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Review #1, by cherry_pop94 

21st August 2015:
Hello Pix! I'm here for another review.

The last two chapters have been really enjoyable. I like the new characters you've introduced us to (Nate and Trudy). I feel like there's something fishy about Nate, maybe related to Dillon? And Albus's weird new rabbit from James was such a funny image. With Scorpius so terrified of it, but then running off to show Rose.

I really like the way Rose and Scorpius so clearly like each other, but are always taking these jabs. It's adorable in a very juvenile way.

The last bit with Dillon has definitely caught my interest. So he can control people's thoughts through his rabbits? I wonder what he's doing to Wren and Albus then... With her headaches and inability to do magic, it's all getting very suspicious! And the rabbits can apparate, and we're still not sure about Wren's missing six weeks of summer!

This is shaping up to be really interesting read!


Author's Response:

Hi Stefanie!

Nate and Trudy each have their own small part to play in the story. Not too much, but enough to get their own names, which they are quite thankful for. Yeah, Scorpius is ready to show Rose almost anything these days...

Please continue to be suspicious. It will keep you from getting too close to the rabbits, which you can see, are not to be approached if you're smart. Sometimes I wish I could have made my characters more aware of the situation, but then there wouldn't be much of a story... or there'd be a different story...

Anyway. Thanks for coming back again! I appreciate your words!


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Review #2, by TreacleTart 

16th August 2015:
Hey Pix!!

I'm here for our review swap!

Wow. Where do I even start with this chapter? So much happened!

Poor Wren is just not having a good time at all. She's getting headaches and having weird anxieties about leaving Bunny alone. She can't seem to produce magic or focus on anything. It's almost like Bunny is slowly driving her insane.

I'm curious about the Hufflepuff that sat at her table. It seems quite strange that he's been there for a year, but she's never seen him before. I almost wonder if he's got something to do with Dillon. (Your story has me paranoid and I'm seeing creepy everywhere) But the thing is he seems so nice. Now I'm almost worried that Wren is going to bump him off so Dillon will have a place at school.

And jeez, you really dropped a lot of information about Dillon and the rabbits in this chapter. The whole scenario that you've presented makes a lot of sense. If Dillon can use the bunnies as a sort of funnel of his thoughts to other people, he can pretty much do and get whatever he wants. We see a little bit of that with the lady he encounters as he travels.

Now I'm wondering how long it will take either Wren herself to figure out that something is wrong with Bunny or for someone else to notice. My bets are on Albus figuring it out since he seems to pay a lot of attention to her. But then the problem is, even if he does figure it out, how does he convince Wren to let go of bunny? Very curious.

As always, your writing is lovely and smooth. I wish I could be a bit more helpful in the CC department, but there really isn't much to critique. It's so good as it is.

Great job!


Author's Response:

Gotta love these swap things.

Yeah, a lot has happened in this chapter. I've had some crit about it saying that I need SOMETHING here to let the readers breathe and assimilate all the stuff I threw at them, but I don't know. I sort of like the frenetic crazy that it is. I've thought about adding a slower scene in the middle of this to allow people to think things through, but as you can see, I'm still thinking about it.

Ah, haha! Wren bumping someone off is a funny thought. Good thing this is already written out or I'd have to figure out how to make that happen... and thumbs up for being paranoid. That's a good thing in this story. :P

You're right. Now it's a matter of who figures out what and how they will deal with things. Bets are on. Let's see who gets there first.

Thanks so much for your comments! If you see ANYTHING, I'm sure you will let me know, right?


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Review #3, by DaaOne 

10th August 2015:
Hey there, I'm back for more !

So, did Dillon and the rabbits just apparated ? He apparently has loads of magic in him, how did he not get his letter yet? I recall Wren thought he was around 8, why is he so convinced he could just go to Hogwarts then? Didn't his mum tell him he gets his letter when he's 11?

