be "sight"... but other than that I'm just going to echo how amazingly talented you are Tanya! This story is breathtaking and I cannot wait to read more!


Author's Response: Meg! Again! AGAIN THIS: YOU ARE FAR TOO KIND! hahaha No, really though. REALLY THOUGH. Too kind. I can't. I can't even. I can't.

Daww, little Jo. Yeah, she's quite fun to write, silent as she tends to be! I'm so glad you're enjoying her! When I thought her up (ages and ages ago now), I knew I wanted someone different than the rather overdone loud, attention-seeking, sarcastic, witty, vivacious OC's you see a lot in fanfics, and because those types of girls are so popular, I've been so relieved to see people enjoy Jo at all! So YAY!

And omg, Fred. I have so much fun writing him, and I'm just thrilled people think I'm handling him well! I'm particularly ecstatic that you're enjoying his and Jo's (albeit very odd) friendship, and the give and take they've developed! Also, I'm so beyond relieved that the second half of this chapter moved you - I was definitely very nervous posting it, and really hoped I done alright with her and George's first real scene together that didn't involve her hiding... hahaha

SITE! LOL *feels stupid* Thank you for pointing that out! Honestly, I can't believe that's the only silly typo that was found in there! hehehe But Meg, Meg, Meg, you are too kind! TOO KIND. (But secretly I really love it.) Thank you, honestly, for being so supportive, and I sincerely hope to have chapter five to you asap! *hugs*

Tanya :)

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Review #19, by HeyMrsPotter 

24th April 2014:
Me again! I feel incredibly guilty for not reading this sooner after seeing your Author Note at the bottom :p You're very welcome by the way!

So, I am most definitely, positively, absolutely NOT furiously wiping tears away after reading this so that I can leave one of my usual incoherent reviews. Not even a little bit. This chapter (as with everything you write) was just beyond perfect. I think the talent fairy was far to generous when she sprinkled her dust on you. It's very rare that I get teary at fanfiction (okay, I admit it, this made me cry) but I just couldn't help it! Between George's grief and Josephine's grief and her continued unrequited love for him and him breaking the globe and basically every word in this whole chapter, how could I not cry like a baby?!

Their moment at the end was just...gah. Beyond words. The way you wrote it just created this amazing palpable tension between then, I was nervous and excited for her finally approaching him, my heart was racing as though it was me healing his hand and not Josephine.

As always, I cannot praise your writing enough, Tanya. Please stop reading this and go write the next chapter. NOW.

Author's Response: Oh, Dee, don't be ridiculous! No more apologizing or feeling guilty from you! You're literally so supportive of this fic, it about melts my heart! *hugs*

Gah! *hugshugshugs* Is it awful of me to be happy that I brought you to tears? If it helps, I feel badly too! But more happy, so... I don't know where that leaves us. ;) Also... talent fairy? hehehe Daww, you're literally far too good to me, I can't even. How am I meant to respond to this review coherently!? LOL Really, though, I'm taking the crying thing as a huge, beautiful compliment. My mind's a little blown, to be honest. Thank you so much. *hugs*

Eep! Omg, everything you're saying is EXACTLY what I was going for with that end scene! I am a puddle on the floor right now. I don't even what to say - I'm just... so exceedingly grateful to you and to those comments. Ugh.

Seriously, Dee, what am I meant to say to you at this point that even half-expresses how grateful I am to you? Especially now with chapter five through validation and your being the biggest reason it got there at all? I just hope that when you get the chance to read chapter five, that it was worth the wait (cause this review for chapter four was left back in APRIL! LOL)!

I just adore you.

