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Review #1, by TreacleTart 

16th August 2015:
Hi Pix!

Back for another chapter!

Alright. This obsession with Bunny is really getting out of hand. It's insane how wrapped up in it Wren is. I mean she hardly even noticed that Albus was alive when he was trying to talk to her and she can't seem to stay away from it for than a few minutes at a time. This is getting bad. I'm really worried for her.

I felt really sorry for Albus who was sitting there trying to express his feelings to Wren. I'm sort of glad though that he's noticed that something is off, even if he doesn't realize quite what it is yet. I think as her obsession continues he'll start to realize that there is an unhealthy co-dependence between Wren and Bunny.

I'm intrigued about what was going on with Albus and Scorpius and their shenanigans with James. If I understood correctly, it looks like Scorpius managed to snag the Marauders Map from him.

I'm really interested to see how things go when Wren tries to leave bunny at school when she goes home. At this point I feel almost certain that she's going to have a complete meltdown.

I find it really ironic that this chapter ends with Wren thinking about Albus when he'd just been trying to talk to her earlier in the day. It's like she has moments of clarity, but then bunny takes hold again.

Never ever did I think I would find anything creepy about bunnies, but congratulations. I am now officially terrified.

Good job!


Author's Response:
Hi again!

Insane is a good word. Obsessed is another good word. Bad works too.

Yeah, poor Albus. He tries so hard, and she's just not listening. At least Scorpius gives him something else to concentrate on besides being dissed by Wren. You can only bash those fragile egos for so long before they break.

Moments of clarity in between Bunny control is exactly what's going on. Glad we're clear on that. I swear, these story mechanics are too complicated for my own good. I tried to make them work out the best I could. My muse just wouldn't let me have it easy with this one.

Woot! Officially terrified! ... no wait. That's a bad thing. Sorry about that.


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Review #2, by Roisin 

27th July 2015:
I was on your page and all, so I thought I'd get more rabbit :)

Oh man shoe-communicators! Ah! That was brilliant and fun to read :D

AHA! So it seems like, from what you have here, that Albus hasn't been bitten by the bunny yet, so it hasn't been able to put him in a bunny-trance thing? That's at least my guess for why he's still normal right now.

Wren's weirdness is brilliantly played in this sequence. Just strange enough to make Albus feel awkward and confused, but not so strange that he gets suspicious and thinks something's up. And his preoccupation with his crush on her sets a believable distraction from what might be going on with her--since he's more worried about what she feels about him than what she's feeling more generally.

'Merry Merfolk' is BRILL by the way!

The descriptions throughout this chapter are really ace :) I especially love all the detail about the darkroom. You do a great job of making it realistic yet magical.

'She didn't think such a little animal could jump that high or move that fast'--oof. She's reflecting on this as though it's cute, but it does NOT BODE WELL, METHINKS.

Also, I really commend you on making the last lines of the chapter super creepy and scary, even though ostensibly, you're only describing cuteness.

Man, this really is kind of a perfect story. Every single element is so well done--the writing is balanced and flawless, the characters are compelling, and the tone is amazing.

Author's Response:

More Rabbit!

I could not pass up on the shoe communicator thing. It's a thing. I had to do it.

That's absolutely correct. There are bites and then things go bad. Albus was intentionally careful about that sort of thing, since his rabbit was already hostile when he got him.

I am so glad that Wren's behavior makes sense in that scene. It was revised to tighten it up, and I think it portrays what's going on much clearer, along with giving Albus a reason not to delve to deeply into what's going on with her. Pleased, I am!

Haha, fun names!

Well of course it's a cute bunny, how could you suspect anything else? Oh, but I think I've just found my new tag line for this: what do you think about "cuteness kills" ? I may have to use that somewhere... *thinks dark thoughts*

Aww, thanks! I worked hard on bringing the elements together to make this what it is. My muse rebelled so hard against the fluff content of this, and looking back on it, there really isn't THAT much fluff going on, but still.

My brain and I have this endless loop of a conversation all the time:

"Stop with the cute fluffy stuff, it makes me sick."

"But I like cute fluffy stuff."

"No, you don't."

"Yes, yes I do. Like with chocolate and marshmallows, and fluff..."

"Chocolate is an essential nutrient. And marshmallows, we just won't talk about those... stop it, you're embarrassing me!"

