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Review #1, by HebrideanBlack 

27th February 2016:
JUST absolutely in love with this story. George and Ted and Andie all in one chapter. And Andie loving and caring for Ted. :)

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Review #2, by UnluckyStar57 

19th April 2014:
Oh dear. There is so much intensity in this chapter that I might die!

Well, first of all, Narcissa is really super naive. It's one thing to be in love with someone; it's quite another thing to be so blind that you can't see the destruction that their actions are causing. So she kind of makes me mad. I mean, I guess her upbringing encouraged this viewpoint and she's not as studious or as open-minded as Andie. (It also doesn't help that she's actually in love with her fiance.) But her words sounded empty, like she was just repeating things she had been told. She has no reason to believe in the cause of the Knights of Walpurgis except for the fact that Lucius said it was a good thing to do. That just makes me angry--which is a good thing, in this case. Not all of the female characters can be as strong/awesome as Andie.

Who, incidentally, went through some really major tests of character in this chapter! George Vanderpool, bless his heart, I never pictured him as a crying person, either. But Andie immediately knows that something is wrong, because when cynical, rich-kid George is crying, the world has gone and turned itself upside down.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Andie definitely felt that when she saw Ted lying there, looking like he was close to death. And even though the situation was incredibly grave, the fact that she held him and asked him not to die was just. So. Adorable. I love those little moments that you write, not because they are romantic in subtext but because they show how much Andie and Ted really care about each other--no matter how hard she tries to stop and how he tries to push her away.

Hufflepuffs are worlds and worlds away from Slytherins, as evidenced by the fact that everyone in Hufflepuff cares about Ted and no one in Slytherin gives a baboon's behind about the health and safety of their fellow snakes. (Gosh, that was a long sentence.) Honestly, Ted is like Cedric Diggory's precursor (everyone loves him!), except TED HAD BETTER NOT DIE, DARN IT!! I think it's so wonderful that they would pitch in for flowers for him. :)

Andie is going to be sneaky!!! Who needs money for wedding preparations anyways, when you have a nice, adorable, dying boy to save!! I just hope that her mother buys it...

Oh! How could I forget the stand off with Eisley! Trololol, someone's jealous! I love how George is standing up for Andie here even though he's not her biggest fan. It shows that he maybe likes Andie more than he likes Eisley... Did Eisley do something to Ted back when they dated? I feel like George would be slightly hostile to anyone who broke the heart of his best friend (like he is to Andie), but I also think that Eisley wasn't a big-deal sort of relationship. Either way, will Andie ever mention it to him? In the context of this chapter (and the chapters following), it doesn't come up, so it might be that I'm making mountains out of molehills... Oh well. :)

Wow, George. So cynical, and yet so shippy of Andie and Ted (kind of) (no, not really) (well, maybe). He's so complex and interesting--maybe he's only a supporting character, but I feel like he moves closer to the status of "main character" with every scene that he's in. Well, maybe he's not as "main" as Andie and Ted, but still. He's had a good bit of spotlight and I like him a lot! Thanks for creating so many characters with so many layers! :D

'Til next time!


Author's Response: Oh, Narcissa. ): It's been increasingly hard to write her character, because she isn't a person who's intentionally or maliciously BAD. She's just comfortable where she is and doesn't see any need to challenge an establishment that doesn't adversely affect her. It's selfishness and complacency, yes, but Narcissa sees it as a way of life. It's not until years and years later, I think, that Narcissa fully realizes just how destructive Lucius' involvement in the Dark Arts is to her own little sphere.

George crying is a sure sign that something is wrong. For all his badgering, he really does care deeply about Ted. And, ahem, so does Andromeda. Even if she won't admit it openly yet, actions speak louder than words. >:]

Haha, I never thought of Ted and Hufflepuff's Cedric Diggory, but in many ways I guess you're right! He's definitely one of the darlings of his house, and badgers just look out for each other, yo. I can testify that it was a really nice card and a REALLY nice bouquet that they got him. No expenses spared, 'cos Hufflepuffs are great like that.

Andie's just putting her critical thinking skills to work! She knows she's got money to burn, anyway, and she's pretty good at sweet talking her mother when she wants to. She just usually never wants to. She's too good for that. Unless Ted is dying...

Ho hum, I can't say much on the Eisley front, but I can say that George does like Andie better. Not that that means much. George doesn't like most people. He's a human porcupine. Or onion. Something kind of unpleasant but (I hope) with layers. Haha. I'm really glad that you're enjoying reading his parts, because I love writing them. I initially just meant for him to be some insignificant dude on the sidelines, and he took on a life of his own.

Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #3, by water_lily43175 

16th April 2014:
IT'S OKAY I haven't died. I just had this thing called "real life" get in the way. But I'm here now, finally! Three juicy new chapters to read, how exciting. :)

Ah, yes, we'd just found out about the Knights of Walpurgis, hadn't we? Unfortunately for Andromeda, Narcissa's reaction is as expected. She strikes me as the type of person who doesn't care about something unless it affects her, and the Dark Arts definitely don't affect her, at least not yet anyway. Poor Andromeda. The beginning of the end for the sisters, I fear.

But it's okay because Dromeda will have Ted!


"he vowed to do some very dreadful things, using very foul language" - oh George. He's one of a kind, isn't he? Such a charmer.

...Ted's dying? Ted is NOT allowed to die! What is this madness?

Poor George. Poor, poor George. It's so clear that Ted means the absolute world to him, and it's a lovely thing to see. At least, it would be if Ted wasn't DYING. Even if we know he lives in the end. These kids don't. Sob. :(

Also, if George doubted Andromeda before, there's no way he can now. As he says himself - she DOES care, and there's no hiding that. SO. Now George knows Ted likes Andromeda, and Andromeda likes Ted, he can play matchmaker! Once Ted's finished dying of course.

...I won't lie, the first thing that came to my mind as Andromeda was doing her neat healing thing, while barefoot, was RAPUNZEL. Andromeda is Rapunzel. Anyway, back to more important matters. It's so lovely to see Andromeda's progress in the past few months. Pretty much EVERYTHING she says to Ted just goes to show how much she's changed. It's wonderful.

And then she speaks with repulsion at the thought of being related to him, whether intentional or not, and I remember how far she still has to go.

And she heals him. Somehow. I thought the first time, at George's house, she just managed to calm him down or something, it didn't occur to me that there was some sort of magical reasoning behind it! Very interesting! But his reaction to seeing her isn't too promising. Oh dear.

HA. Love Andromeda's confusion at why she's jealous of Eisley.

Such a beautiful Andromeda/George moment at the end, too. I really do love their blossoming acquaintanceship (I'm sure they'd both be angry with me for calling it a friendship). They're so very different, and yet in some ways so alike. It makes for an interesting level of understanding between them.


Author's Response: WHY HELLO. It was such a treat to find these reviews waiting for me! Yummeh.

Alas, Narcissa. She's turned out to be a character that I like now so much more than when I first started writing. But for all that, she still has plenty of shortcomings, and the most glaring might just be her inability to care about anything or anyone outside of her limited sphere. :( I think it's natural, given her upbringing AND the fact that she's the baby AND the fact that she's always gotten what she wants AND the fact that, c'mon, her name is Narcissa. But it's a fundamental break between her and Andie, for sure, and that fissure is only going to turn into something more divisive as time goes on. I'm making myself sad writing about it, so MOVING ON.

George. D: He talks a tough game, but he would be devastated if he lost Ted. It was important to me, when plotting out the story, to introduce the presence of mortality and loss. It's something that touched both Andromeda's and Ted's lives so profoundly in the books, and there are hints that the second wizarding war wasn't the first time Tedromeda was affected--like the mention that they both withstood cruciatus torture without divulging information. I took that as an indication that they'd had to endure the cruciatus plenty of times before. It's a bit morbid, but loss is something that ties/will tie Ted, Andromeda, and George to each other. Ted lost his parents, George lost his brother, and Andromeda is about to lose her entire family in a different way.

...how did I get on another depressing tangent? Merphrph.

Bahaha, OMG. RAPUNZEL. I had totally forgotten all about that movie, but now I can't get rid of the image from my head. Lolz lolz lolz. Maybe Andromeda and Rapunzel are distantly related. Fourth cousins, twice removed. I'm going with that.

Heh. Yeah, Andromeda has definitely made some headway, but it's a process. Old habits die hard, and especially prejudices that were pounded into your brain through bedtime stories.

I so look forward to writing Andromeda/George interactions. Almost as much as Tedromeda interactions, and that's saying something. Even though circumstances have forced them together, they've finally come to a reluctant admittance of a workable...acquaintanceship. :)

Thanks so much for the uber-tasty review. On to the next!

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Review #4, by MarieBlack 

26th March 2014:

I've been trying to leave a review on this for days, darling. But as college is ever crazy I have had no luck, so here I am!

First off. I love the bit between Cissa and Andie, it plays into their personalities so well in my head. I can see Cissa being nonchalant about the whole idea of dark magic, like it isn't this cruel thing but almost necessary, or simply not a threat. And the way Andie's mind copes with Cissa not being revolted by the use of dark magic is genius. Because Andie sees Cissa as this sweet and innocent dove, she doesn't see that her sister isn't just blinded by love but also does not think dark magic is bad. But Cissa is blinded by a bit of love, her love for Lucius has properly influenced how she views dark magic certainly. But I've always been a fan of in my mind a Cissa who makes up her own mind as well on things, so I can see her being okay with dark magic.