I'm so confused with all of this. Did Bunny also disappear because Dillon was euh disappearing in a ball of light as well? Does that happen to all the bunnies when he does that? And oh my god, Bunny definitely has a great grasp over Wren's mind.

I also sense this Nate person is going to be a bit of a competition for Al haha or maybe Al is just going to be a little bit jealous, or loads..

I just have to say I like the going back to school scene and the train ride, it's just perfect and not too overwhelming or boring.. You just put in there the necessary and it was a nice part!

I must admit this story is making me a little bit frustrated and confused.. Poor Wren you have to take it a little bit easy on her? But I guess that can't be done now the story is already written haha I guess I'll have to read through until the part where things get better for her or she gets a little bit of common sense to realize the bunny is not fixing things but making them worse!! You can tell I'm frustrated no? I'm not typing I'm literally hitting my keyboard!!

Anyways, *cools off a bit* I like how tangled up your plot is and I'm actually waiting to see how you manage to untangle it :D

Oh and congrats on Augusta getting better at least that's one thing that isn't frustrating :D

Heads up, reviews on the way..

Author's Response: Hi there!

Yes. Bunnies. Apparition. It's a thing. Don't worry. Everyone else in the story finds it just as confusing as you do. Sorry for that.

Haha, Nate. He's not evil. That should help things along.

Yeah, I did throw a lot out at Wren. It's part of the story, so she's going to have to deal with a lot before things resolve. Ack! Don't break your keyboard on my account. I'd feel guilty as all get out.

Yes, yes. Tangled up plot is a good way to describe it. My poor little plotting mind just wouldn't have it any other way.

Thanks for another lovely review!!


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Review #4, by Roisin 

21st July 2015:

Also, true story: My roommate is away for the week, and after I finished reading this chapter last night she texted me to remind me to feed her bunny. FREAKING. TERRIFYING.

This chapter was so amazing and I loved so much about it! First off, I wanna commend you for having actual schoolwork in your story. I feel like a lot of school-age stories taking place at Hogwarts somehow manage to gloss over like, the SCHOOL stuff. I've read entire novels where the characters are never seen in class or doing homework. So yeah, THANK YOU for creating realistic lesson plans and things :)

What's really crazy is how this normal stuff counterbalances SCARY EVIL BUNNY stuff. Like, seeing Wren almost back to normal makes the parts where she ISN'T normal even more affecting (HOW DARE BUNNY GIVE HER HEADACHES).

It doesn't seem like Albus is having much bunny troubles--then again, we've only seen glimpses of him, and just by glimpses of Wren we might not notice either.

Heehee, on the ScoRose ship: again, this is something that got kind of implied in the epilogue, so it makes sense that it's such a thing. Super fun here, though, because yeah, your Scorpius is FAB. A lot of Scorpiuses (Scorpii?) I've written aren't actually my headcanon, just fun possibilities. This one, I think, is my new Scorpius headcanon :)

Nate. Oh Nate. At first I thought he might be, like, Dillon? Like, DILLON IS A SHAPESHIFTER. But no, that's not right. He was too poised, whereas Dillon is, well, a child (or some sort of childish creature). IS HE RELATED TO DILLON? I feel like he has to be connected somehow.

AND YET I STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS UP WITH DILLON. So I suppose his mum really was a witch? But what is HE?? How can he commune with the rabbits? AH! Also, the thing with him telling the tree to 'move' was sort of brilliant. Like, I kept thinking "THAT'S NOT HOW IT WORKS, KID." And there was something scary about it, too, because he ought not be using a wand. And he WAS able to do SOMEthing. Ugh.

Also, that tidbit about him liking the beginning, when the people loved the rabbits... I suppose there's something of a trajectory that happens? A TERRIFYING TRAJECTORY.

Author's Response:

Woot! It's another visit by Roisin!

I'm sorry about creating friction between you and your roommate's rabbit. They really aren't all like Bunny, but I tell you after writing this thing, even I won't be looking at rabbits in the same way ever again.

