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Review #1, by Meredith 

19th July 2015:
I feel like I need to leave a review (or 50) as this story has been amazing. You have written all of the characters so well, making them so multifaceted that we still care about all of them even though they have some questionable morals. I'm looking ahead and I'm really really hoping that you're planning on finishing this series. :)

Author's Response: YOU are amazing! Thank you so much for this review, and for following this story. I promise that I intend to finish it... though at this rate, it might not be anytime soon. :P Thank you! :D

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Review #2, by Teddy1993 

23rd September 2014:
It's clear to see that Astoria is becoming more repulsed by the fascist ideas that the Death Eaters stand for. Even if that includes her own father. It seems Yaxley is having less and less interest in his daughters and more in his own position within the Death Eaters and the new Ministry of Magic. This might just encourage Tor to turn her back on her own family.

The installation of the Muggleborn Registration Commission sure complicates things for the relationship between Tor and Terry. Another thing I hadn't thought about before. I'm interested to see where you take it from here.

Author's Response: Hi again!!

Yes, she definitely is and it doesn't help that Yaxley has a lot of stress on him right now so he's not thinking a lot about Tor. He's being caught up in his own ambition, but also his fears, and it's driving Tor away.

Yes, it certainly is especially since her dad is one of the people directly responsible for hunting down Muggleborns and administering punishment. It's a tough thing for her to handle, but at this point she's still nervous about how to assert her identity and sacrifice her family for her values.

Thanks for another wonderful review!! :)

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Review #3, by nott theodore 

16th August 2014:
Hello, darling!

Aw, the opening of this chapter with the letter to Tor from Terry was so sweet! He seems to be living such a normal and happy life at home and I'm glad that he's been able to get away from the darkness that's surrounding the wizarding world at the moment, even if he's kept informed of it to some extent. I'm glad that he's able to have some nice times but the line about returning to Hogwarts in September and explaining things to Tor then was so sad, because he won't be able to do that and he doesn't know it yet!

The contrast between Terry's letter and the atmosphere in Tor's house is really strong, and I thought it was really effective. They're still trying to enjoy their summer but a lot of their thoughts are focused on what the Death Eaters are doing. I feel so sorry for Tor, that she feels she might have been the one to give away Charity Burbage to the Death Eaters and might have caused her death! She couldn't have known that she'd be the one to do that, and I feel so sorry for her and Pyxis too, who clearly hasn't realised the full extent of things at this point, since he was shocked about what happened. I'm getting more worried about Yaxley finding out, though, about Tor, because while her feelings of distance for him are growing and that's understandable, he's sure to notice that something is wrong. There are a few different moments in this chapter when he notices her behaviour might be a bit suspicious and I'm worried about what could happen because of that.

I thought you wrote Yaxley's glee and happiness at the thought of the recognition he'd get for putting the Imperius Curse on Thicknesse was really great, and so in character. At the meeting in the books we clearly see that he's wanting to impress Voldemort and get rewarded for that, but it doesn't happen and that made me a bit happier :P

The scene when Tor and Pyxis were listening in to their fathers' conversation was really interesting. I love the way that you work in the canon events, but the way that they were talking about them, particularly Moody's death, was just awful. It was even worse when they realised that they were being listened to, because now I think Yaxley might start getting suspicious of Tor. She's lucky that she's able to control her own mind, but I worry that with the way she's beginning to feel about her parents, she might give herself away even so. Pyxis is a worry too, because I can understand how he feels. It's awful to know that your mind is so easy to access for other people, even though you don't intend it to be, and especially when you've got secrets to keep. I think Tor might be a bit out of order asking to perform a memory charm on him, though, because she needs to remember what the effects of her attempt to do that on Terry were. I can understand it, but she needs to stop telling him things! What if Terry's exposed because Yaxley tries Tor's mind and then settles on Pyxis as an easier target?

The magic of that book that they'd found from Hogwarts is wonderful! I love the idea of something like that existing because it's just so magical and fits so well with that world, but I hate the idea of it being used to have a record of every witch and wizard in the country when they're planning on using it for finding Muggle-borns. I just hope that Tor manages to warn Terry and stop him from being found before it's too late.

