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Review #1, by HebrideanBlack 

27th February 2016:
You like him. Admit it. Hes good for you, Black, same as hes good for me. Youre just too proud to admit it.

Loving it, obviously.

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Review #2, by notreallyblonde44 

18th September 2015:
21 chapters in, and I'm finally reviewing! I've been reading your fic like a love-sick addict. I love this story, I love your portrayals of the Black sisters, and love the pacing of one of the best pairings in the hp-universe!!

I don't think I'll capture everything I've wanted to say as I've been reading, but I was on my iPad and thoroughly too engrossed in the story to stop and try to type on that thing :P So I'll try to leave more in the future as I continue...Oh and I think I've cried an upwards of five-ten times during the first 21 chapters. And that's such a good thing! The beautiful and ugly feeels~~

OK, so you take the full time needed to explore the depth of these two characters that come from such different backgrounds. You explore the darker aspects of being a pureblood, what that means, where there biases come from etc (is that Scourgify book canon or something you made up? either way, it's brilliant).

I mean you realy tackle the details well, which is so important to the believably of this pairing in the end. Like they don't just get over all their experiences and the hate lobbed at one side or anything because of ~love and chemistry~ (which they have too! and that one scene was hot hot hothotohtohtt) but they go through the process of talking to each other and gosh, you are so good at showing the reader what's happening and giving each scene it's due focus as opposed to glossing anything over. Like we need the chapters of growth, without Ted, of seeing Andie fail and be with her family (which are so awful to her! but Sirius. the Sirius scenes warm my heart every time!) and try and go through these inner conflicts on her own. Her growth is so integral to the plot, it's so much more than "just a love story" it's beautiful.

You've really thought this fic out, very well plotted, and goes through an entire school year without you ever needing to directly be like "this is what month it is" (which I do and hate when I do it because I feel like it takes the reader of the emotions, etc,etc /end soap box rant). I'm sitting here like, this may almost be over yes and no?? Torn. I want her and Ted to happen so badly, Ted's the sweetest on earth yet he's not going against his values too and like really puts Andie into her place and vice versa when need be.

Your writing is excellent, the dialogue even better! It's not just banter for banter's sake. It's real characters speaking to each other with real feelings and histories and yeah, gush gush// I'll try to say more next review, but I love this fic a lot and wanted to let you know ;)


Author's Response: Oh goodness, thank you for such a thoughtful and sweet review! This was one pleasant surprise to find waiting for me upon logging in.

Ha! Not that I'm happy you cried, but I'm happy the story MADE you cry. Is there a difference? In my mind there is.

Scourgify is book cannon, but I wish it were just LIFE cannon. It would really come in handy.

It means a lot to me that you found their personal and relational evolution to be natural. That was one of my biggest concerns when writing--that something about their progress wouldn't ring true. Baha, and I'm glad you liked little Sirius. Not gonna lie, writing him in was maybeee important but mostly just a guilty pleasure on my part. :)

Anyway, I'm so, so happy to hear you enjoyed the read. Reviews like this make me all the more eager to keep writing! Thank you for taking the time to invest in the story AND to check in and let me know your thoughts. Hope you continue to enjoy!

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Review #3, by UnluckyStar57 

30th March 2014:
I have returned!! :D

Oh dear... Leave it to Lilith to make things awkward... I don't know exactly how I feel about her. She's really impulsive and selfish, and I don't see how the Black sisters put up with her for that long. However, she does make a nice foil to Andie as she chases after her boys. Andie's still stuck on one guy that she can never have, and that difference between the two girls causes some friction. :)

I love this: "When she walked into DADA the first day back, she noted Ted Tonks' absence. Not that she was actively thinking about Ted Tonks. Of course she wasn't. And of course she hadn't fought an urge every day during the remainder of her holiday back at Onyx House to send an owl to George and ascertain if Ted had fully recovered from his latest attack. Of course she didn't go into temporary shock at the sight of every golden-haired boy to cross her path as she walked through the Hogwarts corridors.

Of course not."