Tanya ^.^

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Review #20, by Rumbleroar goes roar 

10th April 2014:
Ah! It makes sense that you took a break, as there was a definite improvement in your writing (not that it wasn't great before!) It just seemed a bit... Tighter? I think that's really good :)

I love the obvious contrast between past and present in this chapter. Easy-going Fred and poor breaking George :( I'm really impressed on how you've dealt with the sadness. It's not too over the top and it reads really well. I just want to look after George. Or get Josephine to do it for me :P

But I already love Josephine and I can't wait to read more about her previous relationship with Fred, her developing relationship with George and a bit more about her life.
Really loving this story! :)

Author's Response: Ah, it's taken so long to respond to this review, and for that I am so, so sorry! I got so backed up, but please know that it in no way diminishes my incredible love and appreciation for this fabulous review! *hugs*

(Side-note: Am I allowed to blame it on your kidnapping me? :-p) Ahem.

That is honestly so wonderful to hear! I've been feeling for awhile now that rewriting chapters one and two to just tighten them up a bit would be really beneficial for this story, but I've been so unmotivated to do the sort of nit-picky editing required for such an overhaul. I'm really excited that you noticed the improvement, though! :-D

Thank you! I'm really happy this format is working for you! It's a little bizarre writing each chapter when the sections are so opposing in content, but it's also really fun to go from one extreme to the other, and I'm happy readers have been perceptive to it, too! Also, I'm so happy you found the emotional bits well-done, as that's really important to me! Yay! And I so want to snuggle George too, but I will live vicariously through Jo for that. :-p

Eep! It's my favorite thing when people say they love Josephine. She's such an important little lamb of a character to me and it really warms my heart when other people feel strongly about her, as well! I'm so excited that you're so excited to read more! Chapter five is on the verge of getting posted! Keep your eyes peeled next weekend, as I'm shooting for then!

Thank you again for another wonderful review! You're just so lovely! *hugs*

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Review #21, by ruby_slippers 

7th April 2014:
Son of a gun! A kind of conversation! Words were exchanged, if only minimal and one way - it still counts! Woo! I love how quiet this story is and yet how enthralling and exciting at the same time (and heart breaking)! LOVE IT!
I miss George too ...

Author's Response: LOL! Yes! She did it!... Sort of. :-p Definitely still counts, though! hehehe So great to see you back for more, and I'm so happy you enjoyed this chapter! Dawww, thank you! It's so wonderful to hear that - quiet, but exciting! *squee* Thank you so much for your continued support with this story! Chapter five will be up quicker than chapter four was, I promise! I sincerely appreciate the reviews and your infectious enthusiasm! *hugs*

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Review #22, by marauderfan 

3rd April 2014:
New chapter! :D

Once again my feelings went on a bit of a roller coaster here. The beginning section was a combination of sweet and ridiculous - the idea of Fred's gift was just so sincere and the jokes involved kind of cancelled out the sincerity ahaha but I loved the delicate balance between Fred's nervousness and cheeky arrogance while Josephine looks at the snowglobe.

oh and I loved the bit where Fred is secretly just 5 years old, poking Jo repeatedly and saying hey until she gives up, and her determination to keep silent until he gives up!

The second part was so sad, but I'm glad Jo listened to her internal Fred-voice, because I think that did help George. Honestly, I love that Jo knew Fred well enough to hear his voice advising her, because he would know exactly what to do when it comes to George.

Lovely chapter, Tanya!

Author's Response: Kristin!!! Eep! *hugs*

hahaha Yeah, this story tends to do that... I like to blame the slow updates on the fact that it's hard to write from one extreme to the other in the same chapter. ;) hehehe Anyway, yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed the snow globe (though, yeah, those jokes definitely kept it from being a completely sincere gift! hehehe) and the way Fred handles the whole situation! hehehe

LOL Right? He's always struck me as the type to resort to that sort of behavior when the circumstances asked for it! :-p They're such a strange duo... hahaha

Ugh, I know... :( Poor George... I'm really thrilled that the second half both landed with you and that you loved the Fred-voice! I think it helped, too - or as much as it could have in such a terrible situation.

You're so wonderful. Thank you again for another incredible review! Seriously, I cannot express to you how very grateful I am for them! *hugs*

Tanya ^.^

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Review #23, by Unicorn_Charm 

2nd April 2014:
Yay! I was so excited when I checked my list and saw the story was updated! I immediately came to read it.

