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Review #1, by HebrideanBlack 

27th February 2016:
Mentions of Death Eaters? I love how you transitioned into that. Executed so well. Major plot play.


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Review #2, by Penelope Inkwell 

13th July 2015:
Oh. Dear. I didn't even think about that. Andromeda and Narcissa talking about the Knights of Walpurgis? That sounds like a row in the making to me. I can't imagine Narcissa wouldn't take Lucius' side. I also can't imagine that Andromeda will just be able to brush it to the side. Could it be? Have we finally come to the straw that will break the back of this camel--said camel being the most depressing engagement ever

Well, maybe not ever. But it's on the list.

I am dying to see her talk to Ted. Oh, the suspense!

(Just for the record, I am still absolutely in love with this story. My love grows stronger every chapter).


Author's Response: Hahaha, yep, it is one depressing engagement camel, isn't it? As you predict, the Knights of Walpurgis business is NOT going to end well. (Again, a thing I can say now that you've finished. Huzzah.)

(Just for the record, I am so glad you're still in love with the story and SO grateful for all of your feedback. It's been simply the best to read through all these!)

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Review #3, by UnluckyStar57 

19th April 2014:
You know it's been a while when I am five chapters behind on reviewing this story. You've updated a lot since this chapter!

Every time that I've read this (this is maybe the third time), I love the Andie-Sirius dynamic even more. They're two white sheep in the Black household, which makes their bond even stronger and more plausible. It's so funny that Andie "helps" Sirius with his homework by writing his essays for him. We all have a weak spot where certain family members are concerned, I guess. :)

That lie, though! I don't know if Remus fully bought it, and I'm sure that Sirius will be questioned by his friends about it later. How will he keep them from finding out that he is not, in fact, a Potions genius? It will be messy, that's for sure. Also, Remus' crush on Andie is adorable. Did we do that when we were twelve--have crushes on older people? I'm sure that we did. ;)

Ugh. Rabstan. Ugh. No. He's such a skeaze. Actually, I know this guy who reminds me EXACTLY of Rabastan, hair and everything. I could picture him being in the Knights of Walpurgis. Grossness. And such depravity! Telling Andie that she could muss Ted's sheets in order to bring about the downfall of the Hufflepuff Quidditch dynasty. No flippity flopping way, sir!! Rabastan just keeps getting worse with every encounter. He wants what he can't have--namely, Andie's body--and you know what? He's not going to get it. Arggghhh. I just hate him. A lot.

Poor Andie, with that "admission" that she believes in the cause of blood purity. Her upbringing is still influencing her, sadly, and also, it's all she can do just to save face in such a disatrous relationship.

Brilliant chapter, as always! Now on to the next one!


Author's Response: WHEEE. Finding these five (!) reviews was like an ice cream sundae SUPREME. I don't even know what an ice cream sundae supreme is, but it sounds legit. Like these reviews. So.

I love Andie-Sirius ever so much. It's always the highlight of my chapter when I get to write another one of their scenes. And yesss, Andie has just a bit of a weak spot where Sirius is concerned. If anyone else had flat-out asked her to write an essay for them, she would refuse on principle. But she's justified it all very nicely where her little cousin is concerned.

Haha, I'm sure the Marauders will figure it out eventually. In fact, I'm sure Remus already has and is just letting Sirius save face. :] After all, Sirius must've made a couple things explode in potions class by now. Teehee. Oh, I most def had high school crushes when I was 12. And what better awk position to put Remus in than the fact that he once had a crush on his future wife's mom? Baha.

Ugh. You really know a guy who reminds you of Rabastan? O.o My condolences. He's a creepity creep, for sure. I'm so pleased to hear that you hate him, COS YOU SHOULD.

This is a rough patch for Andie. :( And whether she likes it or not, she's never quite going to shake all of the indoctrination she suffered as a kid. Derp derp.

Thanks so much for the review! On to the next!

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Review #4, by water_lily43175 

17th March 2014:
The thought of eleven-year old Sirius in tears actually just broke my heart a little bit. He's BEYOND cute in this fic. And I absolutely adore his and Andromeda's relationship. His worry about not wanting James and Remus to know about his tutoring is SO totally in character. In fact, you characterise all three of them as twelve year olds perfectly. How I love those boys. :)

And then they all die. :(

BAHAHA Remus has a crush on Andromeda?! Oh gosh I think I just died and went to heaven. That is too cute!

Also, I love that bit when Andromeda says about betraying someone's trust on something important. Such a lovely bit of foreshadowing what's to come. You won't betray anyone, Sirius, but you'll get banged up in Azkaban anyway. Poor kid. Such a lovely conversation between them, it's nice to be reminded that there are in fact two Blacks who aren't total nutjobs. Three I suppose, if we count Regulus. Poor Reg.