It's so sad, and it outlines almost exactly the way I feel sometimes... One of the reasons why I love this story is that it hits so close to home for me, and this paragraph was a big reminder of that. :)

Georgie!! Still as snarky as ever, but his revelation that Andie is the only one who's ever been able to coax Ted out of a fit is pretty startling. (It's just another reason why Tedromeda should be a thing, hahaha.) I love that he's a blueblood in the Muggle world, so he knows exactly how Wizarding purebloods react to things. It further shows that Muggles and wizards are not so different, after all!

Uh oh, the last bit of the chapter has a lot of information in it! Winifred! Reginald! Knights of Walpurgis!! Oh my!!! Winifred actually reminds me a lot of Moaning Myrtle in a way--a young spirit, slightly peevish and prone to giving out information that is overheard. Except Winifred can actually get a date, hahaha. :D It's good that she was around, though, because obviously Rabastan's been up to more than just groping fifth years in the corridors. And you know what? Andie's parents are probably okay with that. So I can't wait to see (reread, actually) what's going to happen next!


Author's Response: One of Lilith's favorite pastimes is to make things awkward. :] She certainly does have an odd relationship with Narcissa and Andie; she's far more chill about purist dictates and far more boy-crazy than they are, for sure. But I see her friendship with them as something rooted in convenience and the fact that they grew up together in the same pureblood circle. The older they get, the more the differences of all three sisters begin to cause rifts. It's sad, but I think it's also an inevitability in lots of childhood and teenage friendships.

Dawr. I'm glad, at least, that if my prose is hitting close to home, it's doing so effectively! Andromeda certainly didn't count on the aftershock of Ted in her life. I think that sort of mental after-effect is such a tough thing to work through--no matter whether the person who left it was a good or bad influence in your life.

I couldn't let the story progress TOO far without some more Georgiekins. :] He does share a lot of similar family history and situation with Andromeda, though in a more Muggle context. At this point they're both becoming much more acutely aware of how much they're capable of understanding each other. It's been a really delightful relationship to develop.

Yeahhh, the last part is a bit of an info dump, isn't it? Haha, I didn't think of her that way before, but you're totally right: Winifred is a lot like Moaning Myrtle + Man. But like Moaning Myrtle, she can occasionally be helpful. Andromeda has some big information to deal with now.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #4, by water_lily43175 

17th March 2014:
Oh, I do love Lilith. She's much less tightly-strung than the Black sisters, it's very refreshing. And I also like that she, like Narcissa, disagrees with what Andromeda's doing. It shows that they do care for each other, and that kind of humanity in an environment like this says a lot.

Ted dropped DADA?! I think my heart just broke. :(

"George, you couldn't hex my 12+ if you tried." Haha, love it. The Andromeda/George chat is very interesting. I said they had things in common if only they weren't determined not to like each other! It begins to show here. I mean, even George is shipping Tedromeda now. He knows where it's at!

AHA, WINIFRED EXISTS! Oh gosh this is amazing. REGINALD. Dying.

Ahem. Onto more important things. (Winifred!!!) The Knights of Walpurgis, well THIS just got a whole lot more interesting. Because there's surely no way Andromeda is going to let Rabastan get away with being all Dark Artsy. And once more I'm squeeing with joy, because this is yet another something that ISN'T Ted that promises to cause tensions between Andromeda and her family. It makes the whole thing far more tragic and realistic.

And that Winifred's a sneaky one, isn't she? ;) She's totally shipping Tedromeda as well...

Author's Response: Lilith is a cool gal, in my humble opinion. She's much more chill than the Black ladies, and in the backstory of my head that's primarily due to growing up in a mellower home environment. Lilith is the kind of person who likes the perks of being a rich socialite but doesn't see the need to get toity about it. And most importantly, she really does care about Andie. Obviously the tainting of the Starker bloodline hundreds of years back did some good. :]

It's such fun to run Andromeda and George into each other. They're definitely not buddy-buddy, but they are reaching a degree of mutual understanding. And that's a step in the right direction, amiright? George totally knows where it's at. He's a savvy guy; he catches on to these things!! Andromeda is just a little too single-minded to listen to any good advice. Derp derp.

Eh heh heh heh. I never turn down the opportunity to introduce REAL LIVE GHOSTS into a storyline. Mayhaps Wini & Reg will make another appearance. I'm sure they will. I won't be able to resist.

