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Review #1, by krazyboutharryginny 

6th March 2016:
Hey Tammi! I'm here to leave a review for the HPFF Review-A-Thon :)

Ugh! I hate Michelle so much, she is such a pain. It really hurts my heart that Abigail thinks she needs to continue being friends with her. I wish she would realize that other people care about her and want to spend time with her. (Like Isabella! I really like Isabella, she's so cute and nice.) But at the same time, her self-esteem is so bad that I can see why she doesn't realize. I'm just so sad for her. :(

LOL at Abigail accidentally napping for 4 hours. I totally do that sometimes, and it really doesn't help at all! It always makes me feel so much more lethargic.

Also, as much as I dislike Michelle, I also sort of feel like I would be the same way about Lucien. Like, I actually agree with what Abigail about what she said about him, but if I were in Michelle's shoes I would probably complain about him all the time :P That probably makes me a bad/annoying person. Oops.

Anyways, I really REALLY love this story and I'm sorry it's taking me so long to review! I will be back asap - maybe even later today, for the review-a-thon!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! :D I love hearing what you think!

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Review #2, by Ninja in Training 

2nd January 2016:
michelle makes me mad and should bugger off and she neds to stand up for herself!

Author's Response: She makes me really mad too! and Abigail really does need to work on standing up for herself.

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Review #3, by HufflePuff_Blitz 

16th October 2015:
Hey Tammi!
Another great chapter! Abigail is my kind of girl. Naps are lovely. Once again I hate Michelle. Screw throwing her in the dungeon. Feed her to the Balrog!
Once strange thing I did notice was that in the last chapter you had said it was the second week. And then in this chapter you mentioned it was the first week.
Other than that it was marvelous as always. :)

Author's Response: Hey Kyle!!

Thank you :D Oh yes, naps can be lovely. I am yet to experience a lovely nap, mine always end in me forgetting the day/time/year.


Whoops, I didn't even realise that I done that, thank you for pointing it out.

Thank you so much, Kyle!!

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Review #4, by looneylizzie 

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Gryffindor! (The Amazing Race)

Michelle really is a brat. Logically, the stuff that the new Captain, - Lucien? - is doing makes total sense! At least you know a bit more of the kind of players you’re picking by giving them a second chance! And one day of not practicing isn’t going to make as big of a difference as she thinks it will.

Ugh. Michelle’s one of those girls who freakishly stalks someone she likes just to get a GLIMPSE of them?? Ew. The more I learn about Michelle the more I’m disliking her. I want to smack her half the time.

OH! There’s the ‘Puff loyalty I was waiting for! Of course, I don’t think she should really be all that loyal to Michelle, but that’s probably why I’m not a ‘Puff.

Hmmm, who is this Isabella girl? I mean, you’ve mentioned her before, but it’s nice to meet her and get to know her a bit more. She seems pretty nice. A lot better than Michelle. Definitely her opposite in several ways. I like that she extends an invitation to Abigail, even if they don’t know each other as well. The fact that she’s willing to reach out to Abigail after so many years of living in the same dorm says a lot about who she is. She doesn’t seem to be opposed to gaining new friends just because she’s comfortable. I like that.

Oh! More info on comic books! I like it!

So her dad writes comic books huh? If he’s a bestseller, then that means he’s gotta be pretty famous. I wonder if other people know about that?

Awe! Snowball is adorable! I wish my cat was like him!

I’m gonna punch Michelle in the face. One day all characters from stories are gonna come to life, and I’m going to track her down and punch her square in the nose.


Have I mentioned that I don’t like her very much?

Can Abigail just be best friends with Isabella instead? She seems nice. Much better than Michelle at any rate.

Oh man. So much awesome! Tammi, your stories are all just phenomenal, and I have to say, I’m liking this more and more with every chapter! The characters you write are fleshed out beautifully, and feel so real. They really do seem like average teenagers you can relate to, who just happen to have magical powers and are dealing with the oh-so-evil struggles of adolescence. :D

I’ll be back for more, don’t you worry!

Author's Response: She really is! The biggest brat in the world. Yeah, he is, but she can't help but try and get involved and all up in his buisness.

She is stalker to the max! Haha yes please! Smack her in the face!

Yep, puff loyalty, although she really shouldn't be at all. :P

Isabella is nice, I really like her. Abigail should definitely be her friend.


Oh yes he does, and very famous, but he's under a penname and keeps himself pretty secret.

Oh snowball! *in love*

Yes! Please punch her so hard in the face! She deserves it.


AWwww thank you so so much! *blushes* You're the best!

Thank you

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Review #5, by oldershouldknowbetter 

23rd January 2015:
Review #6: the review which has a nap critique

Michelle and Quidditch; is the captain having more practices to just give people a second chance or is it more a second chance to see if there is someone who could replace you?

Michelle has a crush herself – bet Abigail never made her feel bad about Ethan.

Abigail has some options for friends it is good to see. If only she could see it too.