The ending section was really interesting too. I hadn't even thought about who'd be the Head Boy and Girl during the Carrows' regime, but it makes sense that they'd choose the son and daughter of a Death Eater. I do wonder why Tor wasn't chosen to be prefect along with Pyxis, though, when her father's so important; does someone else suspect something about her?

Sian :)

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Review #4, by marauderfan 

31st March 2014:
So intense, this chapter! I can't even. Jhdfjhgrsihsdsh

The letter from Terry was cute! Please tell me they see each other again before the Prologue... :-/

The part where Tor was reading the magazine and Pyxis found it... that was just the saddest thing, because clearly it's that which led to Professor Burbage's death, and Pyxis wouldn't have done that if he knew what the consequences would be. He is in such a tough situation, almost worse than Tor, because although he himself is breaking no rules or doing anything to cause suspicion from either side, he knows too much. He's trying to protect people but isn't forward thinking enough to consider the consequences of what he does, and I think that will end badly. I really like Pyxis as a character. Poor kid though, he's so confused. I want to give him a hug.

I love that they have extendable ears from the Weasleys' joke shop. Blood traitors or not, everyone respects a mischief enabler :p

Astoria's birthday is the same day as Voldemort died the first time. That's probably not significant but I just happened to notice haha.

She is really close to cracking. Eek! Hold on just a few more months, Tor!

Not surprised at the selection of Head Boy and Girl.. Pyxis as prefect? Great, because he needs more stressful things on his plate at this point in his life.

I love the way you're slipping these brief references to canon things in here btw - how even though Tor isn't entirely sure what's happening, its clear to the reader what has happened, like Professor Burbage's death, Harry's escape, Mad-eye Moody's death, etc.

Also.. I found a typo, somewhere in there it says "upmost" which should say "utmost". ;)

Anyway, this was a fantastic chapter! Great work as always! ♥

Author's Response: Hi Kristin! :)

Eep, I know! There was so much going on and it's such a dark time. I hope the next few chapters will be equally intense as a lot of trouble is coming Tor's way.

Hmm...can't say much there. :P

I know! :( I found that moment really hard to write, especially since Burbage was a character I really liked in this story. It's so careless of Tor, and foolish of Pyxis, and I think if Tor found out she would feel guilty for a long time. I really like hearing your thoughts on Pyxis - you're right, he's in a really hard spot because he's almost more "in" with the Death Eaters than she is, and he isn't able to protect himself and her in the same way that Tor can through her Legilimency and even some of her relationships. I really like him too, and I'm glad you care about him! :)

Haha! Extendable ears seem like the most useful thing. I wish I had a pair sometimes!

Hmm, you know what, I actually never made that connection! I had originally picked that as her birthday because it was easy to remember and I wanted it to be in that section of the story/year, but I didn't realize it was the day of Voldy's downfall. Interesting...I might have to mention this someday. I'll have a shout-out to you when I do! :D

She is - and things are really not going to get much better, I'm afraid.

Haha, yeah, there are some ulterior motives to the choices of prefects and Heads. Pyxis was never cut out to be a prefect.

I'm really glad you like the mentions of canon! I like tying in how they might effect or come to Tor, even if she is quite sheltered and clueless at the moment.

Excellent - *goes on typo hunt.* :P

Thanks so much for the amazing review, my dear! I really love hearing your thoughts and appreciate the feedback so much! :D

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Review #5, by greenbirds 

30th March 2014:
omfg omfg omfg omfg what do i do? what can i DO, everytime i read this story i fall just a little bit more in love with it all! your scenes grip me until i can't take my eyes off the screen; my heartbeat is DEFinitely not regular. this is unREAL.please update soon, i think i'm going to cry? your obsessive and undying biggest fan, bea xxx

Author's Response: YOU ARE SO SWEET! :) Don't cry, but I'm so very glad you like this, Bea. I can't wait to post the next chapter, hopefully soon! Thank you for the review! ♥

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