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Review #1, by HebrideanBlack 

27th February 2016:
I'd also like to mention I love Ted Tonks.

Love it.

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Review #2, by UnluckyStar57 

23rd February 2014:
Hihihi!! You didn't think that I'd FORGOTTEN about this story, did you?!

Of course not! That would be silly! I actually read this chapter when it came out, but the events of last week kept getting in the way of me reviewing.

But never fear! I am here now! :D

Wow, so a lot happens in this chapter. And I mean A LOT. Andie's FINALLY admitting to herself that she really does like Ted, even if she IS still trying to deny it. And the moment when she slipped up and insulted Ted's blood status yet again is probably going to haunt her for a very long time.

Oh my. George is being his difficult self, what with the owl and everything (Medusa is a great name, by the way!), and then he figures out that Ted and Andie aren't exactly friends anymore... Too late, she's gone! I think it's interesting that, even though he cares about Ted's well-being and general happiness, he's still pretty angry that he had to miss all the drama because he was passed out. Typical teenage boy. :)

Uh oh! Splinching! Or as Nelson likes to call it, squelching. It's really great that he was so kind and fixed Andie's hand with a Muggle cure, and she didn't resist. She's finally learning to be grateful to people who help her out, rather than snarking at them because of their position in society. And then the George revelation! That explains a lot! Poor guy. He's tough on the outside, but inside he's still grieving. :(

YES!! I KNEW that this was one of my favorite stories for a good reason! You know what an oboe is!! I play that! :D Okay, so the oboe didn't figure into the plot at all, but I got really excited when I saw the word "oboe." Thank you for knowing what an oboe is! (A lot of people don't, unfortunately.)

The confrontation. Such. High. Drama!! I love it! They were so uncomfortable, and then Andie mentioned "bedroom eyes," hahaha... And Ted kept throwing her words back into her face--there's still such a disconnect between them, even though they've been friends for a little while. He has absolutely no clue that she's actually changed her mind. And then Andie pulls a Bellatrix... Holy Merlin, that was scary!!

"But you are poor!" Andromeda cried, exasperated. "You're poor and you're Muggleborn and you're a metamorphmagus. Those are all parts of you. You wouldn't be the Ted I wanted without them."~Best line of dialogue EVER, hands down. All the chips are on the table now! Andie let her subconscious do the talking, and oh boy, how it talked!! That was BRILLIANT.

Oh my gosh, and then Ted's revelation that he started liking her waaayyy back during the Hog's Head incident... WHILE he's metamorphosing!! MORE HIGH DRAMA, INDEED!! But it's okay, he got over it--Phew!

And then Narcissa.

The title of the chapter lied. Things DIDN'T go according to plan.

Another great chapter!! I'm super happy that you've got another one up now, and I'll probably review it later on today. (I've already read it, of course. Sorry not sorry if that's creepy.) :)



Author's Response: Well HI. But of course I didn't think you'd forgotten this little story! You've been such a stalwart reviewer, and life is crazy and busy and wild. I love your reviews whenever they come. That was hokey. Guh. But seriously, thanks for popping in to write such nice words.

Poor George. If I were in his position, I'd totally be bummed to miss out on the drama, too. I guess in that way I'm a typical teenage boy? Lol. But it's tough stuff to be passed out when exciting things are going down. Alas.

You play the oboe? SO FUN. I love the oboe. I've loved it ever since I was a wee child and first heard Peter & the Wolf in Kindermusik, and I was all, "Who is the duck?! THE DUCK ROCKS." And then I was informed by the helpful British dude one the cassette tape that the the duck was an oboe, and I loved oboes forever after. True story. In fact, I made Ted listen to a composition that included parts by my three fave instruments: cello, oboe, and French horn. Yes, I shamelessly catered to my inner music dork. No regrets. Anyway, it makes me pleased as punch that you play the oboe. Def another reason to like the story. Def.