Yes with the schoolwork. It's SCHOOL. Which is WORK. With STUDENTS. And I teach stuff, so that's important to me.

I love contrasts. I'm so happy this balancing thing is working for you. I had all these ideas I wanted to do with this story, and I only had room for so many because I didn't want to make it turn into this ugly disconnected thing. We'll find out soon what's been going on with Albus' rabbit. Some readers have gotten confused by that. I'd love to know if it is sensical to you later.

Oh SCoRose... It is such a thing that I couldn't not do it. And I'm exceedingly pleased that you like this Scorpius. Still the same traits we see everywhere else: cocky and too sure of himself. I'd like to think that the Potter boys have had a good influence on him in this story.

Nate is a whole different thing. I wanted his character in this story so bad. He brings another kind of balance, and you're not the first person to suggest that he's related to Dillon.

Dillon should be just a little scary. That little kid in the horror movie that hasn't done anything yet, but holds so much potential... You seem to be feeling the suspense, so I'll take that as a good sign.

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Review #5, by adluvshp 

18th January 2015:
Hey! Here for your requested review from the forums.

I'm so glad you requested because I've been meaning to read this story further - it's so so interesting - but just not been getting the time. This is all getting quite confusing as well, but in an intriguing way. I'm curious to see where this is all headed, what exactly is up with Dillion and the rabbits. Man, it's all kinda creepy.

Getting to your concerns, your subplots are definitely not dragging. I like reading them; it's good to have breaks from the thick of the mystery to be balanced with other stuff that's happening - such as Wren's classes, her friends, her love life with Albus, and of course the strange new boy. It gives a sense of realism to everything that's going on and doesn't overpower the main plot of the rabbits and Dillion so it's good.

I think so far the continuity is good - there is a nice smooth flow between chapters and I'm enjoying reading the story. The mystery continues to build up and it excites me. I'm worried for Wren - especially now that I know Dillion can somehow connect his mind with the rabbits, and the rabbits with the people they get attached to - it's all quite spooky and dangerous. I can definitely see the rabbits on their way to becoming the 'world's worst fear' - I am just curious to see how it works out further.

All in all, this was another very interesting chapter and I like the pace you're moving at. There were some new details revealed and some more touches to Wren's story herself. I am really excited to read further and I'll try to come back and review as soon as I can.

I don't have any CC for you - really this was superb. Great job!


Author's Response:

Glad that you're back for more! I guess curiosity is a good thing. We'll roll with that.

I thought that breaks from the overall mystery might be a good thing, but then when my characters started demanding more page time, I wondered if they were overriding the story. I'm glad it adds some realism to the fantastical plot weirdness. :)

Very relived about the flow between chapters and the feeling that the mystery is building. It's definitely spooky, and it's supposed to feel dangerous, so I'm feeling better about that too. And no crit?? Okay, I'll take that as a compliment. Thanks!

Thanks for the review, and for commenting on the specific things that I asked for. Hope to see you again soon!

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Review #6, by The Basilisk 

9th January 2015:
Back for some more rabbit lovin'!

"Blubbering basilisk." - best line ever! :P

The rainbow sparks sound so beautiful! I liked the concentration on what it's like to be in classes at Hogwarts as they were so much of the magic of the original books. It was interesting to see how Wren gets so upset when she can't do the spell correctly, as well as her frustration about being known as Longbottom's daughter. It makes sense and is very relatable! :P

I also loved how Rose gets excited when people mention her mother's achievements! Very sweet and supportive of her.

I wonder if Wren's sudden inability to perform spells properly has something to do with Dillon suddenly being able to do magic? As if he's sucking out her power through the bond with the rabbit?

Maybe I'm just suspicious of everyone in this story who is new but now I'm wondering if Nate has something to do with the creepy rabbits as well. It just seems sketchy that Wren never noticed him before and nobody really seems to know him clearly. Could be some trickery involved. It's weird because I keep suspecting that there's some sort of evil rabbit conspiracy but also Dillon is so lonely and independent that perhaps he's not in cahoots with Smeed or Nate and they're just innocent bystanders.

