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Review #1, by HebrideanBlack 

27th February 2016:
I really just love the Cissy and Dromeda relationship.


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Review #2, by Penelope Inkwell 

13th July 2015:
Acck! Tell her!

It's driving me nuts that she isn't just telling Narcissa that Walburga Imperiused her! I mean, I can understand it a bit, I think, but at present Narcissa has no idea how serious the situation is!

And poor Ted. I do hope he's okay, physically at least. Emotionally--well, I doubt there's any hope of that.


Author's Response: Yeah, Andromeda is being stupid. There's. . .no other way to put it. :\

Ted's emotions won't be okay for almost a year, at this point. D: D: D: I don't know why I'm making all those sad faces, I brought all this woe upon him.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by MarieBlack 

24th February 2014:

I do deeply adore Narcissa, and I love how you portray her. I believe that she would be deeply loyal to her sister, Andie, and their love for one another is evident.

Lucius is rather curious to me, as is his father. I see the iciness in him that comes from his judgmental attitude, as is evident in J.K. Rowling's writings. But it also conflicts with his love for Narcissa to me. He is so affectionate to her. But I think it's lovely that in all people there is good and bad. And I love that they're in love, that their match is not simply out of convenience.

I'm on edge to see how Andie's family reacts. Mostly her mother and her aunt. But what I am most anxious for is how she breaks away from it all. I have a feeling this little thoughts about Ted are going to become more demanding. And oh, Andie, I'm afraid this little disease that Ted has given you is love.

I loved this chapter! Keep 'em coming! :)

Author's Response: Hehhh, sorry! Fate has conspired against Tedromeda. Oh, Fate. But at least you know it's a happy ending, right?! :]

I'm glad you like my version of Naricssa. I've never been much for either Lucius or Narcissa, but writing this fic has made me appreciate her much more as her own character. Developing her relationship with Andromeda has been bittersweet, given what's to come. Sigh. D:

Yes, exactly! There is good and bad in people, darkness and light. And certain people can be loving to one set of acquaintances and hateful to another. It's a curious thing, but I think it's especially true of people like Lucius and Narcissa. It's been refreshing, really, to write their "good" sides. And also their younger selves, before life got complicated and Voldy came in and ruined everything. Merp merp.

SHHH. Andie refuses to believe in a disease called love! NO. Denial is her best friend right now.

Thank you so much for the review. A new chapter is in the queue as of today!

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Review #4, by ComeOnSweetCatastrophe 

22nd February 2014:
Ugh, after all that process last chapter she just leaves! :( And I can't even hate it because it's just so dang realistic. Andromeda still has progress to make, so it makes sense she'd still be thinking about her old life even now. I think maybe seeing her family and their reactions will help that? Surely they're not going to accept her unconditionally like she thinks.

I just feel so bad for poor Ted, he must be feeling horrible after she left him! While he's made some faults in their relationship too, I understand he's probably just trying to protect himself from what he think will lead to heartbreak. But, ugh! Not even a goodbye kiss?! ;)

A story on here hasn't held my attention like yours in a long time! I especially find it refreshing how you cast Lucius and Narcissa. Cissy and Andromeda's relationship is just too sweet, it's nice to see her act like a good sister to Andromeda. And I never thought I'd think Lucius and Narcissa's was any sort of sweet/loving, but it just makes so much sense.

I'm just glad you're so good at updating regularly because I can't wait for the next chapter! So thanks for that :) Hmmm, I do feel like Andromeda needs to do something big for Ted, though. Like he's done all these things for her and she still runs off with her sister (understandably, but still). So I'm thinking she needs to make a big gesture for him or something...or is that just me?

Overall great chapter! You make Andromeda's family life so interesting that I don't mind that there's not much Ted (or George!!) in the chapter. Besides I'm hoping for another glimpse of Sirius, you've written his younger self so believably and I've always had a soft spot for him.

By the way Tedromeda is quickly on the way to becoming my otp...Ugh, the feels when Andromeda thought about no one calling her Dromeda anymore! Evil, I tell you! But I am so happy you're planning to write all the way to the wedding! Means more Tedromeda for me to read :)

Author's Response: Parting is such sweet sorrow. Actually, there's, like, nothing sweet about it--which Ted and Andromeda just learned, the stupids. But sadly Ted is nowhere near as high a priority in Andromeda's life right now as, oh, keeping her reputation and inheritance. Still, that didn't make that scene any less hard to write. And without a goodbye kiss. I think Andromeda was wise enough to know that if she kissed Ted again, she'd lose a good grasp on her current rational thought. Merp. D:

I've really enjoyed writing Narcissa's scenes. It's so refreshing to write her from her family's POV, and not from Harry's. I think it's perfectly possible for a person to be cruel/haughty/vicious to one set of people (Harry & Co.) and loving/tender/loyal to another (her family). I was always struck by how affectionate and loving Narcissa was to both her son and her husband--often to a fault. She went out of her way to protect them time and time again. And in DH, when she flippin saved Harry Potter and betrayed Voldy just to ascertain that her own son was alive... Dude. That made me respect Narcissa like mad. It's just very sad to write her relationship with Andie knowing that what's to come. And that's the end of my Narcissa bunny trail. Haha. Sorry!