Baha, yes, I indulged myself in a little irony this title. Silly Andromeda must learn that nothing goes according to her plan, like, ever. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the read! Thanks for your love-uh-lee review!!

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Review #3, by MarieBlack 

18th February 2014:


Like they kissed and then Andie was all like oh crap this isn't apart of the plan and then she's like I'm leaving and then splinches herself and then Nelson is freakin' fantastic. And then she goes back to say good bye to Ted and so much drama. Like they are finally having this conversation and all of the feelings. And then Ted goes into a fit but HE LIVES. How the heck did that happen! AND CISSY IS HERE.

So wonderfully juicy and captivating.

I apologize for my absence! My school went on break and then I'm going through some emotional stuffz, oodles of fun, I probably won't be writing for a bit. But I will be reading and commenting. Happy writing!


Gurrrl, you don't ever need to apologize for an absence. I'm happy whenever I see one of your reviews, whenever it happens to come along. I hope you're doing better and taking some time just for you, to rest and relax. That's important! When you do start writing again, I'll only be too happy to read on. :] In the meantime, thanks so much for the continuing reviews!

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Review #4, by water_lily43175 

17th February 2014:
I'm not going to tell you off for the cliffhanger this time (although that is once more evil, but I'll come onto that). No, my issue this chapter is the summary. Because it had me thinking Andromeda would leave George's without so much as seeing Ted, and that thought kind of broke my heart a little bit. STOP DOING THIS TO ME.

Oh Dromeda, my sweet. If only you would realise that no Lestrange marriage = no reconciliation. Poor thing. I hate thinking about her being so hopeful when she'll just be disappointed in the end. Although hopefully she won't actually be disappointed, because by then she'll have decided she doesn't want her family back because TED. But so much sadness.

I love George more and more with every chapter. He's adorable when he tells Andromeda all about where he's going, and then asks why he did. I like to think it's a sign that she and Ted are meant to be, if George can spout out that much before realising what he's saying. And he's priceless when he realises he missed some drama. But underneath all his exterior it's clear to see he really does care about Ted and value him as a friend, and that's cute.

Dead brother. Oh, poor George. :(

Bah, Nelson's such a babe. And I love how he totally confused Andromeda by enjoying having her to stay. Because he's a nice human being who likes being hospitable. NAW. It's nice to see Andromeda's beginning to learn to hold back on the comments re Muggles; let's just hope that extends to Ted communication because that's what got us into this mess. Although I do love that she still only sees such a comment as "apparently offensive". We're not there yet...

TEDROMEDA. I was worried that this conversation would pan out exactly as Andromeda had planned - or even worse - but you did not disappoint me. This was ... well, the beginnings of the talk I was wanting them to have. No conversation yet regarding the whole blood status shebang (except for the "what if" comment of course) but FEELINGS were revealed and this was what I needed. And what they needed as well of course, but I was excited for this moment.

Poor Ted. He thought Dromeda had left without saying goodbye. He was UPSET. Bedroom eyes. Teehee. And Andromeda's PLAN. I nearly melted when Ted said he was being selfish and that he was hoping she'd stay. AND THEN HE SAID THE WHAT IF. And I love that he said something first. Obviously he's had a fair amount of time to think and has realised he can't bring himself to let her go. SO ADORBS.

AND THEN SHE SAID SHE WANTED HIM and I died. It's not just because she's admitted to him - and also to HERSELF - that she likes him. It's that she's admitted she likes him not just despite the poor and the muggleborn and the metamorphosing, but BECAUSE of them, and that she doesn't want him to be anyone else. I just ... BAH.

Oh, also, in the midst of what has once more become a review far more full of "squee" than actual substance, I love this line so much: "that uncomfortable phenomenon when Andromeda started inhaling a little too little and exhaling much too much.". I love your narration in general, but this was such a clever line that I even managed to notice it in the middle of a massive Tedromeda moment.