I loved the scene with Dillon and learning more about him! :D He's so creepy but also really childlike and believable in his naivety.

Loving this story! :D

Author's Response:
Yes, I liked that line too. :P

A lot of fics avoid classroom scenes, or they belabor them to the point of being irrelevant to the story. This was my attempt... we'll just leave it at that.

Oooh, you have some great guesses there! The story mechanics were very convoluted when I was imagining this, so I hope it all gets explained rationally enough as we go along.

Ahh, suspicions are good! But Nate... such a nice guy.

Yay for creepy little boy scenes! Everything you said about him was exactly what I wanted to convey, so hurray!

Loving your comments! Come back anytime!

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Review #7, by Solo 

15th December 2014:
I'm definitely supposed to be asleep right now but I can't stop reading!

I think the main thing I love about this fic is the way you grasp the magical world and weave it throughout every single sentence. You make it come alive in a way I've only seen JK herself manage. You mention things that make me run for the wiki - like the mention of the Carpe Retractum charm in her memory. Brings up so many questions! So many people seem to gloss over the fact that Hogwarts is actually a school and instead focus on the social aspect but you manage to incorporate the school aspect so well.

Secondly, I love all your characterisation. Especially Wren's. Her desperation at losing her magic is clear - and all the failed attempts at charms, even the supposedly easier ones like Colovaria. Her losing her magic I'm guessing is related to the weird little were rabbits?! I was so relieved when she managed to perform a successful Wingardium Leviosa! Maybe there's hope for her yet!

Onwards and upwards!

Author's Response: Ahh, what a lovely surprise!

I love the magic in this world. Yes, it's a school, and I wanted to do school-like things with this story, definitely. Having a character that actually cares about classes is fun to write, and gives me an excuse to have all those classroom scenes. I'm so happy it comes alive for you!

Wren is very unhappy about this new development in her loss of her magic. It's why she's there, after all. There is hope, but of course the characters must struggle first.

Don't listen to those people who say that sleep is overrated. I hope you get a chance to come back sometime, when you are well-rested! Thanks so much for such a lovely review and letting me know that you're reading my story!

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Review #8, by UnluckyStar57 

18th June 2014:
After too many weeks of not reading this story, I'm back! :D

Wow, this mysterious rabbit boy just keeps on getting more mysterious. When will it ever end?! Dillon doesn't seem like an evil person, necessarily, but then again, there is the indisputable fact that the rabbits ARE evil... Actually, there's something kind of sinister about Dillon, besides his eerie rabbit mind control trick, of course. He creeps me out, just like his rabbits do.

Is Dillon stealing Wren's magical powers? I think that Dillon does have some kind of magic within him--maybe inherited from his mother--but no Hogwarts letter=he's not a wizard. But he was controlling the rabbits before he met Wren (I assume), so he had to have some sort of connection with them. This is the first time that I've really seen him directly influencing other people to do his bidding through a fluffy bunny, but perhaps he's done it to Wren before now. Perhaps all those times that she gets headaches and has to go spend time with Bunny, Dillon is tapping into her powers and stealing them. Somehow. I don't know. Grr.

And the first day of school only further proves that Wren is losing her magic. I love the variety of classes that you've got in this story--much different from the usual ones. The curriculum seems to have undergone a facelift! However, Wren's skill and ability with magic can't keep up with the demanding coursework. She can do Wingardium Leviosa, but how long will it be until she can't even do that?!

Magical History has changed, and for the better! I would take that class if I went to Hogwarts, but I wouldn't really be fond of the group essay thing, per se. xP But it's a creative twist on the boring old "Professor Binns Lecture Hour" idea. By the way, what did they do with Professor Binns? Does he still haunt the room, or did they have to exorcise him? Why was there an ectoplasmic handprint on the wall?