Ahh, maybe I'm not allergic to angst as I first thought. Maybe I'm allergic to FLUFF??!? Oh, the horror!!

Anyway, tone. I'm glad you're enjoying the tone. It gave me fits, not wanting to present itself for a while, and a few times I thought I had lost it, along with my mind. But that's all over with. I'm all better, and so is the tone. :) Thanks!


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Review #3, by adluvshp 

21st January 2015:
Hey! Here for TGS Review Exchange.

Okay so things are slightly getting clearer but at the same time they're also getting confusing. I am so worried about poor Wren - all she can think about is Bunny and that's not surprising after what I found out in the previous chapter. I just hope someone realises something is wrong with Wren soon and does something about it. Albus has of course kinda felt it but he is still too unsure to do anything about it.

Speaking of, poor Albus. This bunny is jeopardising his relationship with Wren too which I really don't like. Evil, evil bunny. And of course there is Albus' bunny to consider as well - who is not so adorable as Wren's and is definitely not overpowering his thoughts (thank merlin). So I wonder what's up with that.

I loved the little details in this story such as that of Scorpius and Albus' friendship and the whole photography development process. I wonder if Wren will catch on to the weirdness of it all through her photographs with the blue light and stuff. And then this one day without Bunny is also going to be interesting - I'm very interested to know what happens next.

The only CC I have is I felt that this chapter was a little too heavy on description and less focused on the action/thoughts/plot. But I guess we all need the filler chapters every now and then.

Other than that, this was great writing with your usual superb narrative. Good job!


Author's Response: Hi!

Yes, Albus is feeling things, particularly that things are not right with Wren. Let's both hope they get more clues before things go badly.

I'm glad you like Scorpius' friendship with Albus. It's so fun to write them like that. I thought the photography stuff was interesting too. I'm hoping the chapter wasn't too much on filler for you. Sometimes I use description to give clues as well.

Thanks for the comments. See you next chapter!

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Review #4, by The Basilisk 

9th January 2015:

Haha, Al's bunny is so funny to hear about though probably evil. It seems like it would be a good friend for a Basilisk... or maybe just a snack. Ahem, anyway I do think it speaks to Al's character how he takes care of the rabbit even though it's evil instead of setting it free or something. He's such a nice guy! I wonder if it's a vampire rabbit or if Nate is secretly an Animagus and turns into the rabbit. I just don't trust him, haha.

It's interesting to see Wren through Al's eyes and how much he's noticed that she's changed. She really is acting oddly and I hope he realizes that it's not her trying to ignore him, but that she's being possessed by an evil but cutel bunny monster. Ooh, that just reminded me of Ginny being possessed by Riddle's diary in COS. Hmm, there are definitely some similarities especially in how the victims isolated themselves, and got absorbed with the object/animal that was manipulating them.

It's really interesting reading this interpretation of how magical photographs work. I was wondering if Wren's pictures including her one of Dillon would turn out due to their ghostly nature, and hmm I wonder what's going on exactly with her picture of Bunny? I'm also more curious about Serena too as it seems like there's more to her than there seems.

I love how Neville helped set up a darkroom for the students! It seems like the sort of nice and helpful thing he would do as a professor.

Another great chapter! :)

Author's Response:

Aww, poor rabbits! Naw, not really. You'd probably get along famously with it, and share stories of what it's like to live in the deep recesses of Potterdom. Props indeed to Albus for taking care of a monster thing like he cares!

Interesting association with Ginny and the diary. Let's pretend that I meant to do that. *nods*

You skepticism will serve you well here. You bring up some interesting points about the photography. I'm glad you found the interpretation of magical photography interesting. And Serena... I seriously have no idea where she came from, or how she elbowed her way into this story. Crazy characters! Actually, I wanted to show that Wren isn't the only student at Hogwarts that is into cameras. Because, well, she's not. LOL!

Thanks for another fantastic visit. What is your favorite snack? I would love to leave you a little something for the next time you drop by.

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Review #5, by UnluckyStar57 

4th October 2014:
Oh my gosh, it's been so long! Sorry for filling your request a whole month late, but now I'm back and more confused than ever! :D

Poor Albus. He's so into Wren, but she's so into Bunny. And there's that creepy rabbit that he's got... Will he succumb to the bunny mania?! I hope not. The way Wren talks to the bunny still disgusts me. It's super creepy and just plain weird. And I want to know what's going on, but I just can't figure it out!