I hope to continue to update fairly regularly. I write a bunch of other not-so-interesting things for a living, so I'm always chomping at the bit to write some more KYD as a reward. :]

I agree that it's time Andromeda make a big gesture. I mean, she DOES eventually end up renouncing her entire family for him, nbd. And yes! I hope to include more Ickle Sirius soon. I love him like whoa, so you can be sure I won't neglect him for too long.

YAY. It makes me infinitely happy to hear that Tedromeda is worming its way into your heart. Tedromeda forevz and evz!

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Review #5, by DoctorUnderwood 

22nd February 2014:
Definitely one of the best Ted/Andromeda fics out there! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much for the encouragement. I really appreciate the read and review. Hope you continue to enjoy! :]

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Review #6, by water_lily43175 

22nd February 2014:
This chapter made me happy and sad in equal measure. The sad is easy to sum up; Andromeda's left Ted, and that is a shocking crime to commit. Poor Tedromeda.

But there is also a lot of GOOD in this chapter. First off, much appreciation to Narcissa for understanding Andromeda's situation. She's obviously not of the opinion that the woman's feelings don't matter, and so it's nice to see she doesn't expect her sister to marry someone who doesn't appreciate her. Of course, Narcissa is lucky because she just so happens to have fallen in love with someone with an impeccable family tree.

I'm actually looking forward to Andromeda going back to Onyx House. My first thought was that I DIDN'T want her to go back, because that means walking away from Ted. But this promises to be a juicy confrontation, because there's no way her parents and aunt are going to give in and spare her from Rabastan. And no matter how much Andromeda thinks she wants her family back at this point, she's not going to give into them on that basis. (At least, I'm assuming she's not - I mean, she marries Ted in the end so I don't think that's too much of an assumption!) She hasn't been disowned yet; that's still to come. And I have a feeling it could happen by the end of the Christmas hols.

But then, it might not! I don't know what will happen. And that's the exciting thing about this fic; I honestly have NO idea what will happen next. The only thing for certain is that she'll be disowned and she'll marry Ted, but I have no idea how and when that will happen! Which I LOVE.

It's interesting to learn a little bit more about Lilith, actually. I think I said before that I like how she's a bit less hoity-toity than the Black sisters, and I'd assume that the rogue half-blood is the reason for that. (Incidentally - it's an incredible thought that one half-blood a few CENTURIES back makes their whole family unsuitable!) But it's interesting to see that Lilith is suitable friend material, but her brother isn't suitable husband material.

But the BEST bit about this chapter is how, with everything that happens, Andromeda is reminded more and more of how much she cares about Ted, and how much he cares about her. She thinks she can just walk away from him and reintegrate herself into the pureblood society, but it's clear that she's going to be plagued with these memories and the constant comparison between pureblood standards and expectations, and Ted's opinions of her. And the thought that nobody will call her Dromeda again. That was heartbreaking. MARRY HIM DROMEDA.

It's so lovely to see she just can't bring herself to call Ted a mudblood any more. It's sad that she can't tell Narcissa to stop doing the same, but given she's still trying to keep her family, I can understand that. I just hope it doesn't take long for her to realise that she doesn't want to be in that sort of environment any longer.

There's a part of me that's actually worried about Ted's reaction when he next sees Andromeda. After all, she's told him she wants him and yet she's left him anyway. Surely that must make him feel pretty miserable. And I hope, for her sake, that it doesn't become an issue between them. HA, listen to me. Of course it's not going to be a lasting thing, they get married! It's like I said; I know it will be a happy ending (well, happy in the sense of a Tedromeda marriage, but let's not underestimate the pain it will cause Andromeda to be disowned) but that doesn't mean there can't be more drama between them first. HMM.

Lovely chapter!

Author's Response: Hellooo! It was painful to write Andromeda's departure. Sigh. D: But as you say, we all know how this story ends, so there's always that little sliver of hope, even when I'm writing the depressing stuff. Still. It's no fun to dice up Tedromeda and leave it for dead.

Honestly, Narcissa has ended up even sweeter and more compassionate than I first intended. Part of the reason is because we usually only see her interacting with her family, which is very different from how she interacts with her inferiors. She doesn't realize just how lucky she is to have fallen in love with the "right" man, but she's totally on board with Andie. For now...

Baha. Rogue halfblood. I'm sure that little contamination back in the olden days has forever given the Starkers a little wild edge, Lilith included. It's been fun experimenting with the rules I think might be plausible for pureblood society. I mean, every social circle has its own hierarchy, and I imagine the Blacks at the tippy-top and the Starkers on the outer ring. Cos IMAGINE a halfblood marrying into the Starker line back during William and Mary's reign. UGH. How foul.

Yeahhh, Andromeda's subconscious is going a bit haywire, which was definitely not part of her plan. I mean, how can you just forget Ted Tonks? Silly Andromeda, you can't. Now begins the part of the story where Andromeda's divided mind pulls her back and forth like taffy. Needless to say, there is definitely more drama in store, and I'm probably having too much fun writing it.

Thanks so much for the read & review! :]

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