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Review #1, by HebrideanBlack 

27th February 2016:
The last line, oh my word.

Ted is nervous because he loves her OBVIOUSLY. Andie and Ted together are amazing, how she's so comfortable around him, telling him, him listening, him embracing her, him agreeing with her. TED IS THE BEST.

We all need Teds in our lives.

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Review #2, by LiveBreatheNeedHP 

28th August 2015:
I quite like the exchange between Andromeda and Ted, although sometimes I wonder just exactly what it is that he sees in her to have such a high opinion of her. I suppose a lot goes on off page that we don't see, but I wish we could see more of the good towards Ted in Andromeda. We see it through her thoughts and mildly in some of their dialogue, but I'm kind of left wishing we could see it more in their interactions and exchanges. Nonetheless, still a great chapter, I still like it quite a lot.

Author's Response: Yes, Andromeda still has a long way to go in her treatment of Ted. She's still got so much bigoted garbage she has to shake that she can't really be as good to him as he deserves. And as good as she's beginning to *realize* he deserves.

As for Ted's attraction to Andromeda. . .I mean, some of it is physical, some of it is because he knows how brilliant she is, but there's another part that's revealed a wee bit later. -enigmatic wink- Whether or not that's a satisfying explanation remains to be seen. . . :)

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #3, by Shinicha 

25th August 2015:
Another lovely chapter, and the final sentence "...So if the act of Muggleborn Ted Tonks enfolding her in a safe, warm embrace was an act of contamination, then it was the sweetest contamination that Andromeda Black had ever known." ... you melt my heart! haha

besides, I LOVE Nelson, he's awesome, though I do wonder what they usually eat when they apparently never use cutlery. Toast and pizza?!

Everything about this chapter was wonderful! Sorry about these far-too-short and not-very-helpful reviews!

I noticed one small mistake (I THINK):
"More than given it to her, he’d called incredible" -- I believe there should be one more "her" ;)

Author's Response: Awww, I'm so glad your heart was melted! (That sounded weird, but. . .you know.)

Hahaha, Nelson is seriously my favorite character to write. Glad you like him! And yeah, man. Toast. Pizza. Chips. Fish with their bare hands. You know, the usual.

And not at all! Your review are neither too short nor unhelpful. I love them! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave them!

And omg YES. That's definitely a typo. Thank you for pointing it out!

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Review #4, by Penelope Inkwell 

13th July 2015:
Nelson keeps cracking me up. He's so perfectly written. It's like he's perfectly designed to utterly bewilder Andromeda. Which, I suppose, he is.

I love getting to see her changing so naturally. Realizing how poorly she's treated Ted, realizing that the things she's been told about Muggleborns can't be true, because she has evidence to the contrary. However, you haven't just had her drop all her prejudices. It's not that easy. It's a tricky balance to strike, that kind of character development, and I just think you're doing it so well!

Andromeda at a Muggle Christmas party. Oh, this I have to see.

CC: This line confused me a bit:
Even if her mother had allowed her to listen to wizarding music, she wouldn’t have allowed Andromeda to tack posters on her wall.
--Is Astoria not loud to listen to any sort of music? Why? Or is it supposed to be "non-wizarding music".

And then this one is missing some punctuation:
he'd never had to trouble herself with cooking her own meals that’s what the house elves were for.

Your writing is absolutely beautiful. I just thought I'd point out the very few things I noticed, because I know that I almost always write without a beta, and as much as I hate making errors, I prefer to have them pointed out so that they can be fixed, since it's impossible to catch them all myself.

Oh, and I really liked this quote:

"She had just never taken the time to imagine what poor really looked like. Poor was a single hardboiled egg for breakfast. Poor was a bedroom the size of a king-sized bed. It was drafty windows and chilly mornings. It was awful.