Ooh, what is Scorpius plotting? Albus is obviously in on the scheme, but he's wayyy too caught up in Wren to be of much use. Did he steal the Marauders' Map from James? Is that what the parchment is? And what is this "stone" that Scorpius wants? The Resurrection Stone? It has really been way too long since I've read this story. That needs to change!

Serena is super strange for taking pictures of Scorpius's muscles. Like seriously, why?! She must have a fascination with the human body (which is excusable), or a fascination with Scorpius (which is less excusable). Is Scorpius just going after her to get under Rose's skin? Is Scorose even a viable ship in this story? (Well, not if he's snogging Serena, for sure!)

Oh, Wren. Such a weird little bird. Arrgghh, I don't even know how to handle her utter concentration and dependence on the bunny. It is just too creepy!

As for the plot and the too-many-characters thing, no! I think that you're using the perfect amount of characters--just enough to make it interesting, but not so many that I get (too) confused. The whole Wren/bunny thing is becoming a very heavy topic, and it keeps popping up, but that's the whole point of the story, I think. :)

Brilliant job! Hopefully I can read the next chapter before I forget what's going on. :D


Author's Response: Why hello!!

I don't mind the lateness, as long as you get around to it eventually.

Oh, Albus and the rabbits... they don't get along as well as Wren and her rabbit. He's thinking the same thing as you though. What is up with Wren and that rabbit??

Scorpius is great fun to write in this story. I don't know why, but I tend to start babying my minor characters more than my main characters. He's fun, and he tries to keep Albus entertained. Oh, and Serena is, well, yeah. She's super strange alright. As far as Scorpius goes, let's just say that he goes about things in all the wrong ways.

I'm relieved that you think the cast of characters is okay. I've never had to juggle this many in a fic before, so it gets a bit overwhelming at times.

Thanks so much for coming back and reading again, and also for the super nice review!


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Review #6, by GingeredTea 

19th May 2014:
You have a way of making completely innocent things sound so very creepy. These bunnies are creeping me out.

I loved how you managed the interaction with Albus - I just felt that flowed fabulously! Scorpius and Albus are hilarious together. You did a good job expressing Albus' distraction about Wren. The photograph was an interesting tidbit that has me curious.

Mostly, I'm wondering if this rabbit (or the boy behind it rather) is intentionally keeping Wren from loving someone else. Furthermore, I'm assuming Albus' rabbit is in such a bad state (and Albus is in such a good state), because he disabled the boys charms on the rabbit?

:) It feels good to be back!

Author's Response: Welcome back!!

Innocent things sounding creepy... I like that description! Maybe it can be my trademark or something one day. :P

I believe that Albus and Scorpius together in this fic are my favorite characters. They're so easy around each other, and extremely fun to write. Albus is indeed distracted by Wren, the poor guy.

That is a good question about the rabbit and its connection with Wren's ability to feel. I had a version of this story in my head at one time that made that the main conflict, but it ended up being too difficult to pull off.

Anyway, I'm glad you're still reading and you've come back for another chapter!

Thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #7, by MargaretLane 

11th April 2014:
It's occurred to me that Augusta's comment about "it" not being finished with her yet may have some significance. Somehow the phraseology gives me the distinct impression that whatever is wrong with her isn't just the result of grief after the deaths of her son and daughter-in-law (who she really lost about 40 years before anyway) or hopelessness that they can now never recover or stress from worrying about them all those years. Somehow the way she phrased it makes it sound like something outside her, not something caused by how she's feeling. I guess grief or depression COULD feel that way to somebody, but I suspect that sentence means something. I don't think she's just suffering from grief anyway; it'd be too much of a coincidence and the way she phrased that fits better with something else.

I'm actually getting the impression she knows more than anybody else. Maybe if she recovers fully, she'll be able to help solve what's going on. The fact that she appears to have circled those symptoms indicates she was looking into them and her comment indicates some kind of understanding, if only on an emotional level, of what is happening to her.