Yes! One of the huge priorities for me in writing this story was to give Andromeda an arc and a motivation that was perfectly standalone without Ted in the picture. As much as I clearly love me some Tedromeda, I wanted Andromeda's break with her family to be complex and motivated by her own autonomy. We'll just see if I finally succeed with that... Lol. But yes, dark arts is another stake in the fast closing coffin that is her family life.

Clearly ghosts have the best judgement. They have perspective! Experience! Andromeda needs to listen to her friendly neighborhood spectre and get onboard with Team Tedromeda.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #5, by MarieBlack 

12th March 2014:
I have so sincerely missed you and your stories!

I love Andie's concern over Ted. Eek. It just makes me so happy and I can't wait for them to actually interact for the first time ever! AHH. Much excitment. Her run in with George is perfect. Because it just shows the struggle in Andie and Ted to go back to not even knowing each other and the struggle for them to do so.

For once I do agree with Lillith haha. Andie is crazy in her plot of marriage with Rabastan! Like what. That's not how marriage is supposed to be! Andie is too good to have that sort of marriage.

The ghost! Ah, I feel like we're opening up a whole new can of worms in the pureblood world to explore with Andie and her reactions and findings on dark magic amongst her fellows. I'm so excited!

Keep writing, I'm always checking for updates! Another lovely chapter. ;)

Author's Response: Hello, hello! I have equally missed your lovely reviews. They never fail to brighten my day. :]

Andie is just a wee bit of an emotional basketcase right now. The trouble is, she isn't willing to admit that to herself. Denial, suppression--she's doing all sorts of damage to her subconscious! If only she'd listen to wise Lilith's advice. Merp.

Yes, the ghost!! I never shirk away from the opportunity to bring in a ghost when I can. Haha. And yes, this definitely starts a whole new subplot to the story, but one that I hope is only going to grow Andromeda's character development.

Thanks so much for the review. It means a bunch to me that you've stuck with the story this far!

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Review #6, by GuardedHeart 

8th March 2014:
Poor Andromeda. It's fascinating to see the sort of person she is becoming without Ted - I can see her trending toward becoming the cold, calculating member of the House of Black that she was born into, especially in terms of her plan with Rabastan. It seems so easy for her to slide into that role, but her softer side is there too...the story isn't over yet! (I'm really excited for more Ted...haha.)

Ah, George. I can see a reluctant friendship blossoming between him and Andromeda. They both care so much about Ted, and I hope they eventually become friends...but still rag on each other, of course.

So Rabastan is in the Knights of Walpurgis. Interesting. I didn't anticipate the story taking that kind of turn, and I really really like it! Definitely going to create (even more) tension between Rabastan and Andromeda, and maybe going to be the catalyst for Andromeda leaving her old life behind...? I'm excited to see where you take this plotline. And Winifred and Reginald? Perfect.

Great update, still a wonderful story! I can't wait to keep reading! :)


Author's Response: Yes, Andromeda is definitely taking a turn toward the darker side of her nature--which I consider to be her more natural state. I think of her as having been born with much of the same makeup as Bellatrix and other sinister Black Family ancestors. Not to mention, she hasn't been raised in the healthiest environment. All it takes is a catalyst like the Rabastan Incident to set her off down that dangerous path, just like all the Blacks before her. But of course, unlike all the Blacks before her, Andromeda has a Ted in her life... Heh. :]

Ted will most definitely be making an appearance again soon, though at this rate it looks like I'm going to chapter break the next chap before we get to him. So not the next chapter, but the NEXT one. And I hope it will make up for his absence!

George and Andromeda have more in common than either of them are willing to admit. They both come from privileged families in which they feel isolated, they're both super stubborn, and they both care for Ted. They just need to wake up and realize that they could be totally cool friends forevz, don't they?

Yes, I went through quite a bit of debate about how I should draw in Death Eater activity/if I should bring it in at all. But considering a Lestrange was in Tom Riddle's close circle of acquaintances when he was at Hogwarts, and since I consider it to be around now that people like Lucius and his contemporaries were getting involved, I decided that sinister stuff was not only a must but could be an important plot point. Whether or not I'm able to pull it off is another matter entirely... Haha.

Thanks so much for the review!

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