If I may humbly make one small criticism: the nap seems to draw out the chapter and there is nothing much to advance the plot here. Michelle and the Quidditch stuff and the conversation after the nap could have easily been added to the next chapter without much harm done. Her having the nap and still feeling so tired afterwards really seems to have no bearing upon the plot (unless in a subsequent chapter we find out she is sick or something). But then again a reader will pass through this chapter with ease and go on to the twenty (and counting) chapters to come. So I am
probably making too much of it all. Ah, I often have an afternoon nap – so what on earth am I complaining about?

Abigail has a tiny bit of joy when she catches James’ eye at the dinner table, but yet again Michelle has to dump condescension and then spitefulness all over it

Quote: “What would you do if this all happened with Ethan?” I asked her, letting my annoyance and tiredness take over my mouth before I could rein it in and stop it.

Abigail has the temerity to point out to Michelle what would she do if the situation were reversed. Michelle shrugs it off but I don’t know how much to believe her – I tend not to believe anything which comes out of her mouth. This reader thinks that if the situation were reversed, Michelle would not only be a gooey mess, but also want her friend’s support and congratulations.

Abigail nearly, nearly broke out of her self-imposed shell and said what she means, but all that came out was the small counterpoint. Abigail dreads that Michelle may be correct and that James is doing all of this as part of some elaborate trick, but Abigail shouldn’t doubt herself so much (aint that the truth) – she is a far better judge of character than she gives herself credit for.

Though, if in the remote possibility that it is some sort of cruel joke, Abigail knows that she will be devastated.

Author's Response: Abigail would never make Michelle feel bad about Ethan. She needs to see that there are other and better friends out there for her, much like Isabella!

Haha I probably shouldn't have included the nap and the tiredness, I may have been napping or tired whilst I was writing it, so just decided to include it. Sadly she's not sick (Although why am I sad that she's not sick? I'm a mean person!)

Michelle is always around to dump her spitefullness on people, it's the only thing we can rely on her for! Of course you're right, we can't believe anything that comes out of her mouth. Michelle would definitely want Abigails support 100% if it was the other way around.

She very nearly did! It was so close but it was there, she's growing up! *wipes away proud tear* You're right, she really shouldn't doubt herself so much.

Will it be a cruel joke? We shall see!

Thank you!! *Squishes you with the biggest hugs*

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Review #6, by icingonmycake 

16th August 2014:
COOKIES! *hugs phone* *realizes she is acting like an idiot* *doesn't care*
I feel so sorry for Abigail and so disgusted by Michelle. HOW can she call herself a friend? And also, you aren't fooling anybody Michelle, we know you'd go absolutely insane if Ethan started talking to you. You need to chill and let Abigail be happy, lady. Anyway, great chapter and I'm looking forward to Jes and Abigail next chapter! Do you have a ship name for them yet?

Author's Response: Hahaha I would have hugged the phone too *hugs laptop whilst responding to review*
I wish I didn't have to write Michelle so mean... but she's a mean person and she definitely has no right to call herself a friend! Oh yeah, Michelle so would go insane if Ethan started talking to her.
There isn't a ship name for them yet I don't think? I shall happily accept any suggestions! :D

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Review #7, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing 

7th July 2014:
Gahh!!! Why won't she stand up for herself? Please let her answer back to Michelle just once. It's almost painful to read, I am literally willing her with every part of me to speak up :( I must say though, Even though I can't stand her at this moment in time, your characterisation of michelle is really good. I've known girls to be like her. It's clearly driven my jealous. I just want to say HA to her. James clearly likes Abigail and not her.

Now this Isabelle seems really nice. I hope Abigail spends some more time with her :) she seems like she would be a much better friend than Michelle, and Abigail definitely deserves that.

I must say, I did did it funny though, the four hour nap. How I wish I could have so many of those!! It does tend to leave you more tired by it at the end though. You wrote it well :)

I'm looking forward to more James and Abigail in the next chapter though!!

Lauren :)
House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: It's frustrating isn't it?! Oh don't worry it will happen! Michelle is based entirely on my ex best friend and it's sad that there are more like her out in the world. Oh yes, she is really jealous over everything that's been happening. James doesn't like Michelle at all.

I know! I love Isabelle, she's a much better friend for Abigail and one that she needs.

Haha oh the four hour nap, I had one of those the other day and yes it does! I felt worse when I woke up haha.

There is more James and Abigail soon!

Thank you so much Lauren! *squishes you*

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Review #8, by Maelody 

13th March 2014:
I'm not letting up on Michelle, but I'm beginning to think that maybe she's speaking out of experience here. I think that Ethan did everything she's warning Abigail about to her. It's sad, but she needs to realize that not everyone has to be sad because her love life didn't work out.

Maybe it's the snake in me, but I really sort of hope that when they fall out again, Abigail will realize that Isabella and the Ravenclaw girls can be her friends now, and leave Michelle in the dust for a little bit to help her see that she can't control everything. Of course, if she learns her lesson, they can be friends again ;).