Oho. OHO. Serious juiciness now. Of course, Andromeda doesn't bat an eyelid at the thought of Bellatrix dabbling in Dark Arts, but the mere thought that Narcissa KNOWS about it all and doesn't mind shocks her to the core. Such a lovely demonstration of how the sisters differ, and how they all relate to one another. This is a very interesting development, and one which threatens the friendship between Andromeda and Narcissa in a way I wasn't expecting. I assumed, naturally, that the issue would come when Andromeda was disowned, and she would be forced apart from Narcissa. But now it seems there are going to be tensions between them, because I can't see Andromeda being okay with Narcissa tolerating the Dark Arts. And that would certainly tally nicely with what we see from canon. Oh man, this makes me sad.

Although I did have to laugh at Rabastan's dismissal of sadist torture. Meet your sister-in-law...

Awesome chapters! Lots has happened to Andromeda since I was last here, and it's very interesting. I look forward to more - and the Ted appearance, of course. :)

Author's Response: It's a guilty pleasure palooza whenever I get the chance to show Marauders Junior. I heart them so much. Actually, I think I heart them more as pre-teens than I do as their snarky, angsty, romancing teen selves. And much better than their dead selves. D:

Lololol. I couldn't help myself. I thought, what could make the fact that Remus marries Andromeda's daughter even more awk? OH. YES. THAT HE ONCE HAD A CRUSH ON ANDROMEDA. I pretend it's not weird or messed up in any way, just because I love Remus and Dora and Andromeda so much. And if you love characters enough, that makes almost everything justifiable. Okay, not really. Where are my morals?

Alas, poor Sirius. He got the very rotten end of the stick. But I have loved allowing him and Andromeda some camaraderie. And I totally count Reg amongst the non-nutjob Blacks. He's one of my favorite periphery characters that JKR ever introduced. Honestly, I think it took more bravery for the poor boy to do what he did than the bravery of, like, ten Gryffindors combined. A moment of silence for ill-fated Regulus.

This comment was making me really sad, and I've finally figured out why. It's because everyone mentioned in it DIES IN A TERRIBLE WAY. D: D: D:

Yes. Huge difference between Black sisters and Andromeda's regard for them. Bellatrix is already a lost cause in Andie's mind, but up until now Andromeda has always assumed that Narcissa agrees with her on the things that "count"--dark arts included. It's definitely the beginning of an unwilling realization.

I think even Rabastan's "scruples" and differentiation between necessary evil and sadism wore down eventually. He was, after all, one of the parties responsible for torturing the Longbottoms into insanity, and I see nothing but sadism there. Ugh. Voldie manages to break down the ethical code of even the bad guys.

Thanks so much for the ongoing reviews!

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Review #5, by MarieBlack 

16th March 2014:
AH. I am on edge okay. from the beginning.

I love the tense interactions between Lilith and Narcissa and Andie. it just proves how unlike herself Andie is truly being! Also, I love the little details about her necklace and the silver-plated brush, it shows the wealth of the family subtly. Very nice. And her having nightmares still just pokes at the sore spot in her heart for Ted. Oh, Ted. I'm excited for him to come back!

And Sirius time, how I do love him in this story most earnestly. He's wild and lovely, perfectly suited to grow up and leave his family and join the right side. Remus is adorable just as I predicted and his crush on Andie! AHHH. That just makes my life, haha. And then Andie's comment on him finding a girl closer to his own age, perfectly fitted. ;) But the last part of her interaction with Sirius is very important. I think her close relationship with him will go very far in his dealings with his family later in life, in a way I think Andie will be a catalyst to Sirius, because if she walked away and made it out alive so can he.

AND THE INTENSE PART. Rabastan, what a pig. A decent looking pig, but a pig nonetheless. And this dark arts, gasp. Andie is just finding out all of these crazy things about the people around her and I feel like I see this as a dividing point with her and her family and her pureblood life. This is where things will come to a point with her, and ultimately may set her over the edge to the good side.

Lovely again! I'll be watching for updates! Excited for more Ted!

Author's Response: I think that when your best friends begin to throw up red flags, it's a sure sign that you're not acting like yourself. It's hard to put Andromeda through such a tense, uncomfortable period with her besties. But I guess it's just a taste of what's to come. D:

Hahaha, I've missed ickle Sirius, so I was chomping at the bit to bring him back. I'm seriously in love with the little versions of the Marauders. I never thought that writing their twelve-year-old selves could be so fun. It's, like, MARAUDERS JUNIOR. Is it completely messed up that I made Remus crush on Andromeda? Lolz. Cos it's a total possibility, and I wanted to only heighten the awkward factor down the road when Remus falls in love with Andie's daughter. Awk awk awk. I think that may be cruel of me, but I don't even care. But yes, I really wanted a chance to show a sort of camaraderie between Andie and Sirius. At least they can both rest easier in the fact that there's at least one member of the Black family who isn't psycho.

Yeeahh, Rabastan isn't exactly a glowing beacon of morality right now, is he? I debated bringing in the dark arts to this part of Andromeda's story, but I do think that it was a very real possibility that she would've started to find out things about future Death Eaters while she was still in school. It's just unfortunate that they end up being people she knows... :(

Thanks so much for your ever-encouraging reviews! Ted is coming soon!

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Review #6, by MEW 

16th March 2014:
hope you upload soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm nearly done with the next chapter, so if all goes according to plan, there should be another update sometime this week. :]

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