Author's Response: Hahaha, I'm glad you like Nelson. He's secretly, like, my favorite character in this story. It's just too fun, making Andromeda squirm. :)

And thank you so much! Again, it means a bunch to me to hear that Andromeda's transition is reading as natural. I don't think I fully realized what a task I'd set for myself in making her such a bigoted blood purist at the beginning. I thought this would only be a novella. HA. I soon realized she'd need way more time to grow, mature, and change her ways. And Ted, too!

Thank you, again, for catching those typos! Seriously. There's only so much these two eyes can catch, and your notes will prove invaluable once I finally get the chance to edit ALL of these chapters.

Thank you for the review!! On to the next!

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Review #5, by Alex 

1st July 2015:
You're an amazing writer ! I'm so surprised this story doesn't have more reviews!!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I'm so glad you're enjoying the story.

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Review #6, by MEW 

15th March 2014:
it goes on? what a pleasant surprise! awesome!

Author's Response: It does go on, it does! :] I'm so glad that you're still enjoying the read!

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Review #7, by water_lily43175 

1st February 2014:
I read this at 4 in the morning when a little tipsy (read: totally mashed) and decided it would probably be best not to leave a review. I'm not even sure if I was capable of leaving a review at that point. Either way, I didn't test the theory. And so, I am here now. Which is exciting, because it's going to be like another first read. There's nothing quite like reading something for the first time.

Embarrassed Ted is so cute. At least, I'm assuming it's embarrassment. And it's not a surprising reaction; after all, Andromeda is used to much more lavish surroundings than this. Bless him.

I really cannot say enough how much I like the way you write Andromeda's thought process. Lines like "surely Muggles had some way of heating their houses better than this". She obviously has little knowledge of Muggle society and therefore how houses are heated, and the assumption that the house is cold because they're Muggles is so very her as well. Interesting that it doesn't cross her mind that it might be because they're short of money. Suggests she doesn't even know enough to realise the two are linked.

As for Andromeda's complete lack of culinary knowledge ... well, that just says it all, doesn't it? Especially when Nelson makes her toast - given he has to look for cutlery and doesn't automatically know where it is, I'd assume he's no pro in the kitchen, and yet he's still better than Andromeda, who wouldn't know where to start. And the contrast between what she's served up compared with what she's used to; egg and cheese for breakfast? But for the boys, the sacrifice of the hunk of cheese is a big thing.

I love that you've given Ted a poor background. It provides the culture shock that Andromeda needs, all round. It would be one thing if he were a Muggleborn who lives in a nice house and wants for nothing (although that might be interesting; proof for Andromeda that Muggles aren't all that different to her) but having that extra contrast is going to force her to realise that money and a nice house and whatnot aren't everything, and that there are far more important things in life. Likewise, that his parents are dead - it might be nice to see a contrast between Andromeda's parents and normal, loving parents, but that he and his brother get by on their own is again a wonderful contrast - and demonstrates that Andromeda herself doesn't need her parents to prop her up. All in all, it's a fantastic learning curve she's on. And she still has lots to learn, as I read her thinking that Muggles aren't taught about etiquette.

And, again, that curiosity that this hospitality might be A Muggle Thing. Oh, Dromeda. No, it's a HUMAN thing. And just because Ted and Nelson do something different to you, it doesn't mean it's because they're Muggle(born). It's her natural assumption though, and I love love love it.

I'll devise a plan for you, Dromeda! Marry Ted and have Metamorphmagus babies. You'll LOVE it.

And then they die. Sob. :(

Oh, Andromeda's so endearing when she's telling Ted off for calling himself a mudblood, and then when she's fussing over his cold hand. It's such a lovely bit of progress from her. And Ted's reaction to it all is so cute as well. The sexual tension at the reference to Andromeda sleeping in Ted's bed is amazing as well.

And then we have the cutest Ted/Dromeda moment yet. He's so cute! And he said he's BIASED, oh Dromeda it's because he LIKES you. Ee, I'm all mush. Love it love it love it! Bring on the Muggle party!