I don't know what else to say, again, but wow. This was a very powerful chapter. It's amazing how you can have me laughing one moment and almost in tears the next. Poor George... I feel this is an extremely accurate representation of how he would have reacted after losing Fred. (I still can't handle the loss of Fred. I threw my book the first time I read his death scene)

I love Jo so much. I truly do. She reminds me a lot of myself, to be honest.

You really are a phenomenal writer. I wish I had a quarter of your talent. I cannot wait to read more, you very much have me hooked!

Thank you again and again for the wonderful story!! 10/10 for all of it!

xoxo -Meg

Author's Response: Hello again, Meg! :-D

Yay! I'm so excited to see you back again! It's really so wonderful to have a regular reader always returning for more, and your continued comments and support just blow my mind! You are too good to me, I swear it! *hugs*

Thank you so much! "Powerful" - that's a great word to hear in response to this chapter - I was really hoping for this installment to have that sort of effect! Phew! And I know, I can't help it - this story is such an emotional roller-coaster, even within single chapters because of the set-up! And thank you, thank you, thank you for saying that you found George accurate! It's really tricky to take him on without Fred there and I definitely get progressively more worried about his portrayal as I dig deeper into his post-war character, but it's really reassuring to hear I'm doing well so far! ^.^ (And I know - I still barely process it and sort of ignore Fred's death anytime I'm not writing this fic... it's too sad! Wah! LOL You threw your book! That's a great reaction. I think I just stopped reading for a bit to yell, "NO, NO, NO!" a handful of times. :-p)

I love that you love Jo so much. She's a really important character to me and it really touches my heart when people love her as well - and especially when they see bits of themselves in her. Makes me want to hug you! *glomps*

Gah! Stahhp it, you're too kind! hehehe I sincerely appreciate the compliments and the support - it's honestly inspiring to me as a writer to have a fan so passionate about my story and my writing in general! I couldn't be more grateful to you - thank you so, so much for this and all of your other reviews! You're just wonderful!

Tanya ^.^

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Review #24, by UnluckyStar57 

2nd April 2014:

Thank you for FINALLY updating this story!! Maybe next time the wait won't be so long, hmmm? ;)

But seriously, I had been looking forward to this chapter ever since I read and reviewed the last three (which was forever ago, wasn't it?!). So I'm super excited that it's out, and congratulations to you!

Unfortunately, I don't have time to write an essay on how wonderful this chapter is, but here's the Cliff Notes version:

This chapter is impeccable. I love the dynamic between Josephine and Fred-her reluctance and his buoyancy. The gift that Fred made for George is super amazing! They should sell those at WWW! However, it was sad that, two years later, George smashed that gift. Josephine was there to witness the gift's beginning and end. I love the juxtaposition between the two scenes! And the action moves along so nicely... How do you do it?! You're amazing!

Okay, sorry that was jumbly, but I just wanted to drop by and gush about how cool you are. :)

Write like the wind! :D


Author's Response: Hello, hello (she said, many months later... so sorry for the delay in response)!

LOL You're welcome? hahaha I know, I am actually the slowest writer and the worst updater! And... now with chapter five up (another... five or six months later?) we can probably cross that possibility off the list... NEXT TIME! ;)

Gah, you're so sweet! Thank you for the compliments and the congrats! I took my sweet time, but got there in the end! ...that's what counts, right? :-p

NOTHING wrong with a Cliff Notes version, especially when it's this lovely! *squee*

Ugh, you're seriously too wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! So glad you liked the snow globe gift! I had a blast creating it! hehehe But yeah, seeing it in that funny stage really made losing it in the same chapter hard to see. Ah, I'm so thrilled you liked the chapter so much - both as individual halves, and as a single unit! Really, you're far too kind. How can I even respond to this?! haha *hugs*

Not jumbly - wonderful! Thank you again, this is such an incredible review to have received! :-D

*writes like the wind* (hopefully)

Tanya ^.^

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