Hmm, two things have occurred to me as to why Albus's rabbit isn't having the same effect on him. The first is that he wasn't given it directly by Dillon. That may make it different. The other is that it may only work on girls and women for some reason. So far, I don't think we've seen him manipulate a man with a rabbit.

Or of course, having read on a bit further, maybe one of the wards he used worked.

Hmm, this difficulty with her magic is odd, especially as it doesn't seem to affect her ability to brew potions. That seems to indicate it's related to her wand. Or maybe the magic needed for potion brewing is different, as a lot of it is the ingredients.

And yikes, that dream sounds really scary. It makes sense she'd feel that way though.

Author's Response:

I do mean to pick up more on Augusta later in the story, but it will be much later from here, and that part isn't posted yet. I just can't leave her in the state she's in for the whole story. That would be cruel.

Yes, Wren's still having issues, and Albus doesn't seem to be affected by his rabbit. More on that later too.

I don't want Wren's dreams. *shudders*

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Review #8, by TidalDragon 

30th March 2014:
Alrighty! So the rabbit "addiction" is in full force at this point and clearly it's having a strong effect on Wren. I do wonder though how it has taken effect so rapidly and why Wren doesn't notice it more. It seems like she started to notice it in the past, but then it conveniently dropped out of her mind the next time it happened to the point of completely ignoring Albus, who she definitely had feelings for earlier in the story. I get that that is sort of the point, but ultimately the depth with which it has overtaken her seems a bit swift for me, as does the apparent diminishing of her magical ability.

As an aside, because of this, I just really hate the rabbit. Maybe that's because you crafted such a nice MC in Wren, but I find myself really wanting somebody to do something to this rabbit to sever the spell/trance/connection (whichever it may be). I know that would ruin your story at this point, but I'm really rooting for it.

Author's Response:

It's weird, right? I could justify my reasoning to you and tell you that Wren just wants this extra comfort from Bunny, no matter what it's doing to her, because it lets her forget about her problems for a while. And I could tell you that maybe a deeper part of her is allowing the rabbit to get inside of her and take whatever it wants in return, because the way the rabbit seems to mask her fears and concerns just feels better than dealing with reality.

But that would be explaining things, and I try to let the story speak for itself. If it's too much for you, I can accept that. It's that thin line between being too subtle, and attempting to show the reader what the rabbit is capable of. Tricky.

If you hate the rabbit, then I call it success.

I am so glad you are still reading!

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Review #9, by Infinityx 

28th February 2014:
Hello again! So like I mentioned in my last review, I stayed up and finished reading the chapters you've posted up. Your story is just so intriguing and wonderfully written! You're probably getting tired of all mu gushing comments by now.

I love how there's a different side to the story, with the focus on Albus and Scorpius trying to prank James, without the story just being fixated on the main plot. I think that's brilliant when it comes to longer stories as it really gives a well rounded feel to the characters and the setting.

Using a sh oe for communication was such a wonderful idea! I'm curious about how they got that to work! (I know that's not the central concern in this story, sorry. :P)

Things are getting even more mysterious. Seriously, what's the deal with the rabbit and that strange boy?! :o Wren is slowly losing her mind! And how is all this connected to Gran? So many questions, aagh! WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH AN AMAZING PLOT. I'M DYING HERE.

Poor Al! I hope he figures out what's wrong with Wren. I wonder if her being distant will make him push away his feelings for her and make him decide to remain just friends with her. Okay, I know that won't happen but it's a possibility...

Something's about to happen. I can feel it. She won't be able to stay away from Bunny, the distance is going to affect her mind!

That other rabbit seems really creepy. I wonder why its not connecting with Al's mind. Maybe it's because of all the spells that Al has placed around it?

The characterizations are wonderful and the flow really well from the previous chapters. The change in Wren's character has been depicted very clearly and its scary as well.

Like I mentioned before, I love the whole pranking scheme. Ooh and Al ends up with the Marauders map. I feel like that's going to be his gateway into the mystery surrounding Wren. I can't wait to know!

I love the way you've brought out Scorpius' character. Sometimes it's hard to believe that he and Al are best friends, but in a way it makes sense as well. I really like how you've not made him go completely soft like in most of the other stories I've read. The arrogance he has is so clear and it definitely shows that he's a Malfoy.