I would definitely sympathise with you if you were to undertake the mammoth task of reading my WIP. Not that I would be complaining at all of course, new readers are always yummy. But it's a 58 chapter fic and counting. It's nearly finished, mind you, but even so that's a lot of fic.

Anyway. Wonderful stuff once more, looking forward to the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Bahaha. I'm really sorry that I missed out on your 4 AM review. I bet it would've been great, and I would've treasured it for always. But I'm glad that you got to read it for the first time. Again. >:]

Oh, Ted is totally embarrassed. Andromeda's presence in his humble abode make him feel like a worthless street urchin. BUT YOU'RE NOT, TED. DON'T THINK THAT WAY.

I'm glad that you're enjoying Andromeda's thought processes. It's always a great writing exercise (though a little scary) to get inside her brain. Andromeda's mind is a very rational place, it's just--well, rather warped, isn't it?

I had a debate when I was creating Ted's backstory, dealing with the very same issues you mention. For a while, I'd planned on giving him really loving, down-to-earth parents that served as a foil to Andromeda's own folks. But I'm happy with Nelson, and I think he's still capable of showing Andromeda what a HEALTHY home life can be like--even if they're dirt poor.

D: NO. I try not to think of Tedromeda's future. I like to live in a beautiful pre-book-7 world where no one dies. Poor Andromeda had a really, really hard lot in life. So I guess it makes her story with Ted all the more precious. Or whatever. It still would've been better if no one died. Frowny face.

Yay, sexual tension. ALL THE TENSION. And of course, there is only more to come. Why would Ted say he was biased, Andromeda? WHY WOULD HE DO THAT. o.o Hmm. Maybe the Muggle party will shed light. Maybe.

Oh my goodness, 58 chapters! That is so impressive. But I am not deterred! Oh no! -cracks knuckles- It may take me some time to get to it, but so help me I want to read this work. I bet it's wonderful, and I always want more wonderful in my life. :)

Thank you for such a fantastic, juicy review. Next chapter is on the way!

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Review #8, by MarieBlack 

1st February 2014:
Again you leave me quite speechless, m'lady.

I love the interactions between Nelson and Andromeda, it's so positively charming. He's so much like Ted, or is it that Ted is so much like him? Haha. He's a lovely fellow, but there are some differences at least. Ted is a touch more serious, while Nelson seems to be more playful. I like them both. I think it's intriguing for him to have a brother, a Muggle brother too.

Andromeda's reaction to the poor conditions that Ted lives in is very accurate. I feel like I haven't lived a very rich life, and yet I see where her thoughts come from. Her whole world is turning upside down in a few days and it's startling. But what I enjoy most is her reprimanding herself in her own head, her nice side is winning out.

When Andromeda finds Ted on the porch scrubbing away at the vandalism it's such a good moment. You can really see the change in her, at her derision of Ted calling himself a Mudblood. Just so freakin' cute because she doesn't consider him that way. It's wrong in her mind to correlate Ted with that word, that word to her has a horrible meaning that she simply cannot now apply to him. Her taking care of it with her spells is just perfect, it reveals how much she does care for him.

AND WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT WHY SHE RAN AWAY. SO MANY FEELINGS. I think Ted's reactions are stunning. Because there is such a heart in him. And I honestly think it is so obvious to everyone but Andromeda that Ted is actually starting to like her. And I think Andromeda is beginning on a road to her own feelings. Ted is just lovely, the perfect balance of upset and caring. AND HE DANG CRIED. HOW CUTE IS THAT?!

Loving these interactions, seriously. You have made me fall in love with Andromeda/Ted while they are on the road to falling in love. Thank you! Keep writing, it is so lovely.

Author's Response: Aw, I'm glad you like Nelson! I've had fun writing him, but then I always love writing goofballs. He's definitely more playful/careless/crude than Ted, but he's a pretty okay older brother in my estimation. :)

Andromeda is definitely changing, and I think she's changing even more than she's able to recognize because she's in such a strange, new environment where she's still processing basic concepts like fixing her own breakfast. Haha.

