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Review #1, by HebrideanBlack 

27th February 2016:
George Vanderpool is pretty much, the love of my life. He's so charming and FUNNY and loves Ted, has a good heart.

And the secret's out to Andie! The bond that they have now is irresistable. They know too much.

In love.

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Review #2, by LiveBreatheNeedHP 

28th August 2015:
It was good to finally find out what the dealio was with Ted, but so tragic about his mother and father and so heartbreaking to find out how much he had taken Andromeda's words to heart! I want to hug Ted.
George is so funny, he's great.

Author's Response: D: D: D: Ted is a bundle of angst here. An absolute bundle of angst. But I'm glad his condition wasn't too bizarre or confusing. I spent a bunch of time picking through the logic of his illness, and I still have this horrible fear that I overlooked something.

Hahaha, oh George, mah baby. I love writing him so. I'm glad you like him! :)

Thanks oodles & oodles for the review!

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Review #3, by UnluckyStar57 

11th February 2014:
Hi! It feels like it's been a LONG time since I've read or reviewed this story, but when I saw that you had posted not just one, but TWO chapters, I had to postpone my homework. This is too important to pass up. :)

This is such a long chapter! I love it! Not only do we get to learn about Ted's mysterious "condition," but the return of George brings on some more melodrama!! Hoorah! Of course, the chapter was a bit shouty, but it definitely worked for the situation!

Ted=linnet. THAT'S AWESOME. I happen to really love birds--I make my own hair clips with fake birds on them (like craft birds, not taxidermied ones...) and wear them in my hair. So it really makes me happy that Ted is a bird. I think it fits with his personality, too. Yay for metamorphosing Animagi! :D

Awww, Andromeda and Ted and the cake... She wants him to have the bigger piece because she cares about him. D'aw. But obviously, he doesn't understand that and he's skeptical. That's understandable, but for heaven's sake, why can't people ever just come right out and say what they're thinking?! It's mostly Andromeda's fault that Ted is temporarily paralyzed, but if they had sat down and had a proper conversation, then maybe they could've avoided that. Oh well, at least it led to a whole bunch more drama. And so they finally sit down and are beginning to have a chat, but then POOF! George Vanderpool, ladies and gentlemen!

Wow, he's an angry one. This guy takes being a Hufflepuff to the extreme, as far as loyalty to your friends goes. His rage, however, is definitely not a Hufflepuffian quality, which is excellent. The Puffle-y Puffs are too often portrayed as marshmallow-y sweethearts, and George (and Ted, for that matter) completely smashes that with his rage. He really wants to hang out with Ted, that's for sure! Apparently he doesn't know that Andromeda isn't a Ted-hater anymore, and that's what makes the whole scene even more interesting. He's blaming her for everything, but it wasn't completely all her fault (mostly).

I wonder how well the dragging of Ted to George's house is going to go... Perhaps I should read on to find out?

Yes, I shall do that. :)


Author's Response: HELLO THERE. I just love your reviews. Love em.

Baha, I know you said that your birds aren't taxidermy type, but now I've got this really bizarre image in my head of crazy stuffed birds--like the kind Marie Antoinette would wear on her wig. I'm sure your birds are actually totally normal and adorable. So cute. Birds rule. Especially linnets. Obvz.

Of course Andromeda wants Ted to have the bigger slice. -Bambi eyes- She wants him to have ALL the cake. He's so sickly, and it's freaking her out. Also, Andromeda doesn't know how the heck to care for someone while they're convalescing. Lol. If Ted were dying of scarlet fever, she'd still prolly try to feed him cake.

Yeah, Ted and Andromeda have this problem, and it's called NOT TALKING ABOUT THEIR PROBLEMS. Of course, I don't mind, 'cos it means constant drama. But still.