And Ted. OH TED. Of course, he's just as confused over the whole thing as Andromeda is, because how on earth can he like someone who thinks of him as a lesser human being. Bless. HORMONES, they ain't logical bro.

And then he gets all sick again and Andromeda is adorable. If they don't have more kissy-kissy after this little life-or-death moment, they mad.

But NARCISSA. I mean WUT. My first thought was "why is she here?" Pretty sure Andromeda didn't tell her where she was. I can't work out whether the "why are you here?" is a "whoa I didn't expect to see you here" or a "I've come to collect you, I don't understand why you came here in the first place". Probably the second, or why else would Narcissa have turned up? I won't lie, it even crossed my mind for a mad, fleeting second that she and George were having some sort of illicit affair and she'd come to see him. Then I remembered that (aside from anything George has said to or about Andromeda that would demonstrate he'd never so much as consider Narcissa even if he knew who she was) he's the son of a Muggle so she wouldn't go there ANYWAY. Crackpot theory is crackpot.

But that still leaves us with a juicy juicy situation. Narcissa. In person. HO HUM. I'm pretty sure you've used up your quota of cliffhangers, NO MOAR PLZ.

Author's Response: This review is totally my Happy Place right now. Like, it made me so very glad.

Sorry I broke your heart just that ittle wittle bit. D: BUT SEE! SHE DIDN'T JUST LEAVE. I wouldn't let her do that without indulging myself in more Tedromeda Feels.

It's really hard to write Andromeda and her family these days. She wants so much to believe that they will love her unconditionally. I never like throwing my characters into cruel realities, but alas, it's very necessary for poor Dromeda. Sigh.

George is my darling baby, and I'm having so much fun developing his character. I haz special plans for Georgiecakes, yes I do.

Eep. Yes! I read your last comment about the necessity for a Tedromeda talk after I'd written this chapter, and I was all, how convenient, because HERE ONE IS. I mean, they certainly haven't touched on everything they ought to, but since when do Tedromeda do things the right way?

Yes, Narcissa. She has come. And even if the crackpot theory is crackpot, I dig it.

Thanks for all the squees and the kind words! I will be very nice and not write any terrible, awful, no-good cliffhangers for, um, at LEAST one chapter. Heh. No but really, I will be nicer. I will.

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Review #5, by Lympha 

17th February 2014:
This is an amazing story and I really love reading it. :) Your characters are very colorful and seem realistic. I especially enjoy the way you have described Andromeda's confusion and conflicting emotions. I look forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the kind words! I'm so glad that you're enjoying the read, and I hope you continue to do so. Hope to have more story in your hands soon!

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Review #6, by ComeOnSweetCatastrophe 

17th February 2014:
I've just read this straight through and need more, like, pronto!! Your story is so amazingly good! The dialogue, the details, THE TEDROMEDA...

Before this story I really didn't have an opinion of them, but now Tedromeda is everything! haha :) Also, can I say that George is my favorite secondary character? All his layers make him so intriguing.

Pretty much I'm in love with this story. I can't wait to see what happens when they finally return to Hogwarts. Knowing you, whatever happens will make perfect sense. But, how far are you taking the story? All the way to when they're married??

Anyways, you're a brilliant writer and sorry this review is more gushing than critiquing!

Author's Response: Whoo! There's nothing I like more than a straight read-through. I'm so glad that you're enjoying the story and all the TEDROMEDA FEELZ. I've always thought that they're such an underrated couple. They are my OTP forever and always.

I'm happy to hear that George is a favorite. Clearly I'm biased, but he's my darling ickle bebe.

I hope that I don't let you down and that the plot continues to make perfect sense. Or at least somewhat sense. I've got it all mapped out, but sometimes the execution takes me in a different direction. In any case, yes! I plan on taking the story all the way to their marriage. Originally, I'd only planned on a novella, but then I realized there was much more and much longer of a story to tell.

Um. I will NEVER complain about critiques that are more gushing than critiquing. :] Thanks so much for taking the time to read & review!

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