ALL THE FEELINGS. It makes me so happy that you see all the heart in Ted. Thank you so, so much for all of your encouraging words. I'm tickled pink that you've fallen in love with one of my favorite ships ever, and I just hope I can do them justice. New chapter is coming your way!

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Review #9, by UnluckyStar57 

31st January 2014:


What I meant to say was: Huzzah! Chapter fourteen has been posted! Congratulations and felicitations and all that jazz!

But that's the polite version. In reality, I'm squealing and rereading the part about Tedromeda one more time. :)

Gosh, there was just SO MUCH in this chapter! Well, the scenery didn't change, but lots of things happened, so it felt like they were going all over the place. Which isn't a bad thing. It's just... Wow. Finally. FINALLY.

Nelson in the kitchen=imminent threat of death. He's going to get hurt throwing that toast! I love how Andie woke up with kitchen anxiety--she's never had to cook before, so even a Muggle guy with rusty cutlery and burnt toast can whip up something better than she can. And the thoughts she has about poverty are really interesting. She only sees the rickety old house and the rust, but then she realizes that it doesn't totally matter, because Nelson and Ted have each other. It's a much richer sort of household than she has, anyway, and hopefully she'll fully realize that in time.

Oh my gosh. Ted outside with the sponge... That awful word on the door and on his lips... Oh man. More and more and more, this story is reminding me of my own life... Because up until recently, I was Andie at the height of her pureblood supremacy (except this wasn't about bloodlines, heh). But that's another story. The point is, Andie is changing. She's already changed so much, and hearing that word come out of Ted's mouth just hurts her. And since I've changed my ways, I feel like Andie will too. It's good to know that people can change, and it's GREAT to see the way your characters are developing. This story is such a rarity... I love it.

The hand holding!!! The concern!! The HUG! OH MY GOSH, it was just a hug, but I DIED OF HAPPINESS. This is awesome!! Now they can be even more confused, even more befuddled, and even more in lurvvve (though they don't know it yet, heh heh heh). Absolutely everything about that scene was pure brilliance. I am so super excited about this whole chapter, but the end was the best part, hands down. :)

The only typo that I caught was this:

"She had practically condemned Aunt Walburga, her own flesh and blood, and she'd condemned him to a Muggleborn."~Shouldn't the word "him" in the sentence be the word "her," since it's referring to Walburga? Or is it referring to someone else and I just missed it?

But that was the only thing I saw. Such minor details. :P

This chapter was so, so wonderful, but I'm afraid that you've only made my love for this story grow. So you must write/post the next chapter very soon. I will be very sad if you don't, and I will proceed to pester you with reviews on the chapters that I haven't reviewed yet. You have been warned. ;)

Actually, just get the next chapter out whenever you can. Genius takes time, and it isn't fair of me to try to rush you. (But it was worth a try...)

I am sending many cookies and hugs your way for updating!!


Author's Response: RAH. Another chapter, just 'cos your good wishes were ever so inspirational! :)

Poor Andromeda. She wouldn't even know how to cook spaghetti to save her life. I had fun putting her in a kitchen with a guy who was completely inept but still more knowledgeable than her. Baha.

I'm so glad that you can see the change in Andie and that it feel authentic. It's hard to pace something like Girl Becomes Less Bigoted, you know? I am intrigued by your real life-applicable situation, too. Whatever the case, I think it's always the case that change is possible. YEAH!

Yas. Tedromeda mushy-confused-mess! Those poor kiddoes. They're so messed up and sexual tension-ified. I feel a little bad for putting them through so much turmoil. But not really, 'cos it's FUN. >:]

UGH. TYPO. D: Thank you so much for letting me know, though. Seriously, I want to have a list on hand for that super future date when I've finished and I can comb through the story again.

I have good news for you. Next chapter is in the queue!! It may be a little while before the next few are out, but I can at least promise one more installment coming your way. So, like, yay. Your virtual cookies and hugs are totally helping! Thanks thanks thanks for reviewing!

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