Haha, I would love to see a point from James and William's side. I think William might find this all a bit 'adorable' in the most boyish way I can think of. I hope he's a much better friend than Michelle! By what I've seen, he definitely is. Is he going to be my Horatio equivalent in this story? ;) I hope so! :3

Your story, as always, is absolutely wonderful! I'm falling in love already, and I can't wait to catch up! For now, moving on! :)


Author's Response: Michelle needs to remember that Abigail was there for her during her massive crush on Ethan, but sadly Michelle is very selective in what she remembers. She needs to let Abigail work things out on her own.

Haha don't worry, that's what I hope too. :P Maybe it is the Slytherin in us? :O

William would find it funny and will mock James for being so awkward around Abigail. Maybe I need to do that POV? Oooo he could be your Horatio equivalent! :D William is a good friend, don't worry. :P

Thank you once again, your are just so amazing and I will never get enough of these fantastically wonderful reviews. x

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Review #9, by anythingcouldhappen 

13th March 2014:
Hi! Reviewing this for Blackout Bingo!

Michelle. Michelle. Michelle.

Can I strangle her? I know I've kind of said this in all my reviews, but's she's such a meanie! And not a true friend! "I just don't want you to get hurt" Yeah right! I'm beginning to think that Michelle is just super insecure and she hangs around with Abigail because Abigail is also insecure and a pushover to boot.

I really hope that Abigail makes friends with Isabella! She needs a better friend than Michelle.

Although, I have to admit, I'm still a little wary of James myself. It does feel a little too good to be true. I'm interested to see where it all goes and if it turns out their is some kind of motivation behind the whole thing apart from genuine friendship. I kind of hope not, but then again I know things are never simple!

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Yes, yes you can! Hahaha she is a massive meanie! She needs a good talking to. She's not a true friend at all, she thinks that she's helping but she's really not.

She will, there shall be more Isabella around. She's better for Abigail.

I would be wary too, especially after everything that happened, but maybe he's genuinely being nice? Maybe he has an ulterior motive? :P You're right, things are never simple.

Thank you Sam! :D

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Review #10, by ReeBee 

31st January 2014:
Hi! I'm finally (a bit) on time?? A bit... Anyway another awesome chapter!!! :D :D

Eugh. Michelle. Why is she so... just eugh! I don't have any words! She's being annoying! How's she's jealous! And tuck up and self obsessed! How she thinks she would do a better job at captain and how she would a better job at this, and that! Eugh! Annoying and stuck up! I don't like her!

Isabella on the other hand, seems very refreshing and lovely! So sweet! And Abigail!! She just gets more awesome with each chapter!!! Love the fact that she takes naps! After reading this, I seem to notice that the characters in a lot of stories don't sleep! Like, what? Anyway, thats awesome! :D

and the description! Snowball! SO CUTE! I love him! And how he sleeps on Abigail! Aw! Soo adorable! :D

Another great chapter! Still looking forward to the next chapter!! YAY! MORE JAMES AND ABIGAIL!!! :D

-Curie :)

Author's Response: Yay! You're on time and I'm late in replying. :P

I know! I know! She's so mean, but she needs to be. Well she doesn't need to be... but yeah. :P She is very jealous of everything! She just needs to learn to stop being so spoilt.

Yes! Isabella is very nice and would be a great friend to Abigail.

Haha yes! I'm jealous that she can take naps. I'd just get cranky. :D
:O Now that you've mentioned that, I realise it too! That is really weird! Haha how can they not be sleeping?

Awww Snowball! He's based on my cat, just the actions, not the fluffyness and the colour.

More James and Abigail! Wooo! :D

Thank you so much for the lovely review!
Keep being awesome! :D

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Review #11, by potterfan310 

31st January 2014:
Hmm Michelle's still not growing on me but then again I supposed you don't like everyone.

So Abigail's not the only one with a giant crush?

I like Isabelle, she's a great character. I hope that we get to see more of her and that Abigail perhaps because good friends with her as the story goes on. Isabelle seems like a person that Abigail needs in her life rather than Michelle. But then again I suppose with Michelle you're most likely not to get a dull moment.

Aww snowball is so adorable ♥ I want him! The putting his paw on Abigail's face to sleep is so cute, I'm starting to think he could be half kneazle like Crookshanks was.

Some days I feel like a four hour nap :p

Boom, I think Abigail may have snapped, some people really do that you.

Poor Abigail *hugs*.

Can't wait for the James/Abigail moments in the next chappie!


Soph :)

P.s One teeny thing confused me, in the story summary her name is Amelia rather than Abigail?

Author's Response: Aww that's alright, not many people like michelle. Myself included in that. :P

Oh no, she's not the only one. Michelle also has her big crush on Ethan, the only difference is that Abigail is nice about it.

I really like her as well, she's a good friend that Abigail needs. There will be more of her, don't worry. :D

I love him too! :D I think we should be able to borrow him. That whole putting a paw on the face is something that my cat likes to do to me. :D

Oh how I wish I could nap that long, I just get cranky though haha

There will be more James and Abigail soon! :D

Ah I'm so glad that you picked up on that! I got confused with my other JAmes story haha.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! :D

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Review #12, by KailynBryn 

31st January 2014:
I love this story!!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I love your review! :D

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