I'm excited to see how it plays into Andie's eventual seperation from that world!

In the beginning I veyr much disliked George, but in all honesty he's totally growing on me! He cares so much for Ted and his well being that he hunts down the one person he can't stand to see because she hurt Ted. George is a true and steady friend, one who sees the good and wonderful in Ted and strives to protect that, but also will let Ted have his pride at times. George is becoming a favorite of mine!

YAY MORE TED. but also sad because Ted is in such poor health. I can only imagine the pain that Andie feels as possibly losing a light in her life like Ted. He's too important to her heart, even though she knows she won't admit that. I am ever so curious as to why Andie had this effect on Ted, about why she can help him be healthy without a touch of medicine. I have a feeling that whatever it is that it will bring them back together once more, wether they like it or not.

Ted's reaction when he saw Andie though, ouch. Deep waters of emotion and hurt lie ahead for this pair. I'm just ready for them to fall in love and make out! But I'm loving the increasing detail and mystery of it all!

Lovely chapter, keep 'em coming!

Author's Response: Hellooo! It always makes my day to read your reviews. :]

Yes, Cissa and Andie are definitely beginning to uncover some differences that neither was aware existed before. Andromeda really doesn't give Narcissa enough credit: while her love for Lucius certainly does incline her to approve of his actions, she also genuinely doesn't see the harm in dark arts. And later, as the first wizarding war escalates, I picture Cissa forming an even more concrete belief that dark arts are a necessary evil to attain "good" ends.

Aww, I'm glad that George has begun to grow on you. He definitely has a prickly exterior and his unsavory bits, but then again, so does Andromeda. And they're both beginning to realize how much their care for Ted ties them together. Not to mention, George is so fun to write.

Yes. I guess I lied a little bit. It's more Ted, but mostly sick and unconscious Ted. D: I promise that this particular mystery will be answered very soon--most of it in the next chapter! And like you guess, it's definitely something that will unbalance Andromeda's perfectly crafted plan.

Yeahhh, there are some dicey emotions going on with Ted. It certainly isn't smooth sailing ahead. Haha, and one day they will fall in love and have kissy time. ONE DAY. JKR has basically promised that ending. :]

Thanks as always for the wonderful review! The next chapter will be going in the queue soon.

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Review #5, by missclaire17 

26th March 2014:
Hello dear! I'm a new reader.

What I love about this story is that you really have shown Andromeda's change in thoughts regarding Muggleborns through Ted. Obviously it was evident from the start that she was different than Bellatrix and Narcissa in what she wants and what she thinks she should do in life.

But it wasn't evident that Andromeda was all that different from the other purebloods until her changed way of thinking when she met Ted. I liked that her thoughts changed slowly from Mudblood to feeling extremely uncomfortable with using that term, yet at the same time, you can see that Andromeda is still a Black.

My biggest problem with the way that Andromeda is sometimes written is that people sometimes think that she is just entirely like Sirius and not a Slytherin. But Andromeda is a Slytherin, and although she is what we consider a 'good' Black, she isn't Sirius who doesn't care for things like family name and saving face, etc. She still thinks about that and her mind jumps to it when she does something like climb into the Hospital wing bed to comfort Ted.

Excellent writing. I love how you write Ted and his fancy for Andromeda; it's the perfect balance between really caring for someone and not submitting yourself to thinking that you're inferior just because everyone else tells you that you are.

Good job! :)

Author's Response: A new reader! Hello, hello!

I'm so glad to hear that you're enjoying the story so far. I was frustrated with many of the Andromeda fics out there for the same reasons as you: most of them invariably portrayed Andromeda as fundamentally different from the rest of her family, or naturally inclined toward good and open-minded thinking. I always pictured Andromeda growing up just as prejudiced as her sisters. And to me, given her ultimate life decisions, that provides so much more room for character development!

Like you say, Andromeda isn't Sirius. She's a Slytherin through and through, and her place in Slytherin allows her to hold to her beliefs about blood purity without a single challenge...until Ted. She still cares about propriety and social standing and all the comforts she's grown up with. But she also values her independence and what she believes to be the 'right' way. I wanted those two usually complementary sides of her to come into conflict.

Ted can be tricky to write. I wanted him to care for Andromeda despite her poor treatment of him, but I also wanted him to have a backbone and his own firmly held beliefs. So it's very good to hear that he's striking that balance!

Thank you so much for your encouraging words and for taking the time to review! Hope you continue to enjoy the read. :]

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Review #6, by Lympha 

23rd March 2014:
This story is truly fantastic. I love it! :) I'm really looking forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm so glad that you're enjoying the story, and hopefully I'll have even more in your hands for you to read. :]

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