George is an angry little badger. Like the honey badger. That kind of Huffly-Puffly badger for sure. He just wants his Teddykins all to himself. :(


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Review #4, by Flo 

8th February 2014:
Oh my god this is wonderful... I have read the entire thing in one sitting. Holy guacamole your characterisation is so believable and realistic . The turmoil you put both dromeda and ted through gosh... In all honesty this is possibly one of the best fics I have ever read and most certainly the best one I have read on this site! So erm...keep on writing amazingly I guess? :)

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much for the sweet review! I'm so glad that you've enjoyed the story so far and I very much appreciate the encouragement. It's always so nice to hear that a new reader is following along and rooting for Team Tedromeda. So, just, like, THANK YOU and stuff. Hope you continue to enjoy! :]

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Review #5, by MarieBlack 

8th February 2014:
I am too exhausted to possibly write a decent review. This week kicked my butt.


And I can't possibly wait to see how going to George's pans out for them. Ooh. Mystery.

Once again I am left on edge, dear writer! Good luck writing, can't wait to read what's next!

I posted another chapter if you find a moment soon.

Author's Response: Oh goodness. Bad week! No more butt-kicking! Even so, I appreciate the lovely review, as always. Andromeda is being pretty stupid. So is Ted. It's fun making them be stupid. But yeah, they should probably stop that sometime soon.

Next chapter is on its way!

AND YAY. I can't wait to read the next chap of "Sunshine." I will get to it pronto!

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Review #6, by water_lily43175 

7th February 2014:
YES, bring it on! "Answers". I'd better be satisfied by them.

Worried Andromeda is so cute. SO CUTE. Nelson's the absolute bomb as well, bless him.

THE SECRET. I thought it was something Metamorph-y, I thought it was something to do with the linnet, and I was right on both counts. Yay me! I love this explanation, it really does seem right and logical that a Muggleborn would have absolutely no control over their power because they wouldn't know what it was. And I like that he can turn into the bird as well, because if Metamorphmagi can change parts of themselves into animal parts, like Tonks with her noses, why shouldn't they be able to fully transform? Neat. Love it. Except the bit where Ted's bedbound, obviously, the poor guy.

Oh gosh, it's so frustrating that he still thinks she's the same person she was, at least PARTLY at any rate. I do love, though, that no matter what Andromeda says to try to explain herself, Ted manages to twist it back on her. I think it tests her a bit, makes her really try to explain herself and get her feelings across. And he always manages to rattle her, as well; the composed Andromeda from the beginning of the fic seems so long ago! I prefer this one by far though. :)

Poor Ted. Thinking he shouldn't have been born. Sob. :(

Teehee, Andromeda told him about the dreams! She should have elaborated a bit more, told him that the linnet comes along and saves her from her family and THIS MEANS SHE LOVES HIM AND THEY'RE MEANT TO BE.

'"Good gosh," snorted Ted. "If I had a fit every time I wanted to-"' BAHAHA all of the sexual tension.

Love how even the poorest of people have tea. PRIORITIES.

Oh man, GEORGE! Look, I liked you before, and you turned up just as Andromeda was about to say she meant it when she said she wanted Ted to kiss her! I mean sort your timing out, REALLY. And Ted's so cute when he's standing up for her. It looks as though she's going to have an interesting Christmas Day, because I would imagine she'll be going along to Chez Vanderpool with Ted? Bah all the juiciness! MOAR PLZ.

Author's Response: YESH. See, you are such a super sleuth. You totally called the SECRET. I always figured that if Ted was born into a Muggle family that didn't understand anything about magic, they would assume that his metamorphmagus abilities were just a natural part of his uncontrollable magical skills. And he would, unfortunately, not learn how to control them at a young age, which would lead to complications. If only someone had intervened earlier. D: But, you know, at least Ted now knows what to do if he ever has, like, a -cough, cough- Metamorphmagus kid.

And YES. No matter what one's income, tea is always a MUST. Thank you for appreciating that blatant value statement.

Yo, George can't help his horrible timing. After all, he did have pretty good timing before, when he showed up in Diagon Alley and helped Andromeda out of her little conundrum. SO. There's that. But you best believe that Andromeda is heading to the Vanderpool's for Christmas festivities. I've been sick with fever-gross-strep-throat this weekend, which means that the events at such said Vanderpool Establishment are in the queue even now.

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