Okay, I've rambled a lot. This was another brilliant chapter and I love how the story's been progressing. The mystery keeps getting thicker and thicker, its overwhelming! I can't wait to see how you make sense out of everything! Please do update soon, I'm dying here. I absolutely love this.


Author's Response: Hi Erin!

Believe me when I tell you that I will never get tired of the gushing. ;) I will sit here at my computer and squee at all the gushing you wish to throw my way.

Part of me loves the "other side" of the story, and part of me feels like it's fragmenting my plot too much. It definitely made this story longer than I thought it was going to go. Monster plot. Rawr! I'm so happy you're enjoying it, even if it's weird and crazy and full of rabbits. :)

It is possible that Albus will just give up. I'm glad you've given him more credit than that, but seriously, he's not having an easy time of it. Then again, if it was easy, they'd already be together. Now there's a thought...

Oh, I'm so glad you said that about Wren's change. I was hoping that I wrote the events clearly enough to be followed. This is a really crazy plot, and I wasn't sure if it was coming across the way it did in my head. I really wanted that freaked-out, scary vibe too, so I'm extra happy you got that too.

Scorpius is definitely not a soft guy. I can't imagine him that way at all. But I can imagine that he and Albus get along brilliantly. They're not polar opposites, but they do have a sort of yin and yang feel to them.

Wow. Thanks for such a lovely review! I love that you are having a good time with this!

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Review #10, by CambAngst 

23rd February 2014:
Hi, pix! My review assault continues!

It was nice to get back to Albus's point of view and see the world through non-demon-bunny-compromised eyes. I absolutely loved the shoe phone Albus and Scorpius charmed. I wonder how many of your readers are actually old enough to get the reference? Most of them probably can't remember a time when mobile phones were the same size as a shoe.

It probably won't come as a surprise that I felt horrible for Albus when Wren is barely able to have a conversation with him. One more reason to dislike the demon bunnies! The poor guy is getting his confidence stepped on at every turn in this story. Wren's preoccupation with Bunny is even more apparent through Albus's eyes. I'm wondering what will finally start to snap her out of it.

I think maybe I have a better idea why Albus's rabbit isn't affecting him the same way as Wren's. To wit: He'd applied every anti-charm and anti-hex spell he knew to the cage before tossing the drooling beast inside. Then he'd added a few extra wards for good measure. Between the rattling cage and the demon-red eyes that followed him around the room, he could hardly stand the thing. -- Maybe all of those magical protections are keeping the other rabbit's demon mojo contained. Good on Albus. Hopefully he puts Wren's bunny in lockdown at some point, too.

Unless I misunderstood, Albus now has the Marauder's Map. Awesome! The map might go a long way toward helping them to unravel the mystery of the demon bunnies when the time comes. It has a knack for unmasking malicious intruders inside the castle.

Scorpius is helping and he isn't. Albus does need someone to kick him in the behind and remind him that he isn't going to make Wren his girlfriend by doing nothing. At the same time, picking up the easiest thing that wanders by in the Slytherin common room is only going to make Albus feel worse about the fact that Wren seems to be ignoring him.

I really loved your ideas about how a magical dark room works. You maintained the essence of hobbyist photography yet you put that magical twist on it. Ooh, and another hint about Bunny's mysterious ability to go from place to place!

Awesome chapter! I'm excited to see what comes next!

Author's Response: Oh, it's so assaulting!

*ducks under a table*

Albus definitely doesn't have a demon-bunny bias here. I have no idea who's going to pick up on the shoe phone reference, but I think it works, even if they don't know where it came from. That's the beauty of a cool prop! :)

I felt horrible for him as well. As hard as he is working, he should be getting SOME kind of payoff for his efforts, but things just aren't leaning in his favor right now. Poor Albus! I'd love to see him up against Bunny soon too. But then we'd have an awfully short story and I'd be cutting the next fifteen chapters down to nothing... nah. I'm sticking with the plan. Sorry, Albus. You're just going to have to work harder!

Yes! It's the map! As for how useful it will be, well, you'll have to wait and see.

Aww, but Scorpius *thinks* he's helping. :) He's 'that' kind of friend. Haha!

There should be several more hints about Bunny coming up. Let's see what we can unravel next!

Thanks for another lovely review, and also for your keen beta eyes that make these chapter all shiny!

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