Nate seems like a nice kid. I'm not quite sure what relevance he's going to have in the story yet, but I think he's going to play some role--perhaps in the discovering of the evil rabbits' powers? Why did he move to Hogwarts? Was he home-schooled before? Does he have any connection to Dillon whatsoever?

Wow, Wren is really angry about people thinking that she's like her father. I wonder if her reaction was worse because she couldn't be with her rabbit and she was having trouble with her magic... And how does Nate even know that she's Neville's daughter, anyways?!

In contrast, Rose is proud to be "just like Mommy." I bet she's going to get annoying later. :) Also, I like the establishment of Scorose in this chapter. It's not too loud, but talks about it just enough to set the ship up for later chapters. :D

You've written a lot of chapters since I last reviewed! I can't wait to read them! :D

As always, this was very well-written and sufficiently creepy! I expect my rabbit nightmares to return quite soon! :)


Author's Response: Hey you!

So sorry for the response delay. But I'm getting around to everything that I'm behind on. Summer has been a lot busier than I'd expected.

Ahh, if Dillon is creeping you out, then I'm doing something right. I hope I haven't turned you off of ALL rabbits, because that would be a shame... actually, their beady little eyes make me think they're up to something that we don't know about... hmmm...

Dillon's "powers" are yet to be revealed. He doesn't understand them himself at this point either. He just knows what he can do, and he's discovering what he's capable of as we go along.

I don't really know what happened to Professor Binns. I suppose he's somewhere, floating in the ether. I always imagined that he'd eventually fade away. Old spirits sometimes do that, I'd guess.

I like Nate too. He is a really nice kid, all things considering. So many questions! We'll get to that later, I promise. Everyone knows that Wren is Neville's daughter. That's part of what got her upset. It gets old after a while, and Wren has very little patience right now. She is overreacting a bit, though.

Rose annoys me already. I think that's why she's in the story: to annoy the author. But that's okay. I've got plans to get back at her. She's not going to like it either. Poor girl!

I'm so glad you're still reading! Welcome back! And I'm sorry about the nightmares. Maybe some hot chocolate will help, right before bed?


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Review #9, by GingeredTea 

12th May 2014:
OH MY GOODNESS. I loved this chapter. I actually read it a big ago, when I was supposed to be writing an essay. I told myself "read it, work a bit, then review", but of course the review got lost in the onslaught of more homework.

Anyways, what is up with Wren? Is Dillon borrowing her magic? He's cute and creepy...

I wish Wren felt better.

This chapter has really gotten me interested! What will happen. What is Dillon doing? I loved the line:

"Could you bring some food for me?" he asked the woman.

The woman acted like she hadn't heard him, still cooing at the little rabbit in her arms.
Oh, that's right. It didn't work quite like that. "

BUT, on that note, it should be: "Could you bring some food for me?" [H]e asked the woman.

The question mark ends a sentence, so you start with a capital afterwards. I bet you know. I do and still do it all.the.time. ;)

Lovely chapter. I know I owe you one more review. I will try to slip it in this week, but my classes end on the 16th, so I may end up doing it after that. :)

Author's Response: Hey, you're back!

No, you really should do your essays before you read chapters... unless you're taking a well-deserved break... in which case, read on! :)

I feel for Wren too. She really should start feeling better soon. It's been so long. On the other hand, if she DID start feeling better, I'd have to come up with something else to move the story forward. Hmmm...

Thanks for the lovely review! I'm so glad you're still coming back to my story! Good luck with classes!

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Review #10, by MargaretLane 

10th April 2014:
I always love seeing new professors. And Professor Ackerly seems nice, stopping people making fun of Wren.

The word "intern" sounds a bit American to me. I'm not actually sure what the English DO call student teachers. I assume just student teachers, but I could well be wrong about that. And this guy has GOT to be better than Binns. At least he recognises myths and legends as the significant historical sources they are. I have a rant about Binn's dismissal of myth in Chamber of Secrets.

And it's just like Hermione to write a history book.

I wonder how come Dillon didn't get sorted at the start of the year. I'm assuming he is starting this year.

I wonder where Nate went to school for his first few years and why he transferred. Transferring from one boarding school to another isn't really necessary, particularly with the forms of travel the wizarding world has. And his name sounds English, although I guess he could be American or Australian or something. Hmmm.

That "testing out" doesn't sound quite right. I mean he's either going to do a N.E.W.T. in the subject or he isn't. If he is, then I'd imagine he'd take the classes, especially as he could hardly have covered a two year course in a summer anyway. And if he isn't going to take the N.E.W.T., then he wouldn't need to test out because it wouldn't be something he'd need anyway. It sounds as if all subjects are optional at N.E.W.T. level.

I was half wondering if Nate could BE Dillon in another guise, but since we are getting a section about Dillon towards the end of the chapter, probably not.

I'm really wondering if Dillon is controlling the rabbits or they are controlling HIM. In some ways, he seems sort of like a victim too.

I'm also intrigued by the way he talks about "the magicks" rather than "magic". When he was talking to Wren, I kind of thought he was putting it on to seem cute and ignorant, so she wouldn't get suspicious he knew more than he was letting on, but he's doing it in his head too.

Author's Response:
In Next Gen, there have to be new professors, right?

I have no idea what student teachers are called officially in Britain. I suppose I could ask someone about that. And yes, I agree that any living instructor would be better than a ghost. I'm glad you approve of his myths and legends curriculum. I thought that would be fun!

Dillon's not quite at Hogwarts yet. He didn't get on the train. Not sure if you got to that part of the story yet. Now I'm lost in my scenes...

There's more on Nate later. He's not a typical "transfer student", and his previous education hasn't been all that "traditional". Point taken on your thoughts of "testing out". The set up works for the story, so I'm rolling with it.

Interesting thoughts on Nate and Dillon being connected...

More interesting theories!

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Review #11, by TidalDragon 

29th March 2014:
So the rabbits and the ball of light from the first chapter have their explanation. Interesting. I am perhaps most intrigued though by the apparent waning of Wren's magic as Dillon's seems to grow. I have wondered for quite awhile if this was the creepy kid's endgame, but I guess I'll wait and see.

In terms of the writing itself, I think you're doing a pretty good job devoting appropriate amounts of time to the critical aspects of your plot and developing the big characters. You have also done a nice job of building scenes with non-critical (seemingly) characters and situations that you then use to demonstrate the further development of a bigger aspect of the story (an example being the incidents in class) and that's made the longer chapters pass easier and be more enjoyable. The only downside is that it does make me a bit unsure of who and how many characters are actually important (but then maybe that's your goal).

See you next chapter!

Author's Response:
I really tried to unravel just a bit of the mystery and let things relax a little with the ball of light thing.

I tried to give each character an important role in the plot. Some roles are big, and some are more behind the scenes... and yes, there are some that exist to show more of what's going on so the reader can understand things better.

I'm just relieved that you're not wholly frustrated with the thing yet! Or maybe you are, and you're being nice. :P

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Review #12, by CambAngst 

16th February 2014:
Hi, pix!

Personally, I think you crossed a line in this chapter. It's one thing for the demon bunny to give Wren headaches and panic attacks, to mess with her love life, to create telepathic connections with creepy little boys... that stuff is all well and good. But when demon bunny starts messing with her schoolwork, that's just sending the wrong message. Education is our future, pix! Think of the children here! I mean, how are Wren and her schoolmates going to succeed in life without a first-class education, just like the one that their parents... um... yeah, forget I said anything.

Seriously, however, I do not like the demon bunny. Not one bit. And there's another one in the castle somewhere! I suppose it's in the dungeons, in the Slytherin boys' dormitory, causing who knows what sort of chaos. Actually, maybe I'm OK with that part.

The bunny definitely has a hold on poor Wren. It's affecting her in so many ways, giving her nightmares, and continuing to slip out of its hutch at every opportunity to feed off of her. In spite of the bunny problem, it is nice to see her back at school, getting to be a more normal teenager again.

The wood felt heavy in her grip, the strange words thick on her tongue as she flicked tiny ringlets in the air. She glanced up from her text to see the results.

Aannd… nothing.
-- I think this was our first indication of a looming problem for Wren. Something seems to be interfering with her magic, and I have a strong suspicion as to what. Not good, pix! Young minds are suffering here!

Albus, on the other hand, seems to be having no problems at all. I'm a little curious now. If Albus also has a rabbit, why is it not affecting him the way it's affecting Wren? We haven't seen his PoV in a little while. Maybe he kicked his rabbit to the curb early on?

Rose fancies Scorpius! Ah, you've hit one of my soft spots here. And she can't admit it to herself, either. Perfect!

And there's that blasted rabbit again, causing Wren to miss Potions. This chapter is an academic catastrophe!

I think it's awesome that Hogwarts has apparently found a replacement for Professor Binns. One who actually might be able to keep his students awake. Of course, it's a bit sad that the poor fellow has to moonlight as the janitor- excuse me, caretaker. But he obviously has a lot of hustle. He'll go far in this world, unless the demon bunnies get him first. Wait a sec. The demon bunnies are going to get him first, aren't they, pix? Everything about this guy screams "red shirt". There I go with the Star Trek analogies again.

I love what you did with Rose in this scene. There must have been at least one or two of the Potter/Weasley children who reveled just a bit in their parents' fame, so why not Rose? At least she's reveling in something her mother did more recently.

I felt really bad for the poor Hufflepuff Wren was paired up with. Nate must think she's losing it. Heck, even I think she's losing it. It's funny how the two of them go about unintentionally offending one another. I think I sense a possible alternative love interest for Wren brewing here. And let me go on the record now as saying that I don't like it. Harumph. So there.

I loved that you gave us more clarity about Dillon and his rabbits. Now I'm wondering whether the rabbits turned Dillon weird or he turned the rabbits weird. One line in particular has me leaning toward the latter. It's a pretty amazing control and communication mechanism. Hats off to you for devising something so clever!

It's obvious that Dillon is growing more powerful. He managed to transfigure a walnut into an apple without a wand, which I'm sure is no small feat. Now you have me wondering whether Wren's apparently loss of magical ability and Dillon's sudden gains in that department are related. Are you sick of me guessing yet?

All in all, I love what you've done with this chapter. Lots of forward progress for the story and lots of things to keep us poor readers on our toes. Great job!

Author's Response:

*hangs head on shame*

I know. The children. What have I done?? What kind of futures will these kids have without a proper Potions education???


Yes, there are TWO rabbits inside the castle now. Do you know what TWO rabbits make? I shall leave you to ponder that.

Wren is under the impression that school is going to get her back to normal. Things couldn't possibly get worse for her now. Not at Hogwarts! And you're right! Why isn't Albus affected by his rabbit? What's going on here??

Oh, you like Scor/Rose? Hehehe. They're a bit of background noise so far. It's fun to play with them like that.

Poor Mister Summers! It's his first introduction to the story, and you haven't even given him a chance! How could you??? Poor, poor man. He's trying so HARD to be a good teacher. Give the guy a break! :P

Yeah, Rose. She loves things. She hates things. She's a dramatic thing, isn't she?

One of the things that I had a hard time with is juggling the large cast that seems to be tied to "students at Hogwarts" fics. There are so many people to account for! So why not throw in someone else completely new? Like a cliche'? Every story needs a few of those, haha! I like Nate. He's generally good-natured, and doesn't make waves. He's a bit leery of Wren at this point. But then, who wouldn't be?

Aww, and you're picking on Dillon too? No, wait. He HAS a wand here. He points it. He's not that strong. He's just a little boy with no home and a basket of rabbits.

And I'm never sick of you guessing. ;) Go right ahead.

Thanks for the very entertaining review! And also for keeping